Poolside With Judd
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Judd is staying at his Aunt Eileen's condo for two weeks. Did I mention that he is a horny teenager?

Judd had just turned sixteen the week before on July fifth. Now he was sitting at his aunt's condo's pool with a book which he was pretending to read. This was his usual two week stay with his mother's younger sister Eileen while his mom and dad went on a cruise to who knows where.

He looked over the top of his sunglasses ignoring his Stephen King novel and thankful that his towel was draped across his lap hiding his erection from the other's in the pool area. Most of the poolside inhabitants were young mother's watching their kids splashing in the shallow end of the pool.

Judd's hard prick was the result of gazing at the numerous women and girls by the pool. He watched as a very young girl with flat as a board chest rose from the water directly in front of him. Her blue bathing suit was so tight that Judd could see the outline of her young puffy pussy with the suit pulled into her slit provocatively.

The boy couldn't take his eyes off of the young girl. He wished he could touch himself but he knew that he didn't dare get caught ogling the young girls at the pool. He shifted his gaze to one of the younger mothers who was bending down to pick up her little boy. Her smallish round ass was barely covered by her tiny bikini bottoms and Judd could swear that he saw some of her dark curly pubic hairs trying to escape the bathing suit at the crotch. His cock ached even more at the sight of the mother's ripe bottom.

He was disappointed when she stood with her child in her arms hiding her breasts from Judd's view. He rested his large book on his towel, enjoying the brief sensation that the added weight had on his firm erection. Oh how much he wanted to yank down his bathing suit to expose his hard cock to all the young mothers around the pool and yell to them. Look how hard my cock is. Come and suck it for me.

Judd had never had his cock sucked but from what his best friend Steve had told him it was ten times better than jerking off. Actually Judd's cock had never felt anything other than the boy's own hand while he stroked himself to orgasms at least once every day.

Judd picked his book back up, dragging it slowly across his towel covered cock to elicit another fine erotic sensation, as he casually looked around the pool again noticing one of his aunt's friends. May had huge tits which threatened to pop out of the top of her two piece suit every time she moved. How he would love to suck on her big tits. He could only imagine that she had big nipples also. This pool and the bathing suited ladies around it was the closest that he had ever come to seeing a woman's breasts.

When he was around thirteen he had walked in on his mother after her shower once, while she was dressing, but she had already put on her bra and panties. She had yelled at him for not knocking before entering her bedroom so he didn't dare try that again. He was hoping that during his two week stay with his Aunt Eileen she would give him an opportunity to see her grapefruit sized tits.

Judd started to pretend to read his book again as he peered over the top of his heavily tinted glasses once again to check out the young moms. He even gazed at the fat dark haired woman. Her ass threatened to burst her suit at the seams but Judd enjoyed how her bulbous titties swayed with her every move. Her daughter was sunning herself, reclining on a lounge chair, next to her mom. She appeared to be in her early teens. Judd could tell that the pretty young girl in the polka dot bikini was already growing tits that would one day equal her mother's huge breasts. Her ass would probably catch up to her mother's as well as the young girl grew older and more mature.

But for now the young girl, he thought he had heard her mother call her Mary, was nice to look at. Her breasts were already stretching the top of her suit exposing cleavage that Judd thought would feel good on his cock while he gave her a good tittie fuck. Damn, he was horny!

It was almost lunch time. Judd closed his book and stood up, careful to keep his towel and book in front of him allowing his tented bathing suit to go unnoticed. He knew that before he made himself a sandwich for lunch that he would 'borrow' a pair of his aunt's silky panties to wrap around his cock to enhance his masturbation. He already knew that his orgasm would be a great one. He had been hard all the time he had been at the pool and now he was going to release all of his built up sperm in one series of hard pulsating streams of his jism.

Once inside of the condo Judd threw his sunglasses, book and towel onto a nearby chair. Soon his bathing suit followed leaving the boy bare ass naked with his teenage cock standing at attention with a drop of precum trying to escape his pee hole.

The boy boldly went into his aunt's bedroom and open the top drawer of her dresser. He already knew that it was full of his aunt Eileen's bras and panties. Most of her underwear were sexy. No old lady bloomers for his pretty and slim aunt.

Judd chose a satiny blue pair of Eileen's panties. He couldn't wait. He wrapped the soft underwear around his cock knowing that he would eventually make a mess in them and have to bury them deep in his aunt's hamper so she wouldn't catch on what her nephew was doing with her panties.

The teen walked to his own bedroom with the slippery panties still being held in place by Judd's firm right hand. He hardly had time to stretch out on his back on top of his bed before his hand began it's ritual dance with his hard pecker.

