Grace Jensen Debauched
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/ft, Incest, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Twins Angie and Andy gently lead their mother down the slippery slope.

"I'll get it," Grace said loudly in response to the doorbell. She opened the door to find Sergeant Bill McGraw and a captain who she did not know. Both were wearing dress green uniforms.

Bill and Sandy McGraw were among their closest friends. Looking Bill in the eye, she said, "This isn't a social call, is it Bill?"

Sergeant McGraw sadly shook his head. "This is Captain Michael Albertson, Mrs. Jensen."

Bill's use of the formal name brought a wave of terror to Grace. She covered her mouth with her hand lest she cry out. Her face registered panic and fear.

"May we come in?"

"Of course," she said as she opened the door wider and let them pass. She closed the door and turned to face them. Bill's demeanor expressed deep sorrow. The captain was extremely uncomfortable. "I guess I know why you're here. Is he dead, or injured?"

"There was a firefight," Bill began. He let his words hang in the air. Grace's tears flowed freely and she held herself still and willed herself upright. She began to sob silently so she could hear Bill's words. "Jack didn't make it," was all he said. Grace turned away from the men, her sobs silently wracking her body.

Time passed in a blur. The parade of well-meaning friends and neighbors seemed never to cease. Food and more food was brought until there was no more room to store it. Flower arrangements crowded every horizontal surface of the Jensen home. Rather than consoling, the relentless stream of visitors forced mother and twins to put on a public show of stoic strength. It was only when the last of the visitors was gone each night that the three could openly weep in each other's arms.

The eleven-year-old twins, Andy and Angie, turned mainly to each other for comfort and solace. The twins had always been inseparable. The death of their father only made the bond between them stronger. They took strength from their mother, and did their best to soothe her. The already strong family bond was deepened in all three.

Like a bad dream that would not end, events and traumas seemed to batter the family relentlessly. Family members descended from every direction. Grace and the twins went to Dover Air Force Base to meet Jack's coffin. The funeral was held in the town Jack and Grace grew up in. A service was conducted at the base. The twins finally went back to school but could not shake their daze. Grace found it surreal trying to go back to work.

Living in the town near the base became burdensome. It seemed that everywhere they went, there were people who knew what had happened and were sympathetic. Solace and support were all well and good, but Grace and the twins needed to get on with their lives.

When the school year ended, the family moved back to Grace and Jack's hometown. The twins were glad to have both sets of grandparents nearby. Grace was glad to be there, too -- at first. The small town residents were every bit as sympathetic as their old military friends and neighbors had been. Before Thanksgiving arrived, both Grace and the twins realized that moving back to the old hometown had been a bad idea. Together, they searched for a new city or town to make into their home. After much research and much discussion, they settled on a place that was sunny and warm all year long.

The early part of December was devoted to saying goodbye to grandparents and other family, as well as friends and recent acquaintances. Christmas break was spent first packing and then moving over a thousand miles south.

"Well, this is novel."

"Hi Mom," said Andy. "You're home early!" It was all he could do to resist bolting from his chair.

"I sure am," snarled Grace. "I wonder who's more surprised?"

"Oh, hi Mom," said Angie nonchalantly. She was sprawled out on her brother's bed, doing her homework. Andy was at this computer, typing from a handwritten draft. This would have been an idyllic scene, except that the twins were naked.

Grace made an exaggerated sniff from the doorway, where she stood. "This room smells fresh enough. I suppose your room won't smell quite so fresh?" she asked, looking at Angie. "I know you two are close. I have to draw the line at incest."

Angie closed her book and sat up. "I still have my hymen, Mom," she said in an exasperated tone. "Would you like to see it?"

"No, I believe you. I hope you keep it intact for a good long time," said Grace. "May I ask a silly question? Why don't you have any clothes on?"

"We may as well have this talk now," sighed Angie. "We've been meaning to do this, but we couldn't bring ourselves to get it started." She turned to Andy. "Come sit with me on the bed. Let Mom have your chair." He promptly moved and sat on the bed, none too close to Angie and away from his recently vacated chair. Unlike his sister, he put some effort into concealing his crotch. That worked until he sprouted an erection. He tried his best to casually conceal his problem, to little effect.

