A House Is Not a Home
Chapter 1

A breeze was blowing the salty sea air in towards the coast. Palm trees swayed gently and the mist, that so often accompanied the early morning, was dissipating rapidly.

To most, it would seem a wonderful day was in the offing. I, myself would have traded it to have my parents back, alive and well. It was to be a pleasure and business trip, combined. Some trip! Their plane crashed! A water landing should be safer, you would think, than the hard ground. Experts class the ocean just about the same as trees and mountains. All three offer very little hope of survival.

The ocean has the thing with sea creatures and the depths that make the body hard to recover. In a way, that may afford some hope, but I doubt it. The insurance companies tend to want to delay things, so my attorney says. The plane's carrier wanted to settle right away. The house was paid for, I had access to the money in the banks, a good stock fund, and a trust my grandparents had left me.

On the advice of my attorney, we would file a missing persons report and wait the 7 years to have them declared dead. Unless of course, the plane's insurance and my folks insurance finally agreed on the settlements and double indemnity. I could wait. The stocks, income and any real wealth were all in joint accounts or covered in my POA for them both.

The cars and several perks were owned by the investment firm my dad owned. Seeing I was already an officer in it, there was not too much of a problem keeping things pretty much the way they were. The golf club, timeshare and health spa were some of the things I did not want or need.

Let me tell you a few things about my life first. You be the judge. As we go on with this, if you have some advice or see a better alternative, tell me or write to my lawyer.

I will be 26, 15 August, the Ides of August, or was that another month; Oh well, no matter. School was not what Dad or I intended it to be. I quit in my senior year of College. Got almost married to a wonderful woman. Problem was she was 'out of my league, or so I thought. She also had been married a few times and had a step-son, from the last one, who was older than I was. The real problem though, I just felt so inferior to her, that I let her go. I 'ran around' free and miserable for a while, than got married.

Bliss you say. Silly! Within one month I knew I had made a huge mistake. It became evident when I found her in bed, our bed, with another. If it was another man, or even another girl it would have less impact than the dog she was mating with. That pretty much took about a year to end everything. That and a few hundred thousand in bills and a settlement. Expensive month of bliss though. Taught a good lesson too.

Mark is my name. Outside of the home, three cars, expensive clubs(Some going Bye-Bye) and the timeshare now, I led a modest life style. Like I said earlier, I would trade everything in an instant to have my parents back.

Where was I? Oh yeah,! It was a nice house, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths and a large family room off to the side opening to the deck.; inside the house itself, was a small garden. retreat area. By California standards, pretty upper middle class, maybe $1 - 1.3 million back 20 years ago. It had a pool, sauna, hot tub. patio, deck and 4 car garage. Mom and Dad had lived in it near 20 years, they bought it before the boom, bust, boom, bust, et al. It had some land, was by the water and not in a sub.

I did not draw a salary from the company. Once a year, dividends, stock or monies could accrue, as directed. I had enough cash coming in from the trust and most of the big stuff was paid by the company, like 'business' trips or 'social' memberships.

The company pretty much ran by itself. The employees that were financial services, got a salary and bonus based on net profit. Other employees, got an annual review and bonus, as the officers approved. I held the majority votes as I was my parent's agent if they were not available. Nothing was to change much, just those few 'perks' I did not need.

I had pretty much decided to go back to school, not full-time, but to take some courses that would help with the business. I could take up golf though. No. Hell no! Boring!

My first night alone in the house was an eye-opener for me. I did not sleep very well and when I woke up, no breakfast. This was bullshit I thought. I liked either a breakfast, brunch or lunch. I usually had just two meals a day. The idea of going out each morning in California was not a real appealing idea to me. Perhaps when I started school and if I had a morning class it would work. Then I thought of that dreaded housework and maintenance around the house. The pool and landscaping could be hired service, but maybe not.

I called the PA that was at the company and asked her. "Hire a housekeeper" was the answer from her. "In fact, my niece, just wanted to start college here and is going to be part-time. Her classes might be at various times and not too many jobs are that flexible. Do you want to interview her?"

"Why not? I decided to go back to school part-time myself, and I don't care when the work gets done. What should I pay her?"

