Mother Knows Best
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Torture, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rex is dominated by his Mother-in-Law, while his wife takes a lover; he enjoys being dominated, but her methods of humiliation increase, and the services of other dominant women are utilised in ensuring Rex is broken completely, in preparation for his becoming her permanent slave.

Once again he had arrived at mother-in-law's house; the sneering 60 year old woman, plump and still very attractive, assertive and supremely confident, laughed as she accepted the key to his cock cage from her equally dominant daughter, who left with her lover for Vegas for a week.

Rex's cock stirred in its tight confinement as it always did when he was left with mother; her henpecked husband had died before Rex had met her daughter, and the complete dominance of the younger woman had led to him having an intimate relationship with her mother from day one. Her mature cunt tingled with pleasure as she dangled the tiny key in one hand, and pointed Rex indoors with the swishy cane she held with the other.

"Get in here immediately. I have been so looking forward to punishing you." Rex's cock pulsed in the cage as he meekly obeyed the magnificent woman. She strutted purposefully before him, knowing he'd have his eyes firmly on her ample bottom, which he would soon have the pleasure of servicing with his tongue. His cock dribbled in its cage as he was led to the laundry room; this was often a chosen venue for the teases expertly administered by Madam Sylvia Brigham.

Get your clothes off this instant; I want to see if you've put on any weight. I shall give you an extra special caning if I think you have." Rex stripped without hesitation and she eyed him up and down with a sneer of contempt, and then laughed at his caged cock, cupping his balls, which made his cock pulse uncontrollably in its confinement. She took the key and unlocked his aching cock which unfurled and stiffened immediately.

"You're very pleased to be here aren't you Rex?" Rex could not deny it; he loved being dominated by this mature and elegant woman.

"Yes Madam Sylvia, I am very pleased to be here with you." Her cunt bulged with arousal, making her panties damp; she was equally pleased to have the totally submissive Rex under her control on the many occasions her daughter required the attentions of a real man, combined with an excursion, which were always at the expense of her wimpy husband's diminishing bank account. Though her eager cunt buzzed at the thought of the teasing and torment she would inflict, the elegant and haughty woman maintained a strict air of contempt with her feeble charge, which aided the stiffness of his cock; he was made to feel truly useless at all times.

"And I expect you'll want to sniff my cunt and masturbate at my feet, won't you?" Rex swallowed hard, he was not allowed sex with his wife and was only allowed to masturbate once a week, his wife laughing at his pathetic offerings before cruelly caging him again. Whenever there was a hint he'd be 'sent to mother's' whilst she enjoyed the pleasure of another man's cock, his own cock dribbled with excitement in its cage, as he relished the chance of a visit; the older woman was expertly proficient in her dominance and always allowed him regular relief in exquisitely humiliating situations. Sylvia smiled wickedly at him as she parted her legs and lifted her skirt.

"You'll sniff my cunt but you'll not masturbate yet; I have special laundry treat for you, and then I think a visit to the caning bed will be in order, followed by a fresh entry in the caning bed confession book; we both know you'll mess under the cane in your usual pathetic fashion." Her cunt oozed as she pointed to the pantie covered mound between her legs; she so loved the absolute control she had over Rex and thrashing him till he came gave her a thrill she never tired of. Rex did not hesitate in moving his nose to the delicious mound, a large damp patch of arousal juices growing ever larger as the dominant woman relished her first caning of his visit; Rex sniffed for all he was worth at the heavenly bulge, the delicious aroma of Sylvia's cunt making his cock stiffen to rigidity, oh how he wanted the thrashing now. Sylvia sneered audibly when she saw Rex's ass buck involuntarily as his cock went into spasm in reaction to the delicious scent.

"l have decided you have earned a caning because you have once again failed to satisfy my daughter since I last had the pleasure of caning you; is this true?" Her tingling cunt oozed all the more and her nipples poked through the fabric of her silk blouse as she waited for his inevitable response. Rex was now close to whining for the cane as Sylvia's deliciously scented mature cunt blossomed under his nose.

"Yes Madam Sylvia, I have failed to satisfy my wife, and deserve a caning." Sylvia was feeling particularly vindictive and spiteful today, thoroughly enjoying a fresh domination session with her totally submissive wimp of a son-in-law; she would continue the tease.

"And where is your wife now? In who's company is she? And what will they do on arriving at their destination?" Rex now wallowed in complete submissive humiliation as he prepared his response, whilst Sylvia clenched at her cane, relishing the thrashing she would soon deliver with it.

"My wife is with her lover, they are going to Las Vegas and he will fuck her when they arrive." Rex's cock dribbled with divine humiliation as Sylvia pulled his nose right into the camel-toed fabric covering her excited cunt.

"You are in complete knowledge of your wife being willingly fucked by another man, while you are dominated by your mother-in-law? What does that make you?" Rex was now willing to come immediately as he squirmed in the sweet humiliation, so expertly executed by this wonderfully assertive woman. Sylvia's asshole tingled, as if to remind her that it would require the services of Rex's tongue after the caning. Rex whined out his answer; his tone begging the exquisite thrashing from the superior woman.

"It makes me a cuckold ... and a wimp." Sylvia swished the cane down across his buttocks, striping them delightfully; her cunt tingling with dominant pleasure as she would now deliver the first of many satisfying teases.

