What's Wrong With It?
Chapter 1

Al was glad it was near the end of school. He had one more game, a party or two then graduation and the life he always wanted to lead. Ahh, he thought, what life was that again?

Things were not perfect he thought. Carmen had long since gone her own way and Mellissa, well she was always Mellissa. She came first then her dog then anyone else. People had warned him about her. She dragged a reputation with her that was as long as the string of hearts she had broken; and in Texas, them's pretty long strings.

So he was not real surprised when he saw her bare butt sticking up and her face buried between Larry's legs. He quietly took a picture with his cell. He took another one as she mounted Larry guiding him between her legs. He opened his eyes and saw Al there.

"Aww Shit!" he exclaimed.

Her comment was classic. "Don't worry honey, I'll be doing all the work here!"

He might have laughed if it had not hurt so much! Not Melissa, he half expected that from her, but Larry had been a friend, maybe a friend. Hell as far as he knew this must have been a regular event with him being the laugh they both enjoyed, amongst other things. First Carmen now Melissa. Actually that made him a free man now. Yep free, then he thought of all those fillies in West Texas. Too bad they wern't human girls. Damn, it was going to be a lonely summer.

He had promised to help out his cousin on the ranch this summer then to attack the bold new world out there. Hell classes were over, the game and some parties were all he might miss and he could be back at school for graduation. In a way it would serve Larry and Melissa right for what he was about to do. He posted the pictures on the Web. He gave a slight chuckle as he thought of the caption he had left. "Trust" is it really that important?"

He could either fly or drive to the ranch. Since he was going back early he did not know if Terri would be there yet; so he drove. She had her own school to finish up. Her parents, his second marriage, this her Mom's third was to be a honeymoon cruise. He wished them all the luck and hoped the marriage would last until they both got back.

Knowing about Terri's Mom, he suspected she would be busy with someone on the way back home. Jeff, her new husband never did seem to mind, it gave him time to relax with his girls, all ten of them. It seemed a perfect marriage for them both. Aunt Bonnie had even been a might too affectionate with him a few times, coming in to check up in middle of the night, asking if he needed anything. He wondered how Terri had fared.

Yes, it was truly a 'loving' family they both had. He and Terri seemed to be the only 'normal' ones. Normal in that they usually only had one lover at a time, unlike the rest.

It would be good to see her again. They fought like roosters in a hen house, but, after all they had known each other their entire lives. Whenever trouble came they were always there for each other. Brother and Sister better described that relationship. Both had gone to Hell and back over the last 20 years or so for each other. Now they both were to graduate and start a new life.

Al wondered if they would still be as close as they were now. In the last year or two they had spent the summer together. Her Mom, last year, had paid for a vacation for them. They took a wagon train from St. Louis, West. There were near 200 people and they played the role of newlyweds going to Oregon. Al remembered that now with more than a cousinly grin. Damn he thought, while they had held hands and flirted a ton, to the point folks thought they really were a couple, things never went much further. Close he remembered with a smile.

Let me tell you some about Al and Terri.

As the story told they were cousins. Now in Texas almost any relationship between cousins is legal. Hell, if he could run faster than her and caught her, some brothers and sisters even stretched things a might.

Al was near 6' 3'', 185 lbs with light brown hair and grey eyes. Terri, when she dressed up; was or could be a looker. Blond, 5'10'', 112 lbs and the most dazzling violet eyes you ever would see. They were both 20 and both miserable. Neither ever had a relationship that lasted. Al did not seem to care much, he never even tried to make them work. Terri on the other hand could try, ifen she wanted to. That was part of her problem. One was that she was meaner than a stepped on rattlesnake and second, Mommy had always told her that any man worth his salt would take her over his knee and spank the daylights out of her the way she treated men. Plus she was smarter than a whip. She was still waiting for that good man to sweep her off her feet and spank her bare bottom.

Terri too recalled that trip with Al. Damn, why was it so hard to get a man, a good man. Her real daddy was a good man. Her Mom though thought variety was better. After that everything sort of was downhill. She went down on anything within 100 miles it seemed. Daddy number two did not last long and Bonnie took up where she had left off, with every Tom, Sheila or Hairy dick around, made no matter to her.

Aunt May, her Sister was like on the opposite end of the scale. When she found a man, she stayed with him. The almost Uncle Ben had been with her near 20 years. They never really married but that did not seem to matter.

Uncle Ben was always nice to her, so was Aunt May.

Many times she had wished she was their daughter. They, she always thought of them together, had a spread over in South Texas. They had invited her over for the summer several times. Once they suggested Al might get something out of coming too. They were really cool. This summer they both were coming up from Donna, Texas to her Mom's ranch. She looked forward to seeing them again. She only wished she had someone she could 'show off' to them. A snowball had a better chance in Hell(Texas ) than she had of that happening.

As he expected Terri had not yet arrived at the ranch. It was a small ranch by Texas standards, 69,000 acres, 17,900 longhorns and 1200 or so horses. 73 men worked the ranch full time with several sections under the plow too.

