Time of Eden and Elves
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fiction, Science Fiction, Military, Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story, sci-fi military story

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Book One of A Spartan's War by Mike Cropos. A group of genetically engineered soldiers must fight to survive on a future Earth where everything they know is gone.

The torrential downpour of rain smashed against the metal and glass of the lone terminal building at the far corner of the Southern Utah Air Force Base. Mountains surrounded the secure facility on three sides, the lone runway extending out of sight to the north. Once used for the testing of experimental aircraft, the base was now mainly deserted. At least to the cursory glance of anyone who might be passing by and saw the buildings.

The base in actuality was very active, most of its facilities being underground, and therefore hidden from casual view. The two very large and odd-looking aircraft were parked close to each other on the tarmac, three hundred meters from the terminal itself. They were odd shaped aircraft, looking like massive wasps in their design. They had short stubby wings on each side with box shaped pods attached to each wing, their landing gear looking almost like clawed feet rather than wheels. Under the bubble nose of each aircraft was a large wicked looking chain gun of some sort that now sat dormant. Directly behind where the cockpit was on the top of the craft was another small bubble that ran back about six meters from the nose of the craft. Under that bubble could be seen a small map table of some sort and two couches against the wall of the upper deck room.

There were portable lights set up all around the aircraft at roughly a hundred meters distance, illuminating the heavy security that surrounded the two aircraft in an eerie glow. There was a ring of heavily armed guards standing at fifty meter intervals all around the craft, the rain not bothering them at all as they walked slowly along the perimeter, their eyes always trained outward. They were dressed in black fatigues and wore balacavas over their heads, hiding all but their eyes. Their rain drenched gloved hands clutched the silenced weapons they carried, the HK74 which was the newest version of the venerable HK MP5, and fired a devastating 10mm caseless round that was tipped with a pin drop of liquid explosive. There were small one man crane trucks moving large crates on wooden pallets into the bellies of both aircraft, driving up the sloped ramps into the dimly lit interiors of each ship. The security teams around the ships were exceptionally alert, their wicked looking HK74 sub-machine guns equipped with integral silencers and laser sights. The weapons hung from quick action slings, the gloved firing hands of the team members wrapped around the pistol grips, their fingers on the trigger guards. These were not ordinary Air Force security troops. They were perhaps; the most elite and lethal unit in the United States military, and they took nothing for granted.

Several hundred meters outside that inner ring of soldiers were half a dozen heavy gun Hummers. These particular vehicles, heavily armored and mounted with chain gun turrets, manned by equally alert members of the same security force, could destroy targets up to medium size tanks. Far in the distance, they could see the black out lights of another dozen Air Force gun Hummers slowly patrolling the perimeter of the tarmac, gun Hummers that were crewed by the same breed of soldier as the ones closer to the aircraft but assigned to the Air Force's Special Operations Wing.

The men and women inside the terminal paid no attention to the activity going on outside. They could not have cared less. They wore a mixture of civilian and military dress, and almost all of them had drinks in their hands. They were senior officers in all the services and the junior Senators and aides of the more important men and women gathering at this remote terminal. The work that was going on outside the terminal in the driving rain was below them and not any of their concern.

Except for the tall, heavily muscled young man dressed in Navy whites and standing in front of the large window just outside the lounge. His keen dark brown almost black eyes swept the tarmac below him, seeing the work that was going on three hundred meters from the terminal as if it was happening right outside the window. The young man's thick black hair was cut short, his skin deeply tanned. He looked like a man who spent most of his time outdoors, and in truth, he was. His uniform bore the three solid gold stripes of a full Navy Commander on his sleeve and his shoulder boards. The uniform fit his muscled form like a glove, as if he had been poured into the uniform. The seven rows of brightly colored ribbons on the left side of his chest were topped by a gleaming gold Navy SEAL "Budweiser" Trident, the official unit designator of the United States Navy SEALS.

Commander Martin Hunter was a unique young man among men, who commanded a unique SEAL team of men and women. All sixty-four of his team members were part of the failed military program to create genetically enhanced soldiers in the early 21st century. In late 2035, a dozen military and civilian scientists, some of the finest minds in gene research, were given the go ahead to put their genetic engineering minds together and begin the Genome Program. Using altered DNA sequences, they were able to breed genetically improved soldiers. These soldiers would have three times the endurance and strength than normal soldiers. They would be able to fight longer and harder than normal men and women without rest. Each of the military branches was given five units of seventy-two genetically enhanced men and women. Martin and his team were the first group to be born and bred from the scientist's test tubes. They were assigned to the Navy to be raised and schooled. From a very young age, they were trained and schooled in small unit operations and tactics. They were given the finest hand-to-hand combat training believed to exist in the Navy SEALs, all of their instructors being seasoned combat veterans. By the time they were eighteen they had officially been designated SEAL Team 12, and were activated as a unit.

In the course of the next fifteen years, they conducted fifty-nine operations in three separate wars. During that span of time, they suffered only eight members killed in action. They became known as the Team that could not fail. During that time, they earned the respect of every other SEAL Team, and were accepted into the small family of Navy SEALs. They were also the most successful of the Genome units in the military, and drew rave praise from the scientists who created them. The Genome program was a huge success initially, but the scientists never counted on the stresses and horrors of war and constant action. In the eleventh year of active duty existence for the Genomes, the problems began happening.

They began in the Marine units first. The Genomes began to disobey orders and conduct unsanctioned missions. Dozens of them began to mentally snap and go on bloody killing rampages. After three years of trying to determine what the problem was, and hundreds of humiliating and painful experiments, the Genome Program was officially closed, and all the remaining Genomes were secluded for further testing and elimination.

