Mind Over Managers
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Magic, Mind Control, Gay, BiSexual, Humor, Workplace, Science Fiction, Cheating, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, InLaws, BDSM, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Harem, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory, Swinging, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Squirting, Voyeurism, Clergy, Public Sex, Nudism, Revenge, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, science fiction mind control story

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An everyman in a retail job discovers by accident that he has strange, supernatural powers that give him control over the actions of others. Well, power corrupts, doesn't it?

When I told my supervisor to "kiss my ass", I didn't mean her to take it so literally, but I wasn't about to complain, as her soft, cool lips were planted on my buttocks. I couldn't believe it and thought that this was payback through some kind of tease. I decided to prove it and catch her in the act.

"Oh, playing it that way, are we? Well, since you're doing as I say, suck my cock... ," I started to taunt Jen, calling her bluff.

I didn't make it past the words "suck my cock" before my boss was on her knees in front of everyone, putting her mouth around my dick and giving me no mean blow-job. I damn near came right then, and certainly my skin felt an incredible shiver as she serviced me orally in public. I naturally wondered if we would get fired, but right then, it was hard to think that much about it. I did my best not to cum down her throat, but it wasn't easy.

It was now apparent what had transpired. For some bizarre, mysterious reason, my every word was Jen's command and she had no choice but to do as I said. If I told her to jump off a cliff, she would do so, without stopping to think about anything at all. As it dawned on me the power that I now held over Jen, I decided rather easily that this was too much of a gift to question. I wasn't going to pass up complete domination over my boss, especially given how hot she was.

I led Jen to the break room, where I told her, "Remove your shoes and slacks."

She obeyed me so unflinchingly it made me think that she didn't resent this at all. On some level, she seemed to view this as natural, for her to simply do what she was told by her subordinate, me in this case. I now craved a good fuck, and I wasn't about to leave without getting it. If this was my last day here, I would make it worth my while. It didn't occur to me to worry about being kicked out of the building for some reason, so I carried out my fantasies about Jen at last.

"Slide down your panties and bend over that counter," I commanded her, and she exposed her sweet booty to me as if this was an everyday occurrence.

"Spread your cheeks and play with your pussy."

Jen started frantically stroking herself, evidently feeling some heat as she rubbed her clit and pussy lips. She didn't bother to resist as I added my own fingers to the equation, toying with her cunt and doing my best to make her purr like a satiated cat. In minutes, my right hand was buried in Jen's pussy and my left hand assisted hers in pleasing her clit.

When Jen was good and soaked for me, I then freed my dick again and slipped it easily into her cunt. It was a splendid, silky, slippery hole and more than excited me, forcing me to take extra care not to cum just yet. I went through her pussy like my cock was a knife and her slit was butter. She started cussing and squealing as she became suddenly stiff and taut, her skin changing to a shade of hot pink as she tightened up on my dick.

After that, my cock spurted a rather substantial load into Jen's cunt and I withdrew from her deep gash as my dick shrunk rather abruptly. I pulled my pants up and looked at the babe in front of me, swatting her on the tush, and starting to walk away.

That was when I saw security. They were obviously there to escort me from the building, as I was apparently fired. Then again, so was Jen, most likely. The store manager was there, too, so I walked up to him and acted rather like an unjustly punished worker, which I was.

"Look, Mac. I didn't ask for this to happen, any more than Jen did. For some reason, she can't say no to me. I have a hard time turning down free tail, for my part. I doubt that you would act any differently. Besides, what if this is her problem, not mine? I don't want to risk having some jackass use it against her. Do you?" I protested our impending termination.

"You shouldn't fire me. You should promote me. Hell, she has to take maternity leave soon, anyway. Someone will need to be promoted soon for that," I noted Jen's condition (yes, I fucked a pregnant babe).

"Alright, Jack. You win. You're a supervisor now. Just keep it in your pants at work from now on," Mac

flinched suddenly, yielding when he didn't expect to give up.

