Sian's Cousins
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, Cousins, Harem, First,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sian had invited her twin cousins down to Cardiff for the weekend; they were both virgins, but wanted to go to University that autumn with some sexual experience, and Sian had nominated Julie and I to give it to them!

This is the third part of my story about my time at University in Cardiff in the early 1970's.

I had met Sian when we were both giving blood, and had been donating on adjacent beds and got talking. We had met up for a drink and become friends, and one night when there was torrential rain, she had invited me to stay, and we had become lovers.

Sian had two flatmates, and another two girls lived on the floor below. Sian's friend Vee was a pretty petite girl, and she persuaded Sian to lend her my services, and she hopped into bed with me one Saturday morning. I had fancied Vee from first meeting her, so my shyness didn't stop me being an enthusiastic seducee.

Vee was actually engaged to her childhood sweetheart, who was studying engineering in Manchester, and who rarely came down to visit her. He wasn't very adventurous sexually, and Vee was keen to take the opportunity of trying new things with me.

After my introduction to performing cunnilingus, Vee and I had got so carried away fucking each other that Julie from the floor below came up to see what all the screaming was about. She and Sian watched from the doorway, and the result of their subsequent discussion was that I ended up taking Julie's virginity that weekend.

From having a very straightforward and conventional sexual relationship with Sian, within the space of a hectic forty-eight hours, I had found myself having had sex with three girls, and with an extremely sore cock to show for it.

I had been really worried that Sian would be upset that I had slept with her housemates, but to my amazement all three girls had decided that they wanted to share me and keep learning about sex with me. As a nineteen-year-old male, of course I had no objections.

They also wanted to go and do things that single girls could not safely do on their own, so I took them to the cinema, the pub, a jazz club and out for meals. We all became good friends.

Julie was an utter darling. She was petite and blonde, with a lovely figure and a beautiful face. Her personality was just as gorgeous as the rest of her, and when we spent our first night alone together, I realised that I wanted to get to know her a lot better.

Vee and Sian cooked up a plan to use the Tuesday evening absence of their flatmate Bryony at netball practice to hold 'tutorials' where the four of us tried out new ways of having sex. These were a lot of fun, and helped position our strange four-cornered relationship as one based on good friends finding out about sex together.

Sian and Vee realised very quickly, far sooner than I did, that Julie wanted to get to know me as a person too. They pushed us together, and whichever one of them I had been screwing always sent me to go to sleep with Julie, so that we woke up together. We often made love in the morning, and one day we almost missed our morning lectures after going back to sleep in each others arms.

Vee and Julie were intrigued by the girl-on-girl action we saw in a porno film we all went to see. Sian went home one weekend to help with her parents' Silver Wedding celebration, and Vee and Julie and I had a threesome, which we all thoroughly enjoyed.

When Sian came back from home, in between me shagging her several times to make up for her missing out all weekend, she told me that she had been very impressed with her twin cousins Adrian and Sheila, who she had not seen for a couple of years. She jokingly suggested that I might be the one to help Sheila lose her virginity, and the more we thought about that idea, the better it seemed.

Sian had lost her virginity to a married man she had met in the pub, and she had been very badly hurt by the experience, which was one reason why we became friends long before we became lovers. She therefore wanted Sheila to really enjoy her first experience of sex, and said that she trusted me to make a good job of it. That chimed with something that had been worrying me; Julie had only ever had sex with me, and I wanted her to experience some variety before we got really serious about each other, so that she wouldn't regret not trying someone else in later life. Being selfish, I wanted her to break in a nice boy, but preferably one who wouldn't be hanging around Cardiff for another two years hoping for more. Adrian seemed a very likely candidate for the right person to have their virginity taken by my girlfriend.

So Sian talked it over with Vee, then phoned her cousins and invited them down to stay with her for a weekend once all our exams were finished. This story is about what happened that weekend.


I had spent the Thursday night in Julie's bed as usual; as we were expecting our important visitors, she had been given extremely strict instructions to not let me over-exert myself! My cock, which Sian had named Gustav after some Swedish king, had been pronounced off limits, as Vee had learned her lesson from the time when she had helped rub it raw through over-use.

We just chatted and kissed and cuddled; then I gave her a very slow and leisurely orgasm with my fingers, just for the sheer pleasure of giving the girl I loved great pleasure, and falling asleep holding her tight.

