The Rise and Fall of the Queen of Hearts
Chapter 1: At Home With the Queen of Hearts

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Hypnosis, Shemale, Superhero, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Size, Big Breasts,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1: At Home With the Queen of Hearts - The world's greatest superheroine finally gives in to the evil Baron Samedi.

Olivia Queen Hart turned her BMW on to her driveway and honked the horn twice. It was a little ritual she did to inform her husband that she'd made a sale. Sure enough, he came out of their lovely three story house with a broad grin on his face, their five year old daughter in his arms. "Congratulations," yelled Joe. He released Emma who ran up to give her mommy a big hug. Olivia caught her daughter and tossed her a good five feet up into the air, catching the giggling child and kissing her on the forehead. "Must have been a big one," said Joe watching his wife. "I haven't seen you grinning this much in months."

Olivia's grin broadened. "Pretty big Joe. You know the old Spencer mansion, the biggest house in the county."

"Good grief," said Joe. "Someone actually bought the Spencer mansion? That place was several million."

"We're looking at a fifty thousand commission," said Olivia, running up to hug her husband.

"Wow!" said Joe, impressed. His penis stirred during the hug, Olivia had that affect on men. She felt it and pressed her body into it, making it extend even more. She then kissed him on the lips passionately and lovingly. They were going to have a fun night once Emma got to bed. "Dinner's almost ready."

"Great, let me go change," said Olivia. She took Emma, carrying her giggling daughter inside.

Joe stood still, staring at his wife. He was always torn when she wanted to change. Olivia looked fantastic dressed business professional for work, but she looked amazing in anything so it was win/win for him. His wife was Joe's exact height at six feet tall. She had long, naturally blonde hair, mostly straight, but with some curls, that fell down between past her shoulder blades curls nearly reaching her nipples when untied. For work, she wore it up and tied behind her head. She also wore black rimmed glasses to dampen the gaze her piercing blue eyes had on men. She didn't need the glasses, but she felt it made her look more professional. She was wrong, it made her look like a sexy librarian or some student's fantasy teacher ready to throw her glasses off, shake her hair down and strip down to a bikini.

She never dressed to show off her magnificent body either, but there was no hiding it and her clothes accentuated her figure. The short blue skirt showed off her stocking-less toned legs, her pretty feet tucked into blue shoes with short heels that put her a couple inches taller then Joe. She wore a white short sleeve top, that only showed off a little of the impressive cleavage her DD's produced. A blue blazer covered her bare shoulders and top. She also wore a belt around her waist, her one point of vanity in her work outfits. Her breasts tended to balloon out her tops, making her appear chubby and she always wore the belt to show that she did have a thin waist and flat belly. Though not a fan of the male attention her body brought, she didn't want anyone thinking she was fat either.

"Take a picture, whydoncha?" said Olivia, entering the house.

"I would if I had a camera," said Joe staring at her ass. The only fat on her body was in her breasts and rear end, both of which were proud and firm. Her ass thrust out and up, a perfect bubble butt. Her breasts thrust out and up too, no sag, no tearing of the membranes. As far as Joe knew, they would be that proud and firm forever, long nipples the width of nickels forever pointing up and out from her can sized areola. Magnificent!

Joe finished cooking dinner while Emma set the table and his wife came down the stairs having changed. As sorry as he was to see the sexy professional Olivia go, the arrival of the laid back at home Olivia was even better. Gone were the glasses and the luscious blonde hair was now cascading down her back. She was now barefoot, in sweatpants that hung low on her hips just above her trimmed blonde pubes or the crack of her ass. She had lost the bra and thrown on her favorite lounging around the house halter top. It hugged her thick semi erect nipples. Her belly was bare, sexy, trim and athletic. When she flexed, its tones and her abdominals would appear. Yeah, this was better then her work clothes.

"What are we having?" she asked.

"Spaghetti with meatballs."

"Yeah," giggled Emma, clapping enthusiastically for her favorite meal. "Daddy let me pick."

"Breaking news," said an anchor on the television as the three sat down at the table and started eating. "Hostage drama in Miami." Joe ate and stared at the television in the living room. Olivia stared at her food and ate. "We now continue with our continuing coverage of the Miami Federal Reserve situation. What we know so far is that a large truck backed into the building several hours ago and disgorged an unknown number of assailants. Gunshots and screams were heard almost immediately. No one has left the building and News 11 has been informed that the building contains around thirty employees now undoubtedly hostages of the unknown assailants."

"Are you hearing this?" asked Joe.

"I'm listening," replied Olivia, continuing to eat.

"Wait, I'm getting confirmation from our News 11 chopper that there are two armed terrorists on the building's roof. John, can we bring up the pictures? Yes, here they are."

Joe gasped. Olivia turned around and stared at the television. She stood up at the sight of the two black men. Their faces were hidden, but in build they might have been twins, if there were such a thing as identical twin bodybuilders. The men were stout and broad. They both wore identical clothing, combat fatigues and a black body armor vest over their bare broad chests. This left their big muscular arms bare. They each were carrying AK-47's. One gave the cameraman in the chopper the finger and the other raised his gun causing the helicopter to veer away. The men had black ski masks covering their faces, but the white skulls painted on the masks gave away their identities, Samedi's men.