"Don't know? Depends on how many hours you need and any benefits. If she is fulltime, we might be able to have her be on our payroll here, with benefits. I'm not sure. When can you see her? I'll give her a call."

"Here is my cell number, 213-999-9999, it is usually on."

"OK! Oh! I should warn you; this is her first job and she has a lot to learn. I have spoken to her and told her that with just a high school education, things would be difficult. I know that the idea of having flexible hours even days, is just what she needs. If you could help her to learn what is needed here, I know this place could use her, in a few years. She is only 17 but wants to learn everything, it seems."

"No problem! I think I know someone like that! By the way, where does she live? Is it far from here?"

"I'll let her tell you. Right now though, she is with me. Her parents don't like the idea of her working with me in California. But!"

"Yep! I know kids and parents don't always see things the same way. Until you loose them!"

I got of the phone, somewhat encouraged at having help with the house, maybe. I got into the shower, figuring to go out for some breakfast this morning. Ahh, warm water is soooo good to wake you up. Of course having someone there to share it with was even better.

Oh well. I had just been getting out when the phone rang The house phone. The machine got it before I could. It was saying that there was nothing wrong with my credit card, but they had an important message for me. Yep, sure they did! It was to the bedroom to get dressed when I got another call. This time it was my cell. I answered it and heard.

"Hi, Mark, my Aunt Gwen told me you might have some work for me with flexible hours so I could go to school. Oh, my name is Sam, short for Samantha.(She should change her name to 'Chatty Cathy') I just finished high school, but I used to help my Mom out. We sort of, well, she did not like the idea of me moving here and trying to get a job with my Aunt. She told me to work with her I would need some college. She told me that the best courses varied each semester so getting and keeping a job with the same hours was not always possible. Will you give me a job? I'll work real hard? I'll do a god job? Will you, please?"

"Hello, you have reached Mark's home for wayward girls, are you picking up or dropping off?"

Sam was a typical 17 year old girl. She, however, was smart.

"I am dropping myself off! What 'services' would you require, Master!"

I said she was smart, she was really smart.

"Well, just the 'regular slave stuff', you know, sex, sex. sex and food. Hi Sam, I guess you could use the job, huh?"

"Well, gee, let me check my appointment book, mmm, I might be available next month, err, wait a second something just opened up, I can see you in 5 minutes, your place or mine?"

'Very funny, Sam! I just got out of the shower, can we meet for breakfast, I'm starving. That's one reason I need help. Wait a minute, you won't always be here in time for breakfast? Oh well, we probably shouldn't bother than?"

"Mark, I can offer you more than food, to live on Darling.

"Sam, I was just kidding, can you meet me at... ? Where are you near? Where could meet?"

"I am at Aunt Gwen's. I can see what there is here, or can you stop for eggs and stuff and come here. I don't have a car, yet!"

"Sure, I know where Gwen lives! It is not far from here. I'll be there in 30 minutes or so, OK?"

"Yes, but you better put on some clothes first, I have heard a lot about California but I'm not sure if this place is clothing optional?"


"Yes I am, thank you very much!"

Polo shirt, Dockers and loafers completed my wardrobe today. Everyday, for that matter. I had my Mom's or Dad's cars plus mine. I took the Lexus convertible. The convenience deli mart was my first stop, gas the second, then on to eat Sam, I meant eat food and greet Sam. She had already gotten to me on the phone.

I got near her parking lot, and called the number she had called my cell on. She answered. "Sam, it's Mark. Are you decent? Can you come out and give me a hand?"

"Mark! I may be inexperienced but no one has ever complained! If you play your cards right and give me that job, you may get more than a 'hand'"

"Ok Sam, I give. You win! Can you help me bring in some stuff for breakfast?"

"Sure, where are you at?"

"Just pulling in, the white convert, Thanks!"

When I parked, she came up.

"Nice wheels 'stud', does my job get me one of these?"

"Hey, Cutie, play you cards right and you may get a lot more than you bargained for!"

Man, she was cute, she was not kidding. Tall, blond, blue/grey eyes and built for endurance. She had my vote for a job. Hell, it was only my vote she needed. What would Sam think though, if I just drooled with an open mouth. "Hey, you, I got everything, you want to cook here, eat out or go see my place before you decide on the job?"