Judd closed his eyes trying to envision all the bikini clad women by the pool finally settling on his aunt's friend May's huge titties. The boy had been holding back on his orgasm but now began fisting his cock furiously wanting that orgasm to happen while he imagined that he was shooting his jism all over May's beautiful tits. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT!. Judd unloaded a massive cum into his aunt's pretty blue panties, groaning as he did so. What a good fucking cum! Judd thought as he opened his eyes.

"So that's where my panties have been disappearing to." His aunt stood, fully clothed, at the doorway to his room. He didn't know how long she had been standing there but he did know that she had seen his strong climax into her underwear.

Aunt Eileen just smiled knowingly at the naked boy who was covering his teenage cock with her own blue satin panties. Then she turned around and left the room.

Judd put on a fresh bathing suit. The other pair was still in the living room and had a couple of stiffening spots on the front where his cock had drooled while he was at the pool. He went to the kitchen to see that his aunt had made them both sandwiches.

"I came home for lunch because I had forgotten to take my wallet this morning." She said to the red faced boy. "I understand that a sixteen year old boy like yourself must feel the need to masturbate frequently." Judd's face reddened even more. "But if you insist on using my underwear I am going to have to show you how to hand wash them when you are done. I don't want those sticky panties in my hamper. Understood?"

He nodded as he picked up his sandwich. "So, you're not mad at me?"

"No Judd. I'm not angry. Masturbating is something all of us do sometimes. It's just a boy your age doesn't have many other options and does it frequently. I know my brother used to do it three or four times a day."

"Good to hear that I'm not a freak."

"No you're not. It's normal. Before I go back to work I am going to show you the proper way to hand wash a ladies intimate things."

Eileen stood over the boy's shoulder as she instructed him in the proper technique of washing a ladies lingerie and how to drape them over the shower curtain rod to air dry. "If I leave them there you are going to know how many times I, uh, do it."

"That is correct. But that's why I want you to wash them. I don't need three or four pairs disappearing every day."

Judd blushed again. "I don't use your underwear every time. Sometimes I just do it into a tissue or paper towel." He admitted to his aunt. Then as an after thought he added. "Did you see it when I was, you know, doing it?"

Eileen laughed "No I didn't. You had it wrapped pretty good in my underwear. Now hang those panties to dry while I head back to work." She left leaving Judd to carefully hang his aunt's pretty blue underwear.

His cock was on the rise again. What the hell! he thought. He went to his Aunt Eileen's room and chose another pair of her underwear to use. One more jerk off before he went back to the pool would help keep it down for a while ... and just the thought of his pretty aunt watching him masturbate had turned him on again.

Judd didn't bother going to his room. He stood in front of his aunt's dresser mirror admiring how big his cock had gotten in just last couple of minutes. He had chosen a pair of skimpy white undies that he knew from past experience would feel great on the soft skin of his hard cock.

After only about three minutes of vigorous abuse his cock exploded into the soft white panties. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! He washed out the underwear and hung them along side of the blues ones that he had used for his first whack off session. Judd knew that before his aunt got home from work there would be at least one more pair of her dainties hanging along side of the first two on her shower curtain rod.

The boy went down to the pool again taking his towel and his book. Maybe he could read a couple of chapters before the scenery caught his, and his dick's, attention again.

It looked like everyone had gone to eat lunch except for one young mother and her teenage daughter, leaving poolside to just the three of them. He could hear the mother speaking to her daughter. "You're starting to burn Denise. Let me put some more lotion on you.

Judd watched as she squirted sun block into her cupped hand, rubbing them together before she began gently massaging the white cream onto her daughters back and legs. Of course Judd thought that it would be nice to rub her down with his own white sauce, directly out of his young, hard cock. She pulled the bottoms of Denise's suit down just a bit to rub the soothing lotion on that spot where between the skin and suit where you always burned so easily.

Just a hint of the young girl's butt crack was showing causing Judd's cock to start swelling once again. He tried not to stare but he couldn't help wonder what it would feel like to rub lotion onto that young girl's naked skin.

"I'm going to get something to eat. Want me to bring you back a sandwich and soda?"

"Sure Mom. That would be great!"

Judd watched as the hefty mother walked away with a distinct sway of her wide hips and bountiful ass. She had barely disappeared from sight when Denise left her lounge chair and walked over to Judd, with the bottle of lotion in her hand.

Judd tried to pretend that he didn't see her approaching but soon she was standing right over him. "Hi, I'm Denise," She said "You look like you're starting to burn. Want me to put some sun block on you?"

He was glad that his towel was once again in his lap covering his rampant hard on. Judd stuttered an answer. "Uh ... Uh ... Ya. Sure."

