The Cove and the Clearing
Part 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Gay, Lesbian, TransGender, Shemale, Fiction, Oral Sex, Fisting,

Desc: Sex Story: Part 1 - A farmer discovers a hidden clearing at the edge of his farm which contains life forms which survive on human sexuality. The farmer and the life forms become dependant on each other and a Lodge is built which satisfies both their needs.

The Cove and the Clearing:

The setting was picturesque, right out of a travel brochure. A small Cove at the bottom of a waterfall with a Clearing surrounded with trees and vine bushes. Hidden from its view is a large greenhouse Farm.

Belying the picturesque scene of the Cove and its Clearing, lay a sinister form of life that waits for humans to enter its domain. The Cove is home to sexual predators in the form of vines and slugs. Their mutations were a result of years toxic dumping further upstream and accumulating in the Cove's still waters and seeping into the Clearing's soil.

The victims were usually hiker(s) and camper(s) who had found their way into the Clearing and had stopped to rest or admire the Cove and its waterfall. The vine's streamers moved quickly under the grass and the unseen tips would target a bared part of a victim's ankle or leg inducing a strong 'suggestion' to swim in the Cove's still waters. The vines 'watched' as the victim undressed and relaxed in the refreshing waters or played in the waterfall. Some were fully naked while others stripped down to their underwear. When they left the waters, the sexual assault began. The vines would wrap themselves around the body and hold them in a spread, sitting position. The first wave of slugs would swarm over the body secreting a solvent that dissolved all bodily hair and any remaining clothing. A second set of slugs would then move in and sexually assault the victim. The slugs agenda was to absorb as much sexual fluids as the victims could produce. The ejaculant and orgasmic fluids are then shared with the other slugs and the vines, allowing them to survive through the winter months. When finished, all memories of the encounter are erased from the victim's minds leaving only vague thoughts of an incredible sexual experience. This would encourage the victim to return. Those that had any clothing dissolved didn't recall wearing them.


John, the owner of the farm adjacent to the Cove, was clearing some land and saw it thru the trees. When he walked into it, he admired the waterfall and the soft bedded grass of the Clearing. As he stood there, he felt a light touch on his lower legs and immediately a desire to swim in the Cove's pool filled his mind. The farm could wait, and he quickly undressed and waded into the waters and relaxed. In about twenty minutes he got out and sat on the grass, letting the warm sun dry his nakedness. The vines moved quickly encasing his body within in their stems. Chemicals were released which made him docile and passive. The first wave of slugs swarmed onto his body, dissolving his bodily hair below his shoulders. A large slug then slipped onto his thigh and formed a pouch under his testicles, encasing his flaccid penis in a satiny, squeezing sheath and his penis quickly soared to full erection. The slugs secretions induced multiple ejaculations and for the next thirty minutes, he experienced a 'deep throating' that only dreams are made up of. A drained, happy and somewhat confused John dressed and returned to the clearing of his farm land.

John returned regularly to his 'friends' and their 'companionship' and, as time went on, rudimentary thought transferences were created which allowed them to learn more about each other. John knew that the Clearing could be used for his financial gain and at the same time satisfy the needs of the slugs and vines. He restructured the farm into a getaway Lodge for the spring, summer and fall months. John's property line ended at the stream and he built a six foot stone wall around the clearing on his side of the stream. The other side was a rocky shoreline making access to the Clearing difficult for hikers but not for boaters. He built an enclosed path through the woods, connecting the Clearing to the Lodge with access to the path requiring an electronic key card.

During the hiring process for new staff members, new employees were given a tour of the Lodge, followed by a walk to the Cove and its Clearing. An understanding between John, the slugs and the vines was reached. His staff, from the maids to the kitchen cooks, would become 'servers' for Clearing.

By the end of the first summer, John and his Lodge had booked reservations for the following year. The vines were happy, the slugs were happy and John was happy. During one of his 'visits' to the Cove, John learned that the slugs and vines had perfected their transformation and enhancement capabilities and would use them on male 'subjects' that were effeminate and 'subjects' that who were confused with their gender. John did not know exactly how to interpret the 'thoughts' that flowed into his mind but knew that some of his guests would require a change of clothes, including panties and bras. He hired a clothing concierge and after she was 'conditioned' in the clearing, a wardrobe room was setup where a guest could be refitted to meet their enhancement or new gender. This service was free with no cost to the guest.


This was Julie's second summer at the Lodge and as she checked in, she made reservations for the Clearing, knowing it was in high demand. She would have to wait until tomorrow at 10:00am. She went to her room, unpacked and changed into her bikini. The rest of the day was spent at the poolside enjoying the sun. By 09:50 the following morning she was already wet with anticipation and went to the reservation desk, picked up her pass key and went to the Clearing.

Julie's heart beat faster as she stood at the edge of the Clearing. She stepped onto the soft grass and as she walked toward the large vine bush, her bikini fell from her breast and thighs. She sat down on the grass in front of the bush facing the Cove's still waters. She wanted to see her Lovers as they approached her. The first touches of the vine's stems reached her thighs and she sighed as the soft stems circled around her legs, across her abdomen and back and onto her shoulders. Their 'docility' and 'acceptance' drugs weren't needed and instead secreted a mild aphrodisiac which caused her arousal to intensify. Her glazed eyes saw the grass rusting in front of her and saw her three, thick Lovers moving toward her and closed her eyes, waiting with panting breath. They reached her at the same time, two slipped upwards over her hips onto her abdomen and the other moved onto her right thigh. Julie sighed as their warm, slick heaviness settled onto her body. The flat stems that were under hips, thighs and lower legs now lifted Julie about three feet up from the ground. Her legs were bent at the knees, spread apart and her feet were brought back toward her hips. Julie knew that her sex had flared open and she happily presented her treasures to the thick mass that was edging toward the junction of her thighs.

The slugs that were on her abdomen slithered upward, flattening into eight inch circles as they moved. She felt slug's warm edges touch the underside of her breasts and slither over them. A soft moan was heard as the slugs formed a kneading pouch over each breast. The moan got louder when internal 'mouths' descended onto each erect nipple with a delicious suckling action.

Julie opened her eyes and looked down. She saw the large tubular slug on her thigh was within an inch or two from sex and her breath came in quick pants when she saw its head form into a wide 'mouth' with thick 'lips'. A loud grateful moan escaped her mouth as the slug molded its 'mouth' onto the folds of her labia. Internal soft nodules pushed between folds and began suckling on her clasping inner lips. Julie threw her head back gasping and pushed her enflamed sex into her Lover's 'mouth'. Within its mouth a small tube-like projections slithered over the pink tip of her extended clitoris which the slugs had enhanced on her first visit. The gasp turned into a squeal of joy as the tube suckled its way over the rigid organ and into its protective hood.

The vines and slugs were now in place and ready to 'service' Julie.

The slugs on her breasts intensified their massaging and suckling actions and the slug's body that was attached to her sex slipped off of her thigh and lay sagging between them. A dazed and aroused Julie saw the slug's limpness begin to lengthen and thicken. Within seconds its internal 'phallic' formed and the slug's body stood out like a throbbing pillar at an angle aligned with the entrance to her womanhood.

She had to feel it, she had to touch her Lover.

Her hands reached down and began to caress the pulsing thickness that was attached to her labia and clitoris. She was barely able to wrap her hands and fingers around it as delicious sensations rippled into them, her sex and across her loins. She felt a thickness moving within the slug's body and could see and feel her folds being pushed apart.

The pressure against her clasping inner lips intensified and Julie gasped when she felt the entrance to her vagina being gently stretched opened. He Lover was nudging into the portal of her womanhood. A warm liquid oozed from the head of the slug and a delicious warmth spread around her excited entrance and seeped inward. She felt an exquisite pressure as her inner lips and vaginal opening stretched to accommodate the flexing thickness and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the slug's twisting cilia nubs teased and tantalized the sensitive flesh of her vaginal walls. The slug slipped inward twisting and turning with teasing, reversing strokes and she laid back against the vine's soft supports gasping as waves of pleasure radiated vagina, clitoris and excited nipples.

