Cousins on Vacation
Day 83

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Cousins, BDSM, FemaleDom, Rough, Group Sex, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Day 83 - Three months after the events in A Cousin Alone, our families go on a vacation to the "Happiest Place on Earth" during spring break. We manage to invite BF along and plan for a wonderful week of sight seeing and secretive sex. Read along as I discover how complicated relationships can get trying to blend three lives into one love.

It is hard to believe its only been three months! Tomorrow marks the three month anniversary of the loss of my virginity, and the beginning of the two most satisfying relationships of my life. My cousin came to stay with my Mom and I over Christmas and became my first lover. Then in a strange twist of fate, my Best Friend, whom I call BF, became my second. Finally, and largely at my impulsive instigation, I attempted to braid the three of us into a new kind of thing, a kind of relationship that others give multi-syllabic names to, but we just call "us". And after three months, against all the odds, we are still together.

That first weekend at the hotel near his college, we discovered how magical a number three can be. I never believed I could be so happy, and was so pleased to see how they took to each other, in bed and out. He is the most talented, thoughtful and humble person I've ever met. She is the most interesting, outgoing and adventurous person I've ever met. I have no idea what they see in me, but I know they both love me. I love them both so much, and in the last three months, I've watched as they have begun to love each other too.

It hasn't all been roses. The distance is a factor that wears on us all. BF and I live together now, which allows us to scratch our itches so to speak, but he admits that he sometimes feels like he is loving us through a glass window. Our nightly video chats allow us to stay connected and stimulated, but when the call is over, we snuggle up together in our large king size bed and he is all alone.

We all have busy lives, between work, school, and other commitments, but we still make time to visit as often as we can. BF and I drive out to stay with him once a month and he comes out our way as well, but we have all been looking forward to an extended time to reconnect and recharge in person. And just when we start making plans to spend spring break together, Mom drops the bomb on us all. My cousin's family has invited us both to join them in the Happiest Place on Earth, down south in the Sunshine State.

Mom has been vacillating between insisting we have to go and declaring we cannot possibly go. She knows about my cousin and me, and is terrified the rest of the family will find out my cousin is my lover. Of course, he is only legally my cousin, having been adopted by my Mom's sister at birth, but she is still convinced that we will be kicked out of the family.

My cousin and I both sort of want to go, but there is no way either of us would go without BF. Mom still doesn't know about me and BF, I'm afraid the shock of finding out she has a bisexual, polygamous daughter on top of what she already knows about would probably give her a coronary.

I proposed what I was sure was a brilliant solution. Our story would be that my cousin started dating BF when he came down at Christmas. I invited her to come with me so I can have my best friend with me and they can be together on the trip. Mom looked surprised when BF and I asked her, but then just shrugged and finally agreed. That was a couple of weeks ago and today we flew into Orlando, the three of us holding hands and singing "It's a Small World" all the way through the airport.

It was general boarding on the plane, so when we got on we left Mom at the front and headed to the last row at the back of the plane. BF got the window, our boyfriend between us, and me on the aisle. The flight attendants were kind and got us pillows and blankets when we asked. The three of us had some ideas to alleviate the boredom on the flight down, and the blankets were a key feature of the plan.

After we took off, with our blankets up to our necks, we leaned into the middle as he began to read us a story. The book was an erotic tale that BF had picked up in the airport bookstore, so I let her go first. He took a deep breath as the blanket over his lap began to move slowly. He read the first page without pause, but started to flush a bit by the second and stumbled over a word or two.

When he turned the page, it was my turn, so I felt my way over to his open fly and found his soft head sticking out. I slid my hand inside his loose fitting shorts and then through the funny little flap on his briefs. I only recently discovered that men's underwear had that opening when BF managed to pull him out through it one time at the movies. I never really understood the point of it. It was certainly convenient though, as I pushed his legs apart to be able to play freely with his balls.

His balls are one of my favorite things in the world. Since I don't have them, and I have only had his to play with for three months, they still hold great novelty for me. There is just something about the soft skin that makes playing with them irresistible to me. His seem heavier than they should be, and pull the skin down when he stands like two stones. Licking them has such as wonderful effect on him as well, but that would be impossible to pull off on the plane.

