Brittany and Chad
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Tear Jerker, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Suspend belief. This is a totally sappy romantic fantasy with a few religious overtones and a fair bit of sex. It was too erotic for finestories. That makes it different for me. It was fun to write and I hope you will find it fun to read. I hope you enjoy it in the vein it is submitted. I just pile on the good fortune! If you remember Pollyanna or know the term, these two have it happening. Hopefully, it's fun to read for some light-hearted, happy fare

My name is Chad Arnold. I am seventeen years old. I will be a senior in the fall at Lake Shore High. This summer has been great and I am writing about it as usual. My dad had suggested a few years ago that I keep a journal. I found that I liked doing that for it helped me focus my thinking and remember important events. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I have had in experiencing it. Other items of interest are my height is six feet and I have medium brown hair and green eyes. I play third base on the high school baseball team though I am by no means a star. We were rebuilding and had an early exit from the postseason. I drive an older car. It's not fancy but gets me where I'm going.

My parents are nothing special other than they're still married. Some of my friends' parents were still married to their original spouses and a number of those divorced parents were living with their current significant other without marriage.

My girl friend, Brittany Stevens, has divorced parents and she lives with her mother. Both of her parents have live-in significant others. Britt just laughs when her parents talk to her about sex and waiting. She finally told her dad that she would stop having sex without marriage when he does. He didn't like that. What's even funnier is that Britt was a virgin when she said it. That changed this summer for both of us.

Britt is sixteen and will be a junior next year and we have been dating for a year and a half. She is tall and slim. In school, she runs cross-country. Her boobs are very nice sized and very firm. With dark brown hair and deep blue eyes, she is a very pretty girl. Her mother has practical moments and had her on birth control when she turned fourteen. Officially, it was to get her periods in order. It's comical how many teenaged girls have irregular periods.

She looks stunning in a bikini and, with the lake so close to our town, we planned on spending a lot of time in and on the water this summer.

This is an excerpt from my journal. It starts about a week before the prom. Our kissing had become more impassioned with time as had our feelings for each other. Both of us were virgins.

I was at her house and her mother and her boy friend had gone out for an evening of fun. That usually meant that they would return around midnight drunk and disheveled. Britt thought they had become swingers. They were noisy in the bedroom according to her.

We had enjoyed a light supper and were on the sofa watching something inane on television that neither of us cared about seeing. We were kissing and that kissing was becoming more frenzied to the point where I was on top of her on the sofa dry humping her. My hand went to one of her breasts and she didn't stop me but moaned in pleasure. I kneaded it through her shirt and bra. Both of us enjoyed our feelings. She pulled at my tee shirt and I released her to remove it. "Let me up for a minute, Chad." I lifted further up and she pulled her tee shirt off and, reaching behind her, unfastened her bra and let it fall.

I caught my breath. I had seen her in her bikini but had never seen her boobs naked. I went to the nipple of one and kissed it tenderly. She groaned, "Yes! More!" We scrambled around so that I was sitting on the sofa and she was straddling me. With my hands free, I began to fondle both boobs while raining kisses upon them. I would raise my head to her mouth and our tongues would entwine, then I would go back to kissing her breasts. Our lower bodies were dry humping even harder. Her crotch was rubbing against me hard and her breathing became heavier and heavier.

Suddenly, she tensed up grinding our pelvises together hard. She moaned, "Oh, Chad! I'm cumming! So good! Hold me!" I had one hand inside her shorts at her ass and the other holding to a boob while she smashed her lips almost painfully to mine holding me to her with her arms around my neck. She lifted her head again and moaned, "Yes!" and shuddered again and again. She relaxed with her head next to mine. "Chad, that was an orgasm! I've never felt anything so good. I have played with my body some but it never felt that good."

She kissed me hard using lots of tongue. I moaned. She said, "I want to do something for you. Hold still." She pulled off my body and got on her knees next to me. Her hands went to my shorts unfastening them and pulling them down my legs. As soon as my boxers freed my hard cock, she put her hands on it and began to stroke it.

I moaned with pleasure. "That feels so good!"

She said, "Chad, do it. Spurt! Give me your cream!" I was already on a hair trigger and her words took me over the edge. I began to spurt. The first shot went up to our heads and actually hit Britt in the face. Three more followed it and she pumped them onto my stomach. The last two flowed over her hands.

"Oh,, Britt! That feels so good. I love you!"

Some of my sperm that hit her face dribbled down to her mouth and she reflexively licked it. She got a surprised look. "Oh, that's not bad at all. Melissa said it tastes bad. I think I like it!" She lifted her hand and licked some more. She made a 'mmm" sound as she licked her hand clean. She leaned down and began to kiss and suck on my stomach cleaning the semen there. My cock rose again. She kissed closer until she took the head in her mouth swirling her tongue around and around. I moaned.

She said, "I want to suck it." Her head went back down and began to go up and down on my cock driving me crazy. To my surprise, she was taking it deeper and deeper with each down stroke of her head. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her mouth once and then again. I felt her take a breath and she swallowed on the next down stroke and my cock vanished into her mouth and down her throat! I could feel her throat muscles along my cock starting to draw a second load from my balls. She pulled back gasping. "That's wild!" With that, she went back to sucking and swallowing my entire cock.

