The Neighbourhood Group
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Reluctant, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Hermaphrodite, Fiction, Robot, Zoophilia, Mother, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - After a mother and daughter successfully seduced a neighbour, they attended a performance of the neighbourhood's sexual enlightenment group. The performance exceeded their expectations and they decided to join the group. They renovated their house, turning the basement into a neighbourhood performance center.

1.01 Mary, Sara and John:

1.02 Sara and John, Seduction, Handjob:

1.03 Sara and John, Seduction, Deepthroat:

1.04 John and Sara, Seduction, Mating:

1.05 John and Mary, Doggy style mating:

1.06 Mary and Sara, The Cleansing:

1.07 Mary and Sara, The Fisting:

1.01 Mary, Sara and John:

Mary, a widower, and her daughter Sara live next door to John, who is still recovering from a three year old failed marriage. Their relationship is close but not intimate. Sara has come to look at John as a friend and surrogate father.

Sara is a promiscuous 16 year old, sexually mature beyond her age and internet savvy. She learned from web sites all she needed to know about the sexual side of males, including how to remove her hymen with a large tampon. When she turned 16, Sara confided in her mother that she wanted to have sex with John. A shocked Mary quickly changed the subject. She couldn't help but see the promiscuous nature of her daughter every time she was around John. She wore tight fitting shorts and blouses. As summer approached, Mary saw her daughter looking at thong bikinis in the magazines and on the internet. Mary finally reached the conclusion that this wasn't going to end until her daughter had seduced John. As she began to visualize the seduction and a strange sense of perverse excitement filled her mind. She told Sara that she would arrange for a week's getaway at their favorite resort and would ask John to join them. In the meantime, she was to stop her obvious advances toward him.

Sara discussed her plans with her friends on Facebook and was surprised by the amount of suggestions that were offered. She received a separate email from a friend whose father worked as a pharmaceutical researcher. He was developing drugs which has effects similar to Viagra and would keep a male or female aroused for at least two hours. Included was a timed released chemical that would sustain a male's semen production after ejaculation.

Sara knew that this is what she wanted and agreed to the conditions. She was not disclose where she got the drug and it would be delivered to her with no return address. She would have to fill out a detailed worksheet describing the effectiveness of the drugs and any unwanted side effects. Sara thought about her mother and John and ordered both the male and female versions. When the package arrived, Sara told her mother it was from a friend returning some CD's that she had given her. In her bedroom, Sara opened it and looked at the four packages. Two were labeled Male and two were labeled Female.

The instructions were simple,

1. Pour contents of one package into any drink or beverage.

2. Full effects are felt within ten to fifteen minutes.

3. Effects will last two to three hours.

Sara put the four packages into a small bag that held her personal items.

The resort was picture perfect, long curving sandy beaches rimmed with palm trees. Behind the trees were the guest bungalows, each with its fifty foot path to beach and the ocean. Each bungalow had a golf-like cart and the ride to the resort's main building took only three minutes. The bungalows were luxurious in every respect with two bedrooms, separate kitchen and dining room. Groceries, food and beverages could be ordered and delivered by the resorts guest services. She arranged for two adjacent bungalows. The resort informed her that they were doing landscaping work between the two bungalows and they should avoid the work area.

They arrived on the island around noon, checked in and were driven to their bungalows. After unpacking and ordering what they wanted from the resort's services, they changed into their bathing suits and headed to the beach. Mary saw John staring at her daughter's thong bikini and smiled.

John looked at Mary and said,

"Hard to believe she is just 16."

Mary understood what John was alluding to and just nodded her head.

Around 5:00pm they returned to their bungalows. While John was changing, Mary told Sara that their plans for John would start in the morning after a good night's sleep. Mary made dinner and after they finished eating, they relaxed in the living room watching their HDTV. At 10:30pm John stood up and said that he was going to turn in. Mary told John to join them for breakfast and wear his bathing suit. After he left, Sara hugged her mother and went to her bedroom. Visions of a naked John filled her mind as she drifted off to sleep.

1.02 Sara and John, the seduction:

As luck would have it, the rains settled in during the night. In the morning, Mary was preparing breakfast when she looked out the kitchen window and saw John navigating through the muddy landscaping area and saw him slip. He stood up covered with mud over most of his body. Since he was closer to her bungalow, she opened the window and told him he could use her shower and she would wash his T-shirt and swim trunks. An embarrassed, but smiling John nodded his head and took off his sandals as he entered the door. Sara smiled sympathetically at him as he made his way to the bathroom. Mary waited by the door and soon John handed her his T-shirt and swim trunks. She told him to use the robe that was hanging on the door. Through the crack in the door, Mary got a quick glimpse of John's nakedness. Not only was he endowed, he was hairless.

Mary looked at Sara and whispered,

"This is perfect, all he will be wearing is a robe."

Sara dashed off to her room and picked up a package labeled 'Male' and put it in the pocket of robe.

In a few minutes, John came out of the bathroom and they sat down at the kitchen table enjoying each other's company as they ate their breakfast. When finished Mary suggested that John relax in the living room and watch the HDTV while she cleaned up the kitchen. Sara made him coffee and laced it with the package's powder. John settled back on the sectional, tuned to CNN and began sipping on Sara's 'special' coffee.

It started as a wonderful warmth that flowed across his loins and chest and seeped into penis, testicles and nipples. He continued watching the HDTV and sipping his coffee as the exquisite sensations intensified. Sara saw John begin fidgeting on the cushion and knew that the drug was taking effect. The feelings that were spreading across his body were much like those that he felt when he hadn't had sex in weeks. His nervousness escalated as his mind tried to figure out what was happening to him. Mary saw Sara walk in front of John. He looked at her with mounting apprehension as the unwanted feeling continued to flow throughout his body.

Sara smiled and undid the sash to her robe and shrugged it from her shoulders. John's eyes opened wide when he saw Sara's sheer negligee which highlighted her curvaceous body, firm youthful breasts and nuded labia.

Before he could react, Sara had knelt down in front of his bent and closed knees. She looked up into his dazed eyes and smiled as she ran her hands along his robe covered thighs. He flinched at the touches and whispered,

"Sara, for God's sake what are you doing?"

He looked at Mary and was equally stunned when he saw her smiling back at him.

Sara's hands began massaging the soft fabric onto thighs and John franticly fought back the sensations that were from that were seeping into his tingling penis. He opened his mouth as if to say something, then quickly closed his eyes as her fingers pressed into fabric near his penis and balls. John shifted his thighs trying to evade the delicate touches of Sara's exploring fingers tips. His breathing quickened as he felt his penis stirring and he made an attempt to stand up but quickly stopped knowing that his arousal would be seen through the parted folds of his robe.

'Oh Jesus how can this be happening to him ... not in front of Mary and Sara.'

Mary and Sara smiled as a twitching 'tent' slowly rose up under John's robe. He closed his eyes as a strong wave of arousal flooded his body and his balls ached between his closed thighs.

Mary leaned closed to Sara and whispered in her ear,

"That's a big tent, enjoy yourself."

Sara knew John's hardness would be that way for the next two hours, with no loss of sexual arousal or semen production. John didn't hear what Mary had whispered, but he was getting the feeling that he was the center figure in a conspiracy between mother and daughter.

