Fog in the Head

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Lesbian, BiSexual, Interracial, Oriental Female,

Desc: Mystery Sex Story: Cast - Waikiki PI story #8. Our intrepid PI, Joe Solomon, finds himself involved with an attractive bottle blonde who seems nothing but trouble. Her past mistakes catch up with her in the form of a murdered one night stand set up to be a frame. Joe needs to find the murderer before her troublesome nature infects him. As always, it's best to read the earlier stories to understand returning characters. However I did provide a list of characters returning in this story.

Cast of Characters

Normally I suggest reading my earlier stories to get the gist of who the people are in the newest one (and I still recommend that), but since there are now several stories and it's been awhile since I posted a new one, I thought I better make it easier on you by making a descriptive list of those reappearing in "Fog".

Cast of Characters (from previous stories):

Joe Solomon; That'd be me. I'm in my early thirties during this story. I grew up on Oahu. Trained to be a PI by my partner while still in my teens. In fact I think I'm still the youngest ever to get a PI license. I'm naturally talented at solving puzzles and have a fetish for undercover (sometimes literally) work.

Sandy; My lovely partner who trained me in my teens. In her forties during this adventure, but still looking lean and lovely. Thick blonde sun kissed hair and startling deep blue eyes. We've been lovers since I first started doing real PI work. Like me she's devoutly single though. Tough with a heart of gold.

Charles Russell Boyle; AKA Uncle Charlie, AKA The Fucker. A very large man in all ways with a somehow handsome face, he had been born rich and gotten richer through real estate and some eating and drinking establishments in Honolulu. He was a monster, a pedophile preferring children of both sexes just into their teens, essentially imprisoning them. My best friends in my childhood had been victims. For some reason he really liked me and not sexually and when he was murdered (see Haunted) he willed me much of his wealth.

Ned Solomon; My Dad. He's a good looking guy, tall and lanky. Overly serious which was a problem in my youth and for quite awhile afterward pretty much up to his second marriage to a former lover of mine.

Kim Solomon nee Nguyen; My dad's second wife and my former lover. A sexy Vietnamese lady with unusually large and gorgeous and natural breasts. That attribute made her an attractive stripper, which she stopped doing except for my father when the two married. They met when Dad was in Vietnam and she was too young to be a prostitute. Her sister Cathy who was killed ("Little Sister') was even younger. Dad was the only one of her "clients" that treated her well and eventually that made them eventually tie the knot years later. She's dominant in their S & M relationship.

Peggy Solomon; My mom. My father's serious, stoic character alienated her affections and she divorced him and headed to San Francisco and revealed her inner flower child by starting a sort of hippy/new age shop there that did well enough to have kept going for several years. She's built tall and slender like Sandy, a lovely lady despite the longish proboscis which I inherited.

Special Agent Drew Jones; Of the FBI. Headquartered in San Francisco. A good friend despite my ability to get him in a bit of trouble from time to time. He and my mother started going out together, stopped, and are at the time of the story tight as a married couple.

Kenneth; A brilliant hacker and software designer. A true nerd whose sexual frustration caused him to hack into several essential computer systems in Honolulu with destructive consequences. Sandy relieved him of frustrations and taught him to seduce. Relocated to Seattle to be closer to a central computer software area, he's become essential to our work.

Olivia Koscina; AKA Vy. One of my true loves. A punk rock diva of incredible talent and a truly remarkable person. Unfortunately a particular horrible monster of a man decided to get his jollies with her, raping her brutally before murdering her. I still get a pang in my heart everytime I think of her.

Dotty; Former drummer of To Molt, Olivia's band, she's now one of the best PI's in the Northwest. A gorgeous and sexy and brilliant blonde.

Zach: Dotty's husband. He had a crush on Vy as teenagers and Vy didn't return his passion and steered him towards Dotty. Originally jealous of me, a ménage a trois and Dotty always returning to his arms helped quiet it somewhat.

Mila; Very pretty and petite blonde I rescued from her brutal Hawaiian gangster boyfriend and faked her death and placed her in Eugene with Vy. Other than me and Kenneth she's primarily involved with women or one woman.

Gail; Mila's lover, a friend of Vy; a wonderful poet and small press publisher with a knack for developing publishing software. Definitely butch.

Chloe; A journalist and writer of true crime books of near best selling popularity. A few of the books are based on my cases, and I have advised her on others. Any of my cases she uses she pays me generously from her profits. She is built thick and "dykeish" but I still think she's pretty.

Melody; Chloe's blonde bombshell life partner, a true lipstick lesbian (but don't tell her that). She's an amazing chef and owns a fabulous bistro in San Francisco.

Kitty Kitano; a former girlfriend who split with me rather abruptly but became an occasional lover particularly enjoying threesomes with either a male but mostly female third body. A bit chunky in build, she has great little tits and a wondrous ass. Third generation Hawaiian of Japanese extraction.

Penny Kolhaas, formerly Joan McAndrews (see Ocean Waves); A missing person we found for her husband who turned out to be a complete scumbag so we kept her a secret until he was bumped off by a hit lady hired by his brother. A former lover who ended up marrying a great guy and had a kid with him to join a couple of really cool half siblings. She's a great theatrical actress mostly in amateur productions. She's my next door neighbor in Waikiki.

Special Agent Eileen Brainerd; Beautiful, tall and thickly built strawberry blonde woman in her mid thirties when we met and became lovers during the To Molt case. We collaborated well in and out of bed.

Rebecca Whalen (Becky); a former lover (see Shambles), and a brilliant actress/movie star. We had an on again/off again relationship (mostly when I visited her in LA) until she found her mate (recently in the story's time line).

Georgina (George), one of the Trio, best friends of mine during our childhood. Although the only female member, she was the most adventurous of us. Short and blonde and stacked (via augmentation) and incredibly sexy, her career as a prostitute began in high school and continues during this story. She's one of the most highly sought out escorts in Honolulu.

Micah; the second of the Trio. A beautiful man, both he and George became traumatized during early adolescence by Charles, a very rich pedophile monster we refer to as "the Fucker". George turned out basically okay, but Micah became a mess, a paranoid schizophrenic would be his lover's and my lover's probable diagnosis. He killed himself in our lover's house. A lot of guilt reverberates from both my Trio since I introduced the Fucker to them.

Deidra Haas; the above mentioned lover. One of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Raven haired and voluptuous, she is a brilliant psychologist who teaches at Naropa in Colorado. Although my first encounter with her she nearly killed me (see New Age Crazed) I ended up having her as a lover longer in terms of continuous sharing of a bed than any other lover (two years).

Diana Rogers; a mostly lesbian Amazon who for some reason needed a fix of my cock almost monthly for years. She worked at her father's hardware store until taking it over at his death and then selling it to a large chain for a lot of money and becoming peripatetic with her long time lesbian lover.

Ginny; an older, incredibly voluptuous woman, another villain (see Shambles) who became a very infrequent lover, mostly giving me the greatest fellatio a woman ever gave a man. A former nude model and adult film star and producer, she ended that career when she moved to Leavenworth to be near her incarcerated husband.

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