"She will be stopping at a motel prior to completing her journey. We have agreed that she will prepare for her first gratifying service from her man, and will phone me when he is erect and ready to please her as you never could. At the very time my daughter enjoys riding her man's stiff and worthy penis, her pleasure will be enhanced by the knowledge that her wimp of a husband is being thrashed by her mother. As her man indulges himself and her, in unleashing his seed into her womanhood, she will know that her husband will deliver his worthless seed to the sheets; thrashed and deservedly punished by her mother. Both she and I will find this very satisfying." Rex panted into into Sylvia's now hotly aroused cunt; her scent and the promise of the first of her humiliating teases had his balls tingling close to orgasm, his cock dribbled at the thought of being caned by the supreme matriarch as his wife was fucked by another man, this would be divinely humiliating. He could not wait to feel the first sting of the birch, and hoped he would not disgrace himself prior to his wife feeling the warmth of her man's seed. Sylvia struggled to maintain her nonchalant air of contempt as her cunt oozed with spiteful pleasure at the promise of delivering this sweetly engineered tease. She kept an eye on the clock.

"You are such a worthless wimp! I have some special treats for you this week, where you'll be put to uses fitting for a wimp whose wife is fucked whilst he is dominated by her mother, but we'll have that caning first; what's in that laundry basket will prepare you for it." Rex's balls were already fit to burst as he was made to empty the laundry basket to be confronted by the sweet scent of a pile of used panties; each had a lable pinned to it, bearing the date worn and the events which will have contributed to the womanly scents which now perfumed the gussets. Sylvia smiled with satisfaction as Rex's eyes lit up like a child's at Christmas; this was another variation on a game he never tired of - sniffing panties whilst mother-in-law watched, humiliation guaranteed as he could not conceal his base pleasure in sniffing used panties. Sylvia deftly picked one pair from the pile and kept them to one side.

"You'll sniff each pair and choose your favourite; you'll be masked with the chosen pair and will sniff the gusset as you are caned. You will be permanently aware of my scent throughout your punishment." She watched with deep satisfaction as Rex's cock bobbed rigidly as he sniffed at the sweetly soiled gussets and read the circumstances which had contributed to the release of the divine essences from her cunt and anus; 'Walked to the mail office to pick up a caning DVD which could not be delivered by hand, thought of caning Rex as I sweltered in the hot sun, watched and thoroughly enjoyed males being punished on DVD.' Rex felt truly inferior as he knelt before the smiling woman and sniffed at the discoloured patches on each gusset, basking unashamedly in his humiliation as his balls ached for relief, tortured by each whiff of the highly seasoned gussets. 'Tuesday fourth; Read book on execution of males; rubbed myself to very pleasing orgasm.' Each written taunt had his cock doubly teased as the aroma was enhanced by the legend; he so wanted to feel that cane. Sylvia eyed the clock and whipped him smartly with the cane.

"Don't you take all day; I want you comfortably shackled to the caning bed when the phone rings." Rex carefully worked his way through the pile, keeping those that excited him the most nearby; Sylvia was delighted to note that they were the more heavily stained items, he was such a cur. As he reached what he thought were the last pair, and panicked a little over is choice, Sylvia toed the pair she had kept to one side over to him. She smiled with satisfaction as he panted heavily on reading the legend which accompanied the panties. They were a frilly white pair, the gusset of which was discoloured from white to creamy yellow; visible brown streaks were patently obvious. She had worn this pair on the day she learned of Rex's visit, again on trip to the seedier side of the downtown mall to purchase items for his visit; excited by the attentions of males in the sex store who knew she was dominant from her purchases, again two days on as she pleasured herself through the fabric after practising with the canes she'd bought, and once more on a trip to a special outfitters to pick up a special outfit for Rex, which would be revealed to him later. The panties had witnessed her excitement, arousal, and absolute pleasure on four occasions without seeing a wash. The heavily soiled gusset told a delicious tale of how cunt and anus had enjoyed the company of the fabric. Rex closed his eyes as he inhaled the spicy odours from the yellow patches and brown streaks, his cock bone hard and pointing up, ready to shoot his load on receiving the cane.

Rex did not need to actually say which pair he would be masked with. Sylvia's mature cunt was now beautifully moist as she made him hold the white panties in his teeth, and ordered him to help undress her. On special occasions such as this, she would strip naked to thrash him. Rex loved being thrashed by a naked Sylvia, her body was more pleasing than his wife's and the thrill of watching her beautifully bulbous ass as she led him up the stairs to the caning room enhanced his orgasm no end; it was also a sign that he would be allowed to lick her cunt and asshole after the caning, to show his gratitude. Sylvia now stood naked before the kneeling Rex, and turned to allow him a quick sniff of her asshole before he was led up for his first caning. She grinned with pleasure as his erect cock touched the back of her legs as he parted her cheeks and sniffed at her tangy scent. She swished her cane in dominant fashion, and Rex followed on all fours as he was led upstairs to be prepared for the birch.