"The men on the roof appear to be part of Baron Samedi's imperial guard. As everyone knows, the Baron has not been seen in over a year and is believed to still be isolated on Hispaniola trapped by the US naval blockade."

"You should go," said Joe.

"I know," his wife sighed. "But what if he is there?"

"You've resisted him before. You're probably the only woman who can resist him."

No, I'm not the only woman, thought Olivia, giving her husband a smile. She looked at the television. She had a bad feeling about this. The Baron was too smart for something like this. Surely he had to know that the presence of his Imperial guard would draw her or some other heroes out to stop them? His imperial guards were a match for the police, but not for her or nearly any other of the showered cheerleaders. The baron himself could handle most of the heroes sent after him and had even come close to besting Olivia on many occasions. Every time they fought was a struggle for her not to give in to his overwhelming manliness. Many other ex-cheerleaders had given in, but Olivia had the will to resist, except for those two times...

"I'd better go do something," said Olivia, staring at the television. Memories of sucking the Baron's cock haunted her even now seven years later. She licked her lips remembering mouthful after mouthful of the Baron's hot delicious sperm pumping into her mouth. She happily swallowed it, picturing herself letting him take her in his strong arms, pushing that wonderful amazing black cock into her needy pussy. They would fuck for hours. Even as these thoughts poured through her head, Betty arrived, pulling her off the still spurting cock. She was ready to take a swing at her sidekick, but came to her senses just in time. Betty, one of the few woman that could truly resist the Baron's sexual advances. Olivia Queen was like a recovering drug addict after that battle. She even entertained a fantasy of busting the Baron out of prison just so they could fuck, but that idea was insane. Now, in her home, staring at a replay of two of the Baron's enhanced super soldiers patrolling the Federal reserve building, she felt a few tears roll down her cheeks as she remembered what it took to get her over her addictive need for the Baron's black cock. Her brow furrowed and her lovely jaw clenched. "Lets do this thing," she growled.

Joe followed his wife up the stairs and to their bedroom. She opened the closet, revealing a long row of her business clothes. She pushed the hangers back and pressed a panel on the wall. The back of the closet slid open revealing her uniform. "The view just gets better and better," said Joe as his wife pulled off the halter and her large bosom sprang free. She pushed the sweats down and her panties, her muscles showing as she flexed. "What did I do with that camera?"

"Shut up," she teased, smiling at him. She loved Joe more then anything. He was her high school boyfriend, but she'd broken up with him after the change. She loved him even then, but she feared she might hurt him until she got her abilities under control. He hadn't had god pee on him after all. After five years doing the superhero thing, she'd gone back to him. Ten years after the golden shower and he still looked good at 28. She still looked the same as she did at 18, well not quite the same. As far as she or anyone knew, she'd watch Joe grow old and die and she'd never change and even worse, she'd watch Emma grow up, eventually looking older then her mother. Olivia stepped into her white one piece, pulling it up. "Someday, I'm going to retire," she griped.

"Someday when there's no wars or crime and all the shower villains have been defeated, you mean," said Joe.

"Someday," Olivia tied the red mask around her head. It just covered her eyes. Her suit was a white one piece bathing suit with a big red heart on her chest. She stepped into red calf high boots and pulled her red gloves on. A red cape added flair to the ensemble. The suit was specially designed for her not to fall off at high speeds. When she first appeared on the scene, her reputation for kindness and compassion had the public calling her the Queen of Hearts and she'd added the red heart to her suit.

The Queen of Hearts marched down her stairs, followed by her husband. Emma stood up from the table when she saw her mom suited up. The Queen opened the sliding glass doors and walked out on the deck. Emma and Joe followed her. They'd bought a large private property away from any prying neighbors for her impressive exits. Olivia thanked god, someone had the foresight to destroy the ships' manifest and the cruise lines computers so that no one could make a list of all the passengers that had changed. Those that had wanted to remain anonymous or disappear were able to. She and her family could have private lives and did, though she strongly suspected someone in the government knew who she was and kept an eye on her.

Olivia kissed her husband then stooped down, hugging and kissing her daughter hard. "Mommy be home soon," she promised. She kissed Joe again before stepping back. The Queen of Hearts looked up at the sky. It was still light here, but would be dark in Miami. She stared at the clouds and blue sky, the sun making it's way towards the curve of the earth. Her misgivings fled and she smiled. The Baron wasn't the only one with a strong will. She could look up into the sky and will herself into the...

The Queen of Hearts felt the wind rippling through her hair. Ten seconds up, she left a sonic boom behind her, fourteen seconds off the ground and she was at the border between the Earth's atmosphere and space. The wind rippled through her suit, but it stayed on her body just like it was designed to do.

A far cry from the first time she flew.

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