Charlie and the Seven Sisters
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Violent,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Charlie is back. He is ready to start his final journey. The voices told him to collect the seven sisters together to deliver the message of the divine one to the unbelievers. He is well on is way to completing his final spectacular mission.

The heat from the paved road rose in shimmering waves causing psychedelic images to dance in front of unbelieving skeptics. The tall, lean figure strode purposely westward out of the evil clutches of the depths of Death Valley. The smile on his handsome face belied the grim promise of destruction in his unsmiling eyes.

A big eighteen wheeler came up from behind him barely silent in its approach. He sensed it more than heard it and stepped off to the side and held up his thumb in the universal sign language for hitchhiking a ride. The truck never stopped. In fact, it never even slowed down as if the driver was lost in a world of his own that definitely did not include a dusty figure at the side of the road.

"Fuck you too, buddy!"

The fact that those words were spoken with a studied smile made them even more pregnant to the casual observer. Each syllable dripped with venom of an unknown poison.

Charlie "X" was a traveler. He had crisscrossed the country several times never on the same road twice. He never wore underwear because he liked the sensation of his stuff swinging freely and ready for action in the blink of an eye. Sometimes he bestowed his juices on reluctant drivers taking pity on him walking alone in the wilderness. Other times, he brought light into the dreary life of a married waitress or a bar-hall girl looking for romance. He liked to take his women from behind not wanting to look into their eyes when he shot his load inside their sinning flesh. His "road" women generally received a helping of spirited spanking on their backsides that more often than not drove them into an erotic frenzy and satisfying orgasms.

The last time he had fucked a girl face-to-face was in Oklahoma City in the back of a Howard Johnson restaurant with her legs wrapped around him like a symbiotic weed. The girl was mostly Indian and she had the beadiest black eyes he had ever seen. It was like looking into the soul of a demon from hell. She worked the room service gig and delivered more than ice cream on a busy Saturday night. Most Indian girls he had fucked over the years had big, loose pussies, but this one was young and tight. He gave her his seed willingly but wanted to get away from those penetrating eyes that looked right inside his mind.

He really wanted to spank her bad, but she was having none of that. She told him her name was "Spread-Eagle" and that she would like to fuck him with her strap-on if he ever passed through again. Charlie was not entirely opposed to the idea having been broken into anal sex by a French woman in her later years with a predilection to such perverted pleasures. He got Spread-Eagle's phone number and promised her a visit the next time through. That number had been sitting in his wallet for the past two years.

Discounting the shimmering heat waves, Charlie could make out some buildings not too far ahead. Some lead-in signs promised him "Gas" "Ice" and even the possibility of "Hot dogs" and "French fries". The dirty, dusty place didn't look like much but there were a few cars in the front and the sound of music in an unseen jukebox.

He only had a couple of bucks left from the job he had taken to move some wreckage of an accident from the highway. It was sort of a gory scene, but that didn't bother Charlie at all having been in lots of tight places where life held no value.

The waitress was a washed-out blonde with an inflated chest out of proportion to the narrow waist and slender hips. The name-tag above her left nipple gave her name as "Daisy" almost making Charlie break out in a giggle at the absurdity of her given name.

"What's your pleasure, Mister?"

Charlie felt like screaming out,

"I want to twist your nipples until you fill my glass, bitch!"

Instead, he smiled his charming smile and said,

"Just a glass of water ... Daisy"

He looked up at her dangling name tag close to his face and wondered if she would scream at taking his cock up her ass.

She pushed her hair back with one hand and gave him the ice water and filled a coffee cup for him.

"Coffee is always on the house here at Scotty's House of Pancakes."

He looked at the menu and saw the pancakes were only $1.25 so he ordered a stack even though it was midafternoon.

Charlie ate the pancakes slowly and did not refuse when Daisy filled the plate a second time. It had been two days since he had eaten and the food brought his insides right up to the "full" mark. The entire time he had tried his best to be inconspicuous because a pair of highway patrolmen was slogging down apple pie and coffee at the counter. They left when their radios came to life with some confusing messages filled with coded numbers.

It was starting to push 5PM and it was time for Charlie to start scouting around for a safe place to get some shut eye. Daisy stopped at his table and asked him,

"Where you heading for, Mister? I noticed you ain't got a ride and the next town is like a whole day of walking. But if you catch a ride with one of the customers in the morning you can probably make it all the way into Bakersfield."

Charlie reached his arm out and held Daisy's waist lightly.

"Couldn't agree with you more, sis, but I don't have any money for a motel room. You can color me broke after those delicious pancakes."

The pretty waitress smiled down at him and licked her lips like a female black widow spider seizing up a possible mate.

"My girlfriend Natalia and me got us a doublewide right behind the repair shop across the highway. I know she won't mind a little company for one night. We get a little bored here at the end of nowhere."

Charlie nodded his head in agreement and allowed his devious hand to slide down slowly to cup Daisy's soft and nicely padded ass cheek. She didn't pull away or suggest he remove it so Charlie knew immediately which way the road was headed.

