Learning Together
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, First, Oral Sex, Voyeurism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is the second part of my story about discovering girls at University in Cardiff in the early 1970's. I had lost my cherry to Sian, she had set me up to have sex with her flat mate Vee, and when Julie from the floor below investigated the noise we were making, I ended up taking her virginity! And then I discovered that the three girls wanted to go further...

Last time (see "Baker's Dozen") I told you the story of how my girlfriend Sian set me up to have sex with her flatmate Vee one weekend in early April, and how when Julie from the flat downstairs heard the noise we made and came up to check on her neighbours, I ended up taking her virginity on the Sunday afternoon, while Vee and Sian watched.

I had been really worried afterwards that my relationship with Sian would suffer because I had now also had sex with Vee and Julie; but when I met Sian in the Students Union a couple of days later, it was clear that she was more than happy with the new situation, and she invited me to join them for supper on the Thursday.

I had also been very sore after so much sex, and was rather tender for a couple of days. Vee had applied some soothing cream, and that helped a lot.

That Thursday after the meal, all three girls had told me they were enthusiastic to keep going as a foursome, and Julie and I then spent our first (and extremely enjoyable) night together in her bed.

When she brought us a cup of tea in the morning, Vee announced that their flatmate Bryony would be out at netball practice on Tuesday evenings, leaving the coast clear for the four of us to gather without being disturbed.

She called these meetings 'Tutorial Groups', so I gathered that we were going to discuss sex as a group. Little did I know...

Vee's fiancee Jeff had been down to visit her for the weekend, and I was working all five sessions at the pub, so I didn't see the girls for five days.

I arrived a few minutes early for the first of Vee's 'Tutorial Group' sessions on the Tuesday.

Sian let me in, panting a little from running down the two-and-a-half flights of stairs to the front door, and we picked up Julie on her landing on the way back up.

I'd nipped into the supermarket on the way and bought a catering pack of 1,000 teabags, some milk, sugar and chocolate biscuits; all of which were accepted with squeals of delight by Sian and Vee.

"You star - we were about to have to go out and buy some more teabags; Julie drinks so much of it!"

"I do not. Well, I don't drink any more tea than you do."

"And she's a confirmed teapot herself, and she's winding you up!"

Sian finished preparing the tea tray, and we all trooped into her room. She had borrowed the sofa cushions so we could all sit more comfortably.

I took a gulp of my tea and a bite of a biscuit.

"Okay, Vee, spill the beans. What is the idea of a Tutorial Group?"

"Sian and I stayed up for a chat and another cup of tea after you two went off to bed on Thursday night, and we realised that now it's almost the middle of April, and actually there isn't that much available time left until the summer holidays. When you factor in for our exams and other things we have to do, we've really only got six weeks when we can do what we like. Our lease here ends on 30th June, so there are a couple of weeks after the last exam, but otherwise we won't all be able to meet up as much as we would like. When Bryony told us that she'd joined the netball club, I realised there was a chance for all four of us to be together and try some new ideas."

"Vee told me that she had some more ideas she wanted to try out with you. She'd never done soixante-neuf before last Sunday, and of course Julie didn't see that demonstration. I've taught you what little I know, so I want to learn about these new ideas of Vee's. Julie said on Sunday that you had worked out a way for her to be on top, and of course Vee and I want to learn about that. If we all pool our ideas, we could try out lots of different positions!"

"Sorry, Jon, they gave me the third degree on Sunday night about our Thursday night and Friday morning; they wanted all the sordid details."

"You didn't really tell them about me leaping down from the top of your wardrobe with my "Me Tarzan You Julie" routine, did you?"

"Silly boy, of course I did. And I told them how upset you were that I hadn't got a nurse's uniform to wear!"

"My most secret fantasies laid bare - Julie Hall, how could you do this to me? I'll never be able to go out in public again without a disguise! Seriously, Vee, I still don't completely get why you want me to help you all out."

"Jon, we've told you several times already. You are kind and unselfish and willing to learn, and you put us first. We can't think of a better person to experiment with."

"Okay, I still think you are all completely deluded and could do much better for yourselves, but I'm a 19-year-old male with hormones to match, and I'm very happy to go with your delusion. None of this Karma Sutra stuff, though - I'm not double jointed."

