The Island
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Size, Public Sex, Nudism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's a romance, an adventure tale, sexy (of course), and could be longer. Plane crashes on a deserted island in the south Pacific. The college expedition is trapped.

It all started at college with plans for a summer field trip. The group was slow to assemble. My professor was one leader and he would take his wife. The other professor was divorced but was bringing a girl friend. There was room for eighteen students and we wound up with ten guys and eight girls to fill out the group. I knew one girl from a class project last fall and two guys and a couple of girls who had been in classes with me at one time or another over my three years in college.

We flew commercial jets to Samoa. From there, we boarded a two-engined propeller plane to take us to Malokawi [Ed. I don't think it exists and it doesn't matter.] We never made it. No storm, no warning, just bad luck or poor maintenance. First the compass and GPS both went out. About twenty minutes later, the left engine coughed. Less that a minute later, it coughed, sputtered, and quit. We were now flying on one engine! I had never been in a propeller plane before and I quickly thought that somewhere else felt like a much more pleasant place to be! I hadn't realized how much I liked the plane when the right side engine coughed. I quickly realized that things could be worse!

Sure enough, they became worse. The second engine failed and we became a glider headed for earth or water. I looked out my side and saw nothing but water over the right wing. I looked over and Nola looked at me like she was going to cry. I said, "Is there any land in that direction?"

"N-no." She replied. Nola had been my project partner last September. I had found her bright and reasonably attractive. She had rebuffed my every attempt to date her but had become a friend. It was a little surprising because I was rarely rejected and particularly not for a date.

Over the speakers and from the front, I heard, "Strap in. We will be landing."

Someone said, "More like crashing, I think.'

Professor Landry said, "I don't think that helps."

We came lower and lower. I knew the plane wasn't going to fly without engines though I had hoped it would stay up longer than it now appeared. I think the pilot was going to try to slide down flat. I felt one "skip" and then a crash. I saw a wave roll over the wing and realized that he reversed the wind path landing into the wind and waves! We'll never really know because both the pilot and copilot died in the plane's crash.

Water was pouring in through the front and we quickly moved to the rear and exited the plane. We had two life rafts opened in the water. All the women went on the rafts and we men spread out hanging on the sides of the rafts. The only other not coming out of the plane was Professor Mockson. His girl friend made it out though her arm was broken. Thankfully, a simple fracture was all she had.

There was some rope in the rafts and we used it to tie ourselves to the rafts and tie the rafts together. The sun was hot and it was only about noon. None of the women could see any land so we made no attempt to control our drift.

Nola said, "Professor Landry, when will they start looking for us?"

He said, "I don't think the crew got a 'Mayday' signal out. They were due to return to Samoa this afternoon. It will probably be tomorrow before it's realized that there is really a problem. We're going to have to figure on two days or so before we're found and another three or more before a ship can get to us unless there's one in the area."

'Wally, that's not specially encouraging." His wife said.

He replied, "Andrea, that's true but we're all adults and lying won't help."

She seemed to give a mental shrug and said, "Ladies, go over the contents of the rafts. Let's figure out what we have and plan to take care of it."

We found two small first aid kits and two quarts of old water. We had already worked with the rope. Each raft had rope on the sides and I wrapped my arms around the rope to keep my head clear of the water and rested for a bit. I pulled my shirt over my head to cover my face. It was a good tee shirt, light in color and thick. I felt cooler as soon as I did that. I figured the view, namely the side of the raft, wouldn't change much in the next few hours. Professor Landry was the only one with a hat. He always wore a floppy brim hat outdoors. A few of the other guys did the same. The girls kept their shirts where they were. I really didn't blame them. They had breasts to cover and those were more tender than their faces.

The sun finally sank behind the horizon and it was time for the short tropical twilight. At least, that was what I was told. I had pulled my shirt back into its normal place. I looked to my left and gave a shout. "Look!" I pointed my free hand. "I think there's some sort of land over there!"

Everyone was excited until Professor Landry said, "Pipe down! We need to swim that way. What little current there is will take us by the island. Andrea, you and the girls direct us and we'll kick."

She looked at me and said, "Mr. James, do you know the scissors kick?" I nodded. She said, "Then, start kicking! Wally and you, kick under the raft. Try not to kick the bottom too much. You, scissor kick. You two, kick and move us that way." She pointed. The raft started to move. She looked at the raft behind us and gave similar instructions. Our raft was a little bigger and more of us were hanging off it.