Angie turned her attention to her mother. After a significant hesitation, Grace stepped into the room and sat down, facing her children. Angie let the silence hang in the air for a time before she began.

"Besides you, Mom, who in the whole wide world loves me unconditionally? Andy. He is always there to protect me and defend me. He would never do anything or say anything that was meant to hurt me. I love him unconditionally. I trust him completely.

"You know how close we are," she told her mother. "We share everything. You just haven't thought about what everything means. We don't bring to your attention just how much we share with each other, but we don't hide it either. I showed him the hair that began to grow under my arms and in my crotch. He let me push his balls back up into his body. He watches how my boobs are developing. He crooned when his pubic hair finally began to grow. I showed him the blood on my napkin when my first period started. He showed me one of his first stiffies. He watched me masturbate. I was there the first time baby juice came out of his penis. We were both shocked and amazed. We shave each other's crotch. I tell him what girls say about boys. He tells me what boys say about girls."

She sighed deeply. "We're fourteen years old, Mom. We have raging hormones. We've watched each other grow and become sexual beings. We practice kissing with each other. I've watched him jack off. He's watched me jill off. We've masturbated together. We've masturbated each other. We've discovered other ways to get off beyond using fingers." She giggled. "It makes less mess when I swallow. He drinks all of my wetness that he can get." She looked fiercely into her mother's eyes. "We want to take the last step, but we can't."

"You can't?" asked Grace. "That's a blessing, I guess. Why can't you?"

"The first reason we can't do it is because we can't take the risk of making a baby. The other reason is," she blushed, "we don't know how."

Grace got a belly laugh out of that. "You don't know how?"

"Well," allowed Angie, "he's got the pole, and I've got the hole. We know that! I guess we could shove it in and trust instinct. Masturbation gives us plenty of clues. We thought it would be a whole lot better if we knew what we were doing. We didn't want our first time to be a giant disappointment, or worse. We need a teacher."

"Let's get back to these sexual activities you two are sharing. How come I haven't seen any evidence of that?"

"Oh, Mom, you leave for work a long time before we have to get up in the morning. You have to go to bed by nine o'clock so you can get enough sleep. We get home from school way before you get home from work. There's lots of time when we're alone together. I'm happy to have the laundry as one of my chores. If it was still your chore, would you ever have wondered why you didn't find dried semen in his underpants or on his sheets?"

"I guess you're right, now that I think about it. I just never wanted to think about that at all. You said yourself you were worried about incest. Don't you think what you're doing is incest?"

Angie signed. "Legally it is, but, really, the bad thing about incest is having a baby with inbred genes."

"But that's..."

"Hold on, Mom. Let me make my point first, please. In the olden days, having sex was sure to make the woman pregnant, sooner or later -- usually sooner. They didn't have reliably effective contraceptives. Getting pregnant meant you were going to have that baby. There wasn't any legal and safe way to terminate a pregnancy. Ergo, having sex with someone in your family would probably result in a baby with inbred genes. That was called incest, and was banned.

"I say again, the evil of incest is having a baby with inbred genes. The sex act is not the bad part of incest. And today there are reliable methods of contraception. It is also safe and legal to terminate a pregnancy. I'm not saying that I would use abortion as a method of contraception. It's just the fail-safe. Andy and I are not planning to have a baby. We sure are planning to share our bodies with each other for a long, long time."

"I don't care about your hair-splitting. Society says sex between brother and sister is wrong."

Ignoring her mother's remark, Angie continued, "There's another issue we haven't talked about. On a lot of Mondays at school, it goes through the grapevine, 'John Jones fucked Mary Smith. What a slut Mary is. Way to go, John.' I don't want to be a slut at school. I don't want to take the risk that the boy will blab. As horny as I am, I'm never gonna sleep with a boy from school. But I'm not going to go without, either, not when Andy and I can help each other out."

"It's true, Mom," Andy confirmed. "I hear that a lot. You can never be sure that they actually fucked. It doesn't matter if they did or not, if they were somewhere that it could have happened. She's a slut and he's a champ."

