Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, Incest, Mother, Brother, Father, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Samantha suffers with PGAD Persistant Genital Arousal Disorder. She needs sex regularly and triggers like touch, loud noises or travel like a car journey can set her off. She gets so bad even her family have to help!

This is my first attempt for this site. Apologies to any genuine sufferers from this condition and please forgive the artistic licence I have taken here

Hi, my name is Sam, short for Samantha, and I suffer from a condition called PGAD. My story will explain all about this.

I was sitting on a wall outside the back of the lavatory block. It was rather warm, and I had left my cardigan in the office. My sleeveless dress was slightly above the knee, not to bad for office work with my light cardigan on, but slightly tartier with it off, which was my intention. I had a small clutch bag with me, just big enough for keys, mobile and condoms. I sat trying not to look too anxious but feeling the need. I couldn't see the offices across the street but I knew my dad was in them and I felt reasonably safe. Lunchtimes they were reasonably quiet, most people on lunch break would use the facilities in the restaurant or café they were going to or wait until they were back at work. Two guys walked past and I turned my head away ignoring them, they both glanced at me but ignored me, which was what I wanted.

The third one looked ok, about thirty and clean, and a smile. I looked up at him and smiled gently opening and closing my legs.

'Hi' he said, 'are you ok?'

I smiled 'I'm fine, ' I stopped a little unsure what to say, believe it or not, I'm not that good at picking up guys, I just looked at him and smiled, hoping he would take it further.

He looked at me hesitantly, unsure what to say, I don't blame him, you have to be careful nowadays. My problem was my need. 'Are you waiting for someone, I asked?'

'Er no, ' he replied, he seemed to freeze; he wanted to say something but what?

I felt a momentary panic, what if he walked away. He must have noticed something because he asked if I was ok again.

'Just looking for something, ' I smiled again and opened my legs some more, hoping to god he would ask me.

He smiled, 'or someone?'

I smiled again and my heart raced, that was my opening, 'maybe someone.' I opened my legs wider; surely he could see my panties?

'My name's Alan' he said.

'Sam' I replied, I meant to invent a name but I forgot.

He looked over his shoulder at the gents toilets and then back at me, I nodded my head and got up and nodded him to go in ahead. As I followed I reached into my bag for my mobile and pressed the send button. I had just sent a message I had written earlier to my dad who was sitting in an office across the road. It said "going in toilet with man now" he worries about me, I don't blame him, I try to be careful but in my situation it can sometimes be a little difficult, like now.

He walked into the end cubicle, glancing at the others to see if they were empty. I did the same, but also was looking for a clean one, or rather one that wasn't too dirty. I followed him into the end one, glad that it wasn't too bad.

I followed him in and shut the door he turned to face me a little concerned, or so I thought, I mean after all how often do you hear of a woman approaching a strange guy for sex, I haven't.

I reached up for him and kissed him on the lips. His mouth opened and his tongue invaded my mouth.

'How old are you he asked?'

'Nineteen, ' I replied, 'I know I don't look it, but don't worry.' I couldn't blame him for asking, I am 5'2 and pretty slim, with my red hair and green eyes, my dad says I look like an elf. I admit I look pretty young, it used to cause me no end of problems, as a matter of fact, it still does, I can't get in clubs and some pubs still won't serve me.

'I have protection' he said, I nodded good I thought that saves me getting mine out, I didn't want to be the one to insist on it with an unwilling guy. With strangers I always use a condom. He kissed me again gently and took me in his arms, his hands running up and down my back. I had to hurry things along a little, I was on lunch and my dad was waiting for me, and I was getting desperate.

I reached for his zipper and pulled it down he moved away a little for access, and I sat down on the toilet seat and took it out, it was a nice one six inches with a nice shape and circumcised. Holding it I pulled him towards me reached for his trouser button and belt, undoing both his trousers fell to the floor; I licked my lips. He pushed forward to my mouth and I hungrily engulfed him. My tongue circled his cock head and my cheeks hollowed as I sucked him. He began to thrust into my mouth getting close to the back of my throat, and I started to caress his balls with one hand and hold his buttocks with the other. Suddenly I stopped and he looked down at me as if he was in pain, but I couldn't take the chance of him cumming in my mouth and walking out, I had my needs.

