Mcgovern High
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/mt, Consensual, Rape, Gay, Heterosexual, White Couple, White Male, Hispanic Male, First, Safe Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Public Sex, Violent, School, Nudism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - McGovern High School of Science and Technology becomes the first publicly-supported school in Texas to have The Program. Soccer players Danny Hierro and Vince Miller get selected against their wishes, and worry that people will realize that they are secretly lovers. New student Michelle Black is glad for the opportunity to meet people, but might run into some problems of her own.

Danny Hierro, Monday, January 25, 2010

Today was the day they picked the first Program students, and the air was abuzz with excitement as I walked into school. Texas had outlawed The Program in public schools, but a district court judge had determined that the law didn't apply to charter schools, including McGovern High School of Science and Technology. I made my way through the crowded halls to find Vince Miller, the captain of the soccer team, and, unbeknownst to anyone not on the soccer team, my boyfriend.

He was wearing jeans, a plaid shirt, and sunglasses, and was barefoot. My cock stiffened in my pants as I gazed on his curly blond hair and athletic body, which still held the remnants of a tan he had acquired on winter break in Cabo San Lucas. I longed to kiss those full lips, but hadn't worked up the courage to come out to the school at large yet. I already got bullied enough for being Mexican and an orphan. Vince had the opposite problem; he was the most popular guy in school and had a lot to lose from going public about his sexuality.

Vince put his shoes and backpack in his locker and turned to me.

"So you signed up for The Program?"

"No choice." I was a ward of the state, and as far as the school was concerned, my foster parents didn't have the legal authority to sign the form exempting me from The Program. "What about you?"

"My parents insisted I go through with it. They think it will help me open up."

"About what?"

"You know..."

"Are you going to?"

"If you're ok with it."

"Let me think about it."

"We might not have to worry about it this week. There's only about a 1 in 60 chance that one of us will get picked." I did the math in my head and had to admit he was right, assuming that around half the school was signed up for The Program.

"Yeah, let's go ahead to the auditorium." For the inauguration of The Program, the school was having a special assembly. Ms. Martinez, the Principal, gave an introduction, which mainly consisted of warning everyone to be quiet and "take this seriously," and then turned the microphone over to the school's new Program Coordinator, Mrs. Joseph. She gave a short little pep talk about the importance and value of The Program, and then played a movie. It was one of those cheesy educational movies with a lot of bad synthesizer music and worse acting. I took the opportunity to surreptitiously hold Vince's hand while the lights were down.

When the movie ended, it was time to announce the first participants selected. I didn't know the seniors and my mind started to wander. It snapped back to attention when they called the juniors.

"Vincent Miller, Vincent Miller."

I looked over at Vince, who was looking shocked.

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"I dunno. I have to get on the stage." He walked to the front. When he got to the stage he turned to the audience, smiled, and waved.

Mrs. Joseph called up the sophomore girl, Michelle Black, and then...

"Daniel Hierro, Daniel Hierro."

Michelle Black

'The Program's a great way to meet guys.' At least that's what I told myself as I climbed the steps up to the stage. I had just moved to Cairo from Nitrate City, a cow town between Waco and Fort Worth, and was looking to jump-start my social life. I looked around at the guys on stage with me. They say people in The Program always end up dating their partners, so I sized up mine as we stripped per the Program lady's orders. He wasn't bad-looking, probably Hispanic, with a slim but not skinny build and a nice-sized uncut dick. I noticed he kept glancing furtively at the junior guy, a tall blond. I wondered idly if there was some way I could get them in a threesome. It wasn't particularly likely; I'm pretty average looking, but it did make for a nice fantasy.

We were ordered to strip. I took everything off, including my shoes. Technically, you're allowed to wear shoes and socks in The Program, but I figured there wasn't much point to it. I noticed that my partner, Daniel something, did the same thing, as did the freshman boy. He wasn't bad looking either. The blond was already barefoot.

