My Little Pony: It's Good to Be the Princess
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Fan Fiction, Time Travel, non-anthro, Cuckold, Incest, Brother, Sister, Light Bond, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Food, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Doctor/Nurse, Royalty,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twilight Sparkle has a problem. It seems that wings aren't the only thing a new princess can grow. Sporting her first wing-boner, it isn't just her wings rising to attention when Rainbow Dash gives her a flying lesson! When Rainbow Dash challenges the fledgling princess to a race, the stakes are that the loser has to do what the winner commands. What can a magical princess do to insure she wins? If she wins, will Twilight claim Rainbow Dash as her prize?

"Twilight, are you sure about this?" The baby dragon asked nervously. "You know I don't doubt you and all, but couldn't someone else be the test subject, just this once?"

"Hush Spike, we have to concentrate." Twilight Sparkle's body tensed. The newly ascended princess focused the forces within her body, and her horn began to glow.

She lowered her head and moaned softly. The Alicorn spread her four legs, hooves digging into the rich warm soil as she braced herself against the magical flux pulsating within her. With a sudden rush, her body was overcome with the magical release. Her friend Rarity had a hint of this feeling, but since Twilight's special talent was magic itself, she felt it to a far greater extent. As a rule, Unicorns never spoke of this secret little side effect of magic usage. They preferred to keep the slightly embarrassing benefit to themselves.

Twilight let out a shuddering gasp as her body calmed. This time was more intense than even that first time she had teleported. It came very close to the feelings she experienced while thinking of that Palace guard Flash Sentry, or Applejack's strong and quiet brother, Big Macintosh. Well, not just thinking. Those special times often involved clutching a pillow tightly between her hind legs and sort of humping and writhing against her bed until she nearly passed out from the secret pleasures of the night.

Spike saw the light of the magical discharge through tightly closed eyes. He waited a bit before opening them. He patted down his body and let out a relieved sigh. The dragon tried to hide his grin of pure relief. "Oh, I'm sorry Twilight. Your new temporal spell didn't work." He sighed. "Not that I would have minded, but it would have been nice to see me and Rarity married five years in the future."

Twilight felt really strange. There was an odd tightness under her belly. Her number one assistant's romantic fantasy fell on deaf ears. "Spike?" she whispered. "I, I think it might have worked. Just not quite the way I imagined. Instead of sending you five years into the future, I think I matured my body five years!"

"Five years? Are you sure?"

"Yes! Once a Unicorn grows wings and becomes a princess, it takes an additional five years for certain "other" changes to become apparent. I didn't get any of the warning signs! I skipped right over them!" She took a deep breath, trying to calm down. "Tell me Spike, do, do I look any, uh, different? Look EVERYWHERE!"

Spike inspected his friend carefully. "No, you look the same to me." As he walked around Twilight, his eyes opened wide and nearly popped right out of his head as he gazed in shock at what was quivering under her belly. "Holy guacamole, Twilight, you're a stallion now!"

"No I'm not, Spike! I, I'm a hermaphrodite! I'm still a filly, that, that's just extra! It's a very rare but natural occurrence with Alicorns. It happens to a lesser extent with regular Pegasi too." She grinned manically. "I really should write princess Celestia a report on Pegasi Population Pressure and the Permanent Placement of Penile Protuberances when the baseline male population drops too low."

"Twilight, you have to calm down!"

The princess sobbed. "Oh Spike, I didn't want this! When I noticed the warning signs, I planned on magically suppressing the member to prevent it from growing and maturing. That way I would remain a normal filly. It's a very simple spell. That's what Cadence used so my BBBFF wouldn't get a big scary surprise on their wedding night!"

Spike scratched his head. "Twilight, um, is that why there's no, uh, boy Alicorns?"

"I don't know! Princess Celestia told me that she and Luna were born Alicorns, but once a regular Unicorn's magic becomes sufficiently powerful, she can become one too. It happens so rarely, that this is the first time in recorded Pony History that there are four princesses living at once! There are four of us now, and no males!"

