Sharon Goes Dogging
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Public Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Slut wife Sharon gets taken to a local dogging spot to check it out. She finds five men ready to party but is she ready to get it on? Find out.

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"There were all these guys just turning up and wandering around checking out the cars," Marcus heard the voice say. It was an innocent enough sentence at first and he only recalled it because of what was said next. "Then I saw them standing next to this car that had its internal lights on and they all had their dicks out near some sheila."

Marcus looked around and he was pretty sure that the bloke talking on his mobile phone had no idea that anyone could hear him. Hidden behind a wall of hoses and attachments at the local hardware store Marcus was innocently shopping as this bloke just wandered around for all to hear.

"Out near Gooseneck Creek between the reservoir wall and the pine forest," he said. "I was packing all me gear back into the car when I saw all these cars pull up into the car park." He listened to whoever he was talking to and continued. "Is that what it's called, dogging did you say?" he came around the corner of the aisle, paused slightly when he saw Marcus standing there who managed to pull off the pretending to not have heard a word look.

"Yeah anyway mate I won't be fishing out there after dark again," he laughed. "I've gotta go, someone here needs some help."

After a few more farewell platitudes he flipped his phone closed and the pair got down to the serious business of hose connections and electric pumps.

Marcus had heard of dogging before but had thought it was a European creation, an activity for those open-minded French voyeurs. He didn't think that these sites existed out in conservative rural Australia.

As he left the hardware store Marcus couldn't help but take a slight detour down past the turn-off to the reservoir. He'd been fishing there himself a few times but never gave the cars scattered around the car park a second thought. Again there was nothing to think about when he cruised by this time either. There was a young couple walking around with some kids on bikes, and sweating down a path, a lone jogger. Nothing suspicious there but he did say it all happened after dark.

Marcus spun the car around and headed home hoping to get the water tank connected to the wife's new sprinkler system before the sun set. He never gave the place another thought until about a month later.

They'd been out at a friend's daughter's 21st birthday and like all good parties the grog flowed freely. At one stage Marcus found Sharon sitting with a group of 20 something lads sharing a bong and having a grand old time. The party was full of Sharon's former conquests and at last count Marcus noted that she'd fucked six of the ten fathers at the party, including two who'd fucked her pussy and arse together about three years earlier, and two of the mums.

At 42 years of age she still struck a great pose. A strict diet and exercise regimen kept her petite frame tight, and many hours at the hairdressers and beauticians kept her looking younger than her years.

After a night of champagne, beer and wine, not to mention that chuff on the bong, Sharon was well oiled. She was dancing to music she hated, talking to people she considered bores and was in fine flirting form.

At around midnight, as the young folk slowly headed off to the two pubs that stayed open into the wee hours of the morning, they bid farewell to their guests and Marcus bundled her into the car. She wasn't mind-blowingly drunk by any means, she was just at that perfect level of inebriation. Alert but relaxed, aware but carefree.

Marcus was sober, totally booze free thanks to his first attack of gout. The symptoms had passed but under doctors orders he was to give up the grog for at least two weeks. A big ask but after the agony of gout, it was the least he could do.

The party was over the other side of town and he had the choice of two routes home, one on the regular highway drive or the other past Gooseneck Creek.

"Did I tell you what I discovered about the Gooseneck Creek car park?" he asked Sharon.

"What about it?"

"Apparently it's a dogging site."

"A what?"

"Dogging," he said "It's where people meet to fuck in public."

"Really?" she asked "I don't believe it."

"I overheard a conversation at the hardware store a few weeks back,"

She laughed out loud and smacked him on the arm. "Is that what men talk about at the hardware store? I'd often wondered."

"I overheard it," he said in his defence, "Christ, I don't even know if it's true or not."

"Well let's go find out shall we," she said, "See if we can bust someone we know."

He looked at her smiling face and she rose her eyebrow, "And if there's no one there," she winked seductively.