He started to pat his pockets looking for a condom; I winked and fished one out of my clutch bag. I opened the wrapper and placed it over the end, then using my mouth, I pushed it all the way down, then stood up turned around and bent over the toilet seat holding on to the cistern. His hands slid up my legs lifting my skirt showing my panties, which he pulled down to my knees, they fell to the floor and I stepped out of them. He pushed his cock head against my labia and slid it up and down. While it was erotic and a turn on I was already past that so I pushed my rear back at him and he slid inside. He took my hips and pushed all the way in; I gasped then groaned as he started to thrust. I bit my lip trying to keep the noise under control as he thrust into me, I didn't want any trouble from anyone using the toilet, but it was difficult.

He was starting to thrust harder and I let out a small groan as encouragement, 'oh god that's it I hissed 'yes yes yes.' My orgasm was building with each trust and my hand was gripping the cistern tighter and tighter. Finally it happened, my release I started to grunt as my orgasm washed over me tears of happiness were in my eyes. This pushed him over the edge and he came into the condom. Gasping we both stood up, his cock falling out of my pussy and the condom sliding off him onto the floor. 'That was ... unbelievable' he whispered. I giggled 'glad you enjoyed.'

'Maybe we could do this again some time?'

'Ok, I said, 'look, I don't visit here often, but if you give me your phone number I will let you know when.' He looked hesitant, 'don't worry, ' I replied, I don't want to cause you any trouble, and I don't want any myself, ' I said stepping into my knickers while he pulled his trousers up, it was elbows everywhere. Isn't it weird, that undressing in a toilet is easier then dressing? 'Do you do this often, ' he said?

'Only when I have to, ' I replied. He looked quizzically, 'I'll tell you outside' I whispered, 'we don't want to get caught.'

As we exited the cubicle, a man was standing at the urinal ignoring us; I held back a small grin. We stepped outside and stood a few feet away, at the edge of the car park, and I explained my problem to him. He sympathised and I added him to my list.

As he walked off, my dad walked out of the toilet and put his arm around my shoulders. 'How did it go, ' he asked?

'Fine, ' I replied. Were you there for all of it?'

'Just the end part, sounded good' he said, I nodded. Slowly we walked back across the road to the office, lunch was over and it was back to work.

Ok time to explain, I suffer with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, a condition that means exactly what it says, it varies with different people and I don't suffer as badly as many others. My problem is I get sexually aroused by a variety of things, including car journeys, touch; any kind of vibration and anything that raises my heart rate like a loud noise or a shock or fright, like in a film. Masturbation helps a little, but the only way I can get real relief is sex, on average twice a day; although I try to get by with just once.

It happened about eight months ago, I was crossing a road when I was hit by a car, its brakes had failed. The driver and his wife got out and saved my life. They stabilised my neck and called an ambulance. I had head and spinal injuries, I was in a coma for over a week, my parents were devastated but eventually I came round. It left me with mild absence seizures, controlled by medication and my PGAD. It meant I had to give up my dream of a career in nursing, luckily for me my dad had an opening for me in his firm.

My doctor explained they couldn't treat me as they were unsure of the cause, it was either pressure on a nerve in my spine or the brain damage, and I would have to develop strategies to manage my condition. I tried masturbation, but that sometimes left me high and dry and casual sex, accompanied by alcohol, which was too risky. After a particularly bad night when I arrived home drunk with no underwear, semen in my hair and no memory of what happened; I sat down with my parents and poured my heart out.

My parents were great, depending I suppose on your viewpoint. Together we came to two conclusions. Firstly I had to have frequent sex. Secondly I needed help to keep me safe. They resolved to help with both, mum looks after my encounter diary and dad makes sure I am ok, at least that's how it all started, now it's even more involved.

I work for my dads accountancy firm, apart from the usual accounts and auditing, we specialise in forensic accountancy, which is to find out what happens to clients money when they can't find it, sometimes it's an error and it's sitting there in the wrong account, sometimes its more and we end up giving evidence in court.

I was ok that morning, kisses from mum, dad and my brother just left me with a tingle, but dad and I had a two hour car journey. I normally walk when I can, I try to lead a normal life as much as possible, but this was too far. By the time we got there I was nearly climbing the walls. I practice yoga and that helps me keep my needs under control for a while, but as I have explained, it doesn't last for long; which is what lead me to the public toilet that day.

The rest of the afternoon passed with no trouble and together with Mabel Ling, one of dad's employees, we managed to salvage some of our client's money; whether they bring in the police is up to them. My old school friend Annabel phoned and we chatted for a while. She was at university and coming home soon. She wanted to arrange a day out with me and some sex for me with her father.

