Sandwich Bar Girl
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Niece, Aunt, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, Size, Public Sex, Workplace,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 17 yr old Tess had caught his fancy when she made his lunch at the cafe. Imagine his good fortune when he got to provide her with a bed for the weekend when her friends left her in the lurch. Her bed saw little use after she slid into his bed on the first night. She was an older guy's wet dream come true.

I had been frequenting the Calypso Cafe for some months now to buy my lunch. In the last two months, a new staff member Tess has served me at the sandwich bar most often. She had come to remember my order, and I got a beaming smile whenever she served me.

This would seem quite strange to others because I was a 55 year old divorced man, and she was a 17 year old young lady. There should be no reason for any attraction between us, aside from my 'dirty old man' thoughts. I was in relatively good condition for my age, cycling and swimming regularly. Tess, was quite slim with a nice ass with a set of tits that were just a good handful. Standing about 5ft 2ins tall, she had short black hair which framed a beautiful face which was even more beautiful when she smiled.

She wore the standard black uniform of the cafe, black jeans, black t-shirt and black sneakers. Her shirt wasn't long so when she bent over I got to see the smooth skin of her back.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was passing the cafe on the way to my car when I decided to call in and get a milkshake. It was almost closing time at 4:00 PM when I walked in. I noticed that Tess and another girl were still at the service counter, in addition to the kitchen staff.

I got a wave and a smile from Tess as I ordered my milkshake. I took a seat whilst I waited for it. She disappeared out the back as the other girl made my shake. It was about 5 minutes later when I looked up to see that Tess was walking towards me with my shake.

She wasn't wearing her uniform tho. She was wearing a mid-thigh light multi-coloured skirt with a white button up blouse that was tied in a knot under her tits which had the effect of leaving her tummy bare. On her feet she wore a pair of white rubber thongs. They showed that she had pale pink painted toe nails on her petite feet. She was also carrying a small backpack.

Tess put the shake down at my table, and then pulled out a chair and sat with me.

"Hi ... you're looking great" I remarked as she sat there.

"Why thank you kind sir" she replied.

I replied with "I know your name from your badge, but mine is Grant".

We sat there chatting whilst I drank my shake. She was waiting for her ride ... they were taking her to the coast for the weekend. I explained that I too was heading to the coast. My car was packed and I was heading off as soon as I finished my shake. We were both amazed by the coincidence.

It was then that her phone rang. She answered and her smile disappeared very quickly. She ended the call with a tear in her eyes. I then found out that her ride had cancelled at the last moment due to work commitments.

"Hey Tess ... I know that you don't know me that well ... but I am going to the coast now. I could drop you off at your friend's place."

I could see her thinking about my offer as I finished off my shake. After a little while she said "Thank you ... I would love to take up your offer".

With that settled we made out way together out of the cafe and across to the carpark where I found my car.

"Oh wow ... is this yours?" she asked as we stood in front of a bright red BMW Z4 convertible.

"Sure is!" I beamed with pride, having deprived my bitchy ex-wife of this prized vehicle.

When we got into the car, I retracted the hood so we could enjoy the sunshine during the 90 minute trip to the coast.

During the trip we chatted lots about many topics including her recent bustup with her boyfriend and my divorce. We also played lots of music too, finding similar tastes. The trip just went so fast and I was disappointed when I arrived out front of her friend's place.

Tess said "Can you wait until I go inside ... I want to make my friend jealous when she sees the car that brought me to the coast". I replied with a smile "Sure can".

Tess walked in and knocked on the door. Then after about 30 seconds knocked on the door again. Then she got out her phone and called someone. I could see that she was upset when she dropped her backpack and sat down on the doorstep to talk to the person on the phone.

After a couple of minutes she walked back to the car with tears in her eyes. She got back into the car to tell me the story.

"My friend is still in the city and won't be coming to the coast this weekend. I feel so let down" she explained in a tearful voice. "I have no where to stay now".

Before I could really think of the consequences and before my brain engaged I made an offer "I have a two bedroom apartment ... you could use the second bedroom."

"Oh shit ... I'm sorry ... you hardly know me" I added.

Over the course of the next 5 minutes we talked and Tess agreed to come and have a look at my apartment before she decided.

My apartment was on the top floor of a three level apartment block. It was quite large despite only having two bedrooms. The major feature of it was a spa on the private sundeck with a couple of large sunbeds for sleeping and tanning (if I opened the vergola roof).

I showed Tess into and around the apartment. She was truly impressed by the apartment as evidenced by her joyful comments. She then said to me "Grant. I would love to stay here ... if the offer is still open.".

"Oh god" I thought "This is going to be so difficult with such a beautiful and nubile young lady under my roof for the weekend".