"Good. You're being sensible at last. Now get your kit off. Sian and I want to see a practical demonstration of exactly how you made Julie so happy on Friday morning. Come on, girl, your clothes off as well - he can't show us on his own!"

The two schemers removed the quilt from the mattress and piled the cushions to one side. I stripped off and laid down on my back with my rapidly hardening cock exposed, and Vee moved out of the way to let a deliciously naked Julie lie down next to me. My cock, recently named Gustav by Sian, came to full attention.

"Well, so what exactly did you do?"

"Julie, are you quite, quite sure that you are happy to do this with these two perverts watching and taking notes?"

"Voyeurs, please, not perverts, always use the correct terms if you want maximum marks in this subject."

"I owe rather a lot to these two voyeurs, and I'm very happy to do this with you anytime!"

"Right, listen carefully, voyeurs and perverts alike, I assume that you are already watching closely. Julie and I tried the sitting on my lap position, but we couldn't get enough movement to make it more than just very pleasant. So we tried it with me lying down but with my knees bent. Let us warm up a bit, and then we'll demonstrate. It's not fair to Julie to do this straight from cold."

I moved closer to Julie and gave her a long and lingering kiss. She returned it with interest. I moved down her body, caressing and kissing her nipples, drawing my tongue down her breast bone to her belly button, and blowing gently into the gap between her legs until they parted, and I could get my mouth in there. Julie gave a gasp as my tongue made contact, and I did my routine of loosening her folds and teasing the hood of her clitoris until her juices started to run.

"Can I have the lube, please, Sian?"

I squeezed a generous portion onto my finger and applied it just inside Julie's vagina; I then stood up and smeared Gustav with another liberal coating. I moved down between Julie's legs, and we exchanged a nod and a beaming smile.

"We did a little exercise to get the blood flowing first."

I entered Julie's hot soft sheath, and slowly pushed in all the way. She was a very happy medium size, not as tight as Vee, and not as wet as Sian. I could feel her all the way.


I started moving slowly, and when I was quite sure that all was well, I thrust hard and fast for a couple of minutes until Julie was panting and starting to push back at me.

I withdrew, and stood up to help her get up from the bed, then laid down on my back where she had been. I bent my knees up, and she squatted down on my stomach before lying down on my chest with her knees bent outside my hips.

We exchanged a long and hungry kiss.

"Julie then moves down onto Gustav, we get him back inside her, thanks, Julie, and once she's happy, she starts rocking her hips to get some movement, like this, oh god that's good."

"God that looks hot - Sian, come and watch from here!"

"Once she's got into a rhythm of moving her hips so Gustav is giving her the right sensations, I start rolling my hips too and pushing up against my knees, and thrusting back against her movements, god that's good, trying to match the tempo she is setting, and I try to increase the length of each stroke, getting as much contact with her clitoris as I can, while she's trying to rub the whole of her vagina over Gustav's head, oh that's so good, so we're both trying to ... OH FUCK! Oh god, sorry, I'm so sorry Julie, it was just too much for me."

I had got carried away. Describing what we were doing had only heightened the excitement I was feeling, and Gustav had decided that enough was enough.

There was only one thing to do.

I got Julie moved up so that she was sitting on my face, and started working on her clitoris with my lips and tongue. She shuddered as I made contact, and then started rolling her hips rhythmically as her search for an orgasm resumed. I lapped at the juices, not caring one jot that my salty spend was mixed with her own (rather better tasting) natural lubricant.

She started twitching, then as I probed the hood of her clitoris with my tongue, the spasms started; and as I continued licking a steady trickle of liquid covered my lips and tongue. My face received a few thumps as Julie's muscles went out of control, and then she threw herself backwards onto my chest and hung on to me as if her life depended upon it. I hugged her as tightly as I could, and as she came back to life, she kissed me again and again.

There was a cough from beside us, and Vee said "We'll go and make another pot of tea."

The door opened and closed, and they had left us alone.

"My poor darling, I'm so, so sorry, it was just so good that I couldn't help myself. I wouldn't leave you high and dry for the world."

"But you didn't, lover, you made sure I came, and I did. Big time!"