"Mom, you're talking to me but you're looking at Andy's boner." Angie turned her head to face her brother. "Andy's having a little harder time with this than I am. I'm female and you're female -- no big deal that I'm naked in front of you. This is the first time Andy's been naked in front of a female besides me."

She reached out and squeezed the head of his rigid cock with her thumb and two fingers. Lubricant ran over her fingers. "This boner is because of you, Mom," Angie said as she turned back to her mother.

"I don't believe that," Grace said, but continued to watch her son's erection.

"Think about it," giggled Angie. "He wasn't hard when you got here, even though we were both naked. He's watching you as much as you're watching him. He got hard looking at you. He's undressing you with his eyes. Do you like knowing that a young man wants you? Do you like feeling desirable?"

"I cannot bring myself to believe that Andy thinks that way about his old mother!"

"I have fantasies," Andy said softly. "You star in some of those fantasies. I've never felt that those fantasies would ever come true."

Angie continued to fondle his cock. "He's still growing, Mom. He's not yet as big as your dildo."

"My dildo! Have you been rummaging around in my personal possessions? Do I have no privacy at all?"

"I'm sorry, Mom, but I had to know. I'm incredibly horny all the time. I had to know that I wasn't a freak. I had to know that you have a sex drive, too."

"Well I do," Grace said softly. "I wanted to keep it private. Now you know I have it. I don't have to let you know whether or when I use it."

"Let me say something, Mom, and you tell me if it's true: you haven't been shagged since dad died, you currently have no good prospects and, with two teen-aged children, your future prospects are about zilch until after we graduate and move away."

Grace hung her head. After a bit, she nodded assent.

"Then the only cock in your future is this one," and Angie squeezed his cock again. She knelt in front of her mother. "I'm not pimping for Andy. We care about you. I want you as much as Andy does. What goes on inside these walls is nobody's business but ours. There's no reason we can't help each other. There's no reason we can't make each other feel good, feel loved and satisfied. I'm not asking you to rip your clothes off right this minute. Take some time to think about it. Think about who loves you unconditionally. Think about who would never hurt you, who would always protect you." The two women embraced before Angie returned to the bed.

Angie giggled as she inspected the bedspread between her legs. "I made kind of a puddle here." She looked up at her mother while she ran her thumb and index finger though her slit. She brought her hand away trailing a string of clear, viscous liquid. "Are you leaking into your panties, Mom?"

Grace smirked and silently nodded.

"Okay," Angie said with a sigh. "Enough of this talk for now. Mom, go lock your bedroom door and give your dildo a workout. Or leave your door wide open and ask us not to peek. Or leave your door open and don't say anything. Whatever ... When you come back out, see if you can leave your pants and bra behind. I love to see your boobies sway. I can't wait until I can feel my boobs move on my chest." She twisted her torso back and forth, but her still-developing breasts moved with the rest of her chest. "Or leave your pants and blouse behind. You have bathing suits that reveal more than your bra and panties. No matter what you wear, no matter what you take off, if Andy gawks and drools, he'll get bitch-slapped by me. You are a beautiful woman, Mom. You might as well flaunt it in front of the two people who love you the most. Just be prepared to see us naked in the house from now on."

"You are beautiful, Mom," Andy said softly, "and you're not old. You haven't even reached your prime yet."

Angie said, "I learned something else while I was researching this. I found out that a woman's sexual prime is at around age thirty-nine. A man's sexual prime is at around age eighteen. That sexual prime doesn't just spike. It grows slowly and it recedes slowly. You two are both about four years away from what they say is your peak. This is sexually the best time of your life, Mom. Don't let it slip away from you! I want you, too, Mom. I would like to be your lover and not just your little girl."

They sat in silence for a time, gazing lovingly at each other. Well, Grace loved the twins, but the topic was embarrassing. Angie stood and offered her hands to Grace, who accepted them and stood. They embraced and Grace kissed Angie on her forehead. Releasing Angie, Grace held out her arms to Andy. He stood and tried to hug his mother without poking her with his erection. She gently swatted his butt and he closed the embrace. She also kissed him on the forehead. Then, without a word, she left the room.