I ran my hand all around them, then slid upwards along his shaft, gripping him firmly to move the skin against the harder interior. He kept reading, but he had to pause in odd places to hold his breath. The combination of the hot story plus the under blanket activities had us all shifting uncomfortably in our seats. I kept finding myself clinching my kegel muscles as my panties got damp.

Just when I started to get into a rhythm, he turned the page and BF pushed my fingers away with a grin. He was leaning hard back into the seat, his feet spread as far apart as he could. When the attendant came up to ask us for our drink orders, he stopped reading, but his flush deepened as BF continued to stimulate him without moving the blanket. We all ordered water, but when he said it, his voice cracked a little.

As he continued reading, I found myself rubbing circles on my mons through my underwear. BF and I wore matching plaid skirts and white baby doll tee shirts, with cute little brown sandals. It made us look a little like we were wearing school girl uniforms, and it was fun to see the heads turn as we made our way through the airport. My fingers kept sliding along the elastic, I was so tempted to slip inside, but we had rules to our game. While we were on the plane, only the center seat got to play.

It was my turn again and I found he had begun to make a mess. BF had smeared it all over his head, so I picked up where she left off, squeezing him a little to get my hand slick. The attendant brought our waters and he took them, placing them on the trays for us as we snuggled against him. I kept sliding my hand up and down his shaft, moving my thumb carefully over his wet, slippery head. When he got back to reading, I shut my eyes to focus, pulling harder to bring more slippery drops to the top. I wanted to take him into my mouth so badly, but that pleasure would go to the winner, and only if no one could see.

I was amazed he could read at all, but he did manage to get through the page, so I regretfully left BF to her turn. When I pulled my hand back, I brought out a few drops on my fingertip, making sure to catch both their eyes when I smoothed them on my lips. He stopped reading, his mouth open and eyes wide, as my tongue slipped out to slowly lick my lips clean. BF just chuckled and winked at me.

The attendants were regularly passing by on their way to and from the galley. I kept a close watch on his face, waiting for the sign that he wanted to let go. If it was BF's turn, she would get the prize, and I would keep watch, to distract anyone who might notice her leaning over into his lap. If it was my turn, we'd probably have to go with plan B, which meant catching it in my hand first. I hoped for a miracle so I could drink from the source, but it wasn't meant to be.

His breathing changed subtly and he got a kind of panicked look, so I turned to stand up in front of my seat and looked up and down the aisle. No one was in the other rear seat and both flight attendants were down the aisle, closer to the wings. I glanced back just as BF moved the blanket and I caught a glimpse of his red, swollen head in her fist just as she covered it with her mouth. I stared at his face as he shut his eyes, head slightly down, jaw clenched tight, holding his breath as he emptied himself into BF's mouth. I felt a sharp stab of envy, but satisfied myself by reaching over and touching his face gently. He turned his head into my hand and kissed my palm, making me smile at his pleasure.

BF sat up, touching the corners of her mouth with the blanket like she'd just eaten a seven course meal, grinning at me with the smug satisfaction of a job well done. I let him get up and go to the restroom while I took his place in the center, picking up the book he had left turned face down on the seat. BF and I took a quick peek around, then bent down to kiss each other with hungry mouths, hidden by the seats in front of us. She pushed her tongue into my mouth, along with some of his slippery emission she had saved for me. It was unexpected and made my heart skip a beat. I reached over to put my hand behind her neck, pulling her hard against my lips and teeth. She always knew just what I wanted, but we had to stop before we created a scene.

When he came back looking refreshed, he sat in my old seat, pulled up the blankets, and snuggled up to my side like BF had. I started reading where he had stopped as I felt him begin to run his hand up my leg. I had to lean back, pushing my hips out to the edge of the seat to have enough room to open my legs all the way. He started slow, pushing against my mons with his palm before spreading his fingers out to massage me through my panties.

I discovered it was harder than I thought to concentrate on reading and him touching me at the same time. I did OK for a bit, but just when I got to the end of the page he was only starting to slide in past the elastic near my opening. When he pulled his hand away I wanted to weep, but only moaned a little in disappointment. BF patted my leg in sympathy, then she tickled along my inner thigh, making me jerk and jump, laughing at my reaction.

Just when got to my mons, she twisted her fingers together and I felt a vibration against my panties. It made my eyes open wide and I took in a sharp breath, scared someone would hear. I realized that as loud as the plane was in flight, we could probably use our Hitachi Magic Wand and no one would notice. Oh, did I mention how much I love our Hitachi Magic Wand? It is an engineering fucking marvel, just saying.