Specially trained teams from the government called "Sweeper" teams were used to eliminate the Genome soldiers determined to be unstable. Only SEAL Team 12 and one unit from the Air Force survived the Genome Purge, as it came to be known. The members of SEAL Team 12 were subjected to countless tests to try to determine why they were different. No instance of mental degradation had occurred within their ranks, and all of their members remained fit and in command of their facilities. The same was found for the Air Force's unit of Genomes, and again ... no reason was ever determined. Since no reason was ever found and the need for their advanced skills and experienced were needed they were returned to active duty. It was only seven months ago that Martin learned that his Team had been selected to be the new Security Force for a new base that was completing activation. This base was in a place none of them had ever been.

EDEN was on the moon.

EDEN was a sprawling base under control of the United States, but allowing many in the International Community to be part of its eight thousand-member crew. SEAL Team 12 was in charge of all security operations on EDEN thanks to a senior Admiral who had worked with Martin during the Central American War, and now was Commander of EDEN.

Martin was thirty-four years old now, his six foot two, two hundred twenty pound frame still just as hard and muscular as when he was eighteen. He bore the scars of five Purple Hearts received during the many missions they had conducted, yet he remained steadfastly loyal to his country and his Team. His genetically enhanced eyes focused on the SEAL closest to the terminal, and he saw his teammate as if he was only a few feet away, though to anyone not looking through enhanced vision devices, they would see only darkness and driving rain.

Martin Hunter had worked hard and long to obtain the status he now held. There had been times over the course of the years when he had questioned who and what he was, for his abilities far outweighed what any of the scientists had envisioned they would, in many more ways than they knew, but those questions had never affected his duties as Team Leader. He looked out for his team, and they looked out for him. He had been told by the man who had created him that the animal DNA that he and two others had been grafted with was that of a wolf, and over the course of the following years Martin had come to consider his SEAL Team his wolf pack, his family unit. He never revealed to anyone that it was he and the two others within his unit that had saved their fellow team members from the Genome Purge. It was something within their blood, something that had changed them even more than what the scientists said it would, and once they realized that Genomes were snapping and going crazy, and that they were not affected by this defect, they agreed to make the rest of their team members like them, in order to save them. Very few individuals outside of his SEAL Team, the man who had raised and created them and their commanding officer knew what he and his people could do, and they worked very hard to keep it that way.

"How goes the loading Chief Roberts?" Martin asked casually, as if he was talking to the window. His eyes however were focused on the senior Chief who stood apart from the others on the tarmac.

The SEAL on the tarmac did not turn at the voice of his commander in his head. All of SEAL team Twelve was equipped with transmitters and receivers implanted just under their skin along their jaw lines and the ridges of their ears. It allowed them to communicate openly and keep their hands free for other matters.

"We'd be done by now if it wasn't for the fact we had to unseal and repack four crates Skipper." The man replied.

"Explain." Martin told him.

"Some tech head basically ignored our instructions on stowing his gear. The crates were not sealed properly. We had to crack them open and repack six thousand pounds of equipment. Mostly research stuff it looked like." Roberts replied.

"Assigned to whom?" Martin asked.

"Manifest said a Lieutenant Commander Peterson." Roberts answered. "I'd like to take the young Lieutenant Commander out back and take from his hide what we had to repack. Some of that equipment was pretty advanced Skipper."

Martin was quiet for a moment, his eyes staring into the darkness. "How much longer until the load out is complete?" He inquired finally.

"Give us another forty minutes Skipper and we'll be set."

"You got thirty." Martin said quickly. "I want to be boarding by 0100. The weather report says this storm will let up by 0300 and I want to be gone before it does."

Martin saw Roberts nod his head. "Aye, Skipper. We'll get it done."

Martin turned when he sensed and smelled the presence of another person behind him. Due to his genetic engineering Martin and the members of his team all possessed an animal acute sense of smell, sight and hearing. In fact all of their known senses were much more acute than the normal human and it made it next to impossible to sneak up on them. It also allowed them to do many things others could not, including tracking individuals by their scent alone over great distances. He turned slowly, knowing only a member of his team could move quiet enough to get this close to him. He smiled when he saw his third in command.

"Sneaking up on me Master Chief?" He asked.

The six foot six Master Chief grinned from ear to ear as he stepped up to Martin, his ebony skin gleaming in the light of the terminal. His bald head reflected the intense light of the florescent fixtures fitted into the ceiling. He had been born three minutes after Martin, coming from the same batch of Genomes that the entire team had been chosen from, and he had been the first that Martin had saved on that moon lit night.

"I don't think I could do that Skipper, even on my best day. Danny might ... but I'm still trying." He spoke with a grin. He held out the small automatic in the belt holster. "I got her tuned up for you. She'll knock down a gnat at a hundred yards."

Martin took the weapon with a nod and slid it around to the small of his back where he lifted his jacket and clipped it to the belt on his pants. He pulled his jacket back down and to the untrained eye; it looked as if nothing was there. "I appreciate it Master Chief." He spoke.

"That's what we are for, sir!" He replied chuckling.

Martin looked at the crowd through the doorway. " You had a chance to mingle?" He asked turning fully to face the large window from which he could view the men and women inside the lounge.

"I checked out the manifests on everyone." He nodded slowly. "They all seem to check out ok."

Martin detected the change in the Chief's tone of voice and looked at him. "They seemed to check out ok?" He asked.

"There are about three dozen men and women. All of them are listed as technicians of some sort. They just don't fit the profile of a Tech head Skipper." The Master Chief answered.

"Explain that to me." Martin asked.

The Master Chief shrugged. "They move like killers, very confident of themselves and their ability to deal with anything. And their eyes give them away as something other than mere technicians."

Martin met his eyes, "Your opinion Master Chief?"

"If I had to guess, I'd say they were a Sweeper Team Skipper." The Master Chief replied without hesitation.

Martin's face did not betray his reaction at hearing that, "A Sweeper team?" He spoke calmly. "Why would someone send a Sweeper Team to EDEN?"

