The Submissive Housewife
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sue wants to be the best housewife ever. When her husband's boss and his wife ask her to fill in sprucing up their house when her husband is away on business, she wears her mom's yellow and white apron and her special French undies to do the best job ever. Soon she is taking care of the needs of the father and the son while the wife Carmen is away helping tend her daughter-in-law in the hospital for her first birth.

Sue looked at the apron sitting on top of the ironing board. It had belonged to her mother and had to be at least forty years old. Still, it looked pretty good despite the age and extended use. It was a combination of yellow and white and had a pretty little rose peeking out on the top left corner. Sue had it packed away in the basement with her mom's other stuff ever since she had passed away unexpectedly only five years prior.

She remembered her mom wearing the apron when her husband was away at work. Sue always wondered why her mom liked to wear the apron on top of her "undies" with no dress on at all. She used to giggle at the sight of her mom's big behind waving around and her singing a Broadway show tune as she did the dishes and mopped the floor. Her mother got angry at her one time when she "borrowed" the apron to clean her bedroom. She even went further than her mother and wore it with absolutely nothing on underneath at all. She was already 16 years old when that happened and her mother did not hesitate to pull her across her knee, apron and all, and give her bottom a hiding like she had never gotten before. All she could remember from that incident was that it was the first time she had ever lost control of her female juices and she sprayed the pretty yellow apron with her scent making it very difficult to wash out entirely.

Now, she looked at the apron with the eye of a long-married woman with a husband of eight years duration. Lately, her hubby Josh had seemed a little bored with their customary bedroom routine. She would get dolled up in her Victoria's Secret outfit and he would ask her to get down on her knees and "made him big and hard" for a good insertion into her waiting pussy. Generally, the action was over less than three minutes after it began with Josh drained of his creamy cum and Sue hoping he would do something to relieve her sexual frustration. Her husband was not one to eat pussy or to even take a chance on a little rear door action because of his strict religious upbringing. Whenever his parents came over for dinner, it turned into more of a prayer meeting than a friendly get-together. They were always cautioning her about the dangers of "Sinful thoughts" and made a face when she forgot to put on a bra.

She held the apron up to her nostrils and she could swear she was able to smell her own scent these many years later. Josh was out of town on a tour to collect new clients for his firm and Sue was at her wit's end to occupy her lonely nights. Her boss's wife Carmen called her this very morning and asked if she would be able to "spruce up" her house while she was in Albany helping her daughter-in-law get through her first childbirth. Since she had no excuse she could give like taking care of non-existent children or invalided parents, she felt obligated to acquiesce to the request as a favor to her husband's employer.

That was the reason she had broken out the pretty yellow and white apron and had collected an assortment of cleaning equipment just in case Carmen did not have the necessary items for cleaning the house. Sue knew that her friend Carmen was loath to use the maid service downtown because only last year she had come into the house to find her college age son getting a blow job from the Hispanic maid who was squatting on the floor in front of his naked legs. The fact that her husband of some twenty years was watching in amusement was not in the least bit funny to the resolute Carmen and she vowed never to let a strange woman she didn't trust into her house again. Sue didn't blame her in the least little bit. It was exactly how she would have acted in the same situation. She enjoyed listening to Carmen telling her the story and as soon as she got home after her visit to Carmen's house she pounded her pussy with her favorite dildo and even hit her soft bottom with the long wooden spatula that she used to stir the spaghetti.

She picked out a comfortable short skirt and her favorite thong to wear under the apron as it was open in the back and she did not want to take a chance on tempting either Mr. Anderson or his son Adam by showing her undies. Her sports bra was a comfortable fit and her breasts were able to move about under the apron with little restraint.

It was Adam who answered the door because his father was still at work and would probably be home later than usual. That was all right with Sue because she wanted to get the heavy work done before making dinner for the two men later that afternoon.

Sue was down on her elbows and knees under the dining room table trying to clean the grout of the tile with a small brush that she liked to use for just such an operation. She was unaware that Adam was sitting in a dining room chair directly behind her watching her swaying hips with much interest. Her short skirt had ridden up and the thong had buried itself so deep in her crack that it looked like her ass was stark naked.

When she heard him clear his throat, she was startled but realized she really didn't mind him ogling her bottom. It had been a long time since her husband had shown any interest at all in her posterior region or any region for that matter. She didn't know if she should get up or to continue, so she just kept on working and didn't say anything when Adam approached her from the rear and started to fondle her ample cheeks. She backed out from under the table enough for him to sit astride her flanks and rub his young man's cock on her heated crack. Sue was certain the young college man was well aware of the needs of her flesh from the way she moaned and whimpered at the touch of his rampant cock.