Rex all but shot his load on seeing the caning bed for the first time in a couple of months; the dominant Sylvia had only to point to it, before Rex willingly went and laid face down on it, arms and legs spread star fashion, ready to be manacled with the leather cuffs at each corner. A pillow lay in the middle of the bed which he lay on to raise his ass invitingly, his excited cock nestled into it, his anus tingling with fear and anticipation. Rex watched her rounded and still firm breasts, the nipples poking out like thumbs betraying her otherwise concealed excitement, as she secured his wrists and ankles in the tight leather cuffs; these were purely symbolic as Rex would submit to any punishment the dominant woman subjected him to with complete obedience, the manacles emphasised his bondage and her utter dominance over him, increasing the pleasure for both of them. Rex writhed in excitement and whined audibly with expectation as Sylvia took the panties from his teeth, hooding him with them and ensuring his nose had direct access to the central slim gusset which had nursed her cunt and asshole. Rex squirmed in submissive heaven as Sylvia knotted the panties behind his head and he inhaled the glorious aromas of his dominant mistress's most intimate places. Sylvia's cunt juiced between her legs as she looked down on him in triumph, swishing the cane and making him buck in fear.

"I do hope my daughter is teasing her man's cock to a healthy erection right now; she may even be sucking it for him, to ensure it's stiff enough to please her cunt. I want that call to come, I am anxious to give you a thorough thrashing; I intend to dominate you severely during this week, I will make an example of you in many ways." The sound of the cane had him close to coming as he sniffed as hard as he could through the seasoned gusset. He eyed Sylvia through the fabric of the panties as the elegant woman sat naked, crossing her tanned thighs and giving him a peep at the cunt and asshole he would lick after being punished; she was a superb woman and he yearned to feel the cane which she stood by her chair, his eyes also drawn to the phone on the small table, willing it to ring.

Rex squirmed in his bonds, his cock rigid and rubbing the pillow as he constantly inhaled the heady essences of her cunt, yearning to hear the ring and be dominated. Though he had only been bound for around ten minutes, the tease worked wickedly well; he had time to enjoy his bonds, and think long and hard as to why it was he was not being caned immediately. Sylvia sat patiently, reading a book about how best to dominate males, compiled by many dominatrix' from their experiences; she occasionally smiled down at him and teased her clitoris, ensuring he enjoyed the tension. The phone rang. Sylvia beamed with pleasure, letting it ring a little more than necessary to add to the tease.

"I am going to give you such a thrashing today, you'll cry like a baby." Rex snorted at the gusset and his cock pulsed as she answered the phone.

"Hi sweetie; we've so been looking forward to your call, is he nice and stiff? Your wimp of a husband certainly is ... you're teasing his bell-end and he's anxious to mount you? OK, I won't keep from your pleasure; listen to this before you go..." The grinning Sylvia held the phone high in one hand and strutted across to Rex with the cane in the other. With wicked spite she brought the cane whooshing down three quick times in succession, Rex's wife giggled over the phone as she heard the cane descend and the cries of pain from Rex. Sylvia strutted back to the table.

"I hope you and your man find the next few minutes as enjoyable as I will ... Yes, I'll make sure he pays dearly for being a wimp, and is made to think of you being fucked whilst he's caned ... bye! You enjoy that cock now!" Sylvia's face turned to a look of wicked severity as she placed the phone down, and drew the cane between her ample thighs, drawing across her now glistening cunt. She poked the end under the gusset and had him lick the taste of fresh arousal from the cane she would now thrash him to tears with. Already tearful from just the three strokes, Rex's ass bucked uncontrollably on the pillow as Sylvia brought the cane down again and again; as the stripes blossomed across his cheeks, the tears flowed as Sylvia taunted him.

"Just think, my daughter is having her cunt probed by a lovely stiff cock at this very moment; it's a pity you can't be there to lick her clean when he's done." Rex whimpered and thought of his wife being fucked as Sylvia delivered her next salvo of stinging strokes; her cunt oozed with pleasure as she thoroughly enjoyed inflicting pain on Rex, she was close to coming as the cane cut his cheeks and made him writhe in agony. After another fifteen strokes or so, and with Rex beginning to squirm and fuck the pillow uncontrollably, she taunted again.

"Oh yes ... you can almost hear my daughter moaning with pleasure as her man stretches her cunt and moans himself before filling it with his cream; your wife's cunt that is. I'm going to make you come now, then you'll have the pleasure of licking her mother's asshole, you utterly useless wimp!" Sylvia knew Rex was now basking in an erotic heaven of sweet humiliation and would now show his complete submission by shooting his cream in ecstasy under the cane; her cunt was more than ready to have him disgrace himself, sign the book, and feel the eager caress of his submissive tongue. The thrill of directly involving her daughter and her lover had been an exquisite triumph.

Sylvia stood dominantly, one hand on hip as she delivered the coup-de-grace of her sound thrashing in true matronly fashion. Her cunt juiced as she made him sure he felt every stroke of the punishing birch as he squirmed in a divine blend of agony and ecstasy. Sylvia grinned with deep satisfaction as Rex displayed the signs which guaranteed his imminent disgrace. Rex tensed in the cuffs and lifted his defeated ass cheeks as if to meet the cane as he now pumped the pillow with his stiff cock, balls tingling in their announcement that he would shortly mess in total ecstasy. He sniffed hard and fast through the soiled gusset and thought of his wife being fucked as her mother made the delicious sounds with the cane; music to his submissive ears. He grimaced in absolute pleasure as the stinging pain became pleasurable and his cock shot the first ecstatic spurt of hot semen beneath him; he was utterly defeated and in total submission now. Sylvia whipped the cane down in rapid succession; eager that he should know pain as he was milked by each wicked stroke, she basked in the subliminal pleasure of her absolute dominance over him. Rex moaned and humped in his bonds; the scent of the gusset was like an opiate now, the sting of the cane's strokes became more like the feel of masturbation, and the view of his mother-in-law was as if she were a goddess owning him completely; his balls ached divinely as he spent like he would never spend again, sliding back and forth in the jets of his own slippery semen as he soiled the pillow and earned a further caning which he would gladly accept.

