Betrayed Little Sister
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Couple, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Violent,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Male Black drug dealer and Black dyke friend breaking down white girls from the subburbs.


Reggie, 25 yr old Black Drug dealer

Nadine, 40yr Middle age Black dyke who assisted Reggie

Shelly Woods, Native white girl from the suburbs age 25 yr old now a full blown hereon addict.

Kelly Woods Approx 17 or 18 yr old sister of Shelly woods

Lena, Approx 19 year old, Reggie most recent White victim

Shelly Woods needed a fix badly, but her dealer, Reggie Brown refused to give her any more junk.

"Bring your little sister to me and I'll give you some of this really good stuff," Reggie said as he injected the heroin and cocaine mixture into his latest white girlfriend Lena in front of Shelly.

Shelly Woods needed a fix badly, but her dealer, Reggie Brown who refused to give her any more junk. "Bring your little sister to me and I'll give you some of this really good stuff," Reggie said as he injected the heron into his latest girlfriend in front of Shelly. Reggie's new girlfriend still looked beautiful.

She obviously hadn't been hooked long enough for the drugs to take their toll on her appearance yet. "Please, Reggie, anything but that," Shelly begged. "Let me suck your cock." Not now bitch," Reggie replied. "Can't you see I'm busy here with Lena? who was naked accept for the beach towel wrap around her " Shelly felt sorry for Lena even though she never met the poor girl before.

Reggie was a tall, muscular, black man who had a thing for young, attractive, white chicks from decent families and probably abducted her from such an environment. He drugged his victims until they became addicted to his product and raped them repeatedly during the process as well. As one of Reggie's many white "girlfriends" having gone through the initiation herself, Shelly knew exactly how Reggie operated. After main lining the heron into Lena right arm Reggie look over at Nadine who was lubing up the enormous 12 inched thick black dildo. Nadine could hardly put her hand fully around it. Attached at the base of the massive black dildo was a leather harness already attach around Nadine waist.

Nadine wicked smile appeared as she looked directly at Lena waiting her turn at the still attractive white girl. As the drugs injected into Lena began to take effect. Reggie stated " Na take Lena to the bedroom and give her another round with the pussy buster while I deal with this other bitch". Lena at hearing Reggie words began to beg in her drug induce haze " No Reggie not that again let me stay with you Reggie please" Nadine approach the sofa with the obscene black 12 inch dildo dripping fuck luck applied by Nadine. With a strong grip to Lena forearm Nadine pulled Lena up to her feet with one arm. Then wrapping her arm around Lena small waist providing support because of the drugs quick effect.

Lena in one last finale plea to Nadine as they slowly walk toward the bedroom said " Please Nadine not tonight it hurts so much and I'm still sore" Nadine reply was " No baby it won't hurt this time, Just look at it ( as Nadine left hand slowly stroke the 12 inch black monster ) I'll be gentle I promise. And once I get this up in you, you'll be cumin like a gutter whore just like last night" As they arrived to the already open bedroom door Nadine yank the towel from around Lena body. Than Nadine shoved Lena into the bedroom. Nadine stood at the bedroom entrance she applied more fuck lube to her 12 inch Black dildo.

Nadine than said " You know what to do Lena get up on that bed on all fours and stick that pretty white ass up in the air ... Oh higher than that Lena how do you expect me to hit that sweet white pussy properly '' Nadine than looked over at Reggie and Shelly with a air of superiority than entered the bedroom. Reggie shock his head in disbelief and wonder at how Nadine got off on breaking down each white female that enter into their domain. Reggie and Shelly can hear the faint cries of Lena begging "Please Nadine not now I'm still hurting from last night" Nadine reply was much more direct "shoot the fuck up and spread that pussy wide so Na Na can slide in real easy"

Reggie turn to Shelly and gave her a distain look, he grew tired of Shelly's daily begging for dope. The streets was not kind to Shelly. As she sat trembling in her chair she had lost at least 20 lbs and a purple bruise under her left eye was half heal. Reggie knew her addiction was getting stronger and there would be no limit she would reach for the next fix. The time was right for Reggie to make his plan for Shelly's sister a reality. Reggie pick up a small glassine envelop filled with heroin as he flick the bag with is for finger. Reggie gold caps in his mouth clearly displayed with a evil grin as he dangle the bag in front of Shelly.

Reggie said " Ill give you 30 bags of my best shit if you help me get your little sister here. Reggie could see the preparation on Shelly's for head as she contently scratch her arms trying to fight the demand her body grave. Shelly struggled to hold on to the last piece of dignity she had. But Reggie was having none of that End of Pt 1

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