The Doctor's Assistant and the Student
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Light Bond, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Flatulence, Double Penetration, Nudism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An all new story though the area is similar to an old one. It came to me after a doctor visit with a particularly attractive assistant and my mind did a what if! I hope you enjoy and get off. (The MM is out of sight and not much of anything.) The BSDM is pretty light.

I turned fifty a few months ago. I have worked on my own for the last ten or so years as a consultant. Things had been good with my work in demand and my needs small.

I hadn't been feeling well and went to a doctor here. Here is Opelika, Alabama. It's right next door to Auburn and its university. There are lots of pretty girls around. I live about twenty miles away on Lake Martin. I am planning to live here most of the time though will maintain my condo in Atlanta. When I am not traveling and have time, the lake is the place.

I was married until a drunk driver wiped out her and our car one night. After that, I never found the right one though I have played with many. Over the years, I had become kinky to some extent.

Anyway, I'm at the doctor's office for a final check and was feeling well. As usual, before you see the doctor, you spend time with his assistant who does the preliminary check of your vital signs. I didn't mind because this one was a pretty, younger woman in her middle twenties. We had talked and flirted on my prior visits. We picked up on that but she wasn't her usual cheerful self this morning.

Finally, I said, "Bethany, what's wrong?"

"Oh, she answered. "The guy I was living with left me. The apartment lease is up at the end of the month. I can't afford it by myself and don't know where I'm going to go."

"Well, you could move in with me." I chuckled.

"I'm ready."

I said, "You don't know what you would be getting into even though there would be free rent."

She laughed softly and answered, "If there's not rent, then you'll be getting into me instead. I'm off at noon. Will you wait to talk some more about this?"

I'm human. "Okay, I'll be outside at twelve."

She said, "No. Meet me at the Kroger lot in Tigertown. I drive an older red Ford pickup. What should I look for?"

"I'll be in a white Corvette convertible with the top down."

"Wow! That is way cool! See you then."

The doctor came in and gave me a positive report releasing me. I resumed my clothes, paid my part of the bill, and left. An hour and a half later, I was parked in the Kroger lot at Tigertown waiting to see if she shows up or if my string got pulled. I figured that it didn't matter. I had run some other errands and needed to pick up some food items for the week.

A little to my surprise, she drove up in an older red Ford pickup. She got out and I did a double take. She had lost the doctor's office outfit. She was wearing a pair of short shorts with a running bra on top. She was still wearing the same sneakers she wore in the office but the rest was different and much hotter.

She left her truck and bounced over to my 'Vette. If she was wearing a bra, it wasn't up to the job. She said, "Okay, we both know we're serious enough to find out more. Why don't you take me to my place? I can make us some soup and sandwiches for lunch and we can talk.

I followed her directions to the apartment and parked. We went inside. It was scantily furnished. It would appear that her former live-in cleaned out his stuff and it was the good stuff. She confirmed it when she said, "He's gone and took his stuff. What's left isn't really worth having but it's what I've got."

She said, "Have a seat and I'll fix some lunch."

I said, "I'm not hungry. Stand in front of me."

She looked a little shocked but did as she was told. I had seen a look in her eyes I hadn't seen in a few years and never often. I decided that it was worth a try. "Strip!" I commanded her.

She looked surprised but pulled her sports top over her head. She was braless. They weren't big but were firm. They bounced lightly when the top came off. She looked at me but my expression gave not a bit. She hooked her thumbs on her shorts and pushed them down until they were far enough down for gravity to do its thing. She stepped out of them. She eased her panties down her legs until they, too, dropped. After stepping out of them, she looked at me.

"On your knees!" I said it in a commanding voice. She dropped to her knees. I said, "Put your hands at the back of your head and open your knees." She did both without any complaint or hesitation. I said, "That is the greeting position. You will assume it, naked, when you first see me. You will hold this position until told differently." She gulped but said nothing.

"The next position is "present." Turn around and place your cheek on the floor. Your hands should reach back and spread your butt cheeks with your legs open. Now, present!"

She gasped but, without rising, she turned away from me, lowered her face to the floor, and brought her hands back to spread her butt cheeks. She had her knees apart. I shuffled to her and pushed a finger into her cunt. She was soaking wet! She was turned on. I lightly slapped her pussy upwards between her legs and she groaned with the little bit of pain and the passion she was feeling. I slipped two fingers into her cunt and found her even more wet.

