A New Approach
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sometimes things have to break before you can fix them. A man denied access to his children for over six years finally gets an opening. But is it genuine, or just another game by his ex.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating  

You can call me Dave, most people do, except my Mum of course, oh and my ex-wife, she calls me a rat bastard I believe ... or did. I'm an engineer; I used to fit high capacity warehouse storage and unloading equipment, now I'm promoted to a supervisory role in the company. It means I do just as much travelling, but I'm rarely on one site for long as the company has several UK projects on the go at any one time. I still occasionally get my hands dirty though, there are times when you need an extra body to help out and I did love my old job, it's just that I was asked to do this new one temporarily and eventually permanently, that eventually coming within a week.

I still travel home at weekends though to be with my family, that family being my older sister Paula, her son Martin and her daughter Kerry. I sort of inherited them when Paula's hubby died from septicaemia, though admittedly I was having regular sex with Paula just prior to her hubby's death and had since been seduced by Kerry too. I guess you could call me a family oriented guy as in addition to Paula and Kerry I was now also enjoying the charms of my other sister Meg ... very discreetly.

Those stories are told elsewhere. At the moment, instead of going home at the weekend I'm off up North, after receiving a letter from my ex, Sharon, to discuss some difficulties she thought I was having over seeing my kids. Those difficulties being her and the lying games she played with their heads when they were younger...

You'll note that she thinks it is something to discuss, rather than something to sort out and that the problem is mine to resolve. However after six years of her antics I suspect she realises I'm not playing the game by her rules any more, having told her by email that unless I received confirmation that the kids were receiving and appreciating the various cards and presents I sent for birthdays and Christmases then they could kiss bye, bye to the receiving of anymore said presents. I think she also realises that her 'anonymous' tip offs to the Child Support Agency concerning her idea of what I earned and what I actually earned has not exactly made me sympathetic to any requests from her for assistance either. The CSA now class me as an awkward customer simply because I question every letter they now send me and have, on occasions, had the ombudsman who oversees their work come down very heavily on my side. That was due to their little games of always assuming I was lying and demanding more than I was legally required to give. Damned thing is, Sharon actually got a lot more from me before she brought in the CSA and attempted to mess up my life and finances. Now however I want to see what any extra is giving me, so far it's not a lot, not one birthday, Christmas or father's day card in six years. Phone calls on Christmas and birthdays being rejected by the lie that they are 'not in' despite being able to hear them in the background. The few times I got through being hung up on too. Being blocked on facebook and reading comments that they wished their father would just 'go away' and stop pestering them and their Mum had not exactly made me sympathetic as you can well imagine.

Yet I loved Melanie and Michael, don't get me wrong, I always will. I just didn't like them or rather what I believe had been done to them. Now Sharon had decided it was time to have a discussion, despite making sure there was no opportunity to discuss things before they'd gotten this far, mostly I suspect as my days as being seen as a cash cow by her were now over.

Sharon and I had been the typical teen lovers or childhood sweethearts; we'd met at school and had dated, got engaged and married early. We'd both pursued decent career choices and had held off having kids until we'd gotten the qualifications we needed to afford them and to give them a good life. In three years we'd had the two kids and life seemed good. Sharon's medical career was in hiatus, but we always planned for her to get back to her nursing at some stage or another. Things went wrong at one of my works Christmas get-together's. Sharon got talking to Ben, the regional manager for the North, and seemed to get on very well indeed, though I thought nothing of it at the time. Within a month I was 'promoted' to the installations team for the company, jumping the queue over more experienced guys, but was told my enthusiasm had contributed to my success. This meant working away from home and leaving Sharon to cope, but she didn't seem to mind, even welcomed the extra money. She had other reasons of course, as I found out when I accidentally injured myself and came home to find her in bed with Ben, with the kids out at the child-minder's for the morning.

One very messy divorce later, Ben's name was mud in the company (I had very good friends in higher management), which led to him being permanently passed over for promotion until he resigned and got a new job. So we had arrived at where we were now, with Sharon blaming me for everything.

At least that was the impression I was under.

Still, I did have time to stop at Harrogate Premier Inn for a night and arranged a liaison with an old friend...

"Hi Dave!"

"Hello Jan, you look lovely," I replied.