Sylvia stood over him; her nipples erect as she put the cane under her arm and undid the shackles one by one. She smiled with immense pleasure as she untied the now sopping panties and viewed his tearful whimpering face, now tempered with the delicious relief the cane had brought him. She handed him the book and had him lie over the messy pillow once more; she laughed as he bucked when the cold cream was applied to his tortured buttocks as he signed the confession book below the many entries he'd already made. 'Reason': 'Soiled the sheets when being caned by Mother.' 'Award.': '50 Strokes.' Sylvia checked his entry after finishing rubbing in the cream; on many occasions before, she had made him lick his mess up, but such was the urgency of her cunt she decided his tongue would be put to good use immediately. Rex's cock was already stiff again as Sylvia placed the book down and pointed the room next door with her cane. Rex meekly obeyed and followed her through to her boudoir-like bedroom next door.

Rex was made to kneel at the foot of the bed, his red ass glowing after his punishment. Sylvia ascended the head of the bed, cane still in hand to firmly remind the wimp of her absolute authority. His cock rose to full stiffness once more as she lay with her back against the pillows and headboard, and slowly and teasingly lifted and spread her legs. Rex sniffed at the air, hoping to catch a waft of the moist cunt and sticky asshole which he was now teased with the sight of, making Sylvia laugh. Though she was in urgent need of satisfaction, she needed to have order from every situation and would make Rex thank her for the caning before he was allowed to service both her holes. Rex was now willing to conform as quickly as possible; he so wanted to sniff and lick at the gorgeous cunt and arsehole now within his sight, he knew the routine so well and hoped she'd allow him to masturbate at her feet when she was satisfied. Sylvia sat with splayed legs, showing her magnificent labia, the beautiful pink butterfly so moist and inviting which had been worshipped by her husband who had also been a slave to it, and was now kept shaven and smooth to tease her son-in-law with. She simply lifted her head sharply once, and gave Rex a look of utter contempt as her signal that she wished to hear his thanks.

"Thank you for caning me Madam Sylvia; I have fully deserved punishment as usual and look forward to the caning I have since earned; please may I now show my humble gratitude in being of service to you." Rex's asshole tingled as he spoke; though he had made the speech many times it still had potency in humiliating him, stiffening his cock in readiness for the delicious taste of the cunt of the woman who dominated him so thoroughly. Sylvia's cunt tingled as she nodded her approval and pointed to her needy mound. Rex ascended the bed and crawled up to her magnificent flower; her tone was more affectionate now, he had humbled himself well and caning him had been a real pleasure for her.

"You have a good sniff first, and see how excited I've become in administering your punishment; your pain becomes so much more enjoyable each time, I shall have to be extra vigorous in my application of the cane in future; I may actually come myself one day that would be exquisite." Rex inhaled deeply as he took in her words which helped tease his balls as much as the delicious scent of her excited cunt; she gently pushed his head down and had him sniff her asshole too, his cock pulsed at the tart tang it offered; Rex knew this is where he'd be when his dominant mother-in-law reached her orgasm. She eased his head back up.

"You may lick my cunt now; I want it thoroughly serviced and cleaned before you are allowed to worship my asshole; I have a special treat for you tomorrow which we will both get immense pleasure from, I intend to humiliate you in a very unique way." Rex's balls tingled and he was already yearning to come again, as he lapped at her deliciously sweaty flaps and folds, his cock pulsing as his tongue slipped deep into her slit to be rewarded by the stronger flavours there; what was in store for him tomorrow? He knew how she loved to tease and humiliate him, whatever it was, he would be shown his place and his cock rubbed rigid on the bed as he paid homage to his dominant mistress. Sylvia now moaned with pleasure as he caressed the nub of her clitoris, and then eased his head down to the delicious pucker at the base of her beautifully rounded cheeks. She moaned all the more as Rex eagerly probed the tangy delights of her mature asshole; he was close to earning yet another caning as he was immersed in the submissive heaven of performing this act of complete submission to the woman who had thrashed him. Sylvia was also immersed in wave after wave of pleasure as she relished the complete control and dominance she had over her son-in-law; she thought of how she had enjoyed thrashing him as her daughter was fucked, and now burst into a fulfilling orgasm as his tongue lovingly and submissively probed her asshole in gratitude. She lifted her legs high and wide as her whole body shimmered in ecstasy in triumph over the lowly male, who faced a thrilling tease tomorrow. As she recovered, she lifted his head from attending her asshole and pointed to the floor beside her bed; Rex's cock pulsed with anticipation.