"You sure know how to 'sweet talk a little old farm girl' don't you fella?"

"Naw, missy, now lookie in the trunk, food!"

"Wait a second, let me lock the door. You better be good, ya'll hear, a girl has to be sure her man is 'well... !' Oh yeah, well feed!"

I liked this girl on the phone, now that I met her, I liked what I saw and who she was. It was 9:45 am already, so it was more like brunch. No matter, I bought a ton of food. "Let's take the perishables up to Gwen's, we can get more on the way back." She agreed.

"Wow, you sure got a lot of stuff, Aunt Gwen will be surprised with it all."

As we drove back to the house(Top down of course) I found out a little about her, saying she could ask me questions about the job and when while we made breakfast.

She was a 3.7 GPA in high school. College prep and spoke French and Spanish as well as English. She never had a job, but did a lot of things on the farm back home. She rode horses well, competing in the local rodeo events and baked often at the State Fair. She knew about tractors, lawn care, gardens, canning and some livestock. Not a real good match for many businesses in California, but great for me and what I needed. We talked a little about what she wanted and why she felt she had to leave home.

"If I lived the life, they wanted, I would have married 'Bubba' down the way, worked his parents or our farm and eventually inherited one. Boring! No life! Nothing! I want to be something someday! Have a lot of things other people have. A home, 2.5 kids and teach them swimming, soccer, football and how to cook. Is that so wrong Mark?"

I had to think. That was exactly what I thought my ex-wife wanted. "Nope, Sam, I think you got it in one! What does Gwen think about it?"

"A little different, she never wanted kids or all that stuff, to her the business is where it is at!"

I made a decision right then. I asked Sam to change places with me and pulled over. In California, unless you want to have a CHPD or tow truck haul you away, you never pull over and stop. I got her driving, we had 15 minutes or so to go on the freeway, and I called Gwen.

"Gwen, I am taking Sam and running away with her, she is beautiful. Is that OK?" I had her on speakerphone.

Sam blushed.

"I don't know Mark, I was going to sell her body to get more money to live the life I could grow accustomed to, now you pretty much put that option to bed, not her I hope. Yet anyway. But for the right price... ?"

Now I knew where Sam got that really smart streak from. "Gwen we are heading back to my house, could you leave and join us there for food, and I need to discuss some things with both of you? If anyone asks, you are going to a business lunch and won't be back today. Give them a 'Wink, Wink' then smile!"

"OK! But I hope I don't get in trouble? Oh that's right, you will have two of us to keep busy, won't you Master!" That got a giggle from her and from Sam. "You turn off in about 4 miles, then follow the road to 1223 Orchard Lane, I told Sam.

That got me a look and smile, followed by, "Yes Master! Is there anything I need to do to you. I mean for you?"

Now there was no doubt these two were related. "Just do you duty, Slave, and I'll try not to spank you too much!" We stopped and got more food, this time from Sam's(Nice name I thought), a discount store chain.

A lot of breakfast, lunch and dinner stuff. Most larger sized that I ever though we would use. I had not told her, but, I had never gone shopping before. Then I had another brilliant idea, the extra I would give to her and Gwen to take back. The car was full up plus the floor in front of me and anything that we could stuff behind the seats.

As we pulled near the house and into the driveway to the garage, she saw the house, Sam stopped. "Oh my GOD! You live here?"

"Well. yeah Missy. a man's gotta have a place you know!"

As we pulled in, I hit the garage door opener. It raised up and she saw the BMW and Mercedes inside. She started to cry.

"What's wrong Sam? Why are you crying?"

"I, I, I was not sure if you could afford to pay me, I was just going to ask for room and board while I went to school. You're rich, aren't you?"

"Has your Aunt not said anything about me?'

"No, she just said you were alone and needed help doing chores around the house, That the hours were flexible. You sounded nice on the phone, and I just kidded around with you. I thought you were like a college kid and had a small apartment. I hoped it would have a spare room for me too.'

There is always something about a crying woman that makes a man want to hug her and tell her everything will be all right. In this case, I thought that it would. "Well, although I have so many other candidates to 'interview' if you can at least cook besides being gorgeous, you got the job!"