That was when I realized that my power wasn't limited to Jen. I could tell more than one person what to do. I could get used to this, very much so. I would get the unfettered access to her cunt and ass, plus others, whenever I wished. I could accept being an instant dad if I could fuck the mom regularly. Yeah, I would get a lot of pleasure out of this.

"Actually, I'm pretty sure that I won't keep it in my pants, boss man. Since this power affects more than just her, I have to test its limits and see what I can do with it, in the interests of science, of course. However, so as not to leave you out of the loop, go ahead and fuck her, too. I can tell that you're jealous. No need to be. I will fuck around as I please and there is no reason to cock block you, either," I told Mac, even as I saw him slide his hard cock inside Jen while I spoke.

He didn't take long to cum at all, given the excitement of fucking Jen, and that was when I turned to the security guys, seeing my opportunity.

"Guys, if you want turns with Jen, just say so. Jen, you're willing to pleasure them, aren't you?" I demanded.

"Of course, I am, sir. I do as you say. I am yours now," she smiled, not at all upset about being asked to let a few more guys screw her in front of everyone.

I had to admit, while I am not typically turned on by watching a girl take on other men, it was sexy to see how lustful and enthusiastic Jen turned out to be. For some reason, when I gave her an order, she didn't just obey me, but also enjoyed doing so. The very fact of submission to my will was a turn-on for her, or so it seemed to me. Getting reamed like that didn't hurt, either. I was just glad that she wasn't so far along in her pregnancy that it would endanger her baby.

By the time that the guys finished fucking Jen, she had quite a messy cunt leaking cum down her thighs and calves to her feet. Her pussy was sore as well, that much was clear. Still, she seemed thrilled to have pleased me and serviced those men. She even gave me a steamy French kiss.

"Don't bother to put your pants or panties back on. I don't expect any trouble for your naked ass just now, do you? I think that we can more than get away with it. I want you to finish working today just like you are, with a bare, hairless pussy filled with and spilling lots of hot cum. I also want it clear that I meant what I said. I will be fucking around, too, especially now that I know that my powers work on more than just one person. You're not a fluke, it seems. You're not to object to or complaint about the other girls. I have every right to screw around.

"Anyway, if a guy is turned on by your messy hole and wants to stick his dick in there, let him. Don't argue, complain, resist, or object to it. Just let him fuck you, whomever he is. Fuck anyone who even hints that he wants to get laid. I want to see you come home with me tonight, your cunt soaked in men's cum ... lots of it. You're gonna be a slut for all of your customers today," I instructed Jen, getting a kick out of controlling her sex life and making her put out for those men she normally teased.

It wasn't long before Jen was the most popular woman in the store, with men lining up for first and second helpings of her sweet pussy. Naturally, I took full advantage of the men's distraction to go after Cheryl, the sexy blonde cashier who often worked next to me. My technique was simple. I walked up to Cheryl, slipped her some tongue in a wild and passionate kiss, and started to unzip her pants. She took the hint and proved that even my non-verbal commands had power over their minds by pulling her own slacks down to her ankles and bending over the sales counter in front of the whole store. I took a pair of scissors and used them to snip her panties off, so I could see her lovely ass.

Cheryl's response was so similar to Jen's that I now had no doubt that I had some kind of magical hold over her emotions as well as her thoughts. I just wasn't sure how I did that. In seconds, I was balls deep in Cheryl's pussy, fucking her with as much zeal as I used with Jen. My cock had more time left now, due to having already cum once. I could relax and fuck her as leisurely as I wished, and did I ever. I took my time plowing Cheryl to my heart's content, making her moan with delight as I had my way with her.

At long last, however, I couldn't hold back and I exploded inside Cheryl's cunt. I withdrew, pulled up my dress pants, and leaned over to take off her shoes and finish removing her slacks. I wanted her naked from the waist down as well. This gave me my favorite view, that of her delicious ass. I saw no reason to deprive myself or any other man of the wonderful sight of her naked bottom.

