Taxi Fare
Chapter 1, College girls

I am a college student and as my part time job I drive a taxi to help me pay the bills. I work during the nights and weekends so I have seen many nights of the college drunks and craziness that takes part. I am friendly with my passengers and usually talk with them or just listen if they are in a group. It is not the ideal way but I also use it to meet the ladies. It is an easy play to give them my numbers for future rides. If they call back and are hot I will put on my moves. If not then it is still a guaranteed fare.

As a college student I am not what you think of as a typical cabbie. I was a three sport athlete in high school and I continued to work out in college as well. I am 6'1 and have short black hair. But as most cabbies do I carry a weapon for my protection.

Anyways it was a typical Friday night in the college area. The main street was filled with students dressed for the night and intoxicated as well. I had been given rides from bars to frat houses and sorority houses all night. It was close to the end of my shift and the bars were letting out. I see a group of two guys and two girls ... The guys were wearing jeans; one had sunglasses and a t-shirt, the other a collared shirt and jeans. One girl a blonde was wearing a strapless mini dress. The dress was black and stopped at her mid thigh. The other girl a brunette was wearing a dress that went down to just about her knees and was loose flowing. Kind of like a sun dress. She also had on a little jacket to cover her shoulders. They both were wearing high heels.

I pull over so they can get in. All four of them try to get in the back seat. I told them one of them had to get in the front because of the seatbelt laws. The wingman got in front, the one with the collared shirt. In the back the girls were on either side of the guy. These guys looked like the complete d-bag of a frat guy. They gave me an address to their frat house. The guys all smelled like booze and were wasted. The blonde girl looked like she was drunk, but her brunette friend was only tipsy. She knew what was going on.

The house was about 15 minutes away from the bar. Sunglasses guy was trying to put on the moves on the drunken girl. His hand was on her leg and the other was around her back. She was giggling and enjoying the time but her hands blocked the guy from advancing to home base.The brunette's body language didn't look like she wanted to have to hang out with these guys anymore. Her arms crossed and her leg crossed away from the sunglass d-bag. The guy in front was trying to talk to her but she wasn't having it.

I pulled up to the address. The guy in front paid the fare and got out and staggered to the house, he must have figured his night was done. I hit the dome light and sunglasses guy's persistence paid off, I saw his fingers under the dress of the blonde girl, while being necked and kissed. His whispered something to the girl and she just smiled. I saw in my side mirror the blonde getting out, her heels stepped onto the street. As she was adjusting her dress I heard her giggle as the d-bag slapped and groped her ass.

"No Shannon, we have to go"

I head from the back seat, the brunette said. She looked at me and told me to hold on. She got out and hurried behind the taxi, I heard her heels clicking on the street. She pulled Shannon away from the d-bag and back towards the grass to talk to her and mostly protect her. They were a couple feet from the open door while the guy was on the side walk looking mad. The brunette was taller in her heels but the blonde had bigger tits. I was watching them out my window undressing them with my eyes. I was thinking of how I would like to bang both of them especially the brunette one. Don't get me wrong I like the easy ones like the blonde, but also like a challenge. I overheard them saying something about their mom and dad being home the next day. It was about a minute before the guy came over and stood behind Shannon. His arm was around her waist trying to pull her away.

"Look Rachael, she wants to do this." The d-bag said.

"She's drunk!" Rachael said and both hands pulling one of Rachael's arms. Shannon was being tugged and pulled and like a ragdoll. The d-bag yelled at Rachael to let go and pushed her to the grass. Usually I mind my own business when this stuff happens, but tonight I decided to intervene. Rachael looked up at me and I could see a tear running down her face. The d-bag and Shannon were walking up the sidewalk and I got out. I hurried over to Rachael and she was on the ground holding her ankle. Her jacked was off of one of her shoulders. I told her to wait for a minute.

I yelled at the guy to stop. As he was turning around I punched him straight in the jaw. He fell like a sack of shit. I grabbed Shannon's hand and led her back to the taxi. She started yelling at me but when she saw Rachael on the ground she ran over to her and started to cry about being sorry that this happened. I heard the front door fly open and two guys looked around trying to figure out what happened. One of them yelled at me. I turned around and lifted my shirt and flashed the handle of my gun and just shook my head. They grabbed the d-bag and dragged him inside.

