Home Invasion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, BDSM, Rough, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Voyeurism, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sophia was a married woman of 34yrs,5'4'' tall with a 34c-24-34 body. Her husband David worked away from home. One day she returned to find four total strangers in her house, this story relates the things they did to her that day.

It was 8.45am on Monday and Sophia had to get her children to school for 9am, she was already behind schedule as she climbed into the car, telling the kids to get their seatbelts on as she started the engine and left her drive to start the journey to the school. She would come straight back as she had lots of housework to do after the weekend so would only be gone for about 30minutes. She failed to see the plain white van that pulled up at the kerb outside of her house as she left.

Sophia was not your typical suburban housewife, prior to getting married and settling down she had been a top glamour model and as a result she had money of her own which she was happy to invest in the house she now shared with her husband David. All of their friends and neighbours liked the couple who had a very good marriage, Sophia fitting into the mother and homemaker role, loving every minute of it, enjoying watching her children grow into polite, active children. David had a very good job in the oil industry, which unfortunately meant a lot of travel so he was often away from home for up to a month at a time dealing with the various problems that this industry would throw up, but because he enjoyed his work and Sophia had travelled extensively as a model they had no issues with this. Their sex life was exciting when he came home and Sophia had her selection of toys in her bedside cabinet to keep her amused while he was away.

At 34yrs old and standing just 5'4'' tall Sophia was considered a pocket rocket, a very attractive woman with long brunette hair and a stunning 36c-24-36 figure she was high on the lust list of her friend's husbands and David's friends at work. Whenever they attended company events she was the popular choice for a dance amongst the single guys and quite a few of the married ones as well. At neighbours barbecues she was popular with the wives and the husbands were very attentive and aware of her assets.

When David made love to Sophia after these events he would often tease her about the way she danced with some of the guys, and the fact she allowed them to put hands on her pert bottom which incidentally was well worth fondling. Sophia would admit she enjoyed teasing the guys and enjoyed the fact she was still able to turn heads even though her modelling days were behind her. David for his part also admitted to being turned on by watching her antics, their love making was always frantic as they talked about who had fondled her ass or tried to get a feel of her tit's during the dancing, getting more adventurous, especially when David's back was turned. Discussing this always turned them both on and Sophia's orgasms were always bigger with the talk. They had never taken it any further and it was always just their own little fantasy as it feed into Sophia's modelling and how many photographer's had seen her naked with her legs spread for various magazines. Sophia was an exhibitionist and enjoyed the attention she always got as a model, and still did, even when she had been pregnant with the kids. She knew she was the subject of many men's and teenage boy's fantasies when she was at parties and company do's. David did not mind, in fact he liked being the husband of such a desirable woman who exuded sex appeal, he often found the guys working in the oil fields with him would talk about Sophia when they were away on jobs, moaning about how their wives had often let themselves go once the kids arrived and they had settled into a routine with the home and marriage.

Sophia dropped the kids off and reminded them that her friend would be collecting them to go to their house after school to play with her children and then bring them home around 7pm for dinner and homework, the kids scrambled off shouting goodbye and they wouldn't forget. Sophia started back home stopping at the local shop to get some milk before arriving home at about 9.30am. She pulled into her drive noting that her neighbours must be having some work done on their house judging by the white work-mans van parked outside. Stopping her car and climbing out she used her fob to close the car door locks, with her milk in one hand and her key in the other she opened the front door and stepped into her home, ready to have a cup of tea and start her house-work.

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