Spike thought a moment and giggled. "When a Unicorn's magic becomes sufficiently powerful? I bet the Great and Powerful Trixie is really annoyed."


"Twilight, I thought Big Macintosh was, um, big, but you have him beat."

"Spike, that's not helping!" She blinked "Hey, how would you know that?"

"I was walking passed the schoolhouse last Saturday, when I saw Big Macintosh duck in sort of sneakily. School's closed on Saturday, so I was real curious. I kinda accidentally climbed up and looked in a window. He was, uh, visiting with Miss Cheerilee, and they weren't exactly bucking apples. I mean really, they were doing it right there in the classroom! I thought ponies only did "that" in barns and bedrooms. Why would Miss Cheerilee want to do stuff like that the room she teaches in?" Spike shook his head. The baby dragon was obviously puzzled. "She kept yelling "Give the teacher an Apple!" at him the whole time too, for some reason."

"Spike, don't talk like that!" Twilight tried to keep any thoughts of fillies and stallions alone together out of her mind. Instead she concentrated on scary things like snakes, and being tardy. She sighed heavily when the unwanted addition finally retreated back into her body. "Thank goodness for that!" she said in relief.

"Twilight, you cured yourself, and I didn't even see you use magic!"

"It's not a cure, Spike. I can just control it. As with stallions, when I'm flaccid the, um, member retreats into my body."

"Can you cure it? Maybe you can just roll time back five years so you can be ready and stop it when it happens again."

She shook her head, mane flying about her face. "I'd have to create another new spell, and that one sure didn't work the way I had planned! Temporal tampering is just too risky! Remember last time? Myself almost drove myself insane with that next Tuesday business! I better leave well enough alone."

A wildly galloping Earth pony with an hourglass cutie mark paused in his mad rush to stare at Twilight. "Temporal tampering is not something to be taken lightly!" he scolded.

A grey Pegasus pony swooped down and made a landing, miraculously managing to avoid crashing into anypony ... For once. "Doctor, I thought we had to hurry! You said those Cyber-pony thingies on the moon mean business!"

"Yes, yes, you're quite right Derpy!" He took a deep breath. "Remember; leave temporal alterations to the experts!" With a cry of "Allons-y!" he reared up and pawed at the air with his front hooves before galloping away at full speed. Derpy flew above him, in the odd corkscrew manner that her many friends in Ponyville had grown accustomed to.

"What was that about?" Spike said as he watched the duo race towards a blue box standing alone at the other side of the village common.

"Never mind them!" Twilight sighed. "What am I going to do? I can't let my friends know about this. It's bad enough that they have to get used to me being a princess!"

"Know about what?" Rainbow Dash landed gracefully beside Twilight. "What's up, your royal princess-a-tude?"

"Rainbow, I said don't call me princess!" The Alicorn shouted, desperately trying to divert the conversation back to safer grounds. "You know I'm still just me!"

"I was just kidding, Twilight. Are you ready for that flying lesson we talked about?"

"Hey, wasn't there a blue box over there before?" Spike asked when he next looked toward where Derpy and her friend had been heading. "Oh well. Twilight, I'll go do the shopping while you get in some flight time. We're dangerously low on ink, you know, and we're down to the last dozen quills."

Twilight felt her nervousness grow as Spike scampered off. "Sure. A flying lesson sounds nice."

"Just relax Twilight. We won't go too high today. Now watch me."

Twilight watched. Rainbow's wings extended, and give a couple of leisurely flaps. The powerful muscles moved under Rainbow's coat with a slow ease that only hinted at their immense strength. For some reason the sight really captured the Alicorn's attention. Sure, she always knew Rainbow was lovely, but somehow things were different now. The way that sleek body moved as the rainbow tailed filly effortlessly lifted into the air made her heart pound.

"Oh no." Twilight whispered as her own wings began spreading without conscience effort on her part. In seconds they were extended their full span as she stared up at her hovering friend. "Not now! Please, not now!" She hissed. Twilight was humiliated to experience her very first "wing-boner" right where Rainbow Dash was sure to notice! Worse yet, she felt that weird tension beginning to grow in her neither regions again. Her brand new penis was extending and growing hard once more! Thank goodness Rainbow couldn't see it from her vantage point up above!