Nola looked down at me and said, "Kick, Paulie. Please get us to land." It took most of an hour but we could now easily see the island. It had palm trees and, according to Nola, there was a hill behind the flat part at the ocean.

We were starting to tire. Nola looked down at me and realized that I was about exhausted. "Paulie, stop a minute." I stopped. She did something that I later found out was removing her shoes and shorts. Her tee shirt came off next leaving her in bra and panties. She eased into the water beside me and said, "Crawl into the raft. I will kick for a while."

The other women quickly took up the idea and, moments later, progress resumed as we guys lay in the raft catching our breath. Twenty minutes later, the ladies were tiring but I felt better. I followed Nola's example and stripped to my briefs. I joined her in the water. Most of the other guys did also.

Professor Landry was still exhausted and his wife joined him on the raft. She gave directions as we slowly got closer. She saw the reef and the hole and directed us to and through it without incident.

By the time we landed, it was full dark. She said, "Everybody help drag the rafts above the high water line and tie them to a tree." We did that, stumbling with exhaustion and the dark. She then said, "Everyone lie down and get some sleep. I lay down with Nola on one side with her back to the raft. Someone else was at my back but, at the time, I neither knew nor cared who it was or whether or not the person was male or female. When you're twenty-one, that means you're really tired!

At some point, Nola snuggled up to me and I put my arm around her and we slept that way until dawn. I woke with a start having heard a scream.

I sat up pulling my arm out from under Nola and waking her, too. She grunted and sat up to hear the second scream. I stood and looked around. One of the girls was sitting and screaming. I tried to figure out what was wrong but saw nothing. I got to her first and shook her. Nola was next to me and, when she didn't react to my shake, Nola slapped her face smartly. She stopped suddenly, hugged my neck, and began to cry. After a moment, she pushed away from me. I stood back up. I heard her say quietly, "Thank you. I woke up in the wrong place and the wrong time."

Nola chuckled, "We all did." I smiled at her. I liked women who chuckled rather than giggled. She smiled back and her face lit up with a beauty I hadn't noticed before. I headed back to the raft to find my clothes and shoes.

My body felt grungy with the dried salt. I wasn't enthusiastic about putting on my clothes but my briefs were exactly that, brief. Once, a girl friend had told me I was blessed. However, it always seemed to show a little much and boxers simply didn't keep it hidden. The rest of the package was okay. I ran and, at six feet, two inches tall, was lean and tanned for our area. On top, I had dark brown hair with deep red highlights and green eyes. I had never had trouble with women to the point where I had to fight them off, figuratively, at times. Nola had not been one of those. She looked me over like a vegetarian looking at steak. We had worked on a project together last year and I had liked her for her sense of humor, intelligence and work ethic. At that time, that didn't recommend her to my mind as a hot date. It didn't matter since she rejected my overtures to go out. It struck me that she might be a better partner in this situation than some of the others that I dated.

I reached the raft and found my shorts, tee shirt, and shoes. All were a little damp still but I had a feeling we were in for a hot day.

Nola came up beside me and dressed quietly and without fuss. Her shoes, like mine, were practical sneakers with good soles. She said, "What's on your mind, Paulie?" She had picked up my nickname from my mother phoning me during that project. I didn't encourage its use but she said it warmly and not demeaningly as had happened on other occasions with other girls.

As I laced my shoes, I said, "We need fresh water to drink and to wash. That's first. After that, food would be nice. Then, we need a sign for boats and planes. I don't know how far off course we were before we crashed and then drifted."

"Wow! That's a lot of planning for so early in the morning! I remember your planning meant our project did well, too. I guess that means inland for water?"

I shielded my eyes and looked up and down the shore. I said, "Since I don't see an inlet, inland is our hope. We will have to be careful. We don't know where we are or how big this island might be. That means we don't know what might be on it." I pulled her up, noticing again how tall she is. I looked her in the eyes and noticed those startling light blue eyes, too. I said, "Would you come with me?"