Sara smiled and stood up. Her hands grasped the bottom of her negligee and she pulled it upward and off of her body. A soft, reluctant sigh escaped John's mouth as he gazed at the fully exposed treasures of Sara's young body. His induced erection jerked under the robe and Mary could see a moist circle forming at the tip of the 'tent'. She smiled when he saw him bunching the robe between his thighs trying to make his arousal less noticeable.

Sara knelt down again and rested her hands on his thighs and whispered,

"I want you to have sex with me."

An embarrassed and bewildered John was trying to make sense out of what was happening. Why was he so aroused and why is he so turned on by this naked 16 year old. Sara's fingers slipped slowly under the edges of John's robe and his hardness throbbed within the bunched fabric.

John pleaded,

"Sara, stop, this isn't right, this ... Oh God..."

Sara's finger tips had slipped onto the soft skin of John's thighs. He felt his erection jump and his thighs involuntarily widened slightly. The robe over his thighs shifted and Sara's hands now had easier access to the bared flesh and she sensuously began an exquisite massaging and kneading action along the soft skin of John's inner thighs.

John made an attempt to sit up but then realized that his nakedness and aroused member would come into Sara's view. Sara gasped softly when she saw portions of John's heavy testicles and the thick base of his erection when it came into her view. Sara knew she was at the 'moment of no return'. Her persistent and gentle hands now worked their way further inward toward John's robe covered genitals. John fidgeted and squirmed as her hands disappeared under the soft fabric and make their way toward the junction of his thighs.

John in almost a whisper, pleaded again,

"Nooo Sara, don't do this, I beg..."

Sara felt John's hips jerk as her hands slipped inward over his thighs and wrap themselves around his erect manhood. John moaned and Sara gasped excitedly as his penis throbbed within her squeezing hands.

Sara looked at Mary and then up into John's eyes and whispered,

"Oh, John, you're so big and I can feel it pulsing in my hands."

John whimpered,

"Please don't ... please don't..."

And then he moaned as her squeezing hands glided up and down his engorged manhood.

Sara stood up and leaned inward, her hands moved from his hardness to the ends of the robe's sash. She began planting soft kisses all over his face and neck. Their lips met and John reluctantly, opened them and Sara slipped her tongue inward and she kissed John for the first time. Her hands pulled on the sash and the upper part of his robe parted. The lower part of his robe was now loosely bunched on his lap and he moaned into Sara's mouth when he felt the last remnants of his modesty and control disappearing. John's aroused body now surrendered his mind to the sixteen year old seductress.

Sara broke the kiss and looked down onto John's lap. She smiled when she saw the 'tent' pushing upward within the bunched robe with a larger moist spot at the tip of the 'tent. She reached down and laid the palm of her hand over the moistened circle with a gentle swirling motion and John gasped as he pushed up into Sara's hands.

Sara whispered,

"Let me take care of that for you."

With a soft, not so hesitant whisper, John said,


Sara smiled and kneeled back down in front of John's spread and bent thighs. She reach forward and pushed his bunched robe away from his lap and both she and both Sara and Mary gasped when John's granite-like erection bounced into the air when it broke loose from the confining soft fabric of his robe. Sara put her hands on John's thighs and slowly pushed them apart. He sighed as his heavy balls slipped down between them and swayed in the air.

"Oh John, I love it ... It's even more beautiful without any hair hiding it."

John moaned as his aroused body became totally exposed to Sara's feasting eyes.

Sara's breath came in quick pants, when, for the first time in her life, her eyes were solidly locked onto a male's straining erection. All the hard penises that she had seen so far, were of teen boy friends that hadn't fully matured yet. Her labia fluttered with warmth and her vagina, clitoris and nipples twitched with mounting excitement.

She placed her hands on John's inner thigh's. He closed his eyes as the soft hands again, began to massage and knead the soft skin. His hardness throbbed as it angled upward over his abdomen. Her hands moved toward the junction of his thighs and with a gentle massaging action, lifted his heavy, swaying testicles.

Sara gasped as John's nuded balls lay within her hands,

"Oh John, I love them as much as your penis, they feel so soft and heavy."

John moaned at the contact and his straining member jerked in the air. The tingling gland glistened in the light from his drooling preseminal fluids. John saw Mary hand Sara a bottle of massaging oil and then whisper something in ear. She told Sara that when a man gets excited, a clear delicious liquid drools from the head of his penis.

Sara smiled and looked at the thick crown of John's hard penis and saw the oozing clear liquid and looked up into John's nervous face, she was learning. She brought her fingers toward the oozing opening and swirled the sticky liquid around John's sensitive gland.

John gasped, his hips bucked upward and his hard organ jumped at the ecstatic contact.

"Ohhhhh ... Jesuss..."

Sara was thrilled with John's reaction. She opened the bottle and said softly,

"I know you are going to like this."

John franticly shook his head.

She poured the thick liquid onto John's hardness, starting at the excited head and moving downward, toward the base. She smiled when she saw it jerk in the air as the warm liquid spread over the sensitive hard flesh. She put the bottle down and moved her hands onto John's erection. Soft slurping sounds were heard as her hands began a delicious, slow, massaging and squeezing action.

John moaned and thrust his hardness upward into the young hands.


Sara smiled, she wanted to see what John's spurting semen looked like. Her slick hands now concentrated on John's hyper-sensitive, tingling gland. John's mind was being saturated with sensations that he had not felt in a long time and his hips began bucking and jerking as Sara drove his body toward his first ejaculation. She moved her slick left hand down and lifted his heavy balls with an exquisite massaging action.

Sara could feel the deep internal throbs of John's erection and she tightened her fingers around his hardness and held it so it was pointing straight up. John's breathing came in deep pants and gasps as his hips began to franticly thrust his straining manhood into Sara's squeezing and massaging hands. He felt the incredible pressure building at the base of his straining member and knew he was going to embarrassed himself in front of Sara and Mary.

It surged upward toward his tingling gland. The liquid joy swirled around the hyper-sensitive head and then exploded out of the puckering opening, spewing his thick essence high into the air. An excited Sara wanted to clap her hands with joy but continued with her relentless assault on John's spurting manhood.

She smiled as the thick stream splattered back down, drenching his thighs, balls and her hands. She didn't let up and her learning hands coaxed another long stream of semen to jettison out of his jumping organ. Loud slurping sounds were heard as he thrust his spewing erection into Sara's milking hands. Again he gurgled in joy as his second massive ejaculation erupted out of the agitated gland.


John slumped back onto the cushion gasping and panting. Sara leaned back on bent legs looking at John's glistening, semen drenched erection and thighs. John closed his eyes not wanting to make eye contact with his Sara or her mother.

Sara smiled at her accomplishment. She had made John ejaculate.

She had to taste it and reached out and slipped a finger through one of the pools and brought her dripping finger to her mouth. Her taste buds deliciously exploded. She loved the thick, slightly salty taste. She wanted more and began lapping up some of the warm pools of semen with her tongue. Mary was pleasantly surprised at what her daughter was doing and her own arousal was beginning build between his thighs. She went to the kitchen and returned with warm, wet wash clothes and a towel.

It suddenly dawned on John that his penis was still hard and his arousal hadn't abated. He looked with dazed eyes as Sara and Mary began to wash and clean his genitals, thighs and abdomen. He heard Mary make a comment about his sustained erection and saw Sara whispered something in her ear and Mary smiled. His conspiracy theory was correct and he had walked into it like a sacrificial lamb.

