Men Are Just Testicles in Prison
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Science Fiction, Post Apocalypse, FemaleDom, Group Sex, Harem, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Pregnancy, Sci-fi sex story Female domination

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After a pandemic nearly exterminates humanity, conditions are right for women to form a radical feminist government. The few males who are suffered to live are imprisoned and used as sperm donors. But a few women dare to discover that they are by nature attracted to men. Alison rescues her lover Bill from his cell and they live as rebels. Other women join them.

Bill tried to keep calm, but it was hard. Anna had told him he had better be on his very best behavior or he'd suffer the consequences.

He was in a large covered building usually used for cattle shows. In the arena itself were a dozen or so poles stuck firmly into the ground, spaced evenly 15 yards apart in a row. At each pole was a young man, hands cuffed behind his back, tied to the pole. Bill was naked except for a sort of loose skirt that came down to mid-thigh, and his bare feet stood on rutted dirt that still smelled of cattle and their leavings. In the bleachers were a few hundred women.

In front of the bleachers was a platform raised several feet above the ground. On it was a long table, and seated behind it, facing the bleachers, were several gray-haired women. The one in the center rose.

"Attention, everyone! We gather once more in the spirit of Dworkinism, hoping as always to move a little closer to the ideal society we have set out to create. Welcome on this beautiful fall afternoon to the first North Central Sperm Exchange. Some of you have come a considerable distance and we welcome you especially.

"We Dworkinians have largely achieved our goal of eradicating the patriarchy. There is no glass ceiling to prevent a woman's rise in her career. There are no wolf whistles, no pinched butts, no crude jokes. No woman or girl goes out at night with that nagging fear that she might get raped. No woman within marriage is raped to satisfy her husband's base desires. No woman cowers in fear before the physical power and cruelty of her husband, facing the agonizing choice of getting beaten yet once more or leaving to live with her children in abject poverty. We have solved these problems by eliminating men from society!"

Smatterings of applause from the crowd during her speech coalesced into a substantial ovation. After it subsided, she continued.

"As was noted many decades ago, the only necessary function males serve is as a source of sperm. Many of us thought we'd never see the day when that was all we needed them for, but as sweet fruit of the unspeakably bitter holocaust, that day has come! That is why we're here today. To prevent inbreeding within our various communities, we need to exchange genetic material, which is of course most conveniently accomplished by exchanging the living male sources of this material. Up until now this has been handled privately, but there have been limitations. Rarely have communities had young males come of age at the same time to arrange a direct swap. Giving one now in expectation of getting one some number of years down the line has proved problematic. Young males have been bought and sold, but they have sold for as little as $300 and as much as $59,000, leaving one party or the other feeling cheated by the extremes in price.

"Markets -- carefully but fairly regulated, as always -- are a pillar of the good society. The time has come to create a market for sperm producers. Here before you today we have 14 source of sperm. Fourteen pairs of testicles and -- oh yeah -- the young men they are attached to." The word 'men' was emphasized with disapproval. "This is a pilot program. Other regions in North American are watching us."

"These young males are all basically well behaved. They are at least 18 years of age, and they produce semen on command, deposit it in the cup provided and hand it over. The semen of each one has been microscopically examined and determined to have high sperm counts with excellent motility. Five of these specimens before you have had their sperm used to successfully start at least one pregnancy. They are all free of any known diseases or genetic defects. Their pedigrees are on record for your examination. Naturally our communities allow only the most accomplished of their women carry a male pregnancy to term -- and I'm proud to say that accomplishment includes mastery of the revolutionary Dworkinian ideology. So here before you are sources of the genetic diversity we seek, however repugnant the male animals those genes currently reside within. When the sperm that unites with one of our eggs is lacking the hateful Y chromosome, the result is a daughter -- a new citizen of our glorious society. In this way is the Dworkinian dream to be realized!" There was more applause.

"So now we come to the practical matter of how the auction is to be conducted. Our next speaker will explain the procedure to you..."

Ten yards in front of each boy was a table, with two or occasionally three women seated behind it. At his own table was his handler Sarah and also Mary, an older woman who was a leader in his community, Washington Lake. Once the second speaker had finished her explanations, many women filed down from the grandstand to start evaluating the boys available for purchase. Typically they first paid a visit to the table before approaching the boy.

A trio of women approached Bill, and he gulped.