I couldn't imagine what she was using, because it just felt like her fingers were vibrating somehow. I kept on reading, but found myself breathing deeply after every sentence, struggling to stay focused. She had moved aside my panties and was just starting to slip between my lips when I reached the bottom of the page. I read the last. few. words. so. slowly.

She switched off as I turned the page as he stampeded straight for the clitoris, determined to win the prize from me. He swirled around and between making me restart the same sentence three times. His strong fingers were so different from BF's. What she did with finesse and dexterity, he did with strength and confidence, which changes the result in subtle ways. Don't get me wrong, BF and I had some more rough encounters like our first one. Well, not quite that rough. He and I enjoyed some tender moments as well, but there is something about the rough, squared-off fingers of a man as he penetrates you that I can't imagine experiencing the same way with a woman. By the same token, as much as I love his tongue, BF can make me claw the sheets like no one else.

I felt the wave approaching quickly and had to put the book down for a moment. Like him, I shut my eyes and lowered my head, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut for a million dollars. I gripped BF's hand as it came over me, ending with a cough as it passed, leaving me feeling weak and limp. I laid my head back against the seat rest for a moment, then leaned over to kiss my boyfriend to give him his prize. He stood to let me go freshen up.

When I got back from the bathroom in a fresh pair of panties, he was sitting in the window seat and BF was in the center. They had their heads together, eyes shut, just taking deep breaths together. I had to stop for a moment and enjoy the sight of them loving each other, a big grin on my face. I realized a flight attendant was watching me from the galley with a curious look on her face, clearly able to see BF and my boyfriend having a private moment and me looking on with happiness. She was only a few years older than I was and very pretty. I smiled at her, gave her a wink, and sat back down to lean against BF as she picked up the story where I left off.

I could feel him moving her leg against mine, but couldn't really tell what he was doing to her. She was grinning as she read, putting a lot of energy into the words and using different voices for the various parts. I was actually getting into the story when she turned the page, so as I slid my hand into her lap, I was still listening. The story was describing a couple engaged in foreplay, so I began to do to her what she read, as much as possible. She read about easing the panties down, so I moved the panties over. She read about slippery circles in the wet, so I traced around her lips in her slippery mess.

I left the script when I could no longer resist putting my fingers inside her. I loved her soft, wet places, especially drawing out her long inner lips and running them between my finger tips. They felt like wet velvet and my stomach ached from the desire to have them in my mouth again. I was starting to regret changing into dry panties as I found myself becoming so aroused I whimpered in her ear. She was still reading quickly, but had flushed like she was working in the sun. When she turned the page, he had to push my fingers out of the way because I was too involved in what I was doing to notice.

I hung onto her arm, reading along with her and almost panting with desire. Whatever he was doing was having more of an effect on her reading as she stumbled through words, pushing on to keep reading at her fast pace. Finally, she just seemed to stop in mid sentence, her jaw quivering, frozen in place for a long moment. He had his eyes half shut, desire expressed perfectly by his slack expression and thin line of perspiration above his pursed lips. She shuddered once, then again, and collapsed back against the seat, her face transformed by a look of peace.

She continued to read after a moment as he and I held hands over her lap, each of us looking at the others with happy grins. BF eventually got up to go to the restroom and he went back to the center seat. Of course, I knew why. BF and I had lots of time together and he wanted to sit next to both of us. We ended up napping the rest of the way, drowsing against his shoulders and holding hands under the blankets. We woke as the descent started, getting our areas back in order for the arrival. We all held hands as the plane touched ground and taxied to the gate, grinning in excitement for the whole week of being together like this.

Before the captain had turned off the seat belt signs, the young attendant I'd seen earlier in the galley came to kneel next to us in the aisle. She gave us each a small plastic wing pin, grinning as she offered us congratulations. She welcomed us to the mile high club and thanked us for our discretion. We were a little stunned, but all ended up laughing together. She seemed disappointed we weren't staying at the airport Marriott.

We ran into his family in the baggage claim area. There was lots of hugging and kissing, because we are that kind of family. BF was introduced around to a number of elbow pokes, raised eyebrows and giggles from various members of the family. BF is hot, no question about that, and my little cousins, both boys, began to fight over who was going to carry her bags for her.

