Jack and His Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Enema, Big Breasts,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jack's Mom comes home late to find an angry son waiting for her.

Jack Armstrong was worried one minute and angry the next. It was 10:00 P. M. and his mother wasn't home from work yet. She was suppose to pick up a movie and a pizza on her way home so they could spend Friday night together.

Jack was eighteen and had turned down going to a party with his friends to keep his mother company on a Friday night. He was pissed! He could have been playing beer pong with his buddies and who knows, maybe there would be a good looking girl there that he could flirt with. He hadn't had sex in two months since he and his girlfriend Suzy had broken up. Suzy was a fox. Good looking in a slutty way but she wasn't the least bit adventurous during sex. Missionary position was all she would do and she wasn't on the pill so that meant putting on a condom each and every time.

No oral sex either. Either way was immoral to her. Jack liked eating pussy and enjoyed the response his previous girlfriend Sally had while he sampled what was between her legs with his tongue and lips.

It had been a long time since his cock had been in a woman's mouth too. What guy didn't like getting sucked off? His girlfriend before Suzy was good at it too. Sally enjoyed giving Jack a good cocksuck and swallowed it all when he jizzed in her mouth. But not Suzy. She wouldn't even consider it. Finally he broke off with her. Having sex only her way didn't do it for him so he once again became proficient in stroking himself to conclusion.

The next minute he was worried. What could have happened to his mother? He had tried calling and texting her with no response. It wasn't like her not to call when she was going to be late.

He was angry again. He was going to give his Mom a piece of his mind when she finally got home. Click. Jack heard the lock on the back door releasing. He went to the kitchen to see his mother entering. No pizza and no movie. Bad enough she was four hours late but the cereal he had eaten an hour ago was going to be his only supper that night.

"Where the hell have you been?" He said roughly noticing that her usually nice looking blonde hair was disheveled and her eyes glassy. "Have you been drinking Mother?" He added angrily.

Sharon Armstrong staggered a bit as she locked the door behind her. "Watch your tone young man. Who do you think you're talking to?"

Jack was red in the face as he answered his mother. "You! I'm talking to you Mother. I'm talking to a woman who didn't have the decency to call home when she was going to be late ... and came home drunk."

She gave her son the finger. He had never seen her do that before. Not even when someone cut her off while she was driving. "Don't you tell me what to do boy. You're not my husband and your certainly not my father." She stomped off, climbed the stairs to her second floor bedroom."

Not her husband? Jack thought. She never had a husband. Her boyfriend had gotten her pregnant with Jack before leaving town for parts unknown. And, Jack thought angrily if I was your father I would punish you for talking like that to me.

Sharon had only been a teenager of fourteen years when she bore her son much to the chagrin of both of her parents. They had wanted her to terminate the pregnancy but Sharon would not, could not do that.

Jack sat at the kitchen table hearing his mother stomping around upstairs and finally slamming her bedroom door. "Just like a spoiled teenage brat!" This time Jack spoke out loud. "I'm not done with that ungrateful, spoiled woman."

He stood up following the same path his mother had taken only a minute or two before. He stopped at her bedroom door, hesitated, then opened the door without knocking. "I'm not finished talking to you Mother." He bellowed as he entered her room.

Sharon was preparing for bed. When her son barged in on her she was standing in the center of the bedroom with her hands preparing to unsnap her bra.

Jack took a sharp intake of his breath as he looked at his mother standing there dressed only in a black bra and panties. She still had on her heels that she wore to work that morning. She didn't look like his mother with the skimpy, sexy under things on her still shapely thirty two year old body. She looked like the hot chicks he always tried to pick up at parties.

"You went to work wearing those things?" He stammered.

"Get out Jack. How I dress is none of your business. I can wear whatever I want. You're not my Daddy. You're not in charge of me."

That was the second time she had told him that he wasn't her father. "If I was your father lady I would tan your hide for being so disrespectful to me."

Jack was surprising himself. He didn't know where this was leading but for the first time he realized just how good looking and sexy his mother was. Her bottom was pushed out by her high heels in a tantalizing way almost like an invitation to slap it a good one.

He felt a stirring in his pants as thoughts of spanking his half naked mother raced through his mind.

She told him once more, this time with one hand on her hip making her look even more attractive and sexy to her son. "Get out of my room Jack!"

Jack hadn't thought it out. He reached out and grabbed one of her wrists, pulled her to her bed, sat down and pulled his mother across his lap crushing his erect cock with her weight.