Grace took the few steps to her own bedroom. She stood in the doorway, indecisive. Finally, she pulled the door closed in front of her. She did not slam the door but she closed it hard enough for the sound to carry. She stood in the relative darkness of the hallway, gathering her courage. Quietly, she moved back toward Andy's room and peered in.

Andy sat on the edge of his bed, his back to the door. Angie was knelt between his legs and could not see past him to the doorway. When Andy fell back and propped himself on his elbows, Grace saw Angie look her in the eyes for a mere flash before returning her attention to Andy's cock. Angie made no other indication that she was aware of her mother's presence. Instead, she almost worshiped Andy's cock, licking, laving, taking as much of his length into her mouth as she could, releasing him with a pop. Her eyes were locked onto Andy's as she watched him appreciate her efforts.

Grace was trapped. She knew she should not spy. She could not drag herself away. She could not bring herself to make her presence known. She stood, helplessly watching and feeling all at once a deep sense of anger, disgust, helplessness and lust. Her attention was riveted on the cock being lovingly worshiped right in front of her.

Andy began to huff as he approached his peak. Angie steadily maintained her licking and sucking. Soon, Angie's eyes flashed pride and pleasure as Andy groaned out his orgasm. Angie swallowed once but did not spill a drop. When the spurts ended, she sat back on her haunches and opened her mouth to reveal the pool of white goo. With a big grin, she made a show of swallowing. She opened her mouth to show him that his spend was gone. She rose up and kissed him passionately. She kept her eyes locked with Andy's the entire time.

The end of the show released Grace from her paralysis. She returned to her room, quietly opening and closing the door behind her. Still shocked at the scene she had witnessed, she sat on the bed for a time, thinking. She fought the powerful urge to seek her own orgasm.

She stood and began to undress. She hung up her blouse and skirt. She put her bra and nylons in the hamper, followed by her panties. She used a cloth to collect the moisture in her groin and down her thighs. She stepped into fresh panties. A comfortable sports bra was next, followed by pants and a tee shirt.

As she left her room, she thought fleetingly about looking in on the twins. Instead, she went to the kitchen, poured herself a glass of water and sat at the breakfast bar with a newly arrived magazine.

Some time later, she heard the television come on in the family room. She continued to read -- look at, she admitted -- the magazine to keep her mind from the earlier events.

It became time to begin dinner preparations. She pulled out ingredients and began her work. She was chopping onions when Angie walked in. "What's for dinner?"

"Swiss steak," she answered.

"Would you like some help?"

"Don't you think it's dangerous to be cooking while you're naked?" asked Grace. "Angie, this isn't working. I can't have you running around the house without any clothes on."

"Why not, Mom?"

"It isn't right, Angie," she said in exasperation. "I don't need your passive/aggressive pressure right now. I'm not going to give you what you want. You're too young to vote. You're too young to drink alcohol. You're too young to drive. You're too young to have sex, Angie."

"Let's talk some more," Angie said softly as she gently tugged at her mother's arm. Grace put down her knife and let Angie guide her back to the breakfast bar. Angie took the next stool and faced her mother.

"Mom, I know you love us very much. I know you're trying to do what's best for us. As far as the nudity is concerned, I will not be made to feel ashamed of my body. I have to wear clothes in public because everyone else does and they have stupid laws against public indecency. What goes on in our home is no one else's business, and we can do what we want as long as we don't hurt ourselves or annoy anybody else. You're a girl, Mom. You shouldn't have any qualms about seeing another girl's body. Andy is my twin. We've been naked together for hundreds of hours, Mom. There's nothing about my body that I'm ashamed to show to my twin.

"The analogies you said don't really work to prove your point. We're too young to vote, so we don't vote. We're too young to drink, so we don't drink. We're too young to drive, so we don't drive. I'm NOT going to stop having orgasms, Mom. The lid is off that Pandora's Box. As long as I'm having orgasms, I'm gonna have the best orgasms I can. I'm not ashamed of my body. It's more fun rubbing one out together with Andy. I love watching his sperm fountain through the air and onto his skin. As long as I'm abusing my pussy, it's more fun to have Andy do the rubbing. Andy's tongue and lips are so much better than any fingers. None of those things are the bad part of incest, even by your definition. It might be something else, but it's not incest if there is no baby. If we're doing all those things, it's stupid not to go on and make love."

