Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, High Fantasy, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Prostitution,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Planning to go into town to visit the local bawdy house, Cerebus has the good fortune to sell his sword as a guard for a merchant to earn some extra coin on the trip. It should have been a boring, bumpy wagon ride, a much more exciting ride at the Cat, and then a long walk home in the dark. Such was not to be.

The muscles in Cerebus' bare chest rippled as he hefted the sack of grain into the wagon. It groaned a little under the weight, but had proven its solidity with numerous round trips.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and walked toward the front of the wagon, where his employer was busy secreting a loaded crossbow beneath the seat. "That's the last of 'em."

"Excellent. Excellent. Just one moment, and I will fetch your coin," the rotund merchant responded after a start.

Cerebus' voice had a quality that he'd heard described as sounding like an ominous whisper emerging at normal volume, and it quite often unnerved people. He more or less ignored the nervous twitter in the man's voice, having grown quite accustomed to such reactions over the years. He was the product of a brutal rape by a warrior goblin, and he knew that his features were unsettling to most people. His size and strength alone made him stand out in a crowd, but his pointed ears and odd skin tone with hints of grayish-green marked him as someone unquestionably alien.

Yomen counted out his pay, and then took a deep breath. "I wonder if you might wish to earn some additional coin?"

Cerebus shrugged. "Depends on what I've got to do for it."

"The reports of highwaymen along the road to Lakenshire have grown alarmingly frequent of late, and I fear to undertake the journey alone."

His eyebrows shot up in surprise. "You want me to ride along?"

"I have seen you practice your swordplay, and you seem quite competent. I'm willing to offer double your usual pay, and your normal pay to help me unload when we arrive."

And you can't find another man who will risk the run for what you're willing to pay. Only a desperate and green mercenary would take the pittance after hearing of the attacks along the road. Fortunately, he had a good reason to accept the opportunity. "I was headed into town today anyway. Let me go belt on my sword and pick up a few things from home, and you've got a deal."

"Splendid. I wish to leave within the hour, in order to reach Lakenshire before nightfall."

"Not a problem," he responded as he turned to walk home, snatching up his shirt from a fencepost as he passed it.

The people crossing to the other side of the hard-pack dirt road barely registered in Cerebus' mind as he walked. All of his thoughts were on the rare visit to the town, and the opportunity to finally earn a little coin with his sword. The short ride might not be much, but it was experience. If he could convince Yomen to speak to other merchants once it was over, he might find more work - perhaps even jaunts beyond the backwater villages and towns of the area.

He could see his sisters and mother through the wavy glass of the kitchen window, already at work on supper. He stayed out of view, and walked to his room at the back of the house, which he'd built with his own two hands to gain a measure of privacy and quiet. The family was used to him coming and going with little to no announcement, and he had no desire to worry his mother with the knowledge that he was going into town.

A loud thud sounded as he turned the corner - a familiar sound of late. As expected, he found his half-brother straightening after a throw of his mace. Though only twelve years old, Vladamir had already found favor with the local priest of Heraklan, and proved a devoted follower of the god.

"Ha! Take that, you ugly troll!" Vladamir declared, and then noticed his brother. "Did you see, Mindblind? The log cracked!"

Cerebus nodded his head, actually quite impressed that the mace had managed to do such damage. Once the boy filled out, he knew that anything - or anyone - in the path of that mace was in big trouble. "Good throw, Vlad."

Vladamir hurried to the log to pick up his mace, as he had not yet mastered the devotion necessary to call upon his god to magically return it to his hand. "I told you that I'm going to come with you on an adventure some time, Mindblind."

Though the nickname was meant as a cruel joke when his sister started it, Cerebus had actually liked the sound of it. He wasn't bothered by having no magical ability, unlike the rest of the family, so it didn't hit home as his sister would have hoped.

"Maybe someday," he responded, though he hoped to have left to find his fortune by the time his younger brother was old enough to leave the novitiate of the priesthood.

