An Ordinary College Sex Life 3

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Brother, Sister, Spanking, Rough, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Oriental Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Big Breasts, Violent, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Prologue - The continuation of the Ordinary Sex Life series. Don't bother reading this unless you've read the previous stories in the series, including OSL: Morris Camp.

-- MAY 2006 --

"Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod!"

"Shh. Relax or you're going to hyperventilate," he soothed, stroking the young brunette's arms all the way out to where her hands fiercely gripped the bedsheets. He kept his weight down, his pelvis pressed tightly against her taut buttcheeks, obscuring the sight of his thick cock fully imbedded in the teenage girl's tight rectum.

"I just can't believe it's all in me!" the brunette gasped. "You're so big, I never thought it would fit."

"Well it does fit," he chuckled. Only now did he pull back a few inches, and then slowly pushed himself back in to the hilt.

"Ooohhh..." she sighed. "It's starting to feel nice. So... full."

"Told you it would."

"My brother would kill you if he knew you were doing this to me. You know he's kinda overprotective."

He chuckled, holding his position. "Then let's not tell him."

The young teenager nodded. "Do it again."

This time, he pulled back until just his mushroom head was still inside the girl's asshole. And then he slowly pushed forward again, burrowing his way past the tight constriction of her anal chute.

"Unnghhh..." she groaned, her hands momentarily re-tightening their grip on the bedsheets as if in pain. But when he bottomed out and stopped the thrust, she just closed her eyes and moaned, "More..."

So he gave her more.

And more...

And more...

After a few minutes, there were no more words between them. All that could be heard were the moans and groans of a couple fucking up a storm on the bed. The 19-year-old sophomore whimpered beneath the assault on her asshole, alternately crying in pain and groaning with pleasure with each repeated thrust. He simply grunted, focusing on his pumping motions as his ab muscles rippled from the exertion.

"Nghh! Nngh! Nngh!" she moaned with each impact.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh..." he answered in the same tone.

And me? I was groaning too. "Ungh ... ungh ... ungh..." My own vocalizations were in a steady rhythm, half-speed compared to the couple buttfucking on the bed. A warm wetness engulfed my turgid cock and retreated back more deliberately, with only one thrust for every two I saw before me. That was to be expected. He was getting close, hammering at her rapidly. But I was still a little ways off.

That would not do. As wonderful as the sensations were for me, I craved the visual stimulation. Sometimes when my entertainment finished too quickly, I would find myself unable to finish. And that really, really would not do.

"Faster," I urged, threading my fingers through the dark hair of the young woman in front of me to get a firmer hold on her head. "Faster..."

Obediently she sped up, bobbing her head up and down in my lap with greater speed. Her angular emerald-green eyes tilted up at me, watching the contortions of ecstasy crossing my face as she continued her expert fellatio. She recognized the urgency in my expression, and increased the use of her agile hands, one to stroke the base of my prick and the other to caress my pendulous testicles.

"Oh, fuck yeah..." I crooned happily as the pleasure built up inside me, and I sank myself deeper into the plush armchair. The room around me was darkened, save for the illumination coming through the gigantic window directly before me, affording an unobstructed view of the brunette teenager getting almost brutally sodomized on the bed. But I didn't need the view anymore. I could picture it in my mind. And besides, when I closed my eyes to amplify the pleasure emanating from my groin, I could still hear every whimper and groan with crystal clarity through the state-of-the-art sound system.

"Oh, Cameron..." I moaned, imagining it was HER on the bed. I imagined SHE was facedown before me, the way she truly belonged, surrendering her virgin asshole to my well-deserving cock.

"Cameron..." I breathed again, grasping her head even tighter as she moved herself faster and faster upon my cock. "Cameron ... Oh, fuck! Camero-"


No! It was too soon!

"Aiiiiii!" The girl on the bed screamed again. For a second, I imagined it was my beloved Cameron screaming beneath me as I anally-pounded her, but the pitch was too high for her smoky voice. Automatically, my eyes snapped open and the reality of my location flooded my senses. I wasn't on the bed with my one true love. No, I was in my chair, in my Voyeur Room, and it was another couple experiencing the bliss of mutual orgasm as they thrashed about on top of the bed.