"Angie," Grace said with exasperation, "you can't spring this on me and expect me to accept it all at once. I'm not saying I'm ever going to accept it. I certainly am not going to accept it any time soon. In the meantime, I have to insist that you give me some space. That means you have to wear clothes. Can you do that for me? Please?"

Angie struggled internally with herself. She knew she was right and she wanted to convince her mother. She also knew that she had already made more headway than she had expected. She decided to cooperate. "Sure, Mom," a chastened Angie answered. She left the kitchen, headed back to her room.

Angie soon came back to the kitchen wearing an oversized tee shirt and, Grace suspected, nothing else. The hem of the tee shirt came down to nearly the middle of Angie's thighs. Nothing was said about Angie's attire. Grace wondered whether Angie could sit down with any modesty.

Angie emptied the dishwasher -- without need to bend over or to reach above her head, which Grace knew, would have exposed her derriere -- and set the table. "What can I do now?" she asked her mother.

"Make a salad?" Grace replied. With a nod, Angie busied herself with salad preparation.

Dinner was served. Andy came in, wearing cutoff sweatpants and an undershirt. He quickly washed up and seated himself at the table. The conversation over dinner was utterly prosaic. There was no mention at all of the twins having been found nude. Angie gave no hint that she saw her mother watch her suck Andy's cock.

Andy's after-dinner chore was kitchen cleanup. He never complained, never procrastinated, never asked for help. Grace and Angie excused themselves and adjourned to the living room.

Grace had little time to watch television in the first place, and did not watch at all during the best hours. Instead, her favorite programs were taped and replayed at her convenience. Right after dinner was a favorite time to catch up on her programs. Grace sat in her favorite recliner while Angie sat with her feet curled up on one end of the sofa.

When Andy finished cleaning the kitchen, he joined them in the family room. He sat on the end of the sofa opposite his sister, and near his mother. The show was not one that he cared much about. When he had stayed long enough to be sociable, he adjourned to his room.

After that, Grace found the twins always wearing the same outfits every weeknight, and almost every weekend day. Angie wore one of several long tee shirts -- and nothing else. Andy wore cutoff sweatpants and a white undershirt. While there was no evidence of the twins' sexual high jinks, Grace had every reason to believe that they continued unabated.

Angie never seemed to pay attention -- or draw attention -- to her attire. She was naturally graceful. When she moved, or sat, or stood up, she achieved modesty effortlessly. Even when stretched out on her bed while doing homework, the hem of her shirt never rode up. Only when she had to reach a cabinet shelf above her head was her bottom briefly exposed. She took no notice and never showed any embarrassment.

Grace noticed that Andy never gawked at his scantily clad sister, never took any notice when Angie's nipples poked through the thin material of her shirt, never revealed to his mother any expression of his sexuality with his sister. He never talked about girls at all, she realized. It did not occur to Grace that Andy might ever have seen her as a woman, rather than merely as his mother.

Grace and Angie were avid readers. Both were particular about the television programs they were willing to watch. Angie did not often need to withdraw to her room so that her mother could watch a program that did not interest her. Grace and Angie often ended up turning off the television and picking up their books.

"Thank you," Grace softly said one night, out of the blue. Looking up from her book, Angie wore a quizzical expression. "Our little talk when you were naked. Thank you for not pressuring me anymore about sex."

Angie chuckled. "You're welcome, Mom. I can wait."

Grace always arrived at work before the stock market opened at 9:30 a.m. Eastern, which was 6:30 a.m. Pacific. Her morning commute was a half-hour drive. She made a point of leaving the house no later than 5:45. She routinely arose at 4:30. In order to get almost enough sleep, she did her best to be in bed no later than nine o'clock at night. She did not often stay up much beyond that on weekend nights either.

