Family Feud an Alternate Continuation Fanfic
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Reluctant, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Food, Lactation, Exhibitionism, Big Breasts, Public Sex,

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The continuing story of the Taylor Family for anyone who can't wait for the next chapter in FF4. This is fan fiction and not condoned by the actual Family Feud author. It probably does not relate in any way to what she'll write herself, but it provides a read for those like me who needed one.

Turnabout is fair play – Two sluts turning about to show their buttholes is freaking hot

The hotel room still smelled a little 'off', but Bill had allowed Wendy to suck the dick of the guy at the Dollar store in exchange for a few candles, incense and cleaning materials to make the place smell better. Jamie's ass had paid for a full bed set including comforter, sheets and pillowcases, as well as a cheap set of drapes, which made the place a little more like a truly habitable room. At first Bill had baulked at the idea that his little girl should get so much money's worth of stuff for just anal sex. The items cost $85 retail! But the young guy behind the counter had gladly parted with most of his paycheck for the opportunity to plug the now ex-cheerleader's ass.

When they got back to the room, Jamie had scrupulously cleaned the glass in the front window, made the bed up and carefully wiped down the walls. Wendy, once again naked, had cleaned up the bathroom, starting on the tile floor with a toothbrush gripped between her teeth and her hands cuffed behind her back. Now she was mopping the floors, but with the mop handle as deep as it would go up her ass. Still and all, Wendy was happy with the situation. She had successfully persuaded her son to allow her to be punished in this way instead of having weights added to clit ring, even if the other part of the punishment was something she was looking forward to much less.

Eventually Wendy could put it off no longer. The floor sparkled, for probably the first time in years. The toilet, basin and bathtub were actually made of porcelain; something that surprised Wendy. She'd thought Rahjid had painted everything in the bathroom at some time in the long ago past but it was just crusted grime she'd seen. Now everything looked almost new. Even the faucets shined. Wendy sighed to herself, knowing that what was to follow was not going to be new to her, but still caused the 'mom' side of her considerable concern.

Bill and Chris sat together on the bed, waiting for her.

"Took you long enough, Cow Tits!" Her son chided as she backed out of the bathroom, the mop catching on the strip where the carpet ended and the tile began.

"Hey, Ass Face, get that mop out of your mom's ass, clean it off and put it out front. If Rahjid doesn't get it back the way he lent it out, he'll probably charge us $50 for damaging it," Bill told his daughter with a grin on his face.

"Yes sir," Jamie said, hurrying over to her mom to do as she'd been told.

"Call me daddy for the rest of the day like you used to, Ass Face," Bill said sweetly as if he were doing her a favor.

"Yes Daddy," Jamie replied before gently pulling the shaft out of her mom's ass and popping the reasonably clean tip into her mouth like a Popsicle. She knew without being told that she was supposed to put on a show of cleaning the broom handle and was secretly pleased with herself for being able to take just as much of the broom handle into her throat as her mom had taken in her ass. Eventually Chris got bored watching her suck off the broom handle, as if she expected it to cum in her mouth.

"Hey Dad, is it just me or do you think she's trying to make that handle cum?"

"I wouldn't be surprised son. She's just as used to taking wood as she is to making it spray!"

Chris laughed at his dad's joke even though it wasn't in the least bit funny. "So dad, who's going to be heads and who's tails?" He asked politely. He was of course referring to Wendy and Jamie.

"I figure we let Jamie decide, since she brought in the most money last night. Is that okay with you?"

"Sure dad, whatever. And which of us is supposed to, you know, provide the pole?"

Jamie had no idea what they were talking about. She had gotten to work on the room as soon as she'd come in from hooking and didn't know anything about what was going on. All she knew was that she was tired, sore and hungry. She knew better than to ask what her brother and dad meant, so she just stayed silent.

"Well Ass Face, are you heads or tails?" Chris asked with a straight face.

"Umm, if you'd prefer for me to be heads I will of course, sir, but tails is fine too?" She said it as a question, hoping not to upset either of them by choosing wrongly.

"Well tails it is!" Bill clapped his hands as if applauding her choice, choosing to ignore the implied question. "So what about the pole. I think it's only right that you should provide that son, seeing as how I've had the honors so many times already."

"Weeell, Dad, I kinda don't wa..."

"Come on son, we have an obligation here. If this is about Delilah ... well you don't have to worry about saving yourself for that, I'm sure! But you made this arrangement and as I said, we BOTH have an obligation to set these two whores straight whenever they need correction. So..."

Chris thought about what his dad had said before he responded. His hesitation had a lot to do with Delilah. In fact mostly to do with Delilah. He knew it was silly, but he wanted to save himself for her. But Jamie was a factor too. While he was most definitely no longer a virgin, he'd kind of avoided 'doing it' with his sister. He didn't count blowjobs of course, but there'd been almost no actual 'boning' with her before. Now she'd innocently chosen tails ... But his dad was right. They had agreed to treat the family females like worthless slaves and the girls had both practically begged to be used and abused as he saw fit so maybe it really was his duty after all... "Okay dad, thanks, I guess."