The slug slithered inward and the thick head began circling the sensitive lining of her enflamed passage, as if it was looking for something. Suddenly, Julie's hips jerked upward and she began franticly grinding her enflamed sex in the air. The slug's phallic had found her excited 'G' spot and she screeched ecstatically as the tissues exploded with joy. This time, the slug would add another enhancement to Julie's body. Its flexing body was now 3.00" into Julie's vagina and it secreted a chemical that enhanced the sexual nerve endings of her 'G' spot back to her vaginal opening, including her stretched inner lips. Her mind was immediately flooded with new and intense waves of joy as her spasming vaginal walls gripped and clenched around the slug's partially embedded phallic.

Julie was catapulted into a sexual frenzy. Her body needed and craved for more of the wonderful thickness that was filling her enflamed passage. Her hips bucked upward and outward and her hands tried to pull and push her Lover's body deeper into her seething sex. The slug didn't disappoint her and Julie wailed loudly as the slug's eight inches of flexing thickness burrowed into the depths of her sexual being. Her Lover pulled slowly outward and then stroked back in. It started a methodic series of thrusts and lunges. All the way in, all the way out, fast then slow. It would pause its ecstatic sweep and stroke over her exploding sweet spot then slither back into her spasming sheath again and again and again. Every time she neared her orgasmic trip point, the slug would back off just enough to keep at her orgasmic edge. Her hips and body bucked and thrashed as she wailed as her mind pleaded for sexual relief.

The slug now began its final assault on her tortured sex and its lunges took on a sense of urgency. Julie mewed and cooed, her nipples felt as though they were going to explode and her enraged and suckled clitoris was exploding with jolts of joy and her vagina was desperately clenching and milking her long, thick Lover. Julie's body was hurled toward her orgasmic edge and the slug allowed her to cross it. Her bent leg's shot outward in a wide 'V' kicking franticly in the air above the grassy Clearing.

Her 'Lover' lunged deeply into her cervix, the massive head touched the portal to her flowering her womb. Suddenly Julie felt an incredible, ecstatic pressure flood into her cervix and back flowed out past the enflamed folds of her labia as the slug unleashed its warm, thick ejaculant. Her hands fisted tightly, her toes curled and her eyes rolled back into her head as her climatic orgasm exploded across her bucking and convulsing body. Her mouth opened to scream but no sound was heard, Her eyes opened wide but she saw nothing but bright flashes of colors. In a few short seconds, her mind caught up with voice and her orgasmic wail echoed around the Clearing. Julie sucked in a refilling load of air and wailed again as her orgasms rumbled throughout her body like a series of freight trains.

Julie lost consciousness and her bucking body slumped back onto the vine's embrace. In about thirty seconds she recovered and her long moans were heard as her fulfilling aftershocks rippled across her body. As she came down from her multi-orgasmic highs, she felt her deeply embedded Lover flexing within her spasming vaginal passage. She reached down and began massaging the thick mass that was spreading her swollen labia.

She whispered,

"Thank you ... thank you..."

The slug slowly withdrew its massive phallus. Julie moaned as the incredible fullness left her vagina with a delicious slurping sound. Torrents of vaginal juices and slug ejaculant gushed outward from the gaping opening and was feasted upon by the slug's thirsty 'mouth'.

Slowly the slug's pouches on her breasts slipped away from her chest and the suckling clitoral 'mouth' withdrew from her still rigid organ. A sexually satisfied Julie watched with a smile on her face as the slugs slowly slipped off of her body and into the grass. The vines slowly repositioned Julie so she again sitting on the ground and the stems uncurled themselves from her body.

A weak and wobbly Julie stood up and walked to the still waters and relaxed with quick pants as her body slowly recovered.

'God she loved this place... '

In a few minutes she got out of the pool, put on her bikini and looked at the vine bush.

"You have no idea how you have changed me..."

As if in response the vine's stems swayed back and forth.

Julie returned to Lodge and made a reservation for the following day.

Amanda and Jamie:

This was Jamie's first time at the Lodge. He is with his foster mother who was fully aware of the magic of the Clearing. Amanda is bisexual with a preference for females. She loves the curvaceousness of the female body and religiously keeps her body in shape. When she was talking to the receptionist, she made advanced reservations for the Clearing. She was told that the Clearing had expanded its enhancements to include transformations. Amanda thought about it for a few seconds and her eyes lit up.

"Does it include a male to a Shemale?"

The receptionist said,

"Yes, but only if the male is effeminate."

Amanda's heart beat faster, Jamie was more feminine than manly and she would be able to satisfy both of her 'sexualities'. She made reservations for the Clearing including Jamie. Jamie would visit the Clearing first, at 01:00pm and she would visit it the following morning at 09:00am.

As they were unpacking, Amanda remembered the instructions from the desk. Jamie was to be given a fast acting laxative powder that was to be stirred into a glass of water. Amanda prepared it and told Jamie that it would settle his stomach if he ate anything that did not agree with him. They had just finished unpacking when Amanda saw Jamie make a mad dash to the bedroom. She smiled knowingly, everything was ready for Jamie to become a Shemale. An embarrassed Jamie returned from the bathroom with a sheepish look on his face. Amanda told him to put on his bathing suit and they would spend the rest of the morning at the Lodge's poolside. Amanda looked at Jamie's 'package' in his swim shorts and hoped the Clearing could do something for it.

At 12:30 they had a quick bite to eat and Amanda asked Jamie if he would be interested in visiting a 'real cool swimming hole'. Of course he said yes, especially when he was told that he could be there by himself. They went to the desk and a staff member introduced himself to Amanda and Jamie. He would take Jamie to the Lodge's private pool. As Jamie was led to the Cove, he noticed that the staff member was carrying a robe, about his size, but didn't question it. He smiled when he saw the Clearing, the pool and it's the waterfall. Jamie jumped into the still waters and then played in the waterfall. After ten or fifteen minutes he climbed out, sitting on the soft bed of grass in the shade of a large vine bush. His wet swim suit clung to his youthful penis and testicles.

Amanda, being the guardian of Jamie, was allowed to watch what was happening on a HD screen in the one of Lodge's viewing rooms

Jamie was sitting about five feet in front of the vine bush. Behind him, the grass began rippling as the vine's stems began making their way toward him. Off to his right, where the water met the Clearing, thick, brown masses were moving into the grass. Jamie felt the first light touches of the vine's stems on both of his thighs below his swim suit. Unconsciously he brushed his hands against them thinking it was a fly or an insect. When he saw the stems curling over his thighs he recoiled and tried to stand up but the stems held his thighs firmly onto the grass. More stems slithered their way onto legs, hips and abdomen. Jamie cried out for help to the staff member who was standing off to his right side. He just stood there with his hands folded on his chest and looked back at him.

Two thick, flat stems rose up under Jamie's hips and moved forward along the underside of legs, almost to his ankles. When in place, they bent his legs at the knees and spread them apart. Jamie began franticly pulling at the stems when other stems wrapped around his wrists and pulled his arms outward from his body, almost parallel to his shoulders. It was then that he saw the brownish masses nearing his body. There were hundreds of them and they wasted no time as they crawled onto his body. Jamie felt the two flat stems under his hips and legs lifting him upward and watched with fearful eyes as the mass of slugs swarmed over his swim suit and he saw the fabric dissolving before his eyes. He tried to struggle but the vines held him firmly. He looked down at the junction of his thighs and gasped when saw his penis and balls glistening and tingling from the slugs secreted solvents. All the hair that his suit had covered was gone.

More slugs crept onto his body and Jamie's apprehensions soared. They slithered like waves up and down his body, front and back, looking for hair from his ankles to his arm pits to his face. The only hair that was spared was his eyebrows and the top of his head. His whole body shone like he had just finished an oily massage. The vines lowered Jamie back onto the ground and the mass of slugs left his body and returned to the grass.

Amanda's eyes were riveted to the monitor when she saw Jamie's glistening and hairless body. She remembered when the slugs swarmed over her body but unlike Jamie she loved it and had tried move her sex and breasts toward the hoard of suckling mouths.

Jamie was in shock, his mind was trying to figure all the 'whys' and 'whats'. He recoiled as four large slugs moved onto his body. Jamie had never seen such large bodied slugs in his life and he cried out when he felt their heavy, warm slickness make contact with his skin. Two slipped onto each of his upper thighs and two made their way over his hips onto his abdomen. The vines again lifted his body, but this time he found himself sitting three feet above the ground with his nuded penis and balls swaying in the air between his spread thighs.