I didn't cum with them. I wanted to. It would have been perfect. But I'd run out of time.

"FUCK!" I shouted in annoyance. They couldn't hear me on the other side, the soundproofing between our two rooms complete, save for the electronics currently pumping audio in one direction only.

"Ohmigod..." the young girl moaned as her body went limp on the bed. The stud on top of her similarly had gone slack, just barely holding his weight above her prone body.

Disgusted with how things had turned out, I slapped the switch to turn off the audio feed. Cameron gamely tried to continue blowing me, and my prick was certainly still rock hard. But the mood was lost. Snarling, I pushed myself away from the desk, and away from where Cameron knelt on the floor. "Fuck! Forget it!"

"Carter..." she said gently. "Let me finish you."

"No," I spat petulantly.

"Carter," Cameron said my name with infinite patience. "Please."

She knew full well I would be in the foulest of foul moods if I didn't get off. And I could make life miserable for her and everyone else if my attitude soured. So it was always possible that she was merely placating me, coldly calculating what she needed to do in order to avoid that unpleasantness.

Still, I liked to believe that she cared about making me truly happy. Once upon a time, she sincerely had. But now?

"I need more, Cameron," I breathed deeply, letting my eyes rove up and down her perfect body. And it was absolute perfection, the dark green cocktail dress she wore only highlighting her beauty, giving me hints of what I knew was concealed beneath. "I need you."

Her face instantly hardened. "You know I won't do that."

I fought the urge to get angry. Getting angry with Cameron would get me nowhere. "Please." I stood up and moved toward her. "I need you."

She read the hunger in my voice. "Carter," she growled my name as a warning, quickly gained her feet, and then took two steps back.

No matter, I was quickly on her, grabbing her arms and pinning her back against the desk. "I want you!"

"We can't."

"You're MINE, dammit!" I growled, slamming her back against the desk even harder. I thrust my pelvis forward as well, my still uncovered cock rubbing against her belly.

"Please," Cameron whimpered, true fear coming into her irises. "Not like this."

The sight of my Cameron in fear took the strength out of my anger. "Not like ever!" I whined, knowing full well I sounded like a pouting child in this moment. My hands tightened and I shook her briefly like a rag doll.

"Carter!" She pleaded, her lower lip quivering. "You know why we can't."

"Why NOT?" I complained. It was an old argument, one we'd already had a million times. I knew the answer wouldn't change, but that didn't stop me from asking. And almost immediately after asking, I abruptly let her go and turned away, stalking several steps toward the far wall.

Behind me, Cameron didn't answer my question directly. She simply took a deep breath and sighed, "I love you."

"It's not fair," I complained, stamping my foot.

She reached up and caressed my right cheek, that infinite patience back in her voice. "It's our karma." With a smooth grace, she leaned across me and briefly kissed my left cheek, still holding onto the right. And then with that mysterious smile of hers, she turned and left the room.

She'd left my nostrils filled with her scent, that sensuous musky odor that quickened my heartbeat every time I smelled it. But as she left the room, that scent faded away. And with it went the momentary calm that had settled over me.

My cock throbbed. I was still horny. And as I looked through the big viewing glass, I saw that my entertainment had started up again. The young girl was kneeling atop the mattress, bent over her lover as she suckled his cock back to hardness. My loins felt a fresh stirring, and my heart set to racing once again.

I briefly thought about calling Cameron back, but dismissed the thought immediately. As much as I wanted her ... needed her... craved her ... I loved her. I had always loved her.

I knew she needed a few moments away from me. So instead of going after her, I went to the hallway door. Opening it, I proceeded down the short distance to what I called the "Ready Room". I went in, my eyes taking a moment to adjust to the dim lighting, About half of the illumination came from the floor-to-ceiling windows dominating the far wall, along with their view of the city laid out far below.