John moaned as the swirling hands washed away the remnants of his orgasm. What he couldn't understand was, what was keeping him so aroused and in so much need?.

Mary looked at Sara and whispered,

"There is a better place for this, let's go the your bedroom."

Sara smiled and a confused John just nodded his head and they helped him into a standing position. Sara saw his straining erection and reached down and cradled it in her hand. John moaned at the wonderful touch and couldn't stop himself from reaching down and palming the swelling folds of his young seductress. No one, except herself, had ever touched her 'down there' and she wasn't prepared for the sensations that shot throughout her loins. She quickly wrapped her arms tightly around him and gasped loudly.

It was John's turn now and his hand slowly began a delicious massaging action. His fingers slipped between the folds nestling into Sara's inner lips and his thumbs pressed onto her protruding clitoris. Sara's mind and body was flooded with waves of pleasures, her knees wobbled as her arousal soared. Not wanting John to stop, Sara closed her thighs, trapping his massaging hand as the fingers explored her treasured opening.

Mary interrupted the intimate discoveries and said,

"Come with me you two."

Mary led them into her Sara's bedroom.

She preceded them into the bedroom, turned down the bed, adjusted the lights over the bed to a soft glow and switched on romantic mood music over the room's sound system. She saw Sara holding John's hand as she led him toward the bed.

1.03 Sara and John, Seduction, Deepthroat:

They reached the bed and Sara drew John close to her body and kissed him deeply and passionately. This time it was she that moaned into John's mouth when his throbbing manhood pressed against her thigh.

They broke the kiss and Sara whispered,

"Let me take care of that wonderful thing between your legs. I want taste that delicious nectar that spurts out of it."

Mary smiled when she saw John's erection twitch wildly between his thighs.

Sara sat John down on the edge of the bed and then had him lay back on it with his feet resting on the floor. His manhood bobbed excitedly over his abdomen.

She smiled down at him and whispered,

"Spread your legs a little wider John ... Oh that's good."

She saw his heavy, rejuvenated balls swaying between his thighs. Sara moved between them and leaned over his body. Her abdomen made contact with his hard member and she wiggled deliciously against it. She smiled when she felt his warm, oozing precum spread onto her abdomen

"Now I will show you how a sixteen year old takes care of her man."

With that, Sara starting planting soft butterfly kisses on John's neck and shoulders. Her hands reached in and palmed his firm areolas. A soft sigh escaped John's lips which changed to a low moan when the caressing fingers tips moved onto his erect nipples with an exquisite pressing and swirling action.

The suckling kisses continued from shoulder to shoulder and John's breathing quickened. Sara's mouth and lips now trekked downward toward his right areola. John held his breath when he felt a warm, moist breath bathe his erect nipple and then felt Sara's suckling lips and tongue descend onto the excited small bud. In a few seconds, Sara kissed her way over to John's left areola and again, her suckling mouth devoured his excited left nipple. Sara divided her attention to both nipples and John's breathing came in quick pants and gasps as he started pushing his tingling nipples into Sara's wonderful hands and sucking mouth.

While Sara's mouth and lips concentrated on John's excited nipples, her hands massaged their way down his abdomen. John's pants deepened as the hands neared the base of his throbbing erection. The hands moved to his inner highs and began massaging the soft skin and John quickly spread his thighs as wide as he could. Her hands slipped inward toward his aching testicles formed her hands around his swaying and bloated testicles. Her breathing quickened when she saw and felt John's balls resting in her hands.

John's hips jerked upward and he moaned as waves of pleasure radiated outward from Sara's massaging hands.


Sara's suckling mouth began an exciting trek downward across his abdomen. John knew where Sara's mouth was headed and his entire sex rippled with excited anticipation. His erection jumped and jerked and his precum spurted and drooled from the enflamed head. He closed his eyes and waited with baited breath as the suckling mouth came nearer and nearer to its destination.

John felt Sara's mouth leave his abdomen and then a wonderful, warm, moist breath of air bathed his highly-sensitive and tingling gland. He gasped loudly and arched upward as the loving mouth descended onto the head of his straining manhood. Sara's lips suckled their way down to the circumcision ring and her tongue swirled ecstatically around the highly excited gland.

Sara moved her hands from John's testicles and put them on the bed for support. Her head and mouth now started a slow descent onto John's throbbing erection. She raised up a bit and tilted her head. John's thick gland now glided into her clenching mouth and throat.

Mary looked in amazement as the full length of John's thick manhood slipped into her daughters throat. Her only thought was that Sara must have prepared herself by practicing on a dildo.

John gurgled with joy as Sara's warm throat muscles ecstatically kissed and squeezed his pulsing hardness as it was sucked into the depths of Sara's throat. Sara's throat bulged obscenely from the imbedded erection, her chin pressed against John's heavy balls and she shifted it back and forth causing him to gasp loudly from the dual sensations.

With a torturous twisting motion, Sara lifted her head and John's throbbing erection was slowly pulled outward. When the agitated gland reach her mouth, she closed her cheeks around it with a forceful suctioning action. Her tongue swirled around the pulsing head and played with the oozing opening. She sucked up John's precum with her curled tongue as though it was a straw.

Sara smiled inwardly at John's torment and then skewered her loving throat back onto his enraged member. His hips began bucking and thrashing, his hands gripped Sara's head tightly. Sara's grip on John's hips tightened. Again, John felt that ecstatic sucking and milking action as his erection descended into the depths of her incredible mouth and throat.

"Uhh ... Uhh ... Uhh ... Jesus ... I ... I ... I"

Sara knew that her throat was pushing John rapidly toward his orgasmic edge and she pulled upward just enough so that two or three inches of John's hardness remained within her throat. She then began to ecstatically flex and clench her throat muscles around John's highly excited manhood. He gurgled incoherently as his thick load of semen entered the base of his erection and shot up his highly agitated erection. The thick stream of semen spewed into Sara's eager and receptive throat.

Sara feasted on John's delicious nectar and increased her exquisite milking actions and John's hips arched upward as his mind and body became submersed in a cauldron of orgasmic explosions. Another huge stream of thick semen exploded up his straining hardness and again Sara feasted on his spewing nectar.


John's mind was now saturated with the multiple waves of orgasmic ecstasy that was exploding across his loins and slumped back onto the bed gasping and panting. His still spurting hardness slipped out of Sara's mouth and she quickly followed it and hummed as her mouth and cheeks feasted on the remnants of Johns ejaculation. Sara stood backup and looked down at John with a feeling of gratefulness. A long string of semen dangled from her lips and she sucked up into mouth. Sara laid the palm of her right hand on top of the slick tube of flesh that was angling over John's abdomen and swirled it in delicious circles. John moaned and again his mind tried to figure out why he was still, so hard and so aroused.

Sara leaned near John's face and whispered,

"Let's have a quick shower, some refreshments and then you can take my virginity."

1.04 John and Sara, Seduction, Mating:

Their shower was quick, both longed to get back to that wonderful soft bed and each other's bodies. After drying each other off they went back to the kitchen where Mary had prepared a brunch for the three off them. John had put a towel around his waist but his sustained arousal pushed the towel outward, which did not go unnoticed by Sara and Mary. When Mary and John weren't looking, Sara poured a package labeled 'Female' into her mother's orange juice. She used the other package for herself. Sara wanted to be on the same arousal level as John and her mother.