"You have pleased me sufficiently today, I shall now have the further pleasure of watching you disgrace yourself at my feet; you may masturbate for me." Rex wasted no time as she placed her feet to the floor and placed the cane next to them, to enhance his ejaculation, he knelt obediently at the feet of the supremely dominant woman and stroked his cock while looking at her elegant legs and the cane, reminisced on the thrashing he'd has from it, and the delightful tastes of her cunt and asshole. Sylvia smiled as the submissive cur began to arch his back, back and forth as the imminent arrival of his ecstatic delivery was announced; she teased the underside of his balls with her cane.

"You'll come for me right now! I'll have a good show from you or you'll have another thrashing before being put to bed." Rex immediately erupted, his bulging bell-end shooting its hot tribute over her elegant feet and carefully pedicured toes. He moaned and grunted in absolute ecstasy as Sylvia laughed with contempt at him, and continued to lift and poke his balls with the cane. As he jetted his semen to a satisfying crescendo, he shot a loop of cream onto the cane which had punished him; Sylvia twirled it with satisfaction, capturing the sticky loop before it dribbled off, and having Rex lick it clean as she sneered in triumph. The dominant matriarch then lifted each foot in turn, and had Rex suck each toe in turn, and lick his mess from each. Res was about to ascend to the bed when Sylvia smiled wickedly and pointed to the door.

"Oh you're not sleeping in here tonight, though it is time that small boys were in bed." She descended the stairs and Rex followed meekly. She smiled wickedly as he was shown into the TV lounge, and was astonished to find a bed in there, next to a chair and a large TV; two long silk scarves and a pair of lacy panties were on the bed, which he was ordered into. One scarf was used to tie his ankles, the other to bind his wrists behind his back. Sylvia laughed wickedly.

"We'll have no masturbating without my permission; I know you small boys cannot be trusted." Rex pondered on the 'small boy' emphasis as he sampled another divinely scented gusset being tied over his face; this was a new humiliation theme not previously used by the dominant mother, he wondered where it was leading.

"You just be a good boy and go to sleep while I enjoy some of my favourite recordings, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow." Rex's cock rose once more as he was forced to breathe through the deliciously scented gusset, whilst enjoying his submissive state of bondage. It was patently obvious that sleep was impossible while the television was on; Sylvia knowing full well that her captive would enjoy the recordings as much as she. She toyed with herself as various scenarios were played out on the screen; each had a similar theme which involved males being punished. Rex yearned to play with his cock as a haughty school mistress delivered a severe caning to a male in front of a class of young females, each one smiling with spiteful satisfaction as the distressed male was reduced to tears in humiliating fashion; Sylvia compounded his agony by moaning with pleasure on occasion, as she brought herself off. Males were thrashed teased and allowed to masturbate, as Rex looked on with stiff cock, his hands secured behind him; he now yearned for her to be sated by the teasing clips, and retire to bed so he could roll onto his front and rub his cock to orgasm on the sheets, though he knew she'd be furious and would punish him severely on discovering his semen. His cock was as stiff as it had been at any time earlier that day by the time Sylvia decided to retire; he tried to feign being asleep but Sylvia pulled back the sheets and smiled at the huge erection he could not conceal.

"Oh dear, we can't let you have any wet dreams can we? That would reduce our fun tomorrow." Rex whimpered with frustration and Sylvia laughed aloud as she spoiled his plans by producing a padded leather sheath which she took great pleasure in sliding over his erect cock, tying it around his waist and beneath the balls and up the crack of his ass to join it with the second string; no friction whatsoever would be experienced by his now nullified erect cock; Sylvia had triumphed over him again.

"I know all the tricks you young boys get up to; you'll thank me tomorrow for stopping you from wasting yourself and you'll spend the night in denial, whilst I shall take my favourite vibrator to bed and think of your predicament Goodnight young man." Giggling with pleasure she left the room and turned out the lights, leaving the door wide open. Rex did not hear her bedroom door close either, but he soon heard the dull buzzing of Sylvia's favourite, and her moans of pleasure.

He slept fitfully and was awoken by a sight which had his cock fill the cruel leather sheath immediately; Sylvia was a magnificently dominant woman at all times, but she looked extra dominant today. Her hair was in a severe bun; she sported horn-rim glasses-sixties-style, and wore a black pencil skirt, black silk blouse with belt which squeezed her waist in, black stockings and black stilettos. She looked every inch the strict school-mistress; Rex would soon learn this was for a good reason. She also carried a school-type rattan cane with the classic looped handle, with which he was whipped smartly out of bed after being released from his bonds. He was taken to the shower room where Sylvia remained with him, watching him like a hawk to ensure he did not masturbate. Even though he shampooed and washed in adult fashion, she took great delight in having him kneel so that she could check he had washed behind his ears; it was evident she was intent on making him feel like an immature boy. She even insisted on helping dry the inside of his ears with the corners of the towel, in a strange motherly fashion. Her cunt buzzed with pleasure as she lifted his half-erect cock with the cane, making it stiffen.

"I have a special breakfast item for you today; it will give extra pep along with your cereal for the rest of the day." Rex was sat naked at the breakfast table, and stroked his erect cock at every opportunity his dominant mother-in-law's back was turned; she looked so horny this morning and seemed to purposely bend in front of him from time to time as she bustled in the kitchen, showing him her beautifully rounded ass, tight in the black skirt, cane under her arm or never far from her side. She smiled as he finished his breakfast and filled a glass with water, before retrieving something from the medical cabinet and placing it on the side with the water. She looked sternly at him and then pointed the floor in front of her with the cane.