"That's it Twilight! Spread those wings! Grab you some air and take off!"

Was Rainbow toying with her? Twilight thought. Or did she really not notice the major sign of Pegasi arousal? No, this was a flight lesson. She was supposed to extend her wings. Besides, the weather pony couldn't possibly see the throbbing member from her aerial vantage point. "Y-Yes, okay Rainbow, here goes!" Muscles bunched and flexed powerfully, and the Alicorn's hooves left the ground as her wings bit the air. She had been more than a little afraid to try her wings again, but somehow flying now felt much easier!

Her first attempt, when she had boldly flown from Canterlot Castle just after her ascension and coronation procession, had almost been her last. Just as she proclaimed to all of Equestria "Yes, everything is going to be just fine!" she discovered that this might not be the case. Turning to return to the castle in joyful triumph, she came to realize her muscles were getting seriously tired. She'd never make it back to the balcony!

Panicking, the newly crowned princess faltered and began the long plummet to the ground below. Thank goodness the ever vigilant Wonderbolts had caught her! Spitfire still gently teased by announcing that everything was just fine, when she was assured that no ears but Twilight's would hear.

"You're doin' great, Twilight!" Rainbow called encouragingly, snapping her pupil back to the present. "See, I told you flying would be easy-peasy for somepony with your wingspan!"

Twilight didn't answer. She was just too distracted. Rainbow typically flew with her legs trailing behind her trim body. As the wind of their passage through the air whipped the multi-hued tail around, the princess caught tantalizing glimpses between her friend's hind legs. It was glorious! Twilight's wings worked even harder, bringing her closer to the Pegasus.

Looking back, Rainbow laughed. "Lookin' good, Princess!" she proclaimed with a snicker. "Why, I think you could even beat me!" She poured on the speed, leaving Twilight behind. "First one to that cloud that looks like a tortoise gets to make the loser do whatever she wants!"

The wind blowing over her quivering penis sent shivers of delight through Twilight's body. It wasn't enough though! She wanted more! "Anything?" she yelled, wings working harder. "Do you promise?"

"Heck, I'll do better than that. I'll Pinkie swear!" Rolling over onto her back, Rainbow slowed to let Twilight gain a little. It wouldn't due to have her lose all hope of winning ... Yet! She couldn't wait to see the princess try and eat one of Pinkie's experimental red-hot pepper chimicherrychangas "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"

"Thank you Rainbow, you don't know what that means to me!" Twilight called as she tore through the air.

Eyes wide, Rainbow watched as Twilight gained on her, just a touch too fast for comfort. "Oops, gotta move!" she laughed, as she easily out distanced the novice flyer.

"Oh no you don't, Rainbow!" Twilight said softly, as her horn began to glow.

The leading Pegasus felt a rather painful tug on her tail. "Hey, what are you doing?" she cried, as her speed dropped off drastically. "Magic isn't fair!"

"You never said I couldn't use a spell." Twilight said, as the power within her began to reel the two flyers closer together. The added stimulation made it harder to think straight, but the princess knew one very important thing. "I need to win, Rainbow! I really truly need it!"

Looking back, Rainbow saw a look in Twilight's eye, which if in a stallion's, would cause any maiden filly to head for the hills if she were in heat! "Twilight, what's going on?" she cried. Her wings became a blur as she tried to break free. Something was sort of bobbling under Twilight's body. "Is that what I think it is?"

As Twilight slowly grew closer, the turbulent air brought Rainbow's scent to her flaring nostrils. Oh sweet Celestia, Rainbow was going into her season. The beautiful mare was in heat! "You Pinkie swore!" she cried, as she drew them closer towards each other. "When I win you have to do what I say!"

"Oh horse apples!" Rainbow gasped as she fought the painful drag of magic gripping her tail. "I gotta get away!"

