A Return to Slavery
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A male is captured by a black woman and re-lives a reversal of historic slaving, he is punished and used by African women and a redheaded white woman who is their agent

I had left my workplace and gone for a drink at the fetish 'munch' as usual; this was my routine come every first Friday in the month and I remembered talking to a group of middle-aged attractive women. The conversation had revealed my submissive preferences, and all seemed comfortable with the situation. One of the women had a broad seductive smile which had made me a little nervous; that was the last thing I recalled. That was on a cold damp evening in London and I awoke hot and sweaty in a climate which was alien to me.

As I looked out from what was obviously a cage, dazed and somewhat bewildered, my arms bound behind me, ankles also bound, and a collar and chain attached to an interior ring; I realised was in some sort of covert market place; which appeared to be frequented exclusively by females, the vast majority black African, some of Arabic appearance, a few white European. Through the throng I could see the outline of what looked like an old castle in the distance, and could just hear between the cackling of the women, the sound of waves breaking ashore. I was to learn I was close to the town of Cape Coast, which had once been one of the centres of slavery, in Ghana on what was once known as the 'Slave Coast'.

I was trying to make some sense of what was going on, and regain my strength- I had no doubt been heavily drugged in order to been transported to wherever I was, when I was shocked into the immediate situation by the broad smile of the middle-aged woman which remained in my memory. The white woman was accompanied by two very athletic and tall African women adorned with whips; the smile continued as she spoke.

"You have been chosen and your fate is sealed; do not ask why you, it is of no relevance. You will now begin a journey in which you will pay homage to womanhood, and especially Black Womanhood. Yours will have double significance as you are to enjoy the retribution of the ancestors of those passed into slavery. You will be returning to compensate what white men did to mother Africa." The Haughty woman gestured to her smiling accomplices who unlocked the cage, loosened the binding to my ankles and I was led, staggering and shuffling, across a courtyard by the leash which was pulled tight to ensure I followed. The white woman walked slowly and deliberately as the two black women cut the air with their whips, much to the delight of the eager crowd of female onlookers. Though I could not understand it, as I was still bewildered by my predicament, the sight and scent of these women leading me to an unknown fate made me erect; this was very apparent to the jeering crowds of women as I had been stripped. My two black charges smiled knowingly and wickedly at me as I was led up a flight of stairs to a wooden gantry. I was lined up with several other males, black and white, before a massed crowd of eager females.

The white woman shook hands with a buxom black woman who was to take charge of us at what I now knew was an auction, she then turned to me and smiled as she caressed my erect cock, making it pulse with pleasure; I could not deny that I found her naturally assertive manner very erotic. She spoke as she teased my now rigid member.

"I have an idea we'll be crossing paths again in the future; I think I know who'll be purchasing you, and I may have my pleasure of you very shortly. I'd love to have you beg to please me; I liked you from the first time I saw you." With that she ran her nails down my glans as she laughed and turned away down the stairs. The buxom black woman gained my attention by stroking my cock smartly with the cane; she licked her lips as I winced in pain. There was a commotion below as the bidding started, and one by one the males were led away. The buxom women took my arm and pointed to a group of women below; in the midst of them stood a mature, and equally buxom women of athletic build, her skin a very dark and warm brown. She had typically noble African features set off by full lips, which she pursed and licked as she looked up and slowly lifted her arm to show me a collar and leash. I was to be her slave.

I was led down the steps and made to kneel before my new owner; she chuckled with delight as she fastened my collar for the first time; my nose was that close to her short leather skirt that I could smell her obvious arousal – I could still not understand it, but her chuckling, my predicament, and her rich feminine scent made my arse tingle and my cock rose- I realised for the first time that I was truly submissive to women; my blonde captor had no doubt seen this in me. My cock pulsed all the more as the black goddess pulled the leash tightly backwards, forcing my face fully into her sex; the scent was both exquisite and intoxicating, I would have been hers, leash or no leash.

