Afternoon Delight
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, Heterosexual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Bestiality, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Harry Marshall tells us about his recent bestseller and the book he's working on at the present time. In this convoluted story Harry takes us from his relationship with his female agent to his gang at Benny's bar.

I was walking down East Monza when I ran into Tommy Archer. "Harry, how have you been? Long time no see. I haven't seen you in Benny's for months."

"Good to see you Tommy. I haven't been around too much my publisher has been pushing me about doing another book and I've been doing some research. My last book did pretty good so they wanted something to take advantage of my being something of a recognizable name for the moment."

"Hell, Harry when you were writing The Merry Mommas you never missed coming in to Benny's. By the way that was some good book. I had to keep a towel nearby when I was reading it to clean up."

"Thank you Tommy I'm glad you enjoyed it but this book is requiring more of my time than The Merry Mommas."

"Well it's been good seeing you Harry. Don't be such a stranger."

"Yeah, good seeing you too Tommy. I'll see you in Benny's real soon."

I had no idea when real soon would be but I hoped it would be never but I did miss Benny's. It was a typical neighborhood bar in the sense that there was a large cadre of regulars with a sprinkling of newcomers some of whom brcame regulars. There was a large U shaped bar with a few tables around the room. There was a separate dining room far enough from the bar area so that customers could eat in peace.

The regulars are a convivial bunch, all men except for Georgia and Sam (Samantha). Georgia is a tall blond, about five feet six or seven inches and a buck forty with a nice ass. She has been divorced from Charlie Plank for about two years now. They were both regulars at Benny's but when they split Georgia got custody. I have no idea what happened to Charlie. Georgia owns a local real estate company so her time is her own. She's on the dark side of forty.

Sam is a strawberry blond with big tits that she doesn't try to promote. She is thirty-five and is the branch manager of a nearby bank and the rumor is that she was on the fast track to VP. If being able to hold your liquor is a requirement, Sam is a Shoo in for the promotion. She can drink all of us under the table. To my knowledge Sam has never been married but there are no indications that she favors women. She reacts to men the same as all the straight women I know so I'm guessing she has another life with some lucky guy. Sam is about five feet four and tops out at about one thirty.

Both Georgia and Sam can hold their own in any discussion whether it is sports, literature, business, booze or Japanese porn stars and they take no prisoners.

Both Georgia and Sam are very intelligent and attractive The kind of women that guys naturally gravitate to. But there is an unwritten understanding among the regulars that if any of them were to develop a relationship with either of the two women the dynamic of the group would change for the worse. The guys remember how it was when Georgia was married. If Charlie was at Benny's you had to walk on eggs around Georgia so you didn't blurt out for her to suck your cock when she pissed you off. Now that Charlie no longer comes around everything is fine.

So you will understand what Tommy was talking about let me tell you about the book, The Merry Mommas. I had been a freelance writer for several of the better magazines. Esquire, The New Yorker, Town and Country, and Vanity Fair. Stuff like that. Henry Brisco, an editor at Janas Publishing, was a classmate and a friend of mine. He liked an article I had done for Vanity Fair on rich women in the work force and spoke to his boss about stretching the subject into book length. The boss apparently thought it had possibilities and told Henry to have me submit an outline.

I didn't see the subject matter having enough substance for a book but I did like the sound of the $400,000 advance Henry was throwing around and I submitted a slightly modified outline from that requested based on some tidbits whispered in my ear by a very lovely fifty-five year old woman who was processing the important part of the interview through my dick.

A week after I had submitted the outline I got a call from Henry. We scheduled lunch the next day at an ersatz Tex-Mex joint at one o'clock. When I arrived Henry was already seated with drinks for both of us on the table. Henry was well aware of my predilection for gin and had me set up with Beefeaters on the rocks with a twist. Henry was a scotch man himself. When I sat down Henry got right to the point.

"Is any of this true?"

"Henry, I wouldn't try to take your boss's money under false pretenses."

"Well he fucking loves it. Why haven't I heard about this?"

"It's not the kind of thing people advertise Henry. I don't know that much about it. I got it from a reliable source but it was just more or less that it was happening. I didn't give it much thought at the time because I didn't have the time or money to do the necessary research and interviews but now that you have proposed a book along the lines of my article I think this would make an interesting book."

"Wow would it," Henry said. "I brought some papers for you to sign. You know contracts and nondisclosure crap and agreements for exclusivity of your next two books and your first born child."

"Shouldn't you kiss me first, Henry with the lights dimmed and soft music playing?"

"That comes after Harry while we have a cigarette."

Henry pointed and I signed then he signed and then he put everything back in his briefcase and handed me a check.

"Henry, are you out of your fucking mind? You're giving me a $400,000 check in a joint like this.

"Now you can buy lunch. Ready for another gin?"

"Why the hell not," I said waving my check around.

That was the beginning of what would become The Merry Mommas.

I called the lovely fifty-five year old hedonist and asked if she would fill me in a little more about the revelation she had passed on to me during our last meeting.

"Of course my dear boy, come tomorrow night at nine and we can work out together. I need some building up"

"I'll be there Andrea," I said and ended the call.

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