The twins did not get up for school until well after Grace had left for work. They got themselves up, dressed, fed and out the door on time every school day. They arrived home to an empty house every day. They were good kids. They did well in school and they always had their homework done before Grace arrived home. The twins had voluntarily taken on a number of household chores. Still, they had hours of time alone together. Almost every night, the twins turned in well after their mother did.

An eight-hour day plus a forty-five minute lunch meant that Grace finished her workday at 3:15. The afternoon commute was usually closer to an hour, depending upon traffic and the weather.

She had little in the way of a social life, but she did indulge herself with a gym membership. At least four times a week, she went to the neighborhood gym on her way home from work. When she went to the gym, she did not get home until long after five o'clock. The results of her regular workouts showed. At thirty-five, she was trim and athletic. Five and a half feet tall, she was inches taller than Angie, although Andy had grown past her.

Her time in the gym was cathartic. The workout itself drained away all of the stress and tension accumulated during the workday. She could let her body go on autopilot during the workout while she brought her mind to bear upon any problems or issues confronting her. Other times, she could blank her mind and focus her entire being upon the workout itself.

Her workout routine included running. Fortunately, the club had a running track. She would not run outdoors by herself and she did not want to encourage anyone to invade her personal space. Whenever a man would fall in alongside her as she ran, she would pick up her pace without looking at his face. If the man matched her new pace, she would slow down. If that were not enough to thwart the guy, she would simply stop, her arms akimbo, and glare at the guy. Only the really dense guys would require an icy "No, thank you," from her to get them to leave her alone.

On weekends, the twins joined her for a run. Grace enjoyed the opportunity to run outdoors. The city park was all but right across the street from their home. The path along the park perimeter was used for walkers and runners. The twins seemed always ready to run at any pace Grace set, as far as Grace wanted to go. Sometimes Grace and the twins would talk as they ran. More often, they ran in amiable silence.

One night, Angie looked up from her book and found her mother watching her. "Whaaaat?" she asked softly.

"You make it seem so effortless," sighed Grace. "You're sitting there, all curled up, with just that tee shirt on. You should be tugging on the hem, tucking it in, trying to keep your coochie covered. I don't know how you do it."

Angie blushed and turned away. "I don't know either. I don't think about it. I just do it."

Grace nodded. "Now, if only your nipples..."

Angie looked down at her breasts, her nipples plainly outlined under the thin material of the shirt. After a silence, she answered, "My boobs aren't big enough to sag."

"Neither..." Grace stopped abruptly, looking down at her own breasts.

Mother and daughter gazed at each other in silence for a time.

"I don't understand," Angie said softly. "Nobody ever claimed that wearing a bra is comfortable. You change your clothes when you get home. Why do you leave your bra on?"

Grace was embarrassed. "It wouldn't be right for me to go without in front of Andy."

Angie closed her book, incredulous. "You want to keep Andy's thoughts pure by wearing a bra?!?" Grace's face expressed shock and embarrassment. "Just a minute," Angie said as she shot out of the room. She was back in seconds. She brought her hand from behind her back and dropped something on the glass top of the coffee table near her mother. She then sat back down on the sofa. Grace saw that it was a pair of panties -- her own panties.

"What are those flakes?" she asked before she gasped, realizing what she was seeing. There was a silence for a time as they looked at each other intently.

Angie said softly, "Andy and I fool around every day, or more. Andy can kiss, or see or touch or taste me as much as he wants, anytime he wants. He does that," and she pointed at the panties, "in his room, alone, because he's ashamed. He loves me, Mom. He loves you, too." She lifted and gently shook the panties but kept her eyes locked with her mother's. Flakes of dried semen rained down onto the tabletop. "He's ashamed that, deep inside, what he also feels for you is lust."

All of the color drained from Grace's face.

"You don't do the laundry anymore," Angie continued, "or you would have seen this before. Don't get me wrong: I don't mind doing all of our laundry. Andy is good about putting his dirty clothes in the hamper. But he drops your dripping panties between his bed and his nightstand. I think he plans to take care of them after they have dried, but he forgets. You can't really see them unless you're looking for them. He can't ask me whether I have taken them away, because then he would have to acknowledge that they were there in the first place."