His Aunt Bonnie had told the foeman to expect him. He was to live in the main house that summer.

The house had been around a long time, Terri's dad had added to it and modernized most of the old part 20 years ago. It was small, by Texas measures, only 7.300 sq ft inside, but it was very comfortable. Al thought back to growing up. Those days he and Terri curled up by the fire, stripped off their clothes in the sun or swam naked around in the pond would soon be lost, maybe even those memories. Time marches on and waits for no man, he thought. God, where had all those years gone? he wondered.

Some of those memories started to descend on him. He remembered her hair, the touch of her hands, the softness of her skin and her smell. Oh yes, and her eyes. Looking in them was like seeing paradise. A man could get lost in them. Then he started kicking himself mentally. This was Terri. His cousin, his best friend, a girl he had known all his life, a girl he would gladly even die for. How could he even think of her that way. The answer was quite easy. He had subconsciously compared every girl he had ever known to her and they all were found lacking.

Dreams were fine, but he had work to do at the ranch this summer. The most important was to get into shape. He reckoned that could wait till the next day as he plopped down in the big soft bed calling his name.

I guess some minds do work the same way. Terri decided to get to the ranch early, get things ready and 'surprise' cousin Al. She ended up really surprising him.

Poor Al never stood a chance. Terri soon validated many of the things her Mama had told her. A man was putty in her hands. Al just dreamed on. The soft hand brushing away some hair from his brow, the kisses then harder ones on his neck and shoulder seemed to draw blood. His hands were rubbing something soft, no not one but two. They became hard and pointed at the end. When a hand started stroking him below the belt, now being undone, he opened his eyes. He was looking at two violet eyes whose gaze might stop an army in their tracks. It was his cousin Terri, she was naked, in bed with him and was kissing him all over.

His reaction was typical male, "What! What are you Doing Ter?"

"Shh, just go back to sleep, this is all a dream!" He closed his eyes. Then he felt his belt open up, the zipper on his jeans pulled down and a hand exploring. Like a fool he jumped up.

"Ter, What the Hell are you doing?"

He never imagined what her reaction to that question would be. She started crying, put her head on his chest and hugged him to her sobbing; "I love you; you big dummy!"

Crying women demand only one of two possibly responses from a man. Either a denial or the preferred, 'I love you too.'

For Al the response was easy. It began with a hug, several wet kisses and the words. "I've always loved you Ter, always!"

They missed supper that day and almost breakfast the next morning. It was the rumble for food and the calls Nature was making that got them out of that bed.

The ranch hands were used to certain things going on in the 'Big House' as they called it. The nude body of Terri though gave a new meaning to the term 'Nature Walk'. They turned away, some shaking their heads. Many had known Terri since she was a child and none would offer anything more than a quick glance, They were men after all, Texans.

To say that there were two happy campers at the ranch was like calling Mount St. Helen's a hiccup. 20 years of denial, pretending, cold showers and unfulfilling romances were over. They were now living as man and wife and the rest of the world, including their parents, be damned. Actually, they saw nothing wrong in their love. There really wasn't either.

Getting things ready for Aunt May and Uncle Ben seemed to be their main focus right now, that and seeing who could make the other scream first. Terri usually was the screamer but Al never would complain. Mrs. Alistair Brian Lane. It sounded fine to her. She began saying the name over and over to herself. Al on the other hand was thinking that Mrs. Terri Lynn Lane saying it over and over in a effort to get it right when he would ask her to marry him.

They both went to pick up Aunt May and Uncle Ben from the airport. She had not seen them for a while, Al last saw them when he was ten.

Now, I had said Terri was smart. Her Aunt May then had an IQ that was either off the charts or had that special something many worldly women have. On the way back to the ranch one look at the two of them cuddled into the drivers seat, hands around each other; it did not take a genius to tell something romantic was afoot. May looked at Ben and winked.

"So Hon, are we invited to the wedding or you two going to follow Ben and me and live in Sin?"

That almost caused an accident, but this was Texas, so going off the road was not a big thing, most people hung their heads off the side of the car or truck as they inched their way home after too much cheer. It did bring the car to a stop and two sputtering voices said the same thing. "I don't know yet?"

It was possibly comical, but the look of both their faces was so precious no one could laugh. As fate would have it, if they were going to be together it would fit nicely with some plans Ben had in mind. He nodded to May.

"Hey guys! Ben and I have a big favour to ask you! Are you two doing anything urgent after here?"

Now was that a loaded question. They had no idea what reaction Terri's parents might have. He knew his, he would not even bother to tell them. They all felt the same way about the other, hate being the milder adjective, or was it adverb?"

"Well this is sort of a recent thing, it has only taken this dope 20 years to tell me he loves me! But you are my, no our, favourite Aunt and Uncle so unless it hurts a lot, we'll try. What's up?"

"Food first! Lotta food lil girl. Then Do we have Deal for you?" Ben said.

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