Jason's Quest
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Historical, Western,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The tale starts at Appomattox and goes to Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and on to Comancheria as one brother tries to find the other after the war. This is a tale of two brothers. As the story advances, the chapters ALTERNATE--Jason chp 1, Jesse chp 2, Jason chp 3, Jesse chp 4 and so on.


Jason (Jase) Owens ... One of the two brothers on a quest to go find his sibling

Jesse Owens ... The other brother, five ears senior to Jase at

Bit players onlong the way

Jase awakened with a start in the pale, predawn light of April 10, 1865. Damn, It's quiet. Then Jase remembered, the war was over at last. He mumbled to himself, After more than three years of bloody hell, I will never forget the sadness in the faces yesterday at Appomattox as the long files of men in tattered butternut or gray marched by, stacking muskets. But at last, I'm free to go home to Milledgeville (Georgia)Captain Jason (Jase) Owens hadn't had word from home in over a year.

Jase was, however, well aware of Sherman's march to the sea late the previous year and home was right in the middle of Sherman's path. He was quite anxious to find out about Milledgeville and his family, including his older brother, Jesse, invalided home from Johnston's forces about six weeks earlier. Since Milledgeville was the capital of Georgia, it was not likely to escape Sherman's attention.

Jase had begun his army career as a drummer boy at the age of fifteen. But six months later, after picking up a musket from a dead comrade and making excellent use of it, he was made a private in the infantry. A year later, after 'liberating' a Yankee calvary horse, he managed a transfer into a cavalry regiment of the Army of Northern Virginia. By the time the war ended, Jase's innate abilities and leadership had won him field promotions to captain. As an officer at the surrender, Jase was allowed to keep his sword, his sidearm, and his horse. His tattered and begrimed uniform, along with his small bed roll were his only other possessions.

After a meager breakfast of beef jerky and salt pork, hard tack, and real, honest to God coffee, Federal food provided to Lee's starving troops, Jase set off on that April morning for the long trek back to Georgia. As he did so, Jase thought to himself, Well, I've marched and fought over the eastern Confederacy more times than I can count, I suppose I can make one more long march over the same ground. Ground that was thoroughly devastated by war. The only crops Jase could see that spring the war ended in the Shenandoah were sheaves of hardship and vines of misery, producing the unpalatable fruit of famine, famine that was pervasive all across the land Jase rode.

Riding his chestnut colored cavalry mount, Brax, on this first morning of the long journey home, Jase thought about home and his brother, Jesse. Memories flooded back in rush. Before the recently ended War Between the States, Jase had grown up in Milledgeville, Georgia, with his father Jonathan, his sister Josie, and his brother Jesse. His mother, Sarah, had died of a fever when Jase was ten years old. His father had remarried a year later. Jesse was six years older than Jase and was, by 1860, already a partner with their father in a very profitable hardware store and freighting business. Jase worked in the store for wages, but was some four or more years away from becoming the third partner in the Owens family businesses.

Then came the war. Jesse enlisted in the Confederate Army the day Georgia withdrew from the Union, leaving behind a seventeen year old girl to whom he had proposed just the month before. a proposal that she'd accepted. Jase finally managed to run away from home in December of 1861, to join a newly forming Georgia infantry regiment, one month before his sixteenth birthday. Jase also left behind a girl, sixteen year old Jill Ames. Oh, I remember Jill all right, thought Jase, better believe I do!

Jill was the girl who took his virginity and he took hers! The night before he was to sneak away to war, the two of them had been in the swing on the porch of her parents' house after sundown. Jill's parents had gone to bed, so Jase didn't expect interruptions. The swing was pretty much in shadows behind the climbing wisteria vines that formed a curtain between the porch and the street out front, effectively hiding the swing and occupants from view. Jase had his arm around Jill's shoulder and his hand was dipping into the loose, low cut top of the party dress Jill wore at the Saturday night square dance they'd left a half hour earlier.

Jase caressed Jill's right breast, still covered by her chemise. Meeting no resistance, Jase went under the chemise and caressed the bare skin of her breast. He felt a bulge rapidly developing in this pants. When Jill still offered no resistance, Jase toyed with her nipple, rolling it around between his thumb and first finger. That produced soft moans from Jill. She turned her head toward him and raised her face in rapture. Jase wasn't stupid, he leaned down and their lips locked. Jase poked his tongue against Jill's lips and was rewarded as she opened them and their tongues entwined.

