The Introduction to Seduction
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A lonely man and woman meet in a bike group, they become sexually active and tell each other of their sexual fantasy. He lived an unhappy marriage and his fantasy was to make his wife a nympho, her fantasy was to use a strap on cock to service a cock sucking woman from behind. Now read on.

When Rick joined the bike group for those that had retired he did so for the exercise and to meet other people apart from the stuffy religious group that his wife associated with. His wife had never ridden a bike and despite the offer by some of the bike riders to teach her, she declined, so when he joined he found that all the others were husband and wife or pairs, whether married or not it didn't matter, but for himself he was by himself, but that didn't mean he was isolated, the opposite was more to the fore, he was welcome.

It was at the BBQ's where he did feel a little out for he was the only individual present who didn't have a partner and the one time he did manage to get his wife to attend, she sat in stony silence with a look of thunder on her face for the bike leader who was very broadminded read out a joke which was definitely of a sexual nature and where the others were doubled up with laughter, she 'was not amused'. The end result was that she declined any further invitations and he was to find out that if alcoholic was plentiful the BBQ's could turn into a wild night, in fact almost a swingers party and it wasn't uncommon for women and men to change partners and actively engage in open sex either as a group or just as a single couple. It was then that he departed, if he was a woman well that would be different another woman in those situation was always welcome, that didn't apply to a man. So he just joined the rides and abandoned the more social and intimate gatherings, that was until Marion appeared.

Marion was, like the rest of the group in her early sixties, she was divorced and although not that attractive in the facial features was very jovial and he found that she, seeing that he was without a partner, attached herself to him so that they became unofficially a pair. He didn't push the partnership into anything that could be recognized as sexual, he just took each step at a time. In one of their discussion he mentioned his marriage, as she also did. For him he told her that it was a tolerated one, two people living together but had no real association with each other. He told her about the one time she had attended a social put on by the group and that the leader told a very sexy joke and his wife was almost breathing brim stone and fire. Marion couldn't control her giggle but then in a more serious tone told him of her unhappy marriage and how for years she had tolerated an abusive relationship till she had finally got the courage to walk out and move down to Victoria. "You know what finally gave me the courage", she said as they took a break on a ride.

"No!" he replied.

"He told me I was an ugly cunt". It was rare for a woman to use the 'c' word so his only reply was "I think that was a bit rough and certainly a hit below the belt". Just then there was a call to continue so he didn't have to elaborate on what he said. They mounted their bikes and pushed off.

In his own mind he wasn't going to push the relationship although a number of the male riders had seen that 'he was interested'. He didn't know if anything had been said to Marion by the women but after a ride a week later she said. "Jan is having a social next Wednesday I would like to go but I don't like driving at night".

"I have been to the BBQ's but don't stay, however, I would be very happy to pick you up and take you", he replied. For several seconds there was silence then with a big grin she said. "I would really like that Rick". With those few lines a relationship was going to open that for them was going to be a sort of paradise and later, much later it was also going to be a new chapter in his wife's education.

It was just after seven when he arrived. Marion answered the door on the first chime of the bell. She was wearing an attractive floral dress that was held up by two thin shoestring straps; the wobble of her tits made it clear she wasn't wearing a bra. She had made a salad and as she got into the vehicle and leant forward the looseness of her dress revealed the fullness of her boobs even to the colour of her nipples that were slightly erect. They were not the massive melons that he liked but they were substantial. "I bought some rissoles and sausages plus a bottle of wine and fruit juice", he said as he got behind the wheel. She smiled and told him that Jan had suggested she make a salad as other were bringing an assortment of eats that included a dessert.

There were fourteen in the bike group, one couple was away on holidays but the rest were there. There was no comment on the fact that they arrived together, what ever they thought was not made obvious although Rick noticed a couple of smiles from some of the men. It was a terrific meal, the meat was cooked to perfection, the salad were not drowned in oil and the desserts were mouth watering, so by the time the alcoholic began to flow all were in a very good mood and laughter followed a couple of very suggestive jokes put on by their leader, a chap slightly older that the rest. George was sixty-seven. Marion certainly was enjoying herself and later as they got together on the lounge she snuggled in close and when she kissed Rick responded and gave her tits a nice feel but when she went for his groin he gave off a gasp and immediately slipped the strap from her shoulder and as she squeezed his fast growing cock, the top of her dress fell away and her tits flopped out.