"Girls night out," she giggled. "Or at least, Mike thinks so."

"How are Aaron and Dan?"

"Both good, thanks. How are Paula, Martin and Kerry?"

"All good, I'm sure they'd send their love if they knew I was seeing you," I chuckled.

"Well ... yes," Jan chuckled in return.

Jan truly was looking lovely tonight. She'd lost a little weight since I'd last seen her in France and had chosen an off the shoulder dress which showed off her ample charms and well-rounded legs. She no longer looked quite so dumpy but still had her mousey brown curly hair with a sweet face and laughing eyes.

"Dinner first?" I asked.

"So long as it is first and there are seconds of a sort on the menu," Jan laughed.

"Well I had planned on dessert of a sorts," I replied with a wink and making her giggle like a schoolgirl.

We had a nice leisurely dinner with a nice bottle of wine and a lot of fun just chatting and flirting and re-acquainting ourselves with each other.

"That was lovely Dave," Jan finally said. "Now I've heard there are a number of things worth seeing in the rooms here, so I was wondering if you could show me yours."

"I'd love to show you mine," I replied with a wink.

We headed upstairs from the restaurant trying not to run, I guessed. Jan had been the first of my pleasurable conquests in France and the only one not to have received my blessings so to speak in her pussy, having decided that her hubby might have noticed had he managed to have her after our pleasurable coupling outside our tents.

As soon as I had the room door closed, Jan was in my arms and we were kissing passionately.

"Oh, I've been waiting too long for this, Dave," she gasped when we parted for breath.

"Normally I'm working around here three or four times a year, I said. "But not recently."

"Well, hopefully it's been worth the wait," she giggled.

"Oh, I think you were worth waiting for," I replied and kissed her again, this time sliding my tongue into her mouth and probing around her tongue. My hands also started wandering over her upper body, touching and caressing her over her soft silky dress. Jan was also running her hands over me, though concentrating more on the area of my groin and an erection that had grown to almost painful proportions.

"God, he's bigger than I remember," she giggled as she undid my belt, the button on my pants and slid my zip down. Her hand delved into my underwear to squeeze me gently making me groan in pleasure.

"Someone needs a little relief," she chuckled and dropped to her knees.

Jan slid my pants and underwear down and engulfed my cock in her soft warm mouth, making me gasp in delight as her talented tongue swirled around the crest.

"Oh! That's so good!" I moaned. "But I'm close to the edge here."

"Just go for it, Dave. I'm sure you've more than one shot in the gun," she giggled, withdrawing her mouth for a second.

With an almost agonising gasp, I gripped her head and thrust my hips in time with her own ministrations as I felt myself coming to the boil, my cum blasting out of my cock to coat the inside of her mouth as she greedily gulped my offering down.

"Mmmmm, lovely," she murmured as she ran her tongue around her lips. "You taste as good as I remembered, Dave."

"That was amazing Jan, you have a real talent there."

"Well don't tell Mike. I refuse to go down on him anymore since I caught the taste of another woman on him."

"No problem," I chuckled as I helped her to her feet and led her to the bed. "My turn now."

"Ooh, yes please!"

I kissed Jan as we got to the bed and slid her dress down after undoing a button at the back leaving her just in panties and a shoulderless flesh coloured bra. She did look absolutely delightful standing there, all soft rounded curves, perhaps a little extra weight, but on her it really did look good. Jan allowed herself to fall back on the bed whilst I took the time to remove all my clothing.

"Ooh, very nice Dave, always wondered what you had."

I dropped on the bed next to her and we kissed again, this time my hands going to release her bra revealing two heavy but firm breasts with large areolae surrounding two upstanding nipples.

I bent to kiss them making Jan sigh in pleasure.

"God, that's nice!"

"They're nice too, always wanted to get my hands and other things on them," I chuckled.

"Ha yes! It was dark last we 'had' each other and couldn't see a lot."

"Just the removal of our bottom layers."

"Oh yes," giggled Jan as she reached down to draw down her panties as I continued to pamper her breasts.

"Mmmm, another delight to feast upon," I murmured as I pattered a trail of kisses down her body to her well-trimmed pussy.