"You have a good sniff of your new mistress; your life will never be the same, your one purpose in life is now to please me until I tire of you. What happens to you then is yet to be determined, but I intend to have the best from you. When I get you back to the Villa you will spend a good deal of time getting to know my every scent. Now you will follow me." I was struck sharply with a whip by one of the women as my mistress hoisted me to my feet by the leash. The crowd of females clapped and made their warbling calls as we joined a procession of newly owned slaves and mistresses, which left the market and we were walked around to the front of what was obviously an old fortress. We came to a huge oaken door with sea waves crashing behind us. The procession stopped and a large mature black woman with huge breasts stood by the door and made an announcement to all.

"This is the door of no return; you will enter in the opposite way that our ancestors did, as you are now the slaves. You will be taken to the interior, never to return. You will serve, be punished, and eventually disposed of at the whim of your mistresses; your lives end here." The crowd watching erupted as she finished her speech and she smiled wickedly as she pulled the huge door open. As we were taken through, my elegant mistress pulled my leash tight and smiled at me, chuckling again. Tough my arse tingled with fear my cock was absolutely rigid, and I was somehow compelled to walk through the door, almost eager to do so, a sense of erotic curiosity and resignation to my fate having taken control. My mistress spoke with the door-keeper as we passed.

"Have the escapees been made ready? I want my new slave to witness their punishment." The woman pointed down the coastal track and smiled contentedly.

"Oh you have plenty of time; they've had plenty of time to muse upon there errors and will no doubt be being made to see the error of their ways. " The two laughed as I was taken to a small caravan of four asses, where two supple African women were waiting, pulling cords taut between their nimble feminine hands, pleased to see their mistress with her new prize. I was trussed by them; ankles and knees, hands bound behind my back. My mistress had been wearing a leather G-string, and this was tied around my mouth, great care being taken to ensure that the section which had had the benefit of her crotch was firmly under my nose. I was lifted by the giggling women over the back of one of the asses; they made sure my erect cock was comfortably under me, atop the soft leather saddle. The sensation of being captured, trussed, with the heavenly scent of my captor's sex permanently with me, was becoming all the more erotic and somehow less terrifying by the moment.

Mistress smiled at me and mounted the ass in front of me; as we moved off and I watched her ample glistening black arse flex magnificently with the movement of her charge, I was in danger of coming on the saddle as the movement of my steed tormented my cock wonderfully. I could move my head freely and looked back to see my two new acquaintances smiling eagerly and wickedly at me; I was not sure if I were in heaven or hell.

As we padded up the coastal road I saw a crowd of women ahead. Our mounts were taken to a vantage point and my mistress gleefully lifted my head so that I may witness what was happening.

There down on the beach was a row of trussed males; face up with their legs staked apart. The women clapped and cheered as a huge black woman with a vicious pair of ornate shears wearing an equally vicious grin, descended slowly to the first of the men. The male writhed as much as he could in his bonds, in a futile attempt to free himself. The dusky beauty showed him the shears and then grabbed his flaccid cock; the women made their warbling sounds as the grinning woman stroked his cock to an inevitable erection; he was shown the shears all the time and knew what was to come. The other males had seen this and some were now fully erect despite their fears.

The male who was being attended to did his utmost to hold back, but the grinning black behemoth stroked him exquisitely and he almost yelled as he convulsed in what he knew would be his last orgasm. The crowd of women shrieked with joy as he spurted his white cream over the glossy brown hand and arm of his sultry captor. She licked her hand clean, and grinning all the more grabbed his balls with one hand, and deftly applied the shears with the other. The male grimaced and writhed in pain as she held his balls aloft; the trophy then cast into the screaming crowd, the women leaping to grab the sac and testes which separated in flight.

She then moved to the next man, who jutted his erect cock submissively up to the woman who would remove his balls; this act pleased the crowd no end and they would fight to receive the trophy after he had come. He duly spurted in ecstasy and his balls were despatched. I was made to watch this acted out on all eight men, one of whom disappointed the crowd by passing out in horror without spending his seed; his reward was to have his cock removed also.