My boyfriend broke up the fight and settled the issue by announcing that he would be carrying his girlfriend's bags. You could have heard a pin drop. My aunt and uncle took another look at BF from slightly different perspectives. I knew my uncle was happy from the atta-boy smirk he gave his son, but my aunt shot my Mom a look that said, "Isn't she the one you've told me about?"

I just grinned like the rest of them, but found myself with a strange, hollow feeling in my stomach. When we'd planned this, I hadn't thought about how watching the act would feel to me. When he picked up her bags, grinning at her with such affection, I admit it, I felt really jealous. When we walked to the lines for the buses to take us the hotel, they walked side by side and their hands came together so naturally I began to feel a little nauseous. When she leaned against his shoulder as we stood in the bus line, Mom looked at me with pinched lips as if she knew I was upset.

I shook it off, this was just for show, everything was just the same. When we got on the bus, I sat behind them and we talked together, which helped me get centered again. It didn't last long, because my uncle came over to speak privately with his son. I could tell by his slight flush that something odd was going on. He had an embarrassed look when he glanced at us both, then nodded to his father.

After my uncle left, he turned to us to explain. His father had said there was a recent change in the rooms for the vacation package he had purchased. They had originally planned on BF and I to share one room, but now there would only be two rooms, with a maximum occupancy of four in each room, so it would be boys in one room and girls in the other. So now instead of him sneaking into our room, we'd all be stuck with no chance of privacy for anyone.

The hotel was amazing, close to the downtown area, with plenty of clubs and restaurants to entertain us. It had a huge heated pool, so even this early in the spring it was possible to go swimming. That was a welcome change from the drizzle and frost we'd left behind up north.

The rooms were nice and large, with two king size beds in each room. Mom and her sister took the one next to the bathroom, and closer to the door, leaving BF and I to share the one next to the window. After we unpacked, my uncle announced that dinner would be at some dinosaur themed restaurant, which caused the little cousins to high five each other. We were close and it was early enough, so we walked. The three of us had changed into jeans and brought jackets in case it got cool.

I got over the disappointment of our room situation and began to get excited about the rest of the trip. The downtown area was amazing, built around a lake, with fun attractions and things to do. Our boyfriend was legal drinking age, but BF and I were still a bit short. We couldn't go to all the clubs, but there was still plenty to do. They had balloon rides, boat rides, crazy stores with every kind of trinket and gizmo you could imagine. When we got close to the restaurant, the youngest pointed and screamed at the full size apatosaurus skeleton mounted just outside. All of us got excited at that point and ran up to get in line.

The inside was incredible, with full size animatronic dinosaurs roaring periodically throughout dinner. BF and I shared a flat bread pizza that was so big we couldn't eat it all, while our boyfriend had a chicken fried steak that looked big enough for a whole family. We were utterly stuffed by the end of the meal, but wanted to go exploring. We planned to meet up again in a few hours and headed out.

It was so nice to be able to walk around holding hands. If BF and I were out alone together, we never really felt comfortable showing each other affection. With our boyfriend in the middle, we could all play grab ass and no one was the wiser. We went up on the balloon ride, holding on tight to each other and the railing. It gave us a great view of the whole area and we excitedly planned where we wanted to go next. Just before it started its descent, he bent down to a common height and pulled in together to kiss us passionately. I was in heaven.

The rest of the evening was so much fun. We did get into a couple of clubs to dance for a bit before they kicked out the minors. We picked up little gifts and knick knacks for friends back home, nibbled on sweets, and generally acted like kids.

At one point we stopped for a potty break and when I came out I found the two of them kissing passionately under a tree. He was leaning back against the trunk, his arms around her and his hands clasped at her back. She was being so tender with him, her mouth open and moving slowly against his, her hands resting on his chest. Their intimacy made me a little uncomfortable, but I still brought out my phone for a snap. They looked so happy, so perfect together, I didn't want to interrupt right away.

It was standing there I realized I may have underestimated my powers of prediction. I knew they would get along. I knew they could love each other. What I had failed to realize, until that moment, was that they could have something together that I could never have with either of them, at least not as easily. States have laws against relationships like ours, in all its forms, except for theirs. And for the first time since we started our braided relationship, I began to feel insecure.

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