I went over to the two girls and Shannon still on her knees sitting on her heels crying and begging me to help them.

"Can you walk?" I asked Rachael. We both looked at her ankle, it started to swell already and looked like a sprain. She shook her head no. I helped to her good foot. She supported her arm around my shoulder and my arm was around her waist. Shannon took off the high heel from Rachael's bad foot.

"On three you jump while Shannon takes off the other shoe" I instructed. The blonde girl looked at me funny.

"Erin is her name, and I'm Rachael" Rachael said. I just looked at Rachael in the eyes and nodded.

"okay, 1... 2... 3" I held up Rachael as she jumped my and she kicked her shoe towards the taxi. Erin took off her own heels and went to retrieve the shoe. As I let Rachael down my fingers ran up the side of her tit. I don't know if she noticed or not. She looked at me smiled and just said thanks.

As I helped Rachael hop over to the taxi I could smell her perfume and it smelled good. I was beginning to get a chubby from holding her around the waist and smelling her. We got to the back seat; Erin was already in the back still sobbing. Rachael placed her injured leg over the lap of Erin and I shut the doors.

I got in the taxi and got and address. It was almost another 30 minutes from the frat house. It was kind of near my own place where I lived, only about a couple of miles. All I heard from the back was Erin softly sobbing trying to apologize in her drunken state. Rachael was calming her down and eventually Erin fell asleep.

"I know it's none of my business but..." I stared to inquire.

"No no, it's good, you helped me and I thank you." Rachael said.

"Why did that d-bag use the name Shannon?" I asked looking into my rear view mirror.

Rachael told me their story, of how it was her sister, Erin's birthday, but she wasn't 21. Rachael borrowed a friends ID, and Erin took the name Shannon for the night. I asked them how old they were and she said Erin is 18 and she was 22. Just a couple years younger than me at 24. Erin wanted to go out for her birthday and begged Rachael. Rachael agreed and told Erin not to get crazy, and then went on about how the two guys were trying to get with Erin all night and how they had to be home before their parents and blah blah blah.

By that time I had been just trying to steal peeks myself up Erin's dress while listening to Rachael. I pulled up to the girl's house and got out to help them to the door. Rachael tried to wake her up Erin was out in the drunken slumber. Rachael reached for some money; I stopped her and told her not to worry about it. I gave her my card and told her to just promise me to pass my number to her friends and to call me again for another ride. She nodded at me.

"Now how to get you two inside" I contemplated out loud.

"I can get myself inside if you can help Erin." Rachael said. I helped Rachael up out of the car, she put her arms around my shoulders and I bent over to pick her up. Erin slumped over as I took Rachael out of the taxi. As I stood up our faces were inches apart and her perfume I was hit with her perfume again. I looked into her eyes and we just smiled at each other. She was balancing herself on the trunk of my car starting to walk gingerly to the door. I bent back in and grabbed the girl's high heels. Erin's heels were 4 inch black leather pumps and Rachael's heels were 4 inch nude pumps. Erin was lying down on the back seat on her side, I took a quick glance down her cleavage and got an idea. I closed the door pulled the keys from the front and I took the shoes and walked up behind Rachael.

"Hold these" I said. She took them and asked why. "So I can do this." As I grabbed her up again and started to carry her to the house. She giggled as I lifted her up, her legs moving up and down as if she was teasing me. My cock was getting stiff now.

"Let's get you and taken care of first." We got to the front door, and I stood her on her foot leaning on the door. She dropped the shoes and reached for her key. She unlocked the door and alarm started to beep. I went into the house towards the alarm panel and asked for the number.

"2-1-4-6" Rachel said as she turned on a light. I put in the code and the alarm stopped. I turned to look at Rachael. Damn she is a fox I thought. She looked down at my crotch and then back up at me. I felt myself getting red in the face.

"Girls tend to do that to me," I said. She just blushed and looked away, and started to the couch. She sat down and threw her leg up. "I'll be back with your sister".

"Just put her in her room down the hall please" she said as she began to yawn.