In about fifteen minutes, they had finished eating and John saw a deep flush on Mary's face and saw her pushing her robe between her thighs. He saw a panting Sara staring at the 'tent' in his towel and then her hand reached out, pulling the towel away from his body. Both Sara and Mary sighed at the sight as his hardness sprung into the air. John now wanted more of this 16 year old seductress and her mother.

Sara reached down and curled her fingers around John's thick member. A silent moan escaped Mary's mouth when she saw Sara leading John by his erection toward the bedroom. Like John, the inducers were taking effect, flooding her body with waves of up unexplained arousal. Her nipples were fully erect and her clitoris was poking out of its clitoral hood. As if in a trance she followed Sara and John into the bedroom. Sara's arousal was already flooding her body and all the inducers did was heighten the sensations.

They again stood naked facing each other and John reached down and molded the palm of his hand onto Sara's swollen, slick labia. Sara instinctively spread her legs and hunched down to give John easier access to her sex. John fingers slipped between her wet, flared folds and his thumb ecstatically pressed and manipulated the extended pink organ as it strained out of its clitoral hood.

Sara squealed and collapsed against John as her body exploded with joy.

She laid her head on John's chest, gasping and moaning as his slick fingers explored the flared lips and slick furrow. As his thumb and fingers worked her sex into a frenzy, Sara's squeezing hands were gliding up and down John's engorged manhood. Somehow, their mouths found each other and Sara kissed John with a passion used by experienced lovers.

As Mary watched John and Sara manipulate each other's sex, a euphoric rush flooded her body. Her clitoris leaped out of its protective hood and her vagina rippled with deep with need. Her nipples stiffened and her breasts ached. A confused Mary was trying to understand why her arousal was soaring. She had watched her friends having sex and it had never affected her this way or so strongly.

Mary finally got control of herself and whispered into Sara's ear,

"Sit down on the edge of the bed and lay back on it."

A highly aroused Sara did so, her wet inner lips fluttered with incredible sensations. John knelt down in front of Sara and rubbed his hands along the inner part of her thighs. His hands massaged their way from her knees to almost but not quite touching her young flushed labia and then back to her knees. Sara was emitting soft purring sounds and slowly her thighs parted. John hands reached her labia and again he molded them around the flared folds, his thumbs again swirled and pressed onto her rigid clitoris that was now extended well beyond its protective hood. A joyful squeal was heard and Sara's thighs opened wide like a butterfly spreading its wings.

John's erection jumped when Sara's labia flared apart and her sexual treasures were presented to his feasting eyes. He stood up and leaned over her trembling body, lowered his head and their lips met. Their lips parted and their tongues swirled together as they kissed passionately.

John rested his pulsing erection between the swollen lips of her labia. Sara moaned deeply into John's mouth as she pushed her sex upward, forcing John's pulsing hardness to grind against her rigid organ of joy and her hips began a delicious sawing motion.

She broke the kiss gasping and panting.

John smiled, lifted his head upward and began planting light suckling kisses on her neck and shoulders. His hands formed around her breasts and his fingers slowly worked their way over the firm mounds and began to caress and manipulate her erect nipples. Sara cooed as new and wonderful sensations flooded her chest. His suckling lips left her neck and shoulders and trekked downward toward her right breast. Sara held her breath as they came nearer and nearer to their destination. She felt a warm, moist breath bathe her excited right nipple and then the suckling mouth descended onto it. John's lips and tongue began to caress and manipulate the erect bud and Sara gasped as she pushed her breast into John's devouring mouth. His mouth slipped off of her right breast and suckled its way to her left breast. The kneading hand held the held the youthful mound as his mouth devoured her left nipple. Sara's moans became louder and the contortions of her upper body became more frantic as John's lips and hands paid loving homage to her breasts and erect, bullet-like nipples.

John's suckling mouth left Sara's aching breasts and started to trek southward. As he moved down across her abdomen his throbbing hardness pulled away from her swollen sex. Within a second or two, Sara realized that his mouth was about to take its place and her hips squirmed in ecstatic anticipation. Soon Sara felt John's hot breath bathe her engorged labia. Through the dense fog of arousal, she watched with panting gasps as his head came nearer and nearer to her flared treasures.

Slowly ... slowly ... slowly, and then...

Sara gasped loudly, her body convulsing as his moist hot lips closed over the swollen folds and his tongue slipped ecstatically into the pink recesses of her slick furrow. John felt the quivering inner lips caress the tip of his tongue and he began tracing the oozing opening. With agonizingly slowness, his sucking mouth slipped upward toward Sara's engorged and waiting organ of joy. Her hands reached down and grasped his head in a futile attempt to speed that wonderful mouth on its way to her clitoris. Her hips arched up and she wailed as the wet swirling tongue made contact and curled around her rigid organ of joy.

"Ohhh ... Godd..."

John's lapping tongue slipped back down Sara's slick crease and once again played with clasping opening to her vagina. This time, the slippery appendage nudged inward, bringing a low guttural groan from the teen whose soft warm thighs were closing convulsively against the sides of his moving head. John could feel the clenching opening trying pull his probing tongue deeper and deeper into it.

He reached down and grasped both of Sara's feet and lifted them up onto the edge of the bed. Her highly aroused and excited body made her spread her thighs wider, giving John total and complete access to her enflamed sex. His suckling mouth reacquired Sara's hard, throbbing organ of joy and his fingers slipped past her virginal inner lips with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Sara's hips bucked and ground against John's devouring mouth and stroking fingers. Both Her hands gripped the sheet tightly as her body was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. John's experts fingers found the soft, spongy tissues of her excited 'G' spot and began an ecstatic stoking action on to and off of the hyper-sensitive area of her womanhood.


John's mouth and fingers withdrew from Sara's enflamed sex and she howled with disappointment. His hips hunched upward pushing his throbbing manhood between the swollen flared folds and planted his hands on either side of her shoulders. The expanded labia was visibly throbbing, the wet swollen folds held wide apart by the thickness of his hardness. It slithered up and down, up and down, in a maddening tease that caused Sara's excited vaginal opening to desperately search for the hard thick gland at the head of his erection.

A tormented Sara grasped his erection and pulled it into her swollen furrow. As the thick head slipped between the grateful folds, it pushed them further apart and both gasped at the exquisite contact. Sara dragged the pulsing gland up and down her wet, pink crease from her inner lips to her engorged clitoris. She nestled it between her clasping inner lips and John moaned as his excited gland was kissed and caressed by the clenching entrance.

Sara, in a gasping plea, whispered,

"Now John ... now..."

John nudged his excited member inward and both gasped as the elastic opening stretched over his engorged gland. John pushed inward with deliberate slowness. He felt Sara flinch slightly with discomfort, but it only lasted a second and then waves of sensations that she had never, ever, felt before, flooded her virgin vaginal passage and she gurgled with joy and pleasure. John slipped further inward and Sara's mind exploded in ecstasy, she wanted more, she wanted it all. He felt her hands reach out and grasp his buttocks then she arched up forcefully and impaled herself deeply and totally onto his engorged erection. With one upward lunge, Sara lost her virginity.

She locked her legs around John's lower back and squealed in joy and ecstasy, John lay dormant, deep within her vagina waiting for Sara to adjust to the thick fullness that had just penetrated her womanhood for the first time.