Sarah had made it clear what was riding on this. More prosperous communities could afford to bid a higher price, and that prosperity would likely mean his cell would be nicer and his food more varied. If there was no bid at all, he would go back to Washington Lake for another year until the next auction. But as he well knew, the only reason his existence was tolerated was because he was a source of sperm. If he brought little or no interest in the marketplace, there was certainly no reason for him to go on living. Sarah stated this as a simple, obvious fact, and of course it made sense to Bill too. But however pathetic and worthless he might be, he wanted to live! He had heard that there were a few other boys growing up in his community, and they could probably sell one of them for a good price. Sarah said Mark in particular was looking more promising than him. He had never met Mark. Boys were never allowed to meet, it had been explained, because they might encourage each other in patriarchal thoughts and behaviors springing from the male evil within. On this day he stole glances at the young men on either side and he saw them checking him out, but naturally any attempt to communicate with them would be viewed unfavorably.

"Hello, William," said one of the approaching women. "How are you today?"

"I'm fine, ma'am," he said meekly.

"And how do you see your place in life, William?"

Bill was puzzled. "Excuse me, ma'am, I'm afraid I don't understand."

"You are here today being offered for sale. If we buy you, how do you see yourself fitting into our community? How do you feel about it?"

"My role is to provide sperm when requested. Because I am male, I am an inferior and pathetic person and providing sperm is my only purpose in life. I am grateful for the chance to serve Dworkinism in the only way fitting to one of my gender."

The first woman nodded approvingly.

"Nice color of hair," said one of the others.

"Yes, and not too much chest hair," said the third. "And look, his beard is quite full. That's a good sign."

"He seems awfully tall and muscular. Just the sort of traits that rapists had," said the second.

"But our security is excellent," said the third. "And the genes that make men tall and muscular also tend to produce tall and muscular daughters."

"True," said the second. "But his skin is pale, and his face ... I don't know. Would you like your daughters to look like that?"

"Hmmm," said the first woman. "Let's go on to the next."

"Wait," said the third. "Who knows how the auction will go? We ought to look at what we'd be paying for."

The first woman said, "I'm glad you're willing to do this. I couldn't fact touching those disgusting things even once!"

"You get used to it," said the third. With that she moved to his front and the other two gathered behind her. All three faces wore sour expressions as she reached in and lifted Bill's skirt. She lifted his limp penis with one hand, and with her other hand found each testicle and rubbed it between her fingers. She then withdrew her hands and let the skirt fall, immediately taking the antiseptic paper towel one of the others offered and carefully cleaning her hands.

"Seems OK," she said.

The first woman said, "I think numbers 6 and 7 are still our top choices. I'd hate to be stuck with this specimen."

"Well of course," said the second woman as she tossed the towel into a small wastebasket not far from Bill's feet. "But we don't know how the bidding will go." And without any further word to him they strolled on to the next boy in line.

A group of five women wandered up and without a word to him looked him up and down. "I'm sure we'll do better than that," said one, "given what we're prepared to pay."

"Shhh!" hissed another. "You can never be sure, and we shouldn't reveal our intentions. We have to at least pretend to be interested." With that, she walked around behind him, nodding thoughtfully, and when she was in front of him lifted his skirt to take a look at his genitals. "Yes, very interesting," she said absentmindedly and joined the others who were already part way to the next boy's table.

One group of four approached and took only the briefest look at his sexual apparatus, but they pressed fingers into his thighs and calves, back and front. One rubbed his nipples in her fingers and pressed more deeply around that area. One got close to his ear and suddenly shouted, "Boo!" Naturally Bill jumped a little, but remembered that above all he must be kind and polite. A couple of the other women looked at her questioningly, and she said, "It's important to learn his temperament."

The next group to visit was just a pair of women, one fairly old and the other younger.

"Hello, William, my name is Emily," said the older one.

"And I'm Amy," said the younger, who actually looked into his eyes and smiled.

"Hello, pleased to meet you," said Bill, smiling in turn but quickly looking away, fearing he might be seen as insolent.

All of the women wore baggy clothing of one sort or other, but there was something about this younger woman that made his heart beat a little faster. He only dared occasional glances, of course, as he had been taught anything more was very rude. But when she lifted his skirt, he realized that his penis was no longer small and insignificant. While it was still pointed downward, it was near its full size. He caught a brief smile on Amy's face. She then did something none of the other women had: she wrapped her fingers around his penis in a gentle hold, and she gave a few gentle squeezes a few seconds apart.

