An afternoon in the City
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2013 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was recently divorced. Well, his wife ran away with a "Brazilian Butt Trainer" and now he is unemployed with his insurance running out soon and on the verge of eviction from his apartment. He loses contact with reality in the cheap movie houses on 42nd Street and hooks up with a pair of man-hating lesbians. Then the fun began...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Water Sports  

I need to tell you a little bit about myself before I start this story of how I became a slut "spankee" for a pair of lesbian man-haters with no sense of humor about the desperate needs of a hard cock. I am one of those guys who managed to fall in love with my high school sweetheart and we got married even before we graduated because she was starting to show and attracting unwelcome glances.

We settled down into boring jobs and a dull routine devoid of any hint of spontaneous sex and soon our two children were graduating high school themselves. My dutiful wife suddenly became interested in "finding herself" and ran off to Florida with her "Brazilian Butt" trainer Geronimo who was really from Puerto Rico. I was really confused after that because I was still in love with her and in all honesty I really liked Geronimo who had a great accent and amazing pecs. I really felt a little sorry for him because he was illiterate and needed help in reading simple signs on the street.

Not wanting to get into too many details which I am sure you would all find a bit boring, I started to drink a little too much and lost my job working at night in the New York City Transit System. My supervisor took a dim view of my falling asleep on the night shift. I was distressed at the loss of steady employment, to say the least, but at least the unemployment paychecks helped me over the hump of poverty until that ran out as well and I was in danger of being evicted from my little quiet nest of an apartment in the South Bronx.

I had taken to running away each day to the bright lights of Times Square and just would walk around and often enter the cheap movie theaters that promised you everything but seldom delivered what they said on the poster.

I was in one of those cheap little theaters on a Friday afternoon when I noticed the two females in front of me were kissing each other. I guess they were drawn to the movie because it was about this pair of women who were so into each other that they eventually staged a double suicide. I had found it a bit depressing and was almost ready to leave before the end, but the gleam in the younger actress's eyes and her succulent behind made me finger my package repeatedly, and kept me from making that final exit.

The two girls in the seat right in front of me actually became more interesting than the movie with their flashing tongues and moans of pleasure and I leaned over to get a better view. They both had their hands under each other skirts so I knew right away that they were definitely romantically involved. It intrigued me why they would be so public in their passion but, then again, in Times Square almost everything goes.

The older woman spied me gawking at them and nudged her companion. Now it was my turn to be embarrassed because I had been caught peeking at them in a private moment not intended to be shared by least of all a "man". I settled back into my seat and tried to become just an undefined shadow in the dark.

When the movie was over, I went out under the marque and was surprised to see it was teeming with a sudden downpour and streets filled with people scurrying in every direction to avoid getting drenched. The two women came out holding hands and I pretended to look at one of the posters studiously avoiding looking in their direction.

The older one with the obviously dyed red hair and the fake eyelashes that fluttered whenever she blinked grabbed hold of my arm and said,

"You seemed awful interested in Trixie and me, Mister. Do you have a thing for watching girls having fun together?"

I was instantly mortified.

This confrontational stranger had hit on my key weakness when it came to sexual activities. Ever since I was just graduating high school at 18, I was a lover of female on female sex and had a voyeuristic steak a mile long deep inside me. In fact, my favorite porn movies were mostly female on female sex and I would imagine I would run up to the beautiful lesbian actresses and convince them of the superiority of being made love to by a real live cock. I was also smart enough to realize the chances of that were slim to none.

"I am so sorry. I was curious because you are both beautiful women and I find it exciting to see how you pleasure each other."

The woman told me it was not a problem and that her name was Helen. The other girl called Trixie was trying to appear nonchalant but I saw it really a shyness on her part and not a sense of detachment.

Helen invited me to join both she and Trixie at "her place" for some interesting videos of female on female friendliness and since I had no other place to go, I immediately took her up on the kind offer. Her apartment was much larger than mine and they had a nice entertainment unit built into the wall with a large circular black leather sofa to curl up on. There was more than enough room for all three of us on the comfortable sofa.

Both Helen and Trixie took off their jackets and I saw that neither one of them believed in the use of a bra to restrain the movement of their prominent breasts. The outline of their nipples was easily seen from any angle. I noticed that despite her quiet demeanor, the younger Trixie was quite aroused and her nipples were sticking out and pressing against the thin material of her summer blouse. To make matters worse, Helen, seeing my interest, opened Trixie's buttons and exposed one of the younger girl's breasts to full view and tweaked the nipple with friendly intent. She then took my hand and placed it on her friend's boob and laughed when I was hit with a surge of static electricity. Even Trixie giggled at that and I suddenly felt a lot more relaxed. I scooted back and started to stroke Trixie's boob with keen interest and much to her personal delight.

