The Seduction of Penny Ramirez
Chapter 1: Penny Surrenders Her Mind

Caution: This Hypnosis Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Mystery, Humiliation, mc sex story,mc story

Desc: Hypnosis Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: Penny Surrenders Her Mind - Madam Dormir has plans. But none of it will work until Penny has surrendered her mind, her body and her soul.

Penny stood in nervous silence in front of the imposing oak desk of the Sheriff of Cavalcade County, Texas. He had ordered her to "Stand at ease," with just a hint of a patronizing smile, so she now positioned herself in a sort of "parade rest" posture, her hands clasped at the small of her back; but she couldn't help shifting nervously, moving her weight between her right foot and her left.

"Tell me why you're wearing that Mickey Mouse uniform in my office," he ordered sternly, never looking up from her record on his desk, his voice low and dark, like an afternoon cloud that threatened to grow into a storm at any moment. "What the hell IS it, anyway?"

"It's my Academy uniform. It's ... it's all I had, sir. I ... I thought I could get the proper uniform here ... um ... I mean, when I got to Rising Rapids."

The big man scowled at the papers on his desk, still not looking up. "You look like a midget female version of Barney Fife," he groused. Immediately, she bristled ... not at the professional innuendo, but at the mention of her height. She set her face into a scowl, but he didn't look up to see it. In spite of her feelings, her look of aggression fled immediately as he pushed his chair back abruptly, sat upright and fixed her with a gaze that left no doubt who was in command. She suddenly wondered if he was about to reject her. What would she do if he did that? She had no money ... nowhere to go.

He stood and walked around the desk to her. Startled, she retreated a step without thinking, staring dumbly at his outstretched right hand, not sure what he wanted.

"Deputy Ramirez," he said, somehow smiling without letting his lips curve upward, "welcome to Rising Rapids, Texas, heart of the Piney Woods. We're glad to have you here."

She blinked up at him. Finally, she broke the code and extended her own right hand, which was engulfed by his meaty paw the way large-mouth bass swallows a minnow. She cleared her throat. "Thank you, sir. It's great to be here."

He returned to his place behind the desk and lowered his massive frame into the chair again. "Now," he rumbled. "What to do first..." He glanced at the folder on his desk, up at her uncertain expression, back at the folder. "Where are you staying?"

"Um ... at the Blue Top Motel. I'm going to have to find another place soon, though."


The simplicity of the question startled her. She didn't have time to think of an excuse. "Uh ... because my credit card is almost maxed out."

His brow creased in thought. He looked at her again, then quickly back down. This time, she caught it. His glance had included her body, but he hadn't wanted her to notice. He was trying to stay strictly professional. The revelation startled her. He must have been close to twice her age, and much more than twice her weight, though he didn't show any fat. He was just big.

He opened a desk drawer and pulled out a phone book. (Did anyone actually USE phone books anymore?) He fumbled with the pages a second, glanced up at her again, then at the items on his desk, as if looking for some distraction. He snatched up a coffee cup and held it out to her. "Penny, would you mind getting me a cup? The machine's at the end of the hall. One cream, one sugar."

This was it. This was the moment she'd rehearsed in her mind. All of the online assertiveness training lectures (the free ones, anyway), and the articles and the blogs; they'd all led to this moment in time. She planted her feet, shifted her hands to her hips, and imagined her deepest, sternest voice. But her voice didn't sound stern, and it certainly wasn't deep. "Sir, I didn't put all that time into the academy to be a coffee girl!"

His head snapped up, and he was looking at her now ... at HER ... at her eyes. Any bravado she imagined she had somehow acquired suddenly fled. Oh, God. All that assertiveness crap was about to get her fired. "Um..." she stammered, " ... I mean..."

He stood and walked around the desk, the cup in his hand, and he had an entertained grin on his lips. "Sure, Penny. No sweat. How do you take YOUR coffee?"

She blinked. "I ... I don't drink it."

"Of course not," he grumbled, walking out of the room. "THAT is what's the matter with young people today. They don't drink coffee! Well ... that is, unless they're paying five dollars a cup for a fuckin' latte ... and God damned whipped cream on top ... and skimmed milk ... and..." His voice was lost to her as he stomped down the hallway.

She leaned on the desk in front of her. Oh God, this whole day had been a fiasco! She should have known that the distance between the motel and the Sheriff's Department was farther than she thought. In Texas, distances are ALWAYS farther than you think. So, even though she'd left earlier than she'd planned, she'd been late on her first day. And now she'd gone and ruined any chance of a friendly relationship with her new boss. WHY had she said that? Why didn't she just go and get the guy a stupid cup of coffee? The only thing that could make it any worse now would be if he...

"You looked like the 'Diet Coke' type to me. Here." He handed her an icy can of cola and went back to his chair.

She suppressed a groan. "Thank you sir. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry if I..."

