Sugar Cane Revisited
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Our heroine returns to Sugar Cane as if she could have stayed away!

Sitting on the patio of her condo with a glass of wine, she let her mind wander, blocking out the sounds of the traffic below.

Wander back six months ago. Wander back to the Sugar Cane Plantation.

The delightful veranda where she had enjoyed wonderful evenings with Robert.

Robert her lover.

Robert the pervert.

Robert the immutable image of a plantation owner of centuries gone by.

Robert the innkeeper of the Sugar Cane Plantation Inn.

Leaning back, wine glass held loosely in her fingers, she closed her eyes and could almost feel the warm tropical breeze teasing her hair.

Six long months since the monster in her had been unleashed.

Six months since she had found her own wonderful perverted self. Delighting at one time in being restrained and whipped and humiliated. Thrilling on the other hand at having another at her disposal.

She could feel the stirring between her legs as she thought fondly of her friend and lover June. She missed their time together. Missed being naked at June's feet, humiliating and embarrassing herself on command. Collared and cuffed for a roomful of people to amuse themselves with.

But oh how she could not get their last night of play out of her mind! The sight of Robert touching the lit cigar to June's nipples and then her clit. The almost insane screams that she let out. The mind numbing orgasm that followed.

She didn't know how or when, but she knew that one day she would experience it. She knew that there would come a day when she would be there. Tightly strapped to the cross, open and available. Having to watch as the glowing tip of the cigar came closer and closer. Feeling thee growing heat and finally the searing pain.

She snapped herself out of her reverie, removing her hand from where it had found its way between her legs.

She and Robert had stayed in close touch. Their bond growing instead of fading with time. She missed June, and when they parted it had been with the promise that they would get together. It just had not happened. They lived two thousand miles apart. Between hectic schedules and commitments, they had not, so far been able to arrange a visit in either direction. They talked several times a week. June and Eric were already making plans to go back to Sugar Cane, but between their schedule and hers, they just had not been able to get back together.

Tonight though she was excited. She had made important decisions in her life. There had been some developments and changes that she though she had mentioned casually to Robert, she wanted to talk about.

She had confided to Robert her growing frustration upon returning from her vacation. Her romantic life had not been very exciting before. Now, compared to what she had experienced and found she loved, it was a nonexistent...

Oh she had tried. She had worked up the nerve to go by herself to a play party at one of the local dungeons. The people were friendly, but nothing clicked. There was no one there that she would feel comfortable surrendering to.

She had even tried a couple of contact sites to see if she could get to meet a kindred spirit. What a disaster!

One had apparently magically morphed from his profile description of a well-muscled, intelligent professional to 250 lbs of beer belly, cheap aftershave, and "temporarily" unemployed.

Since a cursory background check on the internet showed the second, professed to be a mid-level executive in the auto industry, to be a used car salesman with a wife and three children at home, there had been no meeting.

There had not been a third attempt.

The most enlightening, in a round about way had been her experiments and trials at self bondage. She craved the helplessness that came with being restrained most of all.

True, a whip could be quite erotic, but nothing for her came close to being restrained. The memory of her time on the breeding rack came rushing back – the mental image of her naked, strapped down, splayed open and unable to move. As always it got her going.

But stop. Concentrate!

She was thorough and meticulous and had done her homework. She learned about safety and techniques and tricks to regulate the time she would be restrained. She loved the inevitability of her release mechanisms. Knowing that once she locked that final restraint, she was doomed to her position was pretty hot.

But not as hot as someone else doing it to her. It could never be the same.

She had even focused the webcam on her naked and tied body on occasion with the skype connection to Robert open. Knowing that anyone at the screen on the other end of the connection could see her tied open and helpless was an extra turn on.

She remembered one time when he had invited Cecille to observe.

It had been a time when she had put clothespins on her nipples and pussy lips, and was lying in considerable discomfort waiting for an ice cube with a handcuff key in it to melt.

Cynthia had felt herself become even more aroused as she saw the tall, lovely black woman studying her charms on the screen smiling as she saw the pain Cynthia had put herself in.

Focus damn it!!!

This was not about getting off – she had important stuff to discuss.

Three things had happened that she wanted desperately to share with Robert when they talked. She had sent him an email, asking that he set aside some time later tonight.

The myriad of thoughts rushed through her mind as the connection established and she saw her lover's face on the screen. She could see he was sitting on the veranda, so obviously he was using his laptop.