"We have a perfectly comfy bed at home," Marcus said, "Why would you want to do it in the car?"

"Well you know," she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, "Just to add a bit of a spark."

Marcus just shook his head and laughed.

From the turnoff to the car park was only about a one kilometre drive and when I turned right into the car park we discovered that the man in the shop was right. I counted ten cars as we cruised between the vehicles scattered around.

"Look at that," Sharon said as she pointed out three men standing around the driver's side door of a car. "Are they... ?" she said noticing that the men were masturbating.

"This is bizarre," I said. "I might pull over here where we'll have a good view."

I backed the car into a space and flicked the engine off. In the summer warmth the men were only wearing shorts and t-shirts and a pair of them looked over towards us.

"I imagined they'd be fat losers," Sharon said, "but they look alright."

"I wonder who's in the car?" I said, "Dare you to go look."

"As if," she said and moved her hand over to his lap. "So they just watch as people do it, do they?"

"Looks like it," I placed his hand on hers and gave it a squeeze.

"Why don't they come over here?"

I had no idea and that was what I told her.

"Is there some kind of special signal or something?" she suddenly reached over and hit the car horn sending a blast echoing through the reserve.

"What are you doing," I slapped her hand out of the way.

"Look," she almost jumped out if her seat in excitement as two men got out of two separate cars and one of the men standing near the other ones began to walk over.

"Fuck," I said, "Good on you, now what are we going to do?"

"I'll show them my tits or something."

Marcus had to admit, he was getting fairly excited by both the situation and the heightened arousal of his wife.

"Quick turn on the light," she said, "so they can see."

He reached up and flicked on the light followed soon after by a locking of the doors.

Sharon fumbled with her top and pulled it over her head resulting in all her dark curly hair falling back down in a mess.

"Shit, shit, shit," she said and flipped down the vanity mirror.

"I really don't think they're worried about your hair."

After a quick tussle of her locks she unsnapped her bra and sat back in the seat. "Is this okay," she flipped back up the vanity just as the first of the cock-holding men came around the front of the car.

The stocky young bloke just wandered up to the window like it was open and began rubbing his knob against the glass.

"What do I do now?" she asked as she stared transfixed by the cock. Marcus however was busy watching the stream of men, now totalling five, that were heading towards the car.

"Open the window love and grab a hold," the stocky guy called out. "and squeeze those great tits of yours."

"Should I?" she asked softly, as if to herself. "Grab a hold, lick it, suck it ... fuck it." She spread her legs wide and pulled up her skirt revealing to them her thin cotton panties.

Marcus had cracked a fair fatty in his own pants so in order to relieve some pressure he unbuckled his belt and let the demon free. "Suck this first, babe." he tucked his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her down across onto his lap. "Show them how good you are at sucking cock."

And damned good she is too. Her technique, proven and tested over the years, is perfection. Lots of spit, gentle mouth friction and precise hand movements all add up to an iron-hard cock. She twisted herself slightly sidewards and once more spread her legs for the men outside to appreciate. Marcus could just reach over and he began to rub her damp pussy through the thin cotton.

"Look at how wet she is," one of them called out as her juices spread across the fabric. Marcus heard a sound outside his window and there was another guy looking in. It was like they were in some bad porno zombie movie.

Marcus tucked his index finger under her panties elastic and rubbed her sopping cunt, coating his fingers with her dampness. She moaned and begun humping his fingers begging for penetration. He pulled her knickers across and a moan came from outside as her pink pussy lips unpursed.

"Fuck man," someone yelled, "You have to let us have some of that sweet cunt." Sharon moaned again when she heard the foul language directed at her. Marcus dipped his fingers right into her pussy and pulled the sticky digits out. The thick coating he then smeared across her left nipple and blew gently across it. It extended outwards in response to the slight chilling effect.

Sharon then shifted slightly and thanks to the window controls being in the centre console, she managed to lean on the button for her window and it slid ceremoniously down.