"Yes. Thanks for asking." We left the area heading inland almost directly in away from the ocean. It was cooler in the palms though the ground was more crowded. I was glad my sneakers had good soles. We walked slowly trying to observe what was around us and looking for signs of human habitation. I saw nothing, not even much in the way of animal tracks. As we continued to walk, the character of the plant life changed. The plants gave way from the palms of the coast to real trees though I didn't recognize the species.

As we walked, I thought about the contents of my pockets. The coins might have some use. I had a pocketknife but it was really small. My wallet held nothing of use and my handkerchief and comb were not going to save the world. My keys and a good knife went down with my luggage in the plane. We continued to walk in something approximating a straight line away from the ocean. Professor Landry had seen us leave and nodded at me. I hoped he would have people scout up and down the shore though I didn't expect much to be found.

We had covered about a mile into an increasingly thick jungle. This was a big island if it were, in fact, an island. We came to a clearing and I could see a low mountain in the distance. This was a big place! Even better, there was a pool fed by a small stream on the far side of the clearing. I hoped the water would be good.

We walked over to it and I went upstream about ten feet. I could see the bottom, which was promising. I lay on my stomach and took a big sip. It tasted really good. I stood and sort of mentally felt my body.

Nola said, "Are you okay? Is it safe?"

I said, "If you're as thirsty as I, go ahead and drink. It tasted really good." She lay down and took a big drink. We stood waiting for any bad reactions but didn't feel any. After a few minutes, I lay down for another drink. It was still good. I drank deeply and felt Nola lay beside me to drink her fill, too.

When I rose this time, I was refreshed. Nola looked up at me and I extended a hand to help her up. She said, "Thanks." She didn't need the help; her grip was strong in mine.

I said, "I'm going to wash the salt off." She nodded and we walked into the pool area. It was clear and cool. I squatted down and let the water cover me completely. I rubbed my hair to get the salty residue out of it. Then, I removed my shirt and rinsed it out thoroughly. I was about to exit the pool and hang it when Nola's hand took it. She had done the same thing and was already standing. I handed my shirt to her and said, "Thanks." She nodded and left to hang our shirts side by side on a bush. She returned to the water. I had pulled my shoes off and washed them paying particular attention to the inside. Nola did likewise. We tossed our shoes up on the ground to dry.

My shorts came off next and I washed and rinsed them completely. This time, I stood and offered to take Nola's shorts to shore. She handed them to me and I took them to another bush and hung them to dry. I went back into the water debating whether or not to wash my briefs. After the feeling on my chest and feet from the cool and fresh water, I decided to pull them down and rinse them thoroughly. I pulled them off quickly realizing that I was exposed in the clear water. I worked on my briefs as I sat in the water. They were as rinsed as I could make them. I stood up naked with them in my hand.

Nola looked at me and gasped. "That is big!" She said it in a whisper and almost reverently. She handed me her panties and bra. I realized that she also was naked. I took her undies and spread them with my briefs. Her bra had no padding or wires and her bottoms were bikinis. I returned to the water and sat down next to her.

She reached over and put her hand on my cock. I came to a full erection almost instantly. She moaned. She was sliding her hand over it fondling it deliciously. She said, throatily, "I just had to touch it. I've never seen one that big in real life or imagined that normal guys could be that big. That is porn movie big!"

"That's okay. It likes to be touched." I reached over and began to palm her tits. They weren't big but were firm and were bigger than I thought since her bra didn't enhance them a bit. Her nipples quickly extended out and I bent to take one in my mouth. She clutched the back of my head and groaned with pleasure as I tongued the nipple and then tried to swallow her breast nibbling and sucking. Her hand loosened on my head and I came up and looked her in the eyes.

Those eyes were beautiful and I had already realized that her body was much better than I had thought. She may not have the prettiest face but those eyes made up for a lot. I looked at her for an endless moment with a question in my eyes. She smiled that slow smile that transformed her face and whispered, "Yes!" We each pulled the other close and shared a first kiss. Our tongues were entwined and I was receiving a charge from her ability to kiss and her hand on my cock. I had one hand pulling her close while the other was busily mauling her breasts. From her mewling into my mouth, I could tell she liked what I was doing so far. I know I did.

I have squeezed many breasts over the years in which I have been sexually active but hers were the firmest with nipples like bullets protruding almost an inch. I was amazed that I had never noticed all this before though nothing in our project teaming had given any opportunity or reason for physical intimacy. Our class time hadn't either as she never wore clothing that would be considered provocative.