"I don't know Skipper. I thought they had disbanded all the Sweeper Teams when they restored us to active duty. That's what they told us anyway." The Master Chief spoke.

"It would seem that is not the case." Martin said evenly, trusting that Tony knew exactly what his senses were telling him. "Have someone keep an eye on them Master Chief. Discretely."

The Master Chief nodded and stepped closer so that his voice would not carry. "You want me to tag them Skipper?"

Martin returned the nod. "And rig their quarters as well Tony. With the new TAP transmitters. I don't want them found. I want to know why a Sweeper Team is coming to EDEN."

"You don't think the Admiral... ?"

Martin shook his head quickly. "No. He wouldn't request a Sweeper Team be deployed to EDEN. I trust him Master Chief, and he trusts us. He knows what we are and what we can do for the most part and he's never betrayed us ... and he's always covered our asses."

"Then who Skipper?"

Martin was about to speak when the noise from the men and women gathered in the lounge grew slightly softer, at least to their enhanced hearing. They turned to see two men and a woman in a Navy uniform come in the opposite door. They knew immediately who the tall middle-aged man, his face was plastered across the evening news almost every night, and he was well known in the political circles of Washington D.C. Martin was still trying to figure out how he managed to wrangle a trip to EDEN.

The Master Chief detected the slight stiffening of Martin's body when the women came into full view. Tony turned and took a longer look at the young women. Even in the unflattering Navy uniform, she was drop dead gorgeous. She stood about five foot three and looked to be about a hundred and fifteen pounds. Her Persian red hair was shoulder length, longer than Navy regulations allowed, but she had it pulled into a tight ponytail and tied up. She had high regal cheekbones, and soft full red lips. He could see her eyes from across the room, a unique and brilliant gleaming jade green in color; they were unlike any eyes he had seen on a woman before. The color of her eyes highlighted and contrasted with her deeply tanned skin, and the light makeup she wore only accented that contrast. Her uniform could not hide her full, firm breasts and lean muscular legs under the Navy skirt. Her legs were long for someone of her height and as she turned slightly he saw that they connected to a perfectly shaped and muscled ass. She walked with the confidence of a pro and he noticed how most of the men in her immediate area turned to stare at her with lust in their eyes.

"Who is she Skipper?" The Master Chief asked, his eyes still watching her.

"Her name is Anja Peterson." Martin replied slowly, his voice carrying with it a hint of deep feeling. A note of feeling that was quickly squashed. "Commander Anja Peterson of the Naval Investigative Service."

The Chief's head snapped around to look at him. "She's NIS?" He asked stunned.

Martin Hunter nodded. "Oh yeah, their top operative depending on who you ask. They call her the "Ice Queen"." Martin spoke, his voice holding something in it that Tony had never heard before. "Remember that intelligence briefing we got last year, the one that listed the operation to eliminate the head of the Russian mafia? SEAL team Seven supported the op and conducted the extraction?"

"Yeah. It was a smooth Operation from what I know. No problems in or out." The Master Chief replied.

"She's the one who did the target." Martin spoke evenly. "I talked with Commander Williams after they returned stateside; it took her four months to get in deep enough to get the target's attention. When she did ... the guy got sloppy, falling all over himself to do what she wanted."

The Chief looked at Anja from across the small lounge. She carried herself with an almost regal grace, as if she knew she could get anything she wanted. The chief turned back to his officer. "You got to admit boss ... looking at her does get your juices to flowing. How could you not want that body next to you in the rack?" The Chief spoke.

Martin grinned knowingly. "She speaks three languages fluently, including Russian. Her mother was Russian. She has a Degree in Biology, and a Master's in Genetic research. She has used her looks and her body on more than one occasion to secure completion of a mission. And outside of her duties as well, to garner favor with the desk pukes at NIS to move her forward quicker and get her what she wanted for her genetic testing research."

The Chief looked at Anja again, watching her as she made her way towards them. He saw the males in the room turning to look at her and drink in her sexuality. She knew she was gorgeous and that men wanted her, and she used that knowledge to perfection. The men in the room, including the married ones, would give a years pay for one night with her, and she knew it.

"So why is she coming to EDEN, Skipper?" The Chief asked.

Martin looked at him. "I was told she was coming to evaluate us Chief." He answered with a smirk. "To make sure SEAL Team Twelve and our genetically improved asses are in ship shape order."

"What the hell does that mean?" The Chief asked, his face wrinkling up.

"It means that she's coming here to insure that we are still a stable portion of the US military." Martin told him. "And that none of us has blown a mental gasket."

"You serious Skipper?"

"Deadly serious." Martin spoke, all humor gone from his voice. "The Admiral got wind of this about two months ago. The NIS is unsure if putting our team in charge of EDEN's security was a good decision. They prodded a few Senators to authorize this investigation. And they put their top agent on it."

"Commander Peterson?"

Martin nodded with a small smile. "She's the hatchet man. She's come to see if we are still stable components of the Navy and if we can be trusted."

"What a load of shit, Skipper!" The Chief spoke. "There ain't nothing wrong with our people! You sound like you know her well boss. What's up with that?"

Martin nodded slowly, remembering that night so many years ago as if it was only yesterday. Even half way across the room, Martin could still pick out her sweet honey scent from the dozens of other in the room. "I know her, or I thought I knew her." He replied softly. "Right now she is working directly for Senator Graham on this. He's that greasy looking bastard standing to her left, the same Senator Graham that has wanted to can our overworked asses for years. That's his son, following along with her, drool pouring from his mouth." He explained. "Apparently the two of them are engaged."

"That drugged up sleaze bucket is engaged to her?" The Master Chief echoed. "He doesn't look like he'd know what end to put it in."

Martin chuckled. "I agree whole heartedly."

The Chief saw Anja look their way and he saw her face change as she turned and headed directly for them. He looked at Martin, smiling. "I'm out of here, sir. I'll let you deal with her!"

