Meter Man
Chapter 1

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Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was a college kid making his way through school as a professional body builder, and meter reader, he fell and hurt his ankle on some construction junk at my house. I'm a massage therapist by trade so I offered to work out the kinks....

I first noticed him as he walked the other side of the street. He was wearing shorts and the blue button shirt of the utility company; it must be meter day I thought. I wasn't hot, but it wasn't cold either, and I had my windows open for the fresh air. I next saw him as I peeked out my window to see what the noise was, it was him, he had stumbled over the construction materials at the side of the house. He was sitting there rubbing his ankle and I asked if he'd like some ice for it. He answered yes. I got some ice, wrapped it in a cloth, went outside and helped him around to a lawn chair. I could feel his muscles under his shirt, and the odor, there's nothing like the smell of a man on a warm day; a mixture of deodorant and soap, mixed with a manly musk. He sat down and I held the bag of ice against his ankle.

As I sat there I chanced a look towards his crotch and it was bulging to the left. I started rubbing his firm calf, asking if it made things feel better, and as he answered I looked into the deepest blue eyes I have ever met. They seemed to stare right through me, almost sizing me up from the inside. I quickly looked away afraid I would give myself away. I kept working his injured leg and soon found my hands working his opposite leg as well. He coughed slightly saying that leg wasn't sore. I stopped, but he said "I was just pointing out that leg wasn't injured, it didn't mean stop." So I resumed feeling his slightly smooth legs. He looked somewhere in his 20's so I asked about his smooth legs. He indicated he was a professional body builder and had just been in a competition about a week back. He placed in the top ten, but not high enough to make any serious cash, and this job was to keep his gym membership active.

We chatted a while longer and I found my hands getting dangerously close to his, by now, noticeably larger bulge. I told him I was a massage therapist by trade, and he was welcome to take advantage of my services anytime he wanted. He said it would be nice to have his aches and pains worked out after his gym appointment this afternoon. I told him I actually had the entire day free and would look forward to his return. He said his ankle was feeling better and he had a job to finish. He thanked me for the ice, and leg massage, and walked away. It was then I notice how firm and round his ass was, I got hard just thinking about getting my hands on that ass, and if indications were in my favor I would get to have more than my hands on the round bubble ass.

Two hours later, I heard a knock at my door. I opened it and there was the meter reader again, except this time he was in work out shorts and a tank top. He smelled of the gym and I couldn't believe my luck, I love the smell of a man, and his was intoxicating. I showed him to my massage room, and told him to get as comfortable as he wished. I went back out to afford him a little privacy as he changed, locked my door, and set my phone to auto-voicemail, I didn't need any interruptions. I lowered the lights from the outside switch, turned on the 'mood' music, soft tranquil sounds of an afternoon storm. As I entered the room, I noticed he had stripped completely, and was laying face down on the table. I got my oils and started the towels warming. I lit an incense candle, and soon the room smelled of hot sweaty man and lavender. I started with his shoulders, and slowly worked in the warm oil. His shoulders were thight and needed extra attention, but soon I was working my way down the well defined muscles of his right side. I got to his waist and moved back to the head of the table to work on his left side, as I started down his equally defined left side, I could feel my own cock starting to stir. As a professional I tried hard to not get aroused when working on clients, but after our earlier meeting, I was not too worried about what might 'cum' up. As I reached his waist again, I paused, got a warm towel to lay across his back, and removed the towel that was covering his ass. There it was again, the perfect mound of man flesh, muscled, with a bit of a giggle.

I started with his left foot this time, worked my way up his legs, taking time near his ass to admire what God, genetics, or working out had given him. Went to the other side of the table and worked my way up his right leg. This time, I massaged his ass as well, and heard soft moans escaping his lips, and knew I had found his weakness. I spent more time on his ass, than I should have, but the firm, yet pliable flesh was hard to resist. I spread his ass and saw that he was completely smooth, not odd, but for someone his age? I asked if he man-scaped and he said because he was a body builder, keeping things smooth made it easier for competition. As I worked his ass and cheeks, I noticed his beautiful hole kept winking at me, and I couldn't resist giving it a light kiss before asking him to turn over. He seemed a little reluctant, but I said "I'm a professional, and I know guys sometimes get excited when I do my job right." This seemed to still his nerves and he rolled over, revealing a perfectly portioned cock to go along with his body. I thought he was built, but definition was a more descriptive term. I moved back to the head of the table and started working his chest, as I leaned to work his upper abdominals (washboard would have fit perfectly) my now hard cock pushed into his head. He moved and I thought I had misread signals.

