Love One Another
Chapter 1

The slap came much harder than he had anticipated!

"You hit me because I said that I loved you?" he said rubbing his sore cheek.

"I hit you ... I don't really know why I hit you?" the pretty girl replied. "I remember how you tore up your little black book for me."

"Yes I did! I gave you a priority in my life. All I ever really wanted to do was to hold you in my arms and make magical and passionate love with you all night long," he said practically coming tears.

"So you really mean it? You truly care that much about me? How am I supposed to believe that?" she said turning away from him.

"All right then," he said turning her around and grabbing her by her soft shoulders. "I'll show you. I'm going to put my arms around you and kiss you like you've never been kissed before."

The young couple was in each other's arms. He put his hand on her cheek—she did likewise. He moved in for the kiss, but she pushed him away.

"Sean, I'll help you learn your lines all that you want, but I'm going to stop before we start making out," his younger sister Stefani said to him!

"Stef, I've never kissed anybody on stage before. It's different than in real life."

"You couldn't have called your girlfriend to help you with this?" his pretty redheaded sister said to him.

"Her family went on a camping trip and she couldn't get out of it. The next prettiest girl I could think of was you sis!"

"Was that supposed to be a compliment of some kind?" she said still a step away from him, but looking like she approved of what he had said.

"Actually it was," he answered.

"How about, we take a break then try it again?" she suggested.

"Sounds good ... you want a bottle of water? I'll get you one."

He walked downstairs and the kitchen went to the fridge getting them each a bottle of water.

"How is learning your lines going dear?" his mother said coming up behind him.

"It's going okay although Stef is freaking out because I want her to help me with the stage kiss I have at the end of the scene."

"She is your sister you didn't just expect her to wrap her arms around you and give you a kiss?"

"I guess not, but she still is being awfully silly about it."

"Sean, sit down for a second," his mother said.

Moving to the breakfast table, he said, "Alright, I'm sitting down."

"You do understand that it's not normal for a brother and sister to kiss?"

"Yeah I understand its taboo ... it's Incest. A bunch of old-fashioned laws written by of bunch of sexless old white men!"

His mother couldn't resist from laughing at that and said, "I'd help you if I could, but mother and son just isn't really any better!"

"All of those laws were written in the middle of the 19th century long before they could test people for genetics like they can now," her son argued!

"Think about that for a minute," his mother said. "Imagine if those laws weren't in effect, for a moment,"

"Okay," he said using his hand to hold up his head and breaking into a big smile.

"What do you think would happen if there were no social restrictions to blood relatives having sex and getting married and having children?"

"There would probably be a lot more babies," he speculated.

"What else?" his mother asked to try to make him think about this.

"A son could love his mother ... or sister or his child!"

"Have you actually thought about this before?" his redheaded mother asked.

"Yes I have. I was younger and had a crush on you, a really strong crush. That's gone now, and I guess to be honest I'm crushing on my sister! I have a crush on Stefani!"

Squealing from behind him and wrapping her arms about his, Stef said, "You really have a crush on me. My brother Sean, my cute older brother Sean has a crush on his little sister."

"Why does that make you so happy, Stefani?" their mother intervened. "You do understand that brothers and sisters are morally obligated to be friends maybe even good friends. Even so, you can't just fall in love and start making out all the time. That's wrong!"

Stef tried to explain, "All of my friends tell me that my brother is good-looking some even say he's hot. I can't agree with them, or they would suspect something."

"Suspect what?" her brother asked.

"That I am in love with my brother Sean!" she said giving him a kiss that wasn't broken up until their mother loudly cleared her throat.

"That's the kiss we needed!" he said.

"Mom, yell when dinner is ready, we're going upstairs to practice the scene some more," he said with Stef taking his hand and dragging him out of the kitchen.

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