But he picked up the phone and started talking without dialing. It dawned on her that the deputy receptionist ... what was her name? Beatrice? He must have asked her to dial a number for him. "Charlie?" he barked in a loud voice. "This is Joe Rogers. Can you..." But he broke off suddenly, listened for a moment, then slammed the receiver back down. He looked up at her, trying to figure something out. She was certain that he was struggling at the task of looking at her face and not her chest. "Shit. The only uniform shop this side of Nacogdoches, and he's closed ... on vacation for two weeks." He thought a moment. "Do you have a nice dress?"

She blinked at him. "Dress? You mean to wear at work?"

"Well, you sure as hell can't wear THAT!"

"Uh ... I only have one dress, but it's not ... appropriate."

"What? Is it a prom dress or something?"

"No. It's a summer dress."

"Well, shit, Penny! It's August!" He seemed to dismiss the entire subject. "BEA!" he screamed.

"Simmer down, Joe," Beatrice said calmly, suddenly appearing in the doorway. "I talked to June Freeland, and she has a room. She said to go right over."

He nodded and stood. "Deputy Ramirez, come with me," he ordered sternly. On the wall hung a cowboy hat, which made a sort of "thunk" as he clapped it firmly to his head, and he now reached for the only other item on the hat rack: a holster containing a massive .45 caliber Colt Peacemaker. A weapon for men, she mused ... all testosterone. Only six rounds, and not very good in the accuracy department, compared to other service handguns, but it made a lot of noise, packed the biggest punch you could get, and had been doing so since 1872. She had tried one on a shooting range at the academy and hadn't been able to hold the huge thing steady enough to hit the target. The recoil had made her drop it. He strode out of the office, through the reception area and out the door, and she felt as if every eye was on her as she ran to keep up.

"Follow me in your car," he snapped as he swung his bulk into the cab of a department Ford F-150 4X4 pickup.

"I ... I don't have car."

He glared at her. "How the hell did you get here?"

"On ... on the bus. Then I walked here this morning from the motel."

"Walked? It's three miles!" He looked at her with blank, incredulous eyes for long seconds, then sighed. "Get in, Deputy."

She nodded and complied. They rode in silence back out to Highway 21 and parked in front of the room she indicated. She was already packed ... she'd never really had the chance to unpack ... but he again ordered her to change into the dress. She was grateful that it was still relatively wrinkle-free, and she rushed to put it on and stuff her academy uniform into one of her two bags. She only had one pair of shoes to go with the dress, three-inch heels that boosted her height to a towering five feet two inches. She checked herself in the mirror, not really sure why she was doing so, and decided to take another half minute to apply some pale lipstick and run a brush through her hair before opening the door and pulling her suitcases (bearing all her worldly possessions) out to the truck. She got a little satisfaction from his expression, anyway. His eyes widened when he saw her in the flowery-patterned cotton dress. It fit her well, and showed off her curves. She hadn't had it on for more than a year, but she knew what sort of attention it attracted the last time she'd worn it. He stared, then averted his eyes, then looked again, before clearing his throat and helping her pitch her luggage into the back.

"I need to settle my bill," she told him.

"All done," he responded, helping her up into the passenger seat again. "Ryan Bullsworth ... the guy who runs the place ... he owes me a favor. More than one, as the case stands. He told me to tell you that he's happy to help."

She didn't know how to take that. She stole little glances him as they drove back into town. His hat was cocked a little toward her, keeping the morning sun out of his eyes, and she couldn't see his face clearly, but his manner was indecipherable. He started humming a tune, and she was surprised to realize that it was classical ... Beethoven, she thought, though she wasn't sure. His left elbow was leaning out the open side window, his big right hand resting comfortably on the top of the steering wheel. She recognized an Aggie ring, which somehow seemed as large and showy as the Colt revolver. She tried to imagine him sitting in a college classroom, but failed.

The two-story Victorian house was only three blocks from the Sheriff's Office, and Penny knocked on the front door, since the Sheriff was burdened with a suitcase in each hand. "Morning, June," he said to the older lady who answered. "I'd like you to meet Deputy Penny Ramirez. Penny, this is June Freeland, my third grade teacher."

"Little hellion," the woman replied playfully before turning her full attention to the girl. "Welcome to Rising Rapids, Penny. I've heard so much about you. How was your trip from Fort Worth? My, what a pretty dress!"

Penny tried to hide her surprised shock. "Uh ... thank you. I can't get a uniform because..."

"Yes, Charlie Struthers is on vacation, fishing in Colorado. Don't know why ... he never catches anything, anyway. You won't be able to get a uniform until he gets back. Now, follow me; your room's on the second floor. Only one rule ... no men in your room. I'm old fashion that way. And if Joe's any indication, they're all going to be lookin' at you pretty hard. Can't say as I blame 'em, the way you fill out that dress." She chattered on and on as they followed her up the stairs.

