The Nerd and His Family

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Hermaphrodite, Incest, Mother, Cousins, Aunt, Orgy, Harem, First, Lactation, Cream Pie, Size, Body Modification,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Introduction - The nerd discovers that other members of his family have special powers including his mother, her sisters and his female cousins. All have been the result of his late grandfather. He is the only male in the family, among a group of randy females who need his special attentions. As he mates with them his own powers expand, as does theirs.

I have previously told you about my adventures in the story "The Nerd Scores Big". So much happened along the way, that I had left out the details of some of my other sexual encounters. This story will fill in some of the gaps concerning me (Grant - a 17 yr old young man) and my other sexual partners.

On this particular afternoon, I was in my bedroom having a leisurely fuck with Mrs Kate Williams. She was riding my cock and I was playing with her milky tits, and spraying us both with her sweet tit milk. Kate had been the lady to take my virginity and teach me about pleasing a lady. This all happened after I had been knocked unconscious in a school yard fight, and I had discovered my ability to influence people by sending them thoughts (or suggestions).

Lately I hadn't needed to make suggestions to Kate because she was the instigator of most of our sexual encounters.

As we fucked, I looked up and saw that my mum Lisa (Kate's best friend) was standing in the doorway of my bedroom watching us.

"Oh my god" I thought. "This may not end very pretty".

I decided to send my mum a thought suggestion "Go back to the main house and forget that you saw us". She didn't move, and I tried it again.

"Oh shit ... what's happening" I thought to myself.

I sent the suggestion again, but this time I got a response - an unspoken one in the form of a thought transfer from my mother.

She said to me "I'm ignoring you ... we need to talk later when you're finished. Make sure that you treat her good and don't you dare hurt her."

"Oh fuck" I thought as I digested her message to me ... and the fact that she had a similar power to mine.

She then turned to leave but not before sending me another message "Fuck her good ... she deserves to be well fucked". She was then gone.

"Grant ... Grant ... fuck me ... fuck me ... I'm so close ... ahhhhhhh ... cummmmiiiinnngggg" she shouted as a massive cum exploded from her pussy, drenching my cock with her juices and flooding all over my balls.

After Kate had cleaned up and left later, I walked into the main house to find my mother. We needed to have a talk, and I wanted to learn much about my new power.

Lisa, my mother, was an absolute MILF - I had spent much time watching her performing with multiple and many sex partners. She gave me such a hardon, that I had considered how to seduce her and fuck her. Her having the same power as mine made that a highly unlikely event now.

I found her in the lounge alone.

"Where's dad (Tim)?" I asked her.

"Oh ... probably off chasing a young piece of skirt" she replied in a slightly cynical tone.

I had also witnessed, via video, dad's dalliances with young ladies. I had unknowingly fucked one of them - that was Ann Hunt, one of my school mates.

I sat down with my mother on the lounge and started the conversation with "We have a lot to talk about".

For the next two hours mum filled me in on the family, and on the power that we both possessed. I was truly gob-smacked at the end of her explanation. It was a good thing that I wasn't an emotional and insecure guy because what she had to say would have been very unsettling to anyone else.

The explanation went something like this:

My grandfather (mum's dad) had the most amazing set of powers. He had married a lady that had none, but the three girls that he had fathered (Lisa (my mum), Mary and Nora) had inherited some powers from him.

As the girls grew older, the powers became stronger in their early teens and then they started to weaken in their late teens. Grandad's research discovered that the girl's powers would totally disappear if they were not "confirmed". That term was used without explanation in literature that he found. It became a race against time for him to find its meaning.

All of the girls wanted to retain their powers, so they were extremely supportive of his research.

Then her discovered an obscure reference that suggested that "confirmation" could be achieved by the sexual union of the parties involved. This then created a moral dilema for him - these were his daughters. He eventually told them of the results of his research, and was stunned when each of his daughters agreed that they would be happy to be sexually intimate with him.

Their sexual unions produced immediate results - each of the girls had their powers stablised, however each became pregnant. Myself and my two female cousins were the results of their sexual unions. That was stunning news for me - finding out that my "dad" wasn't my biological father was something that would take some getting used to.

After each of his daughters gave birth, they discovered that they were all suffering a significant side-effect - an insatiable desire to have sex with someone new on a regular basis.

"Oh god that explains all those guys" I muttered in astonishment.

"What ... how do you know?" my mum asked.

"The videos..." I replied.

"What videos?" she asked in a concerned tone.

"Oh shit ... you don't know about the videos?" I asked in a worried voice.

I then had to explain to my mum about where and how I had found the hundreds of videos on dad's computer, and all about the hidden cameras in their bedroom.

Mum was aghast "The pervert ... I let him have an 'open' marriage to allow me to fulfill my needs for new sex partners. Now I find out that he's been filming me all these years."

"I'm going to call him now ... and give him a piece of my mind". She was clearly very annoyed as she reached for her mobile phone.

Just then the doorbell rang. She put down her phone to answer the door.

Mum was back in a couple of minutes with two gentlemen in suits. She introduced them to me as police detectives. They wanted to talk to my dad, and when they found out that he wasn't at home, they were going to leave.

I used my power of suggestion to get them to stay and tell us what they were here for.

They then proceeded to tell us both, that a 14 year old young girl had come to them to make a complaint, that he had had sex with her over a period of 3 months, and that she had fallen pregnant as a result.

In our state, that was a serious offence even if the sex was consensual.

They finally left us alone, looking at each other in shock at this turn of events.

My mum picked up her phone and called his number. He took a while to answer. The conversation wasn't very pleasant and wasn't very long.

She basically told him "Do not come home EVER ... the police are looking for him ... he'd better just run and hide under a rock like the low-life that he was". She hung up on him and refused to answer the phone when it rang multiple times.

She burst into tears and I held her in my arms and hugged her for hours as we sat together in the darkening lounge room.

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