"Good stuff," someone said as the cool air wafted into the cabin. Sharon felt the breeze filter over her and she looked up at the men and their hands that were now entering the car, stroking and rubbing her legs. She spread her legs even further apart beckoning the men towards her excited and wanton cunt.

"Look at those panties," a guy said "Take them off and pass them out."

Sharon stopped sucking for a while and lifted her arse off the seat. Taking the cue, two hands quickly pulled at her panties and after a fair bit of squirming and adjustment, the cotton knickers were being passed around the five men. All that Sharon had on now was the thin floral skirt and she must have decided that that was also excess to requirements. She tossed it onto the back seat and was now completely naked.

"Now what," she said looking at the five cocks outside.

"Finish me off," Marcus said hungrily, "and let them finger your pussy."

She lay back down and greedily took his cock into her mouth. She twisted her body around and poked one leg out the window. It couldn't have been comfortable but she didn't seem to mind because she was squirming with delight as fingers began to explore and penetrate her open and wet cunt. As Marcus kneaded and tweaked her nipples they firmed under his touch.

"You lovely little slut," said the stocky guy who had two fingers in her cunt twisting them this way and that. "Come out here and let us all fuck you."

She looked up at him and thrust her hips towards him, "Fuck me with your fingers," she moaned, "Get me nice and wet."

"You're already wet sweetheart," he now was pulling on his cock as he fingered her.

"Make me wetter," she demanded. "Cum over my cunt." She twisted herself around and now just had her head on his lap and was furiously rubbing her clit as he fingered her pussy.

"Wank over me," she urged him on, "Cum on my pussy, shoot your fucking jizz on me."

"Hurry up man," a skinny young bloke called out, "Do as she says and fucking unload on her."

"Yeah, man," said a middle aged guy with a fat cock, "Cum over the bitch."

The urging of the group had its desired effect and he withdrew his hand, which was replaced with Sharon's fingers, and he pistoned his cock for all it was worth. Using both hands Marcus pushed her boobs together and ran his hand down her stomach towards her itching cunt.

"Cum on my cunt," she urged him on, "Fucking cum all over me."

"Oh you dirtyyyyy..." was all he could moan as his first spurt fired across her thigh and dribbled inexorably down towards her glistening pot.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he groaned as his other shots landed over her hand and down onto her pussy. His balls were bouncing against the door frame as he pumped his jizz over her.

She hooked a glob of his jam that was running down her leg around her finger and sucked it into her mouth.

"That was fucking intense," he said, "thank you," and then kissed her left foot.

"My pleasure," she said and smeared his cum up her leg.

He was pushed out of the way by the middle aged man who quite clearly was in a rush to cum.

"Suck me," he yelled out in the hope of his wish being granted, "Come on slut, suck me."

Sharon didn't need to though because seconds later he shot a load, not over her pussy but down her leg and also onto the inside of the door. Not wanting to miss out Sharon lifted herself off Marcus, sat up in the seat and began to lick at the cum that was cascading down the door.

She expertly placed her tongue under a glob before drawing back a thin strand into her mouth.

"For fuck's sake," the skinny bloke cried out, "Out of the way, it's my turn."

Hurriedly he shuffled forwards, pushed the middle aged man out of the way, and poked his cock through the window.

Sharon just looked up at the swelling cock and went back to sliding her tongue up and through the cum on the door.

"Wank off on her face, Jacko," said a curly haired bloke in his thirties, "She clearly loves cum."

Marcus had to agree, she sure did.

He grabbed his cock and was rubbing it over her forehead as she cleaned up the remains on the door. Marcus leant over and began frigging her pussy and she opened her legs as wide as she could considering the confines of the car.

As soon as Marcus began rubbing her clit she flung her head back and screamed "Fuck me, oh fuck, oh fuck," as she came all over his fingers. Her pussy was thrusting into his hands as her orgasm coursed through her. With perfect timing, and with no doubt the stimulus of Sharon's orgasm, Jacko shot a string of cum over her face and down onto her hard nipples.