SLAP! He brought his hand down hard across both cheeks of her panty clad bottom.

"Ow!. Stop! Don't do this Jack. Stop!" Sharon pleaded with her son. She hadn't been spanked since she was a young woman who had disobeyed her father's curfew rule. Now she was being spanked by her teenage son. How embarrassing! At least she still had her panties on, unlike when her father had insisted on giving her her punishment on the bare.


Jack relentlessly brought his hand down time and time again on his mother's shapely bottom. Listening to the sound of his hand on her barely covered ass and her soft crying did nothing but turn him on. His teenage prick was extremely hard and dripping precum into his underwear making the front of his pants soggy.

Jack finally stopped, holding his breath to stop his imminent ejaculation. He pushed his mother to the bed where he saw her slightly spread legs expose the crotch of her panties which appeared to be damp.

He couldn't think about what that meant at that moment. He needed relief! Jack almost ran from her room and into his own unbuckling his belt on the way. As soon as his door shut behind him he reached into his rear pocket for his big blue bandana with his right hand as his left lowered his pants and underwear to his ankles.

Jack wrapped his bandana between his hand and his drooling cock stroking himself only three times before he exploded filling his blue rag with shot after shot of his copious semen. His orgasm was so intense that his legs shook so badly that he was afraid he was going to fall on his face.

When he finally stopped shaking Jack put on his sleeping shorts and went to bed where he immediately fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

Saturday morning Jack was the first one up. He made a pot of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table with a steaming mug of his favorite blend. His mother walked into the room. She had on her old blue, long terry robe over what appeared to be silk pajamas.

She looked over at her son on the way to the coffee pot and noticeably blushed before moving her gaze away from him.

Jack was wondering what she was going to say to him. A good tongue lashing was what he expected for his actions the previous night. What eighteen year old in his right mind turned his mother over his lap and spanked her. Maybe she would even ask him to move out. Would she be that angry with him?

Sharon poured herself coffee in a mug with the words World's Greatest Mom stenciled across it in bold blue letters. Jack had given her that mug for Mother's Day several years before and Sharon used it each and every morning. It was special to her.

She didn't know what to say to Jack that morning. She was embarrassed that her son had spanked her like an errant child but as much as it hurt she had also become aroused. After Jack had left her room she had rolled onto her side to avoid lying on her sore bottom and snuck her hand inside of her damp panties to touch herself between her legs.

It hadn't taken much rubbing of her erect clit before Sharon was moaning around an intense orgasm. She wondered if Jack was in his own room masturbating at the same time that she was. She had felt his hardness on her stomach while she was on the boy's lap.

Sharon hadn't dated much as of late. No man she dated seemed serious about a relationship especially after realizing that she had a teenage son living at home. All they wanted was a quick fuck and maybe a home cooked dinner first, only if Jack was out for the evening.

It had been a while since one of her dates had sprung for a motel room so they could enjoy a good sex session. Her last short term romance was with a thin scholarly looking man named Terrance who couldn't get it up unless Sharon spent ten minutes between his legs sucking and licking him until he finally sported an erection firm enough to use in her waiting pussy.

She hadn't minded sucking Terrance's cock. Matter of fact she had enjoyed the sensation of his flesh tube against her tongue and lips. But soon enough he also found excuses for not calling her. Sharon hadn't had any form of sex for the past nine months. She did masturbate at least a couple of times a week but it wasn't the same as getting laid.

While she masturbated Friday night her mind flashed to her being spanked by Jack. He hadn't gone easy on her. Her bottom had been on fire, yet her pussy reacted on it's own and juiced up. Just the feel of his erect cock through his pants and her panties had brought evil thoughts to her mind as she fingered her clit. What did Jack's cock look like? What would Jack's cock feel like inside of her?

Finally deciding what to say, she looked up from her coffee and muttered. "I'm sorry Jack."

It was a low mutter and Jack couldn't make out what she had said.

"What Mom? What did you say?"

She looked up at him again, blushed a deep crimson and repeated herself a little louder this time. "I'm sorry Jack. I didn't mean to upset you."

Now that was a surprise. Jack hadn't expected his mother to be contrite and apologetic. He didn't know what to say so he just nodded his head as she looked away once more.

"From now on I will listen to you Jack ... and obey you."