Suddenly a wonderful warmth flooded his body and seeped into his mind. The slugs were releasing their conditioning chemicals and Jamie sat back sighing into the vine's soft supports. He saw visions of his nakedness and how he would look as a Shemale. He saw breasts, softer skin, curvaceous body and feminine facial features. His breath started to come in soft pants as his acceptance rose to the surface and the vision of his body began to excite him. His penis began tingling and the more he saw himself, the more aroused he became. His penis stirred and the staff member smiled when he saw Jamie's small penis soar to full erection.

The two slugs on his abdomen moved upward and came to rest on each of his areolas. For the first time Jamie felt a new tinglyness seeping into his small nipples. The other two slugs moved toward the junction of his thighs. One swept downward between them and Jamie held his breath when it formed under his testicles. A sigh was heard when he felt his balls slipping into a silky pouch with an exquisite massaging action. The other slug had reached the base of his erection and glided up the sensitive underside of his engorged member. A loud moan was heard as Jamie's erection became encased within a slick, velvety sheath that rippled up and down his hardness with a delicate squeezing actions.

The vines now controlled Jamie's body, the slugs had conditioned his mind and they were ready to perform their 'magic' on his body. His mental vision saw himself laying on a bed while two young Shemales attended to his breasts and a third focused on his stiff manhood and aching balls.

The vine was the first to move. A thick, oozing stem rose up under Jamie's buttocks, pushing the spread cheeks further apart as it made its way toward his anus. Jamie saw his Lover extending his slick fingers toward his treasured entrance and a moan escaped his mouth as the thick stem secreted a fluid that caused the sphincter muscle to relax and the stem pushed inward, into Jamie's rectal sheath. The stem's tip found Jamie's prostate and he gasped loudly as the finger of his Shemale Lover massaged the sensitive mound of his prostate.

The slugs that lay over his breast areas secreted their growth hormones and Jamie felt a wonderful firmness grip each of his areolas and their nipples. His vision showed him his expanding breasts and moaned as the mouths and lips of his Lovers adorned his breasts and erect nipples. As they reached their targeted size, Jamie gasped and pushed them into his Lover's hands and mouths.

The two slugs encasing his testicles and erection intensified their actions and the vine's anal stem now began to focus its attention on Jamie's prostate. His Lover inserted another finger into Jamie's rectal sheath, followed by another. All three joined in on the ecstatic assault of Jamie's excited organ. His preseminal fluids gushed and spurted out the throbbing gland of his erection into his Lover's sucking mouth.

The vine's stem secreted a chemical that was quickly absorbed by Jamie's prostate, causing his semen production to be tripled and his sexual rejuvenation to be rapid. The slugs that were encasing his erection and testicles secreted their growth chemicals and Jamie squealed as his expanding hardness pushed deeper into his Lover's milking throat. Jamie's mind was in a swirling vortex of joy as his Lover's mouths, lips, fingers and throat brought his body to levels of ecstasy that only dreams are made of. He arched up wailing loudly as his enhanced orgasm was unleashed. The slugs body that enveloped his straining manhood ballooned as Jamie's forceful ejaculation jettisoned into its suctioning 'throat'.

Amanda's breath quickened when she saw the slug's body thicken and lengthen as Jamie's erection was enhanced. The only thought in mind was that it must be at seven or eight inches long. She saw the ballooning effect from Jamie's orgasm and her thighs opened and closed as her wetness seeped into folds.

Jamie wasn't prepared for the intense sensations and he lost consciousness for a few seconds. He recovered moaning and gasping as the ecstatic aftershocks rippled from his spasming prostate and jerking erection.

The vines and slugs were not thru yet.

The vine's rectal stem thickened and lengthened forming into a phallic shape stamen and began slow inward and outward thrusts into Jamie's spasming, slick rectal sheath. The slug's clenching 'throat' glided up and down Jamie's still rock hard erection. He gasped as his sexual rejuvenated was triggered and his arousal soared.

As the stamen began deep thrusts into Jamie's rectal sheath, his chest arched outward pushing his breasts and excited nipples into the suckling 'mouths' and kneading pouches. His hips were grinding his enflamed rectal sheath in tight circles as the stamen drove his prostate into a frenzy. He gurgled incoherently as his mind was filled with ecstatic sensations that his body had never experienced before.

His body bucked and thrashed within the vine's soft restraints as his huge, thick erection began jerking wildly within the slugs 'deep throating' mass. Suddenly, the stroking stamen lunged upward, into the depth of his 'womanhood' and unleashed torrents of its chemical laden ejaculant.

Jamie's mind exploded as the delicious pressure ballooned deep within his convulsing rectal sheath, sending waves of orgasmic sensations cascading across his genitals. Suddenly his enhanced prostate exploded and his hips arched upward and froze as long thick streams of semen surged up his jerking erection. The thick streams jettisoned into the slugs devouring 'mouth' and 'throat' causing its body to expand from the force and volume of his enhanced semen.

This time Jamie's exhausted and drained body went into orgasmic shutdown and he slumped unconscious into the vine's soft supports. The vine and the slugs released their final set of transformation chemicals. An unconscious moan was heard and his body stiffened as a set of cramps rippled across his body. Jamie's 'male' muscle tone began to soften and his chest, hips and thighs became more curvaceous to match his new and enhanced body frame.

His facial features became distinctly feminine, along with his voice. One of the conditioning drugs made him accept his new sexuality, the other conditioned his mind to be bisexual, shy and girlish. Jamie would be the 'submissive' partner in any relationship.

Jamie slowly recovered and he moaned as delicious aftershocks rippled across his body. The stamen slowly shrunk and withdrew from his rectal sheath and the slugs slipped away from his breasts, softening penis and drained testicles.

Amanda gasped at the sight of Jamie's thick, flaccid penis and large testicles. If an attendant hadn't been with her, she would have satisfied her aroused needs right there in the viewing room.

The vines lowered his body so he was once again sitting on the soft grass of the Clearing. Jamie saw the staff member standing in front of him and he returned a girlish smile as he was helped into a standing position. The staff member led Jamie, on wobbly legs, to the still waters of the Cove where he enjoyed a refreshing bath. His hands explored his new breasts and sensitive nipples. His hands and soon made their way down to his long, thick stirring penis. He moaned softly as his anal area tingled and, as he was about to explore it when the staff member held out the robe and told Jamie that it was time to return to the Lodge.

A 'new' Jamie was greeted by a happy Amanda and they hugged as though they were meant to be together. The clothing concierge was at the desk and Amanda and Jamie followed her to the clothing room. When Jamie removed his robe, Amanda sighed when she saw a curvaceous 'female' with a penis and testicles. His 'package' stood out prominently between his youthful thighs. Her clitoris tingled when gazed longingly at it and looked at Jamie's full, firm breasts and perky nipples.

She and the concierge picked out Jamie's new clothes and Amanda took great pleasure in showing Jamie how to fit his breasts into the cups of his bra.

When Jamie was fitted with his new clothes, Amanda whispered in his ear,

"How about you and I head back to the room where we can have a some privacy?"

Jamie didn't have to answer, she saw the aroused flush on his face and took his hand as she led him to their room.

They stood by the bed looking at each other and Jamie knew something special was going to happen to him. Amanda drew him close and their lips touched. Jamie's body trembled as he was kissed for the first time and he held Amanda tighter to his body. Amanda's tongue slipped into Jamie's mouth and his penis tingled as the tongues pressed and swirled against each other. Amanda broke the kiss and looked at Jamie's panting, blushing face.

Amanda began undressing in front of Jamie. He started to undress also but Amanda whispered,

"Let me do that for you."

Jamie looked intently at Amanda as she undressed and his breath quickened when he saw her nakedness standing in front of him. As if in a trance he felt hands undoing the buttons to his blouse which soon fell to the floor. He felt his skirt being pushed down from his hips and it soon lay at his feet. Amanda knelt down and Jamie lifted his feet and the skirt was pushed away. Soon his shoes and socks were gone.

Amanda stood up and her arms reached around Jamie and undid the clasp to his bra. Both sighed as it dropped to the floor and his breasts and erect nipples sprung into the air. Her eyes were locked on to Jamie's breasts and her breath quickened. She loved breasts, their firmness and their perky nipples. Jamie was no exception and her hands reached out and gently lifted them with a massaging and kneading action. Jamie gasped at the exquisite touches, he never knew that breasts could give a person so much pleasurable feelings. He moved in closer to Amanda and watched as her fingers slipped up onto his nipples and the gasp became louder when she swirled and pressed his excited nipples in delicious circles. His body moved on its own and pushed his breasts into Amanda's hands as he lay his head on her shoulder with his panting breath bathing her neck.