"Yes ... the offer still stands" I replied with some apprehension.

With the sun still not set, I said that I was going to have a soak in the spa. She was welcome to join me if she liked. Tess said "Yes" so she headed off to her bedroom to get changed whilst I went to mine to find a pair of shorts or briefs (I normally went nude in the spa). I could only find a pair of briefs so that was what I had to wear.

I found some ice tea in the fridge and a couple of glasses on the way to the spa. I also grabbed a couple of towels before I slipped into the spa to wait for Tess to come out of the bedroom. When she did my cock lurched in my tight fitting briefs. She was wearing the briefest of bikinis on her wonderful body.

I held out my hand as she stepped into the spa. I expected her to sit opposite me, but she sat in the space beside me. Looking to the side as she sat with me, I could see the upper slopes of her tits as they threatened to spill over the top of her bikini.

We sat there and drank our ice tea and chatted and splashed until the sun had set and the night air turned a little cooler. The immediate effect was that her nipples became more prominent in her bikini top.

"How about I order us some pizza ... and we can watch a movie as we eat it" I suggested as I stood up presenting her with a close-up view of my tightly packed briefs for the first time. I stepped out and then offered her my hand to help her exit the spa too. I fell back a little to witness her bare ass cheeks in her string ass bikini bottom.

We both showered (separately) and within 30 minutes our pizza had been delivered. I noticed then that a storm was brewing on the horizon. It would probably arrive some time during the night.

Sitting down side by side in the lounge chair we chose a movie from the Apple TV store, and started into our pizzas. Tess had changed back into her previous skirt and top. This time I noted that there was no bra under the top as her little tits wobbled just slightly with her movements.

Over the course of the next two hours we enjoyed the movie. Tess cuddled into me and I put my arm around her as she sat close to me with our hips touching. It was about 10 PM when the movie ended and we said our goodnights and headed off to our separate beds.

The storm that I had noted on the horizon before dinner arrived about 11 PM with much thunder and lightning. I laid there listening to the thunder and the beat of the rain on the roof. This storm hung around longer than most but I finished up falling asleep anyway.

A little while later I was half-awoken by the feeling of someone slipping into bed beside me. I was laying on my side facing the opposite direction when I felt young naked tits pressing into my back with a hand coming over the top of me to hold me close.

"Tess ... this might not be a good idea" I said as I felt her snuggle up close to me.

"I hate storms" she whispered in a scared voice.

"Tess ... I'm naked" I added " ... and I'm not sure that I can resist the feeling of young naked tits in my back". I slid a hand down and back to discover that she was only wearing a pair of panties.

"Please don't ask me to leave" she pleaded.

"Oh ... oh OK. But if you're still in my bed in the morning when I wake up, then I won't be responsible for what happens between us" I warned her.

"Deal" she said as she snuggled closer into a position where we fell asleep.

It was in the early hours of the morning that I realised that I was now spooned behind her with a growing erection pressing against her naked ass.

"Naked ass" I thought as I realised that she had removed her panties sometime during the night.

I adjusted my cock so that it slid between her thighs and across the entry to her youthful pussy as I snuggled closer. I nodded off again.

It was in that position that I woke up to the sensation of my cock being held and stroked by a petite hand with lube provided by a leaking pussy. I slipped a hand around her to grasp a tit, to lift it and caress it, and to tweak her nipple.

"You know where this is going ... don't you?" I whispered into her ear.

"Yes. I do ... I've always wondered what it would be like with an older guy." she replied before adding "My ex-boyfriend was always too quick and rough for me ... and your cock is much bigger than his".

With that comment I kissed and nibbled on her neck just below her earlobe as our caresses became more sensual and arousing.

I rolled from my side to my back and pulled her on top of me so that my lips could find hers. She had the softest of lips as mine mashed with hers in an ever increasing passionate kiss. Her little tits pushed into my slightly hairy chest as she rubbed her chest to mine as my hands slipped down to grasp her ass cheeks.

My cock was trapped between us. It was fully erect from her initial stroking, and was pushing against her flat tummy. With my hands on her ass, I kept her pulled close against me, caressing my cock with her silky smooth young skin.

When we finally broke the kiss, I rolled her onto her back as I moved on top of her. I slid downwards on the bed until my lips could tease her erect brown nipples. I licked them and sucked them between my lips, biting them gently to tease her.

"Oh ... ohhhhh ... oh god..." she moaned as I worked her nipples with my lips, tongue and teeth.

"Oh fuck..." she gasped as she had a small cum just from my nipple tormenting.

I slid further down the bed until my face was even with her pussy. She had a closely trimmed delta of black hair with her pussy lips area completely devoid of hair. Her pussy lips were quite compact and formed a tight-looking seal to her pussy.