Her confession was unexpected and unwanted. "Listen Mom, you don't have to do as I say. All I'm asking for is a little consideration. A phone call when you are going to be late is all I'm asking for. I don't expect my mother to obey me."

She didn't look up as she said. "All right Jack. I'll be more considerate." Deep down she wished that Jack had just accepted what she had said. It excited her to think that he would take control of her life but it didn't appear that that was a likely scenario. She missed having a man tell her what to do. As much as she feared her father's spankings she felt loved when he had set down rules for her to obey.

After an awkward silence Jack decided to spend time with his friends and left Sharon to contemplate what he had said to her. And Sharon did think about every word that her son had said and in her mind she also thought about what she had hoped he would say including more time over his lap, perhaps with her panties around her ankles.

She didn't get horny enough to masturbate thinking about Jack spanking her with his big hand but her pussy did moisten a little while she thought about her son punishing her that way.

Their relationship gradually returned to normal as the week progressed. Over coffee Friday morning Sharon told Jack. "I'm going out with my friends after work tonight. We are going to the Shamrock Cafe and I expect to be home by ten. If I am any later than that I will call you. Will you be at home?"

"I'm not sure if I'll be home so just call my cell if you stay out later than that." Good! She was paying attention to what he had asked of her.

That evening just a little before ten Jack's cell phone chirped while he was out riding around with his friends. As he expected it was his Mom. "Hi Honey. I think I had a little too much to drink and I shouldn't drive. Is there anyway you can come and get me?"

"Are you still at the bar?" He asked and when she confirmed her location he said. "I'll be there in ten minutes."

This would work out fine. His friends could drop him off at the cafe and he would drive his Mom home in her car. When he arrived at the Shamrock he entered the dimly lit establishment but he didn't see his Mother right away. A woman at a table with two other women waved at Jack so he went over to the table.

The three women were all about his Mother's age and he recognized one of them as Carly, a co-worker of his Mom. He sat at the only empty chair at the table nodding in turn to all three of the ladies.

The music from the juke box was a little loud so Carly leaned in close enough to speak to Jack. "Your Mom is on the dance floor. She will be back in a minute." Carly's perfume was exotic. Between the scent of her perfume and Carly's hand on his thigh while she spoke was intoxicating to the eighteen year old.

A scantily clad waitress dropped a drink in front of Jack. Carly paid the girl and told him. "I ordered you a soda when your mother said you were on your way to pick her up."

Jack was starting to become erect. The perfume and Carly's closeness were arousing him. One of her large breasts rested on Jack's arm while she spoke again in a barely audible whisper. "Is it true? Did you actually give Sharon a spanking?"

Her hand was only inches from his rising cock and he wished she would grab it and give it a good squeeze. It had been a while since anyone but himself had touched his cock. He took her hand and moved it to his erection and leaned against her more firmly enjoying the feel of her tit on his arm. "Yes I did Carly. I spanked my Mom's bottom until she cried."

Carly didn't remove her hand from the boy's jean covered prick. She squeezed it a little enjoying how hard a teen cock could be. "Are you going to spank her for telling me about it?"

"Definitely. She shouldn't have told you ladies about it."

"She didn't tell us all. Just me. We're best friends."

"Maybe you need a spanking also Carly."

Carly's pussy was wet. Teasing her friend's teenage son was exciting and his cock was so, so hard. She squeezed his pecker again whispering to him. "Maybe I do Jack. But not tonight." She laughed softly as she let go of Jack's hard member.

That's when Jack finally saw his mother on the dance floor. She looked sexy in a short skirt that was halfway up her thighs and a thin white blouse that showed her white bra underneath the fabric. That wasn't what she had been wearing when she left for work that morning. She must have changed at work before going out with her friends.

It was a slow dance and his mother was pulled up tight to a dark complexioned man in a blue suit. One of his hands was on her back and the other was resting on his Mom's round ass, rubbing her bottom in slow circular motions.

Jack was jealous. He fought the urge to leap to his feet and pull his mother forcibly from the dance floor. Oh yes! She was going to get a good spanking tonight. He thought, deciding right then and there that he would administer her chastisement on her bare bottom.

His cock was still hard from Carly's attention and wouldn't go down while he watched his Mom dancing with her partner. The man continued to caress Sharon's bottom as she pulled even closer to him obviously rubbing herself against the man who surely was as hard as Jack and his smile indicated just how much he was enjoying his dance.