"Fuck yeah," Sharon moaned as she felt it land on her cheeks. "Cum on me, I fucking love it."

The cabin reeked of jizz and Sharon was looking quite a slutty mess with all that cum dribbling off her face and tits.

Jacko, still rubbing his hard cock, turned to his mate and moved slightly away, "Your turn Billy, try and get it in her mouth." To accommodate this request, Sharon rested her chin on the door and opened her mouth. Marcus couldn't help but think of one of those clowns at a carnival that you drop a table tennis ball down.

Then the last of the five, and all five were still standing around, moved over as well and Sharon now had two cocks pumping away only inches from her wanton mouth. Sharon was squeezing and pulling at her nipples as the two of them brought themselves towards the inevitable climax.

Marcus just sat back and stroked his cock as she flicked her tongue around her lips, "Cum in my mouth," she said, "Fucking spray me."

"Come on Billy," called out the middle aged man, "Cream the slut."

But Billy wasn't the first, that honour went to the other guy who hit the side of her head with a massive torrent of jizz. This spurred Billy on who managed to get most of his high-powered jet of spunk directly into her mouth. A cheer went up from the other three guys as they watched intently as her face was coated with man jam.

"Does she spit or swallow?" Jacko asked Marcus and all he did was just nod and say, "Just watch."

She hung her head down and let some of it spill seductively down onto her boobs and her stomach.

"She's a spitter," he called back to the lads.

Sharon though, likes to do both, and with half his cum still in her mouth she opened it so they could see it, and then tilting her head back, let it slide down her throat.

"Wow," he bobbed down and said to Marcus, "You're one lucky fucking man."

Once more, Marcus couldn't have agreed more.

"You have a hatchback mate, why don't you pop the back up so we can all fuck this prize piece of arse?" he said.

"Yeah," added the stocky guy, "Give us a chance to fuck this hot bitch."

Sharon turned to Marcus and with one eye closed thanks to the ill aimed load emptied on her earlier she said to him, "Let's go home. We can always come back another night."

Marcus then reached around and grabbed her skirt and rather than get dressed, she wiped her face with it.

"Sorry guys," Marcus called through the window, "It looks like you'll have to come back another time.'

There was an audible moan from all five as they tucked their cocks back in their pants.

"Thanks anyway," Jacko said and reached in and squeezed her tits, all the others did the same before sullenly walking off.

"That was fun," Sharon said as she peered into the vanity mirror.

"Well I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves," Marcus said shaking his cock at her, "but I still have work to do."

"Well," she said, "We'd better get going and maybe once we get home," she spread her legs and began fingering her twat, "we should check the height of the back of the car."

It was probably the fastest trip home that he'd ever made and before the roller door was even closed, Sharon, still completely naked, was out of the car and opening the hatch.

She took one look at the hard cold steel and plastic, and the rough dirty carpet and quickly turned towards the door.

"That exercise mat and a picnic blanket would be perfect," she grabbed his keys and headed straight out the door and into the back yard.

"Sharon," Marcus called out worried that their neighbours would see her. "I'll get it." It was too late though as she was already making her way into the house. Marcus got all his gear off and waited for the tell-tale sound of the back door closing.

"Do you really think that Kyle and Andy would be up at this hour?" she said as she came back into the garage. "It's nearly two."

"Who would know. Maybe they've been up bonging on and gaming."

Marcus could just imagine the two slightly chubby stoners, surrounded by pizza boxes, bongs and beers, sitting on their lounge playing Call of Duty.

"Move," she said bringing him out of his day-dream. She threw the foam into the boot and hung the blanket over the edge. "If I'm going to fuck however many men turn up, I want to be comfortable."

With that she sat on the back of the car and reached for his cock. "Let's see how this goes," she moaned, "Let me suck you first."

With her usual expertise she had him fully hard within minutes. With one hand cupping his balls and the other stroking his cock Marcus almost came there and then.