Mary saw John's straining hardness sink into the depths of her daughter's vagina and heard her moans of ecstasy. Her mind and body were in sexual turmoil as her vaginal sheath clenched, her rigid clitoris throbbed and her bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode. Her hands were franticly trying to relieve the orgasmic tensions that were gripping her body.

John slowly pulled back. Sara mewed as her vagina flexed around the slick withdrawal. John stopped with the head just within her vaginal opening. Sara's inner lips kissed it lovingly and John sank slowly back in and Sara moaned and gurgled in ecstasy. John repeated his slow lunges in and out of Sara's adapting vagina. Her vaginal muscles expanded and started to clench around the massive organ. Her vagina contracted involuntarily as exquisite spasms raced through her rippling vaginal passage. John felt the clenching pressures exerted on his slow moving member. He flexed gently, expanding his granite-like penis deep inside her. Sara rolled her eyes as the new, ecstatic sensations blossomed and ballooned across her loins.

"Oh ... God ... OH ... God..."

John waited a moment, flexed again, he saw her aroused face light up, her eyes and mouth opened wide as another loud moan of rising pleasure burst forth. Again John thrust inward and then withdrew, again and again, setting a slow teasing rhythm to his ecstatic strokes.

Mary's gasps and pants blended in with Sara's mewling and chanting sounds. Her hands fell in sync with John's thrusts as both females were driven toward their orgasmic edge.

A maddening electric tingle began deep within Sara's vagina. It rippled outward toward her enflamed clitoris, over her abdomen and up to the tingling tips of her erect nipples. With gurgles of joy, she ground her seething sex in tight circles around the magnificent penetrator that was lunging into the depths of her sexual being. John let Sara strain against him for a while, watching the ecstatic smile playing across her lips. Her motions became faster by the second and the tempo of her counter thrusts became more urgent.

The juices of her milking vagina were beginning to flow and all could hear the wet sucking sound of the in-and-out stoking actions. Sara suddenly thrust upward and froze with John's engorged manhood buried deep inside of her body. Her legs shot out in a wide 'V' and began kicking wildly in the air as her body began orgasming for the first time in her life.


With a deep-throated groan, her body began spasming uncontrollably. Wet vaginal juices spurted from her throbbing passage, drowning John's impaled member with its slick warmth and trickling down her thighs. John withdrew his deeply imbedded erection until just the tip of the head rested within her. Then, he thrust forward. Her vaginal muscles once again clenched around his pulsing shaft.

Sara was riding her orgasmic elevator.

John began long hard strokes into the steaming passage that was now wet and slippery from her orgasm, withdrawing the swollen head until just the tip was inside the gripping opening and then thrusting forward with his hips. Young Sara groaned helplessly as she was once again impaled. She could feel the giant organ sliding in and out of her warm, syrupy passage like a fevered piston. Her body began to match his forceful lunges with her own rhythmic upward thrusts.

John gasped and panted as he felt the ecstatic pressure of his ejaculation build. John's sense of urgency became almost a sense of desperation and thrust and lunged with abandonment. He felt his thick load of semen pulse up his jerking erection and wailed as the liquid joy swirled around the excited, thick gland then spew deep into Sara's vagina and cervix.


Sara felt the first of John's eruptions flood into her enraged sex. Her back again arched and froze as her body started its second climatic orgasm. John's jerking and throbbing erection continued to ejaculate great heaving torrents of semen. Sara could feel the delicious hot, thick liquid shooting into her and her vaginal muscles stroked and milked the spurting erection trying to get more of the John's essence into her spasming sheath.

She was going insane with the feel of it ... She never wanted it to end, never.

Again her legs jerked out wide on either side of his body, forming a wide 'V'. They cycled desperately in the air as her unrelenting orgasm exploded across her body again and again.

The final explosion was so intense, her thrashing and wailing body arched high of the bed and her orgasmic scream ended when she slumped onto bed unconscious.


Sara's vaginal muscles continued to suck and milk John's spewing, throbbing organ until it gave one final spasmodic spurt, and the last drop of semen was sucked into Sara's greedy cavern.

Mary's body had slipped off the bed and was kneeling in front of it. One hand was grasping the edge of the bed for support and the other hand and wrist were thrusting into her enraged sex with sexual abandonment. She suddenly hunched down and spread her thighs wide apart and screamed as her fist and wrist gave her the orgasm that she so desperately needed.

John collapsed over Sara's body, feeling her insides still clenching around his spurting member. It seemed endless, until she too gave one last unconscious, lunging jerk and quivered to a limp stillness, her legs slipped off the bed and her feet lay on the floor.

Sara slowly recovered and she moaned as the aftershocks rippled up and down her body. She open her eyes and saw John smiling down at her. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulled him down and they kissed deeply and passionately. As they kissed, John slowly withdrew his still erect penis and it slipped out with a loud slurping sound.

Sara moaned into John's mouth as the wonderful fullness left her body.


John rolled over on his back beside Sara. His hardness lay angled over his abdomen and a soft moan escaped his lips as his sexual rejuvenation targeted his prostate and testicles. The same sexual rejuvenation was spreading throughout Sara's and Mary's bodies.

Sara saw her mother smiling at her then she saw her mother's eyes shift toward John's glistening hardness. Sara and John heard a long sigh as Mary's arousal washed across her body. The longer her eyes feasted on John's erection the more aroused she got. In the back of her mind she was still trying to understand what was happening to her and 'why'.

Sara leaned close to John and whispered,

"I think my mother needs attention and needs it now."

1.05 John and Mary, Doggy style mating:

A dazed Mary rested her panting head and shoulders on the edge of bed and was only vaguely aware of John and Sara as they slipped off of the bed knelt down on either side of her body. They saw her thick nectar oozing past her swollen folds and trickle down her thighs. Her rigid pink clitoris and erect nipples stood out like beacons below her body.

John shuffled behind Mary and his eyes became fixed on the wet, swollen folds of her labia which were pushed outward from between the spread cheeks of her buttocks. He crawled forward until his face was within inches of her sex. Mary could feel John's hot breath on the backs of her spread thighs and heard him breathe in through his nose, deeply inhaling the scent of her arousal. Sara heard a deep intake of breath from her mother as John pressed his face into the space between her spread legs. His lips pressed against the sensitive spot where her thighs met, and then his tongue slithered slowly in the pink furrow. Her back stiffened and arched, and she reflexively raised her hips and pressed back to give John's tongue easier access to her sex. It began sliding up and down, over and inside her swollen folds. Mary spread her thighs wider and the exploring tongue reached her engorged clitoris. The ecstatic contact caused Mary to raise her head and cry out.

John's hands now slid up and down her buttocks and legs. She trembled as the hands massaged their way down her calves and then up her inner thighs. Her hips began to rotate and rock back and forth as his tongue and lips did things that were incredibly exciting to her sex. The fingers joined the tongue in the exploration her swollen folds and then massaged their way back down the soft skin of inner thighs in an exquisite cycling motion.

Mary began cooing and mewing as she rode the rising waves of pleasure. She felt her juices flowing and her cooing and mewing gave way to more incoherent sounds as John's fingers and mouth drove her toward her much needed orgasm. As the tongue manipulated her rigid organ of joy, his fingers slipped between the slick folds and caressed the clenching opening to her womanhood. John slipped two twisting fingers through the eager opening and began exploring Mary's enflamed passage.