"What you doing?"

"Headed into town. Don't tell Mom. I don't want her worrying."

"I won't. Can I come in?"

Mindblind shrugged and answered, "Yeah." His brother was one of the few people he let inside, even though Vladamir could be a pain at times. Deep down, he liked the way his younger sibling admired him - a sharp contrast to the way most people treated him.

His room was utilitarian, meant for little more than sleeping and storing his things. The closest thing he possessed to decoration was the wooden frame where he hung his leather armor, shield, and sword.

"You're going on an adventure," Vladamir declared when he saw his brother pull down the armor.

"No, just into town. I'm riding with Yomen as a guard," he argued as he pulled on the chest piece of his armor.

"It is too an adventure."

"Okay, it's an adventure, if that will make you happy."

"You have to tell me all about it when you come home. You can't leave out anything because you think it will give me nightmares."

"All you're going to get is a story about a bumpy wagon ride, but okay."

A voice rang out from outside. "Vladamir!"

Cerebus cinched up the strap he was working on and nodded toward the door. "You'd better get going, or Mom'll tan your hide."

"You promised," his brother reminded him, and then hurried out the door.

"Adventure," he muttered, and then chuckled. Maybe once I get there and make it to the Cat.

That thought convinced him to finish strapping on his armor in a hurry.

The ride into town proved to be exactly as he had predicted. Either the bandits reputed to have taken over the road were well-fatted and resting, or decided that a single wagon loaded with grain wasn't worth risking their lives for.

With more coin in his pocket than expected after helping the merchant unload, Cerebus decided to splurge on a night at the inn. Most times, he made the long walk home in the dark after visits to town. Having the extra coin, needing a safe place to leave his sword and armor, and the summer storm approaching made the decision to stay for the night an easy one.

A loud squeal drew his attention, and Mindblind rolled his eyes at the sight of a young blonde woman playfully fleeing from one of the local boys. He returned his gaze to his path just in time to see someone emerging from a storefront ahead, right in front of him.

The man snorted, lifted his chin, and tried to look down his nose at Cerebus - an impossibility because he was at least a foot shorter in stature. "Watch where you're going. If you cannot manage simple courtesy and manners, do the rest of the civilized world the kindness of remaining in your rude fields and barns."

His fingers curling into a fist, Mindblind watched the immaculately dressed, boyishly handsome man walk away, superimposed by a daydream of him lying face-down in a pile of horse droppings. The flash of anger lasted only for a few seconds, and he blew out the last of it in a snort as he continued on his way.

It hadn't always been so easy to rein in such thoughts without acting on them. He had a pointed reminder of that only moments later.

Once again, someone stepped into his path - intentionally this time. This wasn't his first run-in with the man who served as the law in Lakenshire, and he doubted that it would be the last. Reed had been fourteen - six years older than Cerebus - when they'd first crossed each other's paths. He'd made the mistake of calling Mindblind's mother a whore, and received a beating that left his nose crooked.

"Move it along," Reed growled, his hand on his sword.

"That's what I was trying to do until you got in my way."

The guard captain's eyes hardened. "That's not what I saw. If I hadn't been here, you had every intention of assaulting an unarmed man."

"Not worth my time," he retorted, irritation creeping into his voice even as the sound of thunder from the approaching storm grew louder.

"He's worth a dozen of you." Reed pointed his finger and warned. "I'm watching you."

"Guess I'll be safe from pickpockets while I'm in town then," Mindblind said as he walked around his nemesis. The irritation that he'd felt drained away almost instantly when the sarcastic remark entered his head. It was one of the numerous tricks that he'd learned to keep his emotions under iron-clad control. He could feel Reed's eyes boring into his back, but didn't bother to look back.

Thunder crashed and the clouds opened as he stepped onto the wooden porch of the inn. The innkeeper didn't look any less nervous when he approached the counter than the last time he'd splurged on an overnight stay in town. As before, he paid for his room without a word, and accepted the key.