Ten minutes later, they were back in the truck. He insisted on buying her breakfast in the cafe on the square. He never pressed her to talk about herself, which she found surprising. Now that she was a member of his staff, he just seemed to take her for granted. He didn't really talk about himself, either, but prattled endlessly about the town and its surrounding area. Rising Rapids, named for a stretch of water on the Nueces River "that got above a trot," was the county seat, but it was too small to support a full-blown police department. Instead, the sheriff's department handled law enforcement for the entire county, including here in town. By meal's end, she'd gotten the impression that he was very proud of the territory that was now his jurisdiction.

"Let's walk back to the office. I'll mosey back this way for lunch, and pick up the truck then," he said, finishing his coffee with a gulp and tossing a dollar bill on the table for a tip. He walked to the counter to pay, and Penny, making sure he wasn't looking, dug through her small leather purse until she found a couple more, which she tucked under a plate.

"So you think I'm a crummy tipper," he observed, strolling back, obviously slowing his pace so she wouldn't have to run to keep up.

She grimaced. "I didn't think you saw. And yes, you're a crummy tipper. That girl who was serving us..."

"Rhonda. You have to learn names. There aren't that many of us."

She laughed. "You're telling me! Mrs. Freeland knew all about me, and I've just gotten here! And Rhonda ... well, I was her. For the past six and a half years, that's what I did ... in a place just like that, in Fort Worth."

"Six and a half years?"

"Since I was fourteen. Six days a week ... sometimes seven. Double shifts on Saturdays. From now on, tip her twenty percent. Do it for me."

He grunted, but smiled. "I'm going to give you an assignment, Deputy Ramirez," he told her.

She glanced sharply up at him. She couldn't tell if he was kidding or being serious, but she decided that she'd better be professional. "Yes sir. What do you want me to do?"

"See this place?" He jerked a thumb at the storefront they were passing. She hadn't been paying attention, so she stopped and looked at it. The sign hanging in the window proclaimed "Madam Dormir" in bold red letters. The window had professional lettering on one side. "Fortunes Told. Palms Read." And below that: "Homeopathic Herbs and Remedies." She had stared at the place for only a few moments before she became aware that the sheriff hadn't stopped, so now she had to hurry after him, her heels clicking rapidly on the concrete sidewalk.

She finally caught up to him. "What about it?" she asked, slightly winded.

"After you get settled in at the office, I want you to come back here. Afternoon is best; her ... uh ... clientele ... normally comes by at noon or just before school lets out, so make it about four o'clock."

"Who's her clientele?"

"Housewives, mostly," he answered. "A guy or two, every now and then, but mostly women ... young and old. Rich and poor. She doesn't seem to discriminate."

"Can't you at least tell me what you suspect her of doing?"

"Maybe nothing at all," he replied. They kept walking, almost to the office now. He didn't seem to want to look down at her. "She's an informant," he said hesitantly.

That really threw her. "I don't understand," Penny said, then repeated: "What do you want me to do?"

He shrugged. "Just go in and talk. Have her look in that crystal ball of hers. Get your fortune told. Be friendly. Get to know her. Come to my office in the morning and tell me what you think of her. Tell me your observations." He finally looked down at her. "Oh, and before you leave her, tell her I want to see her in the morning. My office. Nine-thirty."

She frowned. "Am I under cover? Is that why you wanted me to wear the dress?"

He barked a laugh. "I wanted you in a dress because I have a dress code, and blue jeans don't cut it for my female deputies. And that rinky-dink, sissy-ass academy uniform SURE as hell doesn't cut it. And as for being 'under cover;" well, hell! You've been on the job all of two hours, and everybody in town already knows who you are. In this town, everybody knows everybody ... and knows what they're doing."

"How can you have an informant in a town where everybody knows what everybody else is doing?" she puzzled aloud. "And what kind of name is 'Madam Dormir, ' anyway? It might surprise you, but Spanish is NOT my first language. I'm kind of rusty, but isn't she trying to use a participle as a noun? Doesn't that translate to something like 'Madam ... Sleep?' What does she do ... bore people to death?"

He grunted. "Just do it, okay, Penny? I really need you to do this for me." He waited until she'd given him a nod, then strode across the parking lot toward the front door of the office. "Don't withhold anything; talk and be sociable. Be yourself. Play along with whatever she suggests."

She hustled to keep pace, and glanced up at him nervously. "Um ... Does she take credit cards?"

That made him laugh aloud. Chuckling, he took out his billfold and handed her a twenty dollar bill. As an afterthought, he gave her an additional three dollars. "I guess you'll be wanting to give her a generous tip."

Slightly miffed at his domineering attitude, she followed him into the sheriff's office while she fumbled the bills into her small purse.

The little bell above the door didn't seem to have the power to summon anybody from the back of the establishment. "Hello?" Penny yelled plaintively. "Is anybody here?"