"Yess ... Ahh ... Oh God..."

The circling tips of his fingers intensified as they neared their target. Suddenly, Mary's hips thrust back sharply and began franticly grinding her seething sex onto John's suckling mouth and searching fingers. He had found her hyper-excited 'magic' and Mary screeched ecstatically as the tissues exploded with of jolts of joy. Mary orgasmed, crying out loudly as her vaginal muscles clutched around the stroking fingers and her rigid clitoris spasmed within the sucking mouth. She saw flares of light around her wide open eyes and her body shook and trembled from the power of her orgasm.

John's face stayed where it was, his fingers had slipped outward and his mouth began lapping at Mary's thick nectar that was oozing between the flared lips. Mary's ecstatic cries slowly subsided to low moans and gasps as she came down from her orgasmic high. Her tight gripping hands on the edge of the bed kept her in the kneeling position.

Sara looked in awe as John brought her mother to a quick orgasm. She did something that even she found hard to believe. She lowered herself beside her mother and reached under her kneeling body and lifted both of her breasts with her hands. A surprised and appreciative mother moaned softly as Sara massaged and kneaded her swaying breasts. The soft moan grew louder as her daughter's fingers began caressing twirling the excited bullet-like nipples.

John's massive hardness lay between Mary's spread thighs, pushing upward into the flared, wet folds of her labia. His hands massaged their way back and forth over hips and lower back. Mary gasped as her folds were pushed apart by his throbbing manhood and the exquisite caresses of her daughter's hands and fingers on her breasts and nipples.

His hardness now began dragging itself back and forth between her slick, flared folds, from her eager inner lips to her extended organ of joy. The thickness was slowly pushing upward, further separating the swollen lips. The hard member drew back and forth just a little further with each sliding motion. The head slipped ecstatically over her rigid clitoris, back toward her vulnerable and eager entrance, a little more each time. Mary's hands tightened their gripped the bed, her legs tensed, her dazed and aroused eyes were now tightly closed.

Sara was becoming more adventurous and lay down on the floor and shuffled under her mother until her mouth was below Mary's right breast. Mary felt Sara move under her and was to say something when an electric jolt of joy shot across her chest. Sara's head had pushed upward and her mouth, lips and tongue had closed over her engorged nipple with and ecstatic suckling action. At the same time her hands formed around her mother's left breast with a delicious massaging and kneading action. The combined efforts of John and Sara catapulted Mary into a sexual frenzy.

Mary gasped and pleaded,

"Oh Please ... Now ... Enter me ... Penetrate me..."

John smiled and moved the thick, slick head of his erection so it was nestled within the clasping lips of Mary's excited vaginal entrance and nudged his straining hardness inward. In one fluid motion, the thick head pushed her excited inner lips apart and slowly slid inward. Her frantic plea turned into a loud hiss of ecstasy as the thick head 'popped' past the stretching lips and slipped into her excited passage.

1"... 2"... 3"... 4"

Mary felt the most incredible stretching of her vagina and a wonderful sense of fullness.

"Yes ... Yes ... Yes..."

Four inches of hard, thick joy pushed and stretched its way into her enflamed passage. Mary wanted more, she begged for more. She gurgled and moaned as John's thick organ slipped inward, inch by glorious inch. In a few seconds, Mary felt the gates to her womb flare open to receive her long, thick penetrator.

5"... 6"... 7"... 8"

"Oh Sweet Jesus ... Ahhhhhh ... I love it..."

Mary's eyes opened wide as her vagina was ecstatically stretched and filled. She gasped as the thick erection kept slipping into her. Sliding in further and further until she was almost out of breath. The dual sensations of John's thick, pulsing erection pressing into the very core of her sexual being and the incredible 'nursing' from her daughter's sucking mouth filled her mind with intense waves of joy and ecstasy.

The long, member slowly withdrew, almost all the way out, and then slipped all the way back in. Then it withdrew part way, and seemed to wiggle slightly as John adjusted his position behind her. The angle of penetration changed, and pressing downward, dragging back and forth until ... an unexpected explosion of ecstatic joy surged through Mary's highly enraged vagina and into her excited clitoris. She wailed as the flexing gland teased and caressed her exploding sweet spot. As the pulsing head ecstatically stroked across the hyper-sensitive tissues, shards of electric joy charged across her dazed and stunned body.

John quickly lunged all the way into her then came back to tease her magic spot again and again. It was incredible. Mary was overloaded with waves of raw pleasure, and she knew she was rapidly climbing again towards another incredible orgasm. The massive member continued to enrage her enflamed vagina, sometimes sliding all the way in, filling her completely, once, twice, three times, before pulling back and sparking her sweet spot again. She gasped and groaned, unable to fully catch her breath. Her body was frozen, open and lewdly thrust back, unable or unwilling to move, not wanting the incredible connection to be broken.

Her eyes snapped open as her second climatic orgasm was unleashed across her body. The orgasmic lightning struck inside her ecstatic body and she screamed loudly. Her toes curled, her bent legs stiffened, and her back arched rearward as her vaginal muscles clamped around John's straining erection as it plunged one more time into her enraged vagina.


Mary couldn't stop convulsing or screeching as her body wide orgasm exploded throughout her sexual being. She was so completely full and her orgasming juices squished and gushed around the hard thickness which was giving her so much joy.

It was glorious. It was perfect. It was beautiful.

Sara intensified her sucking actions and her left hand shifted rearward under her mother's body toward her rigid and jerking organ of joy. Sara slipped two fingers onto the engorged appendage and Mary squealed again in orgasmic joy. Mary's foaming wetness gushed outward past her swollen and clenching folds. Her inner muscles squeezed and massaged the pulsing flesh that was embedded within her. Her bullet-like nipples throbbed within Sara's caressing and sucking mouth. Her whole body convulsed and spasmed in the ecstatic aftermath.


John let her rest while his flexing manhood remained buried deeply within in her. Soon, Mary cooed again as her lover withdrew and began to thrust into her with gentle, full length thrusts. It felt good, just enough to sustain her sexual glow. Delicious aftershocks continued to flood her satisfied body as her arousal came flooding back.

John's relentless thrusts continued and Mary felt his huge, heavy testicles swing upward and bounce onto her engorged clitoris and Sara's fingers. His hands grasped her waist, pulling her excited sex back onto his straining erection as he stroked forward.


Sara's mouth and fingers continued their relentless assault on her nipples and rigid excited clitoris. Mary's hips jerked, her organ of joy spasmed and her vaginal muscles clenched hungrily around the wonderful thickness that was slowly boring into her eager vagina. She felt his warm groin press against her buttocks and then wiggle ecstatically in circles. It drove her mind and body into a whirlwind of sensations that she had never felt before.

He lunged inward and Mary felt incredibly full when the engorged hardness entered her cervix and pushed against the flowering portal to her womb. She breathed heavily in quick pants in response to the delicious impalement. John withdrew so the thick head teased the puckering inner lips and then slithered back into the depths of her seething passage.

Both of John's hands now moved to Mary's hips and he once again started a slow, building rhythm of thrusts. His thick member stroked steadily in and out of Mary's, frothy, excited vaginal passage. Her gasping sounds registered her body's rising levels of ecstasy. John had already made her orgasm twice and she was being pushed rapidly toward a third orgasm. Mary began thrusting and grinding her hips back onto John's erection that was plunging into the depths of her sexual being. For the first time she was hearing John's deep gasping pants as his lunges took on a sense of urgency. She wanted to return the ecstasy that he was giving her and began clenching her vaginal muscles with an exquisite squeezing and milking action.