I was as hard as I can ever remember being. Before I could move, she turned to sit in my lap facing me with my cock between us. She moaned, "Put it in me! I want it, now!" I eased the head between the lips of her cunt and she moaned some more. "Do it! I want you, Paulie!"

"I want you, Nola!" I realized that I truly did. I pulled her body down onto my cock impaling her pussy with my length and stretching her with my thickness. She groaned and came just as our pelvises met and I was fully in her. We stayed like that savoring the moment. She was tight but her muscles worked along my length and carrying me with her as she came a second time. I took one breast in my mouth and began to suck and nibble playing with the other with my hand and holding her to me with my other hand. She had both her hands around my neck holding me tight to her as she began to move rocking her body atop mine trying to get me deeper into her body. Somehow, I felt like I did!

She was so hot and her muscles never relaxed their grip on my cock just sliding and twisting. I had never felt anything like this and loved it. This girl was amazing! I brought my hands down to cup her butt and began to thrust into her depths as hard as I could powering into her welcoming sheath trying to give her as much pleasure as she was giving me.

She came again but never stopped and I continued to power into her. Her eyes popped open and she said, "I can feel it! Come in me, Paulie! Give it to me! Harder! Oh! Yes! I love it! Pound me! Come with me!"

"Here it comes!" I announced and began to shoot an enormous load into her body as we both convulsed in one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had. I felt the head of my cock flex in her as I released blast after blast of sperm deep into her body. We ground together trying to get any last fraction of my cock into her pussy. Her nipples were putting holes in my chest. Finally, we relaxed. Her pussy eased off its convulsive throbbing and I gradually softened.

I lay back and she fell forward on my chest. I said, "I never have had sex that good before! You are amazing!"

"Paulie, I never imagined you as hung or good as the rumors made you or I might have gone out with you when we teamed on the project. I was wanting to but you were just flitting from girl to girl. I didn't want to be a notch on your belt. Friendship was the better gamble."

"We have wasted time." I began to harden in her having never fallen out.

She grinned at me and kissed me hard, which made me harder. She said, "Again?"

"Oh, please. Yes, Nola, again."

Our pace was less frantic. Both of us were taking our time to explore each other and find out what the other liked and how the other's body reacted to the stimuli that we provided each other. It felt wonderful. We played that way for a long time until we started to get truly excited again.

She said, "Roll over on top and pound me! Fuck that monster into me deep and hard!" She then did something amazing. She lifted her legs up to my upper arms! I held her butt and she held my neck as I rolled us over. Once in that position, she grabbed her legs and pulled them tight to her side and I felt my cock enter another tiny bit to be as totally inside a pussy as I had ever been in my life. She moaned, "So deep! So good! Fuck!" She moaned deeper in her chest. "Do me, Paulie! Don't be gentle. Fuck me hard and deep! I love it!"

I was again totally excited. Many girls couldn't take me deeply and even fewer asked me to drive my cock into them. Her cunt walls were convulsing around my cock almost squeezing it as I pounded her trying to drive my cock through her body. She never tried to stop me or flinched. She wanted it as much as I wanted to give it to her. Suddenly, our orgasms were upon us. We both screamed our releases and my cock shook as I emptied my balls into her again. She took it and her muscles pulled even more out of me. I lay on her a moment and then rolled off on my back. She groaned as she let her legs down and then cuddled against my side.

I said, "Nola, that was the best sex I think I've ever had, again! You are amazing! Wow!"

She responded, "I don't have lots to compare but I could never imagined having so many breath-taking orgasms. Thank you." It was quiet for a long relaxing minute. She said, "What now? Are you going to flit off to another? Is there an 'us' to be considered?"

I answered slowly trying to think with the big head for a change. "I don't know. I won't be 'flitting' off. I have found the absolute best sex in my life You are better with me that I have ever imagined. I would like there to be an us. We don't know what the future holds but I hope to experience it with you by my side."

"Thanks." She said that fervently.

I said, 'No, thank you." I emphasized the word, "you," as I said it. She nestled further into the crook of my arm and stretched her arm over my chest. We snoozed like that for a few minutes.

Finally, she said, "Paulie, let's get up and continue our mission of exploration."

I chuckled and said, "I'm quite happy with my find so far." She chuckled, too. I liked that sound.

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