A woman's head appeared through a gap in the curtain behind the counter. "Hello there. Oh! You're someone new! Are you the new deputy? Penny ... is that right? What a lovely dress!" She paused and looked back into the room behind her. Penny, who had to force herself to close her open mouth, didn't have a chance to reply before the woman faced her again. "I'm sort of with a client right now. Can you give me about fifteen minutes? I've got her particularly deep ... I mean, we're in a particularly deep conversation. I need to finish up first. Can you wait? Oh, thank you! You're such a dear!" And she was gone.

She stared after the woman for a long time. This was her first assignment ... her first assignment in her first real professional job in her whole life. And so far, her first day at work on that job ... well, it had been awful, by anyone's measure. She had somehow avoided going into the restroom and crying. That's what she had felt like, more than once; curling up and crying her eyes out. Everyone had been so kind, so sweet, so accommodating. In the academy, she had felt like a failure ... and she had just kept telling herself that once she was out in the real world, it would all change ... that everything would be better ... that she would BE a professional! At long last, she was a trained expert at SOMETHING. But she wasn't. She was ... less. And she was beginning to think that she always would be.

She tried to snap herself out of her funk. The sheriff wanted impressions, observations, opinions. What had she observed? What had she felt? She looked around the sparse waiting room. There were pictures on the walls of the river ... the "rapids," she guessed, but all she saw was muddy water, jogging along relentlessly toward the Gulf of Mexico. She sat on the worn couch and tried to recall her first impressions of the woman behind the curtain. She seemed ... accommodating, friendly ... normal ... just like every elderly woman she had met in this town so far. And, she guessed, probably just like the large majority of elderly women in Texas.

Penny tried to think of specifics. The woman was obviously of Latin descent, though she had no real accent. Come to think of it, she didn't even have a Texas accent. More Midwestern, she guessed. She had probably once had beautiful hair, rich and black, but now it was shorter than shoulder length and dotted with gray. If she had to define Madam Dormir in one word, what would it be? It came to her with a sardonic finality. Motherly. It was ironic, because in that half-minute's timeframe, Penny found she liked the woman much more than she had ever liked her own mother.

The curtain parted, and a tall woman with platinum blonde hair walked out into the waiting room, looking back over her shoulder with admiring eyes at the woman who had greeted Penny, so that she didn't notice her sitting on the couch. At the room's center, she seemed incapable of containing her feelings any longer, and with a tear on her cheek, she spun around and engulfed the elder woman in her arms. "Oh, Madam, what would I do without you? You saved my LIFE! I ... I was cracking up, and you saved me!" She gave a quiet sob. "I ... I love you, you know that? I love you SO much!"

Madam Dormir hugged her in return and patted her back while looking nervously at Penny. "I love you, too, Emily. And I promise that everything's going to be alright. But, I have another client to see now."

The woman stiffened. She removed her arms from around the mature lady, dabbed her eyes with a crumpled tissue she was holding in her hand, took a deep breath and turned toward the couch. Not knowing what else to do, Penny rose and accepted the outstretched hand. "Hello, I'm Emily Baxter. Please forgive my silly ramblings. I ... Oh! You're new here. Are you the new deputy? Penny ... um ... Rodriquez?"


"Yes, of course. I'm so sorry. I should have known that. I'm partially responsible for you being here." She smiled as Penny's eyes widened. "I'm on the County Board of Directors," the woman continued. "I approved the budget increase that Joe was asking for to bring in a new deputy." She sighed. "I can't imagine what it's like working in the same office as Joe." She smiled and winked. "The most eligible bachelor in East Texas. Gives me goose bumps. Not that I really care, of course. I'm happily married." Her smiled waivered a little as she glanced at Madam Dormir for concurrence. "Very happily. But a woman can always dream a little." She shook Penny's hand again, pulling slightly, so that she could whisper confidentially into her ear. "You are just going to LOVE Madam Dormir. EVERYBODY loves her. She's ... well, she's just the most amazing woman I've ever met, that's all." She released Penny's hand and stepped back. "It's SO nice to meet you. Please say hi to Joe for me."

And she was gone. Penny blinked after her. "Wow," she said under her breath.

"Yes," the older lady replied. "Wow." She went to the shop's door, locked it, and turned the sign so that the "Open" now faced inward. "And now, Penny, if you'll please follow me, we'll get on with it." She walked back through the curtain. Penny stared after her for a moment and obeyed.

The back room was a cozy living room with a mahogany table in its center, a couch and loveseat at one end and a small kitchen setup at the other. Madam Dormir motioned with a hand toward a comfortable, padded, straight-back chair placed strategically in front of a crystal ball on the table, and then she went to the stove. "I've just received a package of tea from India ... a special blend that I've heard about. I've brewed a pot that we can share."

Penny hesitated and then sat in the indicated chair. "No, thank you."