When the music stopped his mom and the stranger stood talking in the middle of the dance floor. Jack was sure that the man was trying to get his mother to go home with him so he could fuck her in his comfortable bed. Jack saw that his mother shook her head no twice before she left him standing alone with the front of his suit pants bulging obscenely with his erection.

Sharon walked back to the table slowly, finally sitting on her son's lap since he was in her seat. She felt his firm cock against her ass as she settled in and reached for her drink. The dance with Tom or whatever his name was had aroused her. Slow dancing against a man's hard cock had always turned Sharon on. Now it was her son's cock that she could feel against her as she sipped her rum and coke. Her pussy was more than a little damp. It was wet enough to soak the crotch of her panties.

"Time to go Mother." Jack told her firmly. "I need to get you home."

Carly snickered guessing exactly what Jack had planned for his inebriated mother. "See you at work Monday Sharon. You might need to bring in a pillow to sit on."

Sharon understood exactly what Carly meant. She must have let Jack know that she knew about her spanking the previous Friday night. She said her goodbyes and smiled at her girlfriends as she got off of Jack's lap. She was sure she would be on his lap again when they got home, but facing down with her bottom raised for punishment. Her pussy pulsed with a fresh rush of lubricant in anticipation of what was going to happen when they got home.

As soon as they arrived at home Jack told Sharon. "Go to your room Mother. You need to be disciplined for several infractions tonight and I am just the guy to do the punishing. Put on your blue silk pajamas and wait for me."

Sharon rushed to obey Jack's instructions. Sharon was excited as she went to her bedroom. When she got there she stripped off everything including her panties with the pussy soaked crotch. She put on her silk pajamas enjoying the sensuous feeling of the slippery material against her otherwise naked body and sat on the edge of her bed to await Jack's arrival.

Meanwhile Jack had gone to his own room and was naked within a minute of arriving there. His cock was so hard it hurt. He needed to jerk off before he dealt with his mother. He wanted to enjoy what he was about to do without worrying about cumming while punishing her ripe ass.

He stroked himself with a tight firm grip on his prick, feeling his orgasm approaching he held his underwear in front of himself and allowed his spurting cock to unload itself all over his jockey shorts.

With that out of the way Jack dressed in his sleeping shorts and a tank top, enjoying the feeling of his now soft cock swaying inside of his shorts, he walked to his mother's room.

Sharon stood up as Jack entered the room. Her nipples were little points in her silk pajama tops. Her nipples were puffed out and standing at attention from a combination of fear and anticipation of what was about to happen.

Jack walked to the bed taking his mother by her hand as he did so. He could feel his cock beginning to thicken with blood as he prepared to admonish his mother for her perceived indiscretions.

She was across his lap before he began speaking. "Do you know what is going to happen now Mom?"

Sharon nodded her head. "Yes, you are going to spank me." She said softly.

"That's right Mom. I am going to punish you for telling Carly that I spanked you last week. That should have remained between the two of us. You can't be sure that she won't tell others. That alone is worth twenty spanks."

Sharon's bottom tightened. Twenty spanks?

"Also, you were dressed like a slut with that short skirt and see through blouse. That's good for ten more."

Her ass quivered. That's thirty swats so far.

"And I saw you grinding with that man on the dance floor like a common horny slut. That's good for another twenty."

Fifty spanks! Sharon was certain she couldn't take that much punishment. Her father had never given her more than twenty five slaps on her bare bottom with his big calloused hand. She wasn't able to sit right for two whole days after that spanking.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Without warning Jack rained blow after blow on his mother's silk covered ass. After he had spanked her twenty times he stopped and listened to his mother's soft weeping as he rested his sore hand.

Then he said. "The next thirty will hurt even more Mother. Maybe you were right when you said you would do as I asked. I think you need someone to obey."

Sharon's bottom was burning from the spanking but she heard every word her son said. She did need him to take control of her. And ... he did. Jack pulled his mother's silk bottoms down to her knees baring her already pink ass for the next thirty swats.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! His hand hurt twice as much as he hit her bare ass with rapid spanks.

"Owwww!" She yelped. This spanking hurt Sharon even more than any her father had administered to her while she was growing up. It took her a minute to realize that her son had stopped spanking her and was now softly rubbing her bottom with his hand.

Her eyes were wet with tears but her pussy was even wetter. Sharon was on the verge of a climax caused by her son's discipline on her tender bottom.