In his hand she could see the inevitable cigar. The picture was excellent – she could even see the amber tint of the cognac. If Robert was anything he was predictable.

God how she wanted to be sitting with him. Closing her eyes she could almost smell the fragrance of the tropical flowers.

"So my delightful lady" Robert began. "It's always so nice to see and hear you, but even more so when you're showing me your charms. But that's for later. Tell me what has happened that is so important."

"God it's good to hear and see you too. But I've been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of things, so please, please listen to me before you say anything".

"Sweet lady, I have a fresh cigar, plenty of cognac, and no where else that I could conceivably want to be. Assuming that the internet gods remain kind to us, you have my undivided attention for as long as you like".

Cynthia smiled as she saw him lean back, heard the splash of liquid as he refilled his glass, then the image on the screen distort momentarily from the light as he re-lit his cigar.

She proceeded to give her semi-rehearsed, semi spontaneous speech:

First, she had left her job at the law firm. It wasn't for her. The departure had been amicable. Her boss, the senior litigation partner had understood.

Sixty and seventy hour weeks, fueled by adrenalin take their toll. She was not getting any younger. There was no one in her life. There just had to be more than billing as many hours as she could while making more money than she had time to spend.

They had paid her an accrued bonus, and that, together with her 401k had left her with a nest egg in the high six figures.

She had stumbled across an ad for lawyers that wanted to escape. Damn if that didn't sound like her. It was a little strange, but intriguing. You had to want to live outside of the country and have quit practicing law. It was internet based and catered to people that wanted to represent themselves in court and legal matters. The pay offered was a small fraction of her former hourly rate, but, the beauty was, it allowed her to work as much or as little as she liked, and she could work from wherever she could plug in her laptop and get on the internet.

After exploring the website and talking to the owner, she signed on. She loved it. She could easily support herself and could go anywhere she wanted.

Finally, she had had a revelation of sorts.

In exploring the internet and sites that were devoted to bondage, restraint and confinement, what was abundantly clear was that there were a lot of people who craved this.

Women as well as men.

The frustrations focused on not having a facility in which to have it administered, but more importantly, not having a partner able or willing to fulfill the needs.

The answer was obvious. Eric after all had effectively paid the price of a vacation to travel to the Sugar Cane Plantation for the purpose of being confined and restrained.

Surely there must be others.

Why not promote the Sugar Cane Plantation as a facility where for a reasonable price one could go and experience complete bondage and restraint in a safe environment at the hands of people that understood.

As she finished she found herself waiting expectantly for Robert to respond.

He sat quietly for a second and then caught her completely off guard.

"I like your idea pretty lady, but there are a lot of considerations. While we discuss this, I would like it very much if you would expose your breasts for me".

Cynthia didn't know whether to be flattered or exasperated. This was serious and he wanted to see her boobs.

But she obeyed.

She slipped her blouse off her shoulders, then reached behind her to unfasten and remove the silky bra. She settled back down in front of the screen, seeing her own topless image in the small screen in the lower right corner.

"Robert please, this is important to me" Cynthia started.

"I don't doubt that one bit, but this is too. Now tease you nipples for me" Robert replied.

Cynthia found herself getting irritated but at the same time aroused, as her fingers found the hardening tips of her breasts and began to stroke and tease.

"What you say pretty lady has a lot of merit, but there are some issues. As we've talked about before, the original idea of Sugar Cane revolved around getting like-minded perverted people like us together."

Cynthia nodded, remembering their conversation so many months ago but obediently still stroking her nipples.

She was beginning to enjoy the feelings from her breasts and truth be known, she always liked it when Robert made her expose herself to him.

Something erotic in sitting here carrying on a conversation, topless, stroking herself, while he watched.

"But what you're suggesting is a step beyond. We would go from merely providing a venue for people to come and enjoy, to providing associated services. Am I correct?"

"Yes, and I think it would fill a void. Only a small part of the hopeful perverts like us find what they seek. The majority don't have someone to help make it happen.

The ideal of course is a kindred partner, but in the absence of that why not a safe, place and a knowledgeable person?"

Robert pondered for a while. "I will admit, I've given it some thought – it would mean expanding the facility, and that's an issue. Can't exactly go to the bank and say I need to borrow a few thousand to expand my dungeon now can I?