Whether it was the example of what one of the other women was doing in sucking her husband prick or whether she just fancied sucking a cock, Marion undid his belt, unzipped him, groped till she had his now throbbing erection and sank her head towards it and then with a gasp of pleasure from him, began to suck. Out of all the sexual activity available, the one thing Rick enjoyed was being sucked, especially if it was a full on suck and he emptied his load into the woman mouth, something that he had done on numerous occasions, for Marion was not the first woman he had associated with. As he held her head hard against his groin he leant forward and whispered. "If you want a fuck you better stop otherwise you will get a mouthful". She pulled away, saliva dripping from her mouth. Fucking was in progress as a couple were fully involved. "Fuck me when you take me home", she replied in a whispered tone. "I would prefer that to be done, at least at the minute without an audience. For the minute I just want to suck you off". With that she renewed her position and Rick just leaned back and let her have her way and when his balls exploded, he thrust upward, pushing her head hard into his groin and just filled her mouth with gush after gush of his released cum.

It was well after eleven when he pulled up outside her home. There was no spoken invitation; there was no need for one for from the moment they left the BBQ she had been topless. Once inside all formalities were off, in seconds she stood just in her panties and again Rich gave a tick of approval. He hated women who shaved themselves but with the amount of hair extending from the elastic of her panties, she was well haired at the groin. With her help he was quickly naked, she then removed the last of her clothing and he gave a gasp of appreciation. "I love women who have a growth of hair around their cunts", he said. She fell back onto the bed, her thighs well spread and in a smiling voice said. "Well don't admire it, fuck it". No sooner said than done and as he rammed his length up those hair covered lips and as her backside rose to accommodate his throbbing cock, she gasped. "Fuck me hard, but make it last. I haven't had a cock up me in ages".

It was a slow but deliberate fuck. He thrust, she rose to take it all and then with it anchored, he sucked her nipples while she pulled his head against those wobbling tits. Then he would thrust again and so it went on for some time till with a gasp, "I can't hold any more", he rose and plunged, driving his cock to the limits of her cunt while filling it with the contents of his balls. She gave a cry of delight as she rose, lifting her bottom inches of the bed as she welcomed the flood that filled every cavity of her being. They stayed joined for some time till finally he slipped out and flopped besides her. It was well after one in the morning when he left. She was just wearing a robe as she bid him goodnight. "What will your wife say about you getting home so late?" she asked.

"I sleep by myself Marion, she will have retired ages ago and most likely won't know when I returned and I won't inform her", he replied as she gave him a kiss and he a feel of her tits still with erect nipples.

All the bike group then recognized that Marion and Rick were now partners, they all knew of the marriage relationship of them both but how they were behaviouring was really none of their business; both were good and humorous friends. Marion didn't ride on the Fridays, only on the Tuesdays because the meeting place for the Friday rides was well out of her way, however, as their association grew Rick found it more convenient to get a bike rack attached to his vehicle and when his wife asked why he did it, he informed her that carrying his bike without the rack meant that the bike had to be dismantled to fit in the boot and it was a darn nuisance. He didn't inform her that it was so he could carry Marion's for now he could drive to her place on the Fridays and she could take part in that days ride. It also meant that they could add another day for their sexual activities.

So far there out of riding routine had a time limit, a long ride could take a number of hours but it still had a time so their sexual activity virtually was attached to a stop watch and it was a situation that they hated but unfortunately had to accommodate, that was till it was suggested that they take a long track that would mean an overnight stay. "How will your wife take the suggestion of an overnight away", she asked one Friday afternoon as they lay naked on her bed. "I really don't think she will care", he replied. "She is very much involved with her religious friends and I'm sure will spend a good bit of the time on the phone and maybe take the opportunity to invite them around for one of her 'holy hours'.

"Holy hours?" Marion questioned as she popped herself up, letting her tit rest on his chest. "It is a time a group of them, mostly women get together for a sing song and such like", he replied as he began to squeeze her nipple.

The programme for the overnight venture was that they drive to the allocated town, book into a motel and then ride the tracks for the full day and return the next day; that was the idea till it became obvious that riding the tracks around the area, especially the old train line that was now a cycle track could not be done in one day, so it was decided and certainly with no objection from Marion and Rick to stay another night. To be considerate he rang his wife and told her what was decided, there was no problem and when he hung up and Marion asked what she had said, he just shrugged and she knew that his wife didn't care at all.

It was a Spartan motel room, the basic tea and coffee making apparatus, the usual facilities and of course a double bed. "We don't have to hurry tonight", Marion said as they slipped between the sheet, naturally naked. As usual she sucked him, lubricating his cock and then either saddled him or rolled on her back, thighs well spread as she welcomed his throbbing erection and always as he plunged it home gasped. "Fuck me hard, but make it last". A request that he endeavoured to fore-fill although it was hard for some time he just wanted to ram away, pump her with brute force and fuck her as though she was one of the escort women he had, had on a number of occasions.

"Have you ever had a fantasy", she asked some time after he had rolled off her. "I suppose every body has a fantasy and I gather you mean of the sexual nature", he replied.

"Of course", she smiling said.