I don't know if it was the gorgeous comment, if she could cook or that she had the job, but she got that million dollar smile on her face."

"I'll have you know my Peach Cobbler, got a 'Blue Ribbon' last year at the State Fair. So, you think I'm gorgeous?"

Women! "Nice!" Not answering anything specific. "Now let's get all this stuff in and start cooking, BBQ even; since, you are so slow, maybe we can get it ready for dinner?:

"Umpff." I heard

We had another 'Magic Moment' when she first saw the kitchen. Mom had had it all re-done, and it was every woman's dream kitchen.

"You want me to cook here?"

"Well here or on the patio! Bring the stuff in and I'll show you the house. When Gwen gets here we can decide what to do."

Our third stare was showing her around the house. The garden, patio, deck, pool, hot tub seemed unreal to her. When I told her there were 4 empty bedrooms she could choose from and that if it was done at a reasonable cost, she could redecorate hers. Why is it that when we men look at things just as things, that a woman looks at the same stuff and says, "You have a real home?"

The ringing doorbell was a welcomed reprieve. "I'll get it!"

I answered the front door. It was Gwen. "Hi Gwen!"

"Hi Mark. Where is Sam?"

"She's in the bedroom, Gwen, come in."

"My, my, my, you are a fast worker Master! Shall I remove my clothes or would you rather do that?"

"Well, let's see, can both of you use the same bedroom?"

"Honey, if you put us in one or two, I am not complaining, just as long as you keep us both happy?" She walked in. Rather she swayed in and started to undo her blouse.

Sam walked in and saw her Aunt starting to undress.

"Whoa there! Is this what I think it is? I heard about California life styles, but take it slow, I'm just a little farm girl.

"OK you two! Knock it off! I'm hungry and unless I get food, I'll eat both you up!"

"That sounds like fun, Master!" from both girls.

I smacked my head. Took a deep breath and said, 'Gwen, know I know where Sam gets it from, how do you ever get any work done?'

"Work, who works Master, you father never said anything about work, work!" Then with a huge smile on her face, she hugged Sam, telling me that they would be in the pool for a bit, then we could decide what to do?"

My left hand raised up, rubbing my hair. I had lost control. When, I was not sure. But I knew now that a man was no match for a determined woman, let alone two of them.

I followed them to the pool. They were mostly dressed, if you call bra and panties mostly dressed. They were dripping wet, and whatever they had on was now transparent.

'Ladies, and I should say Vixens, Minxes or Paramours, what's up."

"Apparently you, Master!"

Both hands raised in a sign of 'I give up'!

"When did I loose control?"

"I think on the phone, when you called me!" Gwen said.

"I need help!"

"You certainly do, Who do want to help first, or do you want both of us?"

"OK! Let me try this! Assume your positions Slave, why are still dressed and where are you collars, Master expects a proper answer or you will be punished, severely punished.'

They looked at each other, stood up and started to remove the few clothes they still had on. Both were natural blonds and both were beautiful. Sam muttered, "Omaha, was never like this Aunty Gwen!"

"Now you will both listen to me, is that understood?"

"Yes, Master."

Now that I had there attention, I could only stare at them. They were both everyone's dream girl. Granted Gwen was older, but Sam's Mom was a lot older than Gwen was. At least Gwen did not look much older than Sam. I recognized finally, recognized that it would be useless to ask them anything. I would have to tell them what to do. That is what they wanted.

"Gwen, you will use the same bedroom as Sam, when you are not in my room. Sam, your decorating allowance has just increased. You and Gwen will both register for 1 or 2 classes in the Fall. Gwen, you will assign yourself only to me with Sam as your new assistant. Tell work that I will be in my father's old office. Move out of your apartment into here. Do either of you not understand what you are to do?"

There was no hesitation. "Yes Master!"(Slaves hate ever saying No)

"Gwen make lunch reservations at the club for the three of us for about 12:30pm. Sam, and you need to do some shopping for suitable clothes for the club, then on to the jewelers to get you some collars and leashes. I don't think you will need many clothes around here. Have two more cell phones, computers and two sets of credit cards issued to both of you. $25,000 limits for now. Get dressed we leave in 20 minutes, I'm staving now."