I'm no slouch in the looks department; I stand at 5'7", roughly 170 pounds, and work out on a regular basis. It's hard to work on fit muscular men without keeping in shape myself. I have a healthy, thick, cut, 7+ inches and balls that hang low. As his hands and arms moved above his head, he reached for my hard cock, and I knew I hadn't mis-read his intensions. He grabbed my cock, and mentioned it had been a while since he had gotten off. With his work and workout schedule, he just never seemed to have the house to himself. I told him that we could arrange something, but I really needed to finish the message before we started anything else. He sighed heavily but kept his hand on my cock. I moved to the side of the table and started again on his washboard abs. He moved his hand to the side rubbing over my hard cock through the fabric of my shorts.

I moved from his abs to his right thigh, working the oil into the muscle, I commented on how firm but pliable it was. He chuckled and said I should feel it squeezing my head or hips. I smiled and told him we had plenty of time. I worked on down his leg spending a little extra time on the previously injured ankle. I worked his foot, in between each toe, rubbing the sole, paying special attention the the heel. He moaned as I worked his foot, and I noticed his cock twitching with his heart beat. I moved to his other foot and repeated my process working my way up instead of down, rubbing the warming oil into his gym tense muscles. As I neared his crotch he moved, indicating his cock wanted attention, again I smiled and told him I had a job to finish first. I worked my way all the way back to his shoulders, and neck. I rubbed his chest one more time, and as I leaned down placed a soft kiss in his soft full lips. He returned the kiss in kind, soft and loving, used his tongue to explore my mouth, and his hands to explore the rest of me. He sat up slightly as I moved to the side of the table and wrapped my hand around his cock. He struggled with the snaps of my shorts, all the while kissing my lips, neck, and ears. He finally freed me from my shorts and grabbed a hold of my cock. "Fuck I never get this lucky," he said pulling me tight and kissing me roughly.

We embraced, exploring each other with our hands and lips. Rubbing our stiff cocks against each other, playing with asses, rubbing backs and sides. Finally he broke our contact and said "Not to be rude, but is there a more comfortable spot?" I just smiled while replying "Not rude, just honest, follow me." We left everything where it was and dashed through the house naked. The massage room is at the back of the house and my bedroom is up front. As we dashed I felt him trying to grab my ass, so I went around the living room. He followed, chasing me like a teenager. Wait, how old was he, would this be a one time thing? I had to stop thinking these things, I was having fun. We faced off over the couch, he leaned forward to grab me and I moved. He flipped over the couch and I dropped pinning him to the floor. His naked ass sticking up so I slapped it. "Ohhh,, don't, ... stop" he moaned. I slapped it again, he moaned a littler louder, "Oh, don't, stop." I slapped each cheek until the were both bright red, and he was panting. "Hey can a guy catch his breath around here?" I sat up letting him move and breath, mistake. He tackled me and started tickling my sides. "Like that huh? Think it's funny to smack a guys ass while he down? I'll give you something to laugh about." I finally managed to throw him over and returned the favor. "Here's some back." I said as I tickled his sides, and under hiss balls.

It was then that I noticed we were both still rock hard. I stopped tickling him, and leaned down to kiss his cock. I licked the head, as I rubbed the length with my hand, I lightly tugged his balls as I sucked the crown between my lips and licked the slit. I took my time working my way down his shaft, tugging his balls, and playing with his ass. I was soon sniffing his pubic hair and he was squirming like a worm. Moaning and groaning like he was a virgin experiencing his first blow job. I pulled back off slowly running my tongue along the tube on the underside. "Ohhhhhh fuuck," was his only verbal response. I put two fingers on his lips and he sucked them greedily, I let him get them all nice and wet while I sucked his cock, and massaged his balls. Once my fingers were good and wet, I found his sweet asshole and slowly inserted one then the other, working them in, pulling out and back in again. I soon added a third and found his magic spot, his hips arched, his legs stiffened, he grabbed the back of my head and growled as he unloaded in my throat. I felt his cock swell, his ass tighten and saw his balls pull tight. I counted 5 healthy squirts before he started to relax. I eased my fingers out of his ass, and backed off of his cock. I used my hand to milk out the remainder of his load. I smiled as I moved my hand to the side, careful not to let my fingers touch the carpet, and slid back up his body. His was wasn't dirty I'm just kind of a clean freak, I told him I needed to wash up. He simply smiled and rolled us away from my ass juice coated fingers. Pinning me this time, he pulled those three fingers to his mouth and licked and sucked them clean. "Wait till I do this to your cock once it's shot off in my ass." I just lay there, too stunned to think or speak. He moved down and sucked my cock into his mouth. He used the same tricks I had used on him, except for the fingers in the ass. He got me close and then stopped, smiled up at me, and moved back up my body. He pressed his lips to mine, and his tongue demanded entrance to my mouth.

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