"Time for your special medicine; come and kneel before me, you are going to have a very special day today." Rex knelt obediently at her feet and his cock swelled, after the tease and denial of the previous night, and on seeing the magnificent woman dressed as she was now, he was already yearning to shoot his load. Sylvia sneered down at him and teased his now erect cock with her cane as he viewed her elegant stocking clad legs; he so wanted to masturbate there, and lick those sexy shoes clean of his mess. Sylvia handed him down the glass of water, and then passed him a large blue diamond shaped tablet.

"You take your medicine like a good boy, and then we'll have some fun putting your new outfit on; we are going to visit some friends of mine today, and you are going to show them how well behaved you are. They will also enjoy hearing you tell of the situations you and my daughter were in yesterday; they will thoroughly enjoy your humiliation, and your medicine will make it extra enjoyable for you." Rex knew the Viagra would soon take effect, keeping his already stiff and yearning cock rigid. He also knew it meant that her friends were unlikely to just want to hear about his confessions; his cock tingled as he thought of being dominated by several mature women. Sylvia strutted away and came back with some packages containing clothing; her cunt tingled as Rex was shown the items, which he greeted with some disdain.

Rex was dressed in baggy grey schoolboy shorts, which he was made to wear with no underwear; he showed signs of protesting, such would be the acute embarrassment of wearing such an item, and though he did not actually say anything, the stern woman had him bend over a chair while his ass received three strokes. Sylvia was now very excited as she relished what was to come. Rex was even more dismayed at the white ankle socks and specially made adult-size children's sandals he was made to wear; a white long sleeved shirt and cap, with the satchel he was made to carry completed the humiliating picture. Rex was a junior schoolboy, and would be seen with a severe looking school-mistress; all who saw them would know who was in control. They would also witness his Viagra induced excitement; being allowed no underwear, his cock rudely puffed the baggy grey shorts forward. Anyone they encountered would know he was thrilled to be dominated and would enjoy his humiliation. Rex was very uneasy about this new situation, but apart from her friends, who else was likely to see them unless the car was stopped during the journey? Rex eased a little with this thought, but the sheer humiliation he felt when made to look into a mirror by Sylvia, had his cock rigid; he looked acutely foolish, which is just what the stern mother-in-law had set out to achieve. He also noted that the soles of the sandals were very thin, as they were designed to reduce his height as much as possible; Sylvia's stilettos were designed in the opposite fashion, she was now as tall as him, but seemed taller-he was dominated from all angles. Sylvia was very pleased with her work and her cunt moistened as she finished her schoolboy off by doing up the top collar button, as small boys are apt to do. They were now ready to leave.

"You will be taught some very special lessons today; my friends have all worked in places of authority over males during their lives, and will be pleased to test that your manners and obedience are at the correct levels. You will of course earn a thrashing from me for each occasion if you let me down in any way, however trivial it may seem at the time." Her words and the awe of facing several stern mistresses had his anus tingling with fear and his cock ached for relief; it had already made a small black patch in the grey fabric of the shorts as he oozed pre-cum, in anticipation of unknown punishment and humiliation to come. His cock pulsed as he was led out into the sunshine and followed the wonderful backside down towards the car; he was acutely embarrassed even without being seen, so was in a state of panic when Sylvia walked straight past the car. Her cunt bulged with pleasure as she saw the fear on his face.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you; we'll be travelling by public transport today. I want you to truly appreciate your position as an inferior male; the trip to our destination will be suitably humbling for you, it will serve as a lesson in humility which we will both great deal of pleasure from." Rex broke into a cold sweat as he timidly obeyed his stern mistress, who now held his hand as if to emphasise to others that he was really a small child inside who could not be trusted to cross roads on his own etc. Rex felt truly owned and controlled by this magnificent female now; as he wallowed in shame and self-pity, his cock remained rigid as his submissive side was boosted by the Viagra. As they took the short walk downtown to the bus stop, passing women smiled with satisfaction as they saw what they knew could only be an adult male being publicly humiliated; cunts tingled as they saw the stern school-mistress-like woman with the cane, obviously superior and in charge of a feeble male, dressed like a child, and unable to contain his physical excitement at being dominated in public. Males laughed, but some felt their cock's stirring as they eyed the deliciously stern woman who was so obviously in control; many were envious of Rex and imagined the delights he faced.

Rex felt as though the entire world's eyes were focused on just him as they reached the bus stop. Sylvia sat in one of the available seats in the row, of which there were several, but Rex was made to stand; Sylvia still held his hand, ensuring the link between the two was made patently obvious at all times. She smiled with satisfaction as she crossed her legs, her cunt tingling as she looked round and inspected the growing patch at the front of Rex's protruding shorts; the Viagra was assisting with a most satisfactory humiliation. Rex went various shades of pink and his heart fluttered as passing cars slowed and tooted their horns; the occupants, both male and female, laughing rudely at the adult schoolboy. Rex was relieved when the bus arrived; the driver was female and she sneered with delight at Rex as she addressed his stern mistress.