You say you've thought this through Cynthia. Tell me, would you pay for an experience such as you describe if other options were not available? Would you pay to come here, be locked up and tormented?"

Cynthia thought about it for only a second.

"Yes. Yes I would. If I was not fortunate enough to have you and Cecille, June and Eric and the others, after the frustrations I've experienced for the past few months in finding someone - yes I would."

She saw Robert on the screen staring unabashedly at her bare breasts. "Cynthia go fetch some clothespins for me please".

"This was crazy" she thought to herself as she went and quickly retrieved some wooden clothespins. She was trying to talk to him about important things and all he could focus on was her tits.

"One on each nipple if you please" he said almost unnecessarily. She didn't answer but proceeded to obey. Pulling her left nipple out from her breast she carefully worked the open jaws of the clothespin back along the nipple trying to put it back, near the base.

"No dear – not that way" Robert interrupted. Obviously her webcam was sending him an excellent, vivid picture.

"Tonight I want them on the very tips please – I want this to be very painful for you".

Cynthia just stared at him for a second. Her well rehearsed presentation forgotten as she moved the wooden jaws to the very tip of her nipple and let them clamp down. The pain lanced all the way through her breast and it was excruciating. The wooden jaws trapped just the skin at the ultra sensitive tip of the nipple. "Damn it hurt!"

She forced herself to do the same with the other nipple. She sat there, pain coursing through her nipples until tears came to her eyes as she and Robert looked at each other through the wonders of modern technology.

"Thank You Love" Robert said quietly as he watched her agony, savoring it, but he made no move to allow her to remove the diabolical things.

She found herself trying as hard as she could to continue through the haze of pain.

"Robert I told you that I had money. I believe in this so much that I'm willing to make it available.

I so much want to come back to Sugar Cane Robert."

"Cynthia don't be ridiculous" Robert answered/ "You are welcome here at any time."

"Robert I'm not sure that you understand" Cynthia continued, her nipples throbbing now.

"I want to come back to Sugar Cane. I don't want to leave!"

There she had said it. Before he could respond she added, "surely you can help me rent a place to live. I'm now able to support myself there, or anywhere else".

It was Robert's turn to be surprised. For a moment he sat quietly, watching the lovely woman on the screen. Taking in what this pretty lady, with tears running down her cheeks and her nipples painfully clipped for him and said.

"Cynthia I don't think you realize how what you've said has affected me. I of course have taken it for granted that you would return. Just as June and Eric return every year.

Never though did I ever allow myself to hope that it would ever be for more than just a brief visit.

By all means, come home. I have a fresh supply of Cubans and two cases of Courvoisier are arriving next week. The only condition is that you never again utter the words rent a place to live! Sugar Cane will be your home for as long as you want it to be! When can you be here?"

The joyful relief that rushed through her made her forget for a moment the ever building pain in her nipples.

She had been so afraid that he would reject her.

Or even that he would jump on the out she had given him and assure her that he would be glad to help her find a place to live.

She had pondered and focused on this conversation so much over the last week that it had virtually become an obsession for her.

She saw and heard Robert speak to someone off screen. Just as she heard him saying that she would be returning, she saw Cecille's face leaning over Robert's shoulder, smiling.

In spite of all that had transpired, and all that the lovely black woman had confided to her, while the tall ebony woman excited her, she also frightened her. But it was a good fright – quite erotic. It was not until she looked down at the screen that she realized that once again, Cecille was seeing her naked breasts bearing the clothespins on the nipples.

"That is wonderful Ms. Cynthia –it will be so good to see you again. You haven't forgotten where I told you you would feel the strap when we met again have you?"

Indeed Cynthia had not – how could she.

Her mind momentarily flashed back to that sunny day months ago when the two had stood together on the far side of the car as her bags were loaded. The car blocked the view of anyone else as after thanking Cynthia for understanding and being there for her, Cecille had let her fingers brush across her clothed vulva and whispered in here ear. "Next time pretty white lady the strap kisses you here".

"No Cecille" Cynthia replied, feeling herself dampen. "I have not forgotten".

In response to Robert's eyebrow raised in question, Cecille continued. "Since you are already half naked for your man, perhaps you should show Mr. Robert".

Cynthia just nodded dumbly, dealing with the overload of it. Hearing anyone fore the first time refer to Robert as "her man" and realizing that she loved it.