Nudging her legs apart I moved between them and laid on my belly with my face just inches from her pussy. I could see that she had s slight wetness along the joining of her pussy lips, evidently from her previous cum.

With my tongue, I licked alone the crease for a few seconds before applying some pressure to part her lips and expose her wet pussy channel. She tasted divine as my licked up her juices before spearing my tongue deeper between her lips in search of the entrance to her pussy canal.

Her pussy canal entrance felt small on the tip of my tongue. Penetrating it with my tongue exposed a hot steaming core with an aroma that titivated my senses. I alternated between licking her pussy furrow and spearing into her canal entrance until i heard her gasping.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck ... so gooooooood ... ahhhhhhhhh ... cuuuuummmmmiiiinnngggg!!!" she gasped as she had a huge cum which released copious reserves of her juices all over my tongue and face. Juices which I devoured like a thirsty man.

Her hips were pitching about wildly for a few seconds until they relaxes with occasional twitches as I continued my oral attention to her swampy wet pussy. It was then that I slid a finger into her pussy canal as my tongue sought out her clit which had swollen and was peeking out from under its hood.

Taking her clit between my lips and gently tugging on it as I finger fucked her tight canal had an explosive and immediate effect on Tess.

She screamed "Oh shit ... oh fuck ... oh my fucking god ... so fucking good..." as another massive cum rocked her body. As she was exploding I hooked my finger in her pussy seeking out her g-spot. I had immediate success as her orgasm leapt again in intensity, with an accompanying gusher of her wet juices that soaked my hand and my face. This young lady was a rare one - a gusher of copious juices.

I continued to work her pussy with my finger, keeping her cum on high as she gushed all over my hand and onto the bedding below her. It was only when she yelled "Stop ... stop..." that I let her pussy try to relax. She flopped back in exhaustion with her eyes closed as I moved to kneel between her legs with my cock resting across her black haired mound.

After a minute or so, a smile came to her face and with her eyes still closed she said "Is that your monster resting on me that I can feel?" With my hand directing the base of my cock, I tapped my cock on her mound.

"Yep ... sure is. Just knocking to see if he can come into play" I added with a grin.

She opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows to gaze down at my cock.

"Oh wow ... that's way bigger than any other that I've seen" she commented. "My ex had one that was 5 inches long ... he had me measure him one day".

"Tess ... I hope that my cock fits ... cos mine is exactly double his... 10 inches long" I replied.

"Oh fuck..." she gasped as I slid my cockhead up and down between her still very wet lips before nudging the head into the entrance of her pussy canal.

"I will take it slow so you can get used to me" I said as my cock slowly stretched the entrance to her pussy to admit my fat cock head. With a little effort her pussy opened and my cockhead slid inside. "That's the hard part over" I commented as I rocked back and forth into her tight clenching canal, gaining fractions of an inch in depth with each rocking motion.

I was soon half way inside of her pussy when I commented "I'm as deep as he was ... now every new inch is heading into virgin territory".

"Oh god ... oh god ... I'm feeling so full ... so stretched" she gasped as she orgasmed again with her pussy grabbing my cock and miking it with her pussy muscles as they spasmed. When she finally released my cock, I continued to rock in and out of her until all of my cock had been swallowed up by her hungry pussy.

"You have me all inside you" I told her as I grabbed her ankles and lifted them together to be at 90 degrees to her body. I could then clearly see her penetrated pussy as I slid my cock back and forth in and out of her pussy.

"Oh fuck ... oh fuck..." she chanted as I plunged my fat cock in and out of her tight pussy which was cumming almost continually. I could feel her pussy canal getting hotter and hotter with each thrust, and I knew that I couldn't hold my cum much longer.

"Ahhhhh ... fuuuuuucccckkkk!!!!" I shouted when my balls exploded and my cum rocketed through my shaft and into the depths of her spasming pussy.

"Oh god ... I can feel you cumming inside of me" she gasped soon to be followed by an alarmed voice saying "Oh shit I'm not protected" as her hips ignored her alarm and continued to slam back against mine.

"Oh babe ... you're safe ... I'm sterile" I gasped as I continued to milk the very last of my juices from my balls into her pussy.

I lowered her ankles and leant down to resume kissing her as she wrapped her legs around my waist to keep me inside of her. When we finally broke the kiss, she whispered "Thank you Grant ... that was the most amazing fuck. I loved it."

"We're not finished yet ... its not often that I get a beautiful sexy young woman in my bed ... and attached to my cock" I said as I slowly rolled us over so that she was on top of my still very hard cock.

"Oh wow ... you're still hard" Tess commented as she sat up to straddle my hips and start to ride my cock again towards a my second cumming in her pussy.

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