The woman said nothing for a long minute as she rattled dishes, then she set a steaming cup in front of her. "Please, I insist. I need to know your opinion. Just a sip."

Penny stared at it for long moment, then finally sighed and tried it while Madam Dormir settled into the chair opposite her. "It's ... um ... different. I usually drink Lipton. What kind of incense is this?"

"I've heard that the tea seems to change flavors as you drink it. Try another sip and let me know. That's it, my dear. Now, try another. The incense is from South America. I buy it special. It's supposed to be soothing. What do you think?"

"It's sort of ... strong," Penny replied. She sipped from her cup again. "But the tea tastes a little better, I guess."

"You'll get used to the incense, too. Now, you have a message for me from Joe."

Penny's thinking was a little fuzzy for some reason. The incense was cloying, and she wanted to tell Madam Dormir to please put it out, but she didn't want to offend. She tried to think. A message? "Oh. Oh, yes. Sheriff Rogers wants to see you in his office tomorrow morning at ... um ... nine-thirty."

"Excellent. I'll be there. Here, give me your empty cup and I'll refill it."

Penny was confused. She hadn't realized she'd drunk it all. The cup rattled in its saucer as she handed it to the woman. She tried to think of something to say, and fixated on the crystal ball in front of her. "The woman you saw before me ... um..."


"Emily. Did she want you to read her fortune?"

Madame Dormir set the cup down in front of her and smiled broadly. "No. Actually, I don't do much fortune telling. Not that I can't. But usually, people come to me because they have problems. I solve problems, you see."

Penny took a sip of tea, found it too hot, and set the cup back down. "What kind of problem did Emily have?"

The woman took her seat again. "She's struggling with assertiveness."

Penny couldn't contain a little gasp. "And you can help with that?" She thought that her question seemed too straightforward, too desperate. "I mean, she seemed awfully grateful, so I assume that you did." She tried to calm herself, but couldn't seem to keep from forging ahead. "How do you help someone with something like that?"

Madam Dormir leaned forward for emphasis and Penny couldn't help but lean forward, too. "I use deep hypnosis," was the response.

Penny blinked. "You ... You're a licensed hypnotherapist?"

The lady gave her a wry smile. "No. It's just something I picked up over the years. I'm very good at it, actually." She sat back again. "I use it to help people."

Penny found that she was holding her breath for some reason. She gulped, refilled her lungs, thought for a few seconds (which was difficult, for some reason), and finally said: "Can you use it to help ME with that?"

Madam Dormir steepled her fingers and fixed Penny with a look that was somewhere between genuine concern and genuine affection. "Why do you want to be more aggressive, Penny?"

She answered immediately ... she couldn't seem to help herself. "I want to be successful at something." For some reason, a tear leaked from the corner of her left eye. "I want to be successful at ANYTHING! You just can't BE successful without being assertive! No one will pay attention to you! No one pays attention to ME! And it's because I'm so damned..." She fumbled for the right word.


"Yes! That's what I am!" She became more animated, using her hands. "And when I TRY to be more assertive ... Oh, Madam Dormir, it was just awful!" She was crying now. "It's been a HORRIBLE day!"

"Tell me about it, dear."

"I tried to be early to work this morning ... but I had to walk, and I was late! And I didn't have anything to wear, even though I could have bought the right uniform in Fort Worth, but ... but a new uniform was going to be a hundred and thirty dollars, and I only had a hundred left on my credit card, and a bus ticket was going to be forty-five, and they pay us at the academy, but only a hundred a week, and I knew I was going to have to get a motel room, and so..."

"Yes, dear, I get the picture."

"And then he asked me to get him a cup of coffee, but I was like: 'I'm not a coffee girl.' But as soon as I said it, I realized that he'd asked really nice, and I sounded like a bitch! And so, of course, he got ME something, which made me feel about an inch tall! And then this afternoon, he called me into his office and he presented me with my shield and gun. But the gun was so big that it wouldn't even BEGIN to fit in my purse. I had this little black leather purse, see? And I looked at the gun, and I looked at my purse, and ... and ... and, he laughed at me, and pulled out this big cloth purse that he'd bought at the consignment shop next door, so that now, I could carry my..."

Penny reached out toward her teacup as she talked, but with the speed of a striking rattlesnake, Madam Dormir leaned forward and snatched it up. Startled, Penny stopped and stared. "I think you've had enough of this, dear." The woman took the cup to the sink.

"But you were right, Madam Dormir, the tea really DOES taste better, the more you drink."

"Thank you, dear. I'll make note of that." She continued under her breath: "Along with the fact that body weight and size affects dosage."

Penny blinked and frowned. "You think I'm small. You think I'm too small to be in law enforcement. You think I'm too small to fire a gun."

"You're petit, my dear. There's no such thing as a person who's 'too small.' You're as big as you think you are. Please, you were telling me about your pretty new gun."