Bill closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing, as he felt more blood surging into his penis. This was no good! Sarah and the others had made it clear that the only time he should get an erection was when he was providing a semen sample. Erections at other times suggested his rapist nature was not controllable.

Emily moved to the side and saw what was happening. "Amy!" she scolded. "What are you doing! If anyone saw you!..."

"It's OK, mom," she said, removing her hand and letting the skirt fall back into position and giving her mother an impish grin. "That is what we're buying him for, right?"

"Yes, but it's very impolite -- what is everyone going to think?"

"Oh, don't worry," said Amy with a smile. Bill realized with shame that his penis was growing harder all the time. It was tenting out his skirt in dramatic fashion.

"Oh, look!" cried a woman who was in front of the boy to his left, pointing at his bulge from 15 yards away. Other heads turned, and reactions varied. Some rolled their eyes, others shook their heads in disgust, and a few smirked, but all quickly turned their heads aside. Emily turned red, and Amy too looked a little flustered. They were blocking the sight line between him and Sarah, but when the two of them moved on, Sarah and Mary instantly saw the bulge at the same time. Mary rolled her eyes and gave Sarah a dirty look. Sarah gave him a very cold stare. Bill looked away, miserable, but one effect was that his erection started shrinking rapidly. Mary saw Sarah's reaction and said quietly, "Don't worry, dear, it's not your fault. And there's Mark coming along." After a pause she spoke very quietly, but Bill could hear her. "I don't know if it's worth keeping him another year, though, do you?"

Sarah shook her head almost imperceptibly, looking down. "But after all I've done for him..."

Bill got the picture. His erection would make him unsaleable, and they wouldn't bring him back in a year. That meant he would be killed. He wondered how long it would be. His heart pounded as he realized he might have only days to live. Maybe only hours!

As the women continued their inspections, none stopped to look at him any more.

Bill tried to be brave. He wasn't sure he'd be killed; he wasn't even sure no one would buy him. But he found himself fighting back tears. He managed not to sob and got himself under control before long, but he could feel a line of tears rolling down each cheek.

He spotted Amy and Emily in the bleachers, talking to each other and consulting notes. Amy looked at him and furrowed her brow, and he then saw her leave her seat and wander down to the boy next to him. She then walked in front of him to get to the boy on his other side, but as she passed she stole a couple glances at him, and after a few seconds at the other boy she returned to her mother. He saw them whispering and looking at him, and her mother looking thoughtful.

The second woman on the platform, the one in charge of the details, said, "Comrades, the open inspections are now over and the bidding will start in a minute." After a few minutes all the women had returned to the bleachers.

"All auctions will start at $1,000. The minimum raise is $100. Each community has a red number, and you should raise it high when you want to make a bid..." "Comrades, the auction is now open on number one. Do I hear $1,000? There, good. $1,100? Over there. Yes. $1,200? OK. How about $1,500? Got you. $2,000? Yes... $3,000? Right. $5,000? Got it. $10,000?" Up and up the bids went, and the boy finally sold for $15,300.

The auction on boy number 2 was slower, and he went for $5,900.

Bill was number 9. He gave a sigh of relief when there were no bids at all on number 3. At least he wouldn't be the only one. Number 4 went for $13,700, number 5 for $8,000 even. The bidding for number 6 went rapidly to $20,000, at which point all extraneous chatter ceased and the audience whispered excitedly. He finally sold for $42,400, and there was a smattering of applause. Number 7 went for $4,900 and number 8 for $8,100. Then it was his turn.

Bill's eyes had kept a watch on Amy and Emily throughout the auction. They had made a bid on a few of the others, but never above $1,800 and never close to the winning bid.

"OK, next up for auction is number 9. Do I hear $1,000?"

Emily was holding the bidding token, and he saw her start to raise her arm, but Amy grabbed it firmly and kept it down. Emily looked at her questioningly. Amy took the bidding token from her, and Emily shrugged.

"$1,000? Anyone?" There were no bids. Bill's ears picked up a murmured, "Fat chance."

"Last call? $1,000?" And then Amy raised her hand high. "$1,000, we have a bid of $1,000! Do I hear $1,100?... $1,100 anyone? No? $1,000 going once ... going twice ... sold for $1,000!"