Twilight was desperate. She had to get to the tortoise cloud first! A stray thought entered her rather cloudy mind. What would Daring Do, do? She'd crack the whip! Twilight lowered her head, and then snapped it upward with a powerful jerk of her neck muscles.

Hooves just inches from the cloud and safety, Rainbow let out a wail as she was suddenly yanked upwards. "Let go of my tail!" she cried as she flipped backward, sailing over Twilight while on her back.

It wasn't the best thought out plan, but it worked. Twilight made an extremely clumsy and backward landing, but she made it. "I won! I won!" she cried happily, hopping up and down on the cloud. "Yes, yes, yes, yes!"

"No, no, no, no!" Rainbow muttered, as she tried swimming through the sky with all four legs as her wings uselessly beat the air. Twilight still had her held fast! "You're kidding, right?" she asked hopefully as she slowly but surely backed up to the cloud and the still hopping princess. The frantic weather pony got a very good look at the massive member bouncing and slapping against the princess's tummy. "Twilight, keep that thing away from me!"

A few more kicks from Twilight's jumping reduced the small cloud to a burst of water vapor. Wings flapping almost idly, the princess let the struggling weather pony tow her along. "It's not a thing, Rainbow Dash. It's just a part of me now."

Sweat matted her mane as Rainbow continued trying to escape. "Twilight, you can't!" she shouted as she strained. "I, um, not even with Soarin. I, I'm waitin' for marriage! He respects that!"

"Rainbow, aren't we friends?"

"Of course we are, Twilight!" Legs flailing and wings beating faster than her heart, Rainbow wasn't making any headway. The magic had her tethered firmly to the Alicorn, and the distance between them was growing shorter! "Friends don't mate with friends!"

"Who else should friends mate with?" Twilight stared at her friend, and for some reason couldn't help swiping her tongue over her lips. The scent of clean pony sweat mingled with Rainbow's heat, and it was driving her crazy! She drew closer and closer, eyes riveted between those strong athletic hind legs. A couple of feet soon became a couple of inches, and then...

Rainbow squealed. "Twilight, don't do that!" A broad tongue swiped over her most secret self, and the weather pony mewled helplessly in the grip of Twilight's magic.

Twilight lapped away, thrilled at the musky taste of Rainbow's dampness. At the wedding reception, after a few glasses of bubbly wine, Cadence had told her that Shining Armor was a cunning linguist. That had been puzzling, since she knew her brother had no gift for languages. Twilight almost laughed now as she finally got the joke. Wings flapping strongly, she buried her face firmly between Rainbow's hind legs and happily forced her tongue up the pony's vagina just as far as she could manage.

Rainbow moaned. She hadn't even permitted Soarin to do this! Then again, he couldn't catch her to even try. Heat or not, Rainbow was determined to protect her maiden status! No male would top her, as long as she could Sonic Rainboom away from amorous pursuers.

The Pegasus was in real danger now. Twilight's magic was too strong. She couldn't break its grip on her tail! The trouble was that she knew she was losing the desire to keep trying to break it. The duo soared and looped through the skies over Ponyville, with Rainbow Dash's bottom stuck tight to Twilight's face!

That warm supple tongue was doing things to her that her own hooves never did! Frantically she looked around for another cloud to hide in. If this was going to happen, she didn't want every pony in Ponyville to look up and get a free show as she climaxed on a princess's tongue! The sky was a brilliant blue, with not another cloud in sight. "Twilight, not up here!" she wailed. "I, I mean, we can't be doing this! Somepony might see!"

Twilight was beyond caring if anypony saw them. The thought of being spotted having fun with a good friend was absolutely nothing compared to the ordeal of being coroneted in front of all the ponies in Canterlot! Her tongue wriggled within the warm snug tunnel of Rainbow's sex. Who knew ponies could taste so yummy?

She tried to set her mind against it, but Rainbow could do nothing to dampen the storm rising within her. "Twilight, you gotta stop!" She gasped. "I, I think I'm gonna..." Her moan had the distinct sound of utter disappointment when Twilight withdrew her tongue.