"It's a brand new Smith and Wesson nine millimeter. I fired it at the academy, and I was awful! I had to take retraining twice just to qualify. I mean, all I had to do was just hit the target, you know? I kept reeling that target in and looking at it, and I can't begin to tell you how many times there was never a mark on the stupid thing!" She paused, suddenly concerned. "You won't tell Sheriff Rogers I said that, will you?" She watched as Madame Dormir came around to her side of the table. "Oh!" Penny continued. "No wonder the incense smelled so strong. It was right behind my seat. I didn't even see it there. You don't have to put it out, Madam Dormir. You were right, I hardly notice it at all now."

"That's alright ... it was almost used up, anyway." The woman returned and held out her hand to Penny. "Let's go sit together on the couch. Let me help you up."

Penny staggered a little when they were halfway to the sofa. "Woo! I guess I'm a little dizzy. I skipped lunch because I had such a big breakfast. Sheriff Rogers bought me breakfast." She frowned, thinking. "Did I tell you that already?"

They settled onto the couch, their shoulders touching. "No. But now, tell me about yourself, dear. How long were you a waitress? What made you decide to go to the police academy?"

Penny gasped. "How do you KNOW about that? You couldn't possibly ... Did Sheriff Rogers talk to you today? No ... he couldn't have, or he wouldn't have given me a message for you. But you..." She paused and took a breath. "I'm sorry ... of course, I'll tell you." She breathed deeply again, frowning. "My mother ... she ... she sort of lost it when I was fourteen. She stopped working for some reason. She was fired, I'm sure. She just sat at home and watched TV. And drank. I realized that I'd have to do something when I saw unopened envelopes with 'Final Notice' stamped on them. I found the job at the diner, and I begged for an advance, and then I went to the rental agency and paid in cash. I found out a lot of legal stuff. For example, I discovered that if you're paying SOMETHING, then they can't throw you out. They weren't very happy about it, of course, but I put in a lot of overtime, and over the years, I paid it all off, little by little. Food, electricity, TV. I'd go to the various places and pay in cash. I arranged for the liquor store that was two blocks away to deliver a pint of vodka every day. No more, no less. She wouldn't start drinking until five o'clock. By the time I got off work, she'd be passed out, and I'd put her to bed.

"It went on that way for six years. When I graduated from high school, I was able to work days, too, and that's when I could finally pay off all of our debts. I wanted to put enough aside to finally start taking night classes. My grades were never good enough to get into a good college, but there was an extension of SMU in the city where I could take night classes. I don't know why it never occurred to me that things with Mom might get worse, but a couple months ago, I discovered that she was selling herself to men while I wasn't there. I mean, who would WANT her? She always smelled like rancid booze, and she wasn't very pretty anymore. But one day, some guy she had over took her to the hospital. Alcohol overdose and delirium tremens. Turns out, the men she was ... um ... seeing were bringing her a lot more to drink. The doctors didn't think she was going to make it, for awhile. That's when a social worker explained that we were eligible for aid through the Texas Department of Health Services. As it turned out, I could have gotten all sorts of aid from the very beginning, but I never knew about it! We got her admitted in a program for detox and treatment.

"And that's when I found out about the opportunity at the academy. What a revelation! I hadn't been qualified before because of my height and weight, but there'd been some sort of court case, and suddenly, I was eligible." She sighed and started crying again. "I was a terrible officer candidate. I finished number 47 in my class of 52! I couldn't shoot worth beans, and they kept retesting me on the physical fitness stuff until I passed. I wouldn't drop out, even though they kept telling me that I could ... suggesting that I should."

"You did well academically," Madam Dormir suggested.

"How do you KNOW this stuff?" Penny sobbed. "How do you know so much about me?" She clutched the woman's arm, pleading. "I was too small. I could pass the run, and the sit-ups and pull-ups. But I had to do the obstacle course over and over and over, every day until I finally qualified. And the hand-to-hand combat, and the shooting range ... over and over and over."

"You are very suggestible, my dear. You've answered every question I've asked, and you drank the tea, even when you didn't want to. And in the academy, you did everything they asked you to do. You did everything except quit. You never quit."

She had never felt this way. She was horribly confused and she seemed helplessly out of control. "Please, Madam Dormir," she wailed. "Please help me! Hypnotize me! Change me! If only I was more assertive ... if only I could stand up to people, and..."

The woman leaned into her, smoothed her hair, kissed her forehead. "No, my dear. I can't ... I won't do that."

Penny hadn't cried like this since she was a little girl. "Bu ... bu ... but, w ... why not? You ... you helped ... helped ... You hypnotized HER! You ma ... made HER mo ... more assertive!"

The elder woman folded Penny in her arms and rocked her gently. "Emily was assertive to begin with, dear. She lost her ability to be that way because of a domineering husband and two demanding children. I was only helping her regain the ability to be who she SHOULD be."

"Bu ... But, w ... why... ?"