Jamie was looking at him, her face just a big question mark.

"Well slut, get naked! When did the rules change so that you could be indoors fully dressed?"

Jamie realized that he was right. Although a floss-sized bikini top and hot-pants so tight and short that her pussy lips showed around the crotch seams could hardly be classed as 'dressed', she was a lot more dressed than she should be. She quickly shimmied out of the shorts and tugged the string of the bikini top.

"Get up on the bed and hold those cheeks apart baby," Bill said kindly. "As for you Cow Tits, you have 60 seconds to get your son hard. Start sucking!"

Wendy, her hands still cuffed behind her back, quickly moved over to Chris and used her teeth to unzip him, then her tongue to free his flaccid cock. This was the part she enjoyed the least because her son's cock really was quite lovely and it was one she actually REALLY enjoyed sucking. But it was still her own son's cock. At least it appeared that she wasn't going to have to humiliate herself by cumming on her son's cock as he fucked her. She had to use a considerable amount of her newly found expertise to make him fully erect but if anyone was up to the task, it was her. It only surprised her that she did have to put so much effort into the task. More than she usually did with him, that's for sure!

"Okay, you got him hard. Now get Ass Face's pussy ready for him, but don't let him go soft again if you know what's good for you!"

Wendy quickly backed herself up to Jamie on the bed so she could use her fingers on Jamie's pussy while keeping Chris in her mouth. That didn't work at all well. In the end, she was forced to grip her son's cock with her hands, gently masturbating him while she set about probing her daughter's pussy with her tongue. After a couple of minutes of her mom's skilled tongue-work, Jamie let out a low moan of pleasure.

"Okay, feed Ass Face Chris's cock. Lick his balls and make sure he isn't forced to do any of the work, bitches!"

Jamie began moving back and forth on her brother's cock, trying to milk his cum as quickly as possible. Bill got up, opened a draw and casually pulled out a box. Wendy could see him do it out of the corner of her eye but had no idea what the box was. All she could see was that the box had wires dangling from it.

What Bill had was a battery charger he's found in the shed at their old house. He hadn't used it in years but he guessed it still worked. Even if it didn't, the clips that usually connected to the battery were, even though as little rusted, still very springy. He casually went over to his wife, put the box on the side table and plugged it in.

The needle on the gauge jumped and settled to zero, telling him that it was indeed still working after all this time. With a clip in each hand, Bill reached over his wife and used the highly sprung jaws to capture both nipples simultaneously. Wendy gasped and nearly screamed, although Bill had no idea of it was the pain of the serrated jaws or the electricity now pulsing through her body. Bill knew this was just a trickle charge with no more than 2 amps so it wouldn't really hurt her, but he couldn't imagine HIS nipples being clamped in those jaws!

"Switch the holes Cow Tits!" Bill demanded after a few minutes. "It seems like guys prefer to fuck my baby girl's ass anyway."

Jamie pulled herself off her brother's cock and Wendy used her trembling tongue to lift her son's cock into position so that Jamie could back her un-lubed ass onto it. The training Jamie's ass had received came in useful at that point. Chis felt his cock slide easily between his sister's ass cheeks. It felt wonderful as she pushed herself onto him and he couldn't help but glance down to confirm what he was feeling. His sister's ass was slowly devouring his cock and it felt wonderful.

His earlier misgivings evaporated and Chris began to truly enjoy the feeling of fucking his sister's ass. Bill picked up the first thing that came to hand; one of Wendy's hairbrushes, and began to paddle her ass, leaving a new red splotch every time it came into contact with her tender ass cheeks. Occasionally Chris would jerk enough that his cock would pop all the way out of his sister and his mom, ready for action and knowing what Jamie was feeling, desperately gobbled his cock and gave it a generous spit bath so it would not be so hard on her daughter's asshole.

Chris managed to fuck his sister for a good five minutes before Wendy, who was spending her free time sucking her son's balls, noticed them tighten. With a loud moan, Chris began to unload into his sister's bowels. When he stopped bucking and pulled out, Wendy automatically took him in her mouth once more, using her tongue to carefully and gently clean his sister's ass juices off him. Bill released her nipples which caused her to jerk again with the new pain of returning circulation.

"When you've quite finished there Cow Tits," Bill said, interrupting Wendy's extended cleaning of her son's cock, "Get all of the cum out of Ass Face's ass and feed it to her. You know how I like to watch that."