Grace spent a lot of gym sessions struggling with herself about the twins. She felt that her efforts were producing more heat than light. After wrestling with herself for some time, she decided that Andy's crush on her was normal behavior for young teenage males, and would eventually go away.

Grace found it far more troubling that Angie had announced her own attraction to her mother. Angie wanted to explore her own sexuality -- beyond all of the experimentation with her twin brother. Grace decided that she would let her daughter experiment with girls her own age, if she wanted to.

The knowledge of her children's intimacy weighed upon her greatly. She knew that they were waiting for her to guide them through the ultimate step. 'Fucking', she let the voice in her head use that most vulgar of words. She admitted to herself that the twins would be fucking very soon, if they were not doing so already.

Her body performed her exercise routine on autopilot while her mind whirred, far away. Her mind's eye replayed the scene when Angie sucked her brother, knowing that her mother was watching. The scene morphed in Grace's mind: instead of showing off the treasure pooled in her mouth, Angie kept up her ministrations after Andy's release -- gently, on account of the hypersensitivity of Andy's cock -- until Angie was sure she had maintained his erection. In a flash, she straddled his hips and aligned his cock with her entrance. Angie looked up, capturing her mother's eyes with her own, before plunging herself down onto him.

Grace felt the flood of her own pussy. She stopped her exercise and sat still, recovering. While she worked to get her breathing and her pulse back to normal, she realized that her gym session was over for the day. She prayed that the flood in her panties would not be visible if it soaked through to the dark color of her workout suit. She admitted to herself that it was time for her to arrange birth control for Angie. Withholding the Pill from Angie was not going to stop her from fucking her brother. Grace was playing a kind of Russian Roulette with Angie's womb -- and with her own womb, truth be told. She had no intention of having sex with anybody, much less her son -- or her daughter, either. But taking the risk, no matter how remote, was stupid. Pills for both of them were added to her 'to do' list.

Grace turned into the parking lot and found a space. The sign on the building in front of them said 'Planned Parenthood'. Angie loudly and vigorously started something of a victory celebration even though she was still strapped into her seatbelt.

"Settle down, Angie!" growled Grace. "Yes, we're here to get you on birth control. After we finish here, we're going to go get some lunch. We're going to talk about what this step does and does not mean. Do you understand?" Still excited but chastened, Angie nodded.

Angie was so excited that Grace was nearly able to obtain a prescription for herself without Angie noticing. Grace's glare spoke volumes. Angie realized that that was another topic for discussion over lunch.

By the time they reached the restaurant, the Saturday lunch rush was over. They were able to get a table on the sundeck with none of the immediately adjacent tables occupied. Beverages were served and their meal orders were taken. By the time the waitress withdrew, Angie looked like she was about to burst.

Grace shook her head in exasperation. "No, this is not tacit permission for you and Andy to ... do what you said."

"What does 'tacit' mean?" asked Angie.

"'Tacit' means 'understood without being said'," answered Grace. "If I put out a bowl of candy and leave the room, I have tacitly allowed you to help yourself." Angie nodded understanding. "Anyway, this is not vindication for you. This does not mean that I am willing to grant your demands. Or is it too late already?"

Angie blushed. "We're still waiting, Mom. It's hard." She giggled at her pun.

"You know I love you both," Grace said softly. "I trust you. I'm very proud of you both." She sighed. "I was a teenager once. I assume you and your brother are doing everything but the deed, every chance you get?" Angie blushed and nodded. "I admire you both for being able to resist that final step."

"I want to give Andy my cherry, Mom," said Angie, "but I don't want to take his." Grace's expression screwed up with surprise and confusion. "I want you to be Andy's first."

Grace was quiet for a time, looking everywhere but at Angie. Finally, she brought her eyes back to meet with Angie's. "I can't," she said softly. "I can't do that, Angel. Even if I gave myself permission to do that -- which I can't -- I still couldn't do what you want. Even if I was willing to do what you want, there is no possible way to get started! Maybe I should put a lip-lock on Andy? Should I crawl into his bed in the middle of the night? Should I ask him to come wash my back? Should I strip naked in the family room?"