I was grunting faster and faster. My balls tightened. My cock expanded a bit and I exploded! I screamed out, "Britt! Suck! Oh! Oh!"

She seemed to buck as she took my cock deep into her throat. As I continued to ejaculate, she let it out of her throat but held the throbbing head in her mouth until every drop had been sucked from my balls.

She swallowed convulsively and then came up. I kissed her and took her tongue into my mouth. I tasted the remnants of my load though Britt had swallowed almost all of it. It wasn't bad but I didn't think it was something I wanted to taste regularly.

Britt snuggled close to me with one hand on my cock slowly stroking it. I had an arm around her and the other was teasing a nipple and fondling the breast it was attached to. Our breathing slowed down. She happened to look at the television and the news was starting.

She said, "Chad, get dressed. My mom and Eric will be home soon. They can't see us this way!" I hated to dress but knew she was right. We had our clothes on and straight with her leaning into my side as we watched the end of the news.

Her mom and Eric walked in. Eric's shirt was buttoned wrong and his pants were unzipped. Her mom was wearing a tee shirt that hadn't been on her body previously and quite obviously was no longer wearing a bra. While her shorts were zipped, the top button was not fastened. They were both very drunk. I was glad I wouldn't be on the road with them tonight. We got a casual wave as they came in and headed into the bedroom. They shut the door.

Britt whispered, "Did you see the cum running down mom's leg?"

"No, but I wasn't really looking."

"They will start in a minute. They're too drunk to think about noise."

Her mother's name is Amelia but I knew she was usually called, "Am." I heard from the bedroom Eric's voice say, "Oh! Am! I want a fresh hole! Roll over! I want your ass!"

I heard a rustling and her voice say, "Plow my ass, Eric! Plow it like Jim and Brian did my cunt!"

Britt and I looked at each other. Swinging was confirmed along with anal! Britt whispered, "Finger my pussy, Chad! Get me off!" I didn't argue. I entered through a leg hole of her gym shorts and pushed under the leg band of her panties and entered her pussy with my finger. I sent it in deep and began to finger bang her. She whispered, "More!" I added another finger. I could see that she was going to give out a scream and I covered her mouth with mine as she gave a loud moan down my throat and shuddered through another orgasm. "Oh! Oh! Chad! So good!" She relaxed in my arms almost sleeping. She roused and said, "It's late. We're going to the lake tomorrow. When will you pick me up?"

I said, "As early as you want. You know I'm an early riser."

"Make it nine but text me when you're ready."

"Okay. I'll see you then." I wiggled my fingers in her pussy some more and she groaned as we kissed. I pulled my fingers out and she stopped me with my hand outside her shorts. She took my hand and stuck one of my fingers out. She took it in her mouth and sucked it clean. She pushed my other finger to my face and I sucked it. Her juices were sweet and smeared my lips with their wetness. We kissed again and I could taste her this time. I liked the taste. After some more kissing, I left making it home just before my curfew.

In the morning, I woke up at six, my usual time, jumped out of bed and into the shower. I washed and shaved returning to my bedroom with a towel around my waist. I put on my clothes and returned the towel to the bathroom to dry. I grabbed my suit, thong sandals, and a couple of beach towels. I headed down to have breakfast with my dad.

A lot of my friends don't like their parents but I have always been different in that respect. Britt likes both of them, too. They're a bit strait-laced but that's not all bad.

Dad and I have been having a small breakfast each morning for a few years now. I think it's special to him and know it's special to me. For over a year, I had begun to drink coffee like he did, black, unsweetened, and strong. Toast with butter and jelly completed our meal.

"Dad, what's on your schedule for today?"

"I'm going golfing this morning and then will go with your mother to do some shopping.

"Are you and Brittany going to the lake?"

"Yes, Sir. We would like to have supper here and stay fairly late."

"Are Amelia and Eric still an item?"

"Yes, Sir. They are having people over tonight and Britt is not comfortable with Eric and some of the others and the activities that will occur."

"Son, have her bring some clothes and stay the night. Remember, church in the morning though."

"Yes, Sir! Thanks, Dad."

"It's our pleasure. Your mother and I like her. I think your mother misses your sister since she's gone off to college, too."

"Yes, Sir. I even miss Melody so mom must."

Dad chuckled. "Maybe sisters aren't so bad.

"What time do you pick up Brittany?"

"At nine. She would be ready sooner but her mom and Eric will be upset even with her leaving that early. I think she's worried. Eric and some of his friends are scary to her."

"She is a pretty girl, Son. Could she move in with her father?"

"Yes, but then she has to change schools. She really doesn't want to do that and his situation isn't much better."

"I understand. There's little enough permanence in her life now.

"Well, I'm off. Say goodbye to your mother if she's up. Leave a note about Brittany for supper if she's not."

"Yes, Sir. Hit a hole in one!"

He laughed quietly. "I'm just happy to hit the ball."

I chuckled. Dad left and I cleared the dishes rinsing them and putting them in the dishwasher. I checked the garbage but it was good at least until I returned home. It was half past seven but I texted Britt, "Ready when you are. xoxo"

Almost immediately, a text came back from her. It read, 'Come now!" I scribbled a note for Mom, grabbed my stuff, and left. I was at her house within two minutes. She was waiting outside. Her eyes were red from crying. She got in and said, "Go!"

I pulled away and drove a block before asking, "What's wrong?"

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