Amanda's heart went out to her young apprentice and looked down between their bodies. She smiled when saw the outline of Jamie's erection pushing his panties outward like a 'tent'. She snuggled in close and wrapped her arms around him and he moaned she shifted her abdomen against Jamie's hardness. Again Amanda knelt down in front of Jamie, this time her eyes were fixed on the 'tent' and the moist spot that was spreading outward from silky fabric.

Her hands reached out, one palmed the large bulge and the other pushed up under the under Jamie's balls. Jamie gasped, his legs spread apart and the moist circle got larger. Her fingers grasped the waistband of Jamie's panties and pulled it outward amd over the glistening gland and then pulled his panties downward. Jamie moaned as his erection left the tight confines of the fabric. In a few seconds the last remnants of Jamie's clothing lay on the floor.

Amanda remained kneeling in front of Jamie and her hands began massaging their way up and down the soft skin of Jamie's thighs. He trembled in anticipation and his glistening erection throbbed in front of Amanda's feasting eyes. He saw Amanda's head move inward and the mouth opened as it neared the head of his engorged manhood. He felt a moist, warm breath and then the most incredible sensations that he had ever felt, encased his highly excited gland. As her suctioning mouth slipped over it, her hands reached up lifting and massaging Jamie's heavy testicles. Jamie moaned and his hands grasped her shoulders for support as his excited gland throbbed within the suckling mouth.

Amanda slowly lowered her head and Jamie's mind reeled with ecstatic sensations as his erection sunk into Amanda's warm, clenching throat. She lifted her head upward with an ecstatic twisting action and closed her cheeks around Jamie's enraged gland with a forceful suctioning action. Jamie's hips bucked franticly and her mouth followed the wild contortions. Again the milking throat skewered it way downward and when it reached the base of Jamie's erection, she swirled her chin into Jamie's churning balls. Jamie was close to fainting from ecstatic sensations that were exploding from his sex. Amanda pulled back up and again adorned Jamie's hyper-excited crown. Her tongue dipped into the oozing urethra opening and sucked up his precum as if it was a straw, pushing him into a sexual frenzy. Amanda knew Jamie was very close to ejaculating and began deep, twisting lunges onto Jamie's straining hardness. When she felt the rapid jerks, she lifted her head and clamped her suctioning mouth around the erupting gland and feasted on Jamie's gushing nectar.

Jamie mind and body became saturated with waves of joy as his liquid joy spewed into his Lover's mouth. His hands grasped Amanda's head not wanting it to end. Amanda's hands reacquired Jamie's testicles and again Jamie squealed as another thick stream jettisoned into the feasting mouth. A dazed Jamie sunk to his knees in front of Amanda and rested his head on her shoulder, gasping as he came down from his orgasmic high. They kissed and held each other tightly.

Amanda stood up and helped Jamie up.

Amanda said,

"Come with me and I will clean you up 'down there'."

They walked into the bathroom and Amanda used a soft wash cloth to clean his semi-erect penis, testicles and thighs. When finished, Amanda walked an aroused Jamie back to the bed.

They stood by the bed and embraced. Both moaned into each other's mouths as their breasts and nipples pressed against each other. Jamie's hardness throbbed between their bodies. Amanda broke the kiss and sat down on the edge of the bed and looked at her young Lover.

Amanda broke the kiss and said,

"Jamie honey, it is time for me explain a few things to you".

She sat down on the edge of the bed, with her thighs closed and held out her arms to Jamie.

"Kneel down in front of me Jamie."

Jamie quickly did so and ran his hands over the top of his Amanda's silky thighs. Amanda slowly and teasingly, spread her thighs apart. As her thighs parted, so did the folds of her swollen labia. She looked at Jamie and watched his eyes light up as her secret treasures came into his full view. Jamie's virgin eyes feasted on Amanda's fully open sex, his erection ached and throbbed at the delicious sight.

Amanda pointed to her labia and said,

"We like to have our partner play with us at first. It is called foreplay. This is my labia. This is the opening to my vagina and this is where you put that hard penis of yours ... and your fingers. This is my clitoris. It gives a us incredible joy when it is kissed and caressed. As you can see, its pinkness is already extended out of its hood, something like a penis when it gets excited.

"Another thing to know is..."

Jamie had lowered his head while Amanda was talking. His eyes saw her clitoris straining in the air and leaned inward and his lips and tongue suckled their way onto the erect organ of joy. With a gasp, Amanda's hips bucked her sex upward, pushing her clitoris into Jamie's sucking mouth.

Jamie was becoming more confident by the second. The fingers of his right hand slipped between her slick folds and began a delicious tracing of her excited vaginal entrance. Amanda's mind reeled with ecstatic explosions. As his lips and tongue payed homage to her exploding clitoris, he nudged two fingers past her clasping inner lips and into her enflamed vagina, twisting and turning.

Amanda couldn't believe that Jamie was learning so quickly. Her hands grasped his head tightly and ground her sex into his devouring mouth and stroking fingers. By sheer luck, Jamie's fingers pressed into the soft spongy tissues of Amanda's 'G' spot and she squealed as her vaginal muscles clamped around the fingers as they slowly stroked on and off of the bean shaped area. Jamie would remember where this exciting spot was in Amanda's vagina.

Amanda was catapulted in a sexual frenzy. Jamie lunged his fingers as deep as he could into Amanda's clenching, slick vaginal cavern. His lips, tongue and mouth sucked on Amanda's rigid clitoris as though it was an erection.

Amanda raced toward her orgasmic edge. She cooed and gurgled. Her voice became incoherent. Her legs shot up from the floor and spread into a wide 'V', kicking frantically in the air. Her toes curled and her hands gripped the sheet tightly as her orgasm exploded throughout her body. Her thick vaginal fluids gushed from her spasming labia and Jamie began massaging her swollen sex with her creamy, slick essence. Amanda slowly recovered, moaning as her body rippled with ecstatic aftershocks.

Jamie stood up and leaned over Amanda's satisfied body. As he lowered his body, his throbbing manhood pushed between the slick, swollen folds and another loud moan escaped Amanda's open mouth. Jamie lowered his head and they kissed kissed deeply and passionately.

She grasped Jamie's face and smiled at him.

"You are a fast learner."

Amanda's thick essence glistened on her thighs. The scent hung like a euphoric cloud over both bodies.

Amanda whispered,

"I think we should take a quick shower."

The last thing Jamie wanted to do was break away for a shower. He smiled and slowly pushed the length of his pulsing thickness deeper between Amanda's slick flared folds and began an ecstatic sawing motion.

Amanda's eyes lit up and her sex tingled with her rejuvenated arousal.

"Oh Jamie ... Forget the shower..."

Jamie began planting delicious suckling kisses on Amanda's shoulders and neck. Amanda cooed and rubbed his back as the wonderful mouth spread warm waves of pleasure across her chest. The suckling mouth started to move downward. Amanda knew where it was headed and her already engorged nipples tingled with anticipation. Jamie's hands moved to both firm breasts and began to massage and knead them. Amanda closed her eyes and savored the wonderful sensations. The suckling lips neared her right breast and she could feel the hot moist breath bathe the erect tip. It slowly descended onto the excited nipple and began to suck and suckle on it. The warm slippery tongue swirled around the engorged tip and Amanda arched her breast up into the devouring mouth.

Jamie's hands continued to massage and knead the firm mounds. His suckling mouth trekked across her chest and adorned her left nipple. Amanda's breathing was becoming quicker now and her hips were pushing her swollen sex deeper onto Jamie's thick manhood as it sawed its way through the slick folds.

Jamie gasped and moaned as the Amanda's clasping folds kissed and caressed his excited member.

A soft gasping plea escaped Jamie's mouth,

"Help me Amanda ... What do I do..."

Amanda smiled knowingly and reached down between their bodies and grasped his throbbing erection. She pushed the thick gland between her swollen folds and traced the engorged head up and down her wet furrow, centering it at the excited entrance to her womanhood.

Jamie gasped when he felt the eager lips kiss and caress his enraged gland.

