Daddy's Little Girl - Part 2
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Size,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story continues ten years after. Gail and Bill are back and on the road again.

Bill stood in the doorway, leaning against the frame, as he watched her finish her final set. He was always amazed at how easy she made it look. Even from across the room he could tell that she had a forty-five pound plate, two twenty-five pounders, and a ten pounder on each side of the bar. Including the weight of the bar, she was lifting two hundred and thirty five pounds for her twelfth and final rep. He could feel the blood pulsing into his cock as he watched her stand up and turn to inspect her reflection in the full-length mirror on the wall next to the bench. Long ago she had made it a habit of working out in the nude. At six feet two inches tall and one hundred eighty five pounds, she was an amazing physical specimen; with broad shoulders, a forty-eight inch chest, twenty-four inch waist and thirty-four inch hips, there was not an ounce of fat on her. She brought her arms up into a double bicep pose, expanded her chest and flexed every muscle in her body. Her skin was flawless; alabaster in color, resembling white marble. Only her arms were bronzed from the harsh Arizona sun. Bill knew from experience that although she resembled a statue of a Greek warrior sculptured by one of the renaissance masters, her skin was soft, warm and supple, stretched tightly over her muscular frame.

"Not bad for an old broad of forty-three," she said with a smile. "I see you agree,"

Bill shifted his gaze from her magnificent body to her reflected face in the mirror and returned her smile and blew her a kiss.

Gail turned and slowly walked towards him like a big cat on the prowl. With her left hand she held his head as she bent down and gave him a very sensual kiss; her right hand sought out his erection. After several playful squeezes, she ended the kiss and led him down the hall.

"I really need a shower," she said, "You can do my back." Bill was only too happy to comply.

When they reached the bathroom, Gail pulled out two towels and two washcloths from the closet. They stepped into the shower, closed the door and turned on the water. In Arizona, especially in the summer, there is no shortage of hot water; in fact many times you never turn it on. The temperature was perfect as Gail stood under the shower, the water cascading over her head on down her body. She turned slowly, making sure she was completely wet, then reached for the two washcloths and the soap. She soaped up her cloth and handed the other and the soap to Bill. Bill had done this many times before and knew the routine. He soaped up his washcloth and proceeded to scrub her back as hard as he could. It was a combination massage and exfoliating rubdown: easing the tension in her muscles, removing the dead skin, and stimulating the blood flow. They went through this almost every time she returned from one of her cross-country runs as part of their extended foreplay before retiring to their king-sized bed. When he finished her back he dropped to his knees and continued down one leg and up the other until all that remained to be done was her magnificent butt. Discarding the washcloth he put a liberal amount of soap in his hands and starting with her cheeks, slowly and sensually massaged her, marveling at the hardness of her body. He slipped one hand between her legs and caressed her pussy as she spread her legs to give him better access. Bill teased her clit the way he knew she loved and slowly brought his hand back up between her cheeks, making sure she was extra clean. When he was finished he kissed each of her cheeks and stood behind her, nibbling on her back and shoulders as his hands sought out and found her breasts. Bill's cock was rock hard and nestled between her thighs as he pinched and twisted her nipples. Gail let out a low moan and shuttered as her first orgasm traveled through her body.

"I missed you so much. I couldn't wait to get home."

"I missed you too. Don't you wish it could be like the first time we met; traveling across the country together, making love where and when we wanted?"

"Yes, I really miss those days. Too bad you have to work here."

She shut the water, turned, gave him a toe-curling kiss, opened the door and handed him a towel. They dried each other off, and after drying his hair, Bill headed for the bedroom, while Gail finished doing the things that women do before going to bed.

Bill lay in the middle of the large bed, only a sheet covering his body, thinking about their previous conversation. 'I really do miss those days, driving with her on her cross-country runs. Eight or nine days is a long time to be alone, without the woman that you adore. I wonder... '

He was still deep in thought when she entered the room. The scent of her musk-oil perfume brought him back to the present and, like one of Pavlov's dogs, he immediately responded to her. She always wore her perfume to bed when she was particularly horny and Bill knew he was in for a very pleasurable, albeit exhausting, evening. Even after nearly ten years of marriage their love-making was anything but routine.

Gail pulled back the sheet and gazed down at his sleek, compact body. At five feet six inches tall, he was an almost petite young man nearly ten years her junior. Now after ten years under her careful tutelage, he had developed into a hard body. His muscles, though nowhere nearly as large and powerful as her own, were clearly defined and very pleasing to the eye. As she climbed onto the bed, her gaze shifted to the "muscle" of her desire; his seven-plus inches was pulsating and twitching in sync with the beating of his heart. She took it into her hand and almost reverently began to gently stroke and plant tiny kisses on the tip and along its length. Bill began to moan in response to the pleasure she was giving him, lifting his butt off the bed in an attempt to intensify the feelings even more.

"Patience my love, we have all night and I intend to make the most of it."

Bill reached up between her thighs and quickly inserted two fingers into her. She was already dripping with desire and after only few moments, shifted around and settled herself over his glistening cock.

"You little devil you," she hissed as she engulfed him and began to ride him slowly. Gail leaned forward, taking his wrists into her powerful hands. She pulled his arms over his head and held him, taking complete control of the pace of their lovemaking.

Bill gazed up at her; wanting to kiss her or to fondle her breasts, but he knew he was powerless to do anything unless she allowed him to. He tried his hardest to fight her control, because that's what they both wanted; she to be completely dominant over him, him to be completely helpless and at her loving mercy. He could feel his orgasm approaching, and started to thrust up into her.

"Not yet; patience, my dear" she whispered as she forced herself down over him and held him tightly to the bed and clenched internally around his helpless cock, causing him some discomfort and forcing back his release. When she felt that his climax had been averted she leaned over him and began to kiss him, their tongues dueling for supremacy. Gail broke the kiss and teased him -- offering first one of her breasts, then the other -- but keeping them just out of reach of his lips, only his tongue able to caress her extended nipples, while she began once again to ride his now overly stimulated cock. She increased the tempo and the intensity as she traveled up and down his length until she could feel her approaching orgasm. Sitting up, she pulled his head to her breast and ground her pussy against his body, stimulating her clit. Her orgasm hit her hard just as she felt Bill's cock begin to throb as spurt after spurt filled her. They held each other tightly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over their bodies, then after a couple of minutes collapsed onto the bed temporarily sated.

"Wow, I love it when you get home," Bill finally managed to exclaim, as he slowly recuperated while staring up at the ceiling above. "It's almost worth the loneliness I feel when we're apart." Then he closed his eyes and drifted off for a short nap.

"Rest up my love," she whispered as she gazed down on his sleeping face. "The night has just begun."

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