Martin smiled back. "That Russian Mob boss Chief?"


"I got a copy of the autopsy from a friend. She popped him as he was filling her tight little body with his little Russian sausage." Martin made the shape of a gun and pointed it at his forehead. "One 40mm round between the eyes as he was popping inside her according to the lab reports. They found semen from an unidentified female mixed in with his all over the sheets on the bed."

"Christ that's cold Skipper!"

Martin nodded. "That's why they call her the Ice Queen Master Chief." He said, turning back to see Anja's stunning jade green eyes looking at him from less than six feet away.

Twenty-nine year old Anja Peterson stepped up to Martin, a dazzling smile on her face, her eyes bright and alive. Martin felt his own heart skip a couple beats looking at this woman in front of him as her scent filled his nostrils once more. A scent only he and his people could detect. Every man, woman and child had their own unique scent, and telling them apart came like second nature to Martin and the others now. Anja's scent however, her scent was one Martin would never forget, as he had burned it into his mind and had ever since that night.

"Commander Martin Hunter." Anja spoke, her voice soft and seductive. "Your reputation precedes you Commander." She held out her hand to him.

Martin took her hand gently, dreading that this day had come now. He had hoped to never have to see Anja again, especially not after the night they had shared. It seemed fate wasn't going to allow him that. "So does yours Commander Peterson." He spoke calmly. "So does yours."

Anja Peterson smiled at him, her green eyes twinkling. "It's been a long time Martin." She spoke softly.

"Yes, it has Anja." Martin replied, not returning her smile. " Not long enough it seems."

Anja stared at his handsome face as the memories of that night flooded back to her. She was a newly promoted lieutenant in the NIS, and had just been assigned her first mission. She was to track and expose a traitor at a State function in a foreign embassy. She did not know that Martin had been assigned to security for the Ambassador to cover his mission, which was essentially the same as hers. He was there to take the traitor into custody and interrogate him. They had not known each other before that night, but they had spotted each other from across the crowed room and been instantly attracted to one another. When he had approached her Anja had been struck by his imposing physical form and expected him to be another knuckledragger Navy SEAL. She had met them before, always so arrogant and sure of themselves as if their shit did not stink, yet none of them had a wit of common sense about them. Martin was dressed in his Navy uniform, and she noticed the SEAL Trident right away, and she was wearing a very sexy and stunning red cocktail dress. They had chatted briefly, And Anja was taken aback by his casual demeanor and quiet humor, and they had exchanged phone numbers before going their separate ways within the embassy. There was something about him that had drawn her like no other man she had met before. He didn't react as so many did when confronted with a beautiful woman. He was respectful and polite and didn't stare at her tits, which her dress showed off quite spectacularly.

Anja Peterson was not yet cleared for information into the Genome project, and she did not know what Martin Hunter was at that point in her life; but based on everything that had happened to her since their night together, she didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. They had ended up taking down the traitor in the foreign ambassador's office as he was beginning to transmit secret documents via computer. After a brief fight with the man and his two cohorts, their mission was successfully completed and a traitor to their nation was in custody.

Anja invited Martin back to her apartment in Washington to celebrate the mission completely on an impulse. He had accepted and they had gone back to her brownstone. They drank an excellent wine and talked with each other for over an hour, something Anja had almost never done with a man, before the sexual energy that was building between them took over. Anja didn't remember how they had ended up in her bed, only that they had, and it led to the most exquisite and pleasurable evening she had ever experienced even to this day. Anja knew she was beautiful, and knew that she could get any man to do her bidding. She knew what she wanted when it came to sex, and she got what she wanted for the most part.

With Martin Hunter however, it had been very different. He had taken control almost immediately, his lips and tongue extinguishing any protest she might have had with toe curling kisses, that didn't so much make her melt in his arms as they had brought out her desires more intensely. His hands had explored every square inch of her body, trailed shortly afterwards by his warm tongue. He brought her to climaxes that were more powerful than any she had ever felt, yet left her yearning for more. He met her demanding need with an equally demanding persona. His body was sculpted muscle, he was built larger than any man she had had before him, and even to this day, no one had matched his size in that department. Anja was no virgin by any means, but even the men that were larger than the norm didn't know what to do with their cock. To them size was everything, and nothing else mattered. Martin not only had a huge cock, but he knew exactly what to do with it to make Anja sing like she never had before.

Anja found herself exploring his body as well with her lips and tongue, something she had never done with any man. She found herself enjoying the power she had over his body, but also the ability he had over her to use it. They had shared each other's bodies well into the early morning, until she had finally collapsed from total exhaustion. When she awakened several hours later, he was gone, but he had left her a single rose with a note asking if they could see each other again soon. Anja found herself wanting to see him again. They had many things in common with each other, more so than the men did in her three previous private relationships. He left a private number where she could reach him, and she noticed it was a number with the same prefix as most Virginia based SEALs, yet she mused about it all day. She enjoyed her career and her job, and did not want a relationship to tie her down or ruin that. It was ultimately a visit by her father, a Vice Admiral, that convinced her what to do. In addition, her father got her clearance and then informed her of what Martin Hunter was, and what the Navy unit he commanded was made of.

Anja took almost a week to research Martin Hunter and the Genome project as much as her clearance allowed her too. When she finally worked up the nerve to call Martin and tell him there could never be anything between them, the Central American War was three days old, and Martin Hunter and SEAL Team 12 had already deployed. She never heard from him again, but the memories of that night came flooding back as she looked at him. She had followed his career as much as possible over the last seven years, but always kept quiet about their brief but very intense relationship.

"You don't seem happy to see me." She said, her green eyes twinkling.

"Should I be?" Martin asked. "I know why you are here Anja. I don't like it; not one bit. There is nothing wrong with me or my people, and you know it."

"What do you mean?"