The men were left bleeding and moaning as the crowd dispersed; a train of donkeys arrived being led by a haggard old woman who paid a few coins to the huge woman with the shears. I am not sure of the fate of the men.

My mistress slapped my face hard.

"I hope you enjoyed that. I trust I can count on you not trying to escape; just remember what you've seen – this is just one way that runaways are rewarded- you will witness more." The horror of what I had witnessed was unlikely ever to leave me; the actions of the women there would stay with me forever. As we moved off through the throng on the dusty road, my arse was slapped and caned many times by the excited women; I bucked and squirmed as the women laughed, my erection returned rapidly as the horror of what had occurred was left behind, and I contemplated my own fate, aided by the occasional sting of a cane.

The hot sun beat down on my bare back and the sweat dripped from me, as I squirmed with the movement of my mount; the lubrication enhancing the scent emanating from the leather G-string under my nose. This enraged my erection, as I imagined my fate and watched the ample back and buttocks of my mistress jostle erotically upon her beast of burden. It struck me that I was now of no more importance than the ass she rode with deliberation toward our destiny. I watched ahead, my cock pulsing beneath me as I felt the tightness of my bonds, viewing the beads of sweat running down the supple brown back of my new owner, down to the crack of her arse; I knew I would be called upon to sample that delectable crevice in due course and I was close to ejaculating when we stopped under the cover of some palms.

One of the girls slapped my face smartly then squirted water in my face and eyes, before allowing me to drink from her goat bladder cantina between the leather binding about my face. As she held my head up I felt the hand of my mistress squeeze her hand between my legs and grab my balls. The women giggled as I winced, on having her squeeze my balls with increasing pressure; she then pushed her hand beneath my cock and belly, looking for evidence of my possible pleasure.

"He has a fine pair of balls to make up for his little cock, but he has not released them yet; I think he is saving himself for me!" Though there was an element of disappointment in her tone, at the fact that I had not disgraced myself yet, she laughed heartily as she undid the thong from my face, taking it between her spread legs and rubbing it up and down the cleft of her pussy and anus. My cock was pulsing all the more as I witnessed her doing this; I yearned to now have it back under my nose, and she smiled knowingly at me as she lovingly retied the thong with its newly scented aromas for me to sample.

"There, you keep my scent with you for the rest of the journey; you shall sample its source when we arrive. There is a little rough road ahead which will make your steed buck and wobble; I shall check your saddle again when we have arrived, you shall have a severe caning if you have wasted your seed before we arrive." She and the girls laughed wickedly and with contempt, as they had obviously witnessed this humiliation many times before; naked, trussed, the sexual scent of a woman constantly inhaled, whilst lying on a soft leather saddle with a full erection, and the inevitable squirming caused by the movement, with the sight of my mistress before me, what chance did I have? Now there was the promise of a caning, which only served to fuel the eroticism of the situation.

My arse tingled with a mixture of fear and excitement as we moved off once more. As the track grew rougher and my carrier started to stumble more often I turned my head to take my eyes from my mistress, in an attempt to quell the eroticism as my cock rubbed relentlessly against the leather; as I did so, the girl I was now facing smiled gleefully as she delved into a saddle bag and retrieved a beautifully latticed leather bullwhip. My cock ached for relief as she cracked the air with the whip; my animal, no doubt used to such displays, did not bolt but stumbled on, increasing the rhythm, vibration, and my squirming upon the leather. This also served to bump the air from my lungs, making me snort and inhale all the more, taking in the rich essence of the sex and anus from the thong of the woman who would undoubtedly be caning me very shortly.

All three women cackled wickedly as the one cracked the whip, its sound making my cock pulsate and my naked arse feeling the breeze it created as it was brought expertly close to my rear. The stumbling and squirming increased, my cock now rock hard between belly and leather, I struggled against my taut bonds; the rich tangy scent of the woman who owned me urging me on to oblivion, I knew it was hopeless. I could see ahead where the rough boulder strewn path became clear again; if only I could hold on ... the girl with the whip came aside me giggling, whilst cracking the whip, and made my mount zigzag about the path; the other girl joined in, stroking my arse and my mount's alternatively with a short cane.