Adam pulled her up to her feet and bent her over the recently polished tabletop. Sue laid her head sideways and looked back at the huge cock approaching her from the rear. At first, she thought he was going to spread her pucker hole open but he pushed his shaft down to enter her vagina from the rear and slid into her wetness with absolutely no difficulty. She held onto the table as tightly as possible to keep from falling on her face on the floor. The young man was so agitated that he pounded her relentlessly shoving his cock into her so hard that the entire table moved forward slightly with each forceful thrust into her clutching vagina. At the very first spurts of creamy cum, she cried out her pleasure and humped her ass back hard to get him in even deeper inside.

Adam's stuff was leaking down the insides of her legs no matter how hard she tried to keep it all inside her pretty hole. The key in the front door lock signaled the arrival of his father and Sue did her best to clean up the mess and look innocent before the father came into the dining room. Adam was not helping because he was still standing there with his cock hanging out. Sue knew then that Adam wanted his father to see how he had already humiliated her and she stood with her head down waiting for the father to make his appearance.

Harry Anderson was considered to be a timid man not prone to making mistakes or taking risks. He took in the scene and understood the situation immediately.

"Well, Adam, it appears you have been busy welcoming our temporary housewife in my absence. Which hole did you fill, if I might ask out of curiosity?"

Sue's face was as red as a fire engine. She hung her head in abject guilt knowing she was a perverted excuse for a housewife. She was no better than one of the sluts from the maid service downtown.

"I gave it to her real good in the pussy, father. She has an unusually tight hole for a married woman. I suspect she is not getting much action from that employee of yours. I can only wonder at the tightness of her brown eye if her pussy is so tight."

The father laughed and told Sue to pick her head up so he could see her up close and personal. He looked into her guilty eyes and told her,

"Come across my lap, you little slut. You will have to pay for your kinky behavior in my house."

Sue took little steps to the sitting master of the house and draped her slender figure across his legs. Her pretty yellow apron stretched across his hard upright cock and her pretty ass cheeks trembled in anticipation of her spanking at the hands of her husband's employer.

Adam sat down across from them sucking on a bottle of beer watching his father play with Sue's bottom sticking his nasty fingers deep inside her crack and shoving one of his fingers right up her tight little pucker hole. Sue was mortified that her humiliation was being witnessed by the handsome young man who had so recently been buried deep inside her pussy.

The stern-faced Harry commenced a slow tattoo on Sue's pretty ass with his heavy hand. She was silent at first determined not to let either the father or the son see her discomfort. After a while the father began to hit her bottom harder and picked up the pace making her ass cheeks take on a pretty hue of red that radiated the heat of erotic desire.

The first time that Sue whimpered out loud, Adam chuckled and let his hand wander down to his rising cock. She watched him getting big again and wondered if he was going to poke her once more right after her spanking was finished. The thought of taking that big cock another time made her quiver on Harry's knee and weep salty tears of anticipation.

"Get up, you naughty girl and stand facing the corner over there."

Sue scampered to the dining room corner rubbing her reddened ass cheeks. Adam's creamy deposits were still leaking out of her severely pounded pussy with a nasty reminder of her slutty behavior.

"You have no idea how tight her pussy is, dad. I swear she is like one of those virgin freshmen girls I have been tapping up at State University."

Adam's father laughed and told Sue,

"Get your ass moving out the kitchen and bring back the long wooden spoon from the top of the stove."

Sue hobbled out to the kitchen with her thong still wrapped around her ankles. She retrieved the long wooden spoon and was surprised at how heavy it felt in her hand. She wondered if Mr. Anderson ever used it on his wife Carmen. She didn't think so because Carmen struck her as the sort of female that would be using it on her husband instead.

Harry told her to bend over and hold onto the side of the dining room chair to keep her balance. He whacked the spoon into his other palm with a meaty sound that sent a chill up her spine. Before she could say any word at all, Adam pulled her face forward to engulf his cock with her open lips. She started to suck him instinctively despite her heavy scent all over his shaft. The very first blow from the wooden spoon went across both cheeks and pushed her face flush into Adam's groin. The dribbles of pre-cum trickled down her throat and she almost gagged because she forgot to swallow.

Sue concentrated on Adam's cock hoping the wooden spoon would not leave any mark on her ass that her husband would become suspicious of upon his return.

She swallowed all of Adam's ejaculate without losing a single drop and Mr. Anderson finished up his spoon activities by shoving the handle right up her poop hole without any lubrication at all. They both laughed at the expression on her face and made her walk around the dining room table with the spoon sticking out like some obscene "tail" of shame. The two men went back into the den to watch football on the television and Sue went back into the kitchen smoothing her yellow apron down and started the roast dinner for their evening meal.

She hoped they would give a good report to Carmen and tell her that she was a "Good Little Housewife".

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