"Yes!" he said. "I would like my wife to fuck like a nympho, to suck my cock till she drained me and do things to my balls that would make my teeth rattle and to take a cock up the bum". Marion sat up, she could barely control her giggle as she took hold of that sack and worked it till again he hardened and then sucked till her mouth was again filled and then with the essence of his balls dripping from her lips gargled. "Is ... is that what you want your wife to do?" All he did was nod for what she had just done was something to be relished and not interrupted with aimless chatter.

It was in the early hours that she woke him. "What is it?" he asked; a slight concern in his voice. "I also have a fantasy" she said and before he could respond continued. "I have always wanted to fuck a woman, especially while she was involved sucking some man off. I'm not a lesbian but some time ago I bought a strap on cock that I was using on myself", she continued. "I'm not attractive Rick and you are the first man that I have had since I left my brute of a husband, so sexual satisfaction had to be a manual effort and the strap on cock, gave me a little relief and I thought if you ever got your fantasy regards your wife well it would be my fantasy while she was sucking you to take her doggie style with my strap on cock".

"How ... how did you fuck yourself with a strap on cock", he asked.

"Oh! I just tied it to a chair, lubricated it up and then just lowered myself over it and bounced up and down", she concluded with a giggle.

The weeks rolled by and the fantasy that he had spoken about was pushed back into his fantasy locker, maybe to stay untouched but it was a fantasy that Marion had been working on since it was first announced. They had finished their Friday ride and after indulging in their after the ride activities, they were having a coffee when Marion placed on the table a small package. "You said while we were away overnight that you had a fantasy to turn your wife into a nympho", she said.

"That's right", Rick replied. "I'm afraid it was a fantasy and a fantasy it will remain", he concluded. Marion just smiled and opened the parcel, revealing a bottle with an orange coloured powder inside. "Give your wife one spoonful of that in a meal or such like for a week. After the week she will be co-operative, in other words she will begin to fuck. Keep feeding her for another week, naturally while you are still pumping her and by then she will be so conditioned that 'fucking' and 'sucking' will be just an everyday occurrence", she concluded with a smile of satisfaction. For minutes Rick was so shocked that all he could do was examine the bottle and its contents, till he put it down and replied. "Sure I want my fantasy to eventuate, but not at the cost of harm, I don't want my wife hurt from some effect this stuff would cause". Marion shook her head and for several minutes told him that there was no side effect, the drug was a sexual boost and sure it had an ongoing effect, but that effect was natural anyway, a desire for sex. "There is no other side effect", she said. "Your wife won't be harmed; all it will do is encourage her to appreciate an erection".

He was hesitant when he applied the first spoonful to his wife's meal but as there was no noticeable effect, he applied another the next day and so on, still willing to stop the moment there was an unnatural reaction, however, nothing happened so he continued for the week. 'Don't touch her for a week', was the warning. Well the week was over so the following morning as she prepared for a shower and totally naked was about to turn on the shower when he cupped both her tits and her reaction was a grunt but when he moved to that heavy haired triangle of hair and began to rub her up and down, her reaction was something completely out of character, instead of pushing him away and voicing a protest, she licked her lips and began to push that hairy groin hard against his invading fingers and for several minutes he fingered her while squeezing and pulling her fast hardening nipples.

With his pyjamas on the floor and his cock throbbing he bent her over the edge of the bath, gripped both her ample tits, inserted the head of his cock into her cunt and shoved. She bucked, boy did she buck but her cry wasn't one of protest, it was one of delight and the more he pumped the more she responded till her being was working in rhyme with his thrusting cock so by the time he gave the thrust that emptied his balls; his cry of relief was matched by her cry of satisfaction. Now that he had achieved at least a part of his fantasy, he decided to introduce the 'f' and 'c' words. "That was a fantastic fuck", he said as he slowly withdrew and wiped his cock over her backside. "Your cunt was terrific". He left her still over the bath and then wondered what the reaction would be for the rest of the day.

Her reaction was the biggest surprise, there was none; the question he asked was why? Was it such a surprise that it didn't register. Was it something that happened but that she didn't believe or was it some other reason that he couldn't understand, however, for the rest of the day he waited for the outburst, either positive or negative, but it didn't come. Although sleeping apart this didn't stop him being or coming in to her room as she changed for bed as she changed standing only wearing her panties before putting on her nightie, he cupped both her tits and as he squeezed her nipples, which surprisingly were hard, he slipped under the elastic of her panties and into that forest of hair. Her reaction was the same as it was in morning, grunts of enjoyment and the forward thrusting of her groin. He pulled down her panties, pushed her onto the bed, opened her thighs and rammed his cock in one thrust to the limits of her crack. She rose to accommodate him and her gasps and grunts of pleasure echoed his as he fucked and she responded.