"One adult, one child?" She laughed as she broadcast her recognition to the crowded bus's occupants, each and every one of them, grinning and staring at Rex and his owner as she purposely ushered and chastised him along, making no effort to conceal the wicked cane. Rex's day was about to improve considerably, in a way that neither he nor Sylvia could have predicted. As they took their seats, a plump but shapely black woman in the opposite isle stared unrelentingly at Rex, smiling and nodding her absolute approval of a male being shown his place by a woman. Her cunt tingled with arousal at the shaming of a male; in a world full of arrogant males, especially white ones, it gave her supreme pleasure to witness this one's humiliation.

"I hope you are keeping that boy nicely disciplined; l used to keep house for a couple whose sons were in their late teens, mother there ruled the roost and gave me free range over disciplining her boys. I caned them frequently and know that their father would have appreciated it too, but I never had the chance. I found it very invigorating using the cane; I was so sad when they moved to Canada." Rex's cock oozed and he swallowed hard as the attractive black lady heaved her large breasts and sneered at the tent in his shorts and the patch created by his excitement; he had often masturbated over black women, shooting his load in ecstasy over pictures of white males being face-sat. Being dominated by one would be exquisite; their venom toward a white male would ensure severe punishments. Sylvia's cunt buzzed with excitement at the woman's story and the possibilities that existed.

"Why, I've been looking for a housekeeper for some time, especially one who would relish supervising my son-in-law; I know his visits to my house will become more and more frequent as my daughter's patience with his uselessness grows thinner every day. He may shortly be under my control on a permanent basis; this would make your tasks very simple indeed, you could discipline him at your leisure when I am otherwise engaged, and I'd allow you free range with him anyhow." She turned to Rex.

"You'd love to be disciplined by this lady, wouldn't you Rex?" Rex was now squirming in a mixture of acute humiliation and subliminal submissive pleasure as he was aware the entire bus was listening in with pleasure, and the entire compliment jeered and gave its approval as he answered.

"Yes Madam Sylvia, I would love to be disciplined by this lady." Sylvia sneered in triumph at his humiliation and turned back to the black lady as the derisory laughing subsided.

"Of course, you don't have to give me a decision right away, we'd need to talk terms, though I'm sure you'd find me most generous; why don't you come with us and meet my friends, I'm sure you'd love to witness Rex being disciplined?" The shapely black lady, who was becoming sexier by the moment in Rex's eyes, did not hesitate.

"Oh I think I like the sound of both your ideas; I'd love to be party to his discipline, I was only going to town to see a job agency, you've just made my day." The lady introduced herself as Martha Johnson and she chatted openly with Sylvia about methods of chastising males, what was best applied in reducing them from a state of arrogance to one of servility. Rex was now almost oblivious to the attentions of the other passengers; his cock was now pulsing with pleasure as he covertly eyed his new mistress and imagined being dominated by her; he wondered if she would be partial to having her asshole licked; he was not to be disappointed. Martha smiled contentedly as the bus moved away from the stop she had initially intended alighting at, as it headed for the other side of town; most of the people had left the bus now, and Sylvia passed the cane to Martha who took great pleasure in feeling its flexibility.

"I have several rattans like this at home, I find they are so durable and provide excellent results when a thrashing is necessary; they never break and the uniform application of firm strokes is guaranteed." Sylvia's cunt moistened nicely in her panties.

"I shall watch your technique when we return to my house this evening; Rex has earned a fifty stroke caning from last night, he's going to tell my friends all about it when we get there. You'd like Martha to thrash you wouldn't you Rex?" The few other people left on the bus smiled with glee as they watched the submissive male teased and dominated verbally by the two women; cocks stiffened and cunts tingled as they imagined the white male thrashed by the shapely black woman, whilst the elegant mature white woman looked on and gave her approval. Martha pursed her cherry red lips and gave him a knowing smile which he would become all too familiar with. Her breasts heaved as she awaited the only answer he could give.

"Yes Madam Sylvia, I would love to be thrashed by Madam Martha." The few people left sniggered and laughed at his admission, Martha's cunt was now fully aroused and in need of a good licking from a subservient tongue; 'Madam Martha', she loved the sound of that.

A shocked and sweating Rex was finally ushered from the bus as it reached the outskirts of a richer suburban area. Martha was now handed the cane, which she took with some pleasure as she adopted her haughtiest air; the two strutting women with the dominated schoolboy between them. Martha gripped the cane and whispered to Rex as they walked.

"I am so looking forward to thrashing you. I am going to make you pay for every insult or act of arrogance I have endured from any man, black or white, we'll soon have you doing my chores efficiently; I intend to supervise you every moment of the day." Sylvia laughed.

"He especially likes laundry duties; he likes to sort panties, now he'll have extra pairs to sniff." Rex's cock ached and continued to ooze lubricant as he thought of the pleasure of sniffing Martha's panties too, as the two new friends laughed at him. The women's cunts swelled with pleasure each time an onlooker from this wealthier area took an interest in them; a woman of a similar age to Sylvia came right to the front of her driveway, having seen them approach and smiled with sublime satisfaction as she gratefully took in the scene. She crossed her arms as she sneered with pleasure at the shamed Rex, his erect cock now having left a large and apparent patch to the fore of his grey shorts; such was his continued excitement and perpetual humiliation. The woman's cunt buzzed to match his two owners.