"Yes Master!"

I could learn to like this. I began to wonder what my father had Gwen doing?

It was 40 minutes later when I said we were leaving. The two ran out, blouses not buttoned, but sly smiles on their faces. We went to the garage to get a car. The blouses were still undone, neither had chosen to wear a bra, and after all, it was June and warm out. There were three of us now and the BMW seemed a better choice. I opened the rear door and both the girls scooted in. The short, mini skirts did not hide much, as they got in, it was obvious that bras were not the only thing they decided not to wear, in deference to the temperature I assumed.

On the way to get some clothes for them we talked.(I had put on a sport coat, blue button-down shirt and tie.

"Tell me a bit what we need to do at the office. I know that the commissions are based on sales as are the bonuses. The equivalent to 10 % of the dividends and earning on those shares, only, not the shares themselves; is distributed to the employees. We three, Mom, Dad and myself own the company. I guess it is all mine, now, or at least when this issue of the 'death' is confirmed. Until them, I vote all the shares(POA) and Marge and I are the only directors alive. We need two others to replace Mom and Dad and until they are proven deceased I still control all the stock, it is a 'Catch 22' for some. I think I need to be the CEO now, Gwen, you have been with the firm what 5 years now.?"

"Six, Master!"

"And what exactly do you do?"

"Anything your father commanded, now I, no we are now yours to command. When Sam spoke with me, we decided to add her to the 'arrangement' we had with your father and mother."

"Which was?"

"That I, now we, never entertained your father at your house. That my apartment and expenses in addition to a small salary was paid for by the company. I have a college degree in accounting and some business law, and was going to get my MBA in Business, when the accident happened.'

"Who pays the bills, who approves them and any investments?"

"You father did, or you mother when she ever saw fit to go into the office. She preferred her 'other' amusements. Now people just seem to want to take over. I have a small stack of things to be approved and expenses or investments to be signed by an officer."

"Can you call everyone for a meeting tomorrow at 10:30 am, so we can inform them I am taking over and some changes will be taking place. Minor changes, but they affect Sam and you. Ahh, the Mall."

Getting clothes was not that difficult. Having to watch them strip, put on each item then give my approval proved to be hard, very hard. But, I rose to the occasion.

We went into the Club, the two girls were dresses like twins. I explained my parents plane crash and that I was now CEO of the Investment firm, Hoffman Financial. I showed my License, Mark Hoffman and it was corrected as such.

We had a seafood lunch. Finally some food. I learned a little more about what was going on, and that the stock, at today's price was worth in excess of $55,000,000. I owned all of it. Even today, I owned myself, 24% of those shares,. Mom, another 25% and Dad had 51%. The firm itself managed almost $17,900,000,000 in assets.

Since it was a private company I could place myself in any position. Mom was the COO and Treasurer, there was a Secretary, Marge Colson(Been with Hoffman 13 years), and Dad was President and CEO. If Marge wanted to she could demand a Meeting of the Stockholders, but since she had or controlled Zero shares, it was a mute point. There was no 'bad' blood between us and I'm sure she started out on much the same 'arrangements' as Gwen, only years earlier. I wanted to call her. I had Gwen dial her direct, she answered and Gwen handed me the phone.

"Marge it's Mark. Yes, it was a surprise for everyone. Yes, thank you Marge. The reason I called was to see if you could make a meeting at 10:30 am tomorrow. Good. I also wanted to set the agenda for some changes. I'll take Dad's role, Gwen will take Mom's, you remain the same. Marge, Dad and I have had an understanding about your role and I just wanted to make certain that you knew that I had no plans to change your position, until you retire. In fact, I want your advice and opinion on a few more things. OK! Fine Marge. Just want to make sure you were satisfied. We have a new employee, Samantha, she should be ready to take over for you before you retire. I don't know say 10 -12 years or so, there is no rush. She will take over the job where Gwen is now, start the rumor mill. Oh, do you need anything? No. Can you use the apartment that Gwen currently is in, the rent and expenses will still be paid. Great! That should save you some money. Wait a second. Gwen, when? Never mind, Marge can you, Gwen and Sam go out to the club for lunch after the meeting tomorrow and work out the details. Oh and add all your names to the approved list so that you each can use the club and sign. Yes, I'm sure Marge. I told you Dad and I had no 'secrets' (Small lie) and you have been a very important part of what we are today(True). I just want to be able to rely on 'my friends' a lot more than Dad did. OK! Thank you too Marge!" I hung up and spoke to Gwen.