A need she never knew she had was growing ever stronger. The penis she now bore throbbed with an almost painful intensity. Face shining with Rainbow's musky honey, the princess sighed. "Rainbow, I need you!" She scrambled up over her friend's flanks. "I need a friend more than ever!"

"No, put your tongue back!" Rainbow gasped as she felt hooves on her back. Something long thick and hard had slipped up under her, between her hind legs. "Twilight, go back to licking! Please go back to just licking!" she cried as she felt those hooves graze down her sides as Twilight's forelegs embraced her middle. "No, we can't do that!" The weather pony did some fast counting. "I'm entering my season! I, I'm in heat!"

"I know." The princess began to wiggle and twist her body sensually as they flew in tandem. "Blast, how in the wide world of Equestria am I supposed get it in?" she whimpered as she struggled to seat the broad blunt end of her cock against Rainbow's vagina.

"Get your legs off of my wings!" Rainbow cried as she struggled to keep herself airborne. "What am I saying? Get off of me completely! I'm in the Wonderbolts academy! Wonderbolt Plebes can't have foals! It's against the rules!"

"You're my friend!" Twilight exclaimed as if this somehow made everything right. "Friends help each other when in need, and Rainbow, I need you so badly! Help me put it in you!"

"No way Twilight!" Rainbow bucked and shimmied, trying her best to keep Twilight from lining her penis up properly. "Listen, what, what if I used my, um, mouth? Pinkie told me that it's the very best way to please a stallion, while insuring that a big belly doesn't interfere with you being able to party!"

Pausing for a second, Twilight gasped. "Pinkie said that?" Images of the pretty pink pony's mouth wrapped around her hardness inflamed her already burning imagination. "Wow!"

"Twilight, we, we could do it like, um, you know, like the dolphins in Sea Swirl's cutie mark!"

"Maybe next time we can try it that way!" Loosening her foreleg's grasp on Rainbow's middle, Twilight extended the field of her magic to grip her own cock. Moaning at the wonderful warm tingling, she lifted her rear up a little, and slid back as much as she dared without releasing her friend. Hooves tightly gripping Rainbow's flanks, she was finally able to aim the head of her cock right at the precious gateway to Rainbow's center. "I need to do this first!"

Whimpering as that massive member dragged over her soaked vagina, Rainbow strained to escape. "Twilight, don't do it!" she begged as she felt the pressure of a hard presence against her tender vaginal lips. "Twilight, I, I'm still a maiden!"

"So am I!" Giving a mighty flap of her wings as she thrust her hips forward, Twilight claimed her friend. She whimpered as her hardness entered the exquisite snug warmth of Rainbow's body.

"Oh no!" Rainbow squealed as her maidenhead was torn away. "Twilight, get it out! It's too big!"

"If a foal can come out, I, I can certainly go in!" Twilight cried in delight. She sank deeper into the silky tunnel, and buried herself completely. "Oh Rainbow, you feel so hot inside! It, it's wonderful!"

After the initial stab of pain, Rainbow was unprepared for the waves of pleasure that washed over her. That huge organ was way up inside her! She was so completely filled by Twilight's penis, and it felt wonderful! Only one thing still brought fear to her heart. "Twilight, don't seed me!" she begged. "Promise you'll withdraw when you feel like you're about to, uh, explode!"

Twilight opened her mouth to speak, but instead thrust just a little harder into Rainbow. Breaking a promise was a sure way to lose a friend. Besides, she didn't want Pinkie stalking her again. It was best not to make a promise her body surely wouldn't let her keep. She eased her forelegs back towards Rainbow's middle, stopping just under those strong and lovely wings.

"Twilight, make the promise!" Rainbow said frantically as her body trembled. "I, I don't wanna end up an unwed broodmare! Ponies will talk!"

"Let them." Twilight said huskily as she buried her face in Rainbow's mane. She could smell the scent of a pony exerting herself. It mingled in such a lovely way with the special Zap Apple shampoo that Granny Smith made in honor of Rainbow's multi-hued mane. "Rainbow, I'm a princess now." She moaned as her wings and pelvis instinctually moved together. "Everypony will understand!"