"Fuck, woman," he said as she drew a string of precum out of his slit and sucked it up like spaghetti. "Let me at that pussy of yours."

She immediately fell back into the hatch and spread her legs but he knew that she would be too low. Marcus leant forward and rubbed his cock around her pussy, teasing it around her swollen clit and her swollen, pink, wet cunt lips.

"Fuck me," she groaned in anticipation, "Fuck your slutty little wife."

With a gusto he slammed into her and felt her juices oozing around his cock. She squeezed her tits together and Marcus bottomed out inside her.

Problem was, it wasn't a really comfortable position and when he began pistoning into her, the small of his back hurt.

"We need some pillows," he said to her, "I'm too tall for this, you need to be higher."

"Ok," she moaned, "Just keep fucking me for a bit, just keep fucking me."

Marcus tried to please her but when his knees were banging on the bumper, he knew it had to end.

"Next," Marcus said and pulled slowly out, "My turn to lie down, let's see if you fit on top."

His back was happy to slide down onto the picnic rug and his cock was even happier to feel her mouth wrap itself around it again.

This was quite comfortable and with his head resting on the back seat he had an excellent view. Once more though when she climbed aboard, problems arose.

Sharon loves sitting back when she's on top and getting her nipples squeezed and sucked on, but here she hit her head. Marcus immediately flipped her onto her side and they scissor fucked quite nicely for a while.

"This works well," he said and began rubbing on her clit...

"Mmm," she moaned, "but I won't be able to suck on a cock, there's no room." She was certainly thinking this through Marcus thought.

"Well," Marcus pulled out and ran his cock along her thigh, "There's only one more position to try, good old doggie."

"That will work," Sharon sat up and looked around the cramped cabin. "One guy could lay down and I could suck him off as another fucks me from behind."

"Exactly," Marcus said as he climbed out of the hatch, "Now bring that pussy to me."

The height, for Marcus anyway, was perfection. He ran his cock around her damp open pussy lips and slid a finger into her arse. She pushed back towards him urging him on to penetration. Her fingers were rubbing at her clit and with a slow and steady thrust, Marcus buried his cock to the hilt.

"Oh fuck," she screamed as his cock slammed into her, "This is fucking perfect, fuck me, fuck meeee."

With her hand rubbing her clit and his cock slamming into her cervix she erupted in orgasmic delight. Even more fluid poured down around his cock and Marcus could feel her contractions squeezing around his hard rod.

"Cum in me," she whimpered, "Cum in my cunt."

When she talks dirty like that both her and Marcus know that he won't last long. Combined with her manipulations of his ball bag it meant that his own long-awaited orgasm was about to occur.

"How many are you going to fuck?" he said and slapped her gorgeous arse, "How many cocks are you going to suck?" All she could do was moan.

"Five?" Marcus gently slapped her arse again, "Ten?"

"I'll fuck them all," she whispered into the rug, "I'll fuck and suck them all."

That was all it took. Her slutty exhortations had him shooting forth a cup of ejaculate, at least it felt like a cup, deep into her womb. The hot goo must have propelled her into another smaller orgasm and soon after they both collapsed into the confines of the hatch.

"Fuck," she said and threw her leg over his. "That was great."

"Imagine it many times over," Marcus said as he slapped her on the arse. "Out in the open, anonymous cocks everywhere."

"Fucking me," she moaned before sitting upright. "Let's go inside hey."

"Your wish is my command," Marcus slapped her arse again for good measure.

In silence they closed the back of the hatchback and totally nude walked out into the back yard.

The light in the window of the Kyle and Andy's was alight and the pair could make out the silhouette of one of them watching. Suddenly the gap in the curtain closed and the shadow disappeared...

"Did you see that?" I whispered.

"Sure did," she said gazing at the window. "I wonder what they'd be like."

"You never know unless you have a go," I said shivering slightly at the end from the cold.

"No," she said "No you don't."

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