Jase could feel Jill's heart racing under his hand as her passion increased. Breaking the kiss, Jill put both arms around Jase, hugging him tight, and said, 'Jase, I don't want you to go! Stay home with me. I need you, Jase, don't go! Your brother went; you don't have to go!

Emboldened by the lack of any resistance, and somehow sensing tonight was the night to push, Jase put his left hand under the hem of Jill's dress and rested it on her left knee. Then, as he kissed her again, he moved his hand up to mid thigh. That was as far as Jase had ever reached--until now. He reached up further over her pantaloons and rested his hand on her mound. Now Jill was moaning heavily, her heart racing so fast under Jase's other hand, he was a little scared.

All at once, Jase felt a dampness develop in the crotch of Jill's pantaloons! Within moments, the pantaloons were thoroughly soaked in the crotch. Jill's pelvis moved to undulate up and down into Jase's working hand and fingers. With an unhesitating deliberateness, Jase moved his hand up and under the waist band of the pantaloons and down into the soft, moist flesh below.

Jill was trying to stifle moans that had become a bit loud. For never having had his hand so deliciously engaged before, Jase moved as if experienced, just allowing instinct to guide him. Working the lips of her pussy with his middle finger riding up and down her slit, Jase almost came in his pants. To prevent that for the moment, Jase withdrew his hand.

Jill moaned, 'Oh God, Jase, don't stop now, please, not now!'

But he did stop. He took Jill's right hand and placed in on his crotch. 'Rub it, ' he said.

She did. After a little bit of this, Jase undid his fly buttons and pulled out his cock. Without prompting, Jill grabbed hold of it and lightly stroked it. Jase's cock was no monster, but it was of a size to impress Jill, who'd never seen one before, at least one that was older than two years of age.

Jase could stand it no longer. He pulled Jill up from the swing, pulled her pantaloons off and laid her down on the porch floor with the pantaloons as a ground cloth. With her dress pushed up to her waist, Jase straddled her legs and rubbed the head of his straining cock up and down Jill's pussy slit for a moment or two and then pushed his full stiffness in. A slight resistance held him back only momentarily and then he slid home. Although it didn't consciously register at that moment, Jase still understood he'd just popped Jill's cherry.

Moments later, Jase orgasmed with several gut wrenching cum shots deep in Jill's pussy. It was over too fast, thought Jase. He was only too correct. A noise from upstairs indicated someone might be coming down, so Jase and Jill hastily disengaged, quickly rearranging their clothing. Jill didn't take time to try and struggle back into her pantaloons. Instead, she quickly wrapped them around her waist and dropped her dress down over them. Jase kissed her good night and fled, leaving Jill to face whatever consequences were descending from the second story. That was the last time he'd seen her. Ah yes, Jase thought, I certainly remember Jill!

Jesse and Jase were able to maintain sporadic contact with each other until near the end of the war. Jesse, by that time, was a Captain in the Artillery. He'd lost his left leg below the knee in late February in a rear guard artillery action against Sherman's forces coming north from Savannah into South Carolina. A courier from Johnston to Jase's commanding officer carried the last letter Jase had from his brother explaining the injury and that he was headed home. But Jase wondered about his brother. Had Jesse survived his wound? Did he get home? Was there a home left to find? There were no immediate answers.

Jase was headed west from Appomattox to Lynchburg. He was aiming for the southern end of the Shenandoah Valley and the trail that would lead south-southwest to Chattanooga and then south to Atlanta. Upon reaching Lynchburg shortly before sunset, Jase tied up at the hitch rack in front of the Red Dog Saloon and Gambling Palace and dismounted. He groaned with the fatigue of a long day in the saddle as he tied his horse and smacked some of the trail dust off his uniform trousers with his hat. Jase noticed several town loafers eying him from chairs on the boardwalk in front of the saloon. And, God, thought Jase as he walked toward the boardwalk, I haven't been with a woman since Jill, no time with no real furlough or rest since I enlisted. Just fight, fight, fight. I really need a woman. Maybe there are some soiled doves around this place, I'm gettin' that hard up.