Amanda reached up and put both hands on Jamie's hips. She looked up into his dazed face knowing taht this was his moment. She slowly pulled on her hands and Jamie pushed forward. Amanda saw Jamie's face light up with new sensations of excitement as he nudged his thick manhood inward. Amanda's quivering inner lips slipped over the thick gland with a delicious caressing action and both moaned as Jamie's throbbing erection slipped into Amanda's steamy, clenching vagina.

Jamie was not prepared for the intense, ecstatic sensations that gripped the surface of his rigid erection. He couldn't contain himself and lunged into the depths of his Amanda's incredible, tight vaginal passage. Amanda cried out and gurgled with joy as the long, thick impalement deliciously stretched her enflamed womanhood.

Jamie's virginity had been taken.

Amanda knew she had to slow Jamie down otherwise he would ejaculate within seconds. Her hands grabbed Jamie's hips and kept him buried deep inside her.

She whispered,

"Wait a moment Jamie. Let your excitement lessen a bit. Whenever you feel the need to ejaculate, just slow down a little."

Jamie nodded and flexed his erection. This time, he watched Amanda eyes light up as her vagina spasmed with ripples of pleasure.

Slowly Jamie withdrew his member until the head just remained inside the slick opening and then slipped back into the moist velvety sheath. Amanda moaned and ground her hips in circles as the long, thick impaler, re-entered her eager vagina.

Jamie began ecstatic thrusts into and out of Amanda's clenching sex. He varied the thrusts from all in to all out, part way in, part way out. Whenever he sensed that his orgasm was imminent he would slow down or stop. Amanda was in heaven as the ripples of ecstasy washed across her body. Her rigid, bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode.

Jamie felt as though his throbbing manhood was inside a hot, clenching and suckling mouth. His engorged erection felt thicker and longer as he lunged in and out, the sensitive gland was in a constant state of excitement.

Both their breaths were now coming in deep gasps and pants. Jamie lowered his head into Amanda's shoulder and his panting breath bathed her neck. She wrapped her arms around his upper back and locked her legs around his lower back. She met Jamie's urgent thrusts with her own frantic counter thrusts.

Both orgasmic dazed bodies were now totally engrossed in their own euphoric cloud of ecstasy.

Jamie somehow remembered the area of spongy softness. He withdrew and when his excited gland indicated that it was on it, Jamie began moving the head of erection on and off of it with varying degrees of pressure. Amanda squealed as her 'G' spot exploded and Jamie cried out as his erection became encased within a deep milking glove. Her head thrashed back and forth and her hips arched up and ground her enflamed sex onto the thick pillar that was giving her so much joy.

Jamie resumed his deep penetrating thrusts.

Amanda was in a sexual frenzy and fast approaching her first orgasm. Her grinding hips became a blur and her sounds became incoherent.

Jamie felt Amanda's vagina grip his aching rigidness tightly. He could feel her thick juices gushing out past his erection. His deep thrust's never faltered and loud slurping sounds were now heard as he plunged into Amanda's convulsing vagina.

Jamie's mind and body screamed for orgasmic release. His prostate swelled, his bloated testicles churned as they clenched upward into his groin.

Jamie lunged into the depths of Amanda's milking cavern and froze. An incredible pressure built at the base his erection. The thick liquid surged up his jerking member and seemed to stall as it neared his highly excited gland. The liquid joy swirled deliciously around the tingling head and then jettisoned outward into Amanda's grateful vagina.

Amanda suddenly felt the most incredible sensation grip her entire sex as the torrents of Jamie's thick semen gushed and spewed into her womanhood. The liquid pressure kept building, overwhelming her orgasmic dazed mind and she screamed as her second orgasm was unleashed.

Again her legs shot out from her body in a wide 'V'. They cycled desperately in the air as her body bucked and thrashed. Her hands fisted tightly and her toes curled. Her mouth opened but no sound was heard, her eyes opened wide but all she saw was orgasmic flashes of light.

Finally, a loud ecstatic wail escaped her open mouth,

Amanda slumped in a euphoric orgasmic daze. Her body continued to jerk and spasm with intense aftershocks. Jamie's erection continued to spew its thick essence. Slowly, they came down from their ecstatic highs and held onto each other closely as they savored their post orgasmic aftershocks. Jamie's entry into manhood was now complete.

They kissed deeply and passionately.

Jamie slowly pulled his deflating member out of Amanda's reluctant vagina. It slipped out with a loud slurping sound and gushes vaginal juices and semen flowed outward from the gaping hole and flowed onto the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Amanda moaned as the wonderful fullness left her stretched womanhood. Her feet slipped off the edge of the bed and fell to the floor. They smiled at each other. Both radiated a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Amanda said softly,

"Now is the time for that shower."

Jamie giggled,

"I think your right."

They got off the bed and held each other close as they made their way to bathroom.

Carl, Poetic Justice:

The motion detectors picked the boat up first and then the security cameras saw the boat rounding the bend, coming toward the waterfall. As it neared the Clearing the monitoring team saw that there were two people in the boat, a naked woman gagged and tied and a man. The monitoring team saw the boat stop along the Clearing's shore line and muffled cries could be heard as the man dragged the woman onto the Clearing.

John spoke to Joanna, a member of the security team, and said,

"If you rescue the woman before the slugs appear, bring her here, otherwise she will have to stay in the Clearing. You will have to convince her that the Clearing will treat her differently than her abductor."

The fearful Sharon lay on the gassy shore looking at Carl as he removed his shoes and began undressing. A twisted smile was on face as he said,

"You are going to enjoy this as much as I am."

Suddenly a startled gasp was heard as Carl's feet were pulled from under him and he was dragged toward the large vine bushes struggling and screaming. Sharon sat up and watched wide eyed as the vines held her screaming abductor in the prone position as swarms of slugs moved onto his clothed body. She couldn't believe what she was seeing when Carl's clothes began dissolving from his body.

The security staff entered the Clearing and removed the gag and rope that held Sharon's wrists. She looked thankfully at rescuers and then with a mix of hatred and growing bewilderment at Carl as he was assaulted by the slugs. The security forces left except for Joanna who comforted Sharon.

Sharon said,

"My name is Sharon. My friend and I were walking along the bank of the stream when Carl grabbed us, tied us up and raped my friend. He then pulled me into his boat and brought me here ... What is happening to him!"

Joanna smiled at Sharon and said,

"Call it poetic justice. He won't be bothering any more women."

As Joanna talked, she led Sharon toward Carl, whose clothing was now gone and the slugs were now concentrating on removing the hair from his body. When Sharon saw the full view Carl's genitals she turned and was about to retreat when a soft stem touched her bared ankle. A feeling of acceptance quickly filled her mind along with an unexplained closeness to Joanna.

Joanna whispered in her ear,

"Let's wait a minute or so and watch as Carl receives his form of retribution."

Sharon smiled and nodded her head.

Carl felt his prone body being lifted upward a few inches and the slugs quickly attended to his underside. The slugs hadn't secreted any conditioning drugs and his mind was filled with fear and apprehensions. Sharon saw Carl's naked and hairless body as it glistened from the slugs secretions.

The swarm of slugs left Carl's body and returned to the grass. The vines, not the slugs, would now 'take care of' Carl.

Suddenly Carl felt himself being lifted higher and then turned over so he was facing the grass. His legs were bent at the knees so he was in a kneeling position and then lowered back onto the grass. When his lower legs met the grass, they were spread apart and his penis and testicles swayed in the air between his thighs. His arms were pulled away from his body, level with his shoulders and finally the vine used its stems to grasp Carl's head, forcing him to look at Sharon and Joanna.

Despite his fears, a smirking smile crossed his face when he saw Sharon.

Sharon saw the look and her hatred once again rose to the surface.

'Yes ... She wanted to see the retribution.'

Sharon saw a thick stem rise up a foot or so behind Carl's kneeling body. As it rose, the end of the stamen formed into an eight inch by two inch phallic. It's surface began glistening with a thick golden liquid as it arched toward Carl's buttocks.

Carl flinched and a low gasp escaped his mouth when he felt the thick tip of the stamen press between the spread cheeks of his buttocks and shifted his hips in a futile attempt to stop the advancing probe. As it nestled against his anal lips, its slickness caused unwanted tingly sensations to seep into his anus and spread further into his rectal sheath. The tight sphincter muscle immediately loosened and the vine nudged its 8" x 2" inch thick stamen deep into Carl's rectal sheath. A surprised and reluctant moaned was heard as the flexing stamen ground over his prostate on its trek inward.