It turned out that my instincts were right in every way. Sales far exceeded projections for that day, due to guys so eager to fuck Jen and Cheryl (I let her participate shortly) that they would sell their souls if they had to in order to get such fine pieces of ass. How often did such a chance come and go, after all? They were eager enough that they didn't give a damn about how messy the cunts were, just as long as they got laid. The manager and others who expected bad sales would have to eat crow this time.

I gave myself a little time to recover before I made my final move of the day. Jamie was not known for wearing makeup, but she had a nice tush and a flirtatious nature, so who cared about cosmetics? Despite her tomboyish ways, I wanted to fuck her. Then again, a tomboy now and then is not such a bad thing in the first place.

I wasn't exactly subtle with Jamie. I dragged her into the men's room, bent her over the faucets, yanked down her pants and undies, and found liquid soap to use as lube. Then I eased my cock into her asshole, moving past the anal ring to invade her deepest part. Far from resisting me, Jamie pushed back at my cock with her hips and buns to welcome me further inside her ass. I hadn't buggered a woman in a good while, so I was rather excited, but I tried my hardest to avoid cumming just yet.

Jamie really got into the act, moaning and begging me to fuck her harder up the ass. She seemed to want a lot more in her butt and I gave it to her as much as I could. I soon found myself so focused on butt-fucking Jamie that I didn't notice that we had company. I just kept pounding her asshole until she finally came from taking it up the ass, and then I spilled my load into her back door. I slipped out of Jamie's tush and wet a paper towel with soap and water to wipe my dick with it.

That was when I learned that I had company. Unsolicited, Jessica knelt in front of me to suck my now clean cock back to semi-erect status. The look on her face indicated that she intended to get more of what my dick had to offer. To help that along, she grabbed Jamie's cheeks and spread them so that she could lick my cum as it leaked from her delightful bottom. In the process, she prompted a second climax for Jamie, who evidently loved being rimmed.

Jamie then got up and yanked down Jessica's flannel, pajama-like pants to reveal that she went commando.

"You want to go a round? Let's do it. Spread that ass of yours and let me eat it until you cum harder than I did. Make Jack want to fuck you into next week. He needs to get stiff again and this will do it, I think. That will teach you to lick my ass just so you can taste his cum. Thank you, by the way. Between you guys, I've just had two serious orgasms back to back. I love it when folks are rough with me. Aggressive and dominant, that's how I love both guys and gals. I also like to be that way sometimes, too, as you can see now," Jamie announced before she started rimming Jessica so hungrily that one would think that she was eating soft serve.

Jamie was right. This scene so turned me on that I felt my sore cock get hard again in spite of the discomfort. I wanted Jessica's sweet, tanned ass fiercely and I soon tapped Jamie on the shoulder to gesture that I was ready to sodomize it. At that point, Jamie started licking my cock as it entered Jessica's butt-hole and began vigorously fucking it. She then began rimming her right above the hole, increasing the excitement as the threesome continued.

Jessica apparently couldn't hold out after that, as her breathing indicated. She squirted as I fucked her tight ass, and this simply was too much for me as well. I shot out the last contents of my balls into her booty, though I didn't slide my cock out until I softened a bit. Then I wiped my very sore dick again and pulled up my pants to let them know that I was done for now. Then Jamie cleaned up my mess from Jessica's ass, sharing the cream with her afterward in a searing French kiss.

"I can see what to expect from you gals now. If you'll excuse me, it's time to clock out. I'm done raising company morale for the day," I smiled at them as I walked out of the men's room and they followed me.

Catching up with Jen and Cheryl, I told them, "Girls, the five of us are gonna get some drive-through, go to my place, eat our fill, and then fuck like bunnies. First, however, we're clocking out for the day. As far as I can tell, I have a good start on a splendid harem and I intend to make full use of it. That's just the start of things. Come with me. I'll explain it to you as we go."

Judging from their snickers and giggles, they were all still very much my sluts. Whatever spell I had accidentally cast on them, it still worked and that was very good news. Who knew, with this kind of power, I could rule the world?

That certainly didn't sound like such a bad idea...

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