"You all have a good time tomorrow! Take her shopping too, I'll stop at the bank on the way home and get you two debit/credit cards from your own accounts we'll set up, other than the corporate ones. Use them for school and personal expenses, I'll transfer a nice starting balance for you. Oh, Gwen. when you see Marge, make the hire figure for Sam's at 80% of your current salary, and change yours to 80% of Mom's."

"Yes Master!" in stereo.

"Collars, ladies. Go easy on me, I need to buy gas on the way home."

"Yes Master!"

I really liked these answers much more than the challenges and retorts before.

I had never been shopping for Slave stuff. I was very surprised when we went into a upscale jewelry store. That Gwen knew what to ask and was shown into a private room spoke well of her. A man and a woman, ostensibly the owners, came in with two large cases. These were opened and several trays placed before us.

"Oh! Master, these two are almost identical except for the stones. May we have them, please?"

"I guess one size fits all?"

I handed a credit card out. "Do we get a 2 for discount or is there a 3rd available in case I need more?"

"If, you can just buy these without asking the price, I may be available, my brother here can be easily swayed. Yes, we value any business of yours. Would you care for leashes and a waist or foot collar for your Slaves?'

"Yes, a good idea, both please and is there anything you would like too?"

She looked at her brother who just looked at her, grinning! " I think I just may! Mark Hoffman!" She looked at the name of my card. She rang up the purchases. She handed me back the card and the receipt. It was for $400,000. Her brother went back out and brought the new items in and took them out of a chest and handed them to the girls.

"Oh thank you Master. Please collar and chain your Slaves!"

It was said by the three girls, when the one, who was called Shauna, knelt down also, her brother brought out another similar collar for her, only all three stones varied in colour, not in size. All three waist cinches and leashes were solid gold and the ankle rings were also matching the collars but with much smaller stones.

"She has been looking for that 'special' man for a while Mark. A man who would not look a price first, rather at the beauty in front of him. Treat her well, she is without equal and I hope you will all find happiness."

"Thank you. You are Whom?"

"I am Nic, Nicodemos, Shauna is my sister and part owner here, although her place is with you now."

"Nic, thank you, may I offer to buy you a watch or ring."

"No, No, my friend. You have given me a little something with your sale here. Retail these items, individually, would be $900,000 plus tax. Shauna's were a gift, and the others near wholesale."

We have to stop at my bank, may Shauna go with me?"

"She is your Slave! She will do whatever you tell her, whatever, but I pray, not to whoever?"

"There is no need to worry, my friend. I do not 'order' my friends ever to do anything they would not want to do."

Shauna came back with 2 more chests. She handed Gwen and Sam each one. They all three wore their full jewelry including attaching the long leashes through ankle, waist and neck. "Your ride awaits my Princesses.'

I heard a 'At last, a man who values his slaves!'

The bank manager was perhaps a bit awestruck when 3 girls on leashes, blouses open and skirts pulled up as high as possible followed me in. This was California so they must be used to everything by now. The opening of the combination savings, debit, credit, checking accounts took a little longer. Forms were filled out, papers and cards filled out. When it came to an address, each girl looked at me. I told the manager the 1223 Orchard Lane for all of them. He asked how much we were putting in. I handed him my card and said to place $100,000 in each. That got me strange looks. I heard from three muffled voices, 'Damn'.

"Ladies, we have something yet to do before we go to dinner. You may remove your chains if you wish. No move to do that. We left the bank. "Potty break or anything, my ladies?" Nothing.

We went to that bastion of female shoppers, Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. "Now, Princesses, we need some things done, reservations at 'Gandalf's', tell them Hoffman's needs them(We invest for them) and you all need to shop till I run out of money or it's time for food, whichever comes first. It is now 2:47 pm. dinner at 6:00pm. Gwen, might as well get 3 cell phones, 3 computers and set Shauna up in work tomorrow. Same as Sam and add her to the Club.