And then Bill breathed a big sigh of relief. With one motion of her arm Amy had saved his life.

When the auction was over, a group of four muscular women unstaked each boy in turn and led him to the truck or van of the community that was his new owner. Amy and Emily had only a car, and although the security women expressed some doubt about the safety of this arrangement, they shrugged when Emily explained that the backseat girl locks were set. They pushed him into the back, where he barely avoided banging his head on the far door. They folded his legs in and slammed the door behind him.

After the car had pulled out onto the highway, Amy turned and smiled at him a couple times, briefly.

This is a tale of a different reality, one that did not happen to us.

The year is 1981, the year that AIDS reared its very ugly head in our own world. We didn't know how lucky we had it. In this parallel and diverging universe, the microbe that fell upon the human race was far, far more deadly.

It was highly contagious and spread through droplets in the air and skin contact. The incubation period under normal circumstances was two to three weeks, meaning it had spread far beyond any hope of containment in the jet age before it was even identified. The inherent fatality rate in men was about 99%, and in women and girls 88%. The death rate for young boys was a mere 98%.

The first symptom of the disease was insanity of a form somewhat similar to rabies. In men, it was an aggressive insanity including an insatiable desire for sex. This was followed by increasing joint pain over the course of four or five days, and at the end fever and death. The women who received the semen of an infected man vaginally contracted a vastly accelerated version of the disease. They became ill within hours and after a day of agony they all expired. With these deaths included, the mortality rate in women and girls rose to 94%.

The incubation period for men was typically two weeks and for women about three weeks. This meant that in any given community, the first sign of the disease was increasing insanity on the part of men, followed by a spree of rape that killed women. By the time unraped infected women started dying, it had little impact on the community's state of mind. Women are naturally enraged at rape under all circumstances, but in this case almost all the men became violent rapists, and the act of rape was literally lethal to the woman. Many women tried to flee when the disease made an appearance, but men retained enough sanity to be clever about tracking them down. The anger of women was aroused as never before, and some were enraged enough to murder any men they met. This resulted in an actual fatality rate for men of over 99.5%. Of course most women are simply not murderers. But most trusting women died, and the suspicious and ruthless survived.

No corner of the globe was untouched by the plague, but after wreaking its toll on an area for a month, it simply vanished, never to return.

The social chaos around the globe was indescribable. Yet out of a world population of 7 billion, a death rate of 94% left 210 million women to survive. At least half of the women survivors died in the social chaos from starvation, the plagues humanity was already familiar with, and violent clashes borne of fear and a search for resources.

But all of these facts were determined much later, by women scientists poring over the evidence systematically.

Women coalesced into groups for survival, most with at least 100 members.

Existing predominant ideologies had nothing to offer of comfort for this crisis. But in the United States and Canada, one fringe ideology leapt to prominence and garnered immense support: the idea that men are all brutal rapists who can never be trusted, creatures who should be eliminated from society except for a few kept around to provide sperm. The ideology became known as Dworkinism, in honor of Andrea Dworkin. She had not actually said, as some alleged, that "all sex is rape", but she had said, "Penetrative intercourse is, by its nature, violent."

The Dworkinian ideology fit the lessons of the holocaust, and in contrast to other potential leaders who had lost their way, the women at its core were energized, dedicated and efficient. They soon assumed power and their ideas were accepted by most women in the wake of what they had witnessed.

As they took stock and considered the future, the women realized they were confronted with a largely empty continent. This triggered the natural human urge to increase population and expand.

Much of the advanced technology of the era was lost and rediscovered over the course of decades, but intense effort was put into retrieving and strengthening genetic testing for gender. All but the tiniest portion of male pregnancies were to be terminated. This did not conflict with the desire to repopulate the earth, for population growth is fundamentally constrained by the number of uteruses in a society. Aborting most male fetuses had little effect.

However tragic the circumstances, there was at last the opportunity to realize the most radical of feminist dreams: to destroy the patriarchy at its roots, to largely eliminate maleness as a force in the social fabric by eliminating males.

Ideologies on other continents varied, but with population so low and vast tracts of fallow land available for expansion -- and with women in charge -- aggression or domination across vast oceans was not a factor for a very long time.

Bill's auction took place in 2011, 30 years after the holocaust.

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