Martin stepped closer to her. "Don't insult my intelligence by feigning ignorance Anja. You are too intelligent for that. We both know who you work for, and why you are coming to EDEN."

"I'm just following orders Martin." Anja spoke sweetly.

"Were you following orders back then too? Your father's orders maybe?" Martin threw the jab at her for some reason which he could not fathom.

Anja's eyes narrowed slightly. "That ... that isn't fair Martin!" She hissed softly at him. "You ... you never told me you were a Genome!"

"Pardon me, but if I remember correctly, and I am a Genome mind you, so my memory is perfect, I don't recall you wanting me to stop what I was doing so you could ask that question." Martin spoke in a low voice. "If I had told you, would it have mattered then?"

Anja met his dark eyes, deep pools of mystery that she had stared into for quite a few hours on that night. "It might have." She finally blurted out, knowing it was a lie.

"So if I had told you I was a Genome you wouldn't have slept with me?" Martin asked, his voice tinged with anger.

Anja's face flushed even under her deep tan, and her eyes narrowed even more. "You should have told me before we ... before..."

"Before we ended up enjoying ourselves too much?" Martin asked in a soft voice so that only she could hear him, but the anger was still there. "Forgive me, but it didn't cross my mind at the time, and you didn't seem to be complaining or be in any rush to have me stop what I was doing. I thought we were having too much fun. I guess I was the only one actually enjoying myself."

Anja regained control of her racing emotions and looked at him. "I have a job to do, Martin. I hope you don't get in my way."

"Get in your way?" Martin chuckled stepping closer to her, so close in fact that Anja could smell his musky mint aroma. She had commented to him that night about what aftershave he wore because it smelled so good, and he had replied that he didn't wear aftershave. "I'm EDEN's Chief of Security Commander. As long as your job doesn't interfere with my duties, we should get along just fine."

"I have orders from..."

"Anja, there you are." The male voice spoke from behind her interrupting what she was going to say.

The young man that had entered the lounge with her stepped up next to her and slipped his arm around her waist possessively. He was extremely handsome and of medium height, and was wearing what looked to be a two thousand dollar suit. His blond hair was neatly cut, his blue eyes dull with too much alcohol and drug use.

Anja forced a smile and pushed his arm from her waist as casually as she could. "Kevin, I'd like you to meet Commander Martin Hunter." She spoke.

Kevin Graham, son of the most anti-genome senator in the country and a well-known junkie, looked at Martin, "Ah ... the Genome." He said.

Martin smiled at him, and had Kevin been more intelligent he would have seen the smile as what it was; a predatory grin from a wild animal about to strike, "Yeah ... the Genome." Martin said.

"Martin, this is Kevin Graham. Senator Graham's son." Anja explained quickly, seeing the look on Martin's face and recognizing it for what it was. Anja however mistook the reason it was there, and for that matter so did Martin.

Martin folded his arms across his chest as Kevin held out his hand. "Yes, I know who he is." Martin spoke maintaining control of his emotions. Seeing Kevin put his arm around Anja had sent a surge of anger through him and he didn't know why. "I didn't realize he was coming on this trip."

"Senator Graham felt it would be a good experience for him. Kevin is campaigning for the 19th district in Virginia." Anja told him.

Martin glanced at the Master Chief who was standing over to the side motioning him over. "That's very nice. I wish you luck. I have work to do, if you'll excuse me." Martin glanced quickly at Anja before turning and heading for where the Master Chief stood.

Anja watched him move through the mass of men and women with confidence and grace. She smiled to herself as she remembered how she had reacted to his body against hers. The heat of his skin and the power of his body, it was almost as if he had some sort of unique aura that caused her to desire him so much. Or was it her own desire for him that made her react the way she did? Even after all this time Anja thought to herself, looking at his broad back, that one night they had spent together caused her to become damp between her thighs. It was going to be a very interesting assignment she thought.

"Arrogant asshole," Kevin muttered drawing her attention, "Typical Genome."

Anja looked at him, her smile fading away. "Don't ever grab me like that again." She growled at him in a low voice.

Kevin looked at her. "Like what? I've grabbed you like that before. In much, more public places. We are engaged, remember!"

"I am not a trophy Kevin!" Anja spat at him, the anger she was feeling very new and very intense. It was almost as if she was angry that Kevin had put his arm around her in front of Martin. "And you will not treat me like one! Is that understood?"

Kevin smiled. "Relax Anja." He told her. "I only wanted to put the Commander in his place. He is a Genome. They are known to be volatile and explosive. I wanted to put him in his place right away, so you don't feel threatened."

Anja shook her head and smiled a sad smile. "Believe me, the last thing Martin Hunter feels threatened by is you." Anja was beginning to regret saying yes to Kevin when he asked her to marry him six months ago. She had done so to advance her career and to make her father happy. He was worried she would be led astray by events that were happening in the military, and felt marrying Kevin Graham would solidify her position within the Senator's entourage, and give her a leg up when she left the Navy. Anja hated having Kevin paw her body at odd times to prove his manhood to others, and having sex with him was revolting to her, even when she was drunk.

Kevin took her hand. "C'mon, my father is expecting an initial report of contact with Hunter."

Anja let him lead her back through the mass of people, quietly thinking how Kevin would surely get his ass handed to him if he tried to pull the same stunts with the Genome soldiers as he had with everyone else he knew. It brought a smile to her face picturing Martin hanging him

over a railing somewhere putting his arrogant ass in its place.

Martin and the Master Chief stood to one side of the line that was formed to walk through the three metal detectors. Each of the Raptor Jump ships could hold two hundred and fifty people in the part of the cargo hold that had been configured for airline seating, and these were the last groups of technicians and scientists that would be joining EDEN's eight thousand-member crew. Martin turned when he heard his name called. He watched as Admiral William H. Wallace III walked up to him with another man who Martin recognized right away.