The storm fully descended as he climbed the stairs. He could feel the building shaking from the force of the wind. The pounding of the rain against the walls and roof was only outstripped in volume by the deafening thunderclaps. He had to wait for a flash of lightning to find the keyhole for his door when he reached it, because the only lanterns lit at the moment were shaking too much to offer any steady light.

Once he finished unbuckling and removing his armor, Cerebus looked out the window and discovered that he couldn't see across the street through the blinding sheets of rain, even when lightning split the gloom. No man without a good reason would even consider going out into such a display of nature's fury.

He had a damn good reason.

When the door opened, Delly looked up from her mortar and pestle, which contained a mixture of talc and rose petals. Her voice was filled with surprise bordering on incredulity. "Really?"

The new girl, a large breasted young blonde assigned to Delly to break in, nodded her head and answered, "Tamara said to tell you that there was someone here for you."

Delly dusted some of the powder under her arms. "Hell, Kayleen - he must be fit to bust if he's out in this."

"I was supposed to tell you that it's him - whatever that means."

Her eyes coming alight, Delly hurried to the door and looked down over the balcony to see Cerebus trying to shake off some of the water pouring from his body after the long walk to the brothel at the far edge of town. Even though the worst of the storm had passed, the rain was still torrential.

"He's frightening. How can you... ?"

"Honey, you'll learn in time to forget the faces, even when you're looking at them." She tugged the younger woman back toward her door. "Cerebus is different, though. Give me a minute or two to get ready, and then bring him up."

The young woman's voice warbled with anxiety. "Me?"

"You're going to have worse humping you - a lot worse. He won't hurt you." She licked her lips in anticipation and added, "Exactly the opposite, if I was foolish enough to let you have a romp with him. Go on, then."

Kayleen had already learned not to question one of the established women of the Cat - both for the knowledge they possessed and the pull they had with the Madame - so she did as Delly asked.

Meanwhile, Delly hurried to get ready for her favorite client. She stripped off her nightgown and panties in favor of similar, worn garments from a bottom drawer. Even though she'd washed up after her last client an hour ago, she did so again before changing. In front of the mirror, she teased out her long red hair, and made sure that her stiff nipples were well displayed. Then, she went to wait by the door.

Mindblind could tell that the woman was new - and scared of him. Her voice had quavered a bit when she'd greeted him, and her gait was stiff as she led him to Delly's door. The door opened almost before the sound of the blonde's knock had ended. All contemplation of his guide vanished from Cerebus' mind when he saw Delly. She wore a wide smile as she greeted him. "It's been too long."

"Yeah," he agreed, and then brushed a dripping lock of his dark hair out of his eyes to better admire her barely-hidden body.

The blonde started to walk away from the door, but Delly said, "Wait," before leaning in to whisper in Cerebus' ear. "Kayleen is new, and I'm showing her the ropes. Mind if I see if she can handle it?"

When she leaned back, he glanced over his shoulder at the nervous blonde, and then answered, "No problem."

With a stroke of her hand between his legs, Delly guided him into the room. She then told Kayleen, "It's time to see if you really know what you're getting into," and waved her into the room as well.

The door creaked as Delly closed it behind her protégée. Cerebus avoided sitting on the bed, since his clothes were soaked. He leaned back against the wall instead to remove his boots as the women approached. He nearly thought better of it when he felt the wall groan in protest. Though stained and shiny, the wood was little more than a decorative partition, having little structural support.

Kayleen paused at the foot of the bed, but Delly swooped in on him for a kiss. She pressed her body up against him and squeezed his already hard cock through his pants. She licked her lips and moaned after the hungry, tongue-wrangling kiss, and then turned to Kayleen.

"Why don't you show him what you've got? You may as well get used to taking your clothes off."

Though her expression still held hints of fear, Kayleen reached for the strap on her left shoulder and slid it down. The right followed, slow enough to be sensual, but quick enough for an impatient customer. A tug pulled the cloth past her large breasts to fully reveal them, and then the thin cotton pooled at her feet.