Jack's cock was like a piece of steel, rigid and hard. He realized that the odor he was smelling was his mother's arousal. He pulled her silk bottoms completely off of her legs without any protest from her.

She still didn't move or try to stop him when he ran his middle finger between his mother's legs separating her pubic hairs before delving into her wet cunt all the way to his last knuckle.

"Ohhh!" Was all Sharon said as Jack ran his finger in and out of his mother's juicy twat. "Ohhh Jack! I'm cumming." She shook as her son's middle finger fucked her pussy to a very satisfying orgasm.

Jack pushed his mother from his lap to the bed noticing how her juices ran from her pussy and down the inside of her thighs. It was his first look between his mother's legs and he thought she had a beautiful snatch with a longish slit and only a thin strip of pubic hair surrounding her wet cunt.

It looked wonderful to Jack but he had something more important on his mind. His cock needed attention badly. The front of his sleep shorts had a sizable wet spot from his cock drooling his precum during his mother's spanking.

He rose from the bed with the intent of going to his room for another masturbation session to relieve his pent up cum but his Mom looked up at him ... and his tented shorts and softly said to him. "You made me cum Jack. Let me help you out."

Without waiting for the boy to answer her, Sharon rose to a sitting position on the bed directly in front of her son's bulge, only half hidden by his shorts. She reached to his waist band and slowly pulled his shorts down exposing his erect teenage cock to her. Sharon realized that her son's cock was larger than she had expected, about six inches long and thick like a man's penis should be. She wet her lips with her tongue before using it to lick Jack's precum from its drooling eye and pull the slime into her mouth. Oh! It's so sweet! Sharon thought as she tasted her son's juices.

Jack couldn't believe what his mother was doing. She had slurped his juices from his cock and now had a look of contentment on her face as she savored the taste of her son. He knew that his mother was going to blow him now. He could see that she wanted to do it. He watched as his mom leaned closer opening her mouth wide to accept his prick into her incestuous mouth.

Jack's mother was a good cocksucker. He didn't know where she had learned to suck a prick but she was good at it, bringing him to the brink of orgasm then backing off by licking a less tender portion of his penis until he calmed down enough for her to attack his cock again using a combination of lips, mouth and teeth to bring him to the brink of exploding once more before backing off again.

She did this three times before finally getting his entire six inches into her mouth letting the head of her boy's prick into her throat. That was all it took to finally release a torrent of Jack's cock juice into his mother's throat. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT!

Finally done spurting his seed Jack pulled his cock from his mother's mouth and knelt on the floor breathing hard like he had just run a marathon. "Payback Mom." Jack said as he pushed her upper body flat on the bed so he could use his mouth on her dripping pussy.

Sharon had never had her pussy licked before. It had just never happened but her son was not only using his tongue and mouth on her horny slit but he was good at it. He must have had many happy girlfriends, she thought, as her eyes closed with pleasure and her throat mewed softly as Jack continued to make love to his mother's cunt.

Jack was good at eating pussy! And he knew it. His last girl Sally had spent many an evening with Jack's head between her legs as she guided him in the many ways to satisfy a woman with his mouth.

Sharon could not help herself. She began bucking her hips in rhythm to Jack's licking and with a loud "YES!" she climaxed again, this time even more intensely than the last time. "Fuck me Jack. Stick your big fucking cock into Mommy. Fuck me good."

With his face wet from his mother's pussy juice Jack moved up enough to enter his mother's waiting cunt with his still hard cock. It took a while. Both mother and son's sex organs were desensitized by their previous coupling and Jack's constant strokes kept both of them on the verge of orgasm but not quite enough for it to happen.

Sharon's pussy finally had an orgasmic spasm while her son continued to fuck her hard. She pushed her son off of her as soon as her climax abated. "Now you baby boy." She said as she leaned down to take her son's pussy drenched cock into her mouth once more. Sharon's magic mouth brought Jack to a climax within a minute or two of sucking his cock. And like a good mother she swallowed all that her son had to give.

"I love you Mom." Jack said between deep breaths as he recovered from his latest cum.

"And I love you Jack." She responded. "And I love the taste of your cock in my mouth. Be my boyfriend as well as my son." She almost begged.

"So be it!" Jack said as he unbuttoned Sharon's silky top and finally viewed her heavy breasts before bending low to put one erect nipple into his mouth.The fun was just beginning for mother and son.

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