Senator Richard Graham was one of the most senior Senators within the US government. He was Chairmen of several committees, including the Intelligence Oversight Committee. He was also the most vocal anti-Genome man in the government, and made sure everyone knew that. He was a man of medium height with gray just touching his brown hair. He wore what appeared to be a three thousand dollar suit, just like his son, and was impeccably groomed. The Admiral was holding his arm as they came up to where he and the Master Chief stood.

Admiral Wallace was a man that Martin would follow to hell and back. He was a true leader of men who had worked his way up in the ranks because of what he had accomplished in his career, and not because of some political connections. He was a tall muscular man, with just a touch of white hair on his mostly bald head. A man in excellent physical condition, who had lobbied hard to get SEAL Team Twelve this post on EDEN. Martin didn't know why, and never really bothered enough to ask, but Wallace had always been there to look out for him and his team over the years, earning him Martin's trust and respect. There was something about the Admiral that made him feel relaxed and comfortable whenever he was in his presence.

"Martin..." He spoke stopping in front of him. "I told Senator Graham I would introduce you before we boarded. Senator, this is Commander Martin Hunter, EDEN's Chief of Security."

Richard Graham hesitated before extending his hand to shake Martin's outstretched one. He looked at him quickly. "So you are the Genome Commander?" He asked wiping his hand on his pants after shaking Martin's hand. This did not go unnoticed by Wallace or Martin.

Martin couldn't help but grin as he saw Anja approach from behind the Senator with his son. He nodded. "Yes sir." He replied, "Sequence One; Batch Number nine eight three four one."

Richard Graham looked slightly surprised. "You remember your batch number?" He asked, clearly taken aback.

Martin nodded. "Yes, sir; It's kind of hard to forget, when it's tattooed to the inside of your thigh." He replied.

Anja's eyes narrowed slightly at hearing this. She did not remember any number tattoo on the inside of Martin's thigh, and she had willingly and quite happily spent enough time between his legs to notice. Of the sexual partners she had over the years, Martin was the only man Anja had willingly sucked off, and she had done it on more than one occasion that night as she remembered, each time with delightful gusto.

Martin was the only one who noticed her reaction and he inwardly grinned to himself, knowing what must be racing through her head.

"So you believe you have the security of EDEN well in hand, Commander?" Graham asked.

Martin nodded. "Yes, sir, EDEN is the most secure facility the United States has right now. And not just because she is several million miles away. We have state of the art systems installed and my men, as well as the rest of EDEN's security force, are intimately familiar with all of them."

Graham nodded, as if he wasn't in the least bit interested, "Very well." He said.

Admiral Wallace realized that the conversation wasn't going to proceed anymore and motioned with his hand. "Senator, if you'll follow me, the loading ramp to our jump ship is further down the terminal."

Graham nodded and turned to walk with the Admiral. Martin looked at Anja and Kevin as they came up to him. Kevin had a smug look on his face.

"Can I help you?" He asked.

"We are ready to board." Anja said.

Martin glanced at the Master Chief quickly before looking back to her. "I believe the line for boarding is back there." He spoke.

"We have special clearance Commander." Anja said. "You know that."

Martin shook his head. "No one has special clearance unless I give it. Everyone has to pass through the detectors before they board. All this information was in the packets that were handed out, along with your security passes." He looked at her, and then at Kevin, "Which I don't see, by the way."

"What security passes?" Anja asked.

"They were in the packets given to you when you entered the terminal as I told you." Martin explained. "Without those security passes you will not be allowed to board."

"I gave ... I gave them to my assistant." Kevin stuttered.

"Then I would suggest you find your assistant and get them back." Martin spoke. He could barely hold back the grin as Kevin turned and started down the long line of men and women looking for his assistant. He turned back to Anja who had taken a step closer to him.

"Playing games Martin?" She asked, her voice cold.

Martin shook his head. "Me? Play games? I wouldn't think of it. You have just forgotten how to follow instructions." He told her.

"I was promised your full corporation!" Anja hissed at him. "Are you going to let what happen between us begin interfering with how you follow orders?"

Martin's smile faded and he glared at her. "What happened between us Lieutenant Commander Peterson is ancient history; you saw to that!" He told her. "I have long put it behind me. What you need to do, is realize that we operate like any other military facility, and we have rules that need to be followed. If you can't handle that, I suggest you let the good Senator know, and we can find someone to take your place. The next scheduled trip back to earth is in four months!"

Anja bit back her sharp reply, knowing that to argue with him now would do no good. She took a deep breath and forced a smile to return to her face.

"Will that be all, sir?" She asked sweetly.

"That's all. Dismissed."

Anja spun around smartly and followed Kevin to find their security passes. Martin turned as the Master Chief came up next to him.

"Is it smart to piss her off Skipper?" He asked. "She does have the Senator's ear."

"What's Admiral Wallace's rule for facing the enemy Tony?" He asked.

The Master Chief smiled. "Keep them guessing."

Martin nodded. "Keep them guessing. Moreover, that's what I intend to do with the good Commander Peterson. Keep her guessing."

"She's got smarts as well as beauty Skipper." The Master Chief said. "She'll catch on real quick."

Martin nodded. "Maybe, however, by then we'll be on EDEN, and there won't be a thing she can do about it. The Senator is only staying for a few weeks. She's assigned for the full year."

The Master Chief grinned. "You didn't?" He asked.

Martin nodded with a smile. "It pays to have friends in low places Chief. You know that. I had MILPERSEN permanently assign her as an attachment to SEAL Team 12. She'll be with us a while."

The Master Chief broke out in a booming laugh. He shook his head. "Now I know why I don't play poker with you skipper. You are devious."

Martin nodded, "Only when I'm in battle Master Chief. Only when I'm in battle."

They both were laughing as they turned back to watch the procession of people into the waiting Raptor Jump ships.