John gasped as his straining member became encased within a deep sucking and milking sheath. Mary now wanted, now needed and now craved for the John's thick gushes of thick essence to flood into her enflamed sex.

John's deep strokes intensified and Mary tightened her loving grip on his engorged erection. Suddenly it plunged inward and began to thicken and flex wildly within her milking passage. Mary felt the most incredible ballooning sensation in her seething vagina as thick streams of semen jettisoned from the flexing gland. Mary thrust her hips forcefully rearward and squealed with joy.


John pulled his straining erection outward and then thrust inward again and again as his spasming gland unleashed another forceful, flood of semen. The ecstatic feelings spread through Mary like a series of freight trains, shooting from her vagina and connecting with her exploding clitoris, up to her breasts, nipples and then flooding into her mind.

Mary's third and final, climatic orgasm was total and all consuming.

Her toes curled, her hands again tightened on the edge of the bed. Her orgasmic scream drowned out the deep moans of her lover. Bright flashes of orgasmic lights danced across her wide open eyes. Every cell in Mary's body vibrated with ecstasy. His spewing essence went on and on, his hips grinding is turgid shaft deep into her frenzied sex, flooding her clenching womanhood again and again with his liquid joy.


Mary's sexual sensory system went into overload and her shoulders and head slumped down the bed as she lost consciousness. She slowly recovered and her elevated sex jerked onto John's still imbedded hardness as ecstatic aftershocks flooded her slumping body.

"Ohh ... Ohh ... Ohh..."

John began to feel the hardness of his manhood ebbing away and his induced arousal began to fade. Mary moaned with disappointment as John's erection slowly softened. The squirmy sensations caused more reflexive squeezing and the softening penis was slowly pushed out with a soft slurping sound.

"Ohhhhhhh ... Johnnnnnnnnn..."

Sara shifted out from under her mother's body and sat down beside John They saw Mary shifting her hips back and forth as her arousal was being rejuvenated. Sara knew that her mother was still under the influence of the 'powder'. She saw the twitching, pink clitoris, the swollen slick folds and the erect nipples.

Sara said,

"Help me walk my mother to the shower. We have a shower douche installed."

1.06 Mary and Sara, the cleansing:

John wasn't sure if he wanted to watch that but nodded his head. They lifted a helpless and dazed Mary onto her feet and slowly walked her into the bathroom. Sara stepped into the shower and turned on the water to the wall mounted douche bowl. When it was nice and warm, she lifted the nozzle from the hook and put it on the floor of the tub. The removable shower head was then turned on and when it was ready Sara put it beside the douche nozzle.

They moved Mary into the shower and John moved behind her and wrapped his arms gently around her. Despite her soaring arousal, Mary knew what Sara was going to do and tried to move away but John held her firmly. Sara knelt down in front of her mother and Mary thought to herself 'not in front of John' but her eyes saw the thick ribbed nozzle and her body said 'yes, oh God yes'.

Sara ran her hands up and down the soft skin of her mother's thighs. With each sweep, her fingers slipped between further them and soon a soft sigh was heard as Mary slowly spread her legs apart, giving her daughter access to her sex. The swollen folds still glistened with a mix her orgasmic juices and John's thick ejaculations. Sara picked up the portable shower head and began cleaning her mother's sex and thighs. Mary moaned and bucked her hips forward as the pulsing spray flooded her swollen folds, rigid clitoris and thighs. Sara adjusted the spray to a circular massage setting and directed the swirling flow onto her mother's excited and straining clitoris. Mary squealed with joy as a quick clitoral orgasm exploded across her loins.


Sara smiled at the reaction of her mother and picked up the six inch douche nozzle. She pushed the button that allowed the water to flow down from the douche basin and inserted the end of the nozzle into her mother's vagina. A long ecstatic sigh echoed around the shower as the ribbed thickness slipped deeply into Mary's aroused sex. The flowing waters filled her vaginal sheath with an exquisite liquid pressure and the ribs teased and tantalized the sensitive lining of her vagina. While Sara maneuvered the 'douche phallic' in and out of her mother's seething passage, John's hands moved onto Mary's breasts and began to massage and knead them. His fingers slipped over the firm mounds and caressed the engorged, erect nipples. Mary's mind was flooded with jolts of joy as her contorting body thrust her enflamed sex onto the lunging douche and pushed her breasts into John's manipulating hands. With a loud wail, Mary's second orgasm exploded throughout her body,


Sara removed the douche nozzle and returned it and the shower head to their hooks. She stood up and looked into her mother's still aroused face and smiled. A confused Mary weakly smiled back at her daughter, her mind couldn't understand why her body was in a constant state of arousal. She looked at her daughter's curvaceous nakedness and her breath quickened. 'Does this mean I am a lesbian? Oh God, this is incest and so wrong.' She stood in submissive compliance as John and Sara dried her body and then they walked her toward the bed. John didn't know what Sara was going to do to her mother but had a feeling he was going to enjoy it.

1.07 Mary and Sara, The Fisting:

When they reached the bed, Sara in a soft low voice said,

"Sit down on the edge of the bed and lay back with your feet on the floor."

John watched as a Mary did what Sara told her to do. With a gesture of modesty Mary kept her bent legs close together. Her rigid clitoris stood hard at the top of her labia. Mary opened the drawer to the night stand and took out a bottle of massaging oil that she uses to satisfy her needs and put it on the floor beside Mary's feet.

Sara knelt down in front of Mary and gently rubbed her warm hands along her mother's inner thighs. Sara smiled when she heard a sigh and watched as the thighs slowly spread apart. As her thighs parted, so did the swollen folds of her labia. Sara's eyes locked onto Mary's sexual treasures as they came into her view.

Sara stood up, leaned over Mary's body and began planting soft butterfly kisses along her mother's and neck. At the same time, her hands reached out and formed around Mary's breasts with a pleasurable massaging and kneading action. Her fingers slipped over the firm mounds and tantalizingly played with the engorged nipples, pushing and pressing and then back to kneading of her aching breasts.

Mary's soft coos and sighs suddenly stopped when she realized what was happening and she whimpered,

"Sara stop it ... this isn't right ... your my daughter."

As Sara's hands and fingers relentlessly paid homage to Mary's breasts and nipples, her kisses moved onto her mother's face and she whispered back,

"I know that you are in need of relief and I know how to give it you."

A nervous Mary whimpered again,

"Oh Sara this so wrong ... it is incest..."

Sara moved her lips onto Mary's lips and her tongue slipped between them into her mother's mouth, their tongues touched and slowly began playing and dancing with each other. It was as if a light switch had been turned 'on'. Delicious tremors rippled into Mary's mind, the tingling in her nipples intensified. Her throbbing clitoris pushed excitedly onto Sara's pressing abdomen. John watched as mother and daughter kissed passionately and heard a long moan filter through the locked mouths.

Sara broke the kiss and looked down into her mother's flushed face. She shifted both of her hands to Mary's right breast and they held it as though it was an offering for Sara's open mouth. Mary held her breath as Sara's mouth descended onto her bullet-like nipple with an exquisite sucking and suckling action. She gasped and thrust her breast into her daughter's devouring mouth. Sara's suckling mouth slipped off of Mary's right breast and kissed its way to her left breast. Mary's moans became louder and the contortions of her upper body intensified as Sara's lips and hands paid loving homage to both of her breasts and excited nipples.