"We'll not miss out on seeing you caned, and we know you want to come, and mistress will only cane you anyway." I looked forward to see my haughty and proud new owner grinning knowingly at me; I was hers and she knew it; she would have her first humiliation of me. I inhaled deeply through my nose and savoured the rich sexual smell of my mistress as I began to convulse in the saddle. I Felt the bindings of my ankles and wrists tighten, heard the crack of a whip, felt the sting of a cane; as the girls words rang in my ears followed by their wicked laughter, I went rigid in ecstasy upon the leather.

"He's coming! We shall see him caned by mistress!" The girls words made me pump and spurt all the more; I surrendered completely and spent again and again, almost sliding from the now slippery leather at one point, my mistress now smiling contentedly as she watched my orgasm peak and slowly subside as I snorted on the thong and thought of nothing but servicing the source of that heavenly aroma. The girls chuckled as they now allowed the ass to pick its way slowly up the path to clearer ground; I now squirmed in my mess, and though spent and a little calmer, my cock did not subside and my arse tingled all the more in anticipation of a caning from the woman ahead.

The situation was now becoming deeply erotic for me, despite my fear of the unknown, and this was fuelled by the look I was receiving from my superb female owner as she remained twisted in her saddle, smiling at me victoriously for a minute or two, the twist accentuating her formidable brown, glistening body, I could not help but imagine her wielding a cane in the enjoyment of my punishment.

I now sniffed contentedly at the thong as the hot sun beat down, and the sweat trickled down our bodies; the girl with the whip, cracking her weapon for fun on occasion, just to keep me awake to my fate. Our caravan then began to descend through cooler woodland glades until we reached a river. There waiting were several narrow canoe-like boats; I was lifted from my soiled saddle by the women, who laughed at my erection before making me kneel whilst they inspected the saddle. The three made a great commotion about its state, in order to enhance my humiliation. My new mistress lifted my chin and pulled my leash tight.

"You have made a fine mess from such a small cock! You have certainly earned your caning. I can't wait to get you back to my villa so all the ladies can watch your pleasure. I think you should lick it clean!" With that the powerful woman pulled my leash ever tighter, drawing my face to the soft leather which the girls had gleefully removed from the ass's back. My cock bobbed excitedly as I was forced to lick my own salty mess from the leather; I was truly beginning to know my place amongst dominant women, and I was overcome by a deep sense of dark enjoyment as I almost willingly consumed my own seed for the first time. As my cock bobbed to attention the whip girl gave a sharp crack with the latticed demon, and looked down, grinning at my eager manhood.

"I think we shall see you mess again when you are rewarded with a caning! You make sure the leather is nice and clean; you're to lie on it in the boat." The three giggled as I finished my task and hoisted me to my feet by the leash when they were satisfied I had done my duty. I was shuffled across to the boat in the hot sun; the warm clay and tepid pools of water oozing between my toes. The three helped me over and laying me down in one of the boats, my face resting just behind one of the flat cross-member seats; my cock nestling on the soft leather. The two younger girls got in behind me, one caressing and gently squeezing my balls as I lay there and witnessed my mistress step in above me, ensuring I had a good view of her dominant form before she eased her supple and magnificent arse down to the seat before my nose. She giggled as she eased back, poking her hot and sticky bottom provocatively into my face. My cock was instantly rock hard and straining, ready to come again, as I inhaled the rich scent of my mistress.

As the boat was pushed off into the river, I pondered my fate all the more now, as I could not see where we were going; not that seeing would have made me any the wiser. My arse tingled with strange anticipation at the beautiful bottom which flexed back and forth before me, as my mistress stroked the water with her paddle, allowing me to take in her sweet womanly scents.

It seemed like hours before my mistress stopped paddling and poked her sweet arse back even further; the three giggled as unseen by me, the boat bumped the bank of the river and my face slid fully into the delightful brown crevice of her ample bottom. I deftly had my first lick of her tangy sweetness before she rose and the bindings were removed from my legs and ankles. I was then hoisted by the three and they laughed heartily as I witnessed the Vila for the first time- and the array of modern vehicles which were parked on the tarmac road beside it. My mistress tugged my leash tight and smiled wickedly at me.