She got off at 7PM and they both walked across the highway laughing and carrying some leftovers that were a perk of her employment.

The doublewide was neat and orderly. It was totally unexpected by Charlie because he had figured Daisy to be an "Oral" person and not in the least bit tidy or neat. As soon as he got a gander at her room-mate Natalia, he knew who it was that was the neat freak.

Natalia was so thin that she looked like a supermodel with an eating disorder. Later he found out that she had always looked that way ever since she was a small girl in Russia. He could tell right away that the petite Russian girl was a virgin. She looked him in the eyes and then focused her attention on his groin signaling her watchful interest in any immediate erection or some movement to betray the size of his equipment. He had determined a long time ago that only virgins were so blatantly obvious about their still unentered vaginas.

They all sat on the long sofa to "watch a movie". It turned out to be a soft porn movie with lots of oral action that was mostly implied but not shown hardcore in the raw. Daisy was giggling non-stop and letting her hands wander all over his semi-hard cock. Natalia was red-faced and embarrassed but reluctant to stop her friend from having some fun. Without Daisy seeing his other hand, he got it under Natalia's short skirt and started playing bury the finger in her drenched pussy slit. He could tell right away the Russian girl was innocent but was hot to trot at the drop of a hat.

To cover his groping of Natalie's goodies, Charlie started to French kiss Daisy defeating her tongue with his more experienced pussy licker. The small Russian girl of about 18 buried her face in Charlie's armpit and shuddered her orgasm with Daisy completely unaware of her girlfriend's sudden satisfaction.

Daisy wanted Charlie in bed so bad that she invited Natalia to join them thinking it would spur Charlie to immediate action.

She was a good judge of Charlie's character and he was delivering his Charlie "Special" to her happy pussy only moments later. Natalia was stripped down to her black silk panties which she did not hesitate to shove into Charlie's face since his cock was fully engaged with her best friend Daisy.

When Daisy saw her friend's spirited taking of Charlie's face between her legs, she pushed her head up and got her tongue inserted into the slender girl's crack to give her pucker hole a back door visit while her pussy was occupied with a demanding male tongue.

The three of them changed positions several times with the end result that the two girls were covered with Charlie's juices in all of their openings. Natalia's cherry was hopelessly lost and Daisy might have conceived a baby because she forgot all about using protection at the very last minute.

He broke out his hidden stash of "dream" pills and sent both girls on a trip of orgasmic delight. He stretched both of their brown eyes to the limit with his thick cock and they thanked him with sincere devotion.

The next morning, both girls decided that they wanted to go with Charlie wherever he was headed and he was a mind to take them with him because they filled a void in his soul that might never be fully satisfied.

Since they had no transportation, Charlie told Natalie to ask the first guy with a car for a ride to the next town. She was a bit scared but followed his orders. When the guy started to shove her bag into his trunk, Charlie gave him a quick flick with his police sap and sent him to never-never land. In other circumstances, Charlie would have finished the job but there were too many witnesses for his comfort zone.

They zoomed out of the parking lot and headed for the main highway. Daisy was so excited, she leaned over and started to suck Charlie's hard cock with Natalie smiling and laughing in the back seat. Charlie could see the devious girl was doing herself hard with the guy's rabbit foot that had fallen off of his key chain. Her eyes were almost shut indicating she was right on the edge of a fantastic orgasm and probably still feeling the effects of the dream pills he had hidden in his shoe.

His load started spilling out of his shaft still buried in Daisy's sweet mouth. The girl was so enthused with the entire scene that she gobbled up every last drop and sucked him hard to get any remaining drippings.

The sight of his cum drooling down from the corners of Daisy's mouth made Charlie want to jump in the back seat and pound Natalia's ass until she yelled out uncle. But he put that out of his mind and told the girls that they would get a motel room tonight and all sleep in the one bed. Natalie leaned forward and Charlie watched her lick the remainder of his man-juice from Daisy's ruby red lips and kissed her like she really meant it.

The motel was called the "Happy Rabbit" and they hopped on each other all night long. Charlie switched the plates early in the morning and they headed to a quiet place outside of town that he had his eye on for a long time. It used to be a hideout of some bandits who preyed on the flotsam and jetsam that searched for gold in the played out gold fields of a long-ago era.

On the way there, they picked up a hitchhiker. Her name was Jean and her short hair and tight pants advertised her to be more interested in the two girls than she was in him. He laughed because he knew at some point he would have to make her his "bitch" just so there was no misunderstanding that he was in charge. He could tell Jean was super intelligent and was acquainted with lots of different things that were still a mystery to him.

He hoped the money and jewels he had stolen from much earlier victims were still safely hidden in the secret compartments of the run-down ghost town. With a little effort, they could make the place livable again and he might be able to build his little band of females into the full seven ordained by his other worldly voices who called to him in the middle of the night.

(To be continued with the recruitment of the remainder of the "Seven Sisters")

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