The week she left for university, I broke down in her room crying while I was helping her pack to leave. We were sitting on her bed, deciding what to take and what to leave behind, when she asked my why I always seemed to be tense, and told her my all about my 'problem' as she was asking why we didn't have fun anymore. I told her what it was like for me and we looked up the problem on the internet. I explained how difficult it was and how my parents were starting to help, when she said brightly, 'I know, why don't we ask my dad?'

'What, ' I practically yelled, your dad, are you out of your mind?' she placed an arm on my shoulder and spoke slowly in a sort of calming voice. 'Now Samantha, I distinctly remember having a 'who's hot' chat with you and you said my dad was hot remember?' I nodded noncommittally fearing anything I said could be used in evidence against me. 'Well I happen to know he likes you.'

'How do you know?' I demanded.'

'Because I asked him.'

'You did what?' I asked incredulously.

She nodded sagely, 'oh Sam, 'sometimes it's the best way. Now you wait here, I'll be back in a tick.' I nodded and sat back as she bounced up from her bed and ran downstairs. It took me a few seconds before I realised why she had run off and by then, she was gone. I sat back against the headboard, vaguely listening to a muffled conversation downstairs in the living room. I decided it was best I didn't completely hear everything. Within two minutes, she was bouncing back upstairs, 'he's fine with it, ' she said breezily and looking forward to it. I was going to suggest now, but then thought it best to give you time to adjust, is that ok? I nodded weakly, to confused for anything else.

At the end of the day we packed our laptops and headed for the car. By the time we were half way home I was a little stressed, and practicing my yoga breathing techniques. I opened my mobile and phoned mum. 'Hallo darling' she said.

'Hi mum, ' I replied, 'we will be home in half an hour or so, we are dropping Mabel off first, don't worry about dinner we ate before we left.'

Ok darling, thanks for telling me.' A parcel has arrived for you, I left it on your dressing table, and grandma wants to know if you are visiting tomorrow, as she has an appointment.'

'Ok mum thanks, have you arranged someone?'

'Yes darling, I thought you might be a little anxious with a two hour car journey, I don't know what your father is putting you through with this... '

'Mum, you know how I feel, I do what I can, mum, who is it?

'Henry, she said. I sighed happily. Henry was an old friend of dads, a really lovely man who I was hiding more then sexual feelings towards. He still lived with his mother, he never married. He was engaged years ago, but she died in an accident, and he hadn't wanted to get involved with anyone else. It was a perfect arrangement; it took care of both our needs. We role play a little sometimes and if I wind him up he can get rough, I was going to really wind him up tonight.

Half an hour later, Mabel dropped off, we arrived home. As we entered mum called out from the kitchen 'coffee's in here' and we walked through. Mum poured dad a coffee and looked at me, I shook my head, the drive home was difficult and I didn't want to wait. 'Juice' I said? She held my head and looked me in the eye. 'How was it coming home?' I was nearly in tears, 'Bad mum' I was scratching my arms, like a drug addict. It was difficult, I was getting hotter and wetter; the yoga helped but not enough. I wear pads in my knickers for car journeys otherwise I wet the seat. I drank the juice she handed me straight down, 'where... '

'Henry's in the lounge dear, he says can you put on school uniform?'

'Thanks mum' I nodded, and went upstairs. In my bedroom I hurriedly stripped and pulled out the uniform, I had got it from a real school uniform shop. I looked for underwear, and decided on plain white, if I was playing the schoolgirl I should look it totally. I wondered why he hadn't come up to my bedroom and was waiting in the lounge for me, so I headed downstairs.

In the lounge Henry was sitting in an armchair and mum and dad together on the sofa, drinking coffee. I smiled at him, he was a supply teacher at my school and I remember having a schoolgirl crush on him, (like a number of my friends but he never responded to any of us). We became involved with him as a family when he answered an advert for occasional accounts staff, a maths teacher by day he was also a trained accountant. At 30 he wasn't as old as my dad, but they really hit it off, both being mad on cricket and real ale and they soon became friends, and a regular visitor to my house. He became involved with my 'problem' when after seeing me a few times sitting rocking backwards and forwards and scratching myself with sexual frustration he tried to tell my mum and dad he was afraid I was on drugs.