While Sara kept her suckling mouth in play, her hands left Mary's breasts and started a massaging action down her mother's body toward the apex of her thighs. Mary knew where they were headed and she panted with anticipation. Sara stopped her hands at but not touching Mary's labia, her wrists teasingly grazed the swollen folds and then started back up toward Mary's breasts and the kneading hands rejoined the sucking mouth, lips and tongue. Mary cooed and gurgled as ripples of pleasure washed across her body. Her throbbing clitoris was now begging for attention and her glistening labia oozed with her vaginal wetness, her body moved where ever Sara's hands moved.

Sara repeated the massaging process over and over again. Each time her hands came closer and closer to touching Mary's tormented sex. Her kisses flowed from neck to both shoulders as her fingers slipped and tantalized the engorged nipples. Sara heard Mary's breathing become rapid and she smiled as Mary's head thrashed back and forth as waves of arousal flowed across her body. Suddenly, Sara's hands and mouth left her mother's withering body. Mary's hips circled franticly over the edge of bed.

Sara reached down and picked up the bottle of massaging oil.

"Mother, you are going to really love this."

With that, she poured the contents all over Mary's body. She started at Mary's left breast, over to her right breast, down to her abdomen and right thigh, then back up to her abdomen and down to her left thigh. She finished it off with a liberal portion to the apex of Mary's labia and thighs.

Mary gasped as the warm scented oil spread outward on contact with her body.

Sara started spreading the oil all around Mary's breasts and nipples. Mary moaned in joy as Sara's slippery hands massaged and kneaded her firm breasts and bullet-like nipples. Sara lowered her head and sucked on the engorged nipple of Mary's right breast.

Sara started downward, spreading and kneading the warm oil over Mary's lower chest and abdomen. She worked both hands on either side of Mary's body. Her hands finally met at Mary's swollen labia and her slippery hands kneaded the swollen lips and her thumbs slipped and pressed against Mary's engorged organ of joy.

Mary screamed in ecstasy.


As Mary thrust her hips up, Sara slipped her fingers into the slick crease and played deliciously with the oozing opening to her mother's womanhood. Mary gasped and her hips ground her enflamed sex against her daughter's caressing and manipulating fingers. Mary was riding another orgasmic wave.

Sara leaned forward and sucked Mary's engorged organ of joy into mouth. Her tongue deliciously swirled around it. At the same time she slipped three fingers into Mary's eager vaginal opening with an ecstatic twisting and turning action. Mary's hips ground her enflamed sex against Sara's loving mouth and probing fingers. Sara's searching fingers sought out and found her mother's excited 'G' spot and Mary screeched ecstatically as the ultra-sensitive tissues exploded with joy. Slowly, almost teasingly, Sara withdrew her twisting fingers.

Mary wailed as her body was pulled back from its orgasmic edge.


Sara reached down and pulled her mother's feet up onto the bed and pushed them apart. Mary's sex was now raised and fully accessible for Sara. Sara opened the bottle of oil and Mary gasped and panted as she watched Sara pour a liberal amount of the slick lubricant onto her right hand, lower wrist and forearm. Sara smiled at her mother and held up her slick hand so she could see it.

Mary couldn't believe what Sara was going to do. Her mind said 'NO' but her body was screaming, 'YES, YES, YES'.

Sara slowly slipped the tips of her grouped fingers between the swollen folds and pressed them against the Mary's eager opening. Sara then nudged them inward twisting and turning. Mary felt an incredible pressure as her vagina stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slipped inward. Her excited entrance quickly stretched over the advancing wrist and Mary gasped as the delicious fullness pushed further and further into her body. Mary gurgled as the wrist, hand and fingers were soon twisting ecstatically within her enflamed vaginal sheath. Her hips ground hungrily as spasms of joy raced throughout her sex. Sara's wiggling fingers reacquired Mary's excited 'G' spot and her mind became saturated with waves of joy. She now wanted, now needed all of this incredible thickness to fill her enraged vagina. With an anguished cry, she thrust her seething sex upward and impaled herself deeply onto her daughter's lower forearm.


Mary's vaginal muscles clenched ecstatically around Sara's hand, wrist and forearm. Sara waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. Mary had never experienced such ecstatic joy. Sara now varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Mary's stretching vaginal muscles were ecstatically clenching and spasming. Bolts of pure joy shot directly to her dazed mind. Her breath came in deep gasps and pants. Her thick vaginal juices spurted out past the lunging hand and wrist. Her head thrashed back and forth as waves of joy cascaded across her body. Sara leaned her head inward, her lips opened and sucked Mary's erect organ into her mouth. Her lips and tongue began to suck on her mother's hyper-excited clitoris as if it were an erection. Mary's body bucked upward and jerked wildly as all the ecstatic sensations merged into each other.

Sara started her final series of masterful strokes. Mary's mind could no longer control her bodies actions. She lay there and let the orgasmic pressure cooker build to the exploding point. Her whole universe was centered on her spasming vagina and exploding clitoris. Her eyes and mind became saturated with an ecstatic, euphoric fog. Her body trembled and convulsed. Her hands clenched into fists her toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down her body from her head to her toes. They built up higher and higher as Sara lunged relentlessly into the depths of her sexual being.

"Oh God Sara ... It's happening ... I ... I..."

Sara's thrusts became faster and deeper. Mary couldn't keep up with them. The thrusts went all the way out and all the way in. Her body became detached from her surroundings. Only the spiraling orgasmic sensations were allowed to enter her mind. Her body shook and rippled with pure sexual joy. Her breathing became labored and she gasped and panted as she neared her orgasmic trip point ... and it came. Sara felt her mother's vaginal muscles clench tightly around her stroking hand and wrist as a rainbow of orgasmic lights danced around her eyes. Her hips arched up and ground her sex in tight circles onto the magnificent 'penetrator' that was total embedded within her body. Her eyes opened wide and saw nothing, her mouth opened and no sound was heard.

Suddenly a long loud orgasmic wail escaped her lips,


Mary's climatic orgasm was all consuming. It gripped every part of her body. Her mind was so saturated with sensations of joy that it was unable absorb any more and she lost consciousness. Her body slumped down onto the bed and her feet slipped off the bed and onto the floor. Her body continued to buck and jerk as her internal orgasms rumbled across her body. Slowly the contortions of her body ebbed and she regained consciousness.

She moaned when she felt the wonderful fullness still imbedded deep within her vagina and the delicious aftershocks that gripped her body. Sara smiled at her mother's satisfied and fulfilled face. A loud slurping sound was heard as she slowly withdrew her hand, wrist and lower forearm from Mary's vagina.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ... Slowly ... Ohhhhhhhhhh..."

Torrents of vaginal fluids gushed out past the gaping entrance drenching both bodies and the bed. Mary's stretched vagina slowly returned to normal.

Mary looked into her daughter's face and whispered,

"Oh God, that was absolutely incredible."

The trio had survived the 'magic' of the inducing 'powder'. Both Mary and Sara looked at John and knew that he would become their sex slave, along with his enhanced semen production and sexual rejuvenation. Sara would never again have sex with another teen, she now needed an experienced and controlled lover.

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