"I think she'll do just fine," Delly purred into his ear.

He could hardly disagree as he devoured her with his eyes and groaned from Delly's hand still caressing his erection.

Kayleen's panties slipped over her hips, and she turned as she bent low to remove them, giving her audience a fine view of her rounded ass. When she stood back up, she stroked her right hand in a sexy display on her hip while combing her fingertips through the manicured curls surrounding her sex with the other.

"Mmm - good. Now come over here and undress him. You may as well practice that too."

Once again, Kayleen remembered the cues that Delly had offered, and she strutted toward him with a sway in her hips that made his cock throb. As soon as she reached him, she tugged his saturated shirt free of his pants, though her hands trembled a bit. He could see something new in the blonde's eyes once she pulled his shirt up over his head - surprise.

Delly stroked her hand over his well-defined, completely bare chest. A part of the goblin half of his heritage, no hair would ever grow on his body save for the long dark locks atop his head, and the bristly shadow of a beard on his chin. He knew that Delly loved it, and Kayleen seemed quite fascinated as well.

"Go on," Delly encouraged the younger woman. "Look into his eyes."

He grasped Delly's ass as Kayleen unbuckled his belt and let the ends hang free from the loops. She followed the older woman's advice, looking up into his eyes while she tugged loose the knot holding his pants closed.

The blonde's eyes popped open, looking as wide as saucers, when his cock sprang free. Delly immediately wrapped her hand around him, her fingers unable to touch around his girth. As much of the turgid flesh showed above and below her petite hand as it hid as she stroked him.

"Don't get used to seeing something as gorgeous as this," Delly cautioned after a sensual purr. "Give it a little squeeze. Show me that you're ready."

Delly released his cock, and Kayleen curled her fingers around it. He groaned as she looked up into his eyes with a breathless expression and arched her back to thrust her over-abundant breasts out at him.

With a little laugh, Delly said, "Okay, I think you'll do. Go ahead and get dressed and head back to your room. As soon as Cerebus and me are done playing, I'll tell Madame Yasmine that you're ready."

Kayleen still looked nervous, but also relieved. She hesitated for a moment before releasing Mindblind's cock, too. Delly didn't leave his erection unattended for long, though. He growled in anticipation and teased her nipples through her thin gown as her hand pumped over his stiff cock.

He was in no condition to wait. Before Kayleen even managed to close the door, he picked up Delly with an almost effortless bunching of his muscles, and tossed her to the bed. He climbed into the bed and straddled the redheaded prostitute, pressing his lips to hers.

"Enough playing around," Delly demanded.

With a growl, he rose up above her on his knees. He curled his fingers into the neckline of her sheer gown and pulled. The hem at the neck resisted his bulging muscles for a second, and then parted with a loud rip. The remainder of the gown tore like paper. He tossed aside the frayed remnants and sat back on his heels so that he could reach her panties.

The undergarments were old, and would have long ago met a fiery end in the burn pit, if Delly didn't save such for his visits. It was she who had suggested the rough play, but he found that he quite enjoyed it. A frayed hole just large enough for a finger was all the purchase he needed. The panties proved no more resistant to his strength than her gown, leaving her body bared amongst a halo of ripped cloth.

Cerebus fell forward on his hands and took one of her big, rosy colored nipples between his lips. He sucked it hard, rolling it with his tongue, and sometimes scraping it with his teeth - exactly as she'd instructed him that she liked it. From the very first time he'd paid to share her bed, she had treated him differently than most of her clients, instructing him much as she instructed the young women assigned to her by the madame.

The rewards for the special attention were great for both of them.

She smoothed his wet hair as he hovered over her and sucked her nipples, his twitching cock occasionally brushing the fiery red curls between her legs. Her other hand caressed his back, delighting in the feeling of his powerful muscles. Her moans were very much real, unlike the act she usually put on for her clients.

