The Brady Bunch Is Getting High
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The somewhat long awaited story of the Brady Bunch and what would happen with all that Testosterones and Estrogens in the same house. Throw in some drugs of the day and well read it and see what happens

Greg was setting on his bed taking a hit from his bong that he made after school in shop class. The teacher was grade a cool. Rumor was that before he started teaching he was a hippie up in San Francisco.

"Greg are you up here?" He heard Jan call.

'Oh shit, ' he thought and just managed to slide the bong under his bed and let the spread down hoping it covered it. He had quite a buzz going though just from that one hit so he wasn't even thinking about the smoke in the air itself until he saw Jan coming up the stairs waving her hand back and forth in front of her face.

When she got to the top of the stairs he saw her smile. "Greg are you smoking?" She whispered and before he could lie she pointed.

"Shit," he said without thinking as he looked down and sure enough a little bit of smoke was wafting out from under the bed. "Okay busted," he said in a whisper while leaning over and pulling the bong out from under the bed.

Jan automatically came and sat down on the bed beside him. "Wow Greg did you make that?" She asked and with a goofy grin on his face all he could do was nod his head.

Jan sniffed, in the air and smiled. "Where did you get the weed Greg?" She whispered, and he leaned over.

"It's a secret," he whispered back.

'He probably doesn't think I know what is going on?' She thought to herself as she looked over the bong and then she noticed the lighter on the nightstand beside his bed.

Before he could say anything though she put the bong to her mouth and grabbed the lighter and turned the wheel. After the flame appeared she put it to the bowl and sucked. Greg's mouth fell open as Jan took a giant hit sucking all of the smoke out of the bong and then throwing her head back. A minute later and she exhaled smoke like a chimney into the air above her and smiled before passing the bong to Greg.

"Here" she said almost in a whisper. "Hit it before it goes out."

He was just staring into space and if it hadn't been for her pressing the bong into his hand. "What?" He asked, and then looked down at his hand. "Oh yeah," he said and then went to take a hit off the bong.

As Greg was inhaling that sweet smoke of weed Jan was looking at his jean covered crotch. "Earth to Greg," she called out to nothing and she reached for the bong.

Her hand slipped though and landed on his thigh, right on top of his cock. She let it sit there for only a second or two and then remembered it was the bong that she wanted so she grabbed it and Greg let her have it as he just stared off into space. She lit up the bong again but noticed it was completely dead.

"Greg you got anymore grass?" She whispered and he stood up pulling a baggie out of his pocket.

Jan quickly pulled a pinch of green out of the plastic bag and put it in the bowl. "Jan," she heard Greg whisper as she had her head forward while she lit a flame to the bowl. "Do you want to see something special, something that nobody else has seen but me?"

She pulled in a mouth full of perfumed smoke and could only nod her head. Greg wasted no time after seeing her head move as he unsnapped his pants and pulled the zipper down. His pants fell to the floor then and smoke belched out Jan's mouth as she saw Greg's cock in all of his glory, and hard also.

'Wow, ' she thought while sitting there staring at her brother's hard cock.

"What was that you said Greg," she said after realizing he had said something.

"I said you can touch if you want." He felt her hand then gently go around it couldn't help but smile. "If only she was Marcia," he softly said and upon hearing her sisters name Jan said.

"She's over at Laurie's house they just got back from a tour."

Mean while in a bedroom in another house Marcia Brady heard a click and then the voice of her best friend Laurie say. "Here," and she saw the cigarette.

"Are you sure nobody's home?" Marcia asked as she took the cigarette. She took a drag off it and inhaled before smiling. "You brother is so dreamy."

Laurie took the cigarette back from Marcia and asked. "Which one?" Though she knew it was the same with all the girls.

"Keith," Marcia said and took the cigarette back. "He's so groovy," she turned to her friend Laurie then. "He makes me wet."

"You mean like this," Laurie said and Marcia saw that her friend had her pants open and was pulling back the juiciest pussy lips anyone had ever seen.

She sat there then watching her best friend start to masturbate it looked so sensual that before she knew what had happened her hand was doing the same thing to her covered genitals.

The gentle caress of the cloth as it moved over her clit was starting to make her feel things she had never felt before. Marcia felt the filter of the cigarette caress her lips and saw that Laurie was holding it there Marcia smiled at her friend and clasped the cigarette in her lips. She saw Laurie flick the lighter then and bring the flame to the end of the cigarette. Her mouth began to fill with smoke then and Laurie pulled the burning stick away but just then she felt something and without knowing sharply inhaled all of the smoke that was in her mouth the nicotine added to the sensations already coursing through her cunt was too much she fell back as the biggest orgasm of all sent her over the edge.

