The Project
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Son, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - a school project leads to many discoveries

It started as a class project led to discoveries. It started out innocently enough the assignment was a day in the life of our parents it was for sociology. Instantly I thought with today's technology I was in like Flynn as I had an idea, actually to be honest it had been brewing for a while to spy on my mother. Oh before we go further let me tell you mom was and is Maria and my name is Walker or Junior since I was named after my dad.

So anyway there I was just got off the bus and went in the house not a soul around which was the way I liked it, a note was on the kitchen table from mom saying she was grocery shopping and I knew dad was still at work for two hours so I ran to my room and kicked the door shut laid down on the bed and got my phone off the charger and started choking the chicken. It wasn't any time before I was busting a nut and then I heard the front door open as dad called out that he was home. I didn't realize it was that late and double-checked the time.

"Your home early what's up?" I asked walking into the kitchen and getting a glass of OJ.

"Nothing really just was able to leave early for once."He said in reply and then the project came to mind so I excused myself.

I went to the home office where all of the computers were including my laptop and then I began to read up on my idea. It wasn't long and I knew it was do-able but it was going to be costly. I quickly went shopping for all the stuff that I would need and put it on hold once I saw the total,

"Dad I need a huge favor." I said a minute later after going out and seeing he was in the living room reading the paper.

I didn't tell him exactly why I needed the money just that it was for a project. To say that I was surprised when he handed me his platinum America Express is an understatement I quickly went back to the office and finished my deal, I was so giddy that I even asked for next day shipping. I went to bed but don't know how much sleep I got I was so excited. I got up sometime in the middle of the night when a thought came to me I needed to map out where to put the cameras, so I went to scout the house. I saw several possible places but I really wouldn't know till the order came, oh I couldn't wait.

I was kind of disappointed when I found that no packages had been left for me the next day and then I realized it was because I had ordered it the evening before probably after they had shipped already for the day. Imagine my surprise though when dad opened the door to the office as I was doing my homework and said someone was at the front door for me.

It was the FedEx man and I had to sign for a delivery that was in my name. After signing my name on the gadget for the driver I took the fairly good size box inside and headed for my room. After a quick inventory of the contents I found the instruction booklet and a disc was with it once I was sure that all of what I ordered was there I put the box in my closet figuring it was safe from prying eyes and went back to the office. After loading up the disc everything was easy as pie I had the server downloaded and set up and all that remained was the cameras I had decided on setting them up later once everyone was asleep.

As it was I got the perfect opportunity that night cause I woke up again this time about two I guess I was so excited. I immediately went about setting up everything and didn't leave anything uncovered room wise with the exception of mine and the parents. I did think about setting up the last one but decided to wait but while I did wait I had to see if it all worked out. Oh yeah the cameras were not only small enough to be hidden but able to move silently and detect darkness which caused them to switch to night-vision. They moved with motion also, very state of the art I couldn't wait to see them in action.

Without thinking about it I set them up and turned them on and walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. After that was done I went to bed and hoped to be able to sleep in since it was Saturday. I woke up later and found that dad was gone to the office and then he was going for an afternoon round of golf or at least that is what he told mom. During breakfast I remembered I had promised a friend to hang out with him that day and told mom that I would mow the grass the next day and why.

Jeff and I hung out all day went to the mall and checked out the girls, he has his own car since he is seventeen 2 years older than me. We ended up going to the bowling alley since the mall was dead and then after getting a bite to eat from the snack bar there we headed out, he dropped me off at the house since it was on his way home and I said good-bye. After going inside mom asked how my day went and I told her before getting a can of soda and heading to the home office I wanted to check my e-mail.

After booting up the laptop from its sleep state I saw something flashing that I never saw before but put off investigating it for the time being till the e-mail was taken care of. Fifteen minutes later and everything was done so I clicked and a pop said, "Ispy." I didn't know what this was so I double clicked the icon again and a video screen popped up. Instantly I knew what it was the kitchen, our kitchen and I saw mom working at finishing dinner. I saw her head for the doorway and then heard her yell down the hall that dinner would be ready in twenty minutes. I knew that and then I saw a map of where the cameras had been laid out and saw one area flashing so I clicked on it, there was dad asleep in the recliner it was the living room. I started to shut things down then and remembered that camera I was going to put in the master bedroom. In five minutes I had it mounted and knew there was no way anyone would know about it.