I forgot, there were some Spa, Beauty and Health things my Mom had that I was going to cancel, see if you can use them."

You would think these 'Princesses' had never gone shopping before. The Saudi Princes had made the merchants there very happy to 'sell' the overpriced clothes to 'slaves'.

In my case, the main items of interest had to do with lingerie and swimwear. Why, I never understood, there was not any place in the house they would need them. Oh well, a woman thing I guess. Still how three small, rather dinky little bags could cost $3,200. Each I was told as they used their new cards. They got 'parfume'(From Paris) too, I was told.

Dinner was not so dear. One of the owners recognized Gwen and rushed over. Mid run, he saw the collar and leash and pulled up. Gwen introduced me as 'Master Mark', Paul Hoffman's son and new CEO. He glanced at the other two ladies, gulped a bit and welcomed us, then left sullen. I think he was a little confused by the collars and chains, Oh well.

Shrimp, Mahi Mahi, and Sea Scallops with melted butter, parsley, garlic and wonderful sides were a treat for us famished diners. On the ride back, Shauna mentioned that she might have just forced herself on us. She was 'taken' by the moment and said she would not make herself a nuisance. She started to weep a bit. She also said that she would work if we needed the money. From the bill at the store, she doubted that. One thing she would not do is be 'nice', as she called it to another Master even if ordered to.

"Shauna, any man who would think you 'forced' yourself on him is a fool. We are all new at this, at least I am, Gwen was with my father. Sam is her niece, you and her I just met today, but from what Gwen says, it was a choice she made a while ago. I am, or was, very lonely. Now, as they say, my 'cup runneth over', I just hope I can keep up with my 'Princesses', for that is what I think of you as. Money is not a big issue, much of it is still in litigation until my parents deaths are confirmed. But we still have a few $ Million till then."

"Frosty anyone?" (Dave Thomas was an client before he died)

Well sated, we drove home. I still did not think of the house as being very much. When Shaun looked she merely said, "That's nice". Gwen made the comment clearer, that's only the garage dear, wait till you see the rest."

She had a sheepish look then. When we were in the garage, and the girls ran inside, the pool got their attention as clothes were shed. In a quick fashion. Gwen and Sam wore very little and Shauna had her blouse undone since we left. I had no choice, I had to join then. So hard for us guys, we try to get up for the occasion.

The bags were still left in the car. "Do you want your swimwear, my 'Princesses'?"

I was informed that you never got those 'wet', they were for show only.

These three were already doing quite a bit of 'showing' already.

"How about for bed, do we need anything?"

Again the 'you dummy you' look. What to do, what to do. Oh well, I took the sure fire way, pointed and said the nursery rhyme.

Sleep, isn't that something for old men and babies. These 'Babes' thought sleep was something you read about. I could see that keeping them happy would be a 7/24 duty. There were worse ways to go though. Two under 21 and 1 under 26 make for interesting times, those we all wanted to live in. Did I ever look back and wish I had not met them? In your dreams.

Marge would be getting another surprise. That next morning, while my three new cooks were making breakfast, I called her to let her know about Shauna. To my surprise, she asked if I was adding any more to my harem and if there was an age restriction. Yep, I had guessed right about Marge. My answer was, "Marge, if you could 'personally' vouch as to the 'experience' the new girl had, then there is no age restriction. You'll let me know, right?" This had her going. She may be older, but she was not dead. I wanted to find her someone.

We ate, my ladies said it was time to eat, but I had difficulty hearing exactly what they said from the shower. Shauna came in, followed by Gwen and Sam. Breakfast got cold but things in that shower were 'hot'.

When we were leaving, I asked if they wanted to take 2 cars, since they would be taking Marge to the club, then out shopping. Nope, they said, she might want to go 'pick me up' at the office.

Yesterday morning I was low and not a happy camper. Today I had three, maybe four of the sexiest woman of any age. Was I happy? You better believe it. I was actually ready for the meeting, I thought. We took the Mercedes, it had more room than the BMW, in case Marge joined us. I made one more call and made sure that Ralph the lawyer or one of his people were planning to attend. Marge, bless her had already called him. He might be the Mr. Wright for her.

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