After the assembly was dismissed, Mrs. Joseph led us back to her office where were given further instructions. It was nothing I hadn't seen on television before, Reasonable Requests, Outreach, and such, but it did give me an opportunity to get a closer look at my fellow participants. My partner and the blond boy both looked pretty nervous.

I introduced myself to him as we walked back to English class together. He said he went by Danny.

When we got to English class, Mrs. Workman asked if we needed relief, but we both declined. I realized that if we were both willing, I could get him to give me relief, which meant full-on fucking rather than just a finger-bang.

Coming out of English class, we were both mobbed by 'Reasonable Requests.' Some of them weren't so reasonable, particularly guys wanting to get inside my cunt, and I said so.

"You can't do that!" one of the guys protested.

"Reasonable Requests specifically do not include penetration. If you don't believe me, take it up with Mrs. Joseph."

"I will!" He stormed off and I got to class without further harassment.

At lunch, I noticed Danny and the blond, and the freshman sitting together. Assuming that all the Program kids were sitting together, I sat next to them, only to realize that they were actually sitting with the soccer team. The blond introduced himself as Vince Miller, and the freshman was Shane Bush.

"So how did you guys all get in The Program together?" I asked, "It's weird that they picked a bunch of people from the same team."

"Yeah," Vince answered, "I think they pick people who already know each other so we'll support each other. Do you know anyone else in The Program?"

"No, I just moved here. To be honest I was hoping to meet people through this."

"You definitely get a lot of attention," Danny said.

"So are you single?" Shane asked.


"You want to go out sometime?"

I like confidence in a guy, so I said "Actually, I'm free tonight."

"Cool, hey, Vince, you and Danny want to drive?"


We met at the front gates after school, where we dressed in front of a crowd of onlookers, local reporters, and protestors.

"I need to get my wallet," Shane said. The four of us piled into Vince's car and drove to Shane's place. I called my mom on the way and told her I was hanging out with some friends and wouldn't be back until after dinner.

When we got to Shane's house, the four of us hung out for a while, until I diplomatically suggested that Shane show me his bedroom. I followed him down the hallway and into his room. It was a typical teenage boy's bedroom, but I wasn't focused on the décor. Instead, I sat down on the bed and started unbuttoning my shirt. After a bit of fumbling, Shane got my bra off and began playing with my boobs. He was getting really into it.

"You like these?" I asked.

"Hell, yeah."

"Really, I always thought they were kind of small."

"Nah, they're nice and perky."

I pulled his shirt off over his chest and pulled down my jeans and panties. I lay down and Shane started working my pussy with his fingers. He didn't really know what he was doing, but I got turned on anyway.

"I'm ready," I whispered.

"Ok," He sat up and started fucking me, slowly at first, then faster and faster as he got more into it. I could tell he wouldn't last long. After a few minutes, Shane stiffened, grunted, and shot his wad inside me.

We lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath.

"So you know any good restaurants?" I asked.

"How do you like barbecue?"

"Sounds good."

We got dressed and made our way out to the living room. Danny and Vince were on the couch. They were kissing each other.

From behind me I heard Shane mutter "Oh, shit." Danny looked up and immediately pulled off Vince. When he saw me, Vince's face turned bright red.

For a moment, no one said anything. Then I broke the silence.

"Don't worry, won't tell anyone."

Vince gave a sigh of relief, "Thanks."

"You guys still want to get dinner?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Red River ok?"

"That's great."

Over dinner, Danny and Vince explained their relationship to me. Danny's parents had both died by the time he was five and he got bounced around foster homes until he was in high school. He decided to try out for the soccer team, which was how he met Vince, who was something of the big man on campus. The soccer team knew about them but no one else did; they were afraid it would jeopardize Vince's popularity and get Danny bullied worse than he already was. I guess some things are the same in Cairo and Nitrate City.

Mom was waiting for me when I got home.

"How was your day?"


"Really? Do tell..."

"You might want to sit down, it's gonna be a long story..."

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