With my fingers in her pussy, I said, "You know that, if you come with me, you will be my slut and my slave. The only limit is I will not do something that will mark you permanently. I will show you off to others who may be allowed to play with your body also.

"You will be available for sex games any time you are with me." She gasped to the continued ministrations of my fingers and, I think, my words. "You will be my personal slut, my sex slave, submissive to my desires regardless of the pain and humiliation you suffer. You will obey me in everything. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mr. Conroy."

"Do you agree? This is your last and only time for this to quit."

"Yes, Mr. Conroy. I understand and agree. I am yours."

I wiggled my fingers. "Whose pussy is this?"

"It's yours, Master."

I slapped her ass. "Whose ass is this?"

"It's yours, Master."

"Very good, Bethany. Turn around and get in the greeting position." I pulled my fingers out and she quickly turned around and assumed the position. I put my fingers to her mouth and said, "Suck!"

She sucked my fingers until they were clean of her juices. I said, "Do you suck cock?"

She dropped her eyes for a moment. She said, "I haven't done it much. I have never liked it. For you, I will suck any time I'm told." She looked at me, saw the look on my face, and gulped. "I will swallow, too." She exhaled. She continued, "I will fuck without protection as you may command." She stopped. "I will even take cock in my-my ass."

I said, "And you will suck me clean after I cum in your ass."

She took a deep breath. "Yes, Master. I will do what you want any time, any where, any way."

I said, "Very well, Slut. Now, make us some lunch." I grabbed her left nipple between my thumb and forefinger and lifted her to a standing position. Releasing her nipple, she turned to go to the kitchen. As she went, I have her ass a swat making her moan.

I followed her into the kitchen. She opened a can of soup and put it on the stove to heat. She went to the refrigerator and removed sandwich makings and prepared two nice sandwiches. She looked over at me as she put each one on a plate. After I smiled, she put the bread, meat, and dressings away. She walked to a cabinet and retrieved two bowls. She placed them on the counter close to the stove. She started back to the table as I stood. I took her arm and pulled her to the table. I bent her forward over the table and, moving behind her, unzipped my pants, and pushed my hard cock into her pussy. She moaned as I went in and grunted when she felt me go balls deep. I have an abnormally thick cock and it's longer than average at just over seven inches. She hadn't seen it before feeling it filling her pussy. I wasn't gentle but fucked her hard until I shot my load deep into her. When I pulled back, she knelt and licked and sucked my cock until it was clean swallowing all the juices without being told.

She went over and checked the soup. A minute later, it was ready and she spooned it into the bowls and brought them back to the table. She set them down, got the sandwiches and spoons and we ate.

While eating, I asked her about her details. She said, "There's not much to tell.

'I went to college to be a nurse but left because of money. I didn't want the debt load it would take to graduate and become a R. N. I had a number of different girls as roommates until I moved in with Eric at the beginning of last September. It was his last school year. He moved back into a dorm. We were tired of each other. I see now that he was too soft.

"When you came in me fucking me over the kitchen table, I had about the hardest climax ever. I even had a small one sucking you. I had never done that before.

"I had never imagined being controlled to the degree that I have agreed with you. Will you let me continue to work? What have I agreed to do?"

I said, "Those are fair questions and I will answer because you are entering this arrangement. I want you to know what you are getting into so you won't be surprised and bail.

"You are welcome to continue working. While at work, you will act normally to all there. You will dress like you have always done. Except, no underwear." She grinned.

"You will live with me at my lake house rent-free. I will provide food and most anything else you want. You will be responsible for your truck and clothes you wear when not with me. I will provide some clothing for you when you are allowed to wear clothes around me. You will become something of an exhibitionist.

"Sexually, you will deny me nothing. There are no limits of any kind regarding your body. I will punish you for any infractions or just because it pleases me. I will loan your body to anyone I choose. You will be willing with them also. You have no free will in any of these matters. You will be judged on your attitude and punished if you aren't enthusiastic.

"In most things, I think you will find me a kind, though demanding master. I will take your body and the mind that inhabits it to new places. Some of them will be orgasmic; some will be painful. You will go to all those places because I say. You have no freedom to deny me."

"If you want to pick up your schooling, I am willing to talk about that and consider helping you with tuition and other costs.

"We will store your possessions and I will pay for the storage. You can bring personal items to my lake house.