Sharon saw the stamen slipping further and further into Carl's rectum. She heard his quick gasp and saw drops of his early preseminal fluids oozing from the head of his flaccid penis. She was in awe that such a long 'thing' could go so deep into someone's rectum.

The stamen began to secrete it enhancement chemicals and Carl's rectal lining quickly absorbed the enhancing liquid. His mind was filled with sensations that he had never felt before and instinctively began grinding his hips in circles as a thick nest of sexual nerve endings were formed all along his rectal sheath to a depth of 8", including his anal opening. The enhancing liquid was absorbed by his prostate and into his seminal vesicle. Carl's semen production would be triple that of a normal male. His sexual rejuvenation would be quick, immediate if stimulation was present.

Carl's mind and body wasn't prepared for the ecstatic sensations that rippled throughout his rectal sheath and across his loins. Despite his efforts, his penis stirred and slowly rose up to full erection under his abdomen. The oozing drops formed into a long string that dangled from his thick gland. The feelings intensified. His rectal sheath started to spasm and his anal lips swelled deliciously around the vine's thickening stamen as it stroked into Carl's 'womanhood'

A dazed Carl began thrusting his straining erection toward his smiling audience of two and lunging his buttocks rearward onto the vine's thrusting stamen-like phallic. Moans of pleasure were heard as his rectal muscles clenched and spasmed with new found joy. Sharon smiled when she saw Carl's frantic, thrusting hips and his clasping anal lips trying to draw the twisting stamen deeper into his body.

His rectal sheath began a series of ecstatic clenches and spasms. The ripples of joy flowed outward toward his excited and clasping anal lips. Carl felt his ejaculation form within his enhanced prostate and the delicious sensations spread to his bloating testicles and then flowed into the base of his engorged erection. His hips shot forward and froze. The ecstatic pressure caused his gland to swell and twitch as the huge stream surged upward toward it. The liquid joy swirled deliciously around the excited head and spewed out of the puckering opening and jettisoned forward under his body, splattering forcefully onto the thick bed of grass in front of him ... As he ejaculated, his rectal orgasm exploded and the thick enhancing liquid spewed out past his enflamed stretched anus.

Carl's wail echoed around the Clearing.

He slumped onto the vines soft supports as gasping and panting as delicious aftershocks rippled across his loins. The stamen left his rectum but remained snuggled within his anal lips. The vines secretions were controlling his arousal and his erection lay under his body throbbing in the air.

The vines released their grip on Carl's head.

Carl looked under his body and saw his throbbing hardness under his abdomen and felt his heavy, rejuvenated balls swaying in the air between his spread thighs. His mind was trying to make sense out of what had just happened to him.

'Oh God what's going to happen to me!'

He saw Joanna leading Sharon to his right side and they sat down with their eyes glued to his kneeling body, his straining erection and the head of the thick stamen that was attached to his rectum.

"Both of you are going to pay dearly for this..."

They both giggled.

Sharon used her finger to point a something under Carl. He looked under his body and began struggling when he saw a stem rising up from grass. As it neared his swaying balls, a thick, transparent leaf blossomed at the tip and nestled under his testicles lifting encasing them within a silky pouch. Carl couldn't help but moan as his balls were deliciously massaged and his erection jumped and jerked in the air.

Through dazed eyes, Tyler saw another clear stem extending upward from the grass toward his upper chest. The leading nine inches thickened into a three inch accordion-like tube with multiple ribs spiraling inside the slick, glistening sheath. The 'end' opened and closed as though it was looking for something to suck on. When the rising stem neared his chest, it curled under his body and moved toward the head of his erection.

Carl's erection jerked with anticipation and his preseminal fluids oozed from the excited gland. He closed his eyes and waited with baited breath as the suckling 'mouth' came nearer and nearer to its destination. Suddenly a wonderful warmth from the sheath's 'mouth' bathed his highly-sensitive crown and a loud hiss of joy was heard as his excited gland and the stem's warm 'lips' made contact. The hiss became louder as the 'mouth' slipped over the thick gland and nestled into to the circumcision ring with an exquisite suckling action. The vagina-like sheath now started a slow descent onto Carl's throbbing manhood. His mind reeled from the sensations that his erection was giving him as it sunk into the rippling and squeezing 'throat'. Sharon and Joanna could see his jerking member as the vine's 'throat' bulged obscenely from the imbedded erection. Carl lifted his head and squealed with joy from the ecstatic sensations.

Carl's body was now under control of the vines.

The dormant stamen within his anal lips now began an exquisite tracing of the still swollen entrance. Carl cried out and began shifting his hips trying to prevent the stamen from reentering his body. His squirming abruptly halted as the head of the stamen slipped through the prepared opening and nudged inward. The surprised gasp turned into moans as the eight inch stamen pushed inward and his eager rectal sheath clenched around the advancing thickness as it welcomed the return of its Lover. The stamen once again settled over his enhanced prostate and he threw his head up and wailed at the incredible contact. As the flexing head began to caress and massage the sensitive tissues, Carl's erection jerked rapidly within the squeezing vagina-like sheath and ripples of joy rushed from his prostate to his excited and tingling gland.

The stamen would now educate Carl on what a prostate orgasm was all about. Within 30 seconds small explosions of ecstasy ricocheted throughout his body. His preseminal fluid oozed out of the opening of his straining hardness and drooled onto his tingling gland, making it glisten in the light. Within a minute, the small explosions intensified and Carl was moaning and gasping as he ground his buttocks in tight circles around his Lover. He was experiencing internal orgasms, something that only a female could relate to. The flow of fluids from his excited gland was now a continuous string. His body quaked with multiple minor orgasms as he desperately flexed his engorged hardness in a frantic attempt to ejaculate.

Joanna whispered in Sharon's ear explaining the comparisons of a prostate to a 'G' spot. She also told her that the vine was preparing Carl to become Gay. Sharon smiled and clapped her hands.

The stamen left Carl's spasming prostate and pulled back so just the flexing head remained inside the clasping entrance and then twisted its way back into the depths of Carl's enflamed rectal sheath. The flexing thickness remained deeply embedded and the sexually enhanced lining of 'womanhood' exploded with joy.

Through dazed eyes, Carl saw a fourth stem rising up from the grass about two feet in front of his face. It also formed a into an eight inch phallic like shape and glistened as it oozed a clear liquid from its surface. It arched forward toward his face and he froze in fear and as it neared his mouth. He tightened his lips and shifted his head back and forth in a frantic effort to prevent the stamen from touching him. It was just a matter of time before the tip made contact with his lips and the oozing minty flavored liquid seeped between his lips into his mouth. The aphrodisiac effects of the minty nectar were immediate and his mind craved for more of the stamen's thickness and its delicious nectar. His lips parted and his tongue reached out, slipping around the thick tip of the vine's penis-like stamen. Carl loved the pulsing feeling on his tongue his mind reeled as the thickness filled his mouth and his suctioning actions intensified.

Joanna and Sharon watched wide-eyed as the vine's flexing stamen slipped deeper and deeper into Carl's clenching mouth and throat. As if his mind was being directed, Carl's head started a slow twisting motion as his throat edged its way back up to the head of the stamen and renewed his delicious suckling on the the oozing head. His tongue swirled in lapping circles feasting on the vine's delicious essence.

The stamen now began to stroke in and out of Carl's devouring mouth and throat. The vaginal like sheath and the rectal phallic caused low guttural moans from Carl's stretched mouth as his mind and body soared to new heights of sexual joy. He couldn't believe how much joy this wonderful 'thing' was giving him. His mouth and throat intensified its clasping, milking action in a desperate quest for the ultimate liquid essence ... the vine's delicious, thick ejaculant.

Suddenly, he felt the stamen lung deep into his throat and begin a series of rapid jerks and flexes. An incredible warm, liquid fullness flooded into his throat as the vine began ejaculating. The jettisoning nectar catapulted his body into a sexual frenzy and he pulled his head up until the spewing tip was in his mouth and he began a deep suctioning with the cheeks of his mouth. A second thick stream jettison outward and his cheeks ecstatically ballooned with with the vines ejaculant.

