Traci's Clubhouse
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It wasn't so much a real clubhouse as a TV program, with a bunch of naked kids and a bunch of sex. It was wildly popular where it was shown, which was a long way away. All in fun, too.

Kevin came unexpectedly. I mean you know it can happen, but you're usually too caught up in what's going on to pay much attention. I know, that's why condoms were invented, but we were bareback, just like everyone else at the party. Suddenly he stiffened, his thrusts got erratic, and he groaned deep in his throat, all classic signs that that special moment was upon him.

I was nowhere near ready. I thought that he'd pull out and calm down, like he had several times before. He might pull out and put his dick against my mouth, sucking him off seemed like a good thing to do, friendly sort of. Having him give me a creampie was the last thing on my mind. Still, there it was, and you can't take it back. So I spread my legs even more and let the camera zoom in.

We're about as amateur a porn operation as it is possible to get. We have this local access cable thing, and on Friday and Saturday nights, late, they put up "adult" videos. We took advantage of it, originally on a dare, but now for profit. "Traci's Clubhouse" started as something small, but now we had over 12,000 paid viewers that we knew of, and (we suspected) at least double that who piggybacked in before we put in pay-per-view subscriptions.

You learn not to be self-conscious when you realize that as many as 25,000 people were watching a part of me that normally is kept covered.

Cheri squirmed in below me, so I squatted over her face and let Kevin's come drip into her mouth. After bit she came up and we kissed. She dropped some of is come into my mouth; it was a good sharing moment

Someone chose that moment to come, shooting his load on our face. I ad warm come in my mouth, and more on my face and body. It had to be getting all through my hair. Then Cheri moaned and began moving in little jerks. I looked past her; Tom had put it in and was thrusting away.

"Let's get some dick in here," I said.

Cheri kissed me again, and for a few seconds we let our tongues play back and forth. It was obvious her mind was on something else I slid my hands down to cup and squeeze her boobs. When I pinched her nipples she groaned. She was trembling, close to her peak. She reached between her legs, rubbing herself to get that final boost.

Tom helped. I could feel her trembling, I could hear the slap-slap-slap of his body against hers, and then she squeaked slightly, and I knew she was there.

Guys have said Cheri has a snapper and they can feel her pussy squeezing them as she comes. Tom did. He blurted out "I'm coming!" as he shoved it deep and held it there.

Tom pulled back, and I saw his dick drooping slightly, all wet and shiny, and a couple of drops of white dripped from his tip.

That was my cue. I slid down so I was under Cheri's pussy and lapped my tongue through her cleft. Her sex lips were furry, and I caught the sharp, bitter taste of Tom's come, as well as the distinctive taste (and smell) of her juices.

Shawn couldn't resist. He levered his thick black cock into me, sliding home with his first thrust. He'd come only a couple of minutes before, but the guy had great stamina and could recover quickly. It didn't take long before his monster was in full stiffness and trying to probe my tummy from the bottom end.

I loved it.

So it went, an entire hour of fucking, sucking, swallowing, and anything else we could think of. By the time we quit every guy had come at least twice, and most had managed a third one. Every girl had come, too. A lot of bodily fluids had been shared, and most of us were feeling very mellow.

We tape for an hour and a quarter, and take a few minutes to knock down the set. While that's going on we also do some rudimentary edits and cuts with what we'd taped, trying to get it down to 59 minutes. We still had to clean up and get presentable, too. You don't go to class smelling of boys, teachers, at least the female ones, and the other girls would notice. Smelling of soap and water, or body ash, was acceptable, though.

When we finished editing, straightening up, getting dressed, and so on, we also had a good idea of who got what. It was a business, after all. We were long past the days when it was just Cheri, Kevin and me. Now we had regular pay scales and everything.

The boys got paid on performance. How many times did they come? They got $25 for each load, though we paid $35 if there was a third, and $50 if there was a fourth. We had to see it on the tape, so sometimes the boys pulled all the way out so their come-shot was visible.

You can't tell when a girl comes, not like with a guy, so a girl was paid for the amount of time her pussy was visible on camera. She got extra for being able to prove she'd come, which almost always meant she'd rub herself or use a vibrator with her pussy only inches from the lens so you could see her entrance squeeze and release. Every girl also got a basic stipend for showing her boobs. They don't have monthlies, after all. Girls also got extra for any action with another girl. Sucking a tit paid more than kissing, sharing come paid more than sucking a tit, and going down on someone paid best of all. Pretty soon everyone was an expert on how to make the most money.

We had plenty left over.

Fifteen minutes after receiving that last load of come I was all buttoned up, brushed, and so forth. Jeff, who had provided the come, was sitting next to me in English, and he as on the point of nodding off. I was still giddy from my third climax in an hour, and was having a hard time sitting still.

"You have something to add to this discussion, Miss Kellogg?" the teacher asked.

"No, ma'am."

She gave me a fishy look, something very easy for her to do, given her looks. I did my best to settle down. I couldn't help it; sex always got me charged up.