Sian and Vee appeared with the tea shortly after seven o'clock the next morning. Vee opened the curtains, the sun was shining and it was clearly going to be a lovely day, another Glorious First of June.

"I hope you left him alone, Julie?"

"You can check Gustav for fingerprints - he's untouched by human hands!"

"It wasn't your hands I was worried about!"

"No, we didn't do anything! I admit I was sorely tempted, but Jon used his amazing fingers on me, and for some reason I then slept the whole night through!"

"Hmmm. You two go and have a pee, and then we'll supervise you taking the edge off Gustav without causing any abrasions!"

I laid back down on the mattress, Julie bobbed down to deal with Gustav, while Vee and Sian stood close enough that I had a very good view up their nightshirts; and I realised that they had both removed their panties while we were having a pee and brushing our teeth.

That discovery was enough to persuade Gustav to let go quite quickly, and Julie collected his contribution in her mouth, and showed it to all of us, before swallowing it down and licking her lips in as lascivious a manner as she could manage. My shy little blonde was certainly coming out of her shell.

Vee checked personally that Gustav was licked clean and was unharmed by the experience, and then the three of them went upstairs to make another cup of tea. I dozed for a few minutes until they returned. They were probably plotting something, and I'd find out what it was when they wanted me to; I had learned through experience that there was no point worrying about it.

We lazed around most of the morning; I wandered up to the Chemistry Department building to check my pigeon-hole for any messages, and we all had a mid-morning cup of tea sitting on the front wall outside their house enjoying the sunshine.

After lunch, Vee went off to the shops, where she stocked up on more tea, milk and bread. She had already been shopping on Thursday, but we knew from experience that tea and toast would almost certainly run short.

Julie and I went down with Sian to collect her cousins from the station; their British Rail Intercity train from London was on time, and she met them at the bottom of the steps.

Sian gave them both a big hug of welcome, and brought them over to introduce us. I shook hands with Adrian and kissed Sheila on the cheek; Julie unashamedly kissed them both on the lips.

I picked up Sheila's small suitcase despite her protests, and carried it for her.

Even at first glance, it was obvious that they were siblings; their light brown hair topped good-looking faces with generous mouths and determined chins. They were both of medium height; Sheila seemed to have a good figure under her loose shirt, Adrian appeared well-muscled and confident.

I took to them immediately, and we chatted easily about their journey during the short walk to the house. It had been very hot on the train, and they were pleased to be back out in the fresh air.

They had not been to Wales before, so I told them the obligatory joke about needing their passports to get back into England.

Some lads I knew had actually persuaded one of their mates to get into the boot of the car so they could 'smuggle' him through immigration checks on the Severn Bridge crossing; and they had done such a good job of stopping on the hard shoulder of the motorway before releasing him from the boot at the next services, that he still thought he needed his passport!

Mind you, at the rate the lunatic fringe extremists of the Welsh nationalists were setting fire to English-owned holiday homes in North Wales, it seemed that it might not be a joke much longer.

"We'd better phone Mum to let her know we've arrived safely, or she'll worry. It took enough work persuading her to let us come here on our own, and we don't want to blot our copybook on our first escape!"

Sian and her cousins jammed into a phone box and made the call. Julie took the chance for a private chat with me.

"I'm so glad my parents give me much more freedom than that, darling, I would hate to have to report in all the time!"

"We still need to work out how we are going to see each other over the holidays - my folks aren't going to be keen on being kept awake all night by cries of passion, and I can't see yours being delighted either!"

"I can't stand the idea of not making love with you for ten weeks, so we'll have to organise something in between our holiday jobs."

"Remind me to talk to Sian about it - if her parents are away on their Silver Wedding cruise, we could try to meet up at her house."

"That's a very good idea!"

The others finished their call and came out of the phone box, and we walked on.

"Mum's still not sure if she was wise to let us come on our own; she says there are all sorts of strange people around these days! I promised her that we'd only go out if Sian was with us, so we wouldn't get lost in the docks and sold into white slavery!"

"You didn't!"

"No, of course I didn't - she's got quite enough worries about our safety without me inventing things! But I did say that we wouldn't go exploring on our own."

We talked some more over a mug of tea in the sitting room. Sheila had produced from her suitcase some very good rich fruit cake, which her mother had sent for Sian, and we made quite an impression on it.

"How did the 'A' level exams go, twins?"

"Hopefully okay; we've got offers from Bristol and Liverpool that aren't impossible, so it's fingers crossed."

