Chapter 1

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Mind Control, Lesbian, TransGender, Horror, Paranormal, Military,

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A short story about the other side of death. Might write more depending on positive feedback.


Zap, Zip. Zapa, Zapow, ZABOOM.

The last 5 sounds you ever hear. What happened you say?

??: Well greetings for I AM St Peter, and you stand before Heavens gate.

You: WHAT? No way! I can't be dead.

It's a short angel I see looking down in front of a podium.

Angel: Ah My son, but you ARE dead, Enough of that you'll get over it. What's your name?

You: Uh My Name is "Rob"

Short kinda grubby angel : Very good! that will do for now

He had to be fucking with me. I thought to myself. No way could I be dead. ME dead ... IMPOSSIBLE, I'm immortal when it comes to electricity. They worship my writings via the "National Electric code" i'm -- the grubby short, gray haired angel GNOME. in front of me interrupt my thoughts with his words.

Gnome: "No No i'm not fucking with, you. You're dead. "Rob" now what's your REAL NAME.

Crap he can read my mind...

You: No way ugly little dude ... in front of ... FUCK the USS. Dwight D. Eisenhower ... my DEFINITION OF HELL, what the FUCK ... its then that you realize how fucked you Are...

My "heaven" was that hell i lived for 3 years ... way back when ... But how? i can't be dead. then it doesn't matter who we are. I realized as i get some perspective of where i am ... on the quarterdeck of hell. about to tell this ugly grundy short gnomish demon. my NAME ... wow screw that i'm not gonna even think my name, because no way had that 277 volt fluorescent light at work had killed me ... i mean it couldn't have right?

No way i had 600 volt gloves and boots on, no jewelry, safety glasses. nope couldn't be dead ... could i? then theres Chief Gnome Daemon here on the quarterdeck of hell telling me i needed to check in ... yea right

POOF a sheet of paper appears above the Demon's hand ... I see now his horns support the halo. thats a quickly losing that holy glow.

Daemon: ERrm Well doesn't matter ... reports in. from your spy angel er ... guardian angel.

You : yeepers not in kansas any more and the locals are demons.

Daemon : *his eyes scan the paper" Well you died to electric shock because a few sharp strands of wire pierced the gloves and your boots were worn.

Death by electric shock

AS AN Robert ... You're dead, welcome home to HELL...

Daemon : Well you're probably wondering what your doing here. What don't remember? of course you don't you we're only here for 3 and a half years ... But remember that theory you spouted a lot? that one about the nuclear reactor running on souls?...

Yep, my favorite one ... i am soo screwed.

Daemon: Yep you sure do well, its true. And you once said you would give any thing to get off this boat. Well you sure did. it was taken as a agreement, and you lost your soul ... the the darkness which is CVN 69 ... after all the reactor guys. had no idea what really whent on down there, you knew it, and the government's dark arts division in league with daemon's have bound your soul to this boat ... and you're never gonna leave.

well this just keeps getting better, and better. Quick lets sort the facts. First - i'm dead Second- my soul has returned to the boat to power it. Third- i got gypped out of my soul by the NAVY, but i was alive for 17 more years after i left no way could i be back. they scuttled that boat.

Daemon: Well its simple. time has no meaning here. its hell, and recent rules have stoped early collection of damned souls. Hells Recent Soul gather shceme. The depression and dispair of a large portion of the US make gathering loosely worded wishes and deals thru out the World make powering "electricity" easy. Best soul gathering technique hells come up with yet.

What? the world? THE WORLD? Electricity runs off souls? Damn you foolish wizzards! William Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, Luigi Galvani, Hans Christian, Andre-Marie-Ampere, Michael Faraday. The origional creators ... or "pact makes" with deamons for electricity. Damn i knew there was someThing scary wrong with how all those electric formulas came toge--

Daemon : Ight shut up, about time you got used to things around here, and realizing how the founders of electricity tricked the word into the deal isn't your concern.

Rob: Wha--

Daemon : SHUT UP!

I promptly shut up, crap, a telepath that can make me do things too.

Daemon: Yep now then, Get under this podium and start sucking my dick. ET 3 get on down to your division.

I was stunned as i watched a Disheveled woman crawl out from under the podium ... and was stunned in disbelief as i got on my knees and crawled under his podium...

No No no no ... I didn't want to suck the demons dick, i didn't want to be in hell, what the fuck, to have a binding contract don't you have to realize its binding?

About the time that thought rolled thru my head i have face to face with his penis ... how is it so large? Ew its still covered in Slobber from the last poor soul to be stuck here. In pure disbelief i wacthed my mouth cover his dick and felt stretch my lips as it entered my mouth. then the taste, the taste hit me. like ashes and burnt meat. The smells and taste assulted my senses soo strongly i almost missed what he said,

Daemon : Well You'll find you have plenty of time for all forums of punishments we intend to put on your soul, after all time runs diffently it will be a good long enterinity befor you get my dick outta your mouth. after all i got wacth for the rest of this earth hour. too bad for you thats about a million hours in hell.

I gag on the large hard nasty daemon dick as he shoot my mouth full of his bitter demonic seed it hits the back of my throat. A million hours of dick sucking? noooooooooooo.

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