At that same time back in Greg's room Jan had her hand around his cock and was jacking it good. She was high as a kite and when he stepped forward and brushed her lips with it automatically her mouth opened and the head went inside. As her wet lips clamped around it he felt his balls pull up tight in their sack and before he could say anything she was slurping down his semen shake.

"Wow!" Marcia said as she came down from her orgasm.

"So you like that uh?"She saw Laurie as her vision came back to focus holding out the cigarette once again and she eagerly accepted it.

As she dragged on the cigarette hoping for that feeling again she couldn't help but smile. She smiled as she took a long drag on the cigarette and then she saw Laurie still the same as before with her hand rubbing her cunt that was still open. With a smile she scooted over next to her friend and without saying anything placed her hand on the open and juicy lips.

Marcia's finger soon slid inside and started masturbating Laurie making her moan out loud. "Oh Marcia yeah like that, ' she squirmed.

Marcia smiled then since she knew that what she was doing was right and she added another finger. "More," Laurie moaned hunching up into Marcia's hand. Marcia took a drag off the cigarette she still had in her other hand and happened too look down as she added yet another finger to the ministrations.

When she exhaled that last drag it went straight and touched the clit of Laurie whose eyes came wide open as she sat up straight like she had stuck her finger in a wall socket.

Back in the attic bedroom of Greg's a click was heard as Jan lit the bong once again and threw her head back with a smile. Oh yeah she was high alright out in space floating around in the milky way and Greg was between her legs his tongue flicking over that little button she liked to rub sometimes.

Laurie was closing her pants right then with a satisfied smile and Marcia said. "Oh shit I have to get home mom will be pissed."

Laurie walked her to the front door and before Marcia could leave she said. 'Here take these in case you want one later."

Marcia smiled as she took the pack of cigarettes and stowed them in her purse and then she got on her bicycle and started off for home.


After dinner and the evening chores Marcia went off to bed, she was tired it had been a long day so she didn't notice the haze in the bedroom or even care. Sometime after midnight Marcia got up and instantly realized how quiet it was in the house everyone was asleep. Then her brain reminded her about the purse and she grabbed it before going to the bathroom.

Instantly she locked the joining door that went to Peter and Bobby's room and then she closed the other one and locked it also. She pulled out the pack then and opened it seeing all the little white filters she instantly grabbed one put it in her mouth and flicked the lighter to life. As she was taking her first pull on the cigarette her eyes saw something else in the pack also and her eyes went wide in surprise as she pulled it out. In her hand was the longest joint it was the same size of the cigarette in her hand.

If asked later she would not be able to say why she did it, but instantly she flushed the cigarette down the toilet and put the joint in her mouth. With another flick of the Bic lighter she moved the dancing flame to the twisted in and pulled on the joint. To an outsider looking in they would say this was not her first time and they would be right as she inhaled the sweet smoke way down into her chest and held it there before exhaling. A tingle was going through her body and instantly she was toking on the joint again.


In another bathroom across town someone else had an urge for a cigarette and Laurie was lighting up. "Shit," she thought after looking in the pack. 'Where the fuck is it? That was my last joint."

Back at the ranch, the Brady ranch that is.

Marcia was in her own little world not even realizing how fucked up she was or even the fuck ups she had made. As she sat on the side of the tub pulling on the joint the door she had come in opened and a second later Jan came in with something in her hand. For the second time in twelve hours Jan had busted an older sibling.

"Oh wow," she said waving her hand in the air a bit. She went over and put down the toilet lid and sat. "When did you start smoking?"

Marcia could only smile and asks. "Who says I am?" Then without knowing she took a drag on the joint, a big one. Jan boldly reached out then and took the joint from her sister's hand without her knowing, and then she took a hit also.

"Oh wow," Marcia said then. "I didn't know you did that."

Jan smiled then after exhaling the smoke. "There are lots of things you don't know about me."

Marcia could only smile then and she noticed something Jan's hand. "What's that?" She asked pointing.

Instead of answer Jan brought it up her mouth and leaned over grabbing Marcia's lighter off her cigarettes. The contents in the bowl glowed bright in the dim and hazy bathroom as she pulled the smoke straight from the pipe. Jan was also thinking about Greg and his cock. She was so high she felt like she was flying literally up near the ceiling and reached up as if hoping to touch it instead all she felt was air. Marcia took that opportunity to take another hit on the joint and realized she didn't have it anymore.

Marcia began to panic and then noticed it on the sink where Jan had laid it. Another flame illuminated the darkness as Marcia had put the joint back in her mouth and was relighting it again. She pulled hard on the joint and inhaled straight down to her lungs. Jan leaned over and grabbed the lighter then to take another hit on the pipe.

"Shit!" Marcia said then and Jan asked.

"What's the matter Marcia?"

"It's down to a roach and I hate them and didn't get enough even then. So thanks a lot Jan you bitch."