"We could have simply driven you here of course, but wanted you to get a real feel of how a captured slave should feel; now you are here you will learn just what that means. You will come with me now; the household is awaiting your first humiliation." My cock pulsed eagerly as I was led naked by a black woman, leashed, and flanked by two more; the whip cracking to announce our arrival. As we approached the gate swung open revealing lush gardens with the whitewashed walls which surrounded it. Several lithe and beautifully dark females sauntered out.

"Ayira! You have brought another white slave for us to tease!" I now knew my mistress's name. More women came out of the Villa as we walked round the gardens to the rear of the large two storey building; all seemed extremely sexually attractive somehow, all different shapes and ages, all wanted to touch and get a glimpse of me, my cock was rigid with a mixture of fear and anticipation. Suddenly I heard a voice that I recognised, calling Ayira from a balcony above; it was the white woman who had brought me here. She was dressed in a one-piece black chiffon dress; her ample breasts and curvaceous body displayed to good effect, her white face and arms the antithesis of the black women surrounding me. She looked me in the eye with utter contempt as she spoke to my mistress, and cut the air with a wickedly decorative rattan cane.

"I have your favourite Ayira; I shall bring it down and we shall put it to good use; I have been waiting for this!" I was walked round to a sandy area at the rear of the building where many scantily dressed women were already seated, no doubt awaiting a spectacle. The sun beat down on the scene as I noticed a sloping wooden beam with leather padding; there were recesses either side which were evidently where legs were harnessed, and a cross member near the top, awaiting arms. Shackles finished off the evil looking structure, which resembled a crude sloping crucifix. There were other males present, on leashes, masked and kneeling with their heads low, tended to by their mistresses with whip or cane.

My wrists were untied and I was made to straddle the beam and lie upon it; my arms and legs were shackled, my head at the top of the beam allowing me a panorama of all the grinning females before me. They of course would have an open view of my face; my cock and arse buzzed with fear, I knew I would shortly know pain. Out of the house and through the throng of black women, came the seductive and assertive white woman who had initiated my journey here. My cock stiffened immediately at the sight of this voluptuous beauty; she was at least 55 years old, but delectably shaped, her auburn hair and red lips contrasting with the black chiffon which revealed her beautiful breasts and ample hips and thighs. I now noticed she wore thigh length tight black leather boots; in which she strode purposely and dominantly toward me, her face now smiling victoriously. She held the cane in both hands as her hips swayed provocatively, ensuring I had a thoroughly good view of it as it was delivered to my mistress.

I cowered upon the instrument of torture, my muscles flexed involuntarily as I strained against the tight shackles but I could not move them; I was theirs. My knees were bent into the recesses, making my arse protrude outwards. One of the nubile black women giggled wickedly as she slid a block up the beam, fastening it below my arse, pinching and squeezing by balls; she took great pleasure in forcing the block up against them, this would ensure I did not slide down the beam to the extent of my arm's length, ensuring my arse remained a static target at the required level. The girl giggled as she witnessed my fear and torment; she was one of my new mistress's two companions from the journey.

"I told you you'd be caned anyway; I bet you're glad you came when you had the opportunity now! I think you'll come again shortly though, we will all enjoy seeing you broken on the cross." She slapped my arse as she left, making me squirm in my bindings; though I feared being caned I knew the girl was right as my cock pulsed against the leather padding and I saw the wicked white woman pass the cane to Ayira, the woman who now owned me. My cock stiffened all the more as Ayira strode toward me; she was completely naked and the sun glistened on her glorious brown and curvaceous body, which was moist with sweat. She stood before me, and the cross was lowered so that my face was level with her moist and aroused sex. I sniffed involuntarily at her gorgeous scent as she cut the air with the cane and began a speech.