Wendy gave Chris's cock one last long suck, slipped it out of her mouth then kissed the knob lovingly. Next she went to work on Jamie's ass, dutifully sucking every drop of semen out. Once she was done, she kissed Jamie's ass cheek as a signal to her daughter. Jamie turned around on the bed, flipped onto her back and opened her mouth to accept the gift her mom was about to give her. Wendy drooled the cum into her daughter's mouth then French kissed her the way Bill liked to see. They then traded places and Jamie gave the cum back to her mother. Again they kissed and again they traded cum. When Bill was satisfied, he allowed Jamie to swallow.

Chris had just about recovered from an exceptionally great orgasm. "Mom, go run me a bath. I think I want to have a soak now that I can bear to go bare in the tub!" Chris laughed, pleased with his humor. "Hey dad, when was the last time you fucked Ass Face's ass? I can't believe how good she's gotten!"

A few moments later, Chris wandered naked into the bathroom, leaving his dad and sister together. He made fun of his mom's efforts to run a bath for him with her hands cuffed and once the water was deep enough, he climbed in and made her wash him with her feet as she balanced on the edge of the tub. In the other room, Bill decided he would take his son's advice and fuck Jamie. He had her suck him hard, then tried her pussy first before deciding that Chris was right. Her ass really was the best. Jamie was once again embarrassed to have her dad fucking her but even more so when out of nowhere, she climaxed with her dad's cock buried the full 5 inches deep in her ass.

Half an hour later, Wendy appeared in the bathroom door with Chris behind her. "Hey dad, look! I've got a puppet on a stick!" He laughed, coming through the door and turning side on to show his dad that he had four fingers in his mom's pussy and a thumb up her ass. "Hey, what the..."

Chris stopped in mid turn when he realized his dad had his sister by the nipples, or rather one finger through her nipple rings, pulling her tits together as she lay face-down over his lap. In his other hand he held the hairbrush he'd used on Wendy's ass and was about to commence a major spanking.

"What'd the stupid cunt do this time dad?" Chris asked, his attention no longer on his mom but now on his sister's distended nipples.

"The stupid slut climaxed while she was taking my cock in her ass," Bill explained patiently. "So I stopped right there and figured I'd better give her a correction."

"So you didn't even cum yet?" Chris said, finding it amazing that his dad had such control over his cock. Chris now knew that he couldn't have stopped part way through fucking his sister.

"Discipline is everything son!" Bill said brightly.

"Here's a thought dad, why don't you get Cow Tits here to spank her while she finishes you off with her mouth? I can't remember the last time mom's disciplined her slut of a daughter!"

"Oh no, please not that!" Wendy said before she could stop herself.

"Shut the fuck up cunt! I'll ask for your opinion when I want it," Chris bellowed in his mother's ear, jamming his fingers deeper into her holes and practically picking her up off the floor.

Wendy went up onto her toes, truly frightened at the tone she'd never heard from her son before, while feeling herself juicing between her legs and knowing it was because of Chris's anger.

"I'm so sorry Master, sir!" Wendy tried.

"You're not an 'I'. What are you?"

"Umm, this worthless cunt is sorry, Master Chris?" Wendy tried desperately.

"What a fucking whore!" Chris laughed, showing his mom he'd only been pretending to be angry. "You'll beat the crap out of Ass Face's butt if you're told to. And if you don't do a good enough job, you'll be wearing a pound of lead between your legs while you sell your ass out on MLK Boulevard. Clear?"

"Yes sir," Wendy replied, unable to stop a tiny smile from tilting the edges of her lips.

And Wendy did do a good job. She used the hairbrush on Jamie's ass as she watched Jamie suck her husband's dick, all the while wishing it could have been her receiving the paddling despite how much her ass already burned from Bill's earlier torture. While she sucked her husband off she felt guilty about enjoying how much pleasure she could see on Bill's face as his daughter sucked him. She briefly wondered, as usual, if Bill would ever want her to suck his cock again after Jamie's efforts, then once again dismissed the thought.

If Bill wanted a blowjob from Jamie that just left her free to service Chris's dick. Her last thought before Bill came in Jamie's mouth was bewilderment that her thinking was anything other than disgust in everyone in the room but there it was. She had finally admitted it to herself. She didn't care that her job and her home were gone. She didn't care that she was selling 3 holes for the price of one good whore. She just wanted to suck and fuck everyone in the room, even her own daughter. Even the poor dog chained up out back of the hotel room. She took a mental note for her diary. This was the moment when she knew she'd hit the bottom.

After Bill came, she swapped cum with her daughter, not only using her tongue in Jamie's mouth more than ever before, but sneaking a finger into Jamie's twitching pussy and feeling Jamie slyly reciprocating the action for ages before she realized that Bill had told her to swallow the gift her daughter had given her. All she wanted to do after that was ravish her sweet daughter and feel Jamie's tongue in her pussy. With the biggest effort in her life to date, she broke away from Jamie.

"Masters and Ass Face," she gasped, unconsciously using Jamie's slave name for the first time. "We need to have a family conference.

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