'Howdy, gents.' Jase said as he walked through the bat wings and stopped just inside to survey the dark, smoky interior. The evening crowd had only begun to drift in, so the saloon wasn't yet crowded. Two poker games were underway at the table area to the left of the doors. Also located in that area were tables for black jack, faro, and a roulette wheel. A long bar on saw horses ran three quarters of the length of the wall to the right of the doors. The center aisle led to a wider dance floor area near the back. The dance floor ended just short of the back wall where a small stage was located. A piano located between the end of the bar and the stage was being attacked as a player banged out some popular tunes. The stage was as yet, empty. About half the bar stools were occupied as Jase ambled up to an empty stool and sat. There were several girls working the customers at the bar and the tables in an attempt to get them to buy themselves and the girls more drinks. Of course, the girls were drinking tea, not real booze, but the charge to the customer was for booze.

The barkeep stepped over and asked, 'What'll it be, stranger?' 'Whiskey, ' Jase replied. The barkeep poured Jase's drink and Jase sipped while he looked the place over in the back bar mirror. A man dressed similar to a typical drummer seemed to be paying a lot of attention to Jase. As Jase finished his whiskey, he said to the barkeep, 'Another one, for the road.' As Jason picked up the glass, the drummer type picked up a large carpet bag and brushed by Jason, intentionally bumping him and causing his drink to slosh and splash onto his hand.

In a definitely northern accent, the man growled out, 'Hell, Reb, you need to watch where you're going!'

Jase replied, 'Were I you, Yank, I'd watch myself a bit in a room what's chockfull of Southerners!'

Suddenly made aware of just where he was, the Yank backpedaled just enough when he replied, 'Well Reb, you won't be surrounded by your Secesh friends all the time and I've a lot of friends. You'd best watch your back!'

With that, the Yank trooped out the batwings, into the night. The barkeep growled again, 'Shore didn't take those Yankee buzzards long to start coming out of the woodwork, did it?'

'You got that right, ' replied Jase.

Jase finished his drink and sauntered over to one of the poker tables. Except for the interruption of the Yank business, Jase had been studying one of the tables in the back bar mirror. Jase had become very adept at poker while in the cavalry and thought this table was the weaker of the two games. Besides, all Jase had in his pocket was one single greenback. The four seated players were all southerners and one at least, looked to be an ex soldier. Two others appeared to be inept tinhorns. The last man was obviously the house man.

'Mind if I sit in?' asked Jase, as a hand ended.

'There's an empty chair, suit yourself, ' said the houseman. 'I'm Joe and that there's Sam, Ed, and Jake.'

Jake looked to be one of those referred to as a 'hard case, ' the one who was the ex soldier. Jase replied, 'I answer to the name, Jase.'

The introduction had been acknowledged by nods and swift, cool, appraising stares from Joe and the two tinhorns. Jake just growled out a surly grunt. Jase won the first pot. It only amounted to around ten dollars, for the houseman, Joe, was the lone player after the draw and didn't challenge Jase's opening bet on a pair of queens. Jase dropped out early in the next three pots. The cards were running well for one of the tinhorns, the one who answered to the name of Sam. Later, Jase filled three eights on the draw and won a pot in which Jake stayed with two pairs.

'What did you say your name was?' Jake asked. He was edgy, his stack of chips low. Jase could see that the other players were wary of Jake. Two of the house troubleshooters were in the background. Apparently, Jake had a reputation as a troublemaker.

'Jase, ' he said.

Jake asked no more questions, but Jase knew he was being eyed speculatively at times. He wondered if Jake might've seen him somewhere in the past. Jase lost two more pots, both of which he expected to win. He was debating whether to take his losses, which were still small, for he feared the cards were still running against him. Then Jase filled an inside straight and beat three jacks in Joe's hand. He won again, filling a diamond flush, this time against three aces and a straight. That fattened his stake.