"Because you already ARE who you're supposed to be." Madam Dormir gently pushed Penny back, held her by her shoulders and looked directly into her eyes to emphasize her point. "Penny, you are a very important person. Our town ... our whole community ... there's something catastrophic coming ... something that's going to tear us apart. Only YOU can help me stop it. That's why I chose you to come here."

Penny blinked. She shook her head, trying to clear the cobwebs that seemed to cloud her judgment, and she used the back of her hand to wipe her eyes. "What? What did you just say?"

The smile never left the Madam's lips. "Never underestimate the power of women, my dear. The County Board consists of five members, two of whom are women clients of mine. The wives of the male members are also clients. Men think that they run this world, but you only have to dig a little deeper to find the real power."

"But why? Why me? Why would anyone want ME for ANYTHING? I've never excelled at anything I've ever tried!"

"You are the best person for the job that needs to be done. You are the ONLY one who can do it. I need you, Penny. Won't you help me? Please?"

The girl blinked and gazed imploringly into the woman's eyes. She was desperately trying to solve some riddle, but her muddled mind couldn't seem to fathom the question. Finally, she sighed. "Yes, Madam Dormir, of course I'll help you. What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to go to sleep, dear."


"I need you to go to sleep for me. All that crying has left you very sleepy. Very ... very ... sleepy. Very ... sleepy. It's been ... such a long day. Such a very long day. You must be very tired. Very tired. And ... sleepy."

Penny blinked again, but this time, her eyes were almost impossible to open. Her shoulders slumped in utter exhaustion. "Oh ... oh, gosh," she groaned. "How ... how are you doing this to me?"

"You are very, very suggestible, Penny. That's one of the reasons I chose you. It's in your evaluations ... in your psychological profile. Well, not the word 'suggestible, ' of course, but if you read between the lines, it's easy to see. 'Difficulty in concentrating on more than one thing at a time.' 'Reluctant to accept leadership roles.' 'Responds well to orders.' 'Lacks assertiveness.' And now, it's all coming together, isn't it, dear? You are so very, very tired ... simply because I suggest it. So tired. So sleepy." The woman reached behind her own neck and fiddled with the clasp of a necklace, then she held a deep green emerald so it dangled only inches in front of Penny's eyes. "And here's something for you to concentrate on while you get sleepy, dear. Watch the gem ... and get sleepy for me."

"You ... you're hypnotizing me."

"Well, yes, dear, of course I am."

"I ... I thought ... I thought you weren't ... weren't going to..." Penny frowned as she lost her train of thought. The gem was an achingly deep shade of green, and it seemed to sparkle from within as it refracted the light from the other side of the room.

"I'm not going to make you more assertive, dear. But I DO want to help you understand your natural submissive nature. I want to help you accept it ... to accept who you are ... to accept your place in life. Have you ever been hypnotized before?"

It took her a long moment to answer. "No."

"You're going to love it, Penny. You're going to love it more than anything that's ever happened to you. It's going to feel SO good. So very, very good." She paused while the corners of Penny's lips curved ever so slightly upward. "There are three phases in what's about to happen to you. The first phase is the induction. That's what's we're doing now. And it feels so good, doesn't it, dear?"

"Um ... yesss."

"And when you finally surrender and fall asleep, we will begin the deepening phase. That will be confusing to you." Penny's brow furrowed slightly with worry. "But if you follow my voice, you will go deeper and deeper. Eventually, you will stop worrying, and simply follow my voice. Follow it always. And you'll go SO deep." She paused again. Penny was having trouble holding her head upright. "And finally, we will move into the suggestion phase."

Penny's head bobbed into vertical alignment, but it took her a long second to find the strength to open her eyes again. "You ... you're trying to control me."

"Only if we can go deep enough, dear. If you can follow me deep enough, then you will have achieved your goal, and allow me to control you. I will try to help you get that deep. If you quit, we won't be able to accomplish that level, and you won't be able to help me. But if you don't quit ... if you never quit, then you'll win, Penny. I can control you then. You can save us then. You can do what I brought you here for, and everything will be okay then."

"I'll try," Penny mumbled. "I'll try as hard as I can. But please ... please, can I go to sleep now? Please?"

"It's going to feel SO good, Penny."


"Surrender for me now, Penny. Sleep. Sleep now."

When Penny awakened, the green gem was still dangling in front of her eyes. Her mouth was dry, and she licked her lips and swallowed. "Was I... ? Did I... ? Um..."

"You're still hypnotized, Penny." Madam's voice was in her ear, but she couldn't seem to take her eyes off the emerald and look at her.

"I am?"

"Yes, dear. And you're still sleepy. Very ... sleepy."

Her eyelids, which were fine a second ago, suddenly seemed to weigh a ton. She struggled to keep them open. Why was she fighting it? She wanted to sleep again. Why was it that she was trying so hard to watch the gem? "Please," she moaned.