"Roll onto your stomach but tell me your name first."

"My ... my name is Judd." He said as he rolled onto his stomach taking the towel, still covering his crotch, with him.

Denise knelt beside the boy's lounge chair. "Ouch! This concrete is burning my knees." With that Denise grabbed the edge of Judd's towel and yanked hard. "Let me kneel on your towel."

The sudden pull of the towel hurt and felt good at the same time as it slid across his erection. She smiled at his expression as she folded the towel and kneeled on it. The bottle of lotion had been sitting in the sun. It was quite warm as Denise used both of her hands to massage the slippery liquid all over his bare back finally stopping long enough to push his bathing suit down a bit, farther than it needed to be, so she could get at his tan line.

Judd's cock was feeling good with the pressure of his body pushing it against the webbing of the chair as Denise used firm pressure to rub the sweet smelling lotion ont his back all the way to the swell of his bottom cheeks as her hand disappeared beneath his bathing suit.

Oh God! Is this really happening? He thought as the girl massaged both of his ass cheeks with firm strokes of her hand. As quickly as she had invaded his bathing suit she removed her hands, squirted more lotion into her hands and went to work on the boy's firm and slender legs.

He wondered if she would go so far as to tell him to turnover on his back. Then she would see the big tent that his hard prick was making in his bathing suit. He looked around quickly but didn't see her mother or anyone else returning to the pool. Maybe this pretty girl would stroke his cock for him, letting him fill his suit with his sticky cream.

Denise's hands were very strong. She spread the cream all over his legs then began using those strong hands and fingers to knead the liquid into his thigh and calf muscles. His legs were turning to jelly with the young girl's ministrations but it did nothing to relieve the ache in his erect penis.

"Roll over on to your back Judd. Let me finish you off."

Not sure what she means. Judd thought but his cock was hard and drooling. He wanted her to see it. He wanted the young girl to wrap her strong hand around his prick and make it spurt.

But it wasn't to be. "Oh shit! Here comes my mother." With that Denise took her lotion and went back to her own lounge chair. She sat down and with a second thought said "Hey! Do your front so you don't burn." She threw the lotion at him. He had to twist around to catch the bottle. He wondered when he lifted himself up to catch the bottle if Denise got a glimpse of his tented bathing suit. He hoped so.

After liberally applying the lotion Judd put the bottle down next to his chair. He wanted to touch his hardness but refrained from doing so as Denise's mother sat down next to her daughter. He couldn't make out what was said by her mother but Denise responded. "Oh, it's over there. I'll get it."

Denise walked over to Judd with a grin on her face. "My mom needs the sun block." She said as she bent at the waist. One hand wrapped around the lotion bottle and she placed her other hand directly on Judd's bulge, her body hiding her hand from her mother's view.

Even through the combined material of his bathing suit and the fluffy white towel the pressure of her hand on the teen boy's erection was enough for him to begin shooting his sticky spend into his suit. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! Denise moved her hand firmly back and forth against the boy's hardness until she felt his cock stop it's spasms. "Feel better now Judd?" She quietly uttered as she left him and went back to her mother.

It wasn't exactly a hand job but it had left the boy satisfied until he realized just how much juice he had spurted in his bathing suit. He could feel that the front of his suit was soaked with his sperm and only the towel, still across his lap, prevented anyone from seeing the mess he had made. Correction! The mess that Denise had made.

It was time for another trip back to Aunt Eileen's condo. Judd held the towel and his book in front of his crotch as he headed away from the pool. As he reached the gate to the pool the heavy woman and her teen daughter were heading in. The mother gave him a dirty look. He wondered if she could smell the aroma of his sperm soaked crotch as he could. His face flushed as he let the pair through the gate before he went out and headed for the safety of his aunt's condo.

Five minutes after he arrived he was in the bathroom hanging his now hand washed bathing suit next to the drying panties belonging to his aunt. It wasn't another pair of panties but he was sure that his Aunt Eileen would figure out that his bathing suit was hanging there because of another teenage cum. Maybe he would tell her that it wasn't his own hand that had caused that particular orgasm.

He couldn't help himself, The thought of Denise touching him between his legs, on his hard penis, had his cock starting to rise again. He fished out another pair of his aunt's undies, pink ones this time, wrapped them around his newest erection and began a slow, methodical stroking of his prick. He wanted this one to last!

It took a while but his deliberate slow hand movements finally increased to rapid and firm strokes as he neared orgasm. SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! For the fourth time that day young Judd released his spunk, this time in his aunt's pretty pink panties.