I went to bed feeling great and for some unknown reason again was up in the middle of the night. Oh well I thought let's play around with the computer. Since the whole house was wireless I decided to bring the laptop in my room. After booting up and checking the e-mail I went straight to the camera program and opened it up. A smile came to my face as I wondered what the parents had done after I went to bed. I found out how to bring that camera up and the archive but was disappointed to see nothing. I started playing around then and decided to see what the archive of the kitchen cam had on it.

I didn't want to spend all night looking at it so after fiddling around I saw where I could scan to certain times. Bingo, I went back to when I left out of the house to visit Jeff and sat back wondering what was going to happen. I saw mom walk into the kitchen her head and eyes moving around like she heard something then I saw her pull over a step stool to the counter and open the cabinet.

She reached up and pulled something down but I couldn't see what it was then I saw a flash and a second later she turned around pulling a white cigarette out of her mouth bong my cock got stiff then for some reason and yeah I started rubbing it but not really like masturbating. I never knew my mom smoked, she never did around us and I began to wonder why. Her long chestnut colored hair was something as I watched her move around, it swung in the air.

I watched as she started getting stuff together it looked like for what we had for dinner. I saw the light flashing that a camera was turned on and wondered what was going on so I clicked it man it was weird everything was dark and then the night-vision picked up and I saw mom or the outline of her and was trying to figure out what she was doing up and then I saw a flick of something and second later something waving in the air. I figured out then she must have been having a cigarette it was so wild seeing it with the night-vision and then I saw something else no it couldn't be could it. Yeah my mom was getting herself off digging into her money pot for gold.

Hell I found my own self stroking the one eyed monster to her rhythm and then just when I saw her go stiff I shot my baby making batter all over myself. I went to my closet to get something to clean it up with and then saw she was gone. I absentmindedly clicked on the camera for their bedroom and just then saw her crawling beneath the cover naked. Shit I missed my chance.

I went to bed then wasn't anything else happening and though I dreaded the thought there was work to do the next day. I got up Sunday and noticed the house was empty, found a note saying they had left for church. They had started going a month ago and never forced him to though I went once and that was enough. I wandered briefly why the sudden change but didn't dwell on it as the note also reminded me on what needed to be done so I hopped to it.

It wasn't till darkness fell that I was done with all of the yard work and was glad to see mom had left some dinner for me. I asked about dad and she said he had eaten at the club after playing golf, he must have gone after church he did that some times.

I made sure that all of my school books were together on my desk and the homework was done before I went to sleep that night and slept right through till the morning when I woke up to mom's hand on my forehead. She said I felt warm and asked if I was okay. I told her that I felt fine and she left. But apparently I wasn't fine cause during first period I barfed up before I even had a chance to get down the hall to the nurse's office after my teacher sent me there. The office sent me home and I walked since it wasn't far.

Walking into the house it was quiet and I wondered where everyone was but went straight to bed after taking some Tylenol. When I woke up again it was one in the afternoon and I was feeling much better. Without think I walked into the kitchen in just my shorts, didn't even see mom till I heard a distinct click and saw mom at the counter facing the wall with a wisp of smoke rising. Instantly my cock was hard and I was oblivious to my mom being in the room as I pushed down my shorts and sat down stroking it. (Oh and how big am I well it was measured at 7 inches but I won't say who measured it) Mom gasped and I looked up to see her turned around and looking at me. I was expecting her to go ballistic but instead there was a different reaction as I instinctively let my manhood go. I watched then as she pulled her arms into her top while letting the cigarette dangle and then she pushed the top down around her waist.

As if it was a dream I then watched her squat down in between my legs and take the soldier who was standing at attention into her wet mouth. I mean there she was cigarette in her left hand that was on my right thigh and my stalk of a cock in her mouth she went up and down a couple of times getting it nice and wet before pulling off to take a drag from the burning stick in her hand.

She looked at me with a smile. "You liked that uh," she said and I didn't think she was asking because she swallowed my manhood again. I was close to becoming empty and she knew it but before I could warn her it happened and she never spilled a drop and instead kept going only pulling back to drag on the cigarette and then she flicked the ash into an ashtray that was on the table, I never saw it there before.