Angie thought about what her mother had said. "Thanks at least for not wearing a bra at home most of the time. Andy doesn't gawk, does he?" Grace smiled ruefully and shook her head. "I taught him. I taught him to behave himself. I kicked him under the dinner table whenever he needed it. I bopped him at school whenever his tongue started to hang out of his mouth and his eyes bulged." Angie giggled and Grace chuckled.

"You did a good thing for your brother. He is very well mannered."

"For a boy," giggled Angie. Her expression changed and she sighed. "Then why did you take me to get birth control?"

"Risk," answered Grace with another sigh. "There is no point in taking the risk that you will decide that you can't wait any longer, or the risk that your passions finally carry you over that final hurdle. For all that, there is no point in taking the risk that some other boy will sweep you off your feet and get you in the back seat of his car. Or that you'll go on an innocent date and get forced in the back seat of the car. It would be terrible if you were raped. It would be much, much worse if a rape made you pregnant. I still firmly believe that you are too young to engage in intercourse. I have come to believe that my failure to help protect you from the risk of pregnancy, no matter how remote, was wrong."

Angie was quiet as she considered her mother's words. Finally, she nodded. "I see your point. The risk is small -- for now -- but the safeguard is easy. If the long shot came through, it would be very bad. You're probably worried that having that safeguard in place will mean that pretty soon Andy and I will take that final step." Grace nodded sadly. "I don't think you have to worry about that. I know enough about the menstrual cycle that I could pick days that are completely safe. If we were determined to do that, we could have done it long before now." Grace smiled dolefully.

"So, I guess that, for all my excitement, this really doesn't change anything, does it?" Angie asked. Grace shook her head. "You know, don't you, that I look to you to show me how it will be for me as an adult?" Grace nodded. "I learn more from you by watching than I will ever learn from your instructions. I know how I feel now. I see how you act now, and you really scare me."

Grace blanched. "What do you mean, Sweetie?"

The waitress swept in, delivering their lunches. After the flurry of activity and the waitress had withdrawn, they began to eat. "Remember when you found us naked?" Angie asked. Grace nodded. "Remember what we talked about? Remember what I said about sexual prime?" Grace nodded again. Angie took a couple of bites as she screwed up her courage. "I'm scared, Mom." She took another bite and then pushed her food around with her fork. "I need you to be honest with me, Mom. Can you do that for me? Please?"

Grace's face expressed surprise. After a brief hesitation, she nodded.

"I know how I feel now," Angie said softly. "I think my sexual desire will steadily go up until I'm older than you are now. If my husband dies, will my sex drive die, too? Will you talk to me, please?"

Grace resisted the urge to break eye contact with her daughter. They spent quite a while looking at each other, watching the range of emotions play on each other's faces. "I will," Grace finally said. She turned her attention to her plate as she summoned her own courage.

"During that talk when you were naked, do you remember what you said about you refusing to be called a slut at school?" Angie nodded. "That applies to me more than you know. Oh, there was a long time after Dad died that I was so grief stricken that I didn't want to think about a relationship. That passed. I got better.

"You know I don't have a social life to speak of. I work, I go to the gym and I spend time with you and Andy. We don't go to church. I don't have girlfriends outside of work who try to fix me up with dates. So, if I were to date, where would my prospects come from? They'd come from work. They'd either be co-workers or they'd be clients.

"You hit the nail on the head about my chance of success with a new man on account of my children. I keep pictures of you on my desk. Even I am amazed at how those pictures ward off a lot of guys. The rest? A lot of them are married -- certainly have a significant other, at least. Some are ... There just aren't a lot of men to choose from in the first place. Of those, I think about the chances of hitting a home run, finding Mister Right. It isn't very likely at all. Not only do I have to worry about becoming the office slut, I have to worry that he won't set his sights on you -- or on Andy.

"It just hasn't been worth it. The risk is just too high. So, I've gone without. I have a sex drive, Angel. I have a healthy sex drive. I feel like I've painted myself into a corner and I don't know how to get out."

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