"The next time the cross is lowered to this level, you will be allowed to lick your mistress for the first time. You will do so more gratefully than you would ever have believed. Your new life of servitude to women is about to begin; I will break your spirit with the cane and you will learn complete obedience. Many a proud male has been broken this way and you will not be the last, I know that you are submissive already, but you will know complete submission. Make sure you take in my scent and keep it with you, knowing it is the scent of the woman who will punish you and own you completely; when you are raised you will feel the cane." The women clapped, cheered and made their warbling noises as they witnessed my sniffing of the woman who was to punish me; my cock was rigid as I sampled the honeyed aroma of her now bulging labia, I wanted to come and I squirmed against the leather.

The women's cheering suddenly reached a crescendo and I realised I was being raised to a more convenient level; how I wished to be back down again, my arse tingled with fear as the crowd was suddenly silent again. My mistress let me see her draw the cane between her buttocks and crotch; I was made to first smell and then lick the tangy cane, much to the obvious delight of the female onlookers.

"You now have the taste and scent of the woman who will own you forever and the cane which will own you today. I shall now break you." She then moved behind me, cutting the air with the cane, out of my sight which made me squirm and tense with fear. The women licked their lips in preparation for their enjoyment. I heard the first stroke cut the air in its approach, and tensed in agony as it cut into my cheeks, crying out in pain. She stroked relentlessly and my cock pulsed against the leather, my wrists and ankles strained against the shackles in a futile effort for release. I howled in pain as the strokes increased, and I was soon reduced to shedding tears like a small child, such was the pain I had to endure. The women looked on with contempt as they witnessed my tears; many openly toying with themselves, as they relished the breaking of a white man by a superior black woman.

As I whimpered unashamedly in complete humiliation, Ayira delivered again and again; the white woman sat cross-legged in a chair, smiling victoriously as I was broken before her. The spectacle of the women's enjoyment, my bondage and humiliation, the cane wielded by a black woman who now owned me, began to overcome the actual pain; the eroticism of the situation was now taking control as I was truly broken by the women. Through my tears I watched the array of dominant women enjoying my humiliation and I began to enjoy each stroke of the cane; my cock rubbed and squirmed on each impact, longing for the next stroke. Ayira sensed this, and so did the on looking women; she stroked faster and faster and the women clapped in time as they witnessed the urgency of my body movement against the cross. My cock pulsed as I now willingly accepted the vicious cane, I eyed the clapping women and started to convulse in ecstasy; they cheered as my cries turned to moans as the stinging cane brought me to orgasm. I writhed in complete submission and pure pleasure, as I spurted again and again. Ayira smiled proudly as she brought the cane down, teasing the last drop of semen from my vanquished balls, with unforgiving strokes. I had been broken by her and she knew she now owned me.

Whimpering in a mixture of pain and pleasure, I felt the cross being lowered; Ayira stood sweating before me; droplets running down her sublime body, she was now eager for satisfaction and further humiliation from her slave. The white woman sauntered over and lifted my head by my hair.

"You'll pay homage to your owner now, and then you'll come with me into the villa to prepare for later'." Ayira moved forward and I gratefully buried my face into her sweet mound, which was hot, sticky and divinely scented. Though I had just spent, my cock was rigid again as I lovingly lapped at the sweet juices of the woman who had punished me so viciously, licking eagerly at the delicious folds of her wondrous black pussy; she had utterly defeated me and now I would please her. She pulled away and turned, presenting her sticky anus to me for the first time. The white woman pulled me right back by the hair as Ayira moved back too; she allowed my head forward, my nose placed right against the richly aromatic prize.

"You have a damn good smell of that before you lick." The white woman chuckled in superior fashion as I inhaled the nicely seasoned anus, as sweat dribbled down her glossy brown buttocks.

"Now Lick!" Commanded the auburn dominatrix as she lifted my head slightly and Ayira spread her buttocks a little further, inviting my tongue to nestle in the sweetly puckered brown orifice. I did so without need for further command; the taste was every bit as sensational as the aroma, a tart tang hit my taste-buds as I licked the pucker, then eased my tongue into the delightful warmth of her delectable arsehole, much to the delight of the women who had now gathered round to gain a view of the proceedings.