After washing and hanging the pink panties Judd showered and put on a pair of tightie whities and climbed into his own bed for a much needed nap.

When Eileen returned from work she found her nephew curled up on his bed wearing only his tight white briefs. She smiled as she addressed his sleeping form. "Judd baby. Are you awake?"

He didn't answer her but he restlessly turned over onto his back. Eileen could see his soft package outlined by his tight briefs. "Judd baby?"

Still no response. She could see that his prick was beginning to swell and push against the front of his underwear. "Judd sweetie. Are you awake?" She once again asked the slumbering boy.

Judd wasn't asleep and kept his eyes closed. He had heard his aunt the first time she asked if he was awake and rolled onto his back already feeling his cock starting to stiffen up. Knowing that his Aunt Eileen was in his bedroom looking at his cotton covered prick made him horny once again. Maybe she would touch him like Denise had done earlier. He hoped! He knew from previous sessions whacking off on rainy days that he could coax a fifth cum from his hard teenage prick.

Eileen touched her breasts gently with both hands as she realized he had a substantial cock beneath the white fabric and it was starting to turn her on. Crap! My sixteen year old nephew's erection is making me dewy between my legs.

She slowly approached the bed still teasing her tits with both hands. She wanted to see the boy's cock. She quietly said, "Judd?", for the last time. When he didn't respond she carefully pulled the elastic waistband of his underwear away from his body, pulling it down far enough to expose his smooth boy cock and his tight balls to her view. It was slender but every bit as long as her last lover's tool had been. A good six inches of steel hard cock stood out from his light colored pubic hairs.

Judd didn't feel the briefs being pulled down but the change of temperature on his sensitive cock made it twitch in anticipation. Was his Aunt Eileen going to use her hand on his cock? I sure hope so. He thought to himself, forcing himself to keep his eyes closed. He wasn't sure what she would do if she knew that he was awake. Please touch it Auntie. He wanted to shout out, but he didn't say a word and stifled a moan that wanted to be voiced.

Eileen could see a pearl of precum oozing from the boy's pee hole. Gently she ran one finger through the slippery stuff coating his cockhead with the clear liquid. This time Judd did let out a soft moan. His own hand had never made his cock feel this good. Eileen put her finger in her mouth tasting the sweetness of the boy's juice. Mmmmm!

Eileen smiled to herself. The little horny bastard isn't sleeping. She took the boy's erection into her right hand and slowly started masturbating her nephew watching more and more of his juices flow from his cock's tiny eye streaming down to cover her hand. "Open your eyes Judd. Watch as Auntie strokes your big prick."

He did! He almost came on the spot watching his aunt's slender hand pulling and pushing the tight skin of his erect penis back and forth. Then she did the unexpected. Eileen climbed between the boys outstretched legs and engulfed his six inches with her warm mouth. She bobbed her head rapidly bouncing her chin off of his pubes over and over again, driving the boy closer and closer to his orgasm.

Judd couldn't believe how wonderful his Aunt Eileen's mouth felt on his cock as he watched his erection moving in and out past her lips. Even though he had already cum four times that day he knew he couldn't last much longer. He didn't want that wonderful feeling to stop but he had lost his control.

SPURT! SPURT! SPURT! Eileen swallowed the boy cream as fast as his cock shot it into her waiting mouth. She couldn't believe how much juice the boy still had in his balls after all the jacking off he had done that day. And ... it was so sweet. Not like the cream from an adult man's prick.

Eileen pulled her lips off of Judd's still erect cock, licking her lips like she had just swallowed ice cream and not her nephew's thick boy cum. As soon as she noticed how hard the boy's cock still was she stood at the foot of the bed and began disrobing.

She was down to her skimpy white bra and panties giving Judd an unplanned strip tease. His cock twitched as he watched her unfasten her brassiere and let it fall to the floor. Boy! Aunt Eileen had beautiful firm breasts the size of the grapefruit he had had for breakfast.

He wanted to suck on them but Eileen promptly pulled her panties down and off. She currently didn't have a steady boyfriend so she hadn't trimmed her pubic hairs in a while. Judd had never seen a naked woman before and marveled at his aunt's big tits and her hairy snatch. He could see that her cunt lips were open and wet. She climbed onto the bed and imbedded his prick deep into her moist pussy dropping until she could feel his balls touching her wet lips.

Judd was getting laid for the first time in his life. He didn't have to do anything except lie there while Eileen bounced on him making his cock and her cunt equally happy. When Judd's cock exploded once again Eileen could feel the hot cream filling her cunt with the boy's potent sperm.

Judd was happy! Finally not a virgin! AND ... this was only the first day of his vacation.

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