The Zodiac Warrior
Chapter 1

I was walking home from work on a warm summer night during the school holidays, oh you wondering who I am. Well let me tell you my name is Ben Masson I am 16 years old 5'8 and 160lbs with dark brown hair and dark (almost black!) grey eyes and a trim muscular build from five years of martial arts training. You see I work at a local martial arts academy in Albury New South Wales where I live with my mom, step dad and little sisters, well any way back to the story.

As I said I was on my way home from work I decided to visit one of the many spirits that are around the town, oh I forgot to mention I can see ghosts I think I have been able to see them ever since I was a baby of course back then I didn't know what they were or that know body else could see them but I slowly came to realise the fact that I was different from my siblings and the other children and my friends, it's fun how most people would have gone mad if it happened to them, I think I just became accustomed to seeing them because this ability is a part of me, it also made for a somewhat difficult childhood with many trips to headshrinkers and doctors of all kinds and eventually I just stop telling people what I saw and life was pretty normal after about age ten. And don't think it hasn't affected me I try to stay away from hospitals as much as possible same with cemeteries.

I can talk to some of them but only if they want to and its mostly the newer ones that do speak like the one I was going to visit now she is the spirit of a little girl that got hit by a car when she was riding her bike her name was or is Samantha and she was/is 7 years old now from what I have been able to figure out is that if someone dies in an accident there spirit is bound to the place they died, in the little girls case the intersection where the car hit her even though she died in the hospital five days later.

But when I get up to the intersection she is nowhere to be found this was strange but not to strange most ghost I see can walk around outside of where they died but the ones I've spoken to about this say that they always have to return after a certain amount of time, the longer they've been dead the longer they can stay away before returning (or so I thought at the time I know better now, but I digress). I looked around calling her name but I can't find her, then I begin to get this uneasy feeling of dread then It was like the air itself was vibrating and I suddenly felt heavy so heavy that I fell to my knees gasping for breath and footsteps loud booming getting closer and closer until they were right on top of me it seemed, I looked up and saw a huge what looked like a bull a rhino and a human it look transparent and blurry then there was a flash of heat and light and then, darkness.

I woke up in my bed I looked like it was just getting light outside judging from the light coming through the window so I got up and pushed the covers off me or tried to but there was a weight on each arm. I looked to my left and right to find both my 12 year old sisters they were fraternal twins and their personalities were as day is to night. Cassie (Cass) was the older by 10 minutes and she was serious all the time and very motivated and hard working, while her sister Jenny (or Jen) was always bright and carefree bordering on aloof she would always help people in need even if she couldn't spare the time to do so she would do it anyway.

And it wasn't just their personalise that were different it was in their appearance as well for example Jen had white blond hair with a alabaster complexion and Cass's hair was jet black and she had a much darker complexion.

They were each lying in the crook of my arms then I realised my chest was wet and their eyes were red like they'd been crying 'but why?' I thought.

Before I could think more about that as if on cue they both woke up, sat up and rubbed their eyes I was so cute and funny because every since they hit puberty they do to things like this much anymore so I found the whole action funny and I burst out in howling laughter which caused both of them to whip their head around to face me at the same time which, of course set me off again.

Then they both looked at me wide-eyed and screamed 'BEN your alive!" and promptly burst into tears.

This immediately sobered me up and I reverted to big brother mode and rapped my hands around both of them and held them close to me whispering soothing words to them until their crying turn into sobbing and I pulled back and asked.

"Girls, girls why are you crying what's wrong tell me so big brother can make it better" I said when they had calmed down some more.

Cassie got hold of herself first answered "you were asleep for so long we thought you were going to die mister Yosida found you lying uncurious in some bushes on ketenes road and you had a nasty wound on your head, the police said it looked like you were hit by a car they wanted to take you to the hospital but mom and dad said they'd look after you at home instead".

Well that last parts made sense my mom is a nurse and jerry my stepdad is a doctor they both work at the local hospital but I had another question

"How long have I been asleep?"

"About three weeks, we were starting to think we'd lost you" cam the answer from the door to my bedroom I looked up to see my mom standing there with a slight smile on her face at the scene in front of her.

My mom was 34 years old with dark brown hair that she kept trimmed to shoulder length for work with blue eyes and a slight but athletic build and the same skin tone as Cassie.

She came over and moved the girls out of the way and gave me a once over like any nurse would

"You seem fine but I want you to stay in bed for the rest of the day just to be sure ok?" she said.

Then they all asked what happened I said I didn't remember but I did.

Well I didn't remember much just snippets of voices and convocations but couldn't understand what they were saying and then woke up here, but one of the voices sounded like my mother and the other was most likely Mr. Noonan the owner of the academy where I work.

Back in the present I needed to pee really bad so I said "can you let me up please girls I need to use the bathroom.

After finishing in the bath room instead of going back to my room I went out the back door, something had been nagging me since I woke up and it got more noticeable as headed towards the door but it was still just at the edge of my mind like a genital reminder.

After getting some fresh air I returned to my room to find my sisters gone so I decided to take mum's advice and get some more rest, the last thing I remembered was thinking what that weird feeling was and then I fell asleep.

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