"I'd love to send my husband to the school he's at, I can see you have him nice and obedient" At which point she produced her phone and the two women obligingly stopped Rex and they posed for the woman. Sylvia would have Rex fully enjoy the impromptu situation.

"Would you like to hold the cane and have him kiss your feet while I film his obedience for you?" The woman's cunt perked with pleasure.

"Oh yes please, I'd love that." Martha handed the cane to the woman and she held it in dominant fashion as Rex bent and kissed her feet in public. His humiliation was magnified as two other approaching women slowed, and watched with joy as Rex went red-faced with the exposure. Though acutely embarrassed at the moment, Rex knew he would recall the situation later, on occasions when allowed to masturbate; his submission to women was absolute and he loved it as Sylvia barked at him to make sure he kissed those feet adequately. He would come long and hard as he wallowed in rich memories of being dominated in such a humiliating fashion by all women. The phone was then handed back to the woman, who then took a few more poses of the trio, and the two other women who stood smiling contentedly at Rex's actions. Her cunt buzzing, she retired to her house to download the shots, and retrieved her favourite dildo to accompany her while she did so.

At last Sylvia guided them up the short driveway leading to a grandiose Italianate house, and the cold sweat that Rex had endured almost constantly since leaving Sylvia's house, now receded slightly as he realised they were at their destination. The door was opened by a smiling red-headed woman who looked as though she had been dressed by the same outfitter as his mistress; it was equally severe. After Sylvia had explained Martha's presence and the mutual good fortune of their union, they were led in to a spacious and comfortable lounge, where two other equally severe women in schoolmistress guise awaited them. Rex's cock was close to involuntary ejaculation as he found himself free of the public torment but was now surrounded by five dominant women and the promise of discipline from them. The three elegant and confident mistresses now crowded round him; the redhead pointed at the now huge patch in his shorts.

"Why, he has almost lost control completely; he must have thoroughly enjoyed his journey, has he earned relief?" One of the other mistresses, a stern looking brunette, also commented.

"If he's had his medicine as you suggested Sylvia, he'll need immediate relief or he'll not fully appreciate the discipline he's offered." The third, a very fit looking blonde, her nipples already poking excitedly through her blouse as she studied the bulge in Rex's shorts, agreed.

"I'll get a towel; we can watch him disgrace himself, and that will also give us licence to discipline him." As the blonde returned with the towel, she smirked as she bent and laid it on the floor, showing Rex her delightfully full ass in its tight skirt as she did so. Sylvia barked at Rex.

"Shorts down now, and kneel with them around your ankles. You will show all present how you have enjoyed your journey; you will masturbate while we watch, then your discipline will begin." Rex dropped his shorts obediently, and with them about his ankles, accompanying the white socks and sandals which together had served to shame him so well, he gratefully gripped his stiff aching cock. As he knelt and stroked with instant pleasure, he viewed the gracefully stern legs of the women who would make sure he recognised his place below them and who would dominate him. Sylvia knew she would need to be quick with her teasing; Rex had done well in not shooting his cream within his shorts, and would shortly spend with volcanic proportions. However, the Viagra would ensure he was ready to shoot again almost immediately.

"Tell the ladies what you did last night to earn a thrashing from your new mentor, Martha. Let them know the part your wife played in it." The women now held canes of their own, to emphasise to Rex that he faced a delicious caning from each, which they flexed as they awaited his description.

"I disgraced myself on the sheets whilst being caned; my wife phoned to signify the commencement of the caning, to coincide with her being serviced by her lover. Martha is to cane me tonight as punishment." The lady's cunts squirmed excitedly as they laughed, Martha's oozed into her panties as she relished her duty later; Rex began to rock on his knees, he would shoot very soon, Sylvia ensured he would do so with gusto.

"Yes ladies, Rex came while being caned by mother-in-law, at the precise time his wife was fucked satisfactorily by her lover; the humiliation and pleasure was sublime." Rex grunted and moaned aloud as the ecstasy of realisation was now made clear to him by his own predicament, and reinforced by the announcements of the stern women who surrounded him. As he knelt in the shorts which continued to humiliate, he thought of the pleasures of Sylvia's ownership which she had hinted may become permanent, the delights of Martha which would follow, the sweet humiliations of the journey, and now his introduction to these three foreboding women. Rex was now resigned to absolute domination at the hands of womanhood, as the redhead placed a towel on the floor for him to jet his tribute to them, and made sure he did so with honour.

"You may think you are totally submissive to women in your present state, but we three will break and mould you as we have many men. You will show complete and utter obedience to every female's simplest of whims when we have conditioned you. Today will be the first session of lessons, you will attend at further dates until you have been fully processed; the three of us will take great pleasure in reducing your status completely, and you will waste your seed many times in absolute submission." With that the haughty red governess pointed sternly to the towel and Rex duly obliged; his asshole tingled with fear and deeply erotic pleasure as his balls pumped in their first submission. He now knew that the humiliation he'd suffered would be nothing compared with what was to come; the three new tormentors sneered and flexed their canes as he moaned with a relief that signalled he was ready to face the punishments they would break him with. Rex was ready to submit his very life as he spent liberally again and again, his hot semen jetting in creamy loops onto the waiting towel.

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