My ears were quickly swallowed by the sound of Blue Foundation's "Sweep" pulsing in the air. I found myself walking in rhythm with the music as I moved deeper into the room, scanning its inhabitants for someone who struck my fancy. There were six women currently here, all in various states of drug-induced euphoria. Four of them were brunettes, and one of them was even now puffing on the end of the Pyrex tube, her eyes glassy and her big tits wobbling.

I let an evil grin cross my face. Of course. Given the guy who was in my Entertainment Room right now, it seemed only fitting. So reaching forward, I tapped the girl with the pipe and jerked a thumb over to one of the others. "Judene, let Elyse finish your hit."

The gorgeous brunette to Judene's left popped her green eyes wide open. Elyse hadn't been paying any attention to me. Indeed, she'd been doing her best to avoid me as much as possible these past six months, ever since I dumped her as a girlfriend and started renting her out to my friends, among other reasons. Her face immediately tightened and she averted her eyes. "Uh, no thanks," she mumbled. "I've had too much already. Dangerously too much."

Elyse's lower lip quivered and she looked ready to cry. This was not a new phenomenon. Ever since Jillian died of an overdose two months ago, Elyse had been particularly skittish about taking any more meth. But even though she'd tried to quit cold turkey for all of two weeks, in the end she'd come crawling back, desperate for her next hit and willing to pay me ... anything ... to get it.

"Elyse..." I said firmly, staring hard at her while she did her best to shrink into the couch. "Take it."

"I'm fine."

My eyes narrowed. Elyse was twitching. One unfortunate side effect of crystal meth was that the longer you tweaked, the more your body built up a resistance to it. You needed more and more to sustain a high, and Elyse quite obviously was no longer tripping. "You're not."

"I don't want anymore. Besides, Judene doesn't want to give it up."

Indeed, the other brunette was puffing like crazy, trying to inhale as much as her lungs could handle before I took it away from her. Rage suddenly overwhelmed me as I realized Judene was deliberately violating my orders to give it up to Elyse. And without any warning, my hand flashed out as I backhanded the girl across the room.

The other five girls startled as Judene cried out and hit the floor. Following after the dumb whore, I stepped up and brutally kicked her in the side. "Don't fuck with me bitch!" I yelled imperiously. And then I kicked her once more, just for good measure. The skinny, big-titted slut rolled onto her side, curling into a fetal position as she sobbed in miserable pain.

The other five girls shied away. They all completely averted their eyes, not daring to make eye contact with me while I was in this kind of rage. It was good that none of them moved to help Judene, otherwise I would have had to beat some sense into them as well.

When I was certain the girls had been cowed, I scooped up the pipe and passed it over to Elyse. "Smoke," I ordered.

"Carter..." she pleaded, true fear in her irises. Her face was gaunt, her eye sockets hollow, and her cheekbones rather skeletal. The past three years of spiraling meth addiction had been hard on her. She wasn't eating well. But despite her pitiful appearance, I wasn't moved. She might have physically resembled Cameron, but Elyse didn't have my true love's power over me.

"Smoke," I repeated coldly. And this time, I raised a hand threateningly, assuring her that I would bitch-slap her if she didn't obey. This was my house. I made the rules. And EVERYBODY followed them.

Elyse took the hit, and then another while I waited. I wasn't worried about my entertainment. I knew they'd be going for a little longer this second time around. And when the still-beautiful Amazonian Elyse went glassy-eyed, I pulled her up and dragged her with me to the Voyeur Room.

Sure enough, my entertainment couple was fucking hard on the bed, though I couldn't hear a thing. Oh, right. I turned off the audio feed.

Quickly, I turned it back on, the room filling with the sounds of two people groaning in ecstasy. I tugged Elyse in front of me, stood her at the desk, and then pushed her face-down over it. I kicked her feet apart and then lifted up the back of her cocktail dress. Still glassy-eyed, she didn't resist me as I caressed her naked ass. Indeed, she simply lay flat across the desk, her face turned to the side, limply surrendering herself to my every whim.

I closed my eyes to let the sounds of the couple fucking in front of me fill my senses. And with a cold grin, I pushed my hard cock into Elyse's compliant body.

It's good to be me.

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