Getting her to suck wasn't going to be a case 'of stick this in your mouth and suck till I load your mouth with cum'. He had to make it clear that if she fancied a cock rammed up that hairy crack she would have to get used to his desire to be sucked off. However, after two mouthfuls, even though he held her head hard against his groin as he pumped the essence on his balls into her mouth; she began to, reluctantly at first, suck his cock but eventually she opened her mouth and did what he demanded she sucked him off and boy as she got used to it, it was fantastic and with cum dripping from her lips he made her at least manage a smile by saying. "Wifey that was fucking fantastic, it was the nicest cock suck I had in a long time".

The next item on the programme of her education was to take a cock up the bum, a desire that had lain dormant for a long, long time. Since the first act of sex in the bathroom, his wife now accustomed to a feel up and then a solid and lengthy screw bent over, waiting for her morning delight. However, this time that throbbing cock was covered in liquid soap and it wasn't her hairy cunt that was the target, it was her bum. The first thrust was followed by a gasp of surprise, but the next thrust and ones that followed almost had her climbing the wall. However, no matter how she reacted, he rode her, driving his cock up to his balls in her quivering behind so by the time he sent gush after gush of cum up her arse she was a quivering piece of meat. "Fuck that was nice, even better than your cunt", he said as he pulled out and left her dangling over the sides of the bath.

She finally came out, her robe undone, her tits wobbling and bouncing but instead of abuse her only comment was "my bum is sore".

"I can fix that", he said. "I just need to shove it up you again till you get used to it and I can tell you my dear, I'm going to shove my cock up your bum till it becomes just as natural as a prick up that hairy triangle; now bent over". Whether it was his tone or whether she accepted it as a fact, she removed her gown, bent over and as he banged away, she bucked, yes she bucked but by the time he finished she was working in rhyme to his invading cock. Being fucked up the bum became just as welcoming as having his cock in her mouth or him pumping between her well spread thighs. She began to sound off as he fucked and the 'f' and 'c' words flowed from her as much as they did from him.

It was some week later before he told Marion of the success of her 'sexual powder'. "She is fantastic", he said after another solid bout of sex. "My wife is now living the fantasy that I wanted; she is sucking my cock, taking a cock up the cunt and the best a cock up her bum. I can't thank you enough", he concluded as he gave her a kiss.

"Are you going to bring her to any of the bikie social do's?" she asked.

"No! I'm not", he replied. "I have other plans for my wife. I have a number of mates that I worked with, a pretty rough bunch and I'm sure they will accommodate my wife, however, I haven't forgotten your desire and when the chance comes and she is sucking me off you can do what you desire with your strap on cock". Marion could hardly control her laugh for the thought of fucking a woman while she was sucking a fellow off was her absolute fantasy.

Rick had kept in contact with old work colleagues there were five of them; every month they had a meal, mostly a BBQ at Harry's place, for it had a good backyard and the BBQ facilities were well in place, the one thing that hadn't been considered was the availability of a woman. Rick knew that Harry treated women pretty roughly and he considered women fit for one purpose only, yet women were attracted to him like bees around a honey pot. There were over a dozen women in the factory office and Harry had been through them all, many on more than one occasion. Those that he had service recently were recognized by the great smile on their faces; for Harry was not small in fact the women secretly called his cock a 'monster'. Rick bought his wife along and after the eats opened her blouse and pulled up her dress, revealing her heavy breasts and that triangle of hair at her groin. She giggled when he pushed her towards his mates. He knew that his wife would be entertained for quite some time and he smiled with satisfaction as the men took her in every known way and it was a delight as she was double dipped while struggling with a cock down her throat and now and again although just a gargle but she did manage to gasp 'More cock, more cock'.

'Fuck the bitch', he muttered to himself. 'For years she said No, well that is one word she won't say again'.

It was well after ten in the evening when the last cock blew, for over five hours they had fucked her, each man had been through her at least three times and in the case of Harry he had serviced her at least six. She was totally limp as they showered her that it took three of them just to keep her standing. Rick carried her from his vehicle as though she was a rag doll. It was going to be many days before she was back to her now normal activity and as her head bobbed up and down over his erection, he smiled for unknown to his wife Marion with a strap on cock, heavily lubricated was standing behind her. Rick shoved his wife's head hard into his groin so that not a fraction of cock was out of her mouth. Marion gripped her swinging tits and as she shoved that lubricated cock Rick gave a cry of pain for his wife had an iron grip on his balls and as that strap on cock was thrust up her arse, she was shoved forward, almost tearing his balls off by the roots.

Marion fucked with a great smile of satisfaction on her face. She was putting into practice her fantasy of fucking a woman up the bum while the wife received another diploma in her impressive array of 'sexual education' and Rick received the best 'suck job' he had ever encountered.

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