He held her right nipple tight between his lips, pulling it upward until it slipped free and snapped back, causing her breast to jiggle. He continued to rise, straightening his elbows, and then pushing up onto his knees. The throbbing between his legs was simply too powerful to ignore.

He smiled as she sat up and curled her fingers around his erection. She pushed on his chest, and he sat down when she pulled her legs from beneath him. He groaned loud and long as Delly's wet tongue caressed him from root to tip, over and over again, coating his cock with her saliva. She teased the mushroom tip with a lingering swirl of her tongue once he was well wetted, and then took him in hand to stroke his cock while she turned her head sideways and pushed his legs farther apart.

Her tongue tickled his balls with quick flicks, while her hand pumped up and down his cock. Delly gave in to the excitement that lapping his hairless orbs always aroused within her, making hungry sounds all the while. She yelped when he gathered a handful of her hair and pulled her up. He was ready for more than a tease, and the way she engulfed him in her hot mouth a moment later revealed that she was as well.

No other woman - even other prostitutes - could take him as deep as Delly. She opened wide, her lips stretching around his girth, and took him all the way into her throat with regularity. He kept a tight grip on her hair, pushing and pulling as her head bobbed over his cock. She enjoyed the feeling of vulnerability, and he was more than happy to indulge her.

His hips began to twitch up toward her lips when she picked up the pace. Delly moaned around him, the sound mingling with the croaks of his swollen tip pushing into her throat. She rolled his balls in one cupped hand, while letting her middle finger slide even farther back, to strum over the ropy flesh below. Her other hand occasionally lifted her breast and teased the nipple for his eager eyes.

The itch in the tip of Cerebus' cock swelled from her relentless effort. She never paused, or slowed, accepting his cock as no other woman could. He didn't have to tell her that he was close - she knew. His fingers tightened in her hair, and then he let out an explosive growl as he blasted his semen against the back of her throat.

Delly moaned in approval as his thick cream filled her mouth. She continued to suck and swallow, draining him dry, until he jerked her away from his oversensitive organ. She gathered up a few dribbles that had escaped from the corners of her mouth with a finger, and licked it clean.

Cerebus let out a growling chuckle, his head falling back to the bed. Delly crawled over him to kiss his neck and chest, rubbing her moist folds over his stomach. She continued to tease him, caressing him with her entire body as he recovered from the explosion in her mouth.

"I am so going to miss this when you have the good sense to find someone who will do it for free," she said, and then swirled her tongue over his earlobe.

Still lying back with his eyes closed, he grunted and said, "Yeah. Sure that's going to happen."

"Honey, I would in a heartbeat. Yasmine has been good to me, though. It would feel like betraying her to run off with you. Besides, I'm just a whore."


She laughed, the sound a little derisive. "All I've ever been is a whore. It's all I know. You need someone who does more than fuck."

"Don't know about that."

"I do, and if I ever find out you passed up the opportunity to give that cock to someone else..."

"Plenty to go around," he said, cutting her off and opening his eyes.

"That so?" She rolled off of him, and then wormed her way between his legs. She bent his knees so that she could sit between them, facing away from him, and looked back over her shoulder.

He knew what she wanted.

A deep moan escaped Delly as he sat up and pulled her against him, nestling his softened cock in the cleft of her buttocks. He kissed her neck, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, causing her to arch her back and gasp. His right hand released her breast and dropped between her legs even as she sucked air into her lungs.

Cerebus curled two fingers and thrust them deep into the redhead's clinging sheath. He pulled her even tighter against him, holding her in place as his fingers plunged into her pussy. With her arms pinned at her side, she was helpless in his grasp.

A steady stream of whimpers, yelps, and moans bubbled up from her lips. He let his thumb slide over her clit, rubbing it with every stroke of his hand, building her fires even higher. She writhed against his strength, not really trying to escape, but unable to sit still in light of the pleasure he was giving her.