Ayira was braced by her two accomplices as she toyed with her clitoris as I was made to service her anus. I felt her clench and release on my tongue as she began to orgasm, and my cock throbbed as I squirmed in my confinement; I was close to coming again. The auburn bitch noticed this and pinched my arse, whispering in my ear.

"No you don't! You'll come for me next; I intend to have my monies worth before you are formally accepted by Ayira tonight." I could not doubt my attraction to the white woman; it had been her who had lured me to my destiny after all, but my cock throbbed in torment as Ayira moaned and clenched on my tongue; her two accomplices giggling as they took her weight, as she enjoyed a lengthy orgasm, her newly broken slave servicing her anus in abject submission to her. My tongue slipped out of her tight sweaty anus as she moved away, on recovering from her orgasm; she then turned and I was invited to lick her dripping pussy clean, I lapped once more at the freshness of her love juices, my cock rock hard once more, and my arse stiffening too, with the aftermath of the caning.

My arse stung all the more as I was unshackled and allowed from the cross; I was made to walk on all fours as I was led on my leash by the haughty white woman. The crowd of women applauded as I was walked in humiliation through them to the villa. As I was being led, I noted another male who had been trussed and tied to an ass; he writhed about as a large African woman smiled down and smote the ass's rump, the captive was dragged away through a rear gate across some grassland toward a hill. The auburn women smiled at me.

"He's to be 'despatched'; the same may happen to you one day, but we shall have our fun with you first." I dare not ask what that meant, but could see the tormented figure writhing as his black mistress walked alongside her ass with deliberation, and a procession of smiling women joined the procession as the wretch was dragged toward the hill. My cock bobbed with anticipation as I followed the beautiful curvaceous arse of the auburn woman, the crowd of black women laughing at me as I was led obediently on all fours, my arse as sore as hell now; the women delighted in pointing at the red wheals which now decorated it. The auburn women led me with some urgency; the spectacle of my punishment having aroused her, she would now have her pleasure of me.

The air was muck cooler inside the vial, which had been built in colonial times; my knees pained me on the hard marble floor, but my cock pulsed at the noise of the woman's stiletto heeled boots clacking away as I was led through to a magnificently appointed bedroom. She had beckoned to two buxom housemaids who had also followed us into the room, and had evidently been prepared for the occasion as a matter of routine; one had a ewer of warm water and towelling, the other carried liniment and having deposited this on a table, rubbed her hands in a sickly sweet smelling lotion. My leash was tugged and I was commanded to lie on the bed, the two women giggled as they set about first cleaning my tortured buttocks, then applying the lotion; I writhed in pain at the sting of the water on my wounds, and then again as the balm was applied.

It soon served to sooth my injuries, but madam with the auburn hair had me off the bed the instant the maids had done; as I knelt there she told me of the purpose of the cleansing.

"This is not done for your benefit; I would rather you endured as much pain as possible. We do this to ensure you remain fit and free from infection; it would be of no use to me if you died from gangrene before I've been fully paid. Don't ever think this is for your comfort; the treatment will ensure that you are sooner the ready for another caning, and you will receive many." As she spoke she pulled my leash to one side and sat at the end of the bed as I knelt before her, lifting herself as she pulled the chiffon under and behind her voluptuous thighs and bottom. I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal and marvelled at the grace and beauty of this mature and dominant beauty, who now smiled down at me as my cock stiffened rigidly to attention, her scent making me yearn to come once more.

She chuckled wickedly as my cock bobbed below her, she then slowly lifted her beautifully booted legs gracefully up to the bed, exposing her invitingly moist pussy and anus, allowing more of her sweet scent to permeate my nostrils, making by cock pulse expectantly. The scent and sight of her beautiful womanhood, exposed pink and red lips adorned by a groomed tuft of amber hair had me drooling like never before. I was a submissive and she was a dominant; we had both known this on that night in London; she now had me where she wanted me, I was a captive slave and I would willingly had died for her at that moment. She increased the torture by saying nothing, and allowing me to stare and take in her scent for at least a full minute, a minute which seemed like an eternity; my cock dribbled lubrication, and she deftly reached down and ran her spikily nailed middle finger up and around my bulging helmet, wiping my essence and then delicately licking it from her finger. I noticed her labia bulge as she did so; she laughed wickedly.