"Dad was worried that with both of us doing the same subjects, and wanting to study medicine together, we'd be disappointed. But the universities quite liked the idea of twins on the same course."

"Dad just groaned when we told him that we'd both answered the same questions in all our exam papers - he's torn between knowing that we do better together, and worrying that if we do get split up, we'll both be really upset. We've tried to tell him that we'll probably get almost the same marks, like we did in our mock exams in the Spring."

"Is the mental connection between twins really that strong?"

"Oh yes, between us it's almost telepathy; I can tell when Sheila is particularly happy or sad, she knows how I'm feeling as well. Quite often one of us will say what the other is thinking, sometimes we complete each other's sentences. It's just as well we aren't identical twins; we can drive Mum to distraction with our twin behaviour anyway!"

"She said they'll really miss us when we go off to Uni; I think that because they lost the first baby, they have been very protective of us over the years, and they won't quite know what to do with an empty house! Dad's talking about using the money from Grandma's house to buy a flat for us at Uni; he reckons that five years savings on rent for two of us would easily pay a mortgage. Mum insists that we must have a telephone installed so she can get hold of us. We're worried that they'll want to come and stay regularly!"

"How are they coping with you being eighteen? Uncle Ken always seemed very strait-laced when we were growing up; he'd never let me get you two into any sort of trouble."

"Poor Dad! Part of him is proud that we are old enough for him to buy us a drink at the squash club, and part wishes we were still children. He wouldn't even take us into the bar for a soft drink until we were sixteen, and there was no wine at meals for us until last Christmas, when he finally realised that we needed to learn to drink sensibly, and that he was the one who had to teach us."

"I think it's been very difficult for him, twin - do you remember what happened when he tried to warn us of the evils of gambling?"

Sheila burst out laughing; she had really cute little dimples when she smiled. Adrian explained.

"It was a couple of years ago; he had taken us into the squash club bar for a glass of fizzy pop, and we saw a one-armed bandit for the first time. We asked him about it, and he said that it was a way of making extra funds for the club, and that everybody who gambled always lost their money in the end. He gave us all sixpence to prove his point, so Sheila went first and lost, then Mum, then me, but when Dad put in his sixpence, he won the jackpot! There were so many sixpences that he had to take off his shoes and fill them with coins, and then had to drive home in his squash shoes!"

"Yes, and he gave us our pocket money in sixpences for weeks afterwards!"

"What's all this laughter about then?"

"Hi, Vee, my cousins were just telling us the story about their father warning them against gambling, and failing miserably! Sheila, Adrian, this is my flatmate Vee."

"Pleased to meet you two at last - I've heard a lot about you from Sian."

"Nothing good, I hope?"

"Sorry to disappoint; she's been singing your praises! Anyone for another pot of tea?"

"We'll give you a hand, Vee."

Julie and I picked up all the empty mugs and followed Vee into the kitchen. She shut the door.

"Are you two still up for this?"

I looked at Julie, and she nodded.

"Yes, they seem really nice kids, it will be a pleasure."

"Well, once you've got Adrian broken in, Julie, please remember your old friend Vee and her itch. I don't want to spend the whole weekend hearing rampant sex going on, and getting none of it myself!"

"Sian doesn't want to fuck Adrian, he's her cousin and she thinks that it's a bit close to home, but I certainly intend him to have experience of someone other than just me before they go home on Monday - so I'll tip you the wink when I need your help!"

The kettle whistled on the stove, and we made the tea.

Sian had obviously been having a similar frank conversation with her cousins, and had clearly received the nod from Vee as we went back in. Once we all had our mugs in front of us, she spoke.

"I've told the twins again about how much I regret that I lost my virginity to some fast-talking two-faced bastard I met in a pub when I'd had a few drinks, and how I want their first time to be so much better for them. Uncle Kenneth has very kindly sent me a tenner for food and drink, so we'll all go out for the student special curry and a couple of beers later, but I think you four ought to go and do the deed now, sober and in the cold light of day!"

We stood up; the twins a little hesitant, but apparently determined to go through with this.

"Okay, we'll see you later!"

The four of us went downstairs into Julie's room; we sat Adrian and Sheila on the divan while we sat on the window sill.

"So, are you both still absolutely sure you want to do this? Sheila?"