Martin moved through the upper deck of the Raptor Jump ship making his way forward to the cockpit as men and women were settling into their chairs. He barely glanced at Anja and Kevin who were sitting together, and he did not see her eyes linger on him for a long moment. He passed through the small doorway into the spacious cockpit and saw the two pilots prepping the ship for takeoff. He glanced at the small door and debated whether to go upstairs into the observation lounge for take off, but decided against it and settled into the engineering seat behind them.

"How goes it folks?" He asked.

"Four minutes." The pilot answered, turning back to look at him. He wore a Marine Corp flight suit with gold oak leaf clusters on the shoulder boards. "All our guests got their seatbelts on Boss man?"

"We're secure in the back." Martin replied, settling into the chair at the computer station behind the pilot.

The Major glanced through the open doorway and looked at the long rows of seats now occupied by men and women. "Man, I hate transporting REMFs."

The female co-pilot chuckled and looked at him. She wore Captain's bars and a Marine Corp flight suit as well, "C'mon Ben." She spoke. "We need to work on your social skills."

The pilot, Major Benjamin O'Connell, looked at her with a grin. "Can we start with you?" He asked, waggling his eyebrows. "I might need extra training Tina."

"We'll see big boy." Tina Winston said in reply. "We'll see."

Martin shook his head at the antics of the pair. They were the best damn flight crew he had ever worked with. They had taken him and his team into some of the nastiest places on earth, and always came back to get them. Even when they were ordered not too. They were also very much an item, almost never apart even when they weren't flying, and there were rumors that they would end up getting married in the next year or so.

"Ramp coming up," The voice on the intercom spoke from the back.

Both Ben and Tina became all business from that point on. Ben turned back to the consoles that were wrapped around him on three sides. They looked like something from a science fiction movie of old.

"Ok, bring the engines to max thrust." Ben spoke his voice cool and calm, "Stabilizers to full extension."

"Stabilizers at full," Tina spoke, her hands seeming to fly across her equally space age consoles, "Engines spooling to max power. Bringing the navigation array online, and activating defensive systems."

The Raptor Jump Ships were equipped with the most advanced offensive and defensive systems known to exist. They could fly invisible to all known radar due to the advanced reflecting armor coating the skin of the craft. The heat from the engines was vented and cooled before it ever reached the air. They were affectionately referred to as RAPTORs by the pilots and co-pilots because of their awesome capabilities and firepower. Martin secured his form in the seat and flipped several switches on the console in front of him. The screens came alive with the faces of the men and women in the back.

"How many lose their lunch?" Tina asked, not looking up from her console.

"I say thirty." Ben spoke, his eyes focused on his own screens.

Martin chuckled and shook his head. "I got 50 that say only ten blow chunks." He spoke. "Most of the people coming up this time have already undergone heavy G training."

"Damn!" Ben muttered. "That's too bad."

"Why complain?" Tina asked. "We spent three hours cleaning up the cargo area after the last flight up. The smell made me sick myself. Twice."

Ben laughed. "You should have heard her cuss you Marty." He spoke.

Martin turned in his chair. "Me? Why was it my fault?"

"You didn't tell us that over half were fresh from the academy, and had no heavy G training. They lost it six minutes into the flight!" Tina complained. "We had to fly fourteen hours with the air filters working triple time."

Martin smiled as he turned back to the screens. He centered one screen on Anja and Kevin, who were speaking quietly together. She looked like she had a very bored expression on her face. Tina glanced back at just that time and saw him gazing at the stunning young woman on the screen.

"Someone you know?" She asked.

Martin nodded, "A long time ago." He said softly, "A long time ago."

Ben turned quickly and saw Anja on the screen. He whistled loudly. "Wow! Look at those..."

Tina punched him in the shoulder hard enough to shut him up. "Don't you finish that statement big boy!"

"Ow!" Ben exclaimed. "What did you hit me for?"

"Just fly the damn ship!" She spat.

"Is this jealously I detect dear?" Ben asked, turning back to his controls.

"I'll show you jealously buster. Wait till we get back to EDEN." Tina growled, but with a small smile on her face.

"Raptor Two, Raptor One, ready to depart!" The voice on their com spoke.

Ben nodded, "Raptor Two confirm. We are ready to depart! Lead us out of here Robby."

"Raptor Two roger, we are lifting off!"

Martin turned and looked out the small windshield as Raptor One lifted into the air with a blast of its powerful engines. He watched as Ben and Tina pulled on their flight helmets and then Ben took the controls and did the same.

"Raptor One, we are airborne and on your six. Rotating ten degrees to come up under your aft wing. Let's keep it tight until we clear the atmosphere Robby." Ben spoke into his helmet mic.

"Roger that Major. Initiating atmosphere entry in thirty seconds. Throttles to seventy percent power. Activating Reflector armor and flight tracker. Say goodbye to earth for six months folks!" The voice spoke.

Martin was still amazed at the speed in which they ascended into the clouds. In ten seconds, he could see nothing but tiny specks of light on the ground, and then they were hidden by clouds as they entered the atmosphere.

Ben flipped a switch on the console, "Good morning everyone and welcome to Raptor flight. One-way service to EDEN. Please do not leave your seats until the word is given. We will be entering the atmosphere in twenty seconds and the ride will be quite rough for another forty seconds. Hope no one had anything to heavy to eat before we left. Barf bags are in the arms of your seats, so please use them. Flying time to EDEN is thirteen hours and forty-nine minutes from now. Enjoy the flight. And any complaints should be directed to Commander Hunter when we reach EDEN."

Martin laughed and waved at Ben's back. "Thanks Ben." He spoke.

Ben smiled, "Always a pleasure boss."

The two ships of Raptor flight entered the atmosphere of earth heading toward their new home on EDEN.

The Earth they would return to would never be the same.