Jan picked up the roach and put it in the end of her pipe before flicking the lighter and lighting it again. Jan was so high now she could reach the sky lab.

"Don't you have another one?" Jan asked after that last toke and Marcia pulled a fresh cigarette from the pack and looked inside before closing it.

"Nope that was the only one shit, shit now what am I going to do." Marcia was so pissed and then she saw Jan smiling.

"Do you have some?" She asked her sister pleading with her in an almost whine.

Jan went to light the pipe again and realized it was out before saying. "Nope but I know where we can get some."

"Right now," Marcia whispered again with a bit of an anxious plea in her voice. "Then show me." She said after taking another drag on the cigarette.

"I can't," Jan said and Marcia narrowed her eyes at her sister.

"Bitch stop playing," she was almost to the begging stage. "I'll do anything you want me to please, please pretty please."

Jan had Marcia right where she wanted to. "First you have swear you won't tell anyone."

Marcia rolled her eyes then. "Of course I won't Jan you know that."

Jan got up then and grabbed Marcia's hand. "Then come on and follow me but be quiet."

Marcia just barely had enough time to drop the cigarette in the toilet and put the pack away in her purse before seeing Jan go out into the hall. Following behind her sister so close she didn't even realize where they were going till she came to some stairs. Before she knew it they were at the top and could hear Greg snoring in his bed.

'Thank god for that, ' she thought and then saw Jan go over to his bedside table and pull something out of the drawer.

"Come on," she said in a loud whisper and jerked her hand over towards her.

Marcia practically crawled over to her and even ventured to look, yeah he was sleeping. "Did you get it?" She asked and Jan held up a bag with some green stuff in it. Marcia could not wait and went to grab it only Jan shook her head no.

"No you have to work for it," Jan said and pulled the sheet back from Greg, he was naked and holding his cock.

Instantly it registered and she looked at Jan shaking her head no but before she could run, Jan had her by the hand and was pulling it towards Greg's cock. The next thing Marcia knew something soft was in her hand and she was doing what Jan was telling her to do in pulling on it softly. As she did this the cock got harder but still felt soft and then she heard Jan right next to her ear.

"Now bend over and put it in your mouth." If she had not been so high there is no doubt she would have ran from the room but she desperately wanted to get even higher than before and found herself doing what Jan said.

Meanwhile back across town Laurie was sneaking out of her house and onto the multicolored bus that the family all ran around in when they were on tour. She stopped short and gasped when she saw an ass looking at her, there was no mistaken who it belonged to. "Keith," thump was the sound of him hitting his head.

He turned only the top part of his body around rubbing the top of his head. "Yeah what do you need Laurie?"

She looked around to make sure they were alone and couldn't see anyone of course since it was dark that would help also and then she remembered what she was there for and asked. "I wonder ... well like do you..."

Keith had a faraway look about him but smiled. "Spit it out Laurie."

She smiled he always cut to the chase. "I was wondering if you had some grass." She finally asked and he smiled.

"Well Laurie sorry to say but nope I don't." She started to hang her head then and he smiled. "But I have something even better."

He had a bag of white powder in his hand and instantly Laurie lunged for it, she wasn't stupid the girl knew what coke looked like. Keith just smiled though and handed her another bag that had a smaller amount.

Back at the Brady house Marcia was sucking on Greg like it was a big lollipop when she felt a hand pull her back by the shoulder. "What?" She asked only she saw Jan holding something out to her, a joint.

Marcia took the offering and Jan struck the lighter. In seconds Marcia was going back to where she had been before and after three hits she handed it to Jan and went back to sucking. Jan though had other ideas and instead pulled her back up. As Marcia stood there dumbfounded Jan pulled her panties down to the floor and she shook her head no as it came to her.

Jan though was nodding her head yes and whispered. "You have to work for it or I tell him that you smoked it all."

She held up the baggie then and Marcia with her eyes glued to the prize let Jan guide her into position. The pain would have stopped her if she had not been so high she wouldn't have done it but instead it was a dull ache and the tightness though uncomfortable was bearable. She didn't even feel when her cherry was busted by the lance of her brother all she wanted was to get it over with to the satisfaction of her sister.

Jan on the other hand was sitting on the floor in front of the night stand her pipe in one hand and lighter in the other. Greg was beginning to stir and Marcia looked like she was ready to book it out of there but before she could something was at her mouth and then a flame appeared to light up the room. She was toking on the joint then when she felt some hands on her waist.

Marcia looked down then at a smiling Greg who could only say. "Marcia," he smiled and griped her hips tighter. "Far out."

All she could do was smile down at him, she was so high. She didn't even feel the dull ache of his expanding cock all she felt was the relief and warmth of his frothy cum as it coated her insides. As his cock finally fell out of her Marcia got up and looked at her sister with disgust and then she grabbed the bag on the floor at Jan's legs.

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