We kissed and cuddled until Vee and Sian returned with a tray of tea. It went down very well indeed. For some strange reason we were thirsty.

"Thanks, both of you - Vee and I got a pretty good idea of your technique, and we're really looking forward to trying it out ourselves."

"It's quite a strange movement to make with my hips; it's a bit like trotting when riding a horse, a bit like trying to arch your spine and then straighten it, and a bit like scratching a delicate itch on your bicycle saddle!"

"Julie, one definition of a gentleman is someone who gets out of his bath to have a pee, another is someone who takes his weight on his knees and elbows, but I think you've just discovered that a true gentleman is someone who never leaves a woman without her orgasm. Jon, you've really matured into a great lover. I wish Jeff had done something similar for me on Friday night, but no, it was "Wham Bang Thank You Ma'am" and off to sleep."

"Jon, had you left yourself alone since Friday morning?"

"Yes, the real thing is so good, that Mrs Palm and her five daughters are now redundant!"

"We'll have to organise a rota to take the edge off you before these tutorials to stop you getting too excited; Julie, dear, you'll take first turn, to make up for your disappointment tonight."

"Some disappointment!"

"Okay, tutor, what next?"

"Our biggest problem when we go for our special weekend will be our orgasms while Gustav is getting his breath back - I can't see him managing to give three of us more than three each, and we need five each to make the challenge total of twenty in twenty-four hours. You've only got one tongue, Jon, so we need to teach you to use your fingers as well. Because you are staying with Sian tonight, I get to be the demonstration doll."

"You do realise that I've got pork sausage shaped fingers, don't you? If you wanted long slim pianist's fingers playing an arpeggio on your clitoris, you've got the wrong man."

"There's some quote about many a tune played on an old fiddle, but I reckon we can teach you. You've already shown that you have an incredibly gentle touch, and once you know what you are doing, I'm sure you'll be great."

And so Vee stripped off, sat on a cushion with her legs wide apart, and gave me a very detailed anatomical lesson, explaining what each part did, and which were the most sensitive. I was drooling by the end, and got a bit closer to thank her for a fascinating lecture.

"Hey, hands, not lips!"

"Can't I just take the edge off for you first, while Julie gets off the mattress and makes a cuppa?"

"God, students these days, just too much independent thought and no regards to the instructions - no wonder they can't cook either!"

So while Julie made another pot of tea, I gave Vee a shuddering orgasm, and got my face splashed with female juices for the second time that night.

"Mmm, you're right, Vee, my tongue wouldn't manage six times in twenty four hours. Good cup of tea, thanks, Julie!"

And then I had to learn how to do it by hand. Actually it was surprisingly simple; just very soft and gentle sweeps with a couple of fingertips along well lubricated lips, with the occasional foray into deeper folds.

I had a hand free to hold Vee's shoulders, and my lips were free to kiss and nibble her breasts, while my right hand did its work below.

Vee suddenly let out all her breath in one great gasp, and the shuddering started. I leapt onto her and pressed my stomach against hers, my arms tight around her upper body, and my lips seeking hers, as her face went bright red.

"Jon, this is a stupid question because I know that Vee just taught you, but how the hell did you learn to do that? It really crept up on the poor girl, and wiped her out. Makes up for her lousy weekend, though!"

Vee slowly returned to the land of the living.

"Jon, you've made me come twice in a row three times now, and I didn't give you the chance to do it when we tried soixante-neuf. I could get to like this!"

"It's a pleasure - you all know that I really love holding you tight as you come, feeling the movement in your bodies, knowing that I caused it, but wanting to help you get through it."

"Well, you know that the French call the female orgasm the petit mort - the little death. Please don't make it any closer to dying, my body struggles to cope already!"

I held Vee for a while, waiting for her colour and breathing to return to normal, until she sat up.

"God, I'm desperate for a pee!"

She struggled into her dressing gown and wobbled to the door. Julie hurried to assist her.

Sian gave me an evil leer.

"As my colleague Professor Vee has most unfortunately had to leave us, I'm going to have to conclude the lesson with a viva examination to check the quality of your fingerwork!"

And she took her clothes off.

And she conducted a thorough test of my manual dexterity.

And I passed the test.

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