Helen put on a video of three girls all intertwined with each other's bodies on a waterbed that never stopped moving with their perverted antics.

While I was involved with getting better acquainted with Trixie's boobs, Helen was freeing my long-deprived cock from the confines of my trousers and had lowered her head to engulf my shaft with her delicious lips. She certainly knew what she was doing and was not in the least bit reluctant to bury me deep in her wet mouth and tight throat. I knew at this rate, I would not be able to forestall my explosion of creamy cum much longer and I knew she was well aware of that fact.

She stopped suddenly and pulled her head back from my throbbing shaft. I was completely frustrated and depressed to be so close and yet so far.

"If you want Mama's sucking and some of Trixie-girl's pussy, you got to play our game, Mister."

I just bobbed my head up and down, not caring what the game was or what rules she had devised.

Trixie stripped off all of her clothes and stood in front of me stark naked. I was drinking in the fabulous display when Helen told me to get "on all fours" and to start licking Trixie's pretty crack. I didn't mind that much at all because she had a beautiful crack with a pulsating brown eye and a shaved pussy that was dripping with her juices showing me how aroused she already had become.

I got my face in Trixie's crack and started to lick her pucker hole with gusto when I felt the first smack of Helen's hands starting to spank my defenseless bottom with her experienced palms. She was hard in the delivery and her tempo left no doubt she wanted to make me beg her to stop.

I quickly realized that spanking was something I quite enjoyed when it was being performed by a beautiful girl wearing only her thong at the time. The fact that I had my face buried in a pretty girl's ass seemed to add excitement to the event and soon my pre-cum was seeping stickily down the inside of my legs.

After my bottom was pretty well reddened up, Helen started to push some of her fingers into my private back hole just to make me open my mouth and protest her nasty exploration with a high-pitched squeaky voice. I was determined to be entirely submissive to both women because I could see that is exactly what they both wanted from me. They wanted me to be their toy, their tool, a piece of man-meat that they could play with to their heart's content.

I was deep in Trixie's ass now and she was starting to fall into a series of mini-orgasms and even squirted female juices right into my inquisitive mouth and face. Helen was laughing and telling me that she was going to really "give it to me good". My ass was so red; I looked like I was out in the sun all day long with my ass cheeks exposed to the elements.

When Helen got tired of spanking me, Trixie took over and beat me with a nasty paddle that they called, "The Enforcer".

Helen was in front of me now and she pulled my head down to her pussy and told me,

"Start with kissing my pussy and then when I tell you, I want you to stick your long tongue straight up into my vagina and then go up to my clitoris and lick me until you can taste my cum"

I have to admit, I was not too experienced in this kind of stuff, but I did my best and was determined to prove to them that I was more than willing to make them feel good. Trixie was paddling my ass pretty hard now but I was concentrating so hard on eating Helen's pretty pussy that it never really bothered me. Of course, later on, my bottom was so sore that I could barely sit on my reddened ass.

Trixie never slowed down with her paddling strokes, but she did reach down between my legs and pulled my cock back to my rear and stroked my shaft with her delicate little hand. She was coming awfully close to my junk with the dangerous paddle, but did not hit it with the painful edge. My cock was hard as a rock but she was firm in how she pulled it back to my ass and I knew I was going to have to shoot real soon if she didn't slack off on her determined grip.

Before I could get off my load, Helen grabbed hold of my ears in a rough and tough fashion and pulled my willing mouth deep inside her slit and gave me several squirts of her pungent juices as she descended into a major orgasm of epic proportions. The scent of her female perfume and the taste of her emissions caused my cock to jerk about with a mind of its own and soon my creamy cum was shooting through Trixie's flexible fingers and up onto the red feathered lamp at the side of the bed. The goo was dripping off the feathers like some obscene parody of a dirty movie.

Helen and Trixie let me rest a little after that episode and I just soaked in the vision of their perfect nubile bodies covered with a sheen of sweat from their exertions. When Helen asked me if I was going to be "a good little boy" for them, I agreed without any exception or further discussion. I wanted to fuck each of them so bad that it was like a weight on my greedy cock. I knew that it would all fall in place in due time so I was content in being their "40 year old spankee" for the time being.

The time would come when one or both of them would be curious enough to take my cock inside and when that was completed, then the spanking and the ass play would be a two-way street. I was always one to be optimistic and tended to hold out hope for positive outcomes.

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