I slid my tongue down and found her pronounced clit and began to suck and lick it, driving Jan into gasps of delight and making her pelvis twitch and roll as my ministrations drove her towards her first orgasm of the evening.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she gasped. Her excitement and desire took her quickly over the edge to the accompaniment of my tonguing of her pussy which released a fresh flow of the nectar of desire from her hidden depths.

I slid up the bed to kiss her and felt her tongue flick around my mouth to taste herself before burying itself in my own.

Taking this as my cue, I moved over her body between her chunky rounded thighs and positioned myself to take this delightful woman. With one smooth powerful thrust my cock slid into her, and I groaned in sheer delight as her muscles clamped down on me.

"God, you feel good," I gasped as I thrust powerfully in and out of her.

"You feel good too, Dave, and this time I won't have to pull you out when you're about to cum."


I picked up the pace and Jan moved in time with me as we danced the oldest dance of all, our bodies smacking hard against each other as our lustful desire grew and grew.

"Yes!" moaned Jan. My powerful thrusts took her into orgasm, just beating my own howl of passion as my cum came blasting from my balls to fill her womb in our forbidden passion.

"At last!" I said with a grin. "Been thinking of doing that to you since I last had you."

"Mmmmm, worth waiting for Dave. Was so good too!"

I held Jan in my arms as we cuddled in the afterglow of a damned good fuck, gently running my hand over her soft tummy and making it twitch slightly with each movement.

"Can't believe I finally got to have you," she giggled.

"Believe it, little one. I was determined to have you sooner or later," I chuckled in return.

"Love a man who keeps his promises."

I could feel my erection springing to life again as I remembered a promise made by Jan nearly a year ago.

"Well, I remember someone promising I could have it all," I replied with a wink and ran my fingertips down to slide over her wet pussy and use the juices to tease the entrance to her back passage.

"Oh, you naughty man, no one's had that before," she sighed with delight.

"Well, a promise is a promise," I chuckled and ran my fingertip around her sphincter before pushing the tip slightly into her.

"Ooh Dave!" she squealed, squirming slightly.

I took more of her pussy juices and coated my erection before returning to probe her rear entrance.

"God, you will be careful ... please," Jan gasped as I kissed her then turned her over to lie flat on her belly.

"I will and I'll stop if you tell me to," I whispered in her ear before planting soft kisses upon it.

Raising myself up and moving between her parted thighs I placed the tip of my slippery cock at the entrance to her soft rounded bottom and found the entrance I was looking for and bore down carefully.

"Uhnnnn!" gasped Jan as first my tip and then an inch of my cock pressured its way into new territory.

"Want me to stop?" I whispered.

"No Dave ... oh god, no!"

I withdrew slightly and then pushed forward yet again, more and more of my cock sliding into her anal passage until finally I was all the way in.

"Oh that feels different," moaned Jan.

"Bad?" I asked.

"No, no ... just different."

I began to move in and out of her with short gentle strokes as I also slid my hands underneath her chest to cup her firm breasts.

"Mmmm," groaned Jan as she also began to push back against my invasion.

I carefully increased the length of my thrusts and Jan gasped in surprise as pleasure overcame the discomfort of my penetration.

"Oh, that feels so good," I gasped as our bodies now moved in tandem with each other and Jan appeared to be having the ride of her life.

"So different ... so good!" she moaned. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Oh my god!"

Jan stiffened underneath me as a massive orgasm washed over her causing her to almost black out as far as I could tell.

It didn't take too long after that, that my pleasure overcame me and I blasted my seed deep within forbidden territory.

I rolled off and held a still quivering Jan as she slowly came back to planet Earth.

"God, Dave, that was something else," she sighed as we kissed.

"Glad you liked it," I chuckled. "Some ladies don't."

"Always wanted to try it, just not with Mike. He's a bit selfish and won't take the time to make sure I'm enjoying myself like you do," Jan sighed.

"If it isn't fun for you, it isn't fun for me," I said and kissed her softly.

"Good philosophy," Jan giggled. "Oh, don't get me wrong. I know I'm bitching about him, but he's a good father to the kids, just got a wandering eye ... and dick."

"What's sauce for the goose etc... ," I replied.

"Yes," Jan said. "Definitely yes."

We made love twice more that night, the final one in the shower, before Jan headed home after getting a promise for me to 'pop in' whenever I passed through.

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