We all sat down together while my mum explained my problem to him. I cried and he asked if there was anything he could do (this was a genuine offer for help on his part) it was my mum who said the only thing he could do was to take me upstairs and fuck me. I can still remember the look of surprise on his face when she said that. My dad had to explain he was ok with it and my mum that with the severity of my problem, she would be grateful to any 'sexually safe, ' as she put it, person willing to help me on a semi regular basis. I nodded tearfully and within a short time he had taken me upstairs. As a lover he was fantastic, not just a large and circumcised (which I prefer, but I do like uncut as a variety) cock, but a genuine inventive and caring lover, unless I teased him too much then he got a little rough (which I liked with him too) he was a keen cyclist and quite slim and muscular without the muscle bound look.

'Hallo Sam' he said in a stern voice, he was holding a wooden ruler in his hand and patting his palm with it. Taking a guess on how the role-play was going to go I looked down at my feet, 'hallo sir' I replied, wondering whose idea this was as both my parents were sitting there, it looked like they were intending to watch.

'Now Sam, I suppose you are wondering why I summoned you to my office?' I nodded, swaying my hips with my finger in my mouth, like a kid who has been caught by teacher. 'Three things, ' he said slapping his palm with the ruler. 'One a poor attitude to schoolwork, ' (slap) two not completing homework (slap) and three, sucking cock in the boys toilets (slap). 'Oh please sir don't tell my parents, (I guessed that my mum and dad sitting on the sofa weren't here for this role-play, I'll do anything.'

'Will you submit to my punishment?' I nodded 'yes sir' I whispered.' I expected him to take me upstairs, or my parents to leave the room, but not this time. 'Then get over my knee.' I crept forward and bent over his knee and he raised my skirt showing my plain white schoolgirl panties. Whack the ruler came down on my arse and I cried out 'no' and it came down again whack and I cried again, it hurt. I have a safe word to use if it's really too much and I hadn't used it. Whack, whack, he continued, 'that is for your attitude, and that is for your lack of homework.' He stopped for a second rubbing my arse, which was soothing the pain, but increasing my need, I started to squirm I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to be able to keep this role-play up.

.But for sucking cock on school premises, it's your bare bottom, take them down.'

'No sir' I gasped in a shocked voice, 'you can't.'

'Do you want me to summon your parents?

'No sir'

'What will you do?'

'Take my knickers down and let you slap my bare arse sir'

'Yes that's right, well go on then.'

I got off his lap and pulled them down. He held out his hand and I gave them to him, he took a sniff and beckoned me to get back over his knee which I did, this time he had moved the chair a little and I could see my parents on the sofa watching, wide eyed. He stuffed my knickers in my mouth and started whacking me with the ruler again, while I groaned into my knickers. He stopped for a second and asked me 'why am I punishing you?'

'Because I am a dirty cocksucker sir, I can't help it I love the taste of cock, if a boy takes his cock out I just have to suck it, I just can't help it.' Henry was starting to groan now so I put the pressure on. 'The boys really like it sir, they cum in my mouth or all over me sir, they get it everywhere, but I'm a good girl really sir, they cum all over me but they don't fuck me so I'm a virgin sir.'

'A virgin, you say?'

'Yes sir, I let them cum all over me... '

'In your mouth?'

'Yes sir and I swallow it all down, sometimes they cum on my face and I lick it off sir, but sir... '


'The spanking ... it's doing things to me.' With that he whacked me again and I groaned. My parents were sitting forward on the sofa, spellbound. Mum was pinching a nipple and stroking dad's fly.

'What is it doing to you; you little cocksucker?'

'Oh sir, I getting so hot and wet down there... ' his breathing was now ragged and I new he was losing it; it was going to hopefully get rough.

'Lay back over the foot stool he said hoarsely. I got off his lap and lay down across it, it was as big as an armchair, my head over the end and my feet tucked under my bottom, legs wide open. I still had my uniform on but my blouse was open and my school tie on the floor. My skirt was wrapped around my waist and I was ready. He got off the chair and knelt on the floor. I was just psyching myself up when he thrust himself into me.

'Oh god' I groaned then gasped as he pulled his nine inch cock nearly out of my hot pussy, then slammed it back into me. He did this for a few minutes getting me closer and closer then stopped and turned me over and lifted my legs over my shoulders and stopped looking at me with a grin.

'Please' I said, his grin got bigger.

'Beg for it, he said.