"Yes, for several reasons. Because we're doing medicine, we need to be confident around naked bodies and not be embarrassed when a patient has to take their clothes off, so we agreed a long time ago that we both needed to have had sex before we started at Uni. Secondly, Sian has given us an unexpected chance to learn about sex at a leisurely pace; if we tried to have sex with anybody at home it would be far too quick and furtive so as not to get caught by Mum - not that we've got a boyfriend or girlfriend to do it with anyway! And lastly, it's back to the twin thing - we want to lose our virginities at the same time."

"Adrian, are you also quite, quite sure?"

"Yes, we've talked about this a lot ever since Sian told Sheila about her first time, and how disappointing it was, and we're agreed that it would be so much better to be able to do it together and without rushing it; something to look back on with pleasure rather than regret. With Mum and Dad fussing over us, we haven't got a hope in hell of getting away with it at home. This is the very first time they have let us loose on our own! And most of all, I need to know that Sheila had a wonderful first time, and she says she doesn't want me having a hurried fumble in the back of a car as my first."

"The twin thing again?"

"Yup - it's a feeling we get quite often, not quite a sixth sense, but a definite sensation of connection. When we are at home in our bedrooms, I can tell when Sheila has given herself an orgasm, and she knows when I've whacked one off. It's a feeling of happiness coming from somewhere, and I instinctively know it's her. It works when one of us is in trouble as well. The night she ruptured her hymen with her hairbrush handle, I could feel her in pain, and I rushed in to check she was okay - she wasn't best pleased to see me right at that precise moment, but she knew why I had done it."

"And you were a darling and helped me wash the sheet, so Mum didn't see the blood!"

"I want to be holding her hand when she loses her virginity, and she wants to be with me when I lose mine. It's going to be quite interesting in the future, though - when we both finally meet someone and do get married; we have such a close mental link between us that our other halves are going to have their work cut out to keep up!"

"So how are you on naked bodies?"

"Great in theory, both got the required Grade 1 in 'O' level Human Biology, not too bad in practice as we had baths together until puberty and were naked around each other then, not so much since, so a bit nervous. We've done a little bit of 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours', but it's all been a bit quick so as not to get caught."

"If it's any consolation, my grandparents are so Victorian that my sister's teddy bears all wear pyjamas! The first night I slept with Sian, I kept my pants on because I was so shy."

"We've never been entirely sure how we were conceived; Mum and Dad have always had twin beds instead of a double, and they've never talked to us about the birds and the bees. So we know what you mean, and it's another reason Sian's invitation to come down here for a long weekend to lose our virginities was extremely welcome!"

"Sian and I have talked about how we were conceived - June 1953 Coronation street parties, an extra glass of sherry in the pub, and hey presto, nine months later plus or minus three weeks, we arrived. My mum teases my dad about it occasionally. Mind you, as she's older than me, Sian claims that she's the result of too much testing the cooking sherry when her mum was buying the ingredients for the trifle! You two and my sister must be the results of celebrating Roger Bannister running the four minute mile!"

"You might be right, Jon - I can't think of much else that happened in 1954."

Julie got us back on track.

"I don't know what kind of reference Sian gave us, but we're not experts by any stretch of the imagination. We've learned by trial and error over the last couple of months; but we'll be delighted to share what little we do know."

"Sian and I talked for most of the night when I was sharing her room the weekend of her parents' Silver Wedding party. She said that she and Jon had become good friends and then lovers, and that now all four of you were learning about sex together. It sounded a really good idea; Sian told me that the worst part of looking for a lover is worrying that the person you end up having sex with will be selfish and just out for themselves, but she also said that you two don't have a selfish bone in your bodies, and that you really care about the others. That seemed an excellent reference to us!"

"Thanks - that's nice to hear! The main thing we've learned is to communicate - to tell each other what works and what doesn't. If you try to please the other person, it always works out better for you as well. So please feel free to say anything to us; we won't be shocked or upset, and we'll do our level best to help. We'll do a mix of demonstration and explanation first, and then we'll help you discover what it is all about!"

I looked at the twins; they both nodded back in agreement.

"So the first thing is a quick bath - I know I'm sweaty from today, and you've had the hot journey as well. I'll just close these curtains, and then we can do what we like without being seen from the street."

Julie looked at me - I knew what she was going to say before she said it, because I could tell from her body language that she wanted to talk to me privately.

"Jon and I will take the bathroom on the half-landing, you two use the one on this floor. Just a quick splash and a wash of those sweaty places will do, and we'll see you back here in dressing gowns."

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