It was hard to flap her wings with Twilight riding her, so the frantic weather pony was forced to just extend them as far as she could, and try to steer away from anypony that may look up and see her being mated. It felt so good though! She bit her lower lip and whimpered as the massive organ moved so deeply within her. To her shock, she soon found herself dipping her wings in coordination with Twilight's flapping. On every downbeat of those powerful princess wings, Rainbow dumped lift and produced drag, making Twilight ram into her 20% harder!

The glow left Twilight's horn. She didn't need magic any more. Rainbow wasn't going anywhere with her forelegs wrapped tightly around her straining body. Deep inside she could feel a sort of pressure building. It was an exquisite torment. Each time she thrust herself fully into Rainbow, she felt herself grow just a little closer to fulfillment. Lonely humping and gyrating against pillows just couldn't compare to the beauty of this moment!

"Oh Rainbow" Twilight cried. "I, I think it's about to happen!"

Rubbing a hard hoof against her vagina sure set off explosions, but this seemed to be pushing her to the edge of a total Rainboom of a climax. As Twilight's words sank in, the fear they caused seemed to only heighten her arousal and bring her closer to release. "Wha-What? No Twilight, no! Not inside me! You gotta pull out now! I'm in heat! You'll put a foal in my belly for sure if you seed me today!"

Twilight knew she should pull out. She didn't want to cause her friend distress. Yes, she knew. She knew with her mind, but her body had other ideas. The feelings deep in her body grew to a crescendo. The princess moaned as her body went rigid. Her straining penis gave a mighty throb, and Twilight cried out in pure delight. The seed of a princess boiled up the shaft, to erupt forcefully within the confines of Rainbow's body. Twilight snorted and whinnied with each pulse. "My friend!" she finally wailed as she held Rainbow tight in her foreleg's embrace.

Rainbow's eyes opened wide. "Oh no!" she whimpered as her own body was overcome. Trembling, she felt Twilight's member dance and jerk inside of her. The seed spurted with equine force, blasting again and again in to her. The weather pony was helpless in the grip of her own climax. Instinct kept her wings extended as the duo glided aimlessly through the sky over the very edge of the Everfree forest.

Lost in the wonder of her first ejaculation, Twilight couldn't even think. This moment was so beautiful! She had mounted one of the loveliest mares she had ever met, and she was inseminating her! It seemed to go on forever, yet it was over far too soon. "Oh Rainbow, that was wonderful!" the princess whispered. "She looked up from her friend's mane. "Rainbow, you were ... Fluttershy's cottage!"

Rainbow snapped to attention, but it was too late! "Twilight, pull out, um, pull up!" she cried, just as they plowed into the roof.

Thankfully, a thatched roof isn't much of a barrier to two speeding ponies. Twilight and Rainbow punched through. Their velocity was reduced enough where the only injury was to Twilight's pride, as her rump bounced on Fluttershy's floor. Rolling, the two separated with a loud liquid slurp.

Fluttershy had been enjoying a quiet cup of tea with Angel Bunny when her friends made their sudden appearance. "Oh my, are you two hurt?" she said, rushing to their aid. She froze; staring at the glistening wet organ as it withdrew into Twilight's body. She had only seen it for an instant, but it was forever burned into her memory. "Oh, oh my!" She whispered, as the knowledge of Twilight's hermaphroditic nature sank in. "Oh my goodness!"

Rainbow, used to crashing while perfecting new aerial stunts, bounced up onto her hooves in an instant. "Great flying lesson, Twilight!" she announced loudly, with a cheerfulness bordering on insanity. "Ha-ha, gotta watch those landings though!" Her manic grin trembled as she felt hot liquid slowly making its way down the insides of her hind legs. She couldn't let Fluttershy see that!

Turning to Twilight, She forced another laugh. "We, we have to try that again, when I'm not feeling so sore, um, I mean when your wings aren't sore. Rest, yeah, that's what I mean. Twilight, rest those wings. No more flying until the day after tomorrow!" She launched herself upwards. "Gotta dash! I have to go do the thing, at the place!"