'Please, ' I begged him 'fuck me as hard as you like, take me I'm a dirty little schoolgirl who needs it, fuck me hard and cum anywhere I will lick it up off you ... GOD' the last word was shouted, as he slammed it back into me hard. Grabbing my arse with my legs firmly over his shoulders I was a fuck toy for him to do with as he wanted. I cried out as my orgasm washed through me and whimpered as it continued. Henry looked up and my mum and dad sitting opposite.

'I think she needs a gag to shut her up he said.' Dad looked at mum, who nodded and he crossed the room and knelt down on the other side. He pulled out his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his buttocks digging my nails in with the eroticism of it all. My dad pulled back and then pushed in, his cock reaching the back of my throat. Henry was thrusting hard into me, starting to groan and he suddenly stiffened. With short jerky thrusts he emptied himself into me. This pushed my father over the edge.

'Princess, I'm cumming, ' he said and pulled his cock out of me, holding it against my lips. My hands still holding his buttocks he pumped his cock and cum on my lips and face. I opened my mouth to take the rest and licked my face clean.

'God, ' I said, 'that was great. Henry waved at me 'I'm exhausted' he said. Dad nodded agreement, but they both go up and sat on the sofa together and shook hands. Mum got up and asked if anyone wanted coffee, we all said yes and I followed her into the kitchen to help. It did seem unreal; mum was wearing a print skirt and blouse, and me in a schoolgirl uniform, blouse open and skirt bedraggled showing everything, but things seemed to have changed because of my problem, or maybe they had just become what they were always meant to be.

When we got back in the living room Henry and dad were naked and their cocks were slowly starting to get hard again. We put their coffees down and sat to drink ours, I knew something was up. As they finished their coffee and put their mugs down Henry beckoned to me and I crawled towards him dad did the same to mum, she walked up and knelt in front of him and sucked his cock into her mouth. I licked my lips and did the same to Henry. After a few minutes they were rock hard.

'Let's put them on the foot stool' Henry said.

'Good idea' said dad and together they guided us to kneel over the footstool facing each other. Dad got behind mum and Henry behind me and together they entered us, mum and I groaning together. The started fucking us hard and the force of their thrusts forcing us closer and closer together. Finally mum and I were face to face and our lips touching, both of us groaning. I puckered and kissed mum on the lips, she hesitated for a second and kissed me back.

'God mum, he is fucking me so hard

'So is your dad.'

'I'm going to cum mum'

That's good cum for me, cum for me ... OH MY GOD she exclaimed as her orgasm snuck up on her, her body shaking. This pushed me over the edge and the tingling in the base of my spine raced all over my body. 'MUM I'M CUMMING ON HENRIES PRICK OH GOD MUM, MUM, MUM.'

They pulled out of us and we both sagged on our elbows on the footstall exhausted. We looked at each other, slightly embarrassed and grinned. Dad and Henry whispered to each other, obviously something they had prearranged and asked us to roll over and lay together on the foot stall. They stood by our sides facing each other and started to masturbate their engorged cocks, knowing that with us that close they would hit us both when they came. I looked up into Henry's eyes as he pulled on his penis and he looked down into mine. I looked at mum, she was licking dad as his hand pulled back and forwards. All of a sudden dads breathing became noisy and he started to groan, 'oh yes, oh yes, oh god here it comes, here it comes.' His hand movement slowed and them cum started to pour forth from his dick, the first shot ran across mums lips, the second hit her cheek and some flew across to land on my cheek and lips. More and more shot out covering us both. Then Henry groaned and joined the show and cum jetted out from his prick. Henry is a big cummer and ropes of cum splattered out across both our faces. When they stopped cumming they pushed their cocks into our mouths to lick clean then went back to the sofa to rest. Mum and I sat up looking at each other. While we are pretty open about most things (even more so because of my problem) this was the first time I had seen my mum have sex and definitely the first time I had seen her with two men's cum on her face. We hugged each other by the footstall and kissed gently, our faces sticky with cum. 'I'll get us some cloths, she said.

'Wait mum, ' I said and kissed her gently on the lips and hugged her again. As she returned the hug I licked some of the cum off her check. We carried on licking until all the cum was gone.

We sat and drank tea for a while, Henry had to go home to see his mother, and I walked him to the door and gently kissed him goodbye. Exhausted, I went to bed. I still felt a little confused about what happened with mum, and went to sleep thinking maybe another door had been opened.

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