Mindblind's hot breath stirred her hair as she drew ever closer to final ecstasy. She knew it was coming, but she still whimpered in frustration when his fingers slipped from inside her. He held her tight, keeping her from finding any relief that could push her over the edge. She pleaded with him to make her come, as she always did, but he denied her until her fires cooled.

Then he buried his fingers inside her once more.

Over and over again, he brought her to the pinnacle of pleasure, only to deny her release. Her begging turned even more desperate, her body hot against him and beaded with sweat. His cock hardened against her ass, foreshadowing things to come.

As the trembling - almost weeping - prostitute neared the point of no return again, Cerebus' other hand left her breast and centered over her clit. After only a few quick circles of his fingers, she erupted into orgasm.

He kept one set of fingers buried inside her, the other still mercilessly rubbing her bud. Delly's tight-throated scream of ecstasy filled the room. He kept her within the grip of her orgasm, growing more excited as she writhed in his grasp.

She was still coming when he dug his slick fingers into her hips and lifted her to her knees. Her hands dropped to the bed to support her, and his right hand left her hip just long enough to guide his cock inside her.

A loud wail that trailed off into a croak accompanied his thick cock invading her depths. He grunted when he hit bottom, and pulled back to thrust again, several weeks worth of pent up desire fueling his ardor.

The bed creaked in protest amidst the loud smacks of two bodies colliding, and Delly's screams. Her first orgasm from his fingers never really ended before a second took control of her body. Her intimate muscles clamped down, but were no match for the strength of his thrusts. Caught in a near constant state of exquisite agony, she couldn't tell where one climax ended and the next began.

Cerebus drank in the sight of her rocking forward every time he slammed his cock home. She was soaking wet, her juices spurting out around him - so unlike the other prostitutes who had just gone through the motions. He felt his seed surging up, and gave in to the inevitable.

He buried his cock with a thrust so powerful that one of her hands slipped out from beneath her, and she fell face down into the sheets. He erupted with a growling cry of release, filling her full of hot cream.

In the midst of the cacophony, neither of them heard the sounds of struggle downstairs.

Cerebus was leaning over her twitching body, his cum still pumping into her depths, when the door burst open.

Kayleen screamed in terror and fell to the floor as she tried to scramble away from the intruder following her into the room. Mindblind's danger instinct overcame the lethargy of his orgasm, and he pulled free of Delly, slinging milky strands of their mingled juices as he spun to face the door.

The man was masked, and carrying shackles. Cerebus knew a slaver when he saw one, and immediately sprang from the bed. The slaver's eyes - the only visible part of his face - went wide as Cerebus cocked his fist and loosed a punch.

The man spun from the force of the blow, cracked his head on the doorframe, and went down in a heap. Unfortunately, he was not alone. A second and third man appeared on the balcony before the first had even hit the floor.

Mindblind charged onto the balcony to see more slavers dragging prostitutes from their rooms or down the stairs, and the bordello's two guards lying dead on the floor below. Men with swords and knives ran toward the stairs upon seeing the struggle above.

His fist connected with the jaw of one of the slavers, and the man went through the railing. A short scream of terror ended in a sickening thud, just as a pair of shackles smacking him in the face snapped Mindblind's head to the side.

Though groggy, with tears of pain filling his eyes, he managed to brace one arm against the wall and snap out a kick. The powerful strike caught the man square in the groin, bending him over double and sending him hurtling into the rail. The slaver was fortunate that the rail held, and he fell to the wooden floor, retching from the pain between his legs.

Another man charging to help wasn't so lucky, and tripped over the vomiting slaver. Before he could regain his balance, Mindblind redirected the attacker's momentum and added his strength to slam the man face first into the wall. Shackles fell from nerveless fingers as the slaver slid down to the floor.

He had just enough time to recognize the jingling of a chain before the improvised weapon caught him in the back of the head. This time, his will wasn't enough to hold back the blackness.

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