Birthday Surprises
Chapter 1: Strange Dreams

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Aunt, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Strange Dreams - What starts out as a strange erotic dream becomes so much more on Jenny's sixteenth Birthday

Jenny Turnbull was 15 3/4 when she began to develop fully; most of the puppy fat seemed to visibly disappear overnight and instead she began to develop the sort of shape that drew boy's attentions almost instantly. Not only were their physical changes taking place to her body but also she had begun to experience night-time dreams; which caused damp spots on her sheets. Now Jenny was close to her parents and normally she could talk to them about anything but for some reason she just could not bring herself to tell them about her strange sexual dreams and more importantly the one she found most erotic of all.

One dream kept repeating itself in her sleep; it always started on her sixteenth birthday; there was always a family party with her parents, uncles and aunts present and rather unnervingly there was someone she knew as Uncle Ray. Everything normally went smoothly until the clock struck midnight and then half the relatives would begin to leave the party. Soon only a female cousin called Jan, Uncle Ray and Mom and Dad remained; Jan and mom would then take Jenny into the utility room just off the kitchen.

There she was told to undress and she felt powerless to resist; even though it had been a few years now since she had been naked in front of her mother. Jenny found herself not only doing as she had been told but also becoming sexually excited as she did so. Once naked her mother, Cindy, and Jan ordered Jenny to sit up on the unit with her legs as wide as she could get them. Once again a now blushing Jenny found she could not resist and even though she knew it would expose her well lubricated open cunt lips; she did not hesitate in doing so. Now Jan produced a can of shaving foam and after shaking it furiously she applied a generous amount onto Jenny's pubic area.

Suddenly it was like the start of a gold rush; as Cindy and Jan dived their hands into the foam, massaging it into Jenny's crotch area; now whether deliberately or not, Jenny could not be sure but both her mother and cousin began to touch Jenny's open foam covered cunt lips and even further they allowed their fingers to explore the inner folds of her cunt and Jan even managed to touch and probe her anal ring. Poor Jenny was in a real state eager for these feelings the two women were creating; to continue but also a nagging desire to see where this was heading. Each time Jenny dreamt this dream it was at this point her mind exploded and she physically felt her cunt jump as if shocked by electricity and she found her cunt running so wet it was as if a tap had been turned on, she did not realise this was the normal effect women had leading up to a climax.

From nowhere, it seemed, Jan produced a wet razor and skilfully she began shaving Jenny's cunt. The razor seemed to tug at her long curly hairs but Cindy's probing fingers inside her still excited cunt kept Jenny's mind occupied. Soon the pubic hair it had taken Jenny her lifetime to accumulate had disappeared and an almost baby fresh naked vulva now clearly displayed itself. After Cindy had towel dried her daughter's freshly shaven cunt, Jan applied some soothing baby oil and this time deliberately found Jenny's clit with her fingers. Jenny's cunt jumped through hoops as Jan massaged the baby oil into her clit and Jenny had to bite her lip several times to avoid crying out in her heightened passion.

Just when Jenny thought things could go no further; she was shocked and yet excited as her own mother began to undress and eventually revealed she too had a clean shaven cunt; without anything being said Jan too began to undress and wouldn't you just know it she too shaved her cunt. Jan then took Jenny's hand and placed it inside her own pressed to Cindy's cunt and guided two of Jenny's fingers inside her own mother's cunt. Jenny was surprised for her mother's cunt was just as wet if not more so than her own over heated love box. Cindy leaned forward and whispered close to Jenny's ear; Jan's cunt is just as wet and you should just wait till you get to taste it. Jenny could not believe her ears, was mum clearly telling her that she had tasted another woman's cunt. Jan sensed what was running through Jenny's mind and smiled as she said yes all our female relatives are bi sexual; it's in the genes, you know.

Just then John, Jenny's dad, popped his head through the doorway and smiled seeing all three relatives stark naked as he said, everyone ready. Cindy nodded and John handed her the silk scarf; which was folded and applied as a blindfold to Jenny. Then will careful help from Jan and Cindy the blindfolded Jenny was guided back to the living room; where in hushed silence she was told to remove the blindfold. It took a few milliseconds for her eyes to adjust to the brightness but as she glanced around she gasped as she noticed her dad and uncle were also naked. Then her eyes fell upon the coffee table in front of her; it was crammed full of sexy satin erotic under wear and numerous different sized rubber shaped cocks. There was even three different sized oval shaped balls on stands, all made from shiny black rubber; Jenny did not know but these were butt plugs in the usual three sizes of small, medium and large.

Jan took hold of Jenny's hand and gently pulled to one side; giggling she told her that for every rubber cock she took she could choose one of the items of underwear but for every real cock she took then either she or Cindy got to spend five minutes eating out her horny little cunt.

Cindy brought her daughter two bowls; they were full of folded pieces of paper; she excitedly said pick one from the blue bowl and one from the pink bowl. Curiously Jenny picked the first piece of paper and handed it without thinking to her mother; as she reached for a piece of paper from the pink bowl, Cindy announced the name Uncle Ray and having looked at Jenny's second pick announced, mouth! Jan now explained that Jenny was to give Ray a blow job until he actually came inside her mouth. Jenny could not believe her ears as she looked from her mother to her father and then at Uncle Ray; all three were smiling and encouraging her to begin.

Now usually in her dream this is where she would wake up in a cold sweat with cunt juices pouring from her spread cunt lips, her rock hard nipples aching, whilst she was panting like a long distance runner and the only way she could manage to get back to sleep was for her to strum her clit to an orgasm while imaging sucking on a stiff hard cock; which for a virgin was strange to do.

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