This time the aphrodisiac 'hit' pushed Carl over his orgasmic edge and his hips began to urgently thrust his straining erection into vine's milking vaginal sheath. His is mind and eyes were filled with bright flashes of orgasmic lights and his kneeling body jerked and spasmed. A loud wail was heard around the Clearing as his thick streams of semen exploded out of his highly excited gland.

Carl glowed as he came down from his euphoric high. He felt the vine's stamen soften within his mouth and it slipped out past his lips and returned to the grass. His rectal sheath rippled as the phallic remained deeply embed within it and his granite like erection jerked as the remnants of his ejaculation continued to spurt into the caressing sheath.

Joanna told Sharon that the main event was about to happen which would convert Carl into the world of gay sex. Sharon smiled,

'Retribution at last.'

The fullness that stretched his rectal sheath now began to move with slow, ecstatic stokes in to and out of his enflamed 'womanhood'. He groaned and ground his buttocks in circles, skewering his clasping rear entrance onto his vine Lover.

Carl had never experienced such joy. He thrust his straining erection forward into the milking vaginal sheath and wailed in ecstasy as he thrust back sharply, burying the vine's phallic to the hilt. The entire length of Carl's enhanced rectal sheath ecstatically stretched and widened to accommodate the magnificent penetrator. He was close to fainting from the fantastic sensations that the moving ribs of pure joy were giving him.

He gasped and moaned as he was catapulted into a sexual frenzy.

The vine now started a rhythmic thrusting motion and Carl quickly fell in sync with its strokes. In, out, fast and slow. He gurgled and moaned as his body was flooded with waves of intense pleasure. His erection strained within the clasping sheath, his erect male nipples felt as though they were going to explode and his heavy balls churned with a delicious ache

Carl gasped and panted. His whole universe was centered on his clenching and spasming sheath and his throbbing, raging erection. His eyes and mind were saturated within an ecstatic euphoric fog. His body trembled, his hands fisted tightly and his toes curled. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down his body from his head to his toes. They built up higher and higher as the vine drove relentlessly into the depths of his 'womanhood' and the vaginal sheath sucked and milked the length of his manhood.

The vine's thrust became faster and deeper. Carl couldn't keep up with it. The thrusts went all the way out and all the way in. His body became detached from his surroundings. Only the spiraling orgasmic sensations were allowed to enter his mind. His body shook and rippled with pure sexual ecstasy. His raging erection felt like a granite pole as it throbbed and jerked under his body. His precum spurted and spewed into the sheath's suctioning 'mouth'.

Carl's breathing became labored as he neared his dual orgasmic trip point ... and it came like a clap of thunder. Carl felt his rectal muscles clench tightly around the thrusting stamen and a deep spasming filled his erection. An ecstatic fog filled his head as flashes of orgasmic lights danced around his eyes.

His hyper-excited prostate unleashed its volumes of semen which surged its way up his straining erection. The rushing semen seemed to stall and play with the most sensitive of glands, the crown of his penis. The gland thickened and tingled as the liquid joy swirled around it and then it erupted out the puckering slit, flooding and gushing into the waiting 'mouth' of the vine's vaginal sheath.

Suddenly, deep inside his convulsing rectal sheath, he felt the most ecstatic sensations he had ever experience. The vine's stamen was unleashing torrents of it's ejaculant. The warm, thick liquid burst deep within his passage with such force that it ballooned and back flowed out past his spasming opening. Carl began gasping for air as his body froze with acute joy.

The nectar's ecstatic 'hit' caused Carl to lift his head with a long orgasmic wail. A second stronger stream of semen jettisoned out of Carl's wildly jerking erection. Carl thought his head was going to explode as his body was showered with exquisite jolts of ecstasy

His mind became saturated with orgasmic sensations and he lost consciousness, slumping down onto the supports of the vine. The chemicals in the vines ejaculant raced throughout his body. Carl would be bisexual with a primary preference toward other males and would be the submissive partner in any relationship.

The vine slowly withdrew its stamen from his rectal sheath and torrents of its ejaculant flowed out of the gaping opening as it returned to normal. His softening penis slipped out of the withdrawing sheath and it lay over his drained testicles.

Both stems returned to the Clearing's bed of grass.

A weak and dazed Carl slowly recovered. The vine released its hold on his body and he slumped to the ground as his aftershocks continued to ripple throughout his loins. Joanna helped him into a standing position and he didn't resist as he was led toward his boat. When he was seated in it, Joanna pushed the boat into the water and watched it as it floated downstream.

A stunned Carl looked at Joanne and Sharon as he drifted out of their view. He wasn't really aware of his nakedness as his body radiated with new and strange feelings that his mind had once told him were wrong.

Sharon and Joanna:

As they watched Carl and the boat float a way, a soft stem returned to Sharon's ankle and secreted a bolstering chemical of acceptance. For the first time, Sharon became fully aware that she was naked and a blush of embarrassment filled her face. She wanted to cover her herself with her hands but knew it was too late. Joanna saw the look and said,

"You can get a full change of clothes at the Lodge's clothing room."

Sharon relaxed and asked,

"What is this place?"

Joanna replied,

"This Clearing belongs to the Lodge. As you have seen, it has a unique life forms that the Lodge's guests use for their sexual enjoyment. This is the first time it has been used as a form of retribution."

Joanna drew close to Sharon and whispered in her ear,

"If you let it, the Clearing will give you sexual joy and satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams."

A deeper flush filled Sharon's face. Her mind was telling her to get some on but her body wanted to find out what the vines and slugs would do to her.

'Yes ... She would like that.'

Joanna knew that Sharon would do anything she asked her to do.

She smiled and a startled Sharon saw Joanna undressing. Joanna wasn't a Lesbian but was impressed when she saw the curvaceousness of Joanna's body. It was completely hairless which highlighted her perfect sex. A feeling of regret filled her, knowing she had neglected herself 'down there'.

Joanna said softly,

Why don't you let the slugs help you with your 'bikini line'. A lot of men and woman like it when a female's sex is completely hairless.

Sharon's mind was in full acceptance and she nodded at Joanna.

Joanna took her hand and led her toward the large vine bush. The grass by the water's edge was already rusting with the first wave of slugs. In less than twenty minutes, Joanna was leading a dazed and satisfied Sharon to the pond's still waters for her to bathe in. Her curvaceous body, full, firm breasts and hairless labia highlighted the changes to her body. Her erect nipples felt like bullets on her breasts and her enhanced clitoris stood out like a bright pink beacon from her clitoral hood.

They both slipped into the waters and hugged each other. Sharon's heart beat faster knowing she was about to be kissed by another woman for the first time. They kissed and Sharon pushed her body in close to Joanna as they tongues teased and tantalized each other. Joanna reached between their bodies and her fingers swirled and caressed Sharon's excited organ of joy. Sharon broke the kiss with a loud gasp and looked with deep need into Joanna's face.

Joanna smiled at Sharon and said,

"I will take of you here in the Clearing and then we can go the Lodge and my room."

An aroused Sharon whispered 'yes'.

They got out of the pool and Joanna walked her back to the vine bush. Sharon was confused and looked at Joanna.

"I want your first experience with another woman to be something that you will remember for a long time. The vines will hold and move you while I make love to your body."

The vines were waiting and the stems were pushing up through the grass, weaving back and forth. Joanna led Sharon into the mass of swaying vines and had her sit down on the grass.

"Sharon honey, bend your legs ... That's good, now bring your feet back towards your hips."

Sharon didn't flinch or recoil as the vines encased her legs, thighs and back. Instead she closed her eyes and sighed as her body welcomed back the touches of the vine's soft stems and supports. She felt herself being lifted upward and opened her eyes when she felt her thighs being spread apart. She saw the intense look that Joanna giving her flared and open sex.

In a gesture of submission, Sharon held out her arms to her Lover and Joanna snuggled in closer between her bent and spread thighs. She saw Joanna's face coming toward her face and her breath quickened.

Joanna lips touched Sharon's trembling lips and slowly ran her tongue back and forth, Sharon liked the warm moist touches and she parted her lips slightly. Sharon's tongue slowly slipped inward and Sharon felt their tongue touch. It was new, it was different, it was gentle and she enjoyed the new sensations. She felt Joanna's hands begin a slow massaging of her neck and shoulders. The warm hands glided down to her breasts and she sighed as the kiss intensified. Joanna's exploring and kneading fingers crept up onto Sharon's nipples and her fingers began to caress and manipulate the rising buds. The excited nipples were soon erect and tingling. Sharon moaned into Joanna's mouth and began pushing her breasts into Joanna's kneading hands.