We weren't stupid, none of us wanted to do anything to call attention to us. That meant behaving in class, doing only "normal" things after school, and not spending all of our time in front of the camera filming "Traci's Clubhouse". What that meant was that we lived boring lives that were totally unmemorable. That meant we spent Thursday and Friday editing our film down to something that fit I the 59 minutes we were allotted. That meant that most of us appeared on other television programs shot by our fellow students, ones that were nauseatingly boring. I had to lead the way as the "clubhouse" was named for me.

I was sufficiently calmed down by the end of English. Well, not exactly. I had a bubble of happiness deep inside that made me hum. This, however, was "normal". The other girls had gotten used to me having good moods, even on days when I shouldn't.

I checked the mail when I got home, and it was well that I did. The royalty check had arrived, and I was going to have to go to the bank. We don't do this just for the fun of it, though that is a big factor when you get used to the money. Damned mercenary of us, I know. It was good discipline, though. This was a business, even if we never did another "clubhouse" again.

I called Steph. She had the books, and brought them over. Parents get freaked at what we kids have on our computers, but they only look at songs and pictures. Sometimes they show some knowledge and look at mails. They don't look for spreadsheets and programs.

Steph had a laptop as well as a desktop, and when I called her she transferred some files, and then came over. We set up in the living room, entered the total dollar amount of the royalty check, and began splitting out the money. Nothing deflects the idea that you're up to something like being right out in the open.

Steph networked her laptop with mine, and we started in on the "sheets", the listing of what they'd done through yesterday. For instance, I picked up the next sheet in the pile. "Ryan"," I said. I read through the total, then entered the detailed information for each day he took part. "My my, he was busy."

Steph glanced at the sheet. "Yeah, I guess so." She looked at the totals. "God, we should pay him more. He averaged more than three a session."

I noted that. "Yeah, I think so, too."

She picked up the next sheet. "Um, Tina. Okay ... Okay ... Yeah. Didn't she take some time off?"

"Yeah, a couple of days last week. Her mother was snooping."

"Huh. Good reason to slack off."

"If I remember, she came back all revved up."

We had eight boys and 12 girls to get through. At the end we contemplated the total left over.

"Very profitable little business," I said. "Low costs, and look at what we have after all pay0outs."

Steph sighed. "Well, I'd love to talk, but I have a date tonight."

"Yeah, so do I. Who with?"

"Mike Morris. We're in Chemistry together."

"Dave Columbus is taking me to a movie," I said. "I'm not sure what we're going to see."

"I think Dave Columbus is cute, Steph said. "Anyway, I've got to do some homework so my Mom doesn't get on my case."

"Same here. First, though, the bank."

They were used to me at the Commercial Deposits Teller. I handed her the check and the breakdown. It took a few minutes, but she got the money split out and parsed around. I'd pass the word in the morning.

Dave was at our door at 7:00 sharp. We loaded up on popcorn, settled into our seats, and tried to be "normal" when there were a lot of people around us. I got some looks, I always do, but soon Brad Pitt came on the screen and we all got wrapped up in the movie.

"That was kind of ... interesting," Dave said as we walked out the door of the theater. "I'm not sure I followed all of it."

"I think it's based on a true story."

"Really?" He looked surprised. "I'm going to have to buy a copy of the movie and see what I can learn from it."

"Don't try to do what he did. The title of the movie might be "Catch Me If You Can", but they did catch him."

"Yeah, I know. Tell me, have you thought about the dance next week?"

"No," I lied, "not really."

"Would you like to go?"

"Sure!" I tried not to let the eagerness show, and probably failed.

Dave didn't notice (guys seldom do). "How about I pick you up at, oh, say 6:30 that evening."

"Love it."

I hugged myself the moment I got home. Cheri noticed. "So, Sis," she said, leaning against the door to my room, "big date?"

"Dave Campbell asked me to the dance next week."

Her face lit up. "Lucky you! I'm hoping Rick Bonnerman will ask me. He's been hinting about it for a couple of days."

"I hope he does. He's kind of cute and you two look good together."

"I think so." She sighed and looked over her shoulder. "I think Kevin has a date, too. April Henderson, I think. I'll bug him until he tells me."

I laughed. "You two... !" They were twins, and like the other twins I had met, she had his number, more than I did, or Lois, our older sister.

We both heard Kevin come in, and Cheri went off to quiz him about his date. She'd probably give me an update in the morning. I got my books ready for school, laid out what I was going to wear, and then got ready for bed. It'd been a busy date, and Mom would probably grill me about it. And I had to decide what I was going to tell her.

I owed my good skin to part of my nightly routine. One of the things I'd picked up from Lois was the sheer necessity of doing that. I undressed, poured out the body lotion, and started massaging it into my skin. Then it was on with the nightie and 100 strokes of the brush to make my hair shine. Finally, with the house settling down around me, I crawled into bed. It had been a busy but rewarding day.

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