Anja sat in her seat going over the packet that was handed out to them in the terminal. Kevin had predictably lost all the contents of his stomach upon taking off, and once the flight had smoothed out, he had begun drinking. Now, six hours into the flight he was passed out from five glasses of straight bourbon, and snoring lightly. Anja pulled the two security badges from the folder and looked at them. Her eyes grew dark and she looked toward the cockpit. She kept the badges in her hand and got to her feet, tossing the packet onto her seat as she moved into the aisle. She marched directly toward the cockpit holding the badges in front of her. She could see the backs of at least one of the pilots as she got closer, and she heard the laughter come from the cockpit as well.

Anja burst into the cockpit to see the two pilots talking with one another, the female with a smile on her face as she leaned against the back of the co-pilot's seat. She turned and saw Martin sitting at the console, reading from a chart and drinking a cup of coffee. The female pilot got to her feet.

"Can I help you?" She asked.

Anja turned and looked at Martin as he lowered the chart and met her eyes. She ignored Tina and tossed the two security badges onto the table in front of him. "I was told I would have Level Six security access on EDEN. And Senator Graham's son would have level Six as well."

Martin looked at her as he lowered the chart completely to the top of the table, his dark eyes unreadable. "Who exactly told you that?" He asked.

"Senator Graham assured me I would have the proper clearance!" Anja snapped, her temper rearing its ugly head, "As would Kevin. You need to correct this! Right now!"

Martin set the mug of coffee on the small table and looked at her closely. He picked up the two badges and held them out to her. "Senator Graham does not dictate to me what level clearances I issue Anja. As Head of Security that is at my discretion, and only Admiral Wallace as the authority to override it, which to my knowledge that has not occurred in this instance."

Anja crossed her arms under her full breasts, completely unaware of the seductive pose she was striking. "You will change the clearances now Commander Hunter. If you don't, the minute we land on EDEN I will go directly to Senator Graham and have you relieved of duty, for disobeying orders."

Tina looked at Ben and shook her head as she settled back into her flight seat. She seen senior officers with more guts than brains go up against Martin verbally over something they felt was wrong. In every case, Martin had slapped them down in as much time as it took for them to formulate the thought. Ben grinned and shook his head as well as he turned back to his instruments and sipped his own mug of coffee.

Martin's expression did not change as he got to his feet and stepped alongside Anja. He didn't see Anja close her eyes quickly as a wave of desire swept through her. A wave of overwhelming desire for Martin, and that stunned her. Martin touched the control panel and the cockpit hatch slid shut with a hiss. Martin stepped back and looked at Anja, who still wore a smug expression on her face. He towered over her five foot three height, but she held her ground admirably yet quite arrogantly.

"Well?" She snapped.

Martin looked at her as he fingered the badges in his hand. "What is your rank Anja?" He asked her in an even voice.

"Excuse me?"

"I asked you what your rank was."

"You know damn well what my rank is!" Anja snapped, not understanding what this was leading up to.

Martin nodded. "Yes! I know what your rank is. And the last time I checked Lieutenant Commander Peterson, I was a full Commander, which means in case you have forgotten, I outrank you."

"What does this have to do with... ?"

"At ease Lieutenant Commander!" Martin barked.

"You have no right to..."

"At ease," Martin almost shouted, causing Anja to take a step back and bang into the bulkhead of the ship. Martin was in her face before she had time to recover. "If you say another word, I'll have the Master Chief lock you in the hold of this ship until we reach EDEN! Exactly who do you think you are to come in here and spout off to me? I decide who gets clearance on EDEN! Me! Not you! And for damn sure not Senator Graham! I don't care what your mission or purpose is. You are still a member of the active duty Navy, and you will follow regulations. If you had looked hard enough at these badges before letting your ego overrule your brain, you would see that yours is a temporary clearance until you assumed your position on EDEN." He glared at her, his dark eyes nearly obsidian in color and they made Anja feel very small at that moment. "As for the good Senator's son, I have no intention of allowing your two bit drunken, drugged up boyfriend any kind of access anywhere on EDEN. He has a criminal record for Christ's sake!"

"Kevin doesn't have a criminal record!" Anja spoke defending him for some reason, but her response was delivered much less forcefully now.

"You should probably take a harder look at your dear fiancée Anja. He does have a record ... and I will not allow him access to any secure areas of EDEN. Period! Senator Graham can scream to the president for all I care. It won't matter to me or to the Admiral. I answer to him ... and his next superior is the President of the United States. Senator Graham does not factor into my Chain of Command at any level thank God." Martin took her hand and slapped the badges back into her palm. "I suggest you take these and go back to your seat before you step way over the line."

"Martin ... I..."

"Save it! You keep talking and you're going to sink your budding career before it ever gets started." Martin spoke.

Ben looked at Tina out of the corner of his eye and grinned, except Tina wasn't looking at him. She was staring out her side window with a look of utter horror on her face.

Ben followed her gaze and his eyes flew open, "Holy Shit!" Ben screamed, dropping his mug of coffee and reaching for his flight controls. "Tina! Full power!"

Tina was frozen in place as she stared at the massive asteroid bearing down on them. It filled her window entirely now, gases and smaller asteroids trailing along behind it.

"Tina!" Ben screamed again, "Full Power!"

His voice was enough to snap her out of her trance and her hand flashed forward to slam the throttles all the way forward to max. Martin and Anja had turned to see why Ben had screamed, only to witness the massive asteroid filling their view.

"Oh my god," Anja muttered.

Ben shoved his flight stick all the way over to the left as the gravity leading the asteroid hit Raptor Two, sending Martin and Anja slamming hard into the bulkhead. Martin absorbed most of the impact and it was enough to knock him silly as Anja's head collided with his jaw. The massive g-force from the turn pushed them against the bulkhead as the Raptor went into a turn it was never designed to endure!

The last thing Martin heard before the heavy Gs forced him to black out was Anja and Tina praying softly before they too succumb to the massive pressure.

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