"I so enjoyed your caning, my only regret is that I was not administering the cane myself; I would have loved to have reduced you to tears the way you were by Ayira. You know that your only purpose in life is to serve womanhood now; you will face much more pain and humiliation. I may ask Ayira if I can cane you next time; would you like that?" As I knelt there with my cock straining at the scent and sight of a truly dominant woman, I could not deny my feelings.

"Yes Mistress, I would like to have you cane me." I felt no shame, and almost yearned to be punished by her. She tugged at my leash, smiling.

"Yes MISTRESS ANGELA." I now knew her name.

"Yes Mistress Angela, I would like that." She smiled and ran her hands up the backs of her thighs, placing them just under her knees, in readiness to be pleasured.

"You will now sniff my arse; when I tell you, you shall commence licking, I am very sticky as usual in this god-forsaken climate, and will want to be cleaned and refreshed thoroughly. It will be a while before you have the chance to service another white woman like this; you will certainly have the taste for black anuses by the time you have the next opportunity." She was so matter-of-fact in her dominance, and I duly put my nose to her beautifully puckered anus without question; her scent was exquisite and my cock dribbled as I sniffed and yearned for her command to allow me to indulge her. I could not help but look to her eyes to see her enjoy my obedience and total control over me. Her enjoyment of her superiority was evident in her wicked smile, and the time in which she had me simply sniff at her womanly scent in complete submission to her. Now sated with this simple whim, she barked her command.

"Lick my arse now! Do a thorough job or you shall have that caning today." I gratefully licked at the tangy outer ring and sweet folds, and Angela sighed as she toyed with her moist pussy; her juices mingling with the sweat and moisture around her delicate anus. My cock was ready to burst as I slipped my tongue into the depths of her warm and savoury rectum, lubricating it with my saliva as I cleansed it of her womanly taste and scent. Angela was truly aroused and feeling supremely dominant at having accomplished bringing me to this place, and now having me submit to her; my arse tingled as she spoke again.

"I may come back and reclaim you, when I next return from London with new slaves. You will be truly broken by then; you know the caning was just the beginning; you have a lot to lean and endure. Ayira is particularly vicious, and you will know your place. I may offer to buy you back, if you have not been despatched in between times; that would be a shame! I would like to take you back to London completely broken, and share you with my friends who saw how you were on that last night; their witnessing what you will be reduced to would be exquisite!" I was on the point of ejaculating, just listening to her words, and probed submissively at her warm luscious anus, dreaming and yearning of what might become of me. At that point I would willingly have died for Angela; the women responsible for my being there. To suffer further humiliation at her hands would be ecstasy, though I was now also anticipating what Ayira had waiting for me, and had deeply erotic thoughts about probing her beautiful black anus once more, having suffered more punishment.

Angela was excited by my vigorous tonging and suddenly lifted her legs straight as she bathed in a glorious orgasm, my tongue was squeezed by her now tight anus, and her juices dribbled as she enjoyed her humiliation of me.

She made me thank her for allowing me to clean and pleasure her, but did not allow me relief. She clicked her fingers and the two maids appeared once more. As one washed my face like a child, Angela sat smoking a cigarette through a long white cigarette holder, looking contemptuously at me, making my erection all the more rigid. A white silk blouson was put on me as she puffed, and eyed me dominantly.

"You won't see me again for a while after tonight. I shall enjoy your initiation ceremony and will watch as you are led away by Ayira for your first night. I hope you will think of me, and what you have done for me today, from time to time. It may help keep you sane, and help you retain your will to live." She laughed wickedly as the two maids lifted me, and tugged on my leash, leading me outside into the warmth of the night. I knew I would know pain before I saw Angela again; if ever.

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