"I also have a condo in Atlanta. When you have time, you may come to it. I am not rich but have managed my money well and can afford some fun. You will be that fun."

She looked me in the eye. "I will do my best. What if you tire of me/"

I thought a moment and said, "I will give you ninety days notice if I decide to terminate our arrangement. If you decide to leave, you need not give notice but will only have to say, 'I will no longer submit to you.' Once that is said, you will continue to do housekeeping until you can move out but for no longer than sixty days."

She said, "That is most generous. I am off work until Monday morning. Do you want to stay here or go to your place?"

"We will go back to Kroger and get your truck after we load anything you want to take in my car. There is some shopping to do and then we will go to the lake."

She smiled. She thought for a moment and then moved in front of me in the greeting position. She looked up at me and said, "Thank you, Master. I agree to your terms and submit my body, my mind, and my will to you.

"With your permission, I will pack for the weekend along with clothes for next week. Next weekend, I will remove my things from this place. Most of it is junk and I will give all that away. We can store the rest."

She looked up at me with those blue eyes and waited. I said, "Very well. Gather your things, then we'll think about clothing for your trip, dress you, and go."

She nodded and rose. She gathered the dishes and quickly cleaned them putting them on a rack to dry. She went into her bedroom with me following and loaded some makeup items and put them in a small case. She gathered some clothes and a couple of bikinis. She had grabbed shorts and tank tops plus some other outfits that were probably for work.

I said, "Have you any miniskirts, really short ones/"

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Get the two shortest and put one on. You may also wear the athletic top from earlier."

She nodded. She pulled a couple of very short skirts from her closet. She put one on and I helped her carry her clothes into the main room. She pulled the top back on and she was dressed after a fashion. If she bent over, her pussy and ass were exposed. I could tell she was aware of that fact by her blush and by how she walked. Her excited nipples poked through the top some. When we got to the car, I said, "Put your things behind the seat and then open the door and get in. Don't bend your legs to load the car."

She looked at me to see me grinning. She grinned back though a little nervously. She leaned over the car and did as she was told with her legs spread to make her exposure even more obvious. I handed her the rest of the clothes and she did the same thing. Only then did she open the door and get in.

As I drove back to Kroger, she let her skirt ride up high on her thighs. We parked the 'Vette and went inside. I took a buggy planning on having her reach for things.

We came to the canned goods and I choose a vegetable from the bottom of the shelf. I said, "Get the collards and put the can in the cart. Do not bend your knees."

She looked back at me and noticed a college couple behind her and realized that she would be exposing herself to them, too. She gave a half smile and did as she was told. She again spread her legs as she bent over making the beaver she was shooting at me and at the couple obvious. They stopped. I whispered, "Stay down."

The guy was shocked. His girl grinned and came up to me. She said, "I could help you discipline her." I smiled and nodded slowly.

Her guy came to her and said, "Taylor, don't."

She looked at him and said, "Robert, I have told you before that I am my own person and you should not try to control my actions. I will see you in class Monday."

Robert got a resigned hangdog look but went on. She said, "My name is Taylor Mathis. May I come with you and help discipline your slut?"

I said, "I will use and discipline you, too."

She said, "I hope so."

I said, "Let's go. There is more to buy." Bethany came up with the can of collards and put it in the basket. I reached over and gently slapped her ass cheek that peeked from her skirt. "Very good, slut." As we moved off, I pulled Taylor close. After a few steps, I had my hand on her ass fondling it and rubbing the crease in her shorts with a finger. Her breathing became heavy as she became excited. As we shopped, she made Bethany do things that exposed her pussy and ass to anyone who might look. I noticed Taylor also copped a feel of my slut's breasts, ass, and pussy.

We had finished and were walking toward the checkout area. I turned away from that area to look at wine. I said, "Taylor, turn and look over my shoulder." She did and I let my hand rub her pussy. I said, "There's the bathroom. Go in there and remove your panties and bra. Put them in your purse. We'll check out and you can meet us in the line. Don't be slow."

She nodded and went that way. I picked out some wine with Bethany's help and we went to check out. We were about half way finished when Taylor came out. Her eyes were shining with excitement. We went out to the truck and 'Vette. She asked, "Yours?" I nodded. She smiled more. She was helping Bethany load the groceries into the passenger side of the truck and making sure both of them showed lots of skin in the process.

I said, "Bethany, follow me. Taylor, get in the 'Vette."

We headed for the lake. I think that this weekend will be interesting.

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