I turned off the light and I went back out to the taxi. It was about 3 a.m. now and the neighborhood was quiet. I opened the door to get Erin. I saw what I was hoping to see. Her legs were open to me and I could see her panties, black lace. I tried to wake her again still in her drunken slumber. I reached up to turn off the dome light. Then my hands began to wander up her legs. I thought to myself if I should do this or not. My cock told me yes. My fingers reached her panties and I began to rub her pussy lips. She started to moan subconsciously. Her panties were wet and her pussy lips were ready. I didn't' have much time. I positioned myself on top of her.

I started to pull down her panties and dropped them to the floor of the taxi. Then I lowered my face next to hers and whispered, "Are you ready to get fucked like the slut you are Shannon?" As I said earlier I like the easy girls as well. One of my hands went to her tit and started to grope it while the other went to my zipper to pull out my cock. Erin was moaning as I was rubbing her tit. Just as I was unzipping I heard a car turn the corner. I backed out of the taxi and stood up before the lights hit the taxi. I acted as if I was just approaching the taxi and was opening the door to Erin out.

The car slowed up as it was approaching; I saw that it was a cop car. Shit I thought to myself. It must have been the alarm. As well as I still have my gun on me. The cop lowered his window and I stood to talk with him.

"Is everything alright out here?" he asked. "We got an alarm signal". I told him that I was dropping off a fare at the house and the alarm went off. I told him where Rachael was and how I was about to help Erin get inside. The cop put his vehicle in park and wanted to make sure. I watched him walk to the house and check in on Rachael and he came back and saw that Erin was alright.

"The girl inside is asleep, get this one inside." He said.

"yes sir, I will"

"and your name..." the officer began to ask, but over his radio came an emergency call. He just looked at me and jumped back into his car and sped off.

I thought to myself I just dodged a situation there. I went to my front seat to put the gun away. Then I went back to Erin. I had decided I can now finish in her room since Rachael was asleep. So I pulled Erin out of the car and carried her to the house. I tried to keep her dress down but it wouldn't stay because of the position I had her.

"Where are we?" she mumbled.

"Shh don't worry Shannon, you are about to get your birthday present." And then I kissed her on the lips. She smiled, her eyes half open and still sleepy. I got to the front door and stopped to bend over and pick up the shoes Rachael had dropped. I stepped inside with Erin in my arms and shoes in my fingers. I pushed the door shut with my foot. Thud it closed with a loudness. I held my breath in and I looked over at the couch Rachael was at and she was still asleep. I let it out and began to walk to Erin's room.

I went into Erin's room and set her on her bed. I looked around and saw the usual stuff for a girl's room. From what I gathered she is a cheerleader and a prom queen from the tiara sitting on her drawer. And noticing in the closet Erin loved high heels, she must have had at least 15 pairs of them. I dropped Rachael's shoes on the floor; I took Erin's high heels and placed them back on her feet. I lifted up her dress around her waist and pulled it down below her tits. I pulled out my cock and again mounted myself on top of Erin. She was on her back with her arms above her head.

This is way too easy I thought to myself, but I deserve it by now. I got in between her legs and wrapped them against my waist. Then I placed my tip at her pussy. My cock had so much pre cum from before. I slowly pushed it in. making sure Erin wouldn't wake up. Inch by inch until I couldn't go anymore, I wasn't even balls deep with my 8 inch cock. She wasn't a virgin but she was still super tight. I began to pump myself back and forth in to her. She was moaning lightly, my hands were all over her body and tits. I went from kissing to sucking her tits and back to kissing again.

"Take this cock you dirty slut Shannon" I whispered in a low voice as I continued to pump her and grunt. My breathing got heavier her moaning got a little louder and the bed started to squeak. "Fuck bitch you're so tight, I saved you from that d-bag and now I'm going to make that mouth shine." I got in a few final pumps in her warm pussy and then pulled out and came over her face. It shot onto her eyes and nose and mouth. She tried to open her eyes, but I could see the cum was preventing her from opening them all the way. I placed my cock on her mouth, "suck that dick slutty Shannon," I forced it into her mouth. I pulled out and said "Happy birthday bitch"

I walked out of the room and out the house, Rachael was still asleep. I got into my taxi and went to clock out.

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