Joanna's hands slipped downward between their bodies and with both hands, began massaging Sharon's enflamed clitoris and labia. A deeper moan was heard as she thrust her sex into the loving hands.

They broke the kiss and Joanna whispered in her ear,

"Only a woman knows how to love another woman."

Joanna again leaned inward and began planting light suckling kisses on Sharon's shoulders. The massaging and kneading hands reacquired her breasts and the kisses slowly trekked downward toward Sharon's right breast. Sharon held her breath in anticipation as the suckling mouth neared its target. She felt the lips inch their way upward over her breast and then she felt the moist breath bathe her nipple. Joanna's loving mouth descended onto the engorged bud with a delicious sucking and suckling action and her warm slippery tongue swirled around the erect, rubbery tip.

Sharon gasped at the ecstatic contact and her chest heaved upward pushing her breast and excited nipple into Joanna's devouring mouth. Joanna's mouth suckled its way over to the left breast. The caressing fingers moved away as the suckling lips move in. Joanna found that the nipple was already hard as a bullet and she lowered her mouth and lips on to it. The gasp got louder and her hands held Joanna's head as the mouth teased and suckled the tingling nipple. Joanna now divided her loving attention to both breasts and nipples. The suckling mouth and massaging hands quickly had Sharon moaning and thrusting both breasts into her adorning mouth.

Joanna lifted her head and smiled at Sharon. Through dazed eyes, Sharon smiled back at her. Her engorged and excited nipples stood out like bullets from her firm mounds. Joanna now began to massage her hands downward over her abdomen and Sharon held her breath as another 'first' filled her mind. A woman was going to touch her sex and she waited breathlessly for the contact and felt two soft and hands form around her swelling folds. The warm flush that that was spreading across her loins soared into a wave and her hips jerked outward and moan escaped her lips. She loved the touch and wanted more of it.

Joanna's hands began to massage and manipulate the soft flared folds and Sharon's hips pushed excitedly toward them. Joanna's body slowly slipped downward and the loving mouth began a delicious downward trek to team up with her hands. Joanna slipped onto knees on the grass and the vine lowered Sharon so her swelling sex was aligned with Joanna's head. Joanna moved her sucking lips back onto Joanna's lower abdomen and they resumed their pleasurable downward journey.

Sharon's breath was coming in deeper pants of anticipation.

As the suckling mouth neared its target, Joanna slipped her fingers between Sharon's moist folds and began an ecstatic exploration up of Sharon's warm, pink furrow. Joanna's suckling mouth was now just above Sharon's enhanced, rigid clitoris. The hard, organ was straining in the air, begging for attention. One of Joanna's slick fingers began to slowly and deliciously, trace the oozing entrance to Sharon's womanhood. She gasped loudly and her vagina rippled with waves of pleasure.

Suddenly, the loud gasp stopped and Sharon's eyes and mouth opened wide. Joanna's warm, wet tongue and mouth had slipped onto her extended clitoris and her lips and tongue began to ecstatically suck and suckle the engorged organ of joy as if it were an erection.

Sharon's threw her head back and squealed with joy as her vaginal opening and clitoris exploded in unison. While Joanna's mouth, lips and tongue devoured Sharon's organ of joy, she nudged three fingers into Sharon's eager and welcoming vagina. They twisted and turned, and Sharon's hips began grinding her sex in wild circles. Joanna's fingers were joined by a forth and began an ecstatic stroking action into Sharon's spasming and clenching vagina. Her head thrashed back and forth as waves of pleasure flooded her womanhood.

Joanna's suckling mouth and lunging fingers intensified. Sharon's body thrashed and bucked as Joanna pushed her into a sexual frenzy. Her thick vaginal juices drooled past the thrusting fingers and her excited clitoris felt as though it was going to explode within the sucking mouth.

Suddenly Joanna stopped and leaned back on her lower legs.

Sharon screeched with orgasmic denial.

"Nooooooooooooo ... Pleaseeeeeeee..."

Sharon's enflamed clitoris, labia and vagina begged to be touched. Her hips jerked with desperation into the air. Joanna smiled at Sharon's orgasmic torment and extended her right hand and palmed Sharon's wet, swollen folds. She thrust her sex forcefully onto the kneading hand.

Joanna said softly,

"Now you're ready Sharon."

With highly aroused eyes, Sharon looked down between her bent and spread thighs and saw Joanna rubbing her hands along a thick stamen that was drooling with a clear, thick liquid. She then did the same to her wrists and lower forearm. Joanna grouped her fingers together and held her hand upward so Sharon could see it. Something in Sharon's mind told her what Joanna was about to do and her vagina began spasming and clenching with expectation. Joanna's slick fingers reconnected with her labia and clitoris and Sharon's hips jumped as the ecstatic sensations once again exploded across her loins.

She looked down and saw the glistening hand poised at her open thighs and flared folds. Joanna's grouped fingers pushed between the swollen lips as they edged their way toward the drooling entrance of Sharon's womanhood. Sharon felt her slick inner lips kiss and caress the finger tips as they welcomed back Joanna's fingers.

Sharon felt a great pressure as her vaginal opening was being stretched and then unbelievable sensations exploded within her as the hand and wrist slipped inward. Her excited entrance quickly slipped over the advancing wrist and she gasped as the ecstatic sensations flooded her mind. Slowly Joanna's hand slipped further inward and Sharon gurgled incoherently as the wrist, hand and fingers were soon twisting within her enflamed vaginal passage.

Her hips ground hungrily as spasms of joy racked her sex. She thrust upward and wailed as she impaled herself deeply onto Joanna's lower forearm. Joanna's wiggling fingers massaged and danced all along the length of Sharon's spasming cavern causing Sharon to lift her head and wail in joy.

Sharon's vaginal muscles clenched ecstatically around Joanna's hand, wrist and forearm. Joanna waited a few seconds and then withdrew her wrist and squirmed it back inward. Sharon had never experienced such intense joy. Joanna varied her thrusts from fast to slow, all in and all out, part way in and part way out. Jolts of pure joy shot directly to Sharon's dazed mind. Her breathing came in deep gasps and pants. Her thick vaginal juices spurted out past the stroking hand and wrist. She screamed as her hips thrust wildly into the air. Every nerve ending in her body was screaming for orgasmic release.

Joanna thrust forward burying her wiggling fingers, hand and wrist deeply into Sharon's vagina. The entire length of her vagina ecstatically stretched and widened to accommodate the magnificent penetrator. Sharon was close to fainting from the incredible sensations that the tantalizing fingers of joy were giving her. Joanna moved her head inward to Sharon's straining clitoris and slipped her suckling mouth over the throbbing organ. Sharon arched up screaming as all the sensations merged together.

Joanna started her final series of masterful strokes and Sharon quickly fell in sync with them. In, out, fast and slow. Her breasts ached, her nipples felt as though they were going to explode and clitoris jerked wildly within the suctioning mouth. Her vaginal fluids gushed out past the wildly stretched folds and down her thighs.

Her entire sexual being was centered on her spasming vagina and rigid clitoris. Her eyes and mind became saturated with an ecstatic, euphoric fog. Her body trembled and convulsed. Her hands clenched into fists and her toes curled up tightly. Small orgasmic waves rippled up and down her body from her head to her toes. They built up higher and higher as she was catapulted her toward orgasmic trip point.

Her breathing became labored and she gasped for air as her body climbed the orgasmic ladder. Joanna felt Sharon's vaginal muscles clenching tightly around her stroking hand and wrist. An orgasmic cloud flooded Sharon's mind and flashes of bright lights danced across her eyes as incoherent sounds escaped her mouth. Her body finally unleashed its total and all consuming climatic orgasm. She bucked outward and froze as her orgasmic wail echoed around the Clearing.

She lost consciousness and slumped back into the soft supports of the vine.

Sharon soon recovered gasping as ecstatic aftershocks racked her body. Joanna withdrew her wrist with a loud slurping sound and Sharon moaned as the exquisite and wonderful fullness left her stretched vagina. She sat there panting and gasping in her post orgasmic daze. Sharon was vaguely aware that the vines was putting her into a standing position. Joanna hugged and held her as they walked to the pool.

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