Jase pushed the play. One of the tinhorns, Sam, finally shoved back his chair and cashed in the few chips he had left. Jake's were open to view for anyone looking. He was scowling and beginning to angrily slam down losing hands. He muttered curses. He raised Jase three times, which was the limit, figuring he had a sure thing on a full house, but Jase had a higher hand of the same caliber with Aces on top. Jake nearly exploded, his face red with fury. The next pot was almost a repetition. When Jase met Jake's raise and boosted the ante, Jake almost rose from his chair. 'You're foreflushin'!' he raged. 'It'll cost you another ten to find out, ' Jase said.

Jake, with a purpling face of rage, dug furiously into his pocket, brought out a wrinkled bank note and tossed it into the pot.

'I call you, gutless tinhorn, ' he said as he spread his hand.

Jake had a spade flush, jack high. Jase had a diamond flush, queen high, just enough to take the pot. Jake sputtered, drooling spit, as three other chairs were hastily pushed backward and their occupants dived for the floor.

As Jake went for his gun, Jase, in one fluid, liquid motion, too fast for the eye to follow, scooted back his chair, rose, palmed his 1860 Army Colt forty four, and fired once. Jake had managed to clear leather, but had his colt only half way on target before Jase's forty four slug tore through his wrist and buried itself in the back wall. Jake screamed and grabbed his bloody wrist. He already showing evidence of the onset of shock as his colt clattered on the floor. Jake collapsed backward into his chair as the others got up from the floor to look around and watch as Jase calmly collected his chips and cashed them in for one hundred and twenty-five dollars. The local sheriff was called for and after several interviews, concluded the shooting was self defense and said Jase could go.

Thinking he shouldn't push his luck any further, Jase said, 'Well, I need to look after my horse, feed my face, and look for a bunk for the night. I enjoyed the game, gentlemen, but it's time for me to go.'

There were no nay sayers, so Jase pocketed his winnings and walked out the bat wings. Well damn, thought Jase, so much for female company tonight! Maybe next time.

As he had entered town earlier, Jase had noticed a small cafe a couple of doors back up the way he had come, so he headed that way. Although growing late, the lamps were still on in the cafe when Jase walked in.

'We were just about to close up for the night, ' said a matronly looking woman named Liza who appeared to be in her late forties, 'but for one of our brave soldiers, I guess I can whip up something. I got coffee, eggs, and some venison my boy shot yesterday. The Yankees didn't leave us much else.'

'That sounds great to me, ' replied Jase, running an appraising eye over the woman and her lovely curves.

As he finished eating and was sipping the last of his coffee, Liza came over and said, 'I have some fresh wild berry pie that has been in the warming oven, would you like some?'

Jase answered, 'Yes, ma'am, I surely would.'

The huge piece of berry pie was a mouth watering treat Jase had not had for nearly four years. Jase rose and walked to the counter and asked, 'How much do I owe you, ma'am?'

With a look of dismay, Liza answered, 'Food is so scarce, I have to charge you two dollars instead of the twenty-five cents normal before the war. I've been hoarding flour and lard for some time to get enough for one pie. The berries were picked just last night. I'm sorry.'

'No need to be, ma'am, I understand, ' said Jase as he laid two dollars in coins plus a ten cent tip on the counter.

'Now, ' said Jase, 'can you direct me to the nearest livery barn?'

Liza replied, 'Yes, just go into town to the end of this block and turn left. You'll find the barn two blocks the left hand side of the street.'

'Many thanks, ma'am, ' said Jase as he walked out the door. Jase found the livery barn and the old soldier from the late Mexican War who owned and ran it. 'How much for a stall, some hay, and a bait of oats for the horse?' asked Jase.

'Well, times being what thay is, ' answered the proprietor, 'That will cost you six bits--per night.'

'Steep, but ok, ' said Jase, 'he needs a rub down too.'

The proprietor replied, 'That's another two bits.'

'My name's Otis, ' said the proprietor, 'and I have a warning for you. That Yankee feller you backed down in the saloon was in here for his buggy and I heard him talking to another gent, also a Yankee with a nasty knife scar from his left eye, clear down to his jaw line! Seems this second gent got paid to bushwhack you somewhere down the trail. So, one soldier to another, be careful and watch your back.'

Jase replied, 'I thank you for your concern and warning. I'll definitely pay heed. Any objection if I take my blanket and sleep in the loft tonight?' asked Jase.

'Not so long as you don't smoke up there, ' replied Otis.

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