At the same time also realizing that not only had this ebony beauty ordered to her expose her pussy on the webcam, but that there was no question but that she would obey.

Cynthia raised her skirt up to her waist, then peeled her panties down. Following Cecille's instructions she angled the webcam down so that there, on the small frame within the screen she saw her own hairless mound. Without answering she obeyed Cecille's command to spread her legs giving an unobstructed view. Obeying still another order from the woman far away she spread the lips of her vulva, getting her own sexual rush as the pink inner membranes of her pussy came into view on the screen.

Finally Cecille ordered her to take one of the clips from her nipple and apply it – to experience a small example of what lay in store for her. Cynthia started to obey, brining the open jaws of the clothespin close to her sex as she pulled an outer lip out to fasten it to.

"No Ms. Cynthia" Cecille stopped her. "You know better. You know where I want to see it" Cynthia gave out a little sob. She knew. Using the fingers of the other hand she spread the outer lips, stretching the inner lips. Then, steeling herself for the pain, let the jaws close down directly on the still hooded clit. She cried out freely, stamping her feet trying to make the pain go away, but she did not remove the clip. She just leaned back as the two watched her on their screen – watched her deal with the pain coursing through her loins.

Robert was appreciating the sight as well she knew – he was such a pervert. On the screen she could see what a lewd spectacle she made – legs splayed, pussy gaping and a clothespin cruelly clamped on the juncture of her labia.

"Fingers inside your cunt love" Robert said gently/ "We want to see a good orgasm".

Cynthia didn't hesitate. There on the cam she slid two fingers deep into her gaping pussy. The movement of her labia as she finger fucked herself sending twinges of pain through her clamped clit. She screamed out freely as she came, feeling the muscles inside her clutching at her fingers, wondering if the neighbors would be wondering what was going on.

Spent she lay back in her chair. Looking up she saw Cecille and Robert, both smiling at her, both mouthing goodnight as the screen went dark.

The next few weeks were a blur – but a delightful blur.

She and June spent hours on the phone – June as excited as she about the developments. It was a given of course, but still thrilled her that June was genuinely happy for her that Robert had made his feelings for her clear. As clear that is as anyone could expect from Robert and his reserved personality.

Both women had a shared laugh at that.

For Robert to make clear that her home was with him at Sugar Cane as opposed to renting a dwelling was paramount to a proposal of marriage!

June told her that she and Eric were working on getting away, to let her know when the best time to come would be. They would make up for the screwed up schedules that had kept them apart for so long.

She had had Robert send her the books from Sugar Cane so that she could do profit/loss projections. She had to make sure that her great plan would keep the place with at least some profit. Going broke and letting Robert lose the place was unthinkable.

She and Robert discussed the clientele. He had to this point allowed vanilla guest, confident that he could keep the two groups separated. With the expansion, this would never work.

Cynthia had visions of some prepubescent brat finding their way into the new cellblock as she was already envisioning it. Robert on the other hand had concerns as to whether the "deviant crowd" as he put it by itself would generate enough income to keep the place going.

The compromise was of course brilliant (even if she did come up with it) They would make the places a couples only (as in adults) resort. He sent her proposed plans. She sent him spread sheets and legal documents.

She had to wrap things up at the firm – make sure that new attorneys were up to speed on pending cases. Putting the condo on the market, storing furniture. Selling her car. The list went on and on.

Finally it was all done. She was free.

She had gotten squared away with her new vocation. She had learned more about the online service that helped people represent themselves in court. Started by a few of retired lawyers, it had snowballed and they couldn't keep up. They had assured her that she could take as much or as little work as she wanted. They just asked that she not take more than she could handle. Everything was internet based. She was absolutely free. That in and of itself, was almost orgasmic.

She met the realtor at her condo, gave her the keys, and a power of attorney. As she got into a cab she didn't even look back,

As she cleared security at the airport and headed to her plane, there was one last thing she had to do – that she had promised herself and had looked forward to.

She took her phone out of her purse – the phone that handled all her incoming company email, all the text messages, all the constant oh so important calls. Just as her flight was being called she dropped the cursed phone in the nearest trash receptacle.

A well dressed man, a businessman, or a lawyer, or whatever, sitting sipping coffee next to her gate had observed the ritual with amusement. Looking up at the marquee announcing her flight's destination, he said simply as she walked past "I envy you".

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