Twilight and Fluttershy watched as Rainbow left in a streak of speed. "Um, Fluttershy, I'm sorry too, about the roof I mean."

Fluttershy had to force herself not to even look at the small shimmering whitish puddle Rainbow had left behind. "Oh, that's okay Twilight. I'm sure Rainbow will fix the roof before the Pegasi schedule another rainy day."

"Great!" Twilight sighed. Thank goodness her shy friend hadn't noticed anything! Fluttershy would be scared witless, thinking she would try to, uh, mount her too, if she knew about the penis! "I'll just be going now! I, um, I better walk. My trainer did say to rest the wings!"

Fluttershy watched as Twilight headed back to Ponyville. "Angel, why did Twilight pick Rainbow?" she asked softly.

The little white rabbit sniffed at the puddle Rainbow Dash had left behind. His nose crinkled, and he made dramatic gagging and retching noises as he pantomimed sticking his paw down his throat.

The shy pony sighed "How come Twilight didn't pick me? What can I do to make her pick me? How can I get Twilight to..." Her voice rose to a frightening yell "LOVE ME?"

The little bunny opened his eyes wide in shock. This wasn't something he expected from his demure friend. Rabbits all knew there were only two important things in life, salad and sex. He never expected to hear Fluttershy EVER talk about sex though! Still, he had to help his friend, or she would go off the deep end ... Again. Thinking a moment, he put his paws on his hips. With a sexy little tail wiggling strut, he sashayed around the puddle like that old time pony star, Bay West.

"Angel, you're right." Her voice lowered to its more familiar shy little whisper. "Momma will just have to try and seduce Twilight!" She sighed. "I hope Twilight will want to, uh, "do it" on the ground. I don't think I can stay airborne long enough to please a princess!"

Rainbow Dash headed straight for her cloud house. "Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, what am I gonna do?" She felt sore and tired, but strangely invigorated too. Worry filled her mind though. "I can still feel Twilight's seed oozing out of me. How much did she squirt, anyway? Why did I have to be in heat today? I just know I'm havin' a foal now! I'm gonna get kicked out of the Wonderbolts Academy. I'm gonna get as big as a moose for eleven stupid months!"

A smile slowly crept across her face as she looked down and saw Scootaloo and her friends in a clearing below. "Still, having my own little pony might be kinda fun. I hope it's a filly. That would be nice. Maybe I'll name her Daring Do!"

Scootaloo sighed and flopped down on the grass. "I guess Cutie Mark Crusaders lawn care experts is NOT a go!"

Sweetie Belle shook her head. "Too bad the goats all ran away before they even started to eat the grass."

"That's only cause it's gettin' close to their feedin' time so they headed on back to Sweet Apple Acres." Applebloom drawled. "They'll eat about anything before they'll eat plain ol' grass. Goats are weird that way. Maybe we shoulda tried it with some sheep. They're not half as ornery."

Scootaloo suddenly gasped. Eyes closed against the bright sun, she had no warning when something warm and gooey dropped right into her open mouth and sort of slid on down her throat. She rolled over onto her hooves and gasped as she stood up. "Yuck! I, I think I swallowed a bug!"

"Ew, that wasn't a bug." Sweetie Belle squeaked. "I saw it. It was a drop of something white."

Applebloom laughed. "Rainbow Dash just flew by. I bet she startled that there flock of birds. Scoot, you swallowed bird poop!"

"Don't they say if you get hit by bird poop, it means good luck?"

Scootaloo shook her head. "That's if it gets in your mane! Not if you swallow it! I'm probably gonna die, and then get sick!"

Sweetie Belle giggled. "You will not. I'm sure it won't have any effect on you at all."

The little Pegasus pony flapped her tiny wings. Their hummingbird hum conveyed her frustration. "I hope you're right, Sweetie Belle!"

Scootaloo would not die, or even get sick. There would be a change though, as the small dose of hermaphroditic hormones coursed through her body. Very soon that change would forever alter the filly's life, and the lives of her friends.

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