"You'll go deeper this time, dear. Surrender for me now. Surrender and sleep."

It was hard to define ... hard to fathom. The utter bliss of letting sleep overcome her was so sweet, and yet so short-lived. She was awake again, staring at the emerald. She felt Madam's lips next to her ear. "You're doing so well, Penny. You're going so deep for me. And deeper and deeper, each time. Sleepy, now. Ssso ssssleepy." The sibilant "s" seemed to penetrate right through her ear, and once inside her head, the sound sought out her brain, and it wrapped around and around it, like a soft, warm blanket. She tried to beg. Her lips came together to form the first letter of "Please," but she couldn't seem to find voice without permission. "Sssurender. Sssleep." And with a euphoric moan, she was gone again.

This was wonderful. This was more than wonderful. She had never felt so relaxed. Her soul was soaring like a small bird, free and happy. The only problem was all this infernal waking up. She didn't want to. She wouldn't mind if she never woke up again. But she did, only to be allowed the passion of falling, falling, falling back again. Deeper. Each time, she went deeper.

When did the emerald disappear? Was it still there, and she just couldn't see it anymore? But Madam's lips were still next to her ear, issuing those wonderful words that would take her back ... take her deeper. Oh, wonderful! Back again ... deeper ... always deeper. If she went deep enough, she would win. She could allow Madam to control her then, and she would win.

But what was this? Where were her clothes? She could feel the air on her bare flesh. But Madam's words were still in her ear. Her mind was confused ... Madam had said she would be confused. Madam was so wise. Everything Madam said was coming true, and now she was feeling small and confused and sexy and desirable and oh, so feminine. And Madam had told her that these would be the best feelings she had ever had. But she hadn't told Madam that she had never been with a man ... well, not really. Was this sex? Was this how it felt? But now, she was so naked, so innocent. Her nipples were SO very hard, and the dull, aching emptiness in her lower belly wanted filling SO badly. She had been told that sex felt good, and if Madam was correct (and Madam was ALWAYS correct) then it was only logical that hypnosis felt like sex. But she could justify it no further. She could think no further. She was falling again. Falling. Deeper.

She felt something between her legs. Something was rubbing her. Oh ... oh, that was nice. Oh ... that was ... that was VERY nice. But then, she was falling again. No, wait. Please wait ... just a second! But no. She was couldn't resist, and she was asleep. And then the rubbing was back. Had it ever left? But it was different this time, shaking, vibrating, tingling. Her hips were moving ... she didn't seem to be able to stop them. But as much as she wanted to maintain that marvelous feeling, she was falling asleep once more. Falling again. Deeper. Then, back awake again (WAS she awake?) ... and that empty ache in her belly was demanding. Something was happening to her. What was it? And then, falling again. Deeper. And then, she was back. She was beginning to realize that following Madam's commands, down into sleep and then back up again, each time, the pleasure was more intense, more satisfying, better and better. All she had to do was obey. The more obedient she was, the more pleasurable it became.

She felt something pinching her left nipple. It hurt a little, but it felt oh so good, too. She found that if she pinched her fingers harder, her nipple felt better. The pain felt good. Was it her own fingers doing this to her? But Madam ordered her asleep again. She mustn't disobey. She was so close now. Close to ... something. Falling. Deeper. And then, awake again. And now, the muscles in her stomach and her thighs and her pussy were clutching, clutching, clutching without her consciously doing it, and her whole body was tingling marvelously, endlessly, fantastically, wonderfully, and the empty ache in her belly was gone, finally satiated, and her spirit was soaring, and the sound she heard might have been her own satisfied moans. And she was no longer falling; for now she was flying ... happily flying down, down, down into the depth of her soul. And if she hadn't been hypnotize, she would have told Madam, THIS is where I belong! Take me! Lead me! Control me! Oh, Madam, I love you! I love doing what you want me to do. I am submissive and I am helpless and I am yours. I live for you, Madam. I would die for you. I love you!

And she was awake again. And she felt ... alive. She was standing on the street in front of her boarding house, and it was dark, and she was clutching a white bag and her heavy purse, and the white bag smelled like fried rice and wonton soup. She looked down, half expecting to be naked, but her dress was there, and now she wondered if it had been there all along. Madam Dormir had her hand on her waist, as if to steady her, and she was smiling at Penny, and Penny couldn't help but smile back.

"Did ... did I do it, Madam? Did I do what you wanted me to do? Did we succeed?"

The lady beamed. "I knew you wouldn't let me down, dear."

Her heart sang like a lark. "What ... what do you want me to do now? I ... I'll do anything you say."

"I just want you to be yourself, dear. Do what you think you should do. I promise, you'll make the right decisions." And she kissed Penny on the cheek, turned, and walked away.

Penny watched her for a long minute, then took a deep breath of the sweet summer air.

It's been a good day, she thought, smiling.

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