"Oh yeah mama's boy has become a man when she wasn't looking," I heard her say while she was jacking me.

I watched her stretch then and she put the cigarette out and then stood up. She pushed what had bunched up around her waist the rest of the way down over her hips. When the garment hit the floor I saw mom saunter or should I say walk over to the counter again swaying her hips. She turned around then with a fresh cigarette in her mouth. If there was any way that I could get any harder that did it. She walked back to me then lighting the cigarette as she did and then I saw her place the pack and lighter down on the table beside the ash tray.

Mom turned around to where her ass cheeks were right there at my cock that was sticking straight up and then I felt her hand on it and watched as she pulled it forward between her legs and then finally she moved down and for the first time in my life my cock was home in a pussy and just to think that was where I came into this world also.

I watched then as mom started up and down like she was on a pogo stick and in a sense she was, my stick that is. I could see also in the reflection of the window across from her as her breasts went up and down also along with the cigarette that she was smoking. All too soon I became aware of my surroundings and could hear mom panting each time my head sunk into her and I began to feel that all knowingly sign as the cum began to rise.

I wanted to gasp out what was happening, I knew in the back of my mind that I should have. But before I could, it happened and mom never stopped until finally it fell out. She turned around then and squatted down to my noodle that is the best I can describe it also. She tried to bring life back to it by using mouth to mouth resuscitation but it didn't work. Nothing worked, she was playing with it and everything, but then I saw as she grabbed her pack of cigarettes and pulled one out put it in her mouth and then inches from me she flicked the lighter to life and leaned into the flame.

"Yep we have life in cocky," she said with a smile right then as indeed my stalk did rise up from the dead. As if she didn't want to let it go waste she dived forward and in seconds had it trapped in her oral cavity and was bobbing her head in no time only freeing him to take a drag from her cigarette and even then she was stroking me with a smile as I watched her.

I was surprised when she began to get aggressive in blowing me, for a minute I thought my cock had been put in the end of a vacuum cleaner that is how hard she was sucking and in no time she got her reward. I stumbled off to my bedroom then if for the fact that I was tired and in need of a nap. As I walked in my room I saw my laptop and remembered what had just happened.

Without a thought I booted it up and was soon at the Ispy archive and replaying what had happened. It was so surreal watching it and knowing that I was the one there. After playing it through once and even going to certain spots I found that indeed life was coming back to cocky so I shut down the laptop and laid down for a much needed nap.

I woke up and could tell that it was dark out and then looked at the clock beside the bed. It was midnight 'Damn' I thought, 'so much for a good night sleep.' Though I did feel rested my body clock was all messed up now. I booted up the laptop then if for nothing else then I still had to check my e-mail. As I was going though the mail I heard a click and looked up mom was coming into my room.

"Thank God," she said in a whisper after closing the door. "I thought you were going to sleep the night away." Her hand was in the pocket of her robe and she was pulling it out while asking.

"Do you mind?" I saw then that she had a cigarette in her hand that had been in the pocket.

"No," I said in what sounded like a frog in my throat croak. "Go ahead," and she did so I went back to what I was doing though I must admit it was nerve racking with my mother sitting there beside me and then I heard her say something but before asking saw her point.

It was the Ispy icon and I ignored it but put on silence for the time being and then I finished my e-mail. "Mom can I ask you a question." I said finally after shutting down the laptop and putting it away.

Mom gave me a look then. "You know Junior that you can always ask me anything."

I pulled up all the courage in me then and asked. "How did this come about?" I nodded to what was in her hand. "I mean I've never seen you before today smoke." Okay so I told a little fib.

I saw mom smile then for some reason and she said. "I used to smoke all the time from when I was in high school all the way through college and even after I met your father." I watched her take a drag then. "But then we got married and I got pregnant with you after that I gave them up cold turkey."

"Oh," I said feeling almost painfully uncomfortable. "Then why after all this time did you start back?"

I watched as she lit up another cigarette then. "Your father and I are having some tough times, the other day I was having lunch with your Aunt Karen," she wasn't really my aunt. "Pouring my heart out like close friends do with each other and before I knew it she was reintroducing me to my old habit."

Out of nowhere I felt mom's hand softly on my knee as she said. "Would you like a little help with that problem of yours?"

I don't know if I nodded but I saw her lean over as she fished my cock from my shorts and in time was messaging the stalk with her throat muscles. I soon began to feel that familiar sign also and she must have to because the next thing I knew we were on the bed and she was laying beneath me with her legs spread as her hand guided my hard rod to the place I came from. Five minutes later and she was working up a sweat panting and moaning the same as I was. Just as I started to reach my peak I felt her bite down on my shoulder and I won't lie to you it hurt.

"I'm sorry," she was saying five minutes later as I was lying between her and the wall. "I don't know what came over me," she placed a kiss on the area of the bite marks.

I went off to sleep then and woke up in the same position with my back to the wall and seeing the clock read seven o'clock. I went off to school feeling high and with pep to my walk I admit. The rest of the week passed without incident and then came the weekend.

I did wake up on Friday though and was checking my e-mail when Ispy told me something was going on, it was mom in the kitchen the night-vision still freaked me out and I wanted to try something. I walked in without anything on and went right up behind mom. I could tell that she had on her silky robe as my hands came up and cupped her breast and she gasped.

"Does Junior want to play," it wasn't a question I could tell and something in me just reached down and pulled up the hem of her robe my finger tips feeling nakedness on her thighs just as hers reached for cocky and guided him home.

As I was getting seated good she lit up the darkness and the smell of her cigarette filled the air. While she smoked that cigarette I stoked her loins with every stroke of my cock. Ten minutes steady stroking and I was putting out her fire and hopefully quenching my desire for mom, yeah right like that will ever happen.

I didn't get out of bed till after lunch on Saturday and felt like shit but I had promised my friend to hang out with him that day. As I was eating lunch mom said that dad had gone into the office and then had a golf game he had to go to. Later on my buddy and me was hanging out at the mall when I spotted mom or should I say he did. We said hi and she brought us something to eat.

That night when I got home it was time to see if my project came out alright. I started up the laptop and was going through the Ispy archive selecting different things that I wanted. Everything was time stamped so I put it all in order and ready to burn to a disc. I spent the next day making sure that all of the times were accounted for during the day.

As we were eating dinner that night, mom and I that is because dad had been called out of town on business, mom said. "What is going on I haven't seen you more than a half a dozen times all weekend?"

I told her in rough terms about the project and that I was trying to get it done to turn in the next day. I was just finishing it up and had hit the burn switch to make the disc when there was a knock at the bedroom door. I told mom to come in because I knew it was her and she did. I immediately knew that my night was going to be a challenge when I looked up and saw her open robe billowing in the air from the ceiling fan from above and she didn't have anything else on underneath.

Right then the disc ejected after being done and I saw mom point. "Is that you project?" I nodded and before she could ask put it back in.

After a few minutes it came up on the screen at the same time I heard a click and looked to see mom lighting her cigarette, yes we had wood starting to form. "Mind if I look," I heard mom say and I just scooted back on the bed to where my back was against the wall.

I thought she would take the cue and sit down between my legs at the edge of the bed, she got between my legs alright and I watched then as she lit up a cigarette. It seemed almost like déjà vu then as I watched from behind my mom the wisp of smoking rising into the air and soon I found my cock in my hand and was stroking it like the first time. Mom turned around a few minutes later after folding the laptop screen down, and then she crawled up to me smiling.

"I think cocky needs some cover he looks cold." She said and I felt her hand grab it and position it into cavern of lust while adding. "I want to try a new position."

I felt her feet behind me as she snuggled up closer to where her face was just inches from my cheek and she whispered. I could get used to this." Her warm breath on my neck made me jump and my cock twitched. "Ooh I like that," mom said and I felt her cunt muscles tighten their hold on me as she started fucking me sliding on my thighs and using her legs to pull her body back I wish it could have lasted all night but five minutes later and she was panting as she ascended her peak and I was doing the same with my summit insight.

If I had not be stroking it when she was on the laptop earlier then I would have lasted longer I am sure but mom wasn't complaining at all she started crawling back to the edge of the bed with a smile on her face. She smiled wider then and started forward again, all I could do then was think oh no not again I didn't know if I had it in me with it being late and all. But then I saw her lean forward and take me into her mouth.

"I had to make sure it was clean," she said a minute later after pulling back